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Building a Decent RF Network.pdf (Size: 318.99 MB) (Files: 398)

 Building a Decent RF Network.pdf

1.22 MB

 A Six Meter Moxon Antenna.pdf

1.22 MB

 Tracking Down Bugs Using A Spectrum Analyzer.pdf

1.23 MB

 Spread Spectrum And Digital Communications Techniques.pdf

1.23 MB

 The PortaPeater.pdf

1.24 MB

 Automotive RFI Elimination.pdf

1.25 MB

 Tone Decoder.pdf

1.26 MB

 DF Breakthough-Turkey Tracker.pdf

1.29 MB

 1296-MHz Transverter.pdf

1.30 MB

 The Digital Circle of Life.pdf

1.31 MB

 An Introduction to Surface-Mount Devices.pdf

1.33 MB


1.34 MB

 IEEE 802.11b-Friend or Foe.pdf

1.35 MB

 Air Hop-Light Beam Communicator.pdf

1.35 MB

 A High-Performance 2-Meter Transverter.pdf

1.37 MB


1.40 MB

 Lightning Protection-Taming Thors Thunder-On A Budget.pdf

1.43 MB

 Poor Mans Spectrum Analyzer.pdf

1.44 MB

 Diversity Antenna.pdf

1.45 MB

 Light Beam Communicator.pdf

1.46 MB

 Microwave Basics.pdf

1.48 MB

 Anatomy Of A Repeater.pdf

1.50 MB

 Solid-State Linear Amplifiers for 33 cm.pdf

1.50 MB

 D-Star New Modes for VHF-UHF.pdf

1.54 MB

 Error Correcting In Data Transmission.pdf

1.56 MB

 The New Industrial Revolution-Packet Radio And Networking.pdf

1.56 MB

 SPI And The Printer Port.pdf

1.62 MB

 Try Copper For 2-Meters-The Cu Loop.pdf

1.65 MB

 Measuring 9600 baud BER Performance.pdf

1.68 MB

 Get On 222 MHz with a Ten-Tec 1210 Transverter.pdf

1.69 MB

 The FOXBOX.pdf

1.71 MB

 The VHF-UHF Primer-An Introduction To Propagation.pdf

1.72 MB


1.77 MB

 Interfacing Your Computer To The Poor Mans Spectrum Analyzer.pdf

1.89 MB


1.90 MB

 A 3456 MHz Linear Transverter.pdf

1.98 MB

 Surface-Mount Technology Primer.pdf

1.98 MB

 An EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2 Meters.pdf

2.03 MB

 Talking Repeater Controller.pdf

2.05 MB

 Scanner Converter.pdf

2.07 MB

 A PIC Based HF-VHF Power Meter.pdf

2.10 MB

 N0GSG DSP Radio Direction Finder.pdf

2.12 MB

 Get on 440-MHz ATV.pdf

2.13 MB

 Digital Signal Processing.pdf

2.15 MB

 Home Brewing a 10 GHz SSB-CW Transverter.pdf

2.31 MB

 Inexpensive Multi-Megabaud Microwave Data Link.pdf

2.34 MB

 Spread Spectrum Communications.pdf

2.35 MB

 Lowes Loop for 432MHz.pdf

2.48 MB

 PIC-Gen Frequency Generator-Counter.pdf

2.57 MB

 High Power Magnetron Transmitter.pdf

2.60 MB

 Wi-Fi for Hams.pdf

2.65 MB


2.85 MB

 Radio Astronomy And The Search For Extraterrestial Intelligence.pdf

3.09 MB

 The Global Positioning System.pdf

3.12 MB

 Spectrum Analyzer.pdf

3.22 MB

 Microwave Spectum Analyzer On A Budget.pdf

3.45 MB

 Sherlock in the XP Age.pdf

3.77 MB

 A Beginners Course In Assembly Language.pdf

3.81 MB

 Build An Alphanumeric Pager Decoder.pdf

4.21 MB

 Communications System Using Gunplexer Transceivers.pdf

5.49 MB

 IEEE 802.11 Experiments In Virginias Shenandoah Valley.pdf

6.29 MB

 Wireless Digital Communications-Design and Theory.pdf

