13130 Science Fiction and Fantasy 13130 update 3(mazzeltjes)

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Name:13130 Science Fiction and Fantasy 13130 update 3(mazzeltjes)

Total Size: 53.64 MB

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Ursula K. LeGuin - Vaster Than Empires and More Slow.pdf (Size: 52.63 MB) (Files: 213)

 Ursula K. LeGuin - Vaster Than Empires and More Slow.pdf

51.03 KB


0.02 KB

 Steven Brust - When the Bow Breaks.pdf

139.93 KB

 Steven Brust - Khaavren Romances 05 - Sethra Lavode.pdf

1.26 MB

 Steven Brust - Khaavren Romances 04 - The Lord of Castle Black.pdf

1.37 MB

 Stephen R. Lawhead - Avalon, The Return Of King Arthur (v4.0).pdf

720.37 KB

 Star Wars - [The Last of the Jedi 06] - Return of the Dark Side (by Jude Watson).pdf

97.40 KB

 Star Wars - [The Last of the Jedi 05] - A Tangled Web (by Jude Watson).pdf

96.48 KB

 Star Wars - [Short Story] - Storm Fleet Warning (by Jude Watson).pdf

11.78 KB

 Star Wars - [Short Story] - Storm Equipment (by Matthew Stower).pdf

12.39 KB

 Star Wars - [Short Story] - Duel (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

12.28 KB

 Star Wars - [Short Story] - Corphelion Interlude (by Troy Denning).pdf

7.42 KB

 Star Wars - [Medstar 2] - Jedi Healer (by Michael Reaves Steve Perry).pdf

293.97 KB

 Star Wars - [Medstar 1] - Battle Surgeons (by Michael Reaves Steve Perry).pdf

298.23 KB

 Star Wars - [Legacy of the Force 04] - Exile (by Aaron Allston).pdf

370.49 KB

 Star Wars - [Legacy of the Force 03] - Tempest (by Troy Denning).pdf

402.63 KB

 Star Wars - [Legacy of the Force 02] - Bloodlines (by Karen Traviss).pdf

415.91 KB

 Star Wars - [Legacy of the Force 01] - Betrayal (by Aaron Allston).pdf

498.60 KB

 Star Wars - [Jedi Prince 6] - Prophets of the Dark Side (by Paul Davids And Hollace Davids).pdf

72.81 KB

 Star Wars - [Jedi Prince 4] - Mission From Mount Yoda (by Paul Davids And Hollace Davids).pdf

70.04 KB

 Star Wars - [Jedi Prince 3] - Zorba the Hutts Revenge (by Paul Davids And Hollace Davids).pdf

69.72 KB

 Star Wars - [Jedi Prince 2] - The Lost City of the Jedi (by Paul Davids And Hollace Davids).pdf

68.67 KB

 Star Wars - [Jedi Prince 1] - The Glove of Darth Vader (by Paul Davids And Hollace Davids).pdf

65.43 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 88] - Ghosts of the Sith (by Jude Watson).pdf

8.49 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 87] - Republic Commando Odds (by Karen Traviss).pdf

29.35 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 83] - Medstar Intermezzo (by Michael Reeves Steve Perry).pdf

33.34 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 81] - Republic Commando Omega Squad Targets (by Karen Traviss).pdf

33.37 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 77] - In Changing Season 2 People of the Guardian (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

29.57 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 76] - In Changing Season 1 Guardian of the People (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

27.99 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 73] - The League of Spies (by Aaron Allston).pdf

45.28 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 70] - Hero of Cartao 3 (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

37.43 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 69] - Hero of Cartao 2 (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

39.21 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 68] - Hero of Cartao 1 (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

41.97 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 67] - The Trouble With Squibs (by Troy Denning).pdf

47.68 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 66] - Elusion Illusion (by Michael Stackpole).pdf

33.69 KB

 Star Wars - [Insider 65] - The Pengalan Tradeoff (by Aaron Allston).pdf

42.76 KB

 Star Wars - [Hand of Thrawn 2] - Vision of the Future (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

825.73 KB

 Star Wars - [Hand of Thrawn 1] - Specter of the Past (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

