Complete Marvel Chronology 1967 00 06

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Complete Marvel Chronology 1967 00 06

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Name:Complete Marvel Chronology 1967 00 06

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 196706 Tales of Suspense v1 090.cbz

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 196706 Strange Tales v1 157.cbr

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 196706 Sgt Fury v1 043.cbr

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 196706 Modeling With Millie v1 054.cbz

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 196705 Tales to Astonish v1 091.cbz

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 196705 Tales of Suspense v1 089.cbz

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 196705 Strange Tales v1 156.cbr

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 196700 Sub-Marine Man (Topps Krazy Little Comics).cbz

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 196700 Mighty Thaw (Topps Krazy Little Comics).cbz

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 196700 Marvel Story Book Annual 1967.cbr

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 196700 Incredible Hunk (Topps Krazy Little Comics).cbz

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 196700 America's Best TV Comics.cbr

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Torrent description

Complete Marvel Chronology 1967 00-06

1967 - The Calm Before The Expansion

Marvel continued to consolidate it's position in 1967 with popular characters, top creative talent and exciting storylines.

The readership continued to become a part of the Marvel phenomenon with the MMMS. Many University campuses formed 'chapters' of the MMMS and in the letters pages a certain Mark Evanier created ranks for the membership such as Real Frantic One (RFO) or Fearless Front Facer (FFF).

There were just two new titles, Not Brand Echh and The Ghost Rider, and Fantasy Masterpieces became Marvel Super-Heroes, issue 012 would see the debut of Captain Marvel.

But his story, and subsequent new title, are really a part of the story of 1968, when Marvel would make the first major expansion in it's short new history.

Marvel in 1968 would get BIG!

The Banshee Calls

Created by Roy Thomas, the Banshee was the first introduction of mutants from other countries, something that would be the recognisable trait of the X-Men by the time of the relaunch in the seventies.

A former Irish Interpol agent, the Banshee first appears in issue 028.

Banshee was intended to be a woman, but Stan Lee preferred the X-Men not to be fighting a lone female villain.

Although the Banshee is a villain on his introduction he will eventually become a member of the X-Men and other X-teams.

Lady Sif

Sif had previously appeared in Tales of Asgard but the first appearance in the current story-lines is in Thor 136.

Thor has known Sif since she was a child, and meets her again after a long absence, whilst Sif was in warrior training, shortly after Thor has ended his relationship with nurse Jane Foster.


Blastaar first appears in Fantastic Four 062.

He is a ruler exiled by his people in the Negative Zone. He is a foe of both the FF and Annihilus, another creature from the Negative Zone, and both Annihilus and Blastaar have attempted to conquer the Earth and the Negative Zone over the years.

A New Vulture

Stan Lee wasn't happy with the idea that Spider-Man came across as something of a bully beating up on an old man in his fights with the Vulture, so a new younger version was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man 048.

The Vulture believes he is dying so passes his wings to Blackie Drago, who becomes the new Vulture.

The idea wasn't popular and in issue 063 the original Vulture is back.

The Abomination

The Abomination is the third Gamma radiation creation, following the Hulk and the Leader.

Created, by Stan Lee and artist Gil Kane, to give the Hulk a more equal opponent he would succeed more than most but the Hulk's knack of getting stronger as he got angrier stopped the Abomination from succeeding completely.

He would have one victory over the Hulk when he would murder Bruce Banner's wife, Betty.

The Ghost Rider

The first character at Marvel to use the name Ghost Rider is Carter Slade and the stories are set in the old Wild West.

When Slade is killed his brother Lincoln takes the role and uses the name the Phantom Rider.

The name Ghost Rider had previously been used in the fifties, published by Magazine Enterprises (and drawn by Dick Ayers), but by the sixties the name was in the public domain.

The series lasted just seven issues.

The name would later be used for the modern-day character created in the seventies, when Johnny Blaze would sell his soul to the devil.

Other Debuts

Mike Murdock first appears in Daredevil 025, an 'identical twin brother' created by Matt Murdock.

Ulik, a Rock Troll, first appears in Thor 137.

The Shocker is first introduced to readers, and Spider-Man, in Amazing Spider-Man 046.

The Growing Man is a creation made by Kang the Conqueror, who grows bigger with each punch. His debut is in Thor 140.

The Living Tribunal is an extra-dimensional being with enormous power, sworn to hold the balance between good and evil. Dr Strange first encounters this being in Strange Tales 157.

Notable Events

In Fantastic Four 059, Black Bolt uses his sonic scream to break down the great Barrier, freeing the Inhumans.

Prince Byrrah returns to the Marvel Universe in Tales to Astonish 090, having first appeared in the Golden Age stories of the Sub-Mariner.

Baron von Strucker is revealed as the leader of Hydra in Strange Tales 156.

Details of Marvel Titles For 1967

189 issues were published in 1967

All issues have been scanned.

Of the 189 scanned issues, all are c2c

First Issue

Ghost Rider v1 001 (Feb)
Not Brand Echh v1 001 (Aug)

Final Issue

Patsy and Hedy v1 110 (Feb)
Modeling with Millie v1 054 (Jun)
Ghost Rider v1 007 (Nov)

Re-Named Issue

Fantasy Masterpieces becomes Marvel Super-Heroes v1 012 (Dec)

1967 00
= America's Best TV Comics
* Amusing Spider-Guy (Topps Krazy Little Comics)
* Captain Action and Action Boy scanned by Mal32
* Captive American (Topps Krazy Little Comics)
* Fantastic Fear (Topps Krazy Little Comics)
* Incredible Hunk (Topps Krazy Little Comics)
* Marvel Story Book Annual 1967 c2c scanned by Mal32 Italia DCP
* Mighty Thaw (Topps Krazy Little Comics)
* Sub-Marine Man (Topps Krazy Little Comics)

