XBMC 2007 12 09 PIMPED

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XBMC 2007 12 09 PIMPED

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Name:XBMC 2007 12 09 PIMPED

Total Size: 90.72 MB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 0

Leechers: 0

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2015-09-19 12:50:55 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-20 07:18:10

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XBMC-2007-12-09-PIMPED.sfv (Size: 90.72 MB) (Files: 9)


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Torrent description

Û±±±Û @@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ Û±±±Û
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Û±ÛÛÛ [email protected]! @[email protected] [email protected]! [email protected]! [email protected]! [email protected]! [email protected]! @[email protected] [email protected]! [email protected]! @[email protected] ÛÛÛ±Û
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Û±ÛÛÛ !!: !!: !!: !!: !!: !!: !!: !!! ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: !:! ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ :: :: ::: :: :: :: :::: :::: :: ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±±±Û : : : : : : :: :: :: : : Û±±±Û
Û±Û Group..............: Pimped Û±Û
Û±Û Torrents...........: Û±Û
Û±Û Release............: Xbox Media Center 2.0 2007-12-09 Û±Û
Û±Û Compile Date.......: December 9, 2007 Û±Û
Û±Û Compiler Versions..: XDK 5849 + Visual Studio .net 2003 pro Û±Û
Û±±±Û Û±±±Û
Û±±±Û Extra Additions ³ Û±±±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Skins: Project Mayhem III ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Media Center 2006 ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Containment ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Vision ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Scripts: Comics Browser ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ KMLBrowse (webradio) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ GameSaves ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ iTunes (web radio) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ XBMCLyrics (lyrics for current song) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ XMovieGuide (change zipcode in .py) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Bloglines (make account at & edit .py) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Apple Movie Trailers ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Gamespot Plus ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Global Alternative News ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Flicker picture viewer (change account info in .py) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Notepad ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ XBMCScripts (Scripts Installer Built In) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ XBMCsirius (Web Radio, Must login ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ myTV (read the readme and py for acct setup) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Shoutcast Video X ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Revision 3 ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ X Sports Scores ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Game Trailers ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Stage 6 ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ * The above scripts may stop working when the website changes its layout* ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Tweaked Milkdrop settings to look better ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Milkdrop presets total to 7068 (crappier presets weeded out, thx satori) ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Includes KanadaKid's PMIII style web interface ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Added weather info to PMIII home screen ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ - Includes additional themes and real startup sound for MC360 ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ If you run into any errors on a new build first delete the XBMC gamesave, ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ or the 0face008 directories in E:UDATA and E:TDATA. Doing this deletes ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ your XBMC settings, but its pretty much a necessity. ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±ÛÛÛ Any other problems check here: ÛÛÛ±Û
Û±±±Û Û±±±Û

SVN Changes Since Last Build:
added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)

