Complete Marvel Chronology 1968 09 12

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Complete Marvel Chronology 1968 09 12

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Name:Complete Marvel Chronology 1968 09 12

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 196812 X-Men v1 051.cbz

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 196812 Sub-Mariner v1 008.cbz

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 196812 Thor v1 159.cbz

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 196812 Silver Surfer v1 003.cbz

20.68 MB

 196812 Rawhide Kid v1 067.cbr

20.43 MB

 196812 Sgt Fury v1 061.cbz

28.73 MB

 196812 Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 007.cbr

20.74 MB

 196812 Not Brand Echh v1 011.cbr

33.51 MB

 196812 Millie the Model v1 165.cbz

35.26 MB

 196812 Marvel Collector's Item Classics v1 018.cbr

33.46 MB

 196812 Mighty Marvel Western v1 002.cbr

25.88 MB

 196812 Incredible Hulk v1 110.cbz

11.28 MB

 196812 Iron Man v1 008.cbz

11.28 MB

 196812 Dr Strange v1 175.cbr

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 196812 Fantastic Four v1 081.cbz

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 196812 Captain Marvel v1 008.cbr

20.73 MB

 196812 Daredevil v1 047.cbr

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 196812 Capt Savage v1 009.cbr

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 196812 Captain America v1 108.cbz

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 196812 Amazing Spider-Man v1 067.cbz

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 196812 Avengers v1 059.cbz

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 196811 Thor v1 158.cbz

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 196811 X-Men v1 050.cbz

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 196811 Spectacular Spider-Man v1 002.cbz

36.28 MB

 196811 Sub-Mariner v1 007.cbz

20.79 MB

 196811 Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 006.cbr

20.72 MB

 196811 Sgt Fury v1 060.cbr

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 196811 Marvel Tales v1 017.cbr

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 196811 Millie the Model v1 164.cbz