11.20 MB

 4800 Baud Modem Daughter Board.pdf

11.27 MB

 The Gunnplexer Cookbook.pdf

12.11 MB

 The Ten-Tec 6 Meter Transverter on 12 or 17 Meters.pdf

1.22 MB

 Ham Radio and VoIP.pdf

1.20 MB

 The Arrow Antenna.pdf

1.19 MB

 Working With LED Display Drivers.pdf

1.17 MB

 HSMM Radio Equipment.pdf

1.16 MB

 A Portable Quad For 2 Meters.pdf

1.14 MB

 Broadband Wireless Internet Access and Amateur Radio.pdf

1.12 MB

 Build A Semiconductor Laser System.pdf

1.12 MB

 A Cheap and Easy High-Speed Data Connection.pdf

1.09 MB

 SMT You Can Work With.pdf

1.08 MB

 Microwave Propagation in the Upper Troposphere.pdf

1.08 MB

 Circuit Design on Your Linux Box Using gEDA.pdf

1.07 MB

 Nonlinear Analysis-Simulation and Measurement of RF Amplifiers.pdf

1.06 MB

 Optocoupler Devices.pdf

1.05 MB

 Night-Vision Scopes.pdf

1.04 MB

 Phase Lock Loop Stability Analysis.pdf

1.04 MB

 The Versatile 555.pdf

1.04 MB

 An Easy Dual-Band VHF-UHF Antenna.pdf

1.03 MB

 Wideband Microwave Amplifier Design.pdf

1.03 MB

 Radiation Monitor.pdf

1.03 MB

 Photosensitive Devices.pdf

1.02 MB

 How to Design Analog Circuits-Biasing Transistors.pdf

1.01 MB

 DTMF Encoding and Decoding.pdf

0.98 MB

 Copper Loops For 222 and 440MHz.pdf

0.98 MB

 ATV Transmitter from a Microwave Oven.pdf

985.58 KB

 Spectrum Monitor.pdf

973.18 KB

 Active Filters.pdf

972.64 KB

 Digital Amateur Television.pdf

968.34 KB

 Microprocessor-Controlled Repeater Voting System.pdf

959.03 KB

 Surface Mount Technology-You Can Work With It.pdf

958.67 KB

 Measuring 2.4 GHz Helix Antennas.pdf

958.07 KB

 A 0.5-Watt 903-MHz Amplifier.pdf

952.93 KB

 The Simple Simplex Repeater.pdf

949.85 KB

 Can HSMM Find a Real Home in Ham Radio.pdf

946.49 KB

 Digital Altimeter.pdf

944.70 KB

 IRLP-The Internet Radio Linking Project.pdf

934.58 KB

 A Doppler Radio Direction Finder.pdf

907.82 KB

 Alternative Options for Resolving HSMM Interference Issues.pdf

903.12 KB

 Ham Radio Paging-Putting POCSAG On Packet.pdf

900.78 KB

 D-Arsonval Dossier.pdf

900.15 KB

 Active Audio Filters.pdf

899.34 KB

 TV Derived Frequency Standard.pdf

898.30 KB

 Data Encryption is Legal.pdf

892.17 KB

 The Use of Pringles Containers To Enhance Network Security.pdf

874.62 KB

 A VHF-UHF-Microwave Transverter IF Switch.pdf

873.54 KB

 A Laser Transceiver for the ARRL 10-GHz-and-Up Contest.pdf

872.45 KB

 Voltage Converters.pdf

854.96 KB

 Low Frequency Converter.pdf

848.63 KB

 A Tri-Yagi For 50 MHz.pdf

845.80 KB

 High-Performance Easy-to-Build 432-MHz Transverter.pdf

844.48 KB

 Pager Handbook for the Radio Amateur.pdf

843.30 KB

 Analog Delay Lines.pdf

842.70 KB

 Carrier Current Receiver.pdf

842.39 KB

 Caveman Radio.pdf

842.26 KB

 7 dB For 7 Bucks.pdf

828.67 KB

 Using Radar Data to Predict Rain-Scatter Paths.pdf

821.47 KB

 Extracting Stable Clock Signals From AM Broadcast Carriers for Amateur Spread-Spectrum Applications.pdf

