XBMC 2008 05 12 PIMPED

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XBMC 2008 05 12 PIMPED

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Name:XBMC 2008 05 12 PIMPED

Total Size: 88.20 MB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-20 07:18:36

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XBMC-2008-05-12-PIMPED.sfv (Size: 88.20 MB) (Files: 9)


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Torrent description

Û±±±Û @@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ Û±±±Û
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Û±ÛÛÛ :: :: ::: :: :: :: :::: :::: :: ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±±±Û : : : : : : :: :: :: : : Û±±±Û
Û±Û Group..............: Pimped Û±Û
Û±Û Torrents...........: Û±Û
Û±Û Release............: Xbox Media Center 2.0 2008-05-12 Û±Û
Û±Û Compile Date.......: May 12, 2008 Û±Û
Û±Û Compiler Versions..: XDK 5849 + Visual Studio .net 2003 pro Û±Û
Û±±±Û Û±±±Û
Û±±±Û Extra Additions ³ Û±±±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Skins: Project Mayhem III ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Containment ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Vision ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Scripts: Various, Check folder for list ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ * The above scripts may stop working when the website changes its layout* ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Tweaked Milkdrop settings to look better ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Milkdrop presets total to 7068 (crappier presets weeded out, thx satori) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Includes KanadaKid\'s PMIII style web interface ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Added weather info to PMIII home screen ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Includes additional themes and real startup sound for MC360 ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ If you run into any errors on a new build first delete the XBMC gamesave, ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ or the 0face008 directories in E:\UDATA and E:\TDATA. Doing this deletes ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ your XBMC settings, but its pretty much a necessity. ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Any other problems check here: ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±±±Û Û±±±Û

SVN Changes Since Last Build:
added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)

