XBMC 2007 04 28 PIMPED Linksboks

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XBMC 2007 04 28 PIMPED Linksboks

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Name:XBMC 2007 04 28 PIMPED Linksboks

Total Size: 95.97 MB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-20 07:16:42

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Torrent description

Finally made another linkboks version for you guys out there that have been asking for it. Right now only the PM3 skin is supported. I'm working on getting mc360 working with it. Also updated the mc360, vision and xtv skins, and added a new skin called containment.

SVN Changes Since Last Build:
added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)

2007-04-28 8685 fixed: Slash at end of filefolders (eg playlists) in getMediaLocation().
2007-04-28 8684 Added : PM3 Music rating Stars to Full screen Visualization Music Info. Also added too Following Media view types when sorted by rating "List, List2, Album and BigList"
2007-04-28 8683 fixed: WindowXML fallback media path did not work on the xbox. Slash at end issue.
2007-04-28 8682 added: Container.Sort(SongRating) info condition.
2007-04-28 8681 Fixed : PM3 "DVD Icons" and "Album Icon" views navigation didn't wrap top to bottom and bottom to top
2007-04-27 8680 fixed: Skin.SetString(string,string_to_set) didn't work.
2007-04-27 8679 code cleanup
2007-04-27 8678 added: ListItem.Rating and MusicPlayer.Rating for music ratings.
2007-04-27 8677 added: Support for comment and rating fields in music files. Rating fields read from files are POPM fields for mp3, and RATING tags for all others (also RATING in TXXX a la foobar2000). Rating is stored 0 (no rating) or 1-5. Rating and comment are both supported in smartplaylists, and you can sort by rating in the song levels of the music library.
2007-04-26 8676 changed: removed function indirection on D3DXCreateMatrixStack, vortex.vis is only viz/screensaver using it, and it seems to not complain. removed: d3d-dx8.dll export wich only contained two functions, wich only had different decoration than in d3d_dx8.dll. also no viz/screensaver use them.
2007-04-26 8675 fixed: refresh info failed for single episodes.
2007-04-26 8674 fixed: all items showed in the season node when there were no seasons.
2007-04-26 8673 fixed: update library didnt show in tv show node context menu.
2007-04-26 8672 fixed: Remove from library wasn't working in video library.
2007-04-26 8670 updated: German language file by sCAPe (Based on english strings version 8669)
2007-04-26 8669 Added : "Favourites" string to strings.xml id 1036 for skinning use
2007-04-26 8668 changed: Browse for... strings have been made full strings instead of tacking on the end of "browse for" allowing better translation. Some python scripts may be effected.
2007-04-26 8667 Changed : PM3 Updated new dialog xmls <window> header to have their proper window ID's
2007-04-25 8666 cosmetic: remove trailing spaces
2007-04-25 8665 changed: don't log error messages for dismounting and deleting of symbolic links if device is dismounted already or symbolic link doesn't exist.
2007-04-25 8664 changed: avoid duplicating memory usage for exported function names by using static structs for the standard exports instead of allocating them on heap.
2007-04-25 8663 fixed: Music and Videos root context menu (Add Source etc.) weren't working correctly.
2007-04-25 8662 changed: Sort order defaults to "sort by album" when you enter a songs listing from "All Albums". Means queuing an artist will queue in album order.
2007-04-25 8661 fixed: An artist with a single album would start in the album folder rather than artist folder when browsing for artist image.
2007-04-25 8660 fixed: missing database close call.
2007-04-25 8659 fixed: typo that caused NeedRenderFullScreen() to always return true.
2007-04-25 8658 fixed: loading of ir50_32.dll for Intel Indeo 5 videos
2007-04-25 8657 fixed: typo error in video config code
2007-04-25 8656 fixed: GetAlbumPath() was slower than it should have been (caused slow info lookups from the library)
2007-04-25 8655 changed: CUtil::GetDirectory() now returns the folder with trailing slash intact.
2007-04-25 8654 reverted: .mp4 as a paplayer codec for aac.
2007-04-25 8653 added: Possibility to use ListItem.* in the favourites dialog.
2007-04-25 8652 fixed: Video library and Music library items didn't work as favourites.
2007-04-25 8651 fixed: AddFront() was broken in CFileItemList.
2007-04-25 8650 fixed: Checkmark control didn't respond to SetColorDiffuse.
2007-04-25 8649 added: Debug info to the scripts window.
2007-04-25 8648 changed: WindowXML python should only set the alternate fallback folder when it is needed (ie allocresources and render), otherwise other windows that allocate or render while the python window is up may not find their textures if they're outside the xpr.
2007-04-25 8647 Changed : Keymap for scripts window so Black Opens script info and White opens context menu for new favorites menu
2007-04-25 8646 fixed: WindowXML: If fallback media path was used, some controls didn't render until focused changed: WindowXML: Moved fallback media path inside the /skins/skinname/ folder with PAL, PAL16x9... changed: Python method getThumbName() -> getCacheThumbName()
2007-04-25 8645 Changed : PM3 Removed all traces of submenu stuff now its been replaced with the superior Favorites menu