454.96 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 10] - Handoff (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

55.81 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 07] - Red Sky Blue Flame (by Elaine Cunningham).pdf

28.07 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 06] - Rebel Bass (by Kathy Tyers).pdf

30.22 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 05] - The Crystal (by Elaine Cunningham).pdf

26.63 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 05] - Darkness Shared (by Bill Slavicsek).pdf

31.53 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 04] - Deep Spoilers (by Ryder Windham).pdf

25.21 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 03] - Bane of the Sith (by Kevin J Anderson).pdf

21.04 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 02] - The Monster (by Daniel Wallace).pdf

41.90 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 02] - A Credit For Your Thoughts (by Tish Pahl & Christ Cassidy).pdf

37.15 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 01] - The Starfighter Trap (by Steve Miller).pdf

44.61 KB

 Star Wars - [Gamer Magazine 01] - Fair Prey (by Daniel Wallace).pdf

48.14 KB

 Star Wars - [Galaxy 12] - Priority X (by George R Strayton).pdf

9.63 KB

 Star Wars - [Galaxy 11] - The Emperors Trophy (by Peter Schweighofer).pdf

6.60 KB

 Star Wars - [Galaxy 08] - Dark Vendetta (by Eric Trautmann).pdf

8.92 KB

 Star Wars - [Galaxy 06] - Hunting the Hunters (by Bill Smith).pdf

8.07 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 15] - One of A Kind (by Paul Danner).pdf

30.59 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 14] - The Breath of Gelgelar (by Jean Rabe).pdf

23.07 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 14] - Murder In Slushtime (by Barbara Hambly).pdf

32.67 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 11] - Spare Parts (by Pablo Hidalgo).pdf

34.03 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 11] - Mist Encounter (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

37.28 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 09] - Combat Moon (by John Whitman).pdf

44.90 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 07] - Command Decision (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

35.80 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 06] - To Fight Another Day (by Kathy Tyers).pdf

36.28 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 06] - Rendezvous With Destiny (by Charlene Newcomb).pdf

30.62 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 06] - Finders Fee (by Peter Schweighofer).pdf

8.38 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 05] - Turning Point (by Charlene Newcomb).pdf

25.55 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 04] - Shadows of Darkness (by Charlene Newcomb).pdf

30.47 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 03] - The Adventures of Dannen Lifehold 2 Changing the Odds (by David Marron).pdf

23.63 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 03] - Mission To Zila (by Charlene Newcomb).pdf

27.49 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 03] - Droid Trouble (by Chuck Sperati).pdf

23.03 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 02] - Whispers In the Dark (by Charlene Newcomb).pdf

24.78 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 01] - The Adventures of Dannen Lifehold 1 Breaking Free (by David Marron).pdf

19.15 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 01] - Escape From Balis-Baurgh (by Paul Balsamo).pdf

22.50 KB

 Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 01] - A Glimar of Hope (by Charlene Newcomb).pdf