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 196811 Iron Man v1 007.cbz

10.94 MB

 196811 Marvel Super-Heroes v2 017.cbr

24.99 MB

 196811 Fantastic Four v1 080.cbz

10.73 MB

 196811 Incredible Hulk v1 109.cbz

10.78 MB

 196811 Dr Strange v1 174.cbr

19.28 MB

 196811 Fantastic Four Annual v1 006.cbz

20.17 MB

 196811 Captain Marvel v1 007.cbr

25.49 MB

 196811 Daredevil v1 046.cbr

28.11 MB

 196811 Captain America v1 107.cbz

9.50 MB

 196811 Avengers v1 058.cbz

10.23 MB

 196811 Capt Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders v1 008.cbr

26.20 MB

 196811 Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 005.cbz

21.71 MB

 196811 Amazing Spider-Man v1 066.cbz

11.85 MB

 196810 Thor v1 157.cbz

18.79 MB

 196810 X-Men v1 049.cbz

11.10 MB

 196810 Sub-Mariner v1 006.cbz

19.22 MB

 196810 Tales of Asgard v1 001.cbz

40.76 MB

 196810 Sgt Fury v1 059.cbr

20.29 MB

 196810 Silver Surfer v1 002.cbz

21.69 MB

 196810 Pussycat v1 001.cbr

30.26 MB

 196810 Rawhide Kid v1 066.cbr

24.57 MB

 196810 Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 005.cbr

20.84 MB

 196810 Not Brand Echh v1 010.cbz

29.51 MB

 196810 Millie the Model v1 163.cbz

35.21 MB

 196810 Marvel Collector's Item Classics v1 017.cbr

33.42 MB

 196810 Mighty Marvel Western v1 001.cbr

25.52 MB

 196810 Incredible Hulk v1 108.cbz

10.74 MB

 196810 Iron Man v1 006.cbz

11.35 MB

 196810 Fantastic Four v1 079.cbz

10.43 MB

 196810 Incredible Hulk Annual v1 001.cbz

23.58 MB

 196810 Daredevil v1 045.cbr

24.19 MB

 196810 Dr Strange v1 173.cbr

20.07 MB

 196810 Captain Marvel v1 006.cbz

17.08 MB

 196810 Capt Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders v1 007.cbr

26.15 MB

 196810 Captain America v1 106.cbz

9.46 MB

 196810 Amazing Spider-Man v1 065.cbz

11.85 MB

 196810 Avengers v1 057.cbz

11.15 MB

 196809 Thor v1 156.cbz

18.03 MB

 196809 X-Men v1 048.cbz

10.88 MB

 196809 Sgt Fury v1 058.cbz

30.00 MB

 196809 Sub-Mariner v1 005.cbz

19.96 MB

 196809 Millie the Model v1 162.cbz

36.92 MB

 196809 Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 004.cbr

24.72 MB

 196809 Millie the Model Annual v1 007.cbr

20.40 MB

 196809 Marvel Tales v1 016.cbz

41.70 MB

 196809 Marvel Super-Heroes v2 016.cbr

54.02 MB

 196809 Iron Man v1 005.cbz

11.27 MB

 196809 Incredible Hulk v1 107.cbz

10.61 MB

 196809 Fantastic Four v1 078.cbz

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 196809 Dr Strange v1 172.cbr

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 196809 Daredevil v1 044.cbr

27.97 MB

 196809 Captain Marvel v1 005.cbr

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 196809 Captain America v1 105.cbz

9.70 MB

 196809 Capt Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders v1 006.cbr

31.04 MB

 196809 Avengers v1 056.cbz

10.81 MB

 196809 Avengers Annual v1 002.cbz

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 196809 Amazing Spider-Man v1 064.cbz

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Torrent description

Complete Marvel Chronology 1968 09-12

1968 - Marvel Comic's Second Age Begins

Behold...The Vision

The Vision is a creation of Ultron's, using a duplicate of the original Human Torch's android body and also the brain patterns of the late Simon (Wonder Man) Williams. He first appears in Avengers 057.

Intended as a means by which Ultron could defeat the Avengers, the Vision turns away from his creator, just as Ultron did with his creator Hank Pym.

As he had done with several other characters from the forties and fifties, Roy Thomas took an old name and created a new character. Black Knight and Red Raven are other new characters with old names.

The original Vision was an alien cop from Smokeworld created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.


Mephisto, although he has appeared in the guise of Satan, is actually an extra-dimensional demon with great power.

He first comes into conflict with the Silver Surfer, in issue 003, but in later years he will also become a foe of Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and Thor.

More recently Mephisto has seemingly changed history by removing all knowledge of the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. In this same deal with the Parkers the world sees the return of Harry Osborn, who had died years before.


Annihilus is first introduced in Fantastic Four Annual 006, an insect-like creature resident in the Negative Zone.

Fearing that he can only survive by eliminating everything else, Annihilus creates both a suit for protection and also the powerful Cosmic Control Rod.

He and Blastaar, another creature in the Negative Zone, will face the FF and other Super Heroes over the years as both creatures seek control of Earth.

Franklin Richards

Reed Richards, the Thing, and the Human Torch enter the Negative Zone, and meet Annihilus for the first time, because they must find anti-matter particles in order to save Sue Storm's life.

She is ready to give birth to the Richards' first child and is having complications due to the cosmic rays the four were exposed to when the FF was first created.

Franklin Richards is born a mutant as a result of the cosmic rays, and besides psionic powers and the ability to see possible futures is also capable of generating enormous power.


Yellowjacket's appearance, in Avengers 059, is the first sign of Hank Pym's progressive mental imbalance.

Claiming to have 'polished off' Pym, Yellowjacket proposes to the Wasp, who immediately accepts.

Unlike the other Avengers, Janet van Dyne sees that Yellowjacket is in fact Pym.

Dr Faustus

Dr Faustus uses a person's mental weaknesses to control them, but also sends them mad before killing them.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he first appears in Captain America 107.

His ultimate success is in seeing Sharon Carter brainwashed and killing Steve Rogers, the death of Captain America!

