XBMC 2007 05 19 PIMPED linksboks

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XBMC 2007 05 19 PIMPED linksboks

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Name:XBMC 2007 05 19 PIMPED linksboks

Total Size: 96.42 MB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 0

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2017-08-24 04:53:32 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-20 07:16:53

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XBMC-2007-05-19-PIMPED-linksboks.r00 (Size: 96.42 MB) (Files: 9)


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Torrent description

Includes the best scripts, and the following skins: PM3, mc360, xTV, containment, vision, and media center.

SVN Changes Since Last Build:
added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)

2007-05-19 9022 fixed: ControlGroup in patched, didn't initialize it.
2007-05-19 9020 updated: Chinese (Simple) language (thanks to pcman) updated: Chinese (Traditional) language (thanks to omenpica)
2007-05-19 9019 fixed: cosmetics
2007-05-19 9018 fixed: one more video info scanner issue (even without the skills i should have gotten it correct by pure chance by now ;))
2007-05-19 9017 fixed: sources could pop up for the wrong profiles.
2007-05-19 9016 fixed: favourites didnt respect profiles.
2007-05-18 9013 Fixed: Zip files were not getting closed.
2007-05-18 9012 fixed: ControlGroup errors
2007-05-18 9011 added: ControlGroup type to python. Thanks Nano.
2007-05-18 9010 updated: German language file by sCAPe (Based on english strings version 9007)
2007-05-18 9008 fixed: small typo in scraper
2007-05-18 9007 added: ability to set a tv scraper for a single directory. added: ability to exclude folder from video scans. fixed: some bugs with recursive video scans.
2007-05-17 9006 Changed : PM3 made the home screen more mouse friendly buy using new <hitrect />
2007-05-17 9005 fixed: nuv files could get misdetected as ty files. (mplayer.dll) updated: NuppleVideo/Tivo demuxer (mplayer.dll)
2007-05-17 9002 changed: Documentation fixes for listitem.cpp
2007-05-17 9001 added: All python listitem methods to WindowXML's list. fixed: ListItem.* did not work in python
2007-05-17 9000 added: InfoImage ListItem.ActualIcon (returns the listitems icon even if a thumbnail exists, does not add Big to the filename. Mainly useful for scripters. Does not currently work for lists or panels)
2007-05-17 8999 fixed: scraper now correctly grabs writers, directors and actors for episodes.
2007-05-17 8998 fixed: first aired info for episodes in scraper.
2007-05-17 8997 updated: polish language (thanks to smuto) updated: portugese language (thanks to Francisco Rocha)
2007-05-17 8996 added: Ability to specify xml file name in Window.IsActive, Window.Next, Window.Previous, Window.IsVisible and Window.TopMost
2007-05-17 8994 fixed: Better mouse control in system info.
2007-05-17 8993 added: <hitrect x="10" y="20" w="100" h="20" /> support for mouse highlighting.
2007-05-16 8989 updated: keymap.xml file for media center extender remotes, thanks to kzr1y2
2007-05-15 8975 change: don't allow only ordinal to continue export table for dlloader (all exports aught to have a name anyways)
2007-05-15 8965 fixed: Song rating wasn't updated for the currently playing item when done via Song Information dialog.
2007-05-15 8964 changed: Music library hashing includes thumbs (.tbn/.jpg), so Update Library will pick up newly added thumbs (assuming the album doesn't already have one)
2007-05-15 8963 fixed: Mouse didn't select in DialogSelect.
2007-05-14 8955 fixed: system dll's would crash in destructor
2007-05-14 8954 fixed: coff loader could crash in destructor if it had never loaded a dll (backported from linux branch) fixed: if a export from xbmc resolved to null, dllloader stopped searching for exports (backported from linux branch)
2007-05-14 8943 fixed: if the skin loaded on start was missing a window the next skins loaded wouldn't reset the invalid status of the window.
2007-05-14 8942 changed: busy dialog is now disabled if progressdialog is on screen. changed: doubled the amount of missed frames before busy dialog pops up. changed: busy thread is exited if the skin doesn't have a busy dialog.
2007-05-14 8932 fixed: auto interlace mode should do bob for HQ Pixelshader V2 renderer
2007-05-14 8923 fixed: lpcm 20/24 bit played as just noise (third time's a charm)
2007-05-13 8922 changed: removed CanSeek() from filesystem, it was wrong in a few protocols and hardly used. Use Seek(0, SEEK_CUR) to check if protocol supports seeking. added: buffering system to CFile (quite untested, set READ_BUFFERED flag on Open to use) changed: move READ_TRUNCATED flag from CFile::Read to to CFile::Open as it is silly to pass along on each read request
2007-05-13 8921 changed: minimum rebuild setting for guilib to match other projects in solution
2007-05-13 8920 changed: don't look for stream info in unseekable streams in dvdplayer, should speedup startup of such streams (hdhomerun, maybe tuxbox) changed: make dvdplayer default for hdhomerun streams as mplayer fails miserable on them
2007-05-13 8909 Changed : Moved all Project Mayhems III text colors out into TextColor.xml as includes in the hope we might get a few color variation themes in the future
