Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995

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Name:Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995

Total Size: 14.21 GB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-19 22:34:02

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Gunship [U] [SLUS-00313].rar (Size: 14.21 GB) (Files: 47)

 Gunship [U] [SLUS-00313].rar

459.09 MB

 Gunfighter - The Legend of Jesse James [U] [SLUS-01398].rar

100.20 MB

 Gundam Battle Assault [U] [SLUS-01226].rar

265.51 MB

 Gundam Battle Assault 2 [U] [SLUS-01418].rar

113.59 MB

 Guilty Gear [U] [SLUS-00772].rar

224.47 MB

 Gubble [U] [SLUS-01466].rar

551.99 MB

 Guardian's Crusade [U] [SLUS-00811].rar

163.25 MB

 Grudge Warriors [U] [SLUS-01150].rar

422.90 MB

 Grind Session [U] [SCUS-94568].rar

323.58 MB

 Grinch, The [U] [SLUS-01197].rar

231.19 MB

 Grid Runner [U] [SLUS-00323].rar

347.29 MB

 Granstream Saga; The [U] [SLUS-00597].rar

381.65 MB

 Grandia [Disc2of2] [U] [SCUS-94465].rar

417.72 MB

 Grandia [Disc1of2] [U] [SCUS-94457].zip

484.95 MB

 Grand Tour Racing '98 [U] [SLUS-00494].rar

298.75 MB

 Grand Theft Auto [Original & Director's Cut] [U] [SLUS-00106].rar

475.60 MB

 Grand Theft Auto 2 [U] [SLUS-00789].rar

373.30 MB

 Grand Theft Auto - Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 [U] [SLUS-00846].rar

377.62 MB

 Grand Slam '97 [U] [SLUS-00127].rar

108.70 MB

 Gran Turismo [U] [SCUS-94194].rar

394.95 MB

 Gran Turismo 2 [Simulation Disc] [U] [SCUS-94488].rar

440.18 MB

 Gran Turismo 2 [Arcade Disc] [U] [SCUS-94455].zip

507.75 MB

 Golden Tee Golf - Peter Jacobson's [U] [SLUS-01130].rar

122.63 MB

 Golden Nugget [Disc2of2] [U] [SLUS-00555].rar

273.57 MB

 Golden Nugget [Disc1of2] [U] [SLUS-00319].rar

418.51 MB

 Goal Storm [U] [SLUS-00069].rar

102.54 MB

 Goal Storm '97 [U] [SLUS-00295].rar

196.46 MB

 Glover [U] [SLUS-00890].rar

176.74 MB

 Global Domination [U] [SLUS-01419].rar

462.40 MB

 Ghost In The Shell [U] [SLUS-00552].rar

331.12 MB

 Gex [U] [SLUS-00042].rar

125.27 MB

 Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko [U] [SLUS-00806].rar

225.82 MB

 Gex 2 - Enter the Gecko [U] [SLUS-00595].rar

133.21 MB

 Geom Cube[U] [SLUS-00024].rar

533.25 MB

 Gekioh Shooting King [U] [SLUS-01498].7z

412.30 MB

 Gekido - Urban Fighters [U] [SLUS-00970].rar

32.68 MB

 Gauntlet Legends [U] [SLUS-00624].rar

111.78 MB

 Game of Life; The [U] [SLUS-00769].rar

259.50 MB

 Gallop Racer [U] [SLUS-00942].rar

180.84 MB

 Galerians [Disc3of3] [U] [SLUS-01099].rar

343.36 MB

 Galerians [Disc2of3] [U] [SLUS-01098].rar

399.91 MB

 Galerians [Disc1of3] [U] [SLUS-00986].rar

438.29 MB

 Galaga - Destination Earth [U] [SLUS-01258].rar

320.71 MB

 G-Police [Disc2of2] [U] [SLUS-00556].7z

371.01 MB

 G-Police [Disc1of2] [U] [SLUS-00544].7z

383.52 MB

 G-Police 2 - Weapons of Justice [U] [SLUS-00798].rar

369.84 MB

 G-Darius [U] [SLUS-00690].rar

357.79 MB


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Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 6