2007-04-25 8644 added: Favourites dialog. Replaces submenu dialog in PM3 - up to other skinners to include if they like. Add items to favourites via the context menu from the media views.
2007-04-25 8643 added: .mp4 as a paplayer codec for aac.
2007-04-25 8642 cleanup: Prepared for CUtil::GetDirectory() change in behaviour (no more removing slash at end)
2007-04-25 8641 cleanup: Removed unnecessary code in DialogSubMenu.xml (may affect very old skins)
2007-04-25 8640 added: Favourites dialog. Replaces submenu dialog in PM3 - up to other skinners to include if they like. Add items to favourites via the context menu from the media views.
2007-04-24 8639 fixed: hdhomerun reading function was a NOP fixed: getsockname wouldn't return a ip address for locally bound sockets ( windows doesn't require it, but it's common practice in the *nix world, so let's emulate it )
2007-04-24 8637 fixed: exception in video info scanner
2007-04-24 8636 updated: chinese (simple) language (thanks to pcman) updated: chinese (traditional) language (thanks to omenpica) updated: french language (thanks to frostbox)
2007-04-24 8635 updated: German language file by sCAPe (Based on english strings version 862
2007-04-24 8634 fixed: Context menu could be positioned offscreen if a list was close to the edge.
2007-04-24 8633 fixed: Crash creating textures from 8bit images which contained no transparent black.
2007-04-24 8632 cleanup: Removed some old commented code.
2007-04-24 8631 fixed: GetTitleFromPath() failed for folders.
2007-04-24 8630 changed: FileItem map and Contains() routine is now case-insensitive.
2007-04-24 8629 changed: Refactored the contextmenu code throughout.
2007-04-24 8628 Added : PM3 A skin setting to enable Playing of .m3u Playlist on load of skin (startup)
2007-04-24 8627 added: update library in video library.
2007-04-24 8626 added: update library in video library.
2007-04-23 8625 Changed : PM3 alignment and position of text and images in Media Info Views and and Video info dialog
2007-04-23 8624 changed: make sure there is no slash at end of tune url for hdhomrun after browsing
2007-04-23 8623 fixed: hdhomerun client wouldn't respect options set on command line
2007-04-23 8622 changed: playfile from http api now nolonger makes an assumption on if file exists andor is an internet file before trying to play a file. it now ask xbmc to play it nomatter what.
2007-04-23 8621 changed: create field texture in HQ Pixel Shader V2 on demand instead of always.
2007-04-23 8620 added: Python Method xbmc.getThumbName() It returns the hexidecimal crc'd filename from a path you supply. (eg xbmc.getThumbName("f:\Videos\" returns "06664c61.tbn"
2007-04-23 8619 changed: avoid correcting field offset in bob+weave renderer until outputting to backbuffer
2007-04-23 8618 fixed: chroma offset was 1/4th of a pixel wrong after changes to memory reducing changes to rgb renderer. (doubt it is even possible to notice)
2007-04-23 8616 fixed: XBMC_PC didn't compile after filezilla changes.
2007-04-22 8615 fixed: special paths didnt work with skin.setfile and its siblings.
2007-04-22 8614 fixed: More reliable tracking of scanned paths in music library.
2007-04-22 8613 fixed: if 'FileZilla Server.xml' does not exist or is corrupt, ftp server runs without any user data and a login is not possible
2007-04-22 8612 update: updated mplayer's realplayer rtsp client from mplayerhq, adds username/password support and fixes an buffer overrun.
2007-04-22 8611 Reverted : last PM3 change due to visibility errors of the dialogs never closing
2007-04-22 8606 Changed : Background Video and Music Scan dialogs are no longer Visible while in Fullscreen Video or Music
2007-04-22 8605 changed: better handling of start-times in mpg-ts files. they should now start from zero time instead of some huge value.
2007-04-22 8604 Changed : reversed onlicks in skinsettings to setfile then setstring makes more sense. skin.setfile mask & path used for submenu options for ease of navigation. Incorrect string was being used. Also move the 'No Link Set' a few pixels so it all looks nice & tidy.
2007-04-22 8603 fixed: stupid me left the outputdebugstring code intact for no reason.
2007-04-22 8602 added: skin.setfile now takes a default path parameter. syntax: skin.setfile(stringname,[mask,defaultpath])
2007-04-22 8600 changed: moved the verbose output from filexbmsp to log level 3.
2007-04-22 8598 fixed: xbmc would often hard lock during caching or startup if the caching dialog was open, due to calling cguifontttf functions from non rendering thread.
2007-04-22 8597 fixed: timidity codec would crash after about 10 songs.
2007-04-22 8595 fixed: Gamesave folder thumbs were not working.
2007-04-22 8591 fixed: MP4 tag reader cached thumb for every track, even if it already was cached.
2007-04-22 8590 changed: Music scanner hashes now include date to better pic up tag changes. Plus some progress fixes.
2007-04-21 8589 fixed: id3tag reader would cache album cover every time, even if the file already exists.
2007-04-21 8588 changed: reduced sensitivity of bob+weave deinterlacer to make hqv disk abit more happy
2007-04-21 8587 fixed: typo that caused new bob+weave deinterlacer used field changes instead of downscaled frame changes for motion detection. (fixes static scenes and horizontal hairline flickering) changed: made motion detection much more sensitive in bob+weave deinterlacer much more sensitive

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