Date Rev Message
2008-05-12 12966 fixed: compile error, _WIN32 is also defined for xbox.
2008-05-11 12957 changed: reduce logging of upnp client on server renewal.
2008-05-11 12956 fixed: dvdplayer shouldn\'t grow total time, if it initially didn\'t have any total time.
2008-05-11 12955 fixed: CRingBuffer crashed if Created, Destroyed and Created again (same instance), due to critical section being destroyed on destroy instead of destructor. caused shoutcast to only work once on win32, no idea how it worked on xbox.
2008-05-11 12954 fixed: curl\'s dns lookup would fail on win32 with our dllloader changed: use our wrapped CeateThread instead of standard CreateThread for _beginthreadex.
2008-05-11 12948 fixed: DVDSubtitleStream would messup data on seeks.
2008-05-11 12947 fixed: CDVDSubtitleStream SEEK_SET was not working.
2008-05-11 12946 reverted accidental commit
2008-05-11 12945 fixed: microdvd parser for dvdplayer would leak filehandles, and assert (stop xbmc on invalid files)
2008-05-10 12934 updated Greek and Dutch translations, thanks Ydatografida and MSG.
2008-05-09 12933 changed: Reset the search timer whenever any action is performed in the virtual keyboard during a music search.
2008-05-08 12930 changed: Faster checking for duplicates when filtering items in video library (means faster listings).
2008-05-08 12929 fixed: Container content would be reset when filtering items (i.e. always in movie listings)
2008-05-08 12928 Changed : download TV Show season thumbs setting is on by default
2008-05-08 12926 Fixed : quick work around for Weather not displaying thanks kurai-kaze on xbox-scene forum
2008-05-08 12925 fixed: Container.Content didn\'t work in several different circumstances.
2008-05-08 12924 fixed: Sort order when queuing items still wasn\'t correct.
2008-05-08 12923 added: listitemposition(offset).* infolabels - same as listitem(offset).* except the offset is from the first item in the list, rather than from the focused item. Allows you to extend the appearance of the number of items in the list whilst still having a limited number of active items you can move to. Effectively extends the idea of a fixed list to allow multiple positions in the list allowed to focus. Note: There is no wrapping if you go off the end of the list.
2008-05-07 12915 fixed: real fix for the xbmc lyrics crash. TODO: get rid of the nasty IsMediaWindow shenanigans in GUIPythonWindowXML.
2008-05-07 12914 fixed: don\'t go around casting windows to CGUIMediaWindow without making sure it is polite to do. fixes hang with xbmc_lyrics if show visualizer was enabled
2008-05-07 12913 fixed: RemoveSlashAtEnd() was called on video default paths
2008-05-07 12912 fixed: play using didn\'t work in video library
2008-05-07 12909 updated: Greek and Polish translations, thanks Ydatografida and Smuto.
2008-05-07 12907 added: Control.SetFocus(id,position) to allow focusing of a list and selection of the position to focus. added: Container(id).Position label - returns the position as a label. With these two things you can do <onleft>Control.SetFocus(id2,$INFO[Container(id).Position])</onleft> to move naturally between two lists next to each other, keeping the same row focused.
2008-05-07 12904 fixed: Aspect ratio and sizing of textbased subtitles in different resolutions was still incorrect. We now assume the size specified in settings suits PAL4x3, and scale accordingly. This may mean the font looks a bit larger than what you\'re used to in higher resolutions, so feel free to reduce the size a bit in settings.
2008-05-06 12900 updated: Maltese and Czech language files, thanks michelbugeja and ezechiel.
2008-05-05 12897 fixed: dvdplayer wouldn\'t allow user to seek to start of file easily by skipping before start point.
2008-05-05 12896 added: <renderfocusedlast> to group controls - set to true to render the focused item last. Useful for lists of controls which overlap when they focus.
2008-05-05 12892 fixed: m_stackItems was not created in GUIDialogFileStacking
2008-05-05 12891 changed: speed up the artist info queries a bit by using an enum for the fields
2008-05-05 12890 updated: scraper (thanks to smuto) updated: scraper (thanks to bootsy collins)
2008-05-05 12889 fixed: httpapi takeScreenShot would not allow virtual folders as parameters
2008-05-05 12888 fixed: Infolabels ListItem.Filename/Path/FilenameAndPath changed: ListItem.Path to only return the path portion Thanks JMarshall
2008-05-05 12887 changed: Conditional itemlayouts in list to evaluate immediately, rather than on refresh.
2008-05-05 12886 fixed: Progress control wouldn\'t show immediately if the background texture width was much less than the control width.
2008-05-04 12884 fixed: Infolabels ListItem.Filename/Path/FilenameAndPath did not work for plugins (I would thank JMarshall (since he gave me the fix) if he checked my work before I committed so I would have looked like I knew what I was doing :P )
2008-05-04 12881 fixed: ListItem.Filename and ListItem.Path infolabels would not work from library. added: ListItem.FilenameAndPath infolabel for consistency (same as ListItem.Path)