22.34 KB

 Star Wars - X-Wing the Farlander Papers (by Russel Demaria).pdf

34.37 KB

 Star Wars - The Hive (by Steven Barnes).pdf

63.98 KB

 Star Wars - Planet of the Hoojibs (by Archie Goodwin).pdf

7.57 KB

 Star Wars - New Jedi Order A Practical Man (by Karen Traviss).pdf

75.00 KB

 Star Wars - Judges Call (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

7.99 KB

 Star Wars - Fools Bargain (by Timothy Zahn).pdf

59.64 KB

 Star Wars - Adventure In Beggars Canyon (by Jane Mason).pdf

5.45 KB

 Star Wars - A Forest Apart (by Troy Denning).pdf

67.05 KB

 S. M. Stirling - The Sky People.pdf

545.09 KB

 S. Andrew Swann - The Dragons Of The Cuyahoga.pdf

409.20 KB

 Robert Silverberg - Against the Current.pdf

40.15 KB

 Robert Reed - If We Can Save Just One Child.pdf

37.35 KB

 Robert F. Young - The Quality of Mercy.pdf

20.33 KB

 Robert F. Young - The Leaf.pdf

8.02 KB

 Robert F. Young - Did You Ever See a Tree Walking.pdf

17.55 KB

 Robert F. Young - Ape's Eye View.pdf

14.45 KB

 Paul Park - Fragrant Goddess.pdf

37.82 KB

 Paul Di Filippo - Survival of the Fannish.pdf

8.13 KB

 Paul Di Filippo - Our Feynman Who Art in Heaven.pdf

11.08 KB

 Paul Di Filippo - Book Clubbed.pdf

10.70 KB

 Mike Moscoe - Society of Humanity 01 - First Casualty.pdf

549.33 KB

 Michaela Roessner - It's a Wonderful Life.pdf

31.72 KB

 Michael Swanwick - Urdumheim.pdf

66.68 KB

 Mary Rickert - Don't ask.pdf

18.68 KB

 Katherine Kurtz - Childe Morgan.pdf

445.42 KB

 Karl Schroeder - Ventus.pdf

5.65 MB

 Judith Moffett - The Bird Shaman's Girl.pdf

92.42 KB

 John Marco - The Eyes of a God.pdf

1.07 MB

 John Kessel - Pride and Prometheus.pdf

75.66 KB

 Jack Mann - Her Ways Are Death.pdf

280.96 KB

 Ian R. MacLeod - The Master Miller's Tale.pdf

87.33 KB

 Ian R. MacLeod - Nevermore.pdf

56.97 KB

 Hope Mirrlees - Lud in the Mist.pdf

371.00 KB

 Harvey Jacobs - Blood is not Enough - L'Chaim.pdf

54.51 KB

 Harry Turtledove - Opening Atlantis.pdf

666.15 KB

 H.H. Hollis - Sword Game.pdf

17.33 KB

 H. L. Gold - Trouble With Water.pdf

88.14 KB

 H. L. Gold - The Old Die Rich.pdf

84.47 KB

 H. L. Gold - Man With English.pdf

36.90 KB

 H. L. Gold - Fog.pdf

26.47 KB

 H. L. Gold - At the Post.pdf

70.41 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Time Crime.pdf

2.37 MB

 H. Beam Piper - Time and Time Again.pdf

448.56 KB

 H. Beam Piper - The Mercenaries.pdf

121.38 KB

 H. Beam Piper - The Keeper.pdf

267.19 KB

 H. Beam Piper - The Edge of the Knife.pdf

753.09 KB

 H. Beam Piper - The Answer.pdf

70.83 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Temple Trouble.pdf

1.33 MB

 H. Beam Piper - Rebel Raider.pdf

179.59 KB

 H. Beam Piper - R. S. V. P..pdf

740.24 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Police Operation.pdf

524.19 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Oomphel In The Sky.pdf

72.42 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Omnilingual.pdf

70.83 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Naudsonce.pdf

73.42 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Last Enemy.pdf

287.25 KB

 H. Beam Piper - He Walked around the Horses.pdf

314.70 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Fuzzy Papers.pdf

504.16 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Four-Day Planet.pdf

338.83 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Flight from Tomorrow.pdf

111.43 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Dearest.pdf

392.14 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Day of the Moron.pdf

493.72 KB

 H. Beam Piper - Crossroads of Destiny.pdf

70.40 KB

 H. Beam Piper & J. J. McGuire - The Return.pdf

1.14 MB

 H. Beam Piper & J. J. McGuire - Null-ABC.pdf

1.84 MB

 Gwyneth Jones - The Tomb Wife.pdf

34.77 KB

 H. Beam Piper & J. J. McGuire - Hunter Patrol.pdf

995.67 KB

 Gregory Benford - We Could Do Worse.pdf

42.72 KB

 Gregory Benford - The Man Who Wasn't There.pdf

13.28 KB

 Gregory Benford - The First Commandment.pdf

32.03 KB

 Grant Naylor - Red Dwarf.pdf

333.23 KB

 Grant Callin - Analog.pdf

899.77 KB

 Grant Naylor - Better Than Life.pdf

275.64 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - Tiger Green.pdf

96.14 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - The Stranger.pdf

401.93 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - The Pritcher Mass.pdf

