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A Treasure Chest of Science (Einstein, Dawkins, Weinberg )

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A Treasure Chest of Science (Einstein, Dawkins, Weinberg )

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Name:A Treasure Chest of Science (Einstein, Dawkins, Weinberg )

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 The Red Limit (Timothy Ferris)

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 T Rex and the Crater of Doom (Walter Alvarez)

  T.rex And The Crater Of Doom 04.mp3

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 River out of Eden (Richard Dawkins)

  River Out Of Eden 04.mp3

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  River Out Of Eden 03.mp3

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  River Out Of Eden 01.mp3

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 Relativity (Albert Einstein)

  Relativity 04.mp3

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  Relativity 03.mp3

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 Just Six Numbers (Martin Rees)

  Just Six Numbers 03.mp3

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  Just Six Numbers 04.mp3

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  Just Six Numbers 02.mp3

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 Fermat's Last Theorem (Simon Singh)

  Fermat's Last Theorem 04.mp3

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  Fermat's Last Theorem 01.mp3

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 Dreams of a Final Theory (Steven Weinberg)

  Dreams 03.mp3

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  Dreams 04.mp3

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  Dreams 01.mp3

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 Almost Everyone's Guide to Science (John Gribbin)

  Almost Everyone's Guide To Science 04.mp3

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Almost Everyone’s Guide to Science: The Universe, Life and Everything - written and read by John Gribbin (3hrs)
This is for anyone who is aware that science is important – interesting, even – but who feels daunted by its complexities. John Gribbin tells the story of investigation, experiment and thought that has taken us in less than four hundred years from a belief that the world is governed by magic, to a coherent view of the world encompassing everything from the structure of particles within the atom to the origins of the universe and our own species. Things half-understood at school leap into elegant clarity with his simple explanations and analogies.

Dreams of a Final Theory: The Scientist's Search for the Ultimate Laws of Nature - written and read by Steven Weinberg (3hrs 10mins)
Dreams of a Final Theory tells the story of a great intellectual adventure of our time: the search for nature’s fundamental laws and the final answer to our question about why nature is the way it is. Weinberg, 1979 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, imagines the shape of a final theory and the effect its discovery would have on the human spirit. He gives a defence of reductionism (the impulse to trace explanations of natural phenomena to deeper and deeper levels) and examines the curious relevance of beauty and symmetry in scientific theories. He also gives a personal account of the search for the laws of nature, and shares with us glimpses that scientists have had from time to time that there is something behind the blackboard, that there is a deeper truth foreshadowing a final theory.

Fermat’s Last Theorem - by Simon Singh, read by David Rintoul (3hrs)
In 1670 Pierre de Fermat’s son published 48 observations made by the French scholar, all accompanied either by no explanation, or by glimpses of just enough logic to leave no doubt that Fermat did have proofs.
Almost three hundred years later all had been proven except the one bearing Fermat’s tantalising comment “I have a truly marvellous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.”
In 1963 the ten year old Andrew Wiles read about the notorious “Last Theorem” in his local library, dreaming that one day he would shock the world by providing that missing proof. Thirty years later, at Cambridge’s Sir Isaac Newton Institute, Andrew Wiles stood up to announce to an audience of transfixed mathematicians the realisation of that dream.

Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe – written and read by Martin Rees (the Astronomer Royal) (3hrs)
How did a single ‘genesis event’ create billions of galaxies, black holes, stars and planets? How did atoms assemble – here on Earth, and perhaps on other worlds – into living beings intricate enough to ponder their origins? This book describes the recent avalanche of discoveries about the universe’s fundamental laws, and the deep connections between stars and atoms – the cosmos and the microscopic world. Just six numbers, imprinted in the ‘big bang’, determine the essence of our world.
If any one of these six numbers were ‘untuned’, there would be no stars and no life. Is this tuning just a coincidence? Or is it the providence of a benign creator? Rees argues that it is neither: he posits the existence of an infinity of other universes where the numbers are different. Most are stillborn or sterile. We have emerged naturally in one with the right combination.

Relativity - by Albert Einstein, read by Julian Lopez-Morillas (2hrs 15mins)
Albert Einstein described his book, Relativity, as a popular exposition of his famous theory. He wrote: “The author has spared himself no pains in his endeavour to present the main ideas in the simplest and most intelligible form”. Written in 1916, Relativity introduced the lay audience to the remarkable perspective which a few years earlier had overturned theoretical physics. Concepts of time and space could now relate intrinsically in a relativistic viewpoint that stretches the imagination. Einstein gave Relativity this simple preface: “May this book bring someone a few happy hours of suggestive thought!”.

River Out of Eden - written and read by Richard Dawkins (3hrs)
‘The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference… DNA neither cares nor knows. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.’ -- from River Out of Eden
In this audio book based on his Number One best-selling book, Richard Dawkins presents a closely argued, intellectually exhilarating case for his radical Darwinian view of life on Earth and mankind’s place on it. Those who know his earlier works will find much additional material to savour; those who have not yet discovered Dawkin’s passion for science will find this an ideal introduction to his work.

T.rex and the Crater of Doom - by Walter Alvarez, read by Jeff Riggenbach (3hrs)
Sixty-five million years ago, a comet or asteroid larger than Mt. Everest slammed into the Earth, causing an explosion equivalent to the detonation of a hundred million hydrogen bombs. Vaporised dust and debris from the impact site were blasted out through the atmosphere, falling back to Earth all around the globe. Terrible environmental disasters ensued, including a giant tsunami, continent-scale wildfires, darkness, and cold, followed by sweltering greenhouse heat. When conditions returned to normal, half of the genera of plants and animals on Earth had perished.
This horrific story is now widely accepted as the solution to a great scientific mystery – what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? In T.rex and the Crater of Doom, the story of the scientific detective work that went into the solving of the mystery is told by geologist Walter Alvarez, one of the four Berkeley scientists who discovered evidence of the giant impact.

The Language Instinct: The New Science of Language and Mind - by Steven Pinker, read by Lalla Ward (3hrs)
Steven Pinker traces the spontaneous development of language and how it shapes our way of thinking. He discusses how we understand a sentence, even the non-literal aspects of language such as metaphors and humour, the intricate design of grammar and individual words, the perception of speech sounds, and how infants develop the linguistic skills they are born with. Also explored in this fascinating book are the diversity of different languages, the biology of language, and how it has evolved over time and continues to change in both its usage and what is recognised as ‘correct’.

The Red Limit: The Search for the Edge of the Universe - written and read by Timothy Ferris (6hrs)
Acclaimed by Carl Sagan as a “new style of science book… an extremely rich and ably presented discussion of the universe as a whole”, The Red Limit tells the story of how the expansion of the universe was discovered by a band of scientists whose rivalries and emotions played as important a rôle as their intellectual brilliance.
The discovery of galaxies, quasars, and the “edge of the universe” is here recounted with the clarity, simplicity, and stylistic elegance that has inspired critics to hail Timothy Ferris as “the greatest science writer in the world”.

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