2008-05-04 12880 added: abilty to hide scripts/folders in the scripts window. (You prepend a dot to the name. eg \".backups\" folder (without quotes) would be hidden)
2008-05-04 12879 fixed: Stopping webserver and then re-starting webserver would cause crash
2008-05-04 12878 fixed: [ 1954479 ] Fix minfanspeed setting GUI item. (thanks DrDDT)
2008-05-04 12877 fixed: Aspect ratio of subtitles in fullscreen video.
2008-05-04 12876 changed: Format items up on queue (means they\'ll queue in the order they\'ll list in a folder structure).
2008-05-03 12875 added: highlight currently playing shoutcast station/ station/.strm file...
2008-05-02 12873 Changed : Added some background images for the home window scripts buttons (it used to share settings)
2008-05-02 12867 updated: Greek translation, thanks Ydatografida!
2008-04-29 12859 fixed: stupid c&p (tbh i cant really use that as an excuse, this was pure stupid)
2008-04-29 12858 fixed: new asap codec so we can avoid them nasty hacks - thanks again pfusik!
2008-04-28 12857 added: Ability to use togglebuttons in place of buttons in settingscategory buttons. Uses <alttexturefocus> when rendering the selected category while in the settings list.
2008-04-28 12853 fixed: setting a dns suffix would break, dns lookup for internet queries. ( i\'m surprised nobody spotted this :) )
2008-04-28 12852 changed: moved player startup options to dvdplayer process instead of application process so player startup actually directly starts at the given time instead of doing a seek to it.
2008-04-28 12851 reverted accidental change
2008-04-28 12850 changed: don\'t cache/load subtitles in dvdplayer if subtitles are disabled for a given movie (or as default)
2008-04-27 12849 Added : PM3 - A big cover list view \"List 2\" to Library TV show seasons node
2008-04-27 12847 fixed: stupidity
2008-04-27 12846 added: log if no regexp matches a file during series folder enumeration
2008-04-27 12845 fixed: some polish to the asap stuff
2008-04-27 12844 forgot to update win32 project
2008-04-27 12843 added: asap (atari audio) codec to paplayer. thanks to pfusik
2008-04-27 12842 changed: export music database now exports associated artist / album paths to ease it for the nfo app. note that these paths may or may not hold bollocks, depending on your filesystem layout (code assumes artist/album1/ artist/album2/ etc layout)
2008-04-27 12841 fixed: album/artist nfo files didnt work
2008-04-27 12840 fixed: refresh tvshow ignored local banner / fanart
2008-04-27 12839 fixed: artist thumbs wouldnt update in listing if you fetched a new / changed thumb
2008-04-27 12838 cosmetics
2008-04-27 12837 fixed: if an exception is caught during video database export, make sure we close the progress dialog
2008-04-27 12836 fixed: make sure the title label is cleared while cleaning the video database
2008-04-26 12833 added: to album and song info dialogs.
2008-04-25 12832 added: to album and song info dialogs.
2008-04-24 12828 changed: changed INFOFLAG_LISTITEM_NOWRAP to WRAP instead, allowing me to tighten up the code a bit and make it more readable (thanks jmarshall!)
2008-04-24 12825 fixed: if Container was omitted when calling ListItemNoWrap, then the new NoWrap infolabels weren\'tbeing caught. changed: added GETters for GUIInfo::m_data1 and m_data2 and changed all calls to use those instead of direct access. changed: cleaned up GUIInfo packing, and some of the code for the new NoWrap ListItems
2008-04-24 12824 fixed: small change to avoid compiler warning
2008-04-24 12823 added: inttypes.h and stdint.h to xbmc.vcproj and XBMC_PC.vcproj
2008-04-24 12822 added: xbmc project copy of inttypes.h and stdint.h
2008-04-24 12821 fixed: CGUIInfoColor::GetColor wasn\'t really const
2008-04-24 12820 fixed: specified TimeFormat string wasn\'t being recognized in System.Time changed: tighten up some of the ListItem code
2008-04-24 12819 fixed: video seeking issue. (r12818 from linux branch)
2008-04-24 12816 added: Mirrored all Container(x).ListItem(y).<item> infolabels to a Container(x).ListItemNoWrap(y).<item> versino that acts the same but will not wrap the list, and simply return empty if the specified offset is outside the list bounds. All ListItem items are available with the new infolabels (Icon, Label, Label2, etc, etc)
2008-04-23 12815 fixed: typos, I curse thee!
2008-04-23 12814 fixed: was being set all the time even if no fanart existed for the item
2008-04-23 12812 fixed: lastfm directory browsing crash
2008-04-23 12805 updated: Greek translation, thanks Ydatografida
2008-04-23 12804 changed: unified code for system.fanspeed and system.minfanspeed. Kept system.fanspeed at steps of 5 for now since that is how it was, but the steps can be easily changed in the CSettingsInt
2008-04-23 12803 changed: allow lower min fanspeed, per patch #1949575 (thanks DrDDT!)
2008-04-23 12802 fixed: compile error under xbox due to message changes (though why this doesn\'t affect other builds is curious)
2008-04-23 12795 fixed: DNS suffix could not be cleared once set