595.27 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - The Last Dream.pdf

331.19 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - The Dreamsman.pdf

14.43 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - The Cloak and the Staff.pdf

55.29 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - Of The People.pdf

25.15 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - MX Knows Best.pdf

34.12 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - Jean Dupres.pdf

162.78 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - Hilifter.pdf

84.41 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - Idiot Solvant.pdf

75.90 KB

 Gordon R. Dickson - Danger-Human.pdf

78.18 KB

 George O. Smith - Stop Look and Dig.pdf

190.27 KB

 Geoffrey A. Landis - Walk in the Sun.pdf

27.23 KB

 Gardner Dozois - The Year's Best Science Fiction 23rd Annual Collection.pdf

1.47 MB

 Gardner Dozois - Counterfactual.pdf

33.12 KB

 Gardner Dozois - A Special Kind of Morning.pdf

129.71 KB

 Gardner Dozois - A Cat Horror Story.pdf

14.47 KB

 G. F. Willmetts - Eat Me.pdf

13.04 KB

 G. F. Willmetts - Taming miss Oberon.pdf

127.19 KB

 G. David Nordley - Into the Miranda Rift.pdf

173.08 KB

 Friedrich Mader - Distant Worlds.pdf

447.98 KB

 Fredric Brown - Space On My Hands.pdf

406.56 KB

 Fredric Brown - Knock-Three-One-Two.pdf

228.58 KB

 Fredric Brown - Homicide Sanitarium.pdf

272.25 KB

 Fredric Brown & Carl Onspraugh - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.pdf

83.42 KB

 Frederick Pohl - Star of Stars.pdf

831.89 KB

 Frank Belknap Long - The Sky Trap.pdf

304.78 KB

 Frank Belknap Long - The Mississippi Saucer.pdf

472.63 KB

 Ernie Colon & A. J. Gamble - Chromo.pdf

21.30 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - With a Strange Device.pdf

951.98 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - The Waitabits.pdf

244.60 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - The Witness.pdf

87.92 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - The Rhythm of the Rats.pdf

62.33 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - Sole Solution.pdf

3.91 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - Mindwarpers.pdf

227.18 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - Mechanical Mice.pdf

108.62 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - Late Night Final.pdf

61.11 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - Hobbyist.pdf

150.20 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - Allamagoosa.pdf

44.68 KB

 Eric Frank Russell - A Great Deal of Power.pdf

24.44 KB

 E. Nesbit - The Railway Children.pdf

325.80 KB

 E. Nesbit - The Five Children Omnibus.pdf

771.17 KB

 E. Nesbit - The Dragon Tamers.pdf

60.29 KB

 Don Webb - Beach Scene.pdf

16.33 KB

 Donald A. Wollheim - European Science Fiction.pdf

572.64 KB

 Denton Bradley - We Love Lydia Love.pdf

43.37 KB

 Dean Wesley Smith - Men in Black 2 - The Grazer Conspiracy.pdf

228.87 KB

 David Zindell - Ea Cycle 03 - Black Jade.pdf

2.25 MB

 David Robbins - Blade 9 - LA Strike.pdf

245.91 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 8 - Devil Strike.pdf

251.99 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 7 - Terror Strike.pdf

248.08 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 13 - Vengeance Strike.pdf

332.50 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 12 - Death Master Strike.pdf

312.19 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 11 - Quest Strike.pdf

345.60 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 05 - Pirate Strike.pdf

347.24 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 04 - Pipeline Strike.pdf

347.41 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 03 - Vampire Strike.pdf

367.75 KB

 David Robbins - Blade 02 - Outlands Strike.pdf

369.35 KB

 David Marusek - Osama Phone Home.pdf

36.75 KB

 David Brin - Aficionado.pdf

63.98 KB

 David Marusek - Getting to Know You.pdf

64.22 KB

 Dave Hutchinson - Discreet Phenomena.pdf

160.75 KB

 Dave Freer - A Lineman for the Country.pdf

48.26 KB

 Daniel da Cruz - Texas Trilogy 02 - Texas on the Rocks.pdf

405.58 KB

 Daniel da Cruz - Texas Trilogy 01 - The Ayes of Texas.pdf

332.01 KB

 Alexander Jablokov - Brain Raid.pdf

58.46 KB

 Albert E. Cowdrey - The Recreation Room.pdf

44.36 KB

 Albert E. Cowdrey - Envoy Extraordinary.pdf

36.20 KB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

This torrent is update #3 to the previous 7 part (plus an extra star trek pack) torrents, containing some extra books that where missing including a bunch of Star Wars novels.

