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Name:(digimob) Companions of the Stone Archive (course in Hermeticism)

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 Scanned Archives

  guide key.pdf

289.06 KB

  What is the CotS.pdf

83.41 KB

  Warden Key.pdf

1.66 MB

  The Light at Carbonek - One-off ritual.pdf

668.68 KB

  Ritual of the Equinox - Inner Order Ceremony.pdf

258.46 KB

  Ritual of the Equinox - Draft Inner Work.pdf

102.04 KB

  Ritual of the Day C.pdf

402.89 KB

  Protection of the Order.pdf

175.89 KB

  Original Emerald Lodge By-Laws 1994.pdf

49.74 KB

  Notes on the Hermetic Art of Alchemy.pdf

2.02 MB

  Lodge Ritual Booklet - Initiate Text.pdf

6.92 MB

  Lodge Ritual Booklet - All Text.pdf

4.87 MB

  Lodge Ritual Booklet - Adept Text.pdf

6.13 MB


   The Structure and Work of the COTS.pdf

50.58 KB

   The Middle Pillar and the First Degree.pdf

40.80 KB

   The Middle Pillar Exercise.pdf

312.97 KB

   The Magical Formula of the Equinox.pdf

31.02 KB

   The Hieroglyphic Monad.pdf

45.04 KB

   The Equinox Ritual - Practical Applications.pdf

334.98 KB

   Polarity and Sexuality a la Dion Fortune.pdf

32.90 KB


22.79 KB

   On the Structure of Consciousness Lecture.pdf

68.74 KB

   On the Sphere of Sensation.pdf

183.85 KB

   On the Elements in the Micocosm.pdf

166.95 KB

   On the Elements and the Equinox Ritual.pdf

238.95 KB

   On Wine and Strange Drugs.pdf

203.05 KB

   On Light - Darkness - and Lodge Work.pdf

116.70 KB

   On Asceticism.pdf

67.60 KB

   Odd Fellows Lecture.pdf

161.40 KB

   Notes on the Middle Pillar Healing Formula.pdf

165.39 KB

   Mysteries of the Seven Rays Revealed.pdf

120.97 KB

   Lycanthropy in the Golden Dawn Tradition.pdf

392.25 KB

   Lucid Dreaming for the Practicing Magician.pdf

48.13 KB

   Group Middle Pillar Exercise.pdf

86.02 KB

   First Degree Lecture on the Pillars in the Lodge.pdf

74.46 KB

   First Degree Lecture on Trance - Initiation - Magical Training.pdf

159.94 KB

   First Degree Lecture on Practices with the Pillars.pdf

124.98 KB

   Divination and Time Prediction.pdf

140.13 KB

   Divination Omens and Pilgramage Lecture.pdf

48.07 KB

   Diagram of the Art of Fence Handout.pdf

288.29 KB

   Cross - Hexagram - Pentagram.pdf

14.40 KB

   Chinook Jargon.pdf

315.09 KB

   Attention - Inattention - and Magical Will.pdf

109.39 KB

   Affirmation, Negation, and the Way Up.pdf

301.81 KB

   A Note on the Symbolism of Knighthood.pdf

174.00 KB

  General Letters

   General Letter 3 - On the Protection of the Order.pdf

173.99 KB

   General Letter 2 - On Lodge Procedure.pdf

286.01 KB

   General Letter 1 - On Lodge Names.pdf

141.97 KB

  First Degree Material

   Plotinus On Beauty.pdf

688.60 KB

   On the Work of Light - Early First Degree Lecture.pdf

243.26 KB

   Instructional Letter 6 - First Degree.pdf

268.70 KB

   Instructional Letter 5 - First Degree.pdf

178.25 KB

   Instructional Letter 4 - First Degree.pdf

224.49 KB

   Instructional Letter 3 - First Degree.pdf

59.44 KB

   Instructional Letter 2 - First Degree.pdf

129.63 KB

   Instructional Letter 1 - Fist Degree.pdf

104.78 KB

   Instruction Letter 7 - First Degree.pdf

195.94 KB

   First Degree Curriculum.pdf

138.55 KB

   Draft Instructional Letter 3 - First Degree.pdf

107.40 KB

   Draft First Degree Curriculum and Letters.pdf

2.36 MB

   CotS Staff Making Instructions.pdf

74.64 KB

  Emerald Lodge Meeting Schedule 1998.pdf

4.96 MB

  Emerald Lodge Meeting Schedule 1994 - 1997.pdf

4.24 MB

  Draft Overall Curriculum of the Companions of the Stone.pdf

606.30 KB

  CotS Emerald Lodge Closing Letter.pdf

1.31 MB

  CotS Day C Minutes - 1997.pdf

70.61 KB

  CotS Day C Minutes - 1995 - 1996.pdf

136.05 KB

  CotS By-laws Amendments 1995.pdf

170.74 KB

  CotS Application for Associate Membership.pdf

24.64 KB

  CotS Application for Advancement.pdf

32.97 KB

  Companions of the Stone By-Laws - 1994.pdf

2.05 MB

  A Note on Floor Work.pdf

104.48 KB

  1998 Proposals from Ethan.pdf

151.39 KB

  1998 Material

   First Degree Inner Work - 1998.pdf

159.27 KB

  1997 Retreat