NTSC-US PSX Collection Index
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I got the last Game i was missing (The Grinch) today and so i could complete the till now biggest torrent of the UG US PSX Project. 41 Games will be uploaded trough this torrent in the next days including some of the best Psx games ever made, like Gran Turismo 1 and 2 ..all 3 Gex titles..GTA 1,2 ...well the list goes on and on.
Here is a list of all Games of this torrent :

1 - Galaga - Destination Earth [SLUS-01258]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 0

Details Images

[quote]There are nine levels to play through, and each one is broken up into seven or eight stages. As you play through the game, the perspective switches throughout each stage. Sometimes you're required to swat as many aliens as possible during a given time limit, while at other times your duties include stopping missile launches or activating aqueducts.[/quote]

2 - G-Darius [SLUS-00690]

Details Images

[quote]espite the game's questionable tag line, "You will see the creation of new lives," G Darius offers little more than the purest and most satisfying side-scrolling destruction. In addition to the upgradable lasers, missiles, and shields, you have a unique weapon at your disposal - the capture ball. Instead of the screen-clearing bombs of most shooters, G Darius gives you a supply of hypnotic orbs with which to ensnare the mechanical marine life[/quote]

3 - G-Police 2 - Weapons of Justice [SLUS-00798]

Details Images

[quote]The storyline picks up where the first game left off. After an all-out war with the crime syndicate, the G-Police's forces are thin and unable to cope with the new gang presence on their planet. To help out, Earth sends a huge detachment of Marines to assist the Gs. From there, things quickly spin out of control as the maniacal leader of the Marine force tries to usurp control of the planet itself.[/quote]

4 - G-Police [Disc1of2] [SLUS-00544] / G-Police [Disc2of2] [SLUS-00556]

Details Images

[quote]ou are Jack Slater, a veteran war pilot who has joined the Government Police to investigate the death of his sister, who died under mysterious circumstances while serving on the force. You take up the controls of a gunship that is a meld of helicopter and V.T.O.L. (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft and begin prowling the streets and low-ceilinged skies of the colony on a mission-by-mission basis.[/quote]

5 - Galerians [Disc1of3][SLUS-00986] / Galerians [Disc2of3][[SLUS-01098] / Galerians [Disc3of3][SLUS-01099]

Details Images

[quote]Rion wakes-up in a hospital room, and the only thing he can remember is his name. However, Rion is no ordinary 14-year old. He is a Galerian a human with special psychic powers. You take the role of Rion as he tries to escape from the hospital and discover the truth behind his past[/quote]

6 - Gallop Racer [SLUS-00942]

Details Images

[quote]You start by creating a jockey, and then picking a horse; every horse has unique attributes as well as a unique temperament. Entering horses into races is easy, but winning takes extensive knowledge. You will need to know which horses run well on turf and which do better on dirt, as well as which animals are sprinters and which prefer long distance.[/quote]

7 - Game of Life; The [SLUS-00769]

Details Images

[quote]GAME OF LIFE is a videogame version of the popular board game. Just like the board game, you go on a "journey of a lifetime," which basically simulates the events that occur during someone’s life.[/quote]

8 - Gauntlet Legends [SLUS-00624]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 1

Details Images

[quote]In GAUNTLET LEGENDS, an evil sorcerer has set the minions of the underworld free. Now, it is up to the four heroes from the corners of the realm to save the world. You take the role of a warrior, valkyrie, wizard, or archer and travel throughout the world searching for the rune stones that will return the demons to the underworld.[/quote]

9 - Gekido - Urban Fighters [SLUS-00970]

Details Images

[quote]n a time of great corruption and terror, a young girl named Angela has been kidnapped. Her parents hire Travis, a private detective, to investigate the crime boss Kintaro and retrieve Angela. Knowing that the mission is not going to be easy, you as Travis recruit Michelle, Ushi, and Tetsuo to help out.[/quote]