Origional Seeder comments:
"Here's some more new stuff
with a big thanks to EbilPhish
for the Star Wars addition
Anybody with other titles please contribute
Anybody who spots any mistakes,doubles etc
please post here :
and remember

Other torrents in this set:
ABC: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1120484
DEF: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1120489
GHJI: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1120495
KLM: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1120499
NOPQR: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1120509
STUV: http://h33t.com/details.php?id=2cd199b71dea7ed14e5182735ee089e808524c80 or http://www.mininova.org/tor/1156097
WXYZ: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1129133
Update 1: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1129139
Update 2: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1144996
Star Trek Update: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1133301
Possible future updates: http://www.mininova.org/search/?search=13130
Seeder List: http://www.h33t.com/userdetails.php?id=74212
Forum Post: http://h33tfr33sp33k.h33t.com/index.php/topic,4069.0.html

Additional notes:
* For some reason STUV appears to have been taken down from mininova you can find it on h33t (link above) of course its also been metaaggregated by hordes of sites that scrape from mininova directly so googling 13130 will find dozens of other locations.
* Someone (not me) reuploaded STUV to Mininova: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1156097 if it was taken down by request it might not stay up however.
* Robin Hobb - Soldier Son 3 & Harry Potter 7 are in the 13130 torrents despite my comments that they weren't in 8188.

This set of torrents is originally from Demonoid before Canada killed it (might be resurrected by PirateBay soon) and someone has been kind enough to reseed em, originally it was called 8818 which was the number of books it contained however there where subsequent addons (almost 50 of them) that added another 3000 or so books and some other source bringing it up to 13130 books in total.

They contain heaps of works of Fiction, most of them are in PDF format although they are mostly fairly basic text so converting them to other formats shouldn't be too hard (although all the tools I know about are Linux, so windows users might be stuck somewhat).

There are 1 or 2 corrupt files here and there, also the Star Trek and Babylon 5 sections are somewhat incomplete (however there are ebook torrents around for those individual series if you are after them and the included trek is enough to keep you going along time) the Dr Who seems to be fairly close to complete and I doubt theres a much better source around. Some other series are missing some books and more recent releases are absent.

Overall its a very good collection and a great way to start your own personal ebook library, has just about all the fiction most people would want, over 6GB of books. Particularly orientated to someone of the geek persuasion.

