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Deadpool Collection v3 1

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Name:Deadpool Collection v3 1

Total Size: 2.22 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 16

Leechers: 3

Stream: Watch Online @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 0000-00-00 00:00:00 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-19 19:18:33

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Torrent Files List

4. Deadpool (Size: 2.22 GB) (Files: 241)

 4. Deadpool

  Deadpool #067.cbr

5.95 MB

  Deadpool #066.cbr

3.96 MB

  Deadpool #064.cbr

5.22 MB

  Deadpool #065.cbr

4.18 MB

  Deadpool #063.cbr

4.65 MB

  Deadpool #061.cbr

5.66 MB

  Deadpool #062.cbr

4.97 MB

  Deadpool #060.cbz

2.91 MB

  Deadpool #058.cbz

3.17 MB

  Deadpool #059.cbz

3.11 MB

  Deadpool #056.cbz

9.19 MB

  Deadpool #057.cbz

3.97 MB

  Deadpool #054.cbz

5.22 MB

  Deadpool #055.cbz

9.01 MB

  Deadpool #052.cbz

9.15 MB

  Deadpool #053.cbz

10.64 MB

  Deadpool #050.cbr

6.29 MB

  Deadpool #051.cbz

5.60 MB

  Deadpool #048.cbr

4.54 MB

  Deadpool #049.cbr

6.10 MB

  Deadpool #046.cbr

4.48 MB

  Deadpool #047.cbr

4.76 MB

  Deadpool #045.cbz

7.98 MB

  Deadpool #044.cbz

9.38 MB

  Deadpool #044b - Black Panther v3 #023.cbr

7.08 MB

  Deadpool #042.cbz

8.74 MB

  Deadpool #043.cbr

5.75 MB

  Deadpool #040.cbz

4.52 MB

  Deadpool #041.cbz

4.49 MB

  Deadpool #038.cbr

7.03 MB

  Deadpool #039.cbz

6.60 MB

  Deadpool #036.cbr

6.04 MB

  Deadpool #037.cbr

6.68 MB

  Deadpool #034.cbr

6.42 MB

  Deadpool #035.cbr

6.38 MB

  Deadpool #032.cbz

5.72 MB

  Deadpool #033.cbz

5.81 MB

  Deadpool #030.cbz

5.96 MB

  Deadpool #031.cbz

6.05 MB

  Deadpool #028.cbz

5.53 MB

  Deadpool #029.cbz

6.22 MB

  Deadpool #026.cbz

16.05 MB

  Deadpool #027.cbz

16.77 MB

  Deadpool #025.cbz

27.51 MB

  Deadpool #023.cbz

9.92 MB

  Deadpool #024.cbr

5.73 MB

  Deadpool #022b - Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica.cbz

13.87 MB

  Deadpool #021.cbr

5.93 MB

  Deadpool #022.cbz

6.68 MB

  Deadpool #019.cbr

15.22 MB

  Deadpool #020.cbr

5.98 MB

  Deadpool #018.cbr

16.39 MB

  Deadpool #017.cbz

17.99 MB

  Deadpool #017b - Deadpool & Death Annual 1998.cbz

23.49 MB

  Deadpool #015.cbz

5.63 MB

  Deadpool #016.cbz

17.50 MB

  Deadpool #013.cbr

6.38 MB

  Deadpool #014.cbz

13.10 MB

  Deadpool #011.cbr

12.16 MB

  Deadpool #012.cbr

6.11 MB

  Deadpool #009.cbr

5.98 MB

  Deadpool #010.cbr

6.29 MB

  Deadpool #008.cbr

4.56 MB

  Deadpool #007.cbr

5.37 MB

  Deadpool #007b - Deadpool & Daredevil Annual 1997.cbr

12.02 MB

  Deadpool #005.cbr

6.18 MB

  Deadpool #006.cbr

6.08 MB

  Deadpool #003.cbr

4.63 MB

  Deadpool #004.cbr

4.81 MB

  Deadpool #001.cbz

17.21 MB

  Deadpool #002.cbr

4.34 MB

  Deadpool #000-1.cbr

17.54 MB

  Deadpool #000.cbz

12.20 MB

  Deadpool #068.cbr

4.85 MB

  Deadpool #069.cbr

8.23 MB

 3. Limited Series #2 - Sins Of The Past

  Deadpool - Sins Of The Past #004.cbr

7.42 MB

  Deadpool - Sins Of The Past #003.cbr

6.80 MB

  Deadpool - Sins Of The Past #002.cbr

6.83 MB

  Deadpool - Sins Of The Past #001.cbr

6.99 MB

 2. Limited Series #1 - The Circle Chase

  Deadpool - The Circle Chase #004.cbz

10.40 MB

  Deadpool - The Circle Chase #003.cbz

9.77 MB

  Deadpool - The Circle Chase #002.cbz

