Carl Barks Duck Collection (144 Comics English)

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Name:Carl Barks Duck Collection (144 Comics English)

Total Size: 405.27 MB

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Torrent Files List

1955-01_W WDC 172-01_DD Search for the Cuspidora.cbr (Size: 405.27 MB) (Files: 133)

 1955-01_W WDC 172-01_DD Search for the Cuspidora.cbr

4.51 MB

 1954-11_W KGA 2-01_DD Tells About Kites B&W.cbr

2.22 MB

 1954-04_W WDC 163-01_DD Raffle reversal.cbr

2.93 MB

 1954-03 - The Secret of Atlantis.cbr

8.54 MB

 1954-02 - Fix-Up Mix-Up (recolored).cbr

2.32 MB

 1953-12 - Wispy Willie.cbr

1.14 MB

 1953-07 - Much Ado about Quackly Hall.cbr

1.07 MB

 1953-05 - The Talking Dog.cbr

1.09 MB

 1953-04_W WDC 151-01_DD The Easter Election.cbr

4.85 MB

 1953-03 - My Lucky Valentine.cbr

1.15 MB

 1953-02 - Flip Decision.cbr

1.10 MB

 1952-12_W WDC 147-01_DD A Charitable Chore.cbr

4.48 MB

 1952-11_W DD 26-03_DD Hobblin' Goblins.cbr

4.25 MB

 1952-10 - The Hypno Gun (recolored).cbr

2.20 MB

 1952-09_W OS 422-02_DD The Gilded Man.cbr

4.99 MB

 1952-06 - The Think Box Bollix.cbr

2.51 MB

 1952-05 - Gladstone's secret.cbr

2.83 MB

 1952-03_W OS 386-02_U$ Only A Poor Old Man HQ.cbz

8.48 MB

 1952-02_W WDC 137-02 _DD The Screaming Cowboy.cbr

2.18 MB

 1951-11 - Terror of the Beagle boys.cbr

3.75 MB

 1951-10_W WDC 133-02_DD The Truant Nephews.cbr

1.05 MB

 1951-09_W WDC 132-04_GD Attic Antics-Welcome Guests.cbr

1.84 MB

 1951-05_W WDC 128-02 _DD Knightly Rivals HQ.cbr

1.46 MB

 1951-05_W OS 328-02_DD In Old California.cbz

6.21 MB

 1951-04_W WDC 127-02_DD The April Foolers.cbr

2.37 MB

 1950-05 - In Ancient Persia.cbr

3.38 MB

 1950-02_W OS 263-03_DD Trail of the Unicorn.cbr

5.06 MB

 1949-12_W OS 256-02_DD Luck of the North.cbz

7.08 MB

 1949-12 - Donald's Love Letters.cbr

2.37 MB

 1949-07_W WDC 106-02_DD Plenty of Pets.cbr

2.41 MB

 1949-06_W WDC 105-02_DD Managing the Echo System.cbr

2.45 MB

 1949-04_W OS 223-02_DD Lost In the Andes.cbr

12.01 MB

 1949-04 - Rival Beachcombers.cbr

1.13 MB

 1949-01 - Truant officer Donald.cbr

1.10 MB

 1948-12_W OS 203-02_DD The Golden Christmas Tree.cbr

9.63 MB

 1948-06_W OS 189-02 _DD The Old Castle's Secret.cbz

12.32 MB

 1948-05 - Spoil the Rod.cbr

2.42 MB

 1948-04 - Going Ape.cbr

2.56 MB

 1947-12 - The Terrible Turkey.cbr

1.06 MB

 1947-02 - Going Buggy (recolored).cbr

2.06 MB

 1946-12 - Turkey Trouble.cbr

1.11 MB

 1946-09 - Playing Hookey (recolored).cbr

2.12 MB

 1946-05 - Donald's Monster Kite.cbr

1.05 MB

 1946-04_W WDC 67-02_DD Jet Rescue.cbr

4.60 MB

 1945-09 - Eyes in the Dark (recolored).cbr

2.41 MB

 1944-05_W WDC 44-1_DD The Mad Chemist HQ.cbr

1.76 MB

 1944-04 - Three dirty little ducks.cbr

1.01 MB

 1943-09_W WDC 36-1_DD The Mighty trapper.cbr

2.09 MB

 1943-09_W OS 29-02_DD The Hard Loser HQ.cbr

2.02 MB

 1943-05_ W WDC 32-02_DD The Rabbit's Foot.cbr

2.65 MB

 1955-02_W WDC 173-02_DD New Year's Revolutions.cbr

4.31 MB

 1956-05_W WDC 188-01_DD The Olympic Hopeful.cbr

1.08 MB

 1956-08_W WDC 191-01_DD Camping Confusion.cbr

1.12 MB

 1956-09 - Migrating Millions.cbr

2.74 MB

 1956-09_W US 15-02_U$ Second richest duck.cbz

3.82 MB

 1956-12_W CP 8-06_GY Grandma's present.cbr

2.08 MB

 1956-12_W US 16-03_GY Forecasting Follies.cbr