10 - Gekioh Shooting King [SLUS-01498]

Details Images

[quote]GEKION: SHOOTING COMPLEX offers nine modes of nonstop action in a futuristic world featuring giant robots, laser-firing, bomb-dropping airships.[/quote]

11 - Geom Cube [SLUS-00024]

Details No Images

[quote]The blocks are falling and the purpose of the game to fit the cubes into place. As the blocks fall into the pit, it’s your responsibility to make them fit into position..[/quote]

12 - Gex [SLUS-00042]

Details Images

[quote]Rez is out to destroy the Television Realm, and only Gex the Gecko can save it. Unfortunately, Gex has retired, but a huge pile of cash from the government quickly changed his mind. You take control of Gex as he travels through 24 levels with themes that are parodies of television and movies.[/quote]

13 - Gex 2 - Enter the Gecko [SLUS-00595]

Details Images

[quote]n each level, Gex must collect remote controls to open new areas and eventually fight the level boss. Throughout all of the levels, Gex (voiced by HBO comedian Dana Gould) rattles off a variety of wise cracks to lighten the mood of the game.[/quote]

14 - Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko [SLUS-00806]

Details Images

[quote]he evil Rez has returned. This time he has kidnapped Agent Xtra (portrayed by BAYWATCH star Marliece Andrado), and only Gex, the gecko with attitude, can save her. Travel through levels based on television themes as Gex collects remote controls to open new areas and eventually face the big boss at the end of each stage.[/quote]

15 - Ghost In The Shell [SLUS-00552]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 2

Details Images

[quote]The Human Liberation Movement is bent on destroying cyborgs. To accomplish this, they destroy the cyborg-body developer, Mega Tech Body Corporation. Unfortunately, they also kill about 100 innocent people. [/quote]

16 - Global Domination [SLUS-01419]

Details No Images

[quote]he world is in political turmoil and only the Universal Tactical Response Agency (ULTRA) can quell the uprisings. You take command of ULTRA, where if you complete contracts and stay alive you will move up in the ranks.[/quote]

17 - Glover [SLUS-00890]

Details Images

[quote]A wizard has been assigned to watch over the magic crystals in the kingdom. While performing an experiment, his gloves fall into a cauldron, and the resulting explosion scatters the crystals across the land. The substance in the cauldron makes the gloves come to life. [/quote]

18 - Goal Storm '97 [SLUS-00295]

Details Images

[quote]A teammate passes you the ball. You break free from the defenders and start a run towards the goal. Just after you enter the penalty box, the defense catches up and slide-tackles you from behind; you are awarded a penalty kick. Soccer action of this type can only be found in GOAL STORM ’97.[/quote]

19 - Goal Storm [SLUS-00069]

Details Images

[quote]Choose your country and team, and then hit the field in the Exhibition or Tournament modes. No matter what mode you play, all of the rules of soccer apply: throw-ins, offsides, and penalties. If you do get caught breaking the rules, the dreaded red card will be issued and you will have to play a man down.[/quote]

20 - Golden Nugget [Disc1of2] [SLUS-00319] / Golden Nugget [Disc2of2] [SLUS-00555]

Details Images

[quote]Casino gambling comes to your home with GOLDEN NUGGET. Play in the Casino mode and start with $10,000, where your goal is to win as much as possible in 16 different casino games: slots, craps, poker, blackjack, Pai Gow, and Keno just to name a few. [/quote]

21 - Golden Tee Golf - Peter Jacobson's [SLUS-01130]

Details Images

[quote]The first thing you’ll notice is the close similarities the graphics hold to those of the original 3D courses, lush greens, realistic golfer models, and all the rest. What this version has that the others don’t, however, is a selection of 12 different courses, making for extraordinarily high replay value. [/quote]

22 - Gran Turismo [SCUS-94194]