8.52 MB

  Deadpool - The Circle Chase #001.cbr

9.70 MB

 1. New Mutants

  New Mutants #098 - Introducing The Lethal Deadpool.cbr

13.60 MB

 0. No Order

  X-Calibre - Age Of Apocalypse

   X-Calibre - Age Of Apocalypse #004.cbr

4.03 MB

   X-Calibre - Age Of Apocalypse #003.cbr

4.08 MB

   X-Calibre - Age Of Apocalypse #002.cbr

3.71 MB

   X-Calibre - Age Of Apocalypse #001.cbr

4.02 MB

  What If

   What If v2 #104 - The Impossible Man Obtained The Infinity Gauntlet.cbz

7.96 MB

   What If v2 #079 - Storm Had The Power Of Phoenix.cbz

5.54 MB

  Identity Disc

   Identity Disc #005.cbr

8.32 MB

   Identity Disc #004.cbr

9.67 MB

   Identity Disc #003.cbr

6.96 MB

   Identity Disc #002.cbr

12.27 MB

   Identity Disc #001.cbr

10.97 MB

  Contest of Champions II

   Contest of Champions II #005.cbr

13.62 MB

   Contest of Champions II #004.cbr

10.81 MB

   Contest of Champions II #003.cbr

6.73 MB

   Contest of Champions II #002.cbr

10.06 MB

   Contest of Champions II #001.cbr

6.14 MB

  Baby's First Deadpool Book.cbr

8.80 MB

 5. Taskmaster

  Taskmaster #001 - The Right Price.cbr

8.71 MB

  Taskmaster #002 - Patched Wounds.cbr

7.77 MB

  Taskmaster #003 - A Watery Grave.cbr

6.50 MB

  Taskmaster #004 - One Eye Open.cbr

8.50 MB

 6. Agent-X

  Agent X #001 - Dead Man's Switch Pt.1.cbr

8.22 MB

  Agent X #002 - Dead Man's Switch Pt.2.cbr

9.83 MB

  Agent X #003 - Dead Man's Switch Pt.3.cbr

5.38 MB

  Agent X #004 - Dead Man's Switch Pt.4.cbr

9.88 MB

  Agent X #005 - Dead Man's Switch Pt.5.cbr

9.53 MB

  Agent X #006 - Dead Man's Switch Pt.6.cbr

11.65 MB

  Agent X #007 - Shameful William.cbr

6.72 MB

  Agent X #008 - Hold That Ghost Pt.1.cbr

9.05 MB

  Agent X #009 - Hold That Ghost Pt.2.cbr

8.02 MB

  Agent X #010 - If You First Don't Succeed... Pt.1.cbr

5.01 MB

  Agent X #011 - If You First Don't Succeed... Pt.2.cbr

7.36 MB

  Agent X #012 - Out With a Bang.cbr

6.27 MB

  Agent X #013 - Deadpool Walking Pt.1.cbr

8.40 MB

  Agent X #014 - Deadpool Walking Pt.2.cbr

5.65 MB

  Agent X #015 - Deadpool Walking Pt.3.cbr

5.99 MB

 7. Cable & Deadpool

  Cable & Deadpool #001.cbr

8.05 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #002.cbr

12.14 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #003.cbr

10.63 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #004.cbr

10.34 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #005.cbr

6.77 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #006.cbr

10.30 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #007.cbr

9.90 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #008.cbr

8.32 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #009.cbr

9.20 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #010.cbr

9.54 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #011.cbr

10.79 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #012.cbr

10.95 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #013.cbr

9.01 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #014.cbr

9.00 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #015.cbr

10.24 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #016.cbr

11.92 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #017.cbr

9.23 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #018.cbr

11.41 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #019.cbr