2007-05-12 8900 fixed: scraper updated to reflect dns changes.
2007-05-12 8895 fixed: typo that cause dvdplayer to behave very oddly. big difference between && m_bStop and && !m_bStop.
2007-05-11 8885 added: advancedsettings, ability to disable modchip detection/lookup; for X2 ModChip Series (
2007-05-11 8883 Fixed: Includes.xml was b0rk..missing white space
2007-05-11 8882 fixed: audio renderer in XBMC_PC would make dvdplayer play way to fast (try 2)
2007-05-11 8880 changed: better solution to deadlocking dvdplayer
2007-05-11 8879 fixed: audio renderer in XBMC_PC would make dvdplayer play way to fast fixed: potential deadlock in dvdplayer (very uggly hack to get around it, must solve it better)
2007-05-11 8875 fixed: some issues with update video library
2007-05-10 8872 fixed: scraper didnt fetch genres correctly
2007-05-10 8871 fixed: year / premiered didnt work with the scraper.
2007-05-10 8869 fixed: update video library wouldnt work if you didnt have any tvshows in your database.
2007-05-10 8868 fixed: wrong image used in the new scraper
2007-05-10 8867 changed: renamed zsori scraper to to reflect site name change.
2007-05-10 8866 fixed: Ac97 audio renderer could sometimes add more packets than soundcard could handle
2007-05-10 8865 fixed: if you used nfo url's, imdb wouldnt fetch the plot summary, only the outline.
2007-05-10 8863 added: builtin command updatelibrary(music|video). can be used to schedule updates in combination with the http api. also reordered some methods in the video classes.
2007-05-10 8862 fixed: forgot to add files for CResamplerDirectSound to project.
2007-05-10 8860 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 8851) .. Sorry for the lack of updates.
2007-05-10 8858 fixed: xbmc_pc didn't compile after some of the audio renderer fixes.
2007-05-10 8857 changed: some more cleanup of audio renderers. (annoyingly can't be done properly as mplayer seems to have a bug concerning certain chunksizes, explains why there was such a long history of changes regarding number of packets and chunksizes)
2007-05-10 8856 changed: some more cleanup of audio renderers. (annoyingly can't be done properly as mplayer seems to have a bug concerning certain chunksizes, explains why there was such a long history of changes regarding number of packets and chunksizes)
2007-05-09 8855 changed: simplify audio renderers by making resampler a separate renderer that calls on the other instead of built into the renderers them selfs
2007-05-09 8851 fixed: String "Use folder or file names for lookup?" was reversed from the button order. Changed to "Use file or folder names for lookup?".
2007-05-09 8849 added: Ability to rate songs while they're playing. Currently not keymapped other than keyboard in Music Visualisation
2007-05-09 8844 Fixed : PM3 Mouse support in the Weather Page
2007-05-09 8842 fixed: Playlist wasn't an applicable action during video library view. Currently it's still unmapped (unless you're using a keyboard).
2007-05-09 8839 added: dvdplayer to XBMC_PC solution added: rudementary audio renderer for dvdplayer in XBMC_PC solution
2007-05-08 8837 changed: Wait for network before starting kai
2007-05-08 8836 Changed : Added a better Busy dialog and animation even if it is just temp
2007-05-08 8832 fixed: dvdplayer now builds if put into XBMC_PC project
2007-05-08 8827 added: "busy indicator" dialog (DialogBusy.xml, temporary graphics), dialog is rendered on top of everything when the main thread is busy doing lots of stuff except rendering.
2007-05-08 8826 fixed: unloading of system dlls in dlloader destructor is impossible as dllloadercontainer can already have been destroyed
2007-05-08 8823 changed: make DllLoaderContainer a static class, and make system dlls automatically register them selfs too. This allows system dll to just be static constructs of DllLoader with an export list.
2007-05-08 8821 updated: German language file (Based on english strings version 8718)
2007-05-08 8820 fixed: Mouse could ruin startup transistion. It's now disabled in startup.xml
2007-05-07 8810 fixed: WMA now uses WM/AlbumArtist for album artist, and Author for track artists.
2007-05-07 8809 fixed: Controls within groups would be highlighted by the mouse even if there was another control over the top of them.
2007-05-07 8807 fixed: forgot to fix calls to entry function after changing typedef
2007-05-07 8800 added: Sort by Name (filters on the label you set in music settings) to songs views in music library.
2007-05-07 8799 fixed: More mouse fixes. All controls should now work with the mouse.
2007-05-07 8798 fixed: errors and inconsistencies in DllLoader as noticed when porting to linux branch
2007-05-06 8792 updated: french language (thanks to frostbox)
2007-05-06 8790 fixed: deleting an item from the video library now clears the path hash so new scans can be performed on the folder
2007-05-06 8789 changed: export is a reserved keyword on with some compilers
2007-05-06 8788 fixed: tv show thumbs didnt get assigned to the folders.
2007-05-06 8786 fixed : changed string id in MyVideoNav.xml as the description was showing incorrect.

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