Details Images

[quote]Grand tour racing makes an appearance on the PlayStation with GRAN TURISMO. Beginners will want to play the Arcade mode and hit one of the games 11 unique tracks. By winning races in the A, B, and C classes, new cars, tracks, and options will become available. Where the game really shines, though, is in the Gran Turismo mode[/quote]

23 - Gran Turismo 2 [Arcade Disc] [SCUS-94455] / Gran Turismo 2 [Simulation Disc] [SCUS-94488]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 3

Details Images

[quote]All of the excitement and action of GT racing returns to the PlayStation with GRAN TURISMO 2. Everything that made the original great has returned: there is a full Arcade mode where players unlock new cars and tracks by winning races on three difficulty settings, while the Simulation mode gives players a chance to customize their cars for racing and win a garage full of automobiles for driving excitement. [/quote]

24 - Grand Slam '97 [SLUS-00127]

Details Images

[quote]Baseball makes another appearance on the PlayStation with GRAND SLAM. Use the Practice mode to brush up on your baseball skills, and then hit the field for a friendly game in the Exhibition mode, or experience the unique challenges of a Season or Tournament.[/quote]

25 - Grand Theft Auto - Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 [SLUS-00846]

Details Images

[quote]While expansion packs have been common on the PC, there has never been adequate technology for expansion disks on a console. GRAND THEFT AUTO: London 1969 changes that, as it’s the first expansion pack to hit a console (you must own the first GRAND THEFT AUTO to play London 1969).[/quote]

26 - Grand Theft Auto [Original & Director's Cut] [SLUS-00106]

Details Images

[quote]Try to become a crime lord in GRAND THEFT AUTO. You start out as small time hood, where all you have to do is answer your beeper and complete the tasks that the boss assigns to you. Tasks include delivering stolen cars, dropping off drug money, or completing contract hits.[/quote]

27 - Grand Theft Auto 2 [SLUS-00789]

Details Images

[quote]Take the role of a budding young criminal in GRAND THEFT AUTO 2. Gangs have divided the city into several zones of turf, and your goal is to get in with one of the gangs. Fortunately, the differing philosophies (everything from corporate greed to religious zealotry) tend to clash. A quick way to get in with one gang is to go over to the rival’s area and blow away as many gang members as possible.[/quote]

28 - Grand Tour Racing '98 [SLUS-00494]

Details Images

[quote]Choose from a lineup of 40 cars in five different classes: Indy, rally, sports, dune buggy, and off-road. Then get ready to race in one of the six exotic locations: Moscow, Egypt, Scotland, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Easter Island. Each of the tracks has six variations for a total of 36 different courses[/quote]

29 - Grandia [Disc1of2] [SCUS-94457] / Grandia [Disc2of2] [SCUS-94465]

Details Images

[quote]Justin wants to be an explorer like his father. In an effort to see the world, Justin and his friend, Sue, set out on an exciting adventure. Little do they know, this journey is only the beginning of a much longer quest to discover the secrets of an ancient race of people and to save the world from the maniacal plans of a ruthless military commander.[/quote]

30 - Granstream Saga; The [SLUS-00597]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 4

Details Images

[quote]use magic spells and special attacks to dispose of enemies in a more efficient manner. All of the action is captured with full 3D environments and character models. You better hurry and find the stones, or your home will sink into oblivion in THE GRANSTREAM SAGA.[/quote]

31 - Grid Runner [SLUS-00323]

Details Images

[quote]When elements of Tag are combined with elements from Capture the Flag, GRID RUNNER is the result. The players run around a maze trying to capture a number of flags. The catch is that only one player has the ability to collect the flags at any one time.[/quote]

32 - Grinch, The [SLUS-01197]

Details Images

[quote]The GRINCH hates Christmas, but the Who’s of Whoville love it. To get even with the Who’s that torment him, the Grinch decides to steal Christmas. You take on the role of the grumpy green creature as you try to ruin things for the citizens of Whoville.[/quote]

