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Neal Boortz Collection 3 audio books plus bonus

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Name:Neal Boortz Collection 3 audio books plus bonus

Total Size: 1.19 GB

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Neal Boortz Commencement Speech PDF MP3 (Size: 1.19 GB) (Files: 124)

 Neal Boortz Commencement Speech PDF MP3

  Neal Boortz Commencement Speech.pdf

97.64 KB

  Neal Boortz Commencement Speech.mp3

14.79 MB

 Neal Boortz - Somebody's Gotta Say It

  Somebody's Gotta Say It.jpg

52.54 KB

  Somebody's Gotta Say It (Disc 5)

   5-09 I Think Your ....mp3

10.98 MB

   5-08 Next Item 2 ....mp3

7.83 MB

   5-07 Next Item ....mp3

9.83 MB

   5-06 Okay, The Next ....mp3

9.07 MB

   5-05 The Next Item ....mp3

9.36 MB

   5-04 Day After Day ....mp3

10.36 MB

   5-03 Okay, The Next ....mp3

9.96 MB

   5-02 Now I Know ....mp3

10.86 MB

   5-01 The UN Failure ....mp3

6.70 MB

  Somebody's Gotta Say It (Disc 4)

   4-10 Our Next Trigger ....mp3

6.97 MB

   4-09 Our Next Phase ....mp3

9.05 MB

   4-08 Okay, Our Next ....mp3

10.61 MB

   4-07 Well I Call ....mp3

8.30 MB

   4-06 So Your Still ....mp3

6.43 MB

   4-05 Okay, Now A Chapter ....mp3

9.84 MB

   4-04 Let's Just Make This ....mp3

6.49 MB

   4-03 You Might Think ....mp3

7.98 MB

   4-02 Consider The Case ....mp3

8.68 MB

   4-01 This Next Chapter ....mp3

10.04 MB

  Somebody's Gotta Say It (Disc 3)

   3-09 Another Idea ....mp3

9.45 MB

   3-08 Okay, Back To ....mp3

7.85 MB

   3-07 Next On The Democrat ....mp3

10.40 MB

   3-06 Now Sit Down ....mp3

8.38 MB

   3-05 Now The Next ....mp3

7.63 MB

   3-04 First Item ....mp3

8.35 MB

   3-03 At This Point ....mp3

9.82 MB

   3-02 Okay, I Entitle ....mp3

8.19 MB

   3-01 During Their ....mp3

10.56 MB

  Somebody's Gotta Say It (Disc 2)

   2-09 Okay, Now Time For A ....mp3

6.58 MB

   2-08 Okay, This Chapter ....mp3

8.38 MB

   2-07 Now Here's A Surprise ....mp3

11.44 MB

   2-06 Jumping Around Now ....mp3

7.57 MB

   2-05 I Know This May ....mp3

11.12 MB

   2-04 The Next Chapter ....mp3

9.45 MB

   2-03 So Here's The ....mp3

9.82 MB

   2-02 Okay, Lets Talk ....mp3

10.84 MB

   2-01 Okay, Here's An E-Mail ....mp3

8.23 MB

  Somebody's Gotta Say It (Disc 1)