0.98 MB

 1957-06_W US 18-04_GY The Sure-Fire Gold Finder.cbr

1.09 MB

 1957-07_W DD 54-01_DD Forbidden Valley BQ.cbr

4.08 MB

 1957-07_W PP 8-06_GY Picnic.cbr

1.43 MB

 1957-12_W MMAlm 1-08_GY August Accident.cbr

1.00 MB

 1957-12_W US 20-03_GY Roscoe the Robot.cbr

996.48 KB

 1958-04_W WDC 211-01_DD Wishing Stone Island.cbr

1.09 MB

 1958-11_W WDC 218-01_DD Noble Porpoises.cbr

2.31 MB

 1959-03_W US 25-03_GY The Wishing Well.cbr

1.06 MB

 1959-03_W US 25-05_U$ In Egypt-Pyramid Scheme.cbr

0.98 MB

 1959-03_W WDC 222-01_DD The Master Mover.cbr

3.08 MB

 1959-06_W US 26-01_U$ The Prize of Pizarro.cbr

3.36 MB

 1959-07_W WDC 226-01_DD The Floating Island.cbr

2.47 MB

 1959-08_W OS 1025-02_DD Mastering the Matterhorn.cbr

919.06 KB

 1959-08_W WDC 227-01_DD The Black Forest Rescue.cbr

2.40 MB

 1959-09_W US 27-01_U$ The Money Champ HQ.cbz

4.26 MB

 1959-11_W OS 1047-03_GY The Stubborn Stork.cbr

2.00 MB

 1960-03_W US 29-01_U$ Island in the Sky.cbr

3.22 MB

 1960-03_W US 29-02_GY Oodles of Oomph.cbr

1.03 MB

 1960-09_W US 31-02_GY Fishy Warden.cbr

1.10 MB

 1960-12_W WDC 75-01_DD Turkey Trouble.cbr

2.48 MB

 1961-03_W US 33-03_GY You can't win.cbr

1.01 MB

 1961-05_W OS 1184-07_GY Brain-strain.cbr

1.73 MB

 1961-06_W US 34-01_U$ Mythtic Mystery.cbr

2.64 MB

 1961-09 - Fast away castaway.cbr

1.66 MB

 1961-09 - Mr Private eye.cbr

2.89 MB

 1961-09- Carl Barks-Gift Lion.cbr

2.88 MB

 1961-12_W US 36-02_GY Duckburg's Day of Peril.cbr

1.04 MB

 1962-03_W US 37-04_GY The Great Pop Up.cbr

1.04 MB

 1962-09_W US 39-02_U$_A Spicy Tale.cbr

10.58 MB

 1962-09_W US 39-04_GY Finny Fun.cbr

998.11 KB

 1963-01_W US 40-04_GY Posthasty Postman.cbr

979.92 KB

 1963-03_W US 41-04_GY Snow Duster.cbr

0.99 MB

 1963-12_W US 46-03_GY A Helper's Helping Hand.cbr

1.10 MB

 1964-02_W US 47-03_GY Man Versus Machine.cbr

1.04 MB

 1964-03_W US 48-01_U$ The Many Faces of Magica de Spell.cbr

6.05 MB

 1967-05_W US 69-02_U$ The Cattle King.cbr

11.84 MB

 1974-00_CS WDC '57_DD The Milkman.cbr

2.17 MB

 1992-01_H 92001_U$ Duckmade Disaster.cbr

2.75 MB

 Cave of Ali Baba.cbr

7.27 MB

 Donald Duck - Camera Crazy.cbr

547.21 KB

 Donald Duck - Donald Duck's Atom Bomb.cbr

2.72 MB

 Donald Duck - Donald Tames His Temper.cbr

1.34 MB

 Donald Duck - Finds Pirate Gold (with others).cbr

3.13 MB

 Donald Duck - Have Gun, Will Dance.cbr

4.89 MB

 Donald Duck - Letter To Santa.cbr

1.00 MB

 Donald Duck - Rip Van Donald.cbr

4.11 MB

 Donald Duck - Rival Boatmen.cbr

1.39 MB

 Donald Duck - Santa's Stormy Visit.cbr

2.34 MB

 Donald Duck - Sheriff Of Bullet Valley.cbr

1.30 MB

 Donald Duck - Silent Night.cbr

926.69 KB

 Donald Duck - Ten Cents' Worth Of Trouble.cbr

549.46 KB

 Donald Duck - The Duck In The Iron Pants.cbr

489.64 KB

 Donald Duck - The Magic Hour-Glass.cbr

1.06 MB

 Donald Duck - The Mummy's Ring.cbr

1.29 MB

 Donald Duck - The Victory Garden.cbr

511.32 KB

 Donald Duck - The Village Blacksmith.cbr

4.24 MB

 Donald Duck - Three Un-Ducks.cbr

3.91 MB

 Donald Duck - Voodoo Hoodoo.cbr

1.99 MB

 Donald Duck - You Can't Guess!.cbr

1.09 MB


787.18 KB

 Uncle Scrooge - Back To The Klondike.cbr

1.73 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Bongo On The Congo.cbr

3.51 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Christmas On Bear Mountain.cbr