1967 01
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 044 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 036 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 024 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 058 c2cO
* Kid Colt Outlaw v1 132 c2c scanned by Brigus
* Marvel Tales v1 006 c2c
* Millie the Model v1 145 c2c scanned by Gambit
= Sgt Fury v1 038 c2c
= Strange Tales v1 152 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Tales of Suspense v1 085 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 087 c2cO
= Thor v1 136 c2c
* Two-Gun Kid v1 085 c2c
+ X-Men v1 028 c2cO

1967 02
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 045 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 037 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 025 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 059 c2cO
= Fantasy Masterpieces v1 007 c2c
* Ghost Rider v1 001 c2c
* Marvel Collector's Item Classics v1 007 c2c
* Millie the Model v1 146 c2c scanned by Gambit
* Patsy and Hedy v1 110 c2c scanned by carole sans gilbert
* Rawhide Kid v1 056 c2c
= Sgt Fury v1 039 c2c
= Strange Tales v1 153 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Tales of Suspense v1 086 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 088 c2cO
= Thor v1 137 c2c
+ X-Men v1 029 c2cO

1967 03
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 046 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 038 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 026 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 060 c2cO
* Kid Colt Outlaw v1 133 c2c
* Marvel Tales v1 007 c2c
* Millie the Model v1 147 c2c scanned by Mouse5150
= Sgt Fury v1 040 c2c
= Strange Tales v1 154 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Tales of Suspense v1 087 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 089 c2cO
+ Thor v1 138 c2c
* Two-Gun Kid v1 086 c2c scanned by Brigus
+ X-Men v1 030 c2cO

1967 04
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 047 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 039 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 027 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 061 c2cO
= Fantasy Masterpieces v1 008 c2c
* Ghost Rider v1 002 c2c
* Marvel Collector's Item Classics v1 008 c2c scanned by unknownscanner
* Millie the Model v1 148 c2c
* Modeling with Millie v1 053 c2c scanned by Mouse5150
* Rawhide Kid v1 057 c2c
= Sgt Fury v1 041 c2c
= Strange Tales v1 155 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Tales of Suspense v1 088 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 090 c2cO
= Thor v1 139 c2c
+ X-Men v1 031 c2cO

1967 05
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 048 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 040 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 028 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 062 c2cO
* Kid Colt Outlaw v1 134 c2c scanned by Brigus
* Marvel Tales v1 008 scanned by unknownscanner
* Millie the Model v1 149 c2c scanned by Gambit
= Sgt Fury v1 042 c2c
= Strange Tales v1 156 c2c
+ Tales of Suspense v1 089 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 091 c2cO
+ Thor v1 140 c2c
* Two-Gun Kid v1 087 c2c scanned by Brigus
+ X-Men v1 032 c2cO

1967 06
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 049 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 041 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 029 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 063 c2cO
= Fantasy Masterpieces v1 009 c2c
* Ghost Rider v1 003 c2c
* Marvel Collector's Item Classics v1 009 c2c scanned by unknownscanner
* Millie the Model v1 150 c2c scanned by Gambit
* Modeling with Millie v1 054 c2c
* Rawhide Kid v1 058 c2c
= Sgt Fury v1 043 c2c
= Strange Tales v1 157 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Tales of Suspense v1 090 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 092 c2cO
= Thor v1 141 c2c
+ X-Men v1 033 c2cO

About the Complete Marvel Chronology

The Complete Marvel Chronology (CMC) is version 2.0 of the Marvel Chronology (MC).

The MC was created by cyager69 aka Chuck, who uploaded Marvel comics beginning with Fantastic Four 001 (Nov 61) through to the issues published in Jun 1997.

When Chuck was unable to continue the uploads I took over the MC and uploaded the remainder of the issues through to December 2008. Additional uploads added various titles not cover-dated with a specific month (the 'Decades' uploads) and seven Fill packs added new scans for issues missing when the original uploads were done for the 70's through to the 90's.

With none of Chuck's original uploads online, the decision was to either upload the original version of 1961-1996 or go with a brand new, full version incorporating the missing genres, such as romance, western and humour, and including the imprints which Chuck intended to upload following the completion of the MC.

The CMC will cover Marvel's entire seventy year history. At present I am uploading the years beginning with 1960 and these uploads will continue right through to December 1996. After that I have not finalised what will follow, but the likelihood will be that I go back to upload the 39-59 period, and then upload the 97-09 period again. When I do upload version 2.0 of 97-09 there will be many additions and many new scans.

News and Notes

Topps Krazy Comics were test market items that were never released, written by Roy Thomas and drwan by Wally Wood.

Similar to the content of Not Brand Echh, they are the first satirical parodies of the Marvel characters.

All six are included in this upload.

Marvel UK annual, included here, contains new text stories never reprinted in other titles.

I will be talking more about Marvel's UK publications in tomorrow's upload.

This upload is the first of two covering the full year of 1967, the second featuring the comics from July through to December will be uploaded on Monday.

Coming Next Following the completion of 1967 on Monday, the next upload will be the whole of 1968, a year when Marvel begins a huge expansion which sees all the characters sharing titles getting their own titles. The upload will be done in three parts, and will be done next Saturday.

Enjoy today's comics, please keep seeding, and I'll see you on Monday for the conclusion of 1967.


Books used as research material in completing the CMC include -

Marvel Chronicle - Tom DeFalco
Marvel Vault - Roy Thomas and Pete Sanderson
Tales of the Implosion - Tom Lammers
Standard Catalogue of Comics 5th Edition

Thanks to all the scanners, editors and uploaders who make the scans available.

Thanks for the support of all those who seed the CMC.

Thanks to Chuck for creating the MC.

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