11.70 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #020.cbr

11.80 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #021.cbr

11.55 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #022.cbr

13.08 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #023.cbr

11.31 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #024.cbr

10.57 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #025.cbr

12.49 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #026.cbr

13.17 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #027.cbr

10.85 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #028.cbr

10.27 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #029.cbr

10.31 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #030.cbr

16.85 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #031.cbr

16.51 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #032.cbr

9.46 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #033.cbr

11.44 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #034.cbr

11.51 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #035.cbr

12.74 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #036.cbr

12.04 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #037.cbr

11.73 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #038.cbr

11.52 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #039.cbr

12.06 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #040.cbr

18.16 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #041.cbr

14.28 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #042.cbr

15.43 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #043.cbz

13.81 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #044.cbr

15.06 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #045.cbr

12.85 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #046.cbr

13.40 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #047.cbz

17.18 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #048.cbr

15.00 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #049.cbr

15.02 MB

  Cable & Deadpool #050.cbr

22.34 MB



   Avengers v1 #366.cbr

13.87 MB

  Black Panther

   Black Panther v3 #022.cbz

6.29 MB

   Black Panther v3 #023.cbr

7.08 MB

  Bullpen Bits

   Bullpen Bits #055.jpg

83.11 KB

  Eearth X

   Earth X #000.cbr

18.13 MB


   Exiles #005 - Up North And In The Green Part 1.cbr

3.46 MB

   Exiles #006 - Up North And In The Green Part 2.cbr

3.36 MB

   Exiles #012 - Another Rooster In The Henhouse Part 1.cbr

4.84 MB

   Exiles #013 - Another Rooster In The Henhouse Part 2.cbr

5.67 MB

   Exiles #066 - Destroy All Monsters Part 1.cbr

9.26 MB

   Exiles #067 - Destroy All Monsters Part 2.cbr

8.69 MB

   Exiles #068 - Destroy All Monsters Part 3.cbr

9.49 MB


   Gambit v3 #017.cbr

3.23 MB

   Gambit v3 #018.cbr

3.27 MB

  Heroes For Hire

   Heroes For Hire #010.cbr

5.96 MB

   Heroes For Hire #011.cbr

6.18 MB

  Heroes Reborn

   Heroes Reborn - Part 05 - Remnants.cbz

5.25 MB


   J2 #011.cbz

9.09 MB

  New Warriors

   New Warriors #053.cbz

7.89 MB


   Nomad v2 #004.cbr

9.48 MB

  Secret Defenders

   Secret Defenders #015.cbr

8.56 MB

   Secret Defenders #016.cbr

10.03 MB

   Secret Defenders #017.cbr

10.77 MB

  Silver Sable & The Wild Pack

   Silver Sable & The Wild Pack #023.cbr

