XBMC 2007 10 13 PIMPED

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XBMC 2007 10 13 PIMPED

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Name:XBMC 2007 10 13 PIMPED

Total Size: 97.39 MB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2015-09-19 12:50:42 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-20 07:17:51

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XBMC-2007-10-13-PIMPED.sfv (Size: 97.39 MB) (Files: 9)


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Torrent description

SVN Changes Since Last Build:
added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)

Date Rev Message
2007-10-13 10527 fixed: ListItem_SetInfo failed to set "size" infolabel on really large files (Thanks vulkanr)
2007-10-12 10519 added : music info dialogs now match video info dialogs changed : removed media overlays from dialogs
2007-10-11 10510 fixed: dvdplayer failed to play dvd's since r10486
2007-10-10 10499 fixed: music videos node did not show 'music videos' in header when in title view / library
2007-10-10 10498 fixed: string for episode dialog header in DialogVideoInfo.xml
2007-10-10 10497 fixed: faster recently added nodes in the video library
2007-10-10 10495 added: [ 1803325 ] Advance EDL support, scenemarker support. thanks to drddt
2007-10-10 10494 added: [ 1801795 ] Addition of episode bookmarks, multi-part episode files - thanks to [email protected] - extend regexp handling for detection of multipart episodes - repeatedly apply the last successful season/episode regexp to look for additional season/episode pairs, then look for more episode numbers until the filename is exhausted. should handle detection of any number of x-part episodes over multiple seasons in one file, so i've removed the twopart handling. tested with the current 4 tv show regexps.
2007-10-09 10493 added: mark as (un)watched for seasons and whole shows
2007-10-09 10491 fixed: possible memleak in dvdplayer if either player failed to send a message changed: when xbmc calls seek on dvdplayer, it now waits 100ms, for dvdplayer to have finished the seek, before returning.
2007-10-09 10490 added: defaultartistbig.png (thx jezz)
2007-10-09 10488 fixed: invalid stream count in lavf demuxer of dvdplayer in non xbox builds
2007-10-09 10487 fixed: SEEK_POSSIBLE flag never returned correct value for filesystems that supported it.
2007-10-09 10486 changed: dvdplayer now quits on demuxer eof, no retries are done. non blocking reads are handled by empty packets instead. changed: look for stream information in non seekable files too, lavf should buffer up packets and not seek anyway. cosmetic: unused variable cleanup in dvdplayer.
2007-10-09 10485 fixed: scrollbars in view: Media Info. fixed: busy dialog now displays in places where its needed e.g when using 'Get Thumb' in dialogs or contexts
2007-10-09 10484 added : Movie-XML scraper with permission of site owner. Many thanks...
2007-10-09 10483 added: static id for studio which is now visible on Movie Info dialog. changed: Movie Info dialog (actually resembles a dialog now rather than a window), default icons in artists/actors or related dialogs now show a different default icon.
2007-10-09 10476 fixed: Player.SeekTime didn't auto-select HH:MM:SS correctly.
2007-10-09 10475 cleanup: Mouse code refactored.
2007-10-09 10474 added: Additional parameter to the plugin function endDirectory() to allow the plugin to tell XBMC to just update the current directories contents, instead of fetching the content as a new directory. Allows previous/next items in plugin listings.
2007-10-08 10467 changed: Dynamic Range Compensation change to a Volume Amplification scheme. Those of you who have used DRC in the past to tweak up the audio levels of some videos may need to tweak the volume amplification down a bit.
2007-10-07 10466 changed: added SEEK_POSSIBLE flag to check if an open file is seekable. used by dvdplayer to decide if it should treat file as streamed. fixes dvdplayer's inability to play youtube video's (actually was fixed in r10465, but this fixes it too)
2007-10-07 10465 fixed: FileCurl wouldn't allow forward seeks at all if all of buffer had been read up from previous call. now allows buffersize seeks forward by filling internal buffer
2007-10-07 10464 changed: complete emulation of flag MSG_PEEK in winsock, should fix issues with ssl based ftp
2007-10-07 10463 fixed: show album info from music song window didnt work if tag reading was disabled