   1-09 Now Homosexuals ....mp3

6.32 MB

   1-08 Here's My ....mp3

10.61 MB

   1-07 Now Take Another ....mp3

10.47 MB

   1-06 Most Of Us ....mp3

8.94 MB

   1-05 This Chapter ....mp3

10.33 MB

   1-04 Question, What Is ....mp3

11.23 MB

   1-03 But Back To ....mp3

7.97 MB

   1-02 Now I Began....mp3

7.73 MB

   1-01 Intro....mp3

9.44 MB

 Neal Boortz & Congressman John Linder - The FairTax Book

  The FairTax Book.jpg

28.52 KB

  The Fair Tax Book bound.jpg

41.19 KB

  The Fair Tax Book autographs.jpg

13.82 KB

  21 Acknowledgments.mp3

5.24 MB

  20 Chapter 16 - Okay.mp3

15.87 MB

  19 Chapter 15 - Questions and Objections.mp3

51.08 MB

  18 Chapter 14 - Income Tax Outrages.mp3

16.16 MB

  17 Chapter 13 - Social Security and Medicare Under the FairTax.mp3

20.32 MB

  16 Chapter 12 - The Opposition - Where Will It Come From.mp3

19.73 MB

  15 Chapter 11 - So We've Done It.mp3

11.65 MB

  14 Chapter 10 - Underground and Offshore Economy.mp3

28.01 MB

  13 Chapter 9 - The FairTax Prebate - The Key to Fairness.mp3

19.14 MB

  12 Chapter 8 - The FairTax Explained.mp3

13.42 MB

  11 Chapter 7 - The Birth of the FairTax.mp3

4.55 MB

  10 Chapter 6 - Bringing American Business Back Home.mp3

13.29 MB

  09 Chapter 5 - The Embedded Costs of Our Tax Code.mp3

17.91 MB

  08 Chapter 4 - Our Current Tax Code - The Cost of Compliance.mp3

22.70 MB

  07 Chapter 3 - The Myth of Corporate Taxes.mp3

12.34 MB

  06 Chapter 2 - Then Came Withholding.mp3

21.80 MB

  05 Chapter 1 - The History of Our Income Tax.mp3

16.29 MB

  04 Introduction B.mp3

13.35 MB

  03 Introduction A.mp3

3.70 MB

  02 A Word from Neal Boortz.mp3

8.13 MB

  01 Preface & A Word from Congressman John Linder.mp3

2.36 MB

 Neal Boortz & Congressman John Linder - FairTax-The Truth

  FairTax_ The Truth.jpg

40.85 KB

  FairTax_ The Truth (Disc 5)

   5-09 It's in chapter 9 of the report....mp3

12.52 MB

   5-08 For all of you whose....mp3

6.71 MB

   5-07 Appendix....mp3

10.70 MB

   5-06 Our vision for tomorrow....mp3

8.21 MB

   5-05 What's more, not only....mp3

10.22 MB

   5-04 Chapter 12.mp3

11.90 MB

   5-03 Chapter 11.mp3

11.64 MB

   5-02 Criticism....mp3

7.16 MB

   5-01 As any ecomonist would....mp3

12.34 MB

  FairTax_ The Truth (Disc 4)

   4-09 When we ower the tax....mp3

9.15 MB

   4-08 Criticism....mp3

11.48 MB

   4-07 Criticism....mp3

11.57 MB

   4-06 Proponents of the home....mp3

7.23 MB

   4-05 Okay, our next criticism....mp3

11.27 MB

   4-04 Criticism....mp3

7.98 MB

   4-03 The Next Criticism....mp3

8.18 MB

   4-02 Next criticism....mp3

13.05 MB

   4-01 Doctors and other....mp3

10.19 MB

  FairTax_ The Truth (Disc 3)

   3-11 It's true that....mp3

9.49 MB

   3-10 So why is it that....mp3

11.56 MB

   3-09 So let's look at....mp3

9.45 MB

   3-08 Chapter 10.mp3

12.04 MB

   3-07 The Bartlett Scientology....mp3

4.83 MB

   3-06 Scientology....mp3

12.40 MB

   3-05 Chapter 9.mp3

7.79 MB

   3-04 Chapter 8.mp3

11.93 MB

   3-03 Now let's look beyond....mp3

4.61 MB

   3-02 Chapter 7.mp3

3.20 MB

   3-01 But what about corporate....mp3

1.89 MB

  FairTax_ The Truth (Disc 2)

   2-10 Now for the second....mp3

6.49 MB

   2-09 Chapter 6.mp3

12.06 MB

   2-08 One former chairman....mp3

6.71 MB

   2-07 Are there downsides to....mp3

9.54 MB

   2-06 Chapter 5.mp3

13.35 MB

   2-05 Chapter 4.mp3

10.10 MB

   2-04 The Social Security....mp3

5.05 MB

   2-03 Now, the second....mp3

11.91 MB

   2-02 Would you like a grim....mp3

12.07 MB

   2-01 The FairTax would....mp3

4.72 MB

  FairTax_ The Truth (Disc 1)

   1-11 Chapter 3.mp3

5.08 MB

   1-10 The burden of funding....mp3

9.22 MB

   1-09 A tax reform system....mp3

10.08 MB

   1-08 Chapter 2.mp3

11.71 MB

   1-07 Now, all of these people....mp3

6.00 MB

   1-06 Chapter 1.mp3

8.47 MB

   1-05 The current US income....mp3

7.54 MB

   1-04 All of these sources....mp3

6.65 MB

   1-03 Introduction.mp3

7.54 MB

   1-02 First they did a little....mp3

9.28 MB

   1-01 HarperAudio Presents....mp3

10.49 MB


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Torrent description

Neal Boortz Collection [3 audio books plus bonus]

Neal Boortz & Congressman John Linder - The FairTax Book

Wouldn't you love to abolish the IRS . . . Keep all the money in your paycheck . . . Pay taxes on what you spend, not what you earn . . . And eliminate all the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current system?
Then the FairTax is for you. In the face of the outlandish American tax burden, talk-radio firebrand Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder are leading the charge to phase out our current, unfair system and enact the FairTax Plan -- replacing the federal income tax and withholding system with a simple 23 percent retail sales tax. This dramatic revision of the current system, which would eliminate the reviled IRS, has already caught fire in the American heartland, with more than 600,000 taxpayers signing on in support of the plan.