8.76 MB

   Silver Sable & The Wild Pack #030.cbz

10.65 MB


   Ultimate Spider-Man #091 - Deadpool Part 1.cbr

10.52 MB

   Ultimate Spider-Man #092 - Deadpool Part 2.cbr

11.28 MB

   Ultimate Spider-Man #093 - Deadpool Part 3.cbr

11.79 MB

   Ultimate Spider-Man #094 - Deadpool Part 4.cbr

11.58 MB

   Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man #007.cbz

7.51 MB

  Weapon X

   Weapon X #000.5.cbz

5.09 MB

  White Tiger

   White Tiger #005.cbr

14.32 MB


   Wolverine Origins #020.cbr

12.88 MB

   Wolverine Origins #021.cbr

13.81 MB

   Wolverine Origins #022.cbz

8.70 MB

   Wolverine Origins #023.cbr

12.03 MB

   Wolverine Origins #024.cbr

12.41 MB

   Wolverine Origins #025.cbr

20.83 MB

   Wolverine v2 #088.cbz

12.71 MB

   Wolverine v2 #154.cbz

9.59 MB

   Wolverine v2 #155.cbr

4.76 MB

   Wolverine v2 Annual 1995.cbr

28.38 MB

   Wolverine v2 Annual 1999.cbr

19.99 MB


   X-Force #002.cbr

10.20 MB

   X-Force #004.cbr

8.63 MB

   X-Force #005.cbr

8.59 MB

   X-Force #010.cbr

9.73 MB

   X-Force #011.cbr

9.58 MB

   X-Force #014.cbr

9.42 MB

   X-Force #015.cbr

9.60 MB

   X-Force #021.cbr

5.55 MB

   X-Force #022.cbr

5.96 MB

   X-Force #023.cbr

5.46 MB

   X-Force #024.cbr

5.11 MB

   X-Force #046.cbr

6.60 MB

   X-Force #047.cbr

5.91 MB

   X-Force #056.cbr

5.15 MB

   X-Force #071.cbr

13.22 MB

   X-Force #073.cbr

13.84 MB

   X-Force #076.cbr

13.24 MB

   X-Force #100.cbr

22.39 MB

   X-Force Annual 1992.cbr

16.44 MB

   X-Force Annual 1994.cbr

12.34 MB

   X-Force v2 #004.cbr

10.84 MB

   X-Force v2 #005.cbr

8.44 MB


   X-Men Unlimited #028.cbr

13.78 MB

 Deadpool & Widdle Wade.cbr

7.31 MB

 Deadpool Collection v3.1.txt

8.01 KB

 Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular.cbr

28.48 MB

 Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica.cbz

13.87 MB

 Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

---> by actionjacob

Why 3.1
Aside from correcting a few spelling mistakes in this file, the real reason for this update is because some of the files in v3.0 have been altered on my computer before I was able to completely seed the torrent, thus making it impossible for anyone to get 100% of the torrent. Why it happened? To be honest, I have no idea. I don\\\'t recall modifying any file after releasing v3.0 and my computer did not behave in any suspicious way, perhaps it is simply a problem with the hash when the torrent was created, but one sure thing is that a few files such as this file, Wolverine #088 and Deadpool & Widdle Wade were impossible to download and a whole bunch of people were stuck at 99.99%.

If you are one of those person unable to complete Deadpool Collection v3.0, here is what to do:
1. Make sure you keep all the files you downloaded from Deadpool Collection v3.0.
2. Remove the Deadpool Collection v3.0 torrent from your active torrents in your torrent client.
3. Rename the folder \\\"Deadpool Collection v3.0\\\" to \\\"Deadpool Collection\\\" with no version number.
4. Download the Deadpool Collection v3.1 torrent from Demonoid.
5. Open the Deadpool Collection v3.1 torrent with your torrent client and save it where your Deadpool Collection folder is located.

The torrent should automatically check for completed files, skipping the files you already have and only downloading the few missing files.