814.27 KB

 RE-EZ Shortwave Receiver.pdf

814.04 KB

 903-MHz Linear Amplifiers.pdf

808.48 KB

 Down-Under Depth Sounder.pdf

788.58 KB

 Cheap Antennas for LEO Satellites.pdf

787.22 KB

 Combustable Gas Alarm.pdf

783.23 KB

 LC Filters.pdf

771.94 KB

 Phase-Locked Loops.pdf

766.37 KB

 Practical Spread Spectrum-Achieving Synchronization with the Slip-Pulse Generator.pdf

763.30 KB

 Audio PreAmp ICs.pdf

759.79 KB

 2-Meter Transverter.pdf

759.59 KB

 A Wide-Range RF-Survey Meter.pdf

757.36 KB

 Radar Speed-Gun Controller.pdf

750.59 KB

 Dot-Bar-Graph Display Drivers.pdf

748.91 KB

 Shoot the Moon.pdf

740.67 KB

 Finding Cable Faults.pdf

739.74 KB

 Working With Monostable Multivibrators.pdf

737.20 KB

 10 GHz RF Preamp.pdf

727.40 KB

 CW Transmitter for 902 MHz.pdf

720.07 KB

 Super Directional Microphone.pdf

713.32 KB

 Components for 10-GHz and Up Transceivers.pdf

709.67 KB

 Turbocharge Your Packet Station.pdf

708.10 KB

 Chat on the Air with LinPSK.pdf

707.36 KB

 Doppler-Ultrasound Heart Monitor.pdf

690.56 KB

 Bug Detector.pdf

690.33 KB

 Common Collector Amplifiers.pdf

683.96 KB

 Synthesized Pulse Generator.pdf

679.82 KB

 Audio-Frequency Generator.pdf

672.51 KB

 Working With Flip-Flops.pdf

667.65 KB

 Infared Logic Probe.pdf

667.16 KB

 Practical Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum UHF Link.pdf

662.82 KB

 Introducing Spread Spectrum.pdf

657.51 KB

 Microwave Building Blocks-The Solfan Special.pdf

654.38 KB

 Project 25 for Amateur Radio.pdf

647.36 KB

 Dual-Band Twin Lead Antenna.pdf

643.51 KB

 The BasicX-24.pdf

640.95 KB

 Single-Chip Frequency Converter.pdf

640.87 KB

 Home-Brew the Blockbuster.pdf

638.34 KB

 Explore 220 With This State-Of-The-Art Transverter.pdf

638.28 KB

 Minature UHF Fox Transmitter.pdf

634.96 KB

 Defining Your Function Keys.pdf

625.74 KB

 RC Filters.pdf

622.22 KB

 Astronauts on Your Repeater.pdf

620.05 KB

 Build An Infra-red Snooperscope.pdf

619.59 KB

 A Perl-Tk Package for NEC Based Antenna Design.pdf

609.16 KB

 Microwave ATV-A New Approach.pdf

607.93 KB

 High Speed Multimedia Radio.pdf

605.72 KB

 How To Get Into HSMM.pdf

603.29 KB

 Avoiding RF Oscillation.pdf

599.82 KB

 See-In-The-Dark Viewer.pdf

598.69 KB

 Why I Like Linux and Other Tales.pdf

597.96 KB

 The Integration of Amateur Radio and 802.11.pdf

596.21 KB

 Helium-Neon Laser.pdf

594.76 KB

 Sound Card Packet.pdf

594.57 KB

 Digital Hamming-A Need for Standards.pdf

591.81 KB

 Cheap Yagis for 2450 MHz.pdf

588.38 KB

 Building a Beacon for 2401 MHz.pdf

587.07 KB

 Build the Featherweight 6-Meter Yagi.pdf

582.79 KB

 From Ether to Ethernet.pdf

579.75 KB

 Binaural Basics.pdf

572.66 KB

 The Hinternet and VPN Projects.pdf

571.64 KB

 Flate Plane Antennas.pdf

570.78 KB