4.43 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Crown Of The Mayas.cbr

5.82 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - House Of Haunts.cbr

7.26 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Land Of The Pygmy Indians.cbr

8.75 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Message From Mysterious Island.cbr

7.71 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Pipeline To Danger.cbr

5.24 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Somethin' Fishy Here.cbr

343.26 KB

 Uncle Scrooge - Statuesque Spendthrifts.cbr

2.84 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone.cbr

5.05 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - The Giant Robot Robbers.cbr

5.53 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - The Golden Fleecing.cbr

8.26 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - The Seven Cities Of Cibola.cbr

2.38 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - The Treasure Of Marco Polo.cbr

5.42 MB

 Uncle Scrooge - Tralla La.cbr

7.06 MB


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Torrent description

132 normal-length-comics + 12 Onepagers of Carl Barks!

The files are .cbr, so you can unpack them as .jpg files with most common file archivers such as WinRAR.

You can also watch them with the CDisplay Comic Reader.


See also: Don Rosa Duck Collection(101 E-Books - English, German, Swedish)



The Rabbit's Foot
The Hard Loser HQ
The Mighty trapper
Three dirty little ducks
The Mad Chemist HQ
Eyes in the Dark (recolored)
Jet Rescue
Donald's Monster Kite
Playing Hookey (recolored)
Turkey Trouble
Going Buggy (recolored)
The Terrible Turkey
Going Ape
Spoil the Rod
The Old Castle's Secret
The Golden Christmas Tree
Truant officer Donald
Rival Beachcombers
Lost In the Andes
Managing the Echo System
Plenty of Pets
Donald's Love Letters
Luck of the North
Trail of the Unicorn
In Ancient Persia
The April Foolers
In Old California
Knightly Rivals HQ
Attic Antics-Welcome Guest
The Truant Nephews
Terror of the Beagle boys
The Screaming Cowboy
Only A Poor Old Man HQ
Gladstone's secret
The Think Box Bollix
The Gilded Man
The Hypno Gun (recolored)
Hobblin' Goblins
A Charitable Chore
Flip Decision
My Lucky Valentine
The Easter Election
The Talking Dog
Much Ado about Quackly Hall
Wispy Willie
Fix-Up Mix-Up (recolored)
The Secret of Atlantis
Raffle reversal
Tells About Kites B&W
Search for the Cpidora
New Year's Revolutions
The Olympic Hopeful
Camping Confion
Migrating Millions
Second richest duck
Grandma's present
Forecasting Follies
The Sure-Fire Gold Finder
Forbidden Valley BQ
Augt Accident
Roscoe the Robot
Wishing Stone Island
Noble Porpoises
The Wishing Well
In Egypt-Pyramid Scheme
The Master Mover
The Prize of Pizarro
The Floating Island
Mastering the Matterhorn
The Black Forest Rescue
The Money Champ HQ
The Stubborn Stork
Island in the Sky
Oodles of Oomph
Fishy Warden
Turkey Trouble
You can't win
Mythtic Mystery
Fast away castaway
Mr Private eye
Carl Barks-Gift Lion
Duckburg's Day of Peril
The Great Pop Up
Spicy Tale
Finny Fun
Posthasty Postman
Snow Dter
A Helper's Helping Hand
Man Vers Machine
The Many Faces of Magica de
The Cattle King
The Milkman
Duckmade Disaster
Cave of Ali Baba
Camera Crazy
Donald Duck's Atom Bomb
Donald Tames His Temper
Finds Pirate Gold (with others)
Have Gun, Will Dance
Letter To Santa
Rip Van Donald
Rival Boatmen
Santa's Stormy Visit
Sheriff Of Bullet Valley
Silent Night
Ten Cents' Worth Of Trouble
The Duck In The Iron Pants
The Magic Hour-Glass
The Mummy's Ring
The Victory Garden
The Village Blacksmith
Three Un-Ducks
Voodoo Hoodoo
You Can't Guess!
Back To The Klondike
Bongo On The Congo
Christmas On Bear Mountain
Crown Of The Mayas
Hoe Of Haunts
Land Of The Pygmy Indians
Message From Mysterio Island
Pipeline To Danger
Somethin' Fishy Here
Statuesque Spendthrifts
The Fabulo Philosopher's Stone
The Giant Robot Robbers
The Golden Fleecing
The Seven Cities Of Cibola
The Treasure Of Marco Polo
Tralla La

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