2008-04-23 12794 Changed : Trimmed up skin settings code a little
2008-04-23 12793 added: <label2> tag to buttoncontrols, and infolabel-ized it.
2008-04-23 12791 changed: optimized fanart lookups for cached thumbs
2008-04-22 12790 added: List Item Property \"fanart_image\", available at the show titles level
2008-04-22 12784 changed: Make CGUIMessage constructor accept only the pointer types we should be sending, to pick up incorrect usage. fixed: More incorrect usage of CGUIMessage constructor (meant tracklist/discography in album/artist info didn\'t display + musicplaylist editor screwups).
2008-04-22 12780 fixed: Song ratings wouldn\'t update the UI.
2008-04-22 12773 fixed: InfoColor\'s with a label of \"-\" should use its native color and not parse
2008-04-22 12771 fixed: Album list wouldn\'t return all albums if some albums had no info.
2008-04-22 12770 fixed: Refresh in album/artist info views wasn\'t functioning.
2008-04-22 12769 fixed: allmusic scraper would miss many matches, due to the \"Listen Now!\" feature. Thanks to kurai-kaze for the research into how it was going wrong.
2008-04-21 12768 Added : 3D list view back to artist view in music library
2008-04-21 12752 Added : short cuts to plugins node in Video and Music Library for skinners use ActivateWindow(VideoLibrary,Plugins) and ActivateWindow(MusicLibrary,Plugins)
2008-04-21 12751 fixed: compile of win32 build.
2008-04-20 12748 added: [ 1877042 ] EDL/Cut Support for XBMC\'s DVDPlayer. (thx drddt) Disabled by default, enable from player settings. This support is currently untested and is slightly modified from original patch. Might need some more modifications.
2008-04-20 12746 fixed: dns cache wasn\'t thread safe (thx apanloco)
2008-04-20 12745 fixed: invalid use of erased iterator in dvdplayer. (thx apanloco)
2008-04-18 12726 fixed: crashes due to const changes to GetCachedSeasonThumb().
2008-04-17 12712 fixed: random crash bug when updating library or scanning for new content. Unfortunately this will not fix the freeze bug when scanning a single tv show.
2008-04-17 12711 changed: run_me_first.bat to delete the subst drives after
2008-04-17 12709 fixed: Mouse coordinates didn\'t follow window animations
2008-04-17 12708 changed: my mind about actor thumb. Use container(50).listitem.icon as the icon and thumb are now set (allowing listitem.actualicon if you prefer in the list).
2008-04-17 12707 cleanup: removed redundant code in videoinfo window. id 34 (actor thumb) should be replaced by container(50).listitem.thumb in skins.
2008-04-17 12706 fixed: memory leak in video information dialog.
2008-04-17 12705 fixed: const\'ness in CFileItem/CFileItemList
2008-04-16 12701 removed: .pyc files are not needed for Fake Episode Maker script.
2008-04-16 12696 added: fake episode maker tool
2008-04-16 12677 updated: Dutch translations, thanks Mathijs Groothuis
2008-04-16 12675 updated: Greek translation, thanks ydatografida.
2008-04-16 12674 updated: Danish translation, thanks buchwaldsource.
2008-04-16 12672 fixed: Negated container conditionals weren\'t returning correctly.
2008-04-16 12671 fixed: Container.CurrentPage,NumPages,NumItems didn\'t work with a specified id
2008-04-14 12661 fixed: Container.CurrentPage and Container.NumPages to work for wrap + fixed lists.
2008-04-13 12660 fixed: another uninitialized pointer caused by my changes. *blush*
2008-04-13 12659 fixed: faulty usage of IsType
2008-04-13 12656 fixed: Typo meant upnp.musicshares wasn\'t functioning.
2008-04-13 12655 fixed: Various crash bugs due to CFileItemList -> CFileItemList* changes.
2008-04-12 12650 added: start in movie dir when browsing for subs even if no custom subtitle dir is set
2008-04-12 12649 cosmetic: warning in CMythDirectory.cpp
2008-04-12 12648 merged rev 12549 from linux branch + removed .ifo from browsed subtitle list (no such beasts)
2008-04-12 12647 fixed: dvdplayer wouldn\'t return error on open to application when failing to open a file.
2008-04-12 12646 fixed: if player failed to start, gui sounds where disabled when they shouldn\'t have been
2008-04-12 12644 fixed: english strings.xml got abit messed up with with the music branch merge
2008-04-12 12643 updated: libcmyth.dll to match the new guide code in xbmc.
2008-04-12 12642 fixed: tabs not spaces in cmyth stuff.
2008-04-12 12641 merged: TV guide for libcmyth from linux branch
2008-04-12 12640 fixed: filezilla xbox release (ltcg) build wouldn\'t build. (include path\'s included xbmc stdafx instead of filezilla\'s first)
2008-04-12 12639 added: container.numitems infolabel.
2008-04-12 12637 added: Container.ShowPlot Infolabel. Returns Show Plot, or Show Description and is available at Titles, Seasons, and Episode levels.
2008-04-11 12636 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 12592) *with minor tweaks and fixes*
2008-04-10 12624 changed: reduced code duplication a bit
2008-04-10 12623 cosmetics
2008-04-10 12622 cosmetic code fixes
2008-04-10 12620 fixed: crash bug when changing skins
2008-04-10 12618 changed: properly use videodb content enum