 Surviving the Unthinkable.pdf

568.88 KB

 HSMM and Field Day.pdf

559.57 KB

 The DDRR-Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator.pdf

558.03 KB

 Balun Designs for Wireless-Mixers-Amplifiers and Antennas.pdf

550.14 KB

 PTT Control From Receiver Audio.pdf

548.10 KB

 Add Remote Cotntrol to Your ICOM Transceiver.pdf

544.55 KB

 Elevator A Simple 220-MHz FM Transverter.pdf

543.99 KB

 The 220 MHz All-Mode Transverter.pdf

543.02 KB

 Building Simple Isolation Interface Devices.pdf

538.52 KB

 A 900-MHz Parrot Repeater.pdf

538.20 KB

 A Single Stage 1500W Amplifer For 160-80-40 Meters.pdf

530.56 KB

 Tramplifier for 432 MHz.pdf

530.37 KB

 WB2REM Remote Link.pdf

528.38 KB

 Solid-State Devices For 1 GHz.pdf

526.35 KB

 Aircraft Enhancement.pdf

525.15 KB

 D-Star Digital Data-CryptoUP.pdf

523.15 KB

 More Cheap Yagis.pdf

519.72 KB

 Practical Spread-Spectrum-Clock Recovery With the Synchronous Oscillator.pdf

517.08 KB

 The 50 Dollar Sweeper.pdf

511.48 KB


510.77 KB

 Voltage Doubler.pdf

506.42 KB

 Wireless Local Area Network Design.pdf

506.08 KB

 A Three And Half Band Yagi.pdf

502.95 KB

 Radio Line-of-Sight Paths from the USGS Digital-Elevation Database.pdf

502.87 KB

 Web Pages on Packet Radio.pdf

502.11 KB

 Ultra Wide Band.pdf

501.84 KB

 Build A Brain Wave Feedback Monitor.pdf

497.88 KB

 BIOS Data Area Information.pdf

495.17 KB

 Simple Approach to Complex Circuits.pdf

492.47 KB

 UHF Modems For Amateur Radio Stations.pdf

491.13 KB

 Radar Detector to Microwave Receiver Conversion.pdf

486.98 KB

 Voltage Cursor Adapter.pdf

480.68 KB

 Crystal Microwave.pdf

478.54 KB

 How To Make Custom Meters From Salvaged Parts.pdf

475.43 KB

 Lasers and Amateur Radio.pdf

469.87 KB

 No-Tune Transverter for the 2304-MHz Band.pdf

468.81 KB

 2.4-GHz Patch Antennas.pdf

460.39 KB

 A PIC16F84-Based CW Decoder.pdf

458.96 KB

 Home-Brew X-Band Wavemeter.pdf

455.08 KB

 CMOS Clock Circuits.pdf

453.02 KB

 Fabrication of Printed-Circuit Boards.pdf

451.82 KB

 Working With Op-Amps.pdf

450.60 KB

 No-Tune Transverter for 3456 MHz.pdf

450.52 KB

 Vocoding-Creating Digital Voice.pdf

449.18 KB

 A Look Inside D-Star Modulation.pdf

445.77 KB

 Amateur Radio Networks and the Internet.pdf

445.46 KB

 Build a 2-Meter Intermod Notch Trap.pdf

443.85 KB

 A Five-Element 2-Meter Yagi.pdf

441.71 KB

 A Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur.pdf

440.63 KB

 Laser Communication Systems.pdf

439.20 KB

 Crystal Oscillators.pdf

432.33 KB

 Care And Feeding Of Gunnplexers.pdf

431.86 KB

 Locating Power Line Noise Using TV Waveforms.pdf

431.60 KB

 902- to 144-MHz Receive Converter.pdf

428.89 KB

 The Magnetron-A Low Noise Long Life Amplifier.pdf

427.32 KB

 Improving the K1FO 8874 432-MHz Amplifier.pdf