   Rising on the Planes.pdf

224.71 KB

   CotS 1997 Fall Retreat Handout.pdf

730.39 KB

   CotS 1997 Fall Retreat Ceremony.pdf

1.52 MB

  1997 Material

   The Grade of Water - 1997 Draft.pdf

775.04 KB

   The Grade of Fire - 1997 Draft.pdf

805.11 KB

   The Grade of Earth - 1997 Draft.pdf

728.40 KB

   The Grade of Air - 1997 Draft.pdf

699.77 KB

   Instructional Letter 1 - Grade of Earth.pdf

350.95 KB

   Instructional Letter 1 - Grade of Earth - later version.pdf

546.47 KB

   Grade of Earth Draft Curriculum.pdf

118.17 KB

   Grade of Air Draft Curriculum.pdf

119.81 KB

   First Degree - March 1997.pdf

776.19 KB

   1997 Second Degree Draft Ritual.pdf

868.84 KB

  1996 Material

   Odd Fellows Working Group Proposal - 1996.pdf

103.70 KB

   1996 Ritual of the Day C.pdf

400.65 KB

   1996 Protection of the Order Draft.pdf

162.33 KB

   1996 Grade of Earth Draft.pdf

692.05 KB

   1996 First Degree Ritual.pdf

670.32 KB

   1996 First Degree Inner Work.pdf

145.85 KB

   1996 Equinox Inner Order Ceremony.pdf

265.08 KB

  1995 Material

   First Degree Inner Work including Chief - 1995.pdf

161.27 KB

   1995 Spring Equinox Announcement.pdf

25.05 KB

   1995 General Letter 3 - On the Protection of the Order.pdf

145.95 KB

   1995 Draft First Degree.pdf

513.28 KB

   1995 Draft First Degree Inner Work.pdf

197.35 KB

   1995 Draft First Degree Initiation.pdf

825.01 KB

  1994-1995 Lesson Course

   Mid Lessons 8-9.pdf

947.75 KB

   Mid Lessons 5-8.pdf

1.39 MB

   Mid Lessons 16-18.pdf

1.11 MB

   Mid Lessons 14-15.pdf

966.46 KB

   Mid Lessons 12-13.pdf

830.29 KB

   Mid Lessons 1-4.pdf

2.10 MB

   Alternative Lessons 1-2.pdf

1.15 MB

   Alternative Lesson 6.pdf

418.14 KB

  1994 Material

   The Fellowship of the Carbonek.pdf

396.85 KB

   Emerald 1994 Minutes.pdf

760.79 KB

   Early 1994 Equinox Ritual with Inner Work.pdf

844.44 KB

   Draft Opening of the First Degree.pdf

229.67 KB

   Another1994 Opening of the First Degree.pdf

193.92 KB

   Another Early 1994 Ritual of the Equinox with Inner Work.pdf

791.66 KB

   1994 Ritual Handbook for Subordinate Lodges.pdf

917.75 KB

   1994 Opening of the Lodge for Business (Outer).pdf

136.64 KB

   1994 Opening of the First Degree.pdf

264.90 KB

   1994 General Letter 2 - On Lodge Procedure.pdf

247.33 KB

   1994 Fall Equinox Ritual.pdf

510.96 KB

   1994 Draft Opening in the Outer.pdf

70.17 KB

   1994 Draft First Degree.pdf

754.80 KB

   1994 Closing of the First Degree.pdf

102.47 KB

   1994 Ceremony of the Equinox.pdf

247.01 KB

   1994 Admission by Imputation.pdf

211.85 KB

  1993 Material

   Original CotS Pamphlet and Draft Lessons.pdf

667.68 KB

   Early Draft Welcome Letter and Lessons.pdf

1.03 MB

   1993 Ritual of the Spring Equinox.pdf

1.17 MB



471.47 KB


473.54 KB


475.21 KB


467.98 KB


460.15 KB


465.91 KB


476.43 KB


489.00 KB


471.22 KB


461.29 KB


470.96 KB


476.71 KB


472.23 KB


481.24 KB


468.67 KB


467.93 KB


471.58 KB


479.79 KB


100.55 KB


98.23 KB


8.68 KB


445.01 KB


547.96 KB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

This torrent represents a work of LOVE. All texts so far gathered,
as well as all future gatherings aim at exposing interested students to occult information.

Future releases will include submissions from users like YOU.

For some of us, the time has come to mobilize. If you have an interest in
assisting in this process - we all have strengths to bring to the table - please email occult.digital.mobilization AT gmail DOT com

Complacency serves the old gods.

Torrent contains: bylaws, lessons and scanned archives.

This is an archive of the materials of the Companions of the Stone from 1993 through early 1998.

The Companions of the Stone (CotS) was a Hermetic magical fraternity deriving its magical system from that of England’s Golden Dawn. It was incorporated as a non-profit fraternal corporation in the state of Washington in the United States.