2007-10-07 10462 changed: info on remote shows song information for songs instead of album information (2)
2007-10-07 10461 changed: info on remote shows song information for songs instead of album information
2007-10-07 10460 fixed: clean videodatabase didnt delete paths with content type set that doesnt exist
2007-10-07 10459 fixed: possible crash in actor list (if no actors avail and user selected the list)
2007-10-07 10458 fixed: scan recursively could be ticked in the set content dialog even though it shouldnt be
2007-10-07 10457 fixed : MusicVisualisation.xml some labels were chopped... changed to fadelabels and shortened (thx Pike)
2007-10-07 10456 changed: ftp client now ignores the ip address given in the PASV response, it uses the ip address you connected to instead. can be changed with an url option of ftp://host/dir?pasvip[=1]
2007-10-07 10455 added: ftp client can now do active mode. use url syntax ftp://host/dir?active[=ipaddress:port]
2007-10-07 10454 fixed: emulated bind function changed the given parameter to accommodate xbox winsock stack, this broke support curl's active mode.
2007-10-06 10448 fixed: link to movie showed for episodes instead of movies
2007-10-06 10446 fixed: some quirks with videodb cache and locked sources
2007-10-06 10445 fixed: typo
2007-10-06 10444 fixed: some context menu quirks
2007-10-06 10443 fixed: music videos didnt work
2007-10-06 10442 fixed: clear image in set content dialog if no content is selected
2007-10-06 10441 updated: finnish language (thanks to mikko) updated: danish language (thanks to buchwaldsource) updated: Chinese (Simple) language (thanks to pc-man)
2007-10-06 10440 fixed: some thumbs failed to download (episodes)
2007-10-06 10439 fixed: lookup on thetvdb failed for shows with no banners
2007-10-05 10438 fixed: invalid return value for rtsp read on abort + added nonblocking reads to rtsp client in dvdplayer.
2007-10-05 10436 updated: ffmpeg libs for dvdplayer to r10668 from mplayerhq
2007-10-05 10435 changed: rewrote timestamp calculation for audio renderer in dvdplayer to be simpler, and hopefully more accurate, should fix some files with qdm2 codec (generally mp4/mov)
2007-10-05 10434 fixed: menu overlays didn't display properly after switch to double instead of int64 timestamps in dvdplayer
2007-10-05 10433 changed : IMDb scraper now grabs cast info in the correct order using only one expression, so less code aswell.
2007-10-05 10431 added: <angle> tag to container labels.
2007-10-05 10430 added: allow filesystem to handle mms:// urls by falling back to their http:// variant
2007-10-04 10428 changed: return dummy packet instead of no packet, if libavformat asked us to try again
2007-10-04 10427 changed: dvdplayer now calculate timestamps using double datatype instead of int64. changed: clenaup of stale code in dvdplayer and some reorganization
2007-10-03 10423 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 10403)
2007-10-03 10419 changed : sort actors in the order they were scraped from IMDb much more appealing.
2007-10-03 10418 changed : 3rd time lucky imdb scraper (the correct one)
2007-10-03 10417 changed : small typo (did not affect scraping)
2007-10-03 10416 fixed : IMDb actor thumbs a few were being missed due to a character link in the source.
2007-10-02 10412 fixed: Player.Progress was not working for items
2007-10-02 10411 fixed: reset current progress bar in video info scanner when cleaning database
2007-10-02 10410 fixed: more video library import/export issues
2007-10-02 10409 fixed: various issues with video library import / export
2007-10-01 10408 Fixed : PM3 Script Info background was wrong if you turned off animation
2007-10-01 10407 changed: set artist thumb dialog more in line with the others
2007-10-01 10406 fixed: don't leave the party mode buttons enabled if starting party mode fails
2007-10-01 10405 changed: run video database clean after scan in update library
2007-10-01 10404 fixed: clean database did nasty things to music video genres and artists
2007-10-01 10403 added: complete thumb management for plugins in the video library. note: the video library plugin entry has a separate thumb from the media source
2007-10-01 10402 fixed: auto mark as watched didnt work for movies or music videos
2007-10-01 10401 fixed: thumbs didnt show for video plugins in the library node
2007-10-01 10400 Fixed : Year Value in cd ripper