What\\\'s new in v3.0
-Complete Cable & Deadpool series from issue #001 to #050
-Added Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular
-Added 17 new and old appearances
-Fixed two reading order mistakes in the 4. Deadpool folder
-Fixed a few title errors
-Re-arranged a little bit the folder structure
---> See Folder Structure and Download Instructions section for more information
-Corrected a bunch of spelling mistakes in this file (looks like my English has improved)
-Torrent created with Transmission on Mac OS X Leopard

Appearances added in v3.0
Black Panther v3 #022
Nomad v2 #004
White Tiger #005
Wolverine Annual \\\'95
Wolverine Annual \\\'99
Wolverine #088
Wolverine #154 and #155
Wolverine Origins #020 to #025
X-Force v2 #004 and #005
X-Men Unlimited #028

I went through every single file, one by one, to make sure that
-Every scan is complete
-There is no corrupted image/file (I either fixed the error or re-downloaded another scan)
-Deadpool did appear in the issue

I also took the liberty to
-Removed the nfo/txt file present in some scans as they are now outdated anyway
-Removed most adds from the scans
---> Why? This collection will get bigger over time and size is a matter for some people. The size of this current release is already 2.2 GB and if removing of couple of adds, that are anyway irrelevant to the story, can help reducing the size of this and the next release, then I say CHIMICHANGA!

Deadpool Collection v3.1 description
0. No Order:
Issues and series featuring Deadpool as one of the main character that either happen in an alternate Marvel universe or do not affect the main story line. Hence, they are safe to read at anytime in no particular order.

1. New Mutants:
Deadpool\\\'s first appearance. Not really story relevant, but it is always good to read it first.

2. Limited Series #1 - The Circle Chase:
Deadpool\\\'s first own series, introducing Weasel and Copy Cat to the main story line.

3. Limited Series #2 - Sins Of The Past:
Deadpool\\\'s second own series, introducing Siryn to the main story line.

4. Deadpool:
Deadpool\\\'s first title including all the annuals and extras.

5. Taskmaster:
Not featuring Deadpool, but follow up of the story left by Deadpool.

6. Agent-X:
Explains what happened to Deadpool after Deadpool #69.

7. Cable & Deadpool:
Deadpool\\\'s second title co-featuring Cable.

One Shots:
-Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica
-Deadpool & Widdle Wade
-Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular

Complete list of appearances present in this version:
-Black Panther
-Contest of Champions II
-Earth X
-Heroes for Hire
-Heroes Reborn
-Identity Disc
-New Warriors
-Secret Defenders
-Silver Sable & The Wild Pack
-Ultimate Spider-Man
-Weapon X
-Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man
-What If\\\'s
-White Tiger
-Wolverine Origins
-X-Calibre Age of Apocalypse
-X-Men Unlimited

Folder Structure and Download Instructions
The folder structure for version 3.1 is the same as version 3.0 and really similar to version 2.0. The only folder that was changed is the Appearances folder, which will be now keep that way for future releases. From now on, every appearance will be put in a title folder named according to the generic title of the issue. For example, both Wolverine Origins and Wolverine v2 will be found in the Wolverine folder located in the Appearances folder. This will avoid cluttering the Appearances folder and giving easy and simple reference points for all appearances. Moreover, the Deadpool Collection folder will no longer have the version number in its name, thus making it even easier for you to download future versions.

If you already have any version of Deadpool Collection, what I recommend doing for downloading this version is to first remove the Appearances folder, then rename the main folder to \\\"Deadpool Collection\\\" and then save this torrent where your former folder is located. Why? Aside from the Appearances folder and a few fixed files, most of the files in this version are either new files or the same old files present in the last version. Thus, if you simply save this version over the last one and you did not change the name of the files/folders inside the main folder, your torrent client should inspect the files you already have and skip them in order to only download the new files added. This operation will be much faster than downloading the whole torrent and it will be made even more user friendly for future releases. You will also save on bandwidth.

Thanks to
---> Thank you my fellow Canadian Demonoid user for helping me finding the last few appearances I was looking for. Without you this release wouldn\\\'t be complete.
-All the scanners
---> You are the real people we should thanks for investing time and efforts into scanning all these comics for free and rendering them available for everyone.

I might have forgotten some appearances or did not see a few glitches/errors, so please let me know. You are also welcome to leave me comments, reviews, critics or whatever you feel like at [email protected]


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