423.75 KB

 Brain Waves and Biofeedback Training.pdf

422.88 KB

 Explore USB with this USB to CI-V Interface.pdf

422.74 KB

 Meet The New Guy.pdf

420.70 KB

 A Compact Two-Element 2-Meter Beam.pdf

418.68 KB

 An Introduction To The Bilateral Transverter.pdf

417.52 KB

 Classic Video Amps Revisited.pdf

416.78 KB

 D-Star Antennas.pdf

413.82 KB

 Converting Radar Detectors to 10-GHz Rigs.pdf

413.59 KB

 Different Grounds For Different Shacks.pdf

412.67 KB

 900-MHz Band-Whats in Store for Amateurs.pdf

412.06 KB

 N0GSG Portable Radio Direction Finder.pdf

410.22 KB

 New High-Speed Multi-Media Radio Mesh Networking.pdf

409.95 KB

 Inexpensive Hardline.pdf

407.44 KB

 Entertainment And Interference-The Two Faces Of CATV.pdf

406.52 KB

 How To Design Analog Filter Circuits.pdf

406.30 KB

 432 Collinear From Coax.pdf

401.84 KB

 Printed Circuit Boards--An Easier Way.pdf

400.46 KB

 Cellular Surplus.pdf

400.08 KB

 Introducing Sherlock - A Hi-Tech Fox Hunting Tool.pdf

397.66 KB

 Home-brew Spectrum Analyzer.pdf

388.77 KB

 Spread-Spectrum Applications In Amateur Radio.pdf

388.76 KB

 Pocket dBm RF Power Meter.pdf

386.71 KB

 Grounded-Grid Kilowatt Amplifier for 432 MHz.pdf

382.55 KB

 The Four Way DFer.pdf

375.34 KB

 The Real Inventor Of Wireless.pdf

373.46 KB

 Digital Modulation from ASK to OQPSK.pdf

372.71 KB

 Voice Track-Talking Controller.pdf

361.64 KB

 VOIP and Amateur Radio.pdf

356.51 KB

 Quantifying SETI.pdf

354.39 KB

 A PIC SWR Meter.pdf

349.09 KB

 The Hinternet on 5 GHz.pdf

348.14 KB

 Tracing And Eliminating Power Line Interference.pdf

345.45 KB

 HSMM and Information Security.pdf

341.22 KB

 How ET Really Called Home.pdf

339.78 KB

 Electronics and Brain Control.pdf

338.71 KB

 Practical Spread Spectrum-An Experimental Transmitted-Reference Data Modem.pdf

332.97 KB

 Digital Video Coming to the 440-MHz Band.pdf

332.54 KB

 Telephone Line Tester.pdf

330.12 KB

 Microwave Building Blocks-The Doubly-Balanced Mixer.pdf

328.60 KB

 A Modular High-Performance 23-cm ATV Transceiver.pdf

328.41 KB

 Find Fault with Your Coax.pdf

325.23 KB

 The DSE Radio Direction Finder.pdf

316.61 KB

 On Amateur Radio Use of IEEE 802.11b.pdf

313.32 KB

 Understanding Ungrounded Oscilloscope Measurements.pdf

309.11 KB

 The Hinternet-Protecting HSMM Radio Networks.pdf

307.92 KB

 Getting on on the Internet-Your First HSMM Radio Station.pdf

307.34 KB

 Build The Montreal Fox Controller.pdf

307.21 KB

 New Jerseys South Counties Emergency Radio Network.pdf

307.13 KB

 Pour an Antenna for X-Band.pdf

306.56 KB

 Rock Solid RF.pdf

306.16 KB

 A Primer on Digital Signal Interfaces.pdf

301.34 KB

 Gunn and IMPATT Microwave Devices.pdf

299.79 KB

 Single-Board- No-Tune 902-MHz Transverter A.pdf

298.58 KB