Lorna Dane

Lorna Dane is the daughter of Magneto, and also has magnetic power similar to him.

She has distinctive green hair.

She first appears in X-Men 049, written by Arnold Drake with art by Don Heck and Werner Roth.

Other Debuts

Phantom Eagle first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes 016. Set in World War One, the hero is of German origin but fights for the Allies, hiding his face to protect his family.

Tiger Shark first appears in Sub-Mariner 005.

Mesmero, a mutant hypnotist, debuts in X-Men 049.

The Badoon conquer the galaxy, but in the 31st Century. Their story is told in Marvel Super-Heroes 018.

Notable Events

Peter Parker discovers his parents are secret agents in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 005.

Ben Grimm makes an appearance in Captain Savage 007, a story set in WWII.

Crystal joins the Fantastic Four, replacing Sue Storm, who has just given birth. (Fantastic Four 081)

Details of Marvel Titles For 1968

221 issues were published in 1968

All issues have been scanned.

Of the 221 scanned issues, 217 are c2c

First Issue

Capt Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders v1 001 (Jan)
Groovy v1 001 (Mar)
Captain Marvel v1 001 (May)
Iron Man v1 001 (May)
Sub-Mariner v1 001 (May)
Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 001 (Jun)
Spectacular Spider-Man v1 001 (Jul)
Silver Surfer v1 001 (Aug)
Mighty Marvel Western v1 001 (Oct)
Pussycat v1 001 (Oct)
Final Issue

Kid Colt Outlaw v1 139 (Mar)
Two-Gun Kid v1 092 (Mar)
Groovy v1 003 (Jul)
Pussycat v1 001 (Oct)
Spectacular Spider-Man v1 002 (Nov)

Re-Named Issue

Tales of Suspense becomes Captain America v1 100 (Apl)
Tales to Astonish becomes Incredible Hulk v1 102 (Apl)
Strange Tales becomes Doctor Strange v1 169 (Jun)

1968 09
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 064 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 056 c2cO
+ Avengers Annual v1 002 c2cO
+ Captain America v1 105 c2cO
= Captain Marvel v1 005 c2c
= Capt Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders v1 006 c2c
= Daredevil v1 044 c2c scanned by Flattermann
= Doctor Strange v1 172 c2c
+ Fantastic Four v1 078 c2cO
+ Incredible Hulk v1 107 c2cO
+ Iron Man v1 005 c2cO
= Marvel Super-Heroes v1 016 c2c
* Marvel Tales v1 016
* Millie the Model v1 162 c2c
* Millie the Model Annual v1 007 54pgs
= Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 004 c2c
+ Sgt Fury v1 058 c2c scanned by Teachbug and Alhazred
= Sub-Mariner v1 005 c2c
+ Thor v1 156 c2c
+ X-Men v1 048 c2cO

1968 10
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 065 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 057 c2cO
+ Captain America v1 106 c2cO
= Captain Marvel v1 006 c2c
= Capt Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders v1 007 c2c
= Daredevil v1 045 c2c
= Doctor Strange v1 173 c2c
+ Fantastic Four v1 079 c2cO
+ Incredible Hulk v1 108 c2cO
+ Incredible Hulk Annual v1 001
+ Iron Man v1 006 c2cO
* Marvel Collector's Item Classics v1 017 c2c
* Mighty Marvel Western v1 001 54pgs
* Millie the Model v1 163 c2c
= Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 005 c2c scanned by Flattermann
= Not Brand Echh v1 010 c2c
* Pussycat v1 001 49pgs
* Rawhide Kid v1 066 c2c scanned by FB
= Sgt Fury v1 059 c2c
+ Silver Surfer v1 002 c2cO
= Sub-Mariner v1 006 c2c
= Tales of Asgard v1 001 c2c
+ Thor v1 157 c2c
+ X-Men v1 049 c2cO