2008-04-10 12617 changed: reduced some code duplication changed: properly use lock enum cosmetics: break some long lines
2008-04-10 12616 changed: remove unused function
2008-04-10 12615 fixed: artist info didnt work from music library music video node
2008-04-10 12613 merged header changes from musicscrapers branch. this reduces rebuild time when changing some headers significantly. devs: please use forwarding whenever possible, only include what you need and utilize include paths
2008-04-09 12598 merged: latest cmyth changes from linux branch. (quicker startup and multi tuner fix)
2008-04-09 12597 merged: latest cmyth changes from linux branch. (quicker startup and multi tuner fix)
2008-04-09 12594 changed: bit nicer video scanner info strings (2)
2008-04-09 12593 fixed: avoid voiding transactions if you scanned artist / album information on update music library
2008-04-09 12592 changed: bit nicer video scanner info strings
2008-04-09 12591 fixed: [ 1936650 ] Crash in CCMythSession::CheckIdle on Windows. thanks to apanloco
2008-04-09 12590 added: [ 1936534 ] Minimum fan speed when using autotemperature. thanks to drddt
2008-04-09 12589 added: container.seasonthumb info label
2008-04-09 12588 fixed: album lookups
2008-04-09 12587 fixed: fanart properties were not being cleared properly if nav jumped straight to root (thanks spiff!)
2008-04-09 12586 added: System.Date(startDate,endDate) InfoBoolean. fixed: System.Time() should work properly now for times that wrap around a day. Optimized System.Time() to be more efficient. System.Date(starDate,endDate) endDate is optional. Date should be specified in MM-DD format. Returns true if currentDate is greater than or equal to startDate and less than endDate is specified.
2008-04-08 12583 added: System.Time(startTime, endTime) InfoBoolean endTime is optional. Returns true if current system time is equal to or greater than startTime and less than endTime (if supplied).
2008-04-08 12582 cosmetic: avoid logging error \"More bytes left than can be stored in buffer\" when dvdplayer ends. cosmetic: make CDVDAudio::AddPackets return correct value if it is forced to use temp buffer
2008-04-08 12580 fixed: year was not being scraped correctly
2008-04-08 12574 Added : PM3 - \"Media Info\" view to Music Library for Albums and Artists
2008-04-08 12573 updated: Icelandic translation, thanks kristjan
2008-04-08 12570 Backported 12556
2008-04-07 12569 Fixed : Music Rating stars didn\'t show in full screen visualization any more (take 2)
2008-04-07 12568 Fixed : Music Rating stars didn\'t show in full screen visualization any more
2008-04-07 12567 added: Player.StarRating info image.
2008-04-07 12560 fixed: default playlist folder called GetProfileUserDataFolder() which resulted in a real path on linux/osx/win32. fixed by using p:\\playlists\\ instead
2008-04-07 12559 added: extended info for albums available as properties in the music library. \"album, artist, description, theme, style, mood, type, genre, label, rating\" fixed: artist view was extremely slow if many artists had info. properties are also available for artists: \"instrument, style, mood, born, formed, description, genre, died, disbanded, yearsactive\"
2008-04-07 12558 Changed : PM3 - Music Library Restricted view types \"3D List\" , \"Album Icons\" and \"Album\" to only show on Content of Albums not songs or artists
2008-04-07 12555 Changed : PM3 - Removed the views from Video Library that didn\'t correspond (look right in layout) to the section they were in, this now means less cycling through views that are meant for other media types View Counts are as follows : Movies = 8 (all still) TV Shows = 3 Seasons = 5 Episodes = 6 Music Videos = 5
2008-04-07 12553 fixed: Genre and Artist fields in smartplaylists weren\'t checking secondary artists and genres.
2008-04-06 12552 fixed: quirks with album information in file view
2008-04-06 12551 modified: few more tweaks to scraper
2008-04-06 12550 fixed: music scraper chose albums with too low relevance if they were the only match returned fixed: cancelling music scanner during album/artist information lookup would crash
2008-04-06 12547 added: delete thumbs for items when removing them from the library. less messy thumb directories and more efficient refreshes if the wrong title was originally scanned
2008-04-06 12546 fixed: refresh album/artist info didnt work
2008-04-06 12544 fixed: few more tweaks to scraper
2008-04-06 12542 updated: Finnish translation, thanks Mikko70
2008-04-06 12540 fixed: removed review/discography/biography/track information resizing depending on scrollbar condition as it was troublesome
2008-04-06 12539 modified: allmusic scraper just a few changes to remove some unpleasant expressions
2008-04-06 12535 Changed : PM3 - Library Mode button is only disabled when no content is present and use Library library is turned on instead of being invisible
2008-04-06 12533 Changed : Added Pause at end of scrolling text in Music and Video Overlay to make it look less like its having a spasm with text just too long to fit