 Single-Board No-Tune 902-MHz Transverter.pdf

298.58 KB

 A Five-Element Quad Antenna for 2-Meters.pdf

298.46 KB

 Making Two-Sided Circuit Boards by the Photoetching Process.pdf

295.74 KB

 GRAPES 56 Kb Modem.pdf

290.94 KB

 Color TV-That Isnt.pdf

284.14 KB

 Put Your All-Mode 2-Meter Rig on 220.pdf

282.22 KB

 Want a Good Microwave Antenna-Drink More Coffee.pdf

274.02 KB

 Electric Fence Interference-A Case History.pdf

270.09 KB


269.61 KB

 The Magical Audio Filter.pdf

268.32 KB

 More Microwave Test Equipment For 10 GHz.pdf

267.01 KB

 Two Meter Tracking Transmitter.pdf

266.78 KB

 Build The FoxTTL Foxhunt Transmitter.pdf

265.90 KB

 Spread Spectrum And The Radio Amateur.pdf

265.18 KB

 Detect Killer Tornadoes.pdf

264.46 KB

 Mechanical Design Tips for EMI Shielding.pdf

258.88 KB

 The Sociology of Regulations.pdf

255.50 KB

 Cutting Current to Size.pdf

251.37 KB

 Double-Ducky Direction Finder.pdf

247.43 KB

 QRP Transmitting Converter.pdf

244.90 KB

 The Incredible Digiohm.pdf

239.80 KB

 Long Life For Your Transmitting Tubes.pdf

230.51 KB

 High-Power Cavity Amplifier For The New 900-MHz Band.pdf

226.31 KB

 D-STAR Technical Chararistics.pdf

225.04 KB

 Universal Radio Programmer.pdf

224.74 KB

 Annie Get Your Gunnplexer.pdf

223.28 KB

 902-MHz Loop Yagi Antenna.pdf

223.04 KB

 Nontraditional Field Day-You Bet.pdf

220.21 KB

 Microwave Propagation.pdf

215.29 KB

 Is the ARRL Turning 2.4 GHz into the Next CB Band.pdf

214.88 KB

 Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Direct Sequence and You.pdf

212.76 KB

 Electronics vs Ceeepy Crawlers.pdf

212.48 KB

 An Audio-Noise-Based Voting Circuit.pdf

211.79 KB

 Terminating 75 Ohm-7-8 Inch Hardline with SO-239.pdf

211.19 KB

 A 146 and 445 MHz J-Pole Antenna.pdf

210.79 KB

 Army Surplus CW.pdf

208.38 KB

 Is All Data Acceptable Data.pdf

207.50 KB

 Pocket-Size VHF SWR Meter.pdf

205.13 KB

 The Great Aluminum Cover-Up.pdf

201.91 KB

 Making Printed Circuit Boards.pdf

201.33 KB

 A Rugged Compact Attenuator.pdf

201.22 KB

 A Circularly Polarized 60 GHz Microstrip Antenna.pdf

197.17 KB

 Digital Voice and Data Modes The Way Forward.pdf

194.57 KB

 A Miniature HF to VHF AM-FM Receiver Using the NE605.pdf

194.27 KB

 902 FM-UHFs Final Frontier.pdf

191.97 KB

 King of the Pulse Generators.pdf

191.84 KB

 A Horizontally Polarized Omni-Directional Antenna.pdf

189.93 KB

 Flash Tubes.pdf

185.50 KB

 A Step Attenuator You Can Build.pdf

185.37 KB

 SHARKS and Tsunamis.pdf

182.73 KB

 What is HSMM.pdf

181.27 KB

 CATV Leakage-A Two Way Street.pdf

178.23 KB

 Microwavelengths-The Transverter.pdf

173.26 KB

 Frequency Calibration Using WWV.pdf

170.65 KB

 A 10 Dollar Phone Patch.pdf

169.51 KB

 High Speed Multimedia at 3.5 GHz.pdf

167.66 KB