1968 11
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 066 c2cO
+ Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 005 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 058 c2cO
+ Captain America v1 107 c2cO
= Captain Marvel v1 007 c2c
= Capt Savage and his leatherneck Raiders v1 008 c2c
= Daredevil v1 046 c2c
= Doctor Strange v1 174 c2c
+ Fantastic Four v1 080 c2cO
+ Fantastic Four Annual v1 006 c2cO
+ Incredible Hulk v1 109 c2cO
+ Iron Man v1 007 c2cO
= Marvel Super-Heroes v1 017 c2c
* Marvel Tales v1 017
* Millie the Model v1 164 c2c scanned by Gambit
= Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 006 c2c scanned by Flattermann
= Sgt Fury v1 060 c2c
+ Spectacular Spider-Man v1 002 c2c
= Sub-Mariner v1 007 c2c
+ Thor v1 158 c2c
+ X-Men v1 050 c2cO

1968 12
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 067 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 059 c2cO
+ Captain America v1 108 c2cO
= Captain Marvel v1 008 c2c
= Capt Savage v1 009 c2c
= Daredevil v1 047 c2c
= Doctor Strange v1 175 c2c
+ Fantastic Four v1 081 c2cO
+ Incredible Hulk v1 110 c2cO
+ Iron Man v1 008 c2cO
* Marvel Collector's Item Classics v1 018 c2c
* Mighty Marvel Western v1 002 55pgs
* Millie the Model v1 165 c2c scanned by Gambit
= Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD v1 007 c2c
= Not Brand Echh v1 011 c2c
* Rawhide Kid v1 067 c2c scanned by Brigus
+ Sgt Fury v1 061 c2c scanned by Teachbug and Alhazred
+ Silver Surfer v1 003 c2cO
= Sub-Mariner v1 008 c2c
+ Thor v1 159 c2c
+ X-Men v1 051 c2cO

= Title appeared in version 001 of the Chronology and is unchanged
+ New scan replaces version from version 001 of the Chronology
* Title is new to the Chronology

c2c - cover to cover
c2cO - Official Marvel scan
remix - a full version of the comic sourced from reprints
24pgs - not a c2c,usually just the cover and story pages
fc only - front cover only where the comic is missing

About the Complete Marvel Chronology

The Complete Marvel Chronology (CMC) is version 2.0 of the Marvel Chronology (MC).

The MC was created by cyager69 aka Chuck, who uploaded Marvel comics beginning with Fantastic Four 001 (Nov 61) through to the issues published in Jun 1997.

When Chuck was unable to continue the uploads I took over the MC and uploaded the remainder of the issues through to December 2008. Additional uploads added various titles not cover-dated with a specific month (the 'Decades' uploads) and seven Fill packs added new scans for issues missing when the original uploads were done for the 70's through to the 90's.

With none of Chuck's original uploads online, the decision was to either upload the original version of 1961-1996 or go with a brand new, full version incorporating the missing genres, such as romance, western and humour, and including the imprints which Chuck intended to upload following the completion of the MC.

The CMC will cover Marvel's entire seventy year history. At present I am uploading the years beginning with 1960 and these uploads will continue right through to December 1996. After that I have not finalised what will follow, but the likelihood will be that I go back to upload the 39-59 period, and then upload the 97-09 period again. When I do upload version 2.0 of 97-09 there will be many additions and many new scans.

News and Notes

This torrent completes the upload of Marvel comics for 1968.

Next up is the full year of 1969, starting either Saturday or Sunday.

That will be followed later in the week by the comics from February 2009, the month in which the Dark Reign begins as well as the first Noir titles.

Enjoy today's comics, please keep seeding and I'll see you at the weekend for the continuation of the CMC.


Books used as research material in completing the CMC include -

Marvel Chronicle - Tom DeFalco
Marvel Vault - Roy Thomas and Pete Sanderson
Tales of the Implosion - Tom Lammers
Standard Catalogue of Comics 5th Edition

Thanks to all the scanners, editors and uploaders who make the scans available.

Thanks for the support of all those who seed the CMC.

Thanks to Chuck for creating the MC.

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