Complete Marvel Chronology 1964 07 12

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Complete Marvel Chronology 1964 07 12

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 196412 Tales to Astonish v1 062.cbz

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 196412 Strange Tales v1 127.cbr

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 196412 Tales of Suspense v1 060.cbz

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 196412 Rawhide Kid v1 043.cbr

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 196412 Sgt Fury v1 013.cbr

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 196412 Patsy Walker v1 118.cbr

11.36 MB

 196412 Patsy and Hedy v1 097.cbz

31.89 MB

 196412 Millie the Model Comics v1 125.cbr

34.99 MB

 196412 Modeling With Millie v1 036.cbz

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 196412 Fantastic Four v1 033.cbz

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 196412 Journey into Mystery v1 111.cbr

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 196412 Avengers v1 011.cbz

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 196412 Daredevil v1 005.cbr

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 196411 X-Men v1 008.cbz

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 196412 Amazing Spider-Man v1 019.cbz

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 196411 Tales to Astonish v1 061.cbz

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 196411 Two-Gun Kid v1 072.cbr

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 196411 Strange Tales v1 126.cbr

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 196411 Tales of Suspense v1 059.cbz

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 196411 Modeling With Millie v1 035.cbr

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 196411 Sgt Fury v1 012.cbr

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 196411 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 119.cbr

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 196411 Millie the Model Comics v1 124.cbz

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 196411 Fantastic Four v1 032.cbz

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 196411 Journey Into Mystery v1 110.cbr

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 196411 Avengers v1 010.cbz

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 196411 Fantastic Four Annual v1 002.cbz

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 196410 Tales to Astonish v1 060.cbz

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 196411 Amazing Spider-Man v1 018.cbz

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 196410 Strange Tales v1 125.cbr

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 196410 Tales of Suspense v1 058.cbz

9.36 MB

 196410 Rawhide Kid v1 042.cbr

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 196410 Sgt Fury v1 011.cbr

22.33 MB

 196410 Patsy Walker v1 117.cbz

39.05 MB

 196410 Patsy and Hedy v1 096.cbz

20.55 MB

 196410 Millie the Model Comics v1 123.cbz

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 196410 Modeling with Millie v1 034.cbz

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 196410 Fantastic Four v1 031.cbz

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 196410 Journey Into Mystery v1 109.cbr

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 196410 Avengers v1 009.cbz

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 196410 Daredevil v1 004.cbr

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 196409 X-Men v1 007.cbz

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 196410 Amazing Spider-Man v1 017.cbz

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 196409 Tales to Astonish v1 059.cbz

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 196409 Two-Gun Kid v1 071.cbr

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 196409 Strange Tales v1 124.cbr

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 196409 Tales of Suspense v1 057.cbz

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 196409 Modeling With Millie v1 033.cbr

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 196409 Sgt Fury v1 010.cbr

20.12 MB

 196409 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 118.cbr

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 196409 Millie the Model Comics v1 122.cbz

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 196409 Fantastic Four v1 030.cbz

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 196409 Journey Into Mystery v1 108.cbr

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 196409 Amazing Spider-Man v1 016.cbz

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 196409 Avengers v1 008.cbz

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 196408 Tales of Suspense v1 056.cbz

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 196408 Tales to Astonish v1 058.cbr

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 196408 Sgt. Fury v1 009.cbr

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 196408 Strange Tales v1 123.cbr

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 196408 Patsy and Hedy v1 095.cbz

32.06 MB

 196408 Rawhide Kid v1 041.cbr

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 196408 Modeling with Millie v1 032.cbz

35.33 MB

 196408 Patsy Walker v1 116.cbz

35.17 MB

 196408 Fantastic Four v1 029.cbz

12.83 MB

 196408 Journey Into Mystery v1 107.cbr

21.58 MB

 196408 Avengers v1 007.cbz

11.82 MB

 196408 Daredevil v1 003.cbr

26.34 MB

 196407 X-Men v1 006.cbz

11.75 MB

 196408 Amazing Spider-Man v1 015.cbz

12.79 MB

 196407 Tales to Astonish v1 057.cbr

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 196407 Two-Gun Kid v1 070.cbr