Date Rev Message
2007-12-09 10941 added: cook.dll support in codecs.conf
2007-12-09 10940 fixed: c_str called without () and GUIWindowBuddies event handling (VS 2008 compile errors) by prashantv
2007-12-09 10939 fixed: Loop variables declared out of scope (vs 2005/8 compile errors)
2007-12-09 10936 updated: FLAC codec to version 1.2.1
2007-12-08 10935 changed: No need for partymode smartplaylists in SVN - XBMC functions fine without them and will create them when it needs them.
2007-12-08 10933 Fixed: httpapi would not properly process parameters with % (e.g. sql commands)
2007-12-08 10932 Added: check to UrlDecode for valid escape values
2007-12-08 10931 fixed: default artist image failed to show on dialogvideoinfo when viewing music video information. (thx cptspiff)
2007-12-08 10930 changed: Made Partymode function even if userdata/PartyMode.xsp is absent.
2007-12-07 10929 added: plugins to music library, thanks cptspiff
2007-12-07 10925 fixed: pls playlist parser should also reject larger than 1 mb files (fixes a few google video streams) changed: pls playlist parser now abort if there is any non empty lines before the [playlist] marker
2007-12-07 10924 changed: Default tvshow regexps changed slightly to tie them to the filepath end (avoids issues with smb shares specified by ip).
2007-12-07 10923 added: Container.ViewType infolabel, and the following builtin functions: Container.Refresh, Container.NextViewType, Container.PreviousViewType, and Container.SetViewType(id)
2007-12-07 10922 fixed: multipath programs sources that included a plugin path would not work after a restart, thanks jmarshall
2007-12-06 10919 fixed: Login screen didn't work with the mouse.
2007-12-05 10914 fixed: wrong format specifier for sscanf fixed: missing braces in struct array initialization.
2007-12-05 10911 added: Conditional itemlayout for lists and panels. It's only updated when the item list is repopulated. Triggered via the condition attribute.
2007-12-05 10910 fixed: multipath sources that included a plugin path would not work after a restart, thanks jmarshall
2007-12-04 10906 changed: combined plugins string code
2007-12-04 10905 fixed: Textbox contents could disappear (in videoinfo for instance)
2007-12-04 10904 fixed: Container.OnNext/Container.OnPrevious were triggered after a list container's content was refreshed. Now only triggers after a legitimate movement event. (try 2)
2007-12-03 10902 Changed : PM3 Increased the size of the add source dialog so non english people have a little more space for their text in the buttons
2007-12-03 10901 applied anonymous patch for separating video library scan to new category and allowing it to run on startup. patch description (c&p from sf): This patch does the following... -Creates a new settings group called 'Library' in the video settings dialog. -Moves the library related settings from the 'General' group to the new 'Library' group in the video settings dialog. -Adds 2 new video library boolean settings...'Update library on startup' (videolibrary.updateonstartup) and 'Always update library in background' (videolibrary.backgroundupdate). -On startup (via CApplication::Initialize), automatically updates the video library if the 'videolibrary.updateonstartup' setting is true. -Prevents the CGUIDialogVideoScan window from showing if the 'videolibrary.backgroundupdate' setting is set to true.
2007-12-03 10900 fixed: Video library issues while not a master user, and year node in tv shows, thanks to tut-ankh-amon. added: Backend support for outputting single nfo files from export library (not enabled as yet)
2007-12-03 10894 fixed: Multiple use of [COLOR] tags that weren't hierarchical could set the wrong color after [/COLOR] tags.
2007-12-03 10891 fixed: invalid #include
2007-12-03 10890 fixed: build error on debug builds
2007-12-03 10889 fixed: Carriage returns (\n) would be stripped from labels.
2007-12-02 10888 fixed: invalid lockings caused background loader to only allow a single thread to execute (backport from linuxport rev 10884)
2007-12-02 10887 updated: French language file
2007-12-02 10886 changed: Reserved string id's. plugins 30000-30999, skins 31000-31999 added: localized strings to plugins, share with plugin settings (30000-30999)
2007-12-02 10885 changed: added visible attribute to plugin settings. works the same as the enable attribute, just hides the setting. eg visible="eq(-1,true)"
2007-12-02 10882 changed: No need for type="borderedimage" any more - a normal image control works with <bordertexture> and <bordersize> added: You can specify separate border sizes for each edge using <bordersize>left,top,right,bottom</bordersize> if you want different sized edges. added: Lists/Panels can use borderedimages now - just specify the <bordertexture> and <bordersize>
