Dungeons & Dragons D&D Living Greyhawk adventures

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Name:Dungeons & Dragons D&D Living Greyhawk adventures

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Adaptable (Size: 881.33 MB) (Files: 1878)



   ADP1-02 - A Chance at Fortune.pdf

248.53 KB

   ADP1-02 - Festival Knight.pdf

869.22 KB

   ADP1-02 Festival Knight.pdf

869.22 KB

   ADP1-04 - What Lies Beneath.pdf

147.63 KB

   ADP1-06 - Snake in the Grass.pdf

1.18 MB

   ADP1-07 - An Afternoon Outing (Pt1).pdf

312.03 KB

   ADP1-08 - Plea from Beyond the Grave.pdf

463.00 KB

   ADP1-09 - Sinkhole.pdf

913.47 KB


   ADP6-01 Fane of the Drow

    ADP6-01 Fane of the Drow AR.pdf

875.96 KB

    ADP6-01 Fane of the Drow.pdf

853.85 KB

   ADP6-02 Hellspike Prison

    ADP6-02 Hellspike Prison AR.pdf

136.19 KB

    ADP6-02 Hellspike Prison.pdf

532.61 KB

   ADP6-03 Red Hand of Doom

    ADP6-03 Red Hand of Doom AR - Part 1.pdf

107.87 KB

    ADP6-03 Red Hand of Doom AR - Part 2.pdf

108.09 KB

    ADP6-03 Red Hand of Doom AR - Part 3.pdf

107.38 KB

    ADP6-03 Red Hand of Doom AR - Part 4.pdf

108.90 KB

    ADP6-03 Red Hand of Doom AR - Part 5.pdf

107.01 KB

    ADP6-03 Red Hand of Doom.pdf

410.80 KB

    Red Hand of Doom - Mittleberg Residence.pdf

235.45 KB

    Red Hand of Doom - Mittleberg Structure.pdf

236.09 KB

    Red Hand of Doom - Sterich Baronetcy Residence.pdf

236.03 KB

    Red Hand of Doom - Sterich Border Tower.pdf

236.58 KB

    Red Hand of Doom - Vraath Keep.pdf

234.67 KB

   ADP6-04 Fields of Ruin

    ADP6-04 Fields of Ruin AR.pdf

146.79 KB

    ADP6-04 Fields of Ruin.pdf

605.90 KB


   ADP7-01 Dragondown Grotto

    ADP7-01 Dragondown Grotto AR.pdf

126.07 KB

    ADP7-01 Dragondown Grotto.pdf

115.88 KB

   ADP7-02 Scourge of the Howling Horde

    ADP7-02 Scourge of the Howling Horde AR.pdf

141.62 KB

    ADP7-02 Scourge of the Howling Horde.pdf

105.56 KB

   ADP7-03 The Frostfell Rift

    ADP7-04 The Frostfell Rift

     ADP7-04 The Frostfell Rift AR Part 2.pdf

113.74 KB

     ADP7-04 The Frostfell Rift.pdf

81.04 KB

    ADP7-03 The Frostfell Rift AR Part 1.pdf

112.75 KB

    ADP7-03 The Frostfell Rift.pdf

81.03 KB

   ADP7-05 Barrow of the Forgotten King

    ADP7-05 Barrow of the Forgotten King Part 1 AR.pdf

116.98 KB

    ADP7-05 Barrow of the Forgotten King Part 2 AR.pdf

116.42 KB

    ADP7-05 Barrow of the Forgotten King.pdf

82.89 KB

   ADP7-06 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits

    ADP7-06 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Part 1 AR.pdf

121.63 KB

    ADP7-06 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Part 2 AR.pdf

116.67 KB

    ADP7-06 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits Part 3 AR.pdf

122.29 KB

    ADP7-06 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits.pdf

105.62 KB


   ADP8-01 The Sinister Spire

    ADP8-01 Sinister Spire Part 1 AR.pdf

118.48 KB

    ADP8-01 Sinister Spire Part 2 AR.pdf

117.86 KB

    ADP8-01 The Sinister Spire.pdf

204.05 KB

   ADP8-02 Fortress of the Yuan-ti

    2008 Session Tracking Form.pdf

77.99 KB

    ADP8-02 Fortress of the Yuan-ti AR.pdf

127.32 KB

    ADP8-02 Fortress of the Yuan-ti.pdf

88.25 KB

   ADP8-03 Expedition to the Ruins of Grayhawk

    ADP8-03 EttRoG AR 1.pdf

176.99 KB

    Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk Adaptation.pdf

391.95 KB

  Castle Greyhawk


    CGR7-01 Ruins of Discovery.pdf

1.99 MB

    CGR7-01-1 Death in the Free City AR.pdf

185.79 KB

    CGR7-01-2 Sauces and Soundings AR.pdf

182.43 KB


    CGR7-01 Ruins of Discovery.pdf

2.81 MB

    CGR7-01-3 Crowns and Crickets AR.pdf

186.79 KB

    CGR7-01-4 Soiled Souls AR.pdf

189.85 KB


    CGR7-02 Into the Silent Halls.pdf

3.35 MB

    CGR7-02-1 Into the Silent Barracks AR.pdf

184.85 KB

    CGR7-02-2 Pit of the Gouger AR.pdf

185.52 KB

    CGR7-02-3 Convert and Die AR.pdf

183.56 KB

    CGR7-02-4 Blackstone Crypt AR.pdf

183.67 KB


    2008 Session Tracking Form.pdf

77.99 KB

    CGR8-01 Crypts of the Forgotten.pdf

2.17 MB

    CGR8-01-1 Negative Feedback AR.pdf

195.84 KB

    CGR8-01-2 Forsaken Halls AR.pdf

193.04 KB

    CGR8-01-3 They Walk Among Us AR.pdf

201.03 KB


    CGR8-02 Shatterstone.pdf

2.45 MB

    CGR8-02-1 Shatterstone AR.pdf

194.07 KB

    CGR8-02-2 Shatterstone AR.pdf

186.70 KB

    CGR8-02-3 Shatterstone AR.pdf

184.17 KB

    CGR8-02-3 Shatterstone Optional AR.pdf

168.13 KB

    CGR8-02-4 Shatterstone AR.pdf

183.51 KB

  ADP2-02 - Scent of a Demon.pdf

714.68 KB

  The Citadel lvl 7-8.pdf

1.23 MB

  What Lies Beneath.pdf

147.63