Some personal picks included in the complete set (in random order with notes, notes are from my demonoid collection that might differ from this torrent if a lot of stuff was added:
* Philip K. Dick - Famous scifi author (Blade Runner was based on Do androids dream of Electric sheep)
* K. W. Jeter - Blade runner books 2,3,4 (book4 is missing and very rare, 2 and 3 are mislabeled should be Blade Runner 2 - The Edge of Human, Blade Runner 3 - Replicant Night), BR1 is the Philip K Dick book about (although it differs from the movie somewhat)
* William Gibson - Necromancer trilogy, The Difference Engine (famous cyberpunk)
* Bruce Sterling - famous cyberpunk (coauthored the difference engine above)
* Vernor Vinge - various more modern cyberpunk and technological singularity books, not too distant future of the internet (Rainbows End was actually released online legally :), True Names is now dated but was way ahead of its time when written. Also Zones of Though good scifi.
* Greg Bear - Lots of Sci-Fi
* Charles Stross - Particularly Accelerando about a technological singularity occurring (also actually available legally under creative commons)
* Anne McCaffrey - Fantasy and Sci-Fi (sometimes both at once), Pern
* William Shatner - The dude was Kirk (Tek War series)
* J.R.R Tolkien - Lord of the Rings Trilogy of course (also Hobbit, Silmarillion and other background books)
* Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the 5 part trilogy, Starship Titanic
* Terry Pratchett - Discworld series, Good Omens (alzheimer's makes me a sad panda)
* David Brin - The Uplift series (sci-fi, space opera, talking dolphins)
* Raymond E Feist - Riftwar Series (I didn't like it but many do, similar to lord of the rings, very fast plot development)
* Cecelia Dart - Thornton - Not a well known author but I loved the Bitterbynde trilogy (Fantasy with a Irish folk touch)
* Robin Hobb - Assasin trilogy, Liveship trilogy and Tawny Man (a trilogy of trilogies). Soldier's Son (book3 is actually IN THE TORRENT despite what my earlier comments said) good fantasy
* Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game series, scifi space opera
* J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter (book 7 IS IN THE TORRENT despite what my earlier comments said)
* Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash, Diamond Age (cyberpunk), also Cyptonomicon and the Baroque Cycle (somewhat historical cypher punk, not my thing but popular on the tubes)
* Author C. Clarke - A Space Odyssey (2001, 2010, 2061, 3001), Ranma
* Stephen Hawking - Not fiction but in here anyway, physics of blackholes, timetravel and such (A briefer history of time is absent although a brief history is in)
* Carl Sagan - Also nonfiction about space
* Isaac Asimov - Foundation series
* Hugh Dafydd - Doom, probably not the greatest work of fiction, but its fucking DOOM
* David Wingrove - Myst, haven't read it yet but the game was awesome (only seems to be the first book)
* L. E. Modesitt - Recluse series, good fantasy, Spellsong apparently good too
* Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons stories from various authors do a search), also some Greyhawk by Gary Gigax Gord the Rouge which is not listed as greyhawk)
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer (dunno how complete or good the series is but there quite a bit in there)
* David Eddings - Belgariad, Malloreon etc... good fantasy
* Frank Herbert - Dune (Also a good continuation by Brian Herbert)
* George R.R. Martin - Ice and Fire (good fantasy)
* Glen Cook - Black Company (havn't read it but recommended on the tubes, fantasy about a band of mercenaries)
* H. P. Lovecraft - Books from the Cthulhu mythos (cool oldstyle horror)
And many more great authors that I cannot remember off the top of my head.
* Jack McDevitt - scifi Space archaeology, dark clouds go around the galaxy attacking civilizations every 3000 years
* Larry Niven - Ring world series (Where the Halo video game got its idea from)
* L Ron Hubbard - Yes that religion about the souls of evil space aliens called theatans inhabiting our body was founded by a scifi writer. Battlefield Earth (the books about dianetics and such are missing, this is probably for the best)
* Patricia C. Wrede - Magician (fantasy), Enchanted Forest (comedy fantasy, books numbers mislabeled)
* Philip Pullman - Dark Material (The golden compass movie)
* Robert Anton Wilson - Illuminatis Trilogy (A awesome mindfuck, detective novel, conspirisy theories, scifi everything)
* Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time (awesome fantasy, although very drawn out 10 large books so far, RIP)
* S. M. Stirling - Terminator2
* Sean McMullen - A strange call causes people to blank out and head in one direction and specific times, electronics get destroyed by satellites, human powered computers. (fantasy with scifi elements)
* Stephen King - Ive never read a Stephen King novel but there in there...
* Steven Brust - Vlad Taltos, recommended by the internet hive mind, the first 9 books are there (10th missing, 11th not yet released), fantasy
* Tomora Pierce - Immortals, The Song Of The Lioness good fantasy.
* Terry Goodkind - Sword of truth (first 10 books, 11th missing)
* Ursula K. LeGuin - Earthsea (fantasy, tvseries based on it sucked, but books where good)
* Tom Clancy - Net Force 01-07, no other series included
* Lemony Snicket - Lemony Snicket
* Karl Schroeder - Missing is Ventus, but its online under a creative commons, http://www.kschroeder.com/Ventus/
* Michael Crichton - Prey (nanotechnology grey goo), Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain
* Missing from torrent is Matthew Reilly a writer of good action novels, Temple, Area 7

As always please seed :)

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