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 196407 Strange Tales v1 122.cbr

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 196407 Tales of Suspense v1 055.cbz

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 196407 Millie the Model Comics v1 121.cbr

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 196407 Sgt Fury v1 008.cbr

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 196407 Journey Into Mystery v1 106.cbr

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 196407 Kid Colt Outlaw v1 117.cbr

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 196407 Avengers v1 006.cbz

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 196407 Fantastic Four v1 028.cbz

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 196407 Amazing Spider-Man v1 014.cbz

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Torrent description

Complete Marvel Chronology 1964 07-12

The Return of Captain America (Part 2)

The Year of Captain America

As well as appearing every month in the Avengers beginning with his return in issue 004, Cap was also featured in two other events in '64.

First, in November, Cap gets his own series in Tales of Suspense 059. This follows on from the previous issue where he guest-stars in the Iron Man story.

Then in December Cap is featured in Sgt Fury 013, a WWII story featuring both Cap and Bucky.

The Return of the Hulk

The Hulk's first series was cancelled after just six issues, he then appeared briefly in the Avengers, and various guest-spots (including a five-page story "The Hulk and the Matador" in the UK publication Smash, which takes place immediately after the Hulk leaves the Avengers) until Tales to Astonish 060 when a new series begins.

The Merry Marvel Marching Society

Not content with promoting the virtues of being a Marvel reader at every opportunity, Stan Lee finally announced in December the fan club, MMMS, which enabled all readers to actually join the Marvel phenomenon.

The membership pack has mostly been scanned and is included in the next upload, dated 196500.

Also included are recordings from the discs sent out to members.


Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton trains under the tutelage of Jaques Duquesne, who will become the Swordsman, and becomes the world's greatest marksman. He makes his first appearance in Tales of Suspense 057.

When he first makes his appearance he aims to emulate, and become, another Super Hero but circumstances make him seem to appear a villain.

Eventually he becomes the hero he always wanted to be and joins the Avengers.


Traveling into the past from an alternate future Kang battles the Avengers for the first time in issue 008.

His 'history' will become one of the more complicated of Marvel characters and will involve Dr Doom and Reed Richards, as well as other identities such as Immortus and Rama-Tut.

Kang will return on many occasions to provide the Avengers with one of their greatest foes.

Green Goblin

Introduced in Amazing Spider-Man 014 by Lee and Ditko, the Green Goblin is one of the few characters whose real identity remained a secret for a while.

Different suggestions have been made as to who was intended to be the true identity of the Goblin, and it wasn't until Ditko had left Marvel that the Goblin was revealed to be Norman Osborn, in issue 040.

Osborn is introduced in issue 023 as a background character, and introduced as Peter Parker's friend Harry's father in issue 037.

The future will be a grim one for Spider-Man as the Goblin becomes not only one of Spidey's biggest foes, but one who will take away what Parker holds most dear.

Wonder Man

Simon Williams becomes Wonder Man in issue 009 of the Avengers, allowing Baron Zemo, the man responsible for Bucky's death, to transform him into a powerful enemy of the Avengers.

Although initially motivated by his jealousy of Tony Stark's business success, Williams sees the error of his ways and helps the Avengers to defeat Zemo.

Although he appears to have died he is actually in a deep coma and returns in the seventies, eventually joining the Avengers.

Marvel Tales

Marvel Tales is the first title to reprint stories from the new Marvel Age of Comics.

Other titles would follow over the next couple of years, allowing readers to catch up on the adventures of their favourite characters.