As Boortz and Linder reveal in this first book on the FairTax, this radical but eminently sensible plan would end the annual national nightmare of filing income tax returns, while at the same time enlarging the federal tax base by collecting sales tax from every retail consumer in the country. The FairTax, they argue, would transform the fearsome bureaucracy of the IRS into a more transparent, accountable -- and equitable -- tax collection system. Endorsed by scores of leading economists -- and supported by a huge and growing grassroots movement -- the Fair Tax Plan could revolutionize the way America pays for itself.

Neal Boortz & Congressman John Linder - FairTax-The Truth: Answering the Critics

In 2005, firebrand radio talk show host Neal Boortz and Georgia congressman John Linder created The FairTax Book, presenting the American public with a bold new plan designed to eliminate federal taxes and the IRS, jump-start the U.S. economy, bring back lost industries and jobs, and recapture billions of untaxed dollars hoarded by criminal and offshore businesses. Their book became an immediate #1 New York Times bestseller, propelling a powerful grassroots tax reform movement that's spreading like wildfire across our nation.

Now, three years later, the authors are back to answer the outspoken and misinformed critics of their innovative proposal. Offering eye-opening new insights not covered in the original book, FairTax: The Truth debunks the negative myths and gross misrepresentations of this groundbreaking idea. The FairTax plan is simple, brilliant, and it will work—enabling you to keep all the money in your paycheck; eliminating the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current system; and revolutionizing the way America pays for itself.

Neal Boortz - Somebody's Gotta Say It

I've come to the conclusion that roughly 50 percent of the adults in this country are simply too ignorant and functionally incompetent to be living in a free society.

You might think I'm off base, but every day around half the people in this country go out of their way to prove me right. --from Somebody's Gotta Say It

Think you've got it all figured out? Think again.

Neal Boortz--the Talkmaster, the High Priest of the Church of the Painful Truth--has been edifying, infuriating, and entertaining talk radio audiences for more than three decades with his blend of straight talk and twisted humor. Now, the author of the smash number one bestseller The FairTax Book returns to gore every sacred cow in the pasture, from the subversive agendas behind children's books to the scam artists behind "High Art."

In Somebody's Gotta Say It, Boortz warms up for the coming political season with a preemptive strike in "the War on the Individual": "The Democrats' theme for 2008 will be 'The Common Good.' I can't speak for you, but I am an individual. Government exists to protect my rights, not to order my life. And I damn sure don't exist to serve government." He takes on liberal catchphrases like giving back ("Nobody--especially not the evil, wretched rich--actually earns anything anymore. Why do liberals think this way? Because they find it impossible to acknowledge that people work for money"), our rampant civic idiocy ("We are not a democracy. Never were. Weren't supposed to be. And we shouldn't be"), and Big Brother ("We have smoke-free workplaces. We have drug-free school zones. I say let's start establishing government-free oases, where we can be free to leave our seat belts unbuckled, and peel the labels off anything we choose"). And somehow, along the way, he finds room for pop quizzes, cat-chasing contests, and an answer, once and for all, to the eternal question, "Neal, why don't you run for president?"--in a chapter called "No Way in Hell."

Full of irresistible wisecracks and irrefutable libertarian wisdom, Somebody's Gotta Say It is one man's response to America at a time when the government overreaches, the people underperform--and the truth hurts.

Neal Boortz - The Neal Boortz Commencement Speech
PDF and MP3 from Neal Boortz Radio Show

No, this speech has never been delivered at a college or a university. It was written to protest the fact that such an invitation has never been offered! It has only been delivered on my radio show, printed in my book "The Terrible Truth About Liberals" and produced on a limited edition CD. The irony is that this commencement speech has been more widely distributed, and has been the subject of more comment than any commencement speech that actually has been delivered at any college or university in the past 50 years.

About the Author
The host of radio's The Neal Boortz Show, syndicated in nearly two hundred national markets, Neal Boortz is the author (with Congressman John Linder) of the New York Times bestsellers The FairTax Book and FairTax: The Truth, and author of The Terrible Truth About Liberals. He has been nominated twice for the National Association of Broadcasters' Marconi Award and divides his time between Atlanta, Georgia, and Naples, Florida.

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