Fates Warning Discography (1984 2004) [email protected]

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Name:Fates Warning Discography (1984 2004) [email protected]

Total Size: 1.54 GB

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Torrent added: 2009-01-02 20:34:33

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Torrent Files List

Arch, John--2003--A Twist of Fate (Size: 1.53 GB) (Files: 169)

 Arch, John--2003--A Twist of Fate

  Arch, John--A Twist Of Fate--01--Relentless.mp3

22.74 MB

  Arch, John--A Twist Of Fate--02--Cheyenne.mp3

28.59 MB




11.68 MB


6.84 MB

   Engine--Engine--03--Falling Star.mp3

10.90 MB


8.09 MB

   Engine--Engine--05--I Don't Need.mp3

8.44 MB

   Engine--Engine--06--Teach Me.mp3

7.47 MB

   Engine--Engine--07--Bear Your Cross.mp3

9.34 MB

   Engine--Engine--08--Tree Of Life.mp3

8.80 MB

   Engine--Engine--09--You're Awake.mp3

8.09 MB


   Engine--Superholic--01--Losing Ground.mp3

6.99 MB


6.28 MB

   Engine--Superholic--03--I Know.mp3

6.99 MB

   Engine--Superholic--04--The Perfect Star.mp3

10.03 MB


8.66 MB

   Engine--Superholic--06--Fascination Street.mp3

8.47 MB

   Engine--Superholic--07--1 a.m.mp3

4.10 MB


9.80 MB


6.16 MB

   Engine--Superholic--10--Save Me.mp3

8.86 MB


6.81 MB

 Fates Warning

  Fates Warning--1984--Night on Bröcken (Rem 2002)

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--01--Buried Alive.mp3

8.55 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--02--The Calling.mp3

9.27 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--03--Kiss Of Death.mp3

8.51 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--04--Night On Brocken.mp3

10.07 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--05--S.E.K.mp3

2.42 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--06--Misfit.mp3

9.34 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--07--Shadowfax.mp3

6.02 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--08--Damnation.mp3

11.80 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--09--Soldier Boy.mp3

11.79 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--10--Last Call (Original Misfit Demo - 1984).mp3

10.35 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--11--The Calling (Rehearsal - 1983).mp3

8.45 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--12--Kiss Of Death (Live at L'Amour - 1985).mp3

8.42 MB

   Fates Warning--Night On Bröcken (1984_Rmstr)--13--Flight Of Icarus (Iron Maiden cover - Rehearsal 1983).mp3

9.74 MB

  Fates Warning--1985--The Spectre Within (Rem 2002)

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--01--Traveler In Time.mp3

13.21 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--02--Orphan Gypsy.mp3

10.97 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--03--Without A Trace.mp3

8.85 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--04--Pirates Of The Underground.mp3

12.99 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--05--The Apparition.mp3

10.71 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--06--Kyrie Eleison.mp3

9.92 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--07--Epitaph.mp3

21.92 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--08--Radio Underground (Live Underground).mp3

12.74 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--09--The Apparition (Rehearsal 1985).mp3

10.83 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--10--Kyrie Eleison ('Dickie' Demo - 1985).mp3

10.71 MB

   Fates Warning--The Spectre Within (1985_Rmstr)--11--Epitaph ('Dickie' Demo - 1985).mp3

21.81 MB

  Fates Warning--1986--Awaken The Guardian (Rem 2005)


0.73 KB


10.45 KB


0.90 KB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--01--The Sorceress.mp3

8.75 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--02--Valley of the Dolls.mp3

9.03 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--03--Fata Morgana.mp3

8.12 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--04--Guardian.mp3

11.55 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--05--Prelude to Ruin.mp3

12.27 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--06--Giant's Lore (Heart of Winter).mp3

10.10 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--07--Time Long Past.mp3

2.74 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD1--08--Exodus.mp3

14.31 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--01--The Sorceress (Demo).mp3

9.20 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--02--Valley of the Dolls (Demo).mp3

9.90 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--03--Prelude to Ruin (Demo).mp3

12.02 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--04--Fata Morgana (Live).mp3

6.49 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--05--Damnation (Live).mp3

7.17 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--06--The Apparition (Live).mp3