 An Inexpensive Low Noise Preamplifier for 432 MHz.pdf

160.09 KB

 Choosing the Right Diode for your AGC Detector.pdf

159.50 KB

 Intermodulation Reviewed.pdf

156.86 KB

 An Active Attenuator For Transmitter Hunting.pdf

156.76 KB

 144 MHz Stop-Band TVI Filters.pdf

155.93 KB

 Build This Solid-State PA for 440 MHz.pdf

155.52 KB

 Transmatch For 432 MHz--Why Not.pdf

153.25 KB

 An Inexpensive TDR.pdf

150.43 KB

 Inexpensive Basic Stamp Controller.pdf

143.89 KB

 An Inexpensive 10 GHz Dish System.pdf

137.06 KB

 The Hinternet and openHSMM.pdf

133.28 KB

 Automobile Ignition Substitute.pdf

130.64 KB

 D-STAR Digital Voice versus Analog FM Sensitivity.pdf

127.72 KB

 A No-Tune 2-Meter Bandpass Filter.pdf

122.23 KB

 The Serial Port-Breakfast Of Champions.pdf

121.65 KB

 Microwave and RF Cable Assemblies-The Neglected System Component.pdf

120.54 KB

 Six Meters From Your Easy Chair.pdf

120.38 KB

 Use It Or Lose It.pdf

118.55 KB

 What is Happening to the HSMM Working Group.pdf

116.83 KB

 Build An IC Light Modulator.pdf

116.15 KB

 Remote-Controlled HF Operation over the Internet.pdf

115.31 KB

 Design of a Dual Patch Triangular Microstrip Antenna.pdf

111.79 KB

 Isolated-Pad Circuit-Board Construction.pdf

111.61 KB


110.79 KB

 Worlds Fair Super Squelch.pdf

109.45 KB

 Dielectric Materials at Microwave Frequencies.pdf

106.62 KB

 Wireless Digital Modulation.pdf

105.61 KB

 A PIC Of An IDer.pdf

104.49 KB

 75-Ohm Cable-Additional Options.pdf

103.96 KB

 DTMF-Converter And HF-Link Controller.pdf

103.44 KB

 Clean Up Your Signals With Band-Pass Filters.pdf

102.54 KB

 One-Chip AFSK Generator.pdf

98.92 KB

 Low Noise Amplifiers for 2304 3456 5760 and 10368 MHz.pdf

98.80 KB

 Columbia Shuttle Recovery and 802.11b.pdf

96.79 KB

 Calibration and Repair for Bird Wattmeter Elements.pdf

93.75 KB

 Yes-All My Coax Cables Are 75 Ohms.pdf

83.83 KB

 Low Cost Lowpass Filter Design Using Image Parameters.pdf

75.78 KB

 Some Encryption is Legal.pdf

73.58 KB

 Troubleshooting Electrical Noise.pdf

73.58 KB

 Ceramic Bandpass Filters-Boon or Bane.pdf

67.66 KB

 A Review of ABCD Parameters .pdf

66.57 KB

 Technology and the Future of Amateur Radio.pdf

65.66 KB

 Inexpensive High Speed Packet is Here.pdf

65.17 KB

 6 Meter J-Pole.pdf

58.97 KB

 Transmission Line Transformer Basics.pdf

55.52 KB

 Capacitor Basics.pdf

52.06 KB

 Amateur Radio and 802.11.pdf

31.71 KB

 10 Element 900 MHz Quagi.pdf

25.30 KB

 2.4GHz Pringles Can Antenna.pdf

24.98 KB

 Dual Band J-Pole.pdf

19.79 KB


18.80 KB

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Collection of amateur radio PDF's from various magazines; CQ, QST, 73, QEX, CQ-VHF, Ham Radio, Communications Quarterly, Radio Electronics, and others.

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