2008-04-05 12531 changed: added missing sort methods to plugin\'s AddSortMethod()
2008-04-05 12526 Backported the MusicScraper fix
2008-04-05 12505 fixed: compilation error and misc. warnings
2008-04-05 12496 merged rev 12480 from linuxport
2008-04-05 12495 fixed: feed scraper utf-8 strings on searches
2008-04-05 12494 added: advanced setting to hide empty series in the video library. useful for people who delete episodes as they watch them
2008-04-05 12493 merged rev 12491 from linux branch
2008-04-05 12492 added: music videos now scrape filenames based on full paths (allows artist/title.avi layouts)
2008-04-05 12490 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 12479)
2008-04-05 12483 added: ability to use <visible> tags with containers. Condition should only be changeable when the container updates for it to work smoothly.
2008-04-04 12479 merged: musicscrapers branch this adds scraper support for artists and albums in the music library. export/import library, nfo files, update on startup. pretty much everything is up to par with the video library features. note that some of these things are untested (in particular the nfo file support)
2008-04-04 12471 fixed: One of the regexps for stacking was wrong (it stacked sequels).
2008-04-03 12469 added: Container.HasPrevious/HasNext now work for grouplists.
2008-04-03 12462 added: support for tvshow .nfo files, showfolder/tvshow.nfo (note: fixed file name). they can either be full info xml or contain a url. if they contain xml, they may contain a valid <episodeguideurl> to allow online updates. if not, only episodes with nfo files will be added. added: episode nfo files, filename.nfo. they can hold full info for the episode. note that the filenames still needs to go through the usual enumeration process. note: this is still somewhat untested. i asked for help, but i guess i have to force it ;)
2008-04-03 12461 added: support for local trailer files. moviename-trailer.avi
2008-04-03 12460 fixed: always search on tvshow folder name on refresh
2008-04-03 12459 added: russian movie scraper (thanks to a mysterious contributor)
2008-04-03 12458 merge revs 12455-12477 from linuxport branch
2008-04-03 12454 removed: Unnecessary duplicate code.
2008-04-03 12453 removed: Unnecessary duplicate code.
2008-04-03 12452 Added : PM3 Proper way to have No Info Scanned Label to library windows
2008-04-03 12451 fixed: Song rating would be applied to the listitem (not the file) even if song info dialog was cancelled.
2008-04-03 12450 Changed : PM3: Rating star images in lists and song info dialog from Listitem.rating to new Listitem.StarRating
2008-04-03 12449 fixed: Reset the persistent infomanager cache when we commit transactions in the music database (which indicates things have likely changed).
2008-04-03 12447 Changed : PM3 Removed the DialogAlbumInfo.xml and DialogVideoInfo.xml files from the 16x9 dir since they were identical to the 4x3 ones anyway except a few commits in either that didn\'t make it to the other (No point maintaining 2 identical files) Added : PM3 a reflection image to the TVShow Wide icon in DialogVideoInfo.xml to make it look nice
2008-04-03 12446 fixed: Diffuse texture didn\'t orientate correctly (eg in reflections)
2008-04-02 12445 fixed: Reset the persistent infomanager cache when we commit transactions in the video database (which indicates things have likely changed).
2008-04-02 12435 merged: backported warning fixes from linuxport
2008-04-02 12431 added: listitem.starrating infoimage. Returns \"rating0.png\" -> \"rating5.png\" for both video and music files, thanks to Agathorn. This infoimage is preferred to listitem.rating for images.
2008-04-01 12428 fixed: some cleaning of buffers and some movies do not have both directors/writers and slack expressions expected both. end result was cast members (actors) were being output to database instead.
2008-04-01 12427 added: Local fanart support, thanks to Agathorn.
2008-04-01 12425 updated: Greek and Dutch translations, thanks Ydatografida and MsG
2008-04-01 12418 Added : PM3 Basic support for Fanart in Video Library for TV Enable it in \"Skin Settings\\Custom\" (Its off by default). Button to choose fanart is in Video Info Dialog for the TV show. You will need to refresh your TV Show Info (not the episodes just the show) to be able to choose and have fanart.
2008-04-01 12417 fixed: Only set the fanart property if it exists.
2008-04-01 12416 Changed/Fixed : PM3 Custom Backgrounds now cover the whole area of the content panel instead of having 15% of the image off the viewable area (Lower and left). They are now scaled in size as well so they always maintain the correct aspect ratio in 4x3 and 16x9 side effect is some bits get cropped depending on image dimensions
2008-04-01 12414 fixed: fallback strings didn\'t allow strings.xml usage.

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XBMC 2008 08 03 PIMPED

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XBMC 2008 11 09 PIMPED

0 0 137.26 MB 0

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