7.41 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--07--The Sorceress (Live).mp3

6.19 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--08--Guardian (Live).mp3

8.48 MB

   Fates Warning--Awaken the Guardian (1986 Rem)--CD2--09--Die Young (Live).mp3

5.15 MB


99.11 KB

  Fates Warning--1988--No Exit

   Fates Warning--No Exit--01--No Exit.mp3

1.29 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--02--Anarchy Divine.mp3

6.91 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--03--Silent Cries.mp3

6.03 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--04--In A Word.mp3

8.10 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--05--Shades Of Heavenly Death.mp3

10.92 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--06--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(i)-Innocence.mp3

2.23 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--07--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(ii)-Cold Daze.mp3

4.14 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--08--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(iii)-Daylight Dreamers.mp3

5.70 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--09--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(iv)-Quietus.mp3

8.05 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--10--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(v)-Ivory Tower.mp3

6.04 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--11--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(vi)-Whispers On The Wind.mp3

4.41 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--12--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(vii)-Aquiescence.mp3

8.06 MB

   Fates Warning--No Exit--13--The Ivory Gate Of Dreams-(viii)-Retrospect.mp3

1.84 MB

  Fates Warning--1989--Perfect Symmetry

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--01--Part Of The Machine.mp3

11.46 MB

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--02--Through Different Eyes.mp3

8.02 MB

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--03--Static Acts.mp3

8.19 MB

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--04--A World Apart.mp3

9.28 MB

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--05--At Fates Hands.mp3

12.81 MB

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--06--The Arena.mp3

6.06 MB

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--07--Chasing Time.mp3

6.68 MB

   Fates Warning--Perfect Symmetry--08--Nothing Left To Say.mp3

14.65 MB

  Fates Warning--1991--Parallels

   Fates Warning--Parallels--01--Leave The Past Behind.mp3

11.40 MB

   Fates Warning--Parallels--02--Life In Still Water.mp3

10.52 MB

   Fates Warning--Parallels--03--Eye To Eye.mp3

7.51 MB

   Fates Warning--Parallels--04--The Eleventh Hour.mp3

15.02 MB

   Fates Warning--Parallels--05--Point Of View.mp3

9.38 MB

   Fates Warning--Parallels--06--We Only Say Goodbye.mp3

9.03 MB

   Fates Warning--Parallels--07--Don't Follow Me.mp3

8.62 MB

   Fates Warning--Parallels--08--The Road Goes On Forever.mp3

11.86 MB

  Fates Warning--1994--Inside Out

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--01--Outside Looking In.mp3

8.88 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--02--Pale Fire.mp3

7.88 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--03--The Strand.mp3

10.05 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--04--Shelter Me.mp3

8.71 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--05--Island In The Stream.mp3

11.91 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--06--Down To The Wire.mp3

8.27 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--07--Face The Fear.mp3

10.31 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--08--Inward Bound.mp3

4.74 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--09--Monument.mp3

12.05 MB

   Fates Warning--Inside Out--10--Afterglow.mp3

6.30 MB

  Fates Warning--1995--Chasing Time

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--01--Monument.mp3

11.50 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--02--The Apparition.mp3

10.65 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--03--Through Different Eyes.mp3

7.96 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--04--Point Of View.mp3

9.13 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--05--Prelude To Ruin.mp3

13.47 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--06--Quietus.mp3

7.54 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--07--Eye To Eye.mp3

7.51 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--08--Guardian.mp3

13.79 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--10--Silent Cries.mp3

6.02 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--11--We Only Say Goodbye.mp3

8.89 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--12--Damnation.mp3

11.69 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--13--Circles.mp3

9.68 MB

   Fates Warning--Chasing Time--14--The Eleventh Hour.mp3

16.30 MB

  Fates Warning--1997--A Pleasant Shade of Gray

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--01--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part I.mp3

3.47 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--02--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part II.mp3

6.29 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--03--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part III.mp3

7.13 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--04--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part IV.mp3

8.16 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--05--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part V.mp3

9.91 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--06--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part VI.mp3

13.70 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--07--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part VII.mp3

8.90 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--08--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part VIII.mp3

6.45 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--09--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part IX.mp3