2007-12-02 10881 added: Bordered image control merged from linuxport branch (rev 10876, 10877)
2007-12-02 10880 fixed: compile errors due to last commit.
2007-12-02 10879 added: New text layout class with rendering of multi-style, multi-colour text in all controls.
2007-12-01 10875 fixed: plugins could use the wrong settings in certain circumstances
2007-11-29 10871 fixed: patch for videoscanner, previously sample/, sample.avi were ignored, this now ignores ._-' ' + sample + ._-' ' in filenames.
2007-11-28 10870 fixed: Certain sql queries were incorrect, thanks tut-ankh-amon fixed: Some pydocs
2007-11-28 10869 fixed: Skin strings wouldn't reload when loading a new profile (x2).
2007-11-28 10868 fixed: Skin strings wouldn't reload when loading a new profile.
2007-11-28 10864 cleanup: removed unnecessary logging.
2007-11-27 10863 fixed: Container.OnNext/Container.OnPrevious were triggered after a list container's content was refreshed. Now only triggers after a legitimate movement event.
2007-11-27 10862 fixed: CBackgroundInfoLoader would lockup xbmc if either onstartup/finish threw an exception changed: CBackgroundInfoLoader now continues on on other items if a single item throws an exception changed: On xbox we only allow max 2 background loader threads due to the high memory overhead of them.
2007-11-27 10861 fixed: derived classes of CBackgroundInfoLoader must call StopThread in it's destructor. Otherwise member variables are destroyed before the thread running in the class is stopped (try 2)
2007-11-27 10860 merged r10782, r10820: multithreaded background loader. CBackgroundIndoLoader now uses multiple threads (depends on the list's size) to download info (e.g. thumbnails).
2007-11-27 10859 fixed: derived classes of CBackgroundInfoLoader must call StopThread in it's destructor. Otherwise member variables are destroyed before the thread running in the class is stopped
2007-11-27 10858 merged r10718: fixed: properly display > 1 lines of subtitles in bidi charsets
2007-11-27 10857 fixed: strncpy doesn't zero terminate strings
2007-11-27 10856 merged r10182: fixed: HTTP class got hang on invalid return code from tcp. merged r10643: fixed: Don't follow redirects on HEAD requests (prevents recursively following redirects when checking for Internet connection). (thx micolous) merged r10643: fixed: updated Google's IP in CHTTP::IsInternet (thx micolous)
2007-11-27 10852 fixed: Crash bug in stacking multiple CD folders.
2007-11-26 10851 fixed: dvdplayer now plays wma files properly, this could potentially fix some video files with wma audio but i've not seen it occur there.
2007-11-26 10850 fixed: music video studios were removed when cleaning database
2007-11-26 10849 fixed: small tweak to imdb.xml to exclude imdbtv related results contained within quotes e.g "tvshow" (more accurate results for movies)
2007-11-25 10846 changed: merge r10724 to trunk, m_bStop in CThread to be declared 'volatile' changed: make dvdplayer also use volatile variables for m_bStop
2007-11-25 10845 changed: merge r10166 to trunk, "fix some uninitialized code usage"
2007-11-25 10844 backport to trunk: sometimes ffmpeg's av_read_frame results in a 0 size packet. this was treated as error - caused movies to end in such cases. now only negitive values are considered as error.
2007-11-25 10840 fixed: matroska demuxer didn't set pts correctly in new packets all the time.
2007-11-25 10839 fixed: overlays got flushed on video stream reopen in dvdplayer. caused menu's to not show on some dvd's
2007-11-23 10829 changed: IMDb scraper now only grabs a single url for actor thumbs, low quality had poor resolution pointless imho, and the difference between medium and full quality in terms of performance barely noticeable.
2007-11-23 10828 fixed: mtv scraper has been vastly improved and should return a great deal more results and information.
2007-11-23 10827 updated: Finnish based on 10751 by mikko70 updated: Chinese (Traditional) based on 10814 by omenpica updated: Polish based on 10780 by NaPeK
2007-11-23 10826 modified: removed workaround for image detection in videoinfoscanner for thumbnail downloading. added: CXImage patched accordingly (Thanks Jmarshall)
2007-11-22 10824 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 10814)
2007-11-22 10821 fixed: contained some banners that were .png renamed to .jpg so xbmc failed to decode them resulting in blank banners.

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