Other debuts in 1964

Dormammu - an entity who conquers various dimensions, he would challenge Dr Strange on many occasions in his quest to conquer Marvel-Earth's dimension. (Strange Tales 126)

Clea - Dr Strange's girlfriend. (also in ST 126)

The Leader - a rival for the Hulk, who was also altered by a Gamma radiation accident, but on this occasion it was the Leader's brain, not his strength, that was altered. (Tales to Astonish 062)

The Masters of Evil - a collection of the Avengers greatest foes, joined together to take on the Avengers. (Avengers 006)

Grey Gargoyle - with the power to turn anything to stone, the Gargoyle was a great danger to Thor. (Journey into Mystery 107)

Kraven the Hunter - a villain who hunted his prey as if in the deepest jungle, Kraven was another formidable foe for Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man 015)

Details of Marvel Titles For 1964

154 issues were published in 1964

All issues have been scanned.

Of the 154 scanned issues, 152 are c2c (non-c2c issues are Millie the Model Annual v1 002, Patsy Walker v1 118 )

First Issue

Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 001
Monsters to Laugh With 001
Daredevil v1 001 (Apl)
Marvel Tales v1 001

Final Issue

Kathy v1 027 (Feb)

1964 07
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 014 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 006 c2cO
+ Fantastic Four v1 028 c2cO
= Journey into Mystery v1 106 c2c
* Kid Colt Outlaw v1 117 c2c
* Millie the Model Comics v1 121 c2c
+ Sgt Fury v1 008 c2c scanned by BluePeter
= Strange Tales v1 122 c2c
+ Tales of Suspense v1 055 c2cO
= Tales to Astonish v1 057 c2c
* Two-Gun Kid v1 070 c2c
+ X-Men v1 006 c2cO

1964 08
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 015 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 007 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 003 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 029 c2cO
= Journey into Mystery v1 107 c2c
* Modeling with Millie v1 032 c2c
* Patsy and Hedy v1 095 c2c scanned by Gambit
* Patsy Walker v1 116 c2c scanned by Gambit
* Rawhide Kid v1 041 c2c scanned by Tomander
+ Sgt Fury v1 009 c2c scanned by BluePeter
= Strange Tales v1 123 c2c
+ Tales of Suspense v1 056 c2cO
= Tales to Astonish v1 058 c2c

1964 09
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 016 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 008 c2cO
+ Fantastic Four v1 030 c2cO
= Journey into Mystery v1 108 c2c
* Kid Colt Outlaw v1 118 c2c scanned by Teachbug
* Millie the Model Comics v1 122 c2c scanned by Gambit
* Modeling with Millie v1 033 c2c
+ Sgt Fury v1 010 c2c scanned by BluePeter
= Strange Tales v1 124 c2c scanned by BluesBrothers
+ Tales of Suspense v1 057 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 059 c2c
* Two-Gun Kid v1 071 c2c
+ X-Men v1 007 c2cO

1964 10
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 017 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 009 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 004 c2c scanned by Flattermann
+ Fantastic Four v1 031 c2cO
= Journey into Mystery v1 109 c2c
* Millie the Model Comics v1 123 c2c scanned by Gambit
* Modeling with Millie v1 034 c2c
* Patsy and Hedy v1 096 c2c
* Patsy Walker v1 117 c2c
* Rawhide Kid v1 042 c2c scanned by Punkrat
= Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos v1 011 c2c scanned by BluePeter
= Strange Tales v1 125 c2c scanned by BluePeter
+ Tales of Suspense v1 058 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 060 c2cO

1964 11
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 018 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 010 c2cO
+ Fantastic Four v1 032 c2cO
+ Fantastic Four Annual v1 002 c2cO
= Journey into Mystery v1 110 c2c
* Kid Colt Outlaw v1 119 c2c
* Millie the Model Comics v1 124 c2c
* Modeling with Millie v1 035 c2c
= Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos v1 012 c2c scanned by BluePeter
= Strange Tales v1 126 c2c scanned by BluesBrothers
+ Tales of Suspense v1 059 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 061 c2cO
* Two-Gun Kid v1 072 c2c scanned by MrWoodman
+ X-Men v1 008 c2cO