8.73 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--10--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part X.mp3

2.44 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--11--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part XI.mp3

6.57 MB

   Fates Warning--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray--12--A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part XII.mp3

16.76 MB

  Fates Warning--1998--Still Life

   Fates Warning--1998--Still Life--CD01

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--01--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part I.mp3

3.95 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--02--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part II.mp3

6.59 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--03--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part II.mp3

7.22 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--04--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part IV.mp3

8.35 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--05--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part V.mp3

9.99 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--06--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part VI.mp3

12.96 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--07--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part VII.mp3

10.31 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--08--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part VIII.mp3

5.01 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--09--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part IX.mp3

8.62 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--10--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part X.mp3

2.18 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--11--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part XI.mp3

6.20 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD01--12--A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part XII.mp3

13.78 MB

   Fates Warning--1998--Still Life--CD02

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD02--01--The Ivory Gate of Dreams.mp3

38.28 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD02--02--The Eleventh Hour.mp3

15.11 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD02--03--Point Of View.mp3

8.34 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD02--04--Monument.mp3

12.41 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD02--05--At Fates Hands.mp3

12.45 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD02--06--Prelude To Ruin.mp3

6.68 MB

    Fates Warning--Still Life--CD02--07--We Only Say Goodbye.mp3

8.61 MB

  Fates Warning--2000--Disconnected

   Fates Warning--Disconnected--01--Disconnected Part 1.mp3

2.26 MB

   Fates Warning--Disconnected--02--One.mp3

8.15 MB

   Fates Warning--Disconnected--03--So.mp3

14.89 MB

   Fates Warning--Disconnected--04--Pieces Of Me.mp3

8.07 MB

   Fates Warning--Disconnected--05--Something From Nothing.mp3

20.10 MB

   Fates Warning--Disconnected--06--Still Remains.mp3

29.55 MB

   Fates Warning--Disconnected--07--Disconnected Part 2.mp3

11.33 MB

  Fates Warning--2004--FWX

   Fates Warning--FWX--01--Left Here.mp3

12.81 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--02--Simple Human.mp3

7.43 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--03--River Wide Ocean Deep.mp3

11.29 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--04--Another Perfect Day.mp3

8.67 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--05--Heal Me.mp3

14.00 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--06--Sequence # 7.mp3

4.06 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--07--Crawl.mp3

7.99 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--08--A Handful Of Doubt.mp3

9.34 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--09--Stranger (With A Familliar Face).mp3

7.96 MB

   Fates Warning--FWX--10--Wish.mp3

12.17 MB

 Fates Warning Discography (13 CDs), Engine, John Arch.nfo

0.56 KB


0.05 KB


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Torrent description

Genre: Power Metal, Progressive Metal
Origin: United States of America (Hartford, Connecticut)
Formed in 1982

Torrent includes:
Night On Bröcken 1984
The Spectre Within 1985
Awaken The Guardian 1986
No Exit 1988
Perfect Symmetry 1989
Parallels 1991
Inside Out 1994
Chasing Time Best of/Compilation, 1995
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray 1997
Still Life Live album, 1998
Disconnected 2000
Fates Warning X 2004

John Arch - A Twist of Fate (2003)
Engine - Engine (1999)
Engine - Superholic (2002)

Current line-up
Ray Alder: Vocals (Engine, Syrus (US), Redemption)
Jim Matheos: Guitars (Office of Strategic Influence, John Arch, Gordian Knot)
Joey Vera: Bass (Armored Saint, Engine, John Arch, Seven Witches, Jack Frost (US), Office of Strategic Influence, Anthrax, Invasion)

Bernie Versailles: (live) Guitars (Agent Steel, Engine, Redemption)

Former/past members
Steve Zimmermann (Image Beyond) (1982-88)
Mark Zonder (Warlord (US), Cans, At War With Self, Slavior, guest in Redemption, Under-Radio) (1988-2004)

Joe DiBiase (1982-96)

Frank Aresti (Demonax) (1986-96)
Victor Arduini (1982-86)

Chris Cronk (Talisphere, Jag Panzer, S.A. Slayer, Karian) (1987)
John Arch (1982-87)

Credits go to: morgoth7

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