2007-10-01 10399 fixed: <albumssortbyartistthenyear> wasn't functioning.
2007-09-30 10398 fixed: set default actor thumb for items in video info window
2007-09-30 10397 added: plugins now inherit folder.jpg or default.tbn thumbs
2007-09-30 10396 added: video plugins node to video library
2007-09-30 10395 fixed: watched filtering didnt work in the recently added nodes in the video library
2007-09-30 10394 changed: don't change container.folder thumb to the season thumb in the episode node of the video library
2007-09-30 10393 updated: Polish language (thanks to smuto) updated: Finnish language (thanks to mikko) updated: Chinese (Traditional) language (thanks to omenpica)
2007-09-29 10387 changed: fastforward in dvdplayer now takes into account the vsync limitation, and drops frames so as to be able to render at the given speed.
2007-09-29 10384 changed: update video library now cleans as well
2007-09-29 10383 fixed : fix for impawards international posters
2007-09-28 10382 fixed : scrollbars were 5 pixels to short in my opinion (all views)... and bar itself was off by width of 4 pixels in 4x3
2007-09-28 10381 updated : various video info dialogs both 4x3 and 16x9 tvshows, movies, episodes & music videos.
2007-09-28 10375 fixed : sloppy commit... files restored to original state
2007-09-28 10374 fixed : added a few conditions for new cast view for movies to avoid conflicted with tvshows, episodes & musicvideos info dialog
2007-09-28 10373 fixed : tagline value was not working due to <pagecontrol> id conflict (typo), added scrollbars to cast view, restored keep aspect on thumbs
2007-09-28 10372 changed: Q:\ now shows in all browse dialogs by default
2007-09-27 10371 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 10369)
2007-09-27 10370 changed: dont' scan info for sample.avi (assumed to be a sample..)
2007-09-27 10369 added: actor thumbs added: impa posters for imdb scrapes (you can choose between several using get thumb)
2007-09-27 10365 fixed: return value of CFileCurl::Read can't be -1, as the return value is an unsigned int.
2007-09-27 10361 fixed: wouldn't save music / video playlists
2007-09-26 10357 updated: German language file by sCAPe (Based on english strings version 10279)
2007-09-26 10356 added: IsEmpty(<infolabel>) conditional.
2007-09-26 10352 fixed: Mouse dragging coordinates weren't correct under certain calibration conditions.
2007-09-25 10349 added: count to ListItem_SetInfo() python method (sets m_iprogramCount) changed: plugins no longer verify on ok when browsing for plugins. (Thanks to cptspiff)
2007-09-25 10348 changed : quickpath name for recently added musicvideos (recentlyaddedvideos) to (recentlyaddedmusicvideos)
2007-09-25 10347 added: quickpath names for recently added movies,episodes,videos (recentlyaddedmovies),(recentlyaddedepisodes),(recentlyaddedvideos)
2007-09-24 10341 fixed: typo in dvdplayer ff/rw rewrite
2007-09-24 10340 changed: rewrote parts of FF/RW system in dvdplayer. video player should now be able to play video backwards if demuxer/input stream can provide it. preparation for trick play support on dvd's
2007-09-24 10339 added: missing keymapping for queue in music playlist editor. added: remove item to music playlist editor context menu
2007-09-24 10338 fixed: video smart playlists didnt work very well if a music video had no genre assigned. hopefully this sql is better (2)
2007-09-24 10337 fixed: video smart playlists didnt work very well if a music video had no genre assigned. hopefully this sql is better
2007-09-24 10336 added: generic content type generation for upnp server. it will now generate video/[extension], audio/[extension], image/[extension] for files that we know the type of.
2007-09-24 10334 fixed: info was not set for music videos launched from file view (2)
2007-09-24 10333 fixed: info was not set for music videos launched from file view added: videoplayer.isinlibrary vis cond
2007-09-24 10332 changed: allow Windows Media Player to display TV Shows from xbmc upnp server
2007-09-24 10331 changed: consider music/movie db items same as standard items when building item info
2007-09-23 10330 fixed: upnp server now shows titles in Windows Media Player for movies. apperently it won't show title for movies unless an album is set for the item. fixed: upnp server now shows duration for movies with imdb info.

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