1964 12
+ Amazing Spider-Man v1 019 c2cO
+ Avengers v1 011 c2cO
= Daredevil v1 005 c2c
+ Fantastic Four v1 033 c2cO
= Journey into Mystery v1 111 c2c
* Millie the Model Comics v1 125 c2c
* Modeling with Millie v1 036 c2c scanned by Gambit
* Patsy and Hedy v1 097 c2c
* Patsy Walker v1 118 25pgs (missing 1pg house ad for Millie the Model #126 and Modeling with Millie #36)
* Rawhide Kid v1 043 c2c scanned by Punkrat
= Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos v1 013 c2c (Plus Splash Page signed by Jack Kirby - scanned by Kafka45) scanned by BluePeter
= Strange Tales v1 127 c2c scanned by BluePeter
+ Tales of Suspense v1 060 c2cO
+ Tales to Astonish v1 062 c2cO

= Title appeared in version 001 of the Chronology and is unchanged
+ New scan replaces version from version 001 of the Chronology
* Title is new to the Chronology

c2c - cover to cover
c2cO - Official Marvel scan
remix - a full version of the comic sourced from reprints
24pgs - not a c2c,usually just the cover and story pages
fc only - front cover only where the comic is missing

About the Complete Marvel Chronology

The Complete Marvel Chronology (CMC) is version 2.0 of the Marvel Chronology (MC).

The MC was created by cyager69 aka Chuck, who uploaded Marvel comics beginning with Fantastic Four 001 (Nov 61) through to the issues published in Jun 1997.

When Chuck was unable to continue the uploads I took over the MC and uploaded the remainder of the issues through to December 2008. Additional uploads added various titles not cover-dated with a specific month (the 'Decades' uploads) and seven Fill packs added new scans for issues missing when the original uploads were done for the 70's through to the 90's.

With none of Chuck's original uploads online, the decision was to either upload the original version of 1961-1996 or go with a brand new, full version incorporating the missing genres, such as romance, western and humour, and including the imprints which Chuck intended to upload following the completion of the MC.

The CMC will cover Marvel's entire seventy year history. At present I am uploading the years beginning with 1960 and these uploads will continue right through to December 1996. After that I have not finalised what will follow, but the likelihood will be that I go back to upload the 39-59 period, and then upload the 97-09 period again. When I do upload version 2.0 of 97-09 there will be many additions and many new scans.

News and Notes

This upload completes the year 1964 covering the months July through to December.

The listing of Fantastic Four Annual issue 001 in the 1963 00-06 upload is slightly incorrect, the file-name shows the issue as published with a cover-date of 196306, but it should be 196300.

The issue is just dated 1963 and doesn't have a month of publication in the indicia.

The error has been copied over from the UHBMCC website, I don't know how they came up with the date.

The comic was published on 2nd July 1963, according to research completed by Joe Marek, so if it did have a cover-date it would be some three months after July, certainly not June.

If you are burning the downloads onto disc you can amend the details for posterity, but if you are seeding don't forget to leave the original upload intact, thanks.

Thanks to Alusias for reporting that issue.

The next upload will be for 1965, complete in two uploads.

Plans are to upload '65 on either Monday or Tuesday.

Enjoy today's comics, please keep seeding and I'll see you with the upload for '65 very soon.



Books used as research material in completing the CMC include -

Marvel Chronicle - Tom DeFalco
Marvel Vault - Roy Thomas and Pete Sanderson
Tales of the Implosion - Tom Lammers
Standard Catalogue of Comics 5th Edition

Thanks to all the scanners, editors and uploaders who make the scans available.

Thanks for the support of all those who seed the CMC.

Thanks to Chuck for creating the MC.

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