Initially, the order offered potential members access to a correspondence course. This was to be completed in a solitary manner. When completed, some individuals would be invited to join the order. After a short while, this system was changed to one where members applied to receive the first degree of the order, corresponding to the 0=0 Neophyte degree within the Golden Dawn.

The order recognized a three degree system with the first degree being Neophyte status and the third degree being that of an adept. Between the first and second degrees, a series of four elemental grades were to be passed through as initiations. Each degree or grade had a curriculum of materials to be mastered, books to be studied, and actions to be completed. Only the first degree and the Grade of Earth were in final form when the order dissolved Emerald Lodge. The additional grades and the second degree, along with their curriculums, existed in draft form, which are included here.

As the material progresses through the years, a gradual evolution can be seen in it as the organization began to find its own identity separate from that of the Golden Dawn. This process was cut short in 1998.

At that time, their was a political disagreement between the three chief officers of the lodge and the rest of the membership of the order’s single lodge, Emerald Lodge. The chief officers were frustrated that members were not proceeding through the degrees very quickly and were engaging in social activity at lodge at the perceived expense of proceeding through the material. (The members, of course, thought that the lodge could be social and that they were proceeding just fine…) When the issues were raised in lodge, where decisions were required to be made by a democratic vote, it became clear that the membership as a whole was at odds with the three chief officers. Because of this, the votes they needed within the lodge to pass any resolutions changing things to address their issues would not be forthcoming. At that point, all discussion and talk of voting was dropped and it was assumed, by the membership, that the issue had gone away, at least for a while.

These chief officers also happened to be the board of directors for the corporation of the order as a whole, which gave the lodge it’s charter. This gave them the means to take their actions to another level, one not intended by the by-laws of the order. Normally, board seats would not be completely filled by the chief officers of one lodge, to avoid potential abuses, but the order only had a single lodge, so this had not become a reality yet. It was intended that checks and balances in the system would keep power from being abused but the system was designed for a much larger group of people in multiple lodges.

The final resolution of the disagreement was that as the board, the lodge officers sent an identical form letter to the members of Emerald Lodge, dissolving the lodge with no advance notice or discussion. Doing this allowed the board to exploit a loophole in the order bylaws concerning membership in the order. Once a lodge was closed, members had to affiliate with another lodge or, after a set period, be removed from the order. All of the members of Emerald Lodge except for the board members fell into this category of people. The board members immediately chartered a new lodge for themselves, acting as the board, with themselves as the officers and members. This allowed them to stay within the CotS while removed all other parties. This allowed the board members/lodge officers to restructure the order and remove dissent without the messy matter of having to charge the members with any wrongdoing (which was necessary to remove people from the order normally).

At that point, this archive ends because it comes from the period of Emerald Lodge’s existence. The members of Emerald Lodge continued to meet on their own for a few months but, given the troubling nature and smell of this business, eventually moved on to other groups or activities. There was no strong desire to be associated with the Companions of the Stone anymore. The Companions of the Stone may continue to this day under another name though one can guess that the same games are played by its leaders.

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