33 - Grind Session [SCUS-94568]

Details Images

[quote]Get ready to ride the rails and ollie over fences in GRIND SESSION. You can choose from six professional skaters: Willy Santos, Daewon Song, Cara-Beth Burnside, Ed Templeton, Pigpen, and John Cardiel. If you don’t find a skater that fits your style, you can create you own skater. [/quote]

34 - Grudge Warriors [SLUS-01150]

Details Images

[quote]If you enjoy blowing things up (and who doesn’t?), here’s a good reason to be happy. It seems that a circuit of thugs is roaming the post-apocalyptic world in huge combat vehicles, and you’ve got your sights set on rising through the ranks.[/quote]

35 - Guardian's Crusade [SLUS-00811]

Details Images

[quote]After returning home from an errand, Knight stumbles upon a pink monster known simply as Baby. After coming into contact with Baby, Knight has a vision and learns that he must escort Baby back to God’s Tower. Take control of Knight as he starts on his journey to God’s Tower with Baby.[/quote]

36 - Gubble [SLUS-01466]

Details Images

• Gubble is a loveable alien with a purple head and red body
• The poor fella has become separated the mother ship
• Please help him find his way back
• Use tools to remove nails, screws, and tacks from dozens of levels
• But watch out for the Nasties[/quote]

37 - Guilty Gear [SLUS-00772]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection G NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 5


[quote]GUILTY GEAR has everything that fighting game fans have come to expect. You can choose from 10 different characters, each with unique special moves and combinations. Some characters fight with weapons while others use only their bare hands and feet, which keeps the combat new and interesting with each character.[/quote]

38 - Gundam Battle Assault [SLUS-01226]

Details Images

[quote]he robots return to battle in this nerve-racking, 2D combat extravaganza. Having skyrocketed to popularity under the name GUNDAM THE BATTLE MASTER 2 in Japan, the game makes its way to other countries with all of the intense fighting and flair that made the previous incarnation so successful. Giant robots from several GUNDAM series gather to duke it out in arena-style fashion. Based on the immensely popular GUNDAM anime, GUNDAM BATTLE ASSUALT lets you choose your character, and then pits you against the meanest hunks of metal in the universe. [/quote]

39 - Gundam Battle Assault 2 [SLUS-01418]

Details Images

• Street Mode with varied outcomes
• Two Exciting Versus Modes for HEAD-to-HEAD competition
• Two fast-action Time Attack Modes
• Survival Mode: pit yourself against the CPU in a fast-action winner-takes-all match.[/quote]

40 - Gunfighter - The Legend of Jesse James [SLUS-01398]

Details Images

[quote]If you’ve ever had dreams of becoming an old-west gunslinger like the legendary Jesse James, this is your chance. Accompanied by your old friend, Cole Younger, you’ll fight off enemies and deterrents of all sorts in order to track down and rescue your kidnapped girlfriend, Zee[/quote]

41 - Gunship [SLUS-00313]

Details No Images

[quote]GUNSHIP allows you to sit behind the controls of a combat helicopter. Play a Quick Fire game, and try to blast as many enemies out of the sky as possible. Or, if you’ve got more long-term aspirations, play the Simulation mode and create a squad of pilots and choose and equip one of the game’s eight helicopters, which include the AH-66B Comanche, AH-64A Apache, and UK-60K Blackhawk.[/quote]

47 Isos all in all and it will take some days ..about 7-10 till all nearly 15 gigabytes are uploaded i guess.

This packages contains all of the ntsc-us playstation games in the G category. The games range in format with all standard formats, but all are tested in epsxe or my modded ps2 and confirmed full and working prior to being posted. All games are compressed with the serial tag in the title for recognition purposes. Further information on each game can be aquired by clicking the text link below the screenshot for the game you would like more info on.

Please check [size=4]Here[/size] for games we desperatley need to complete other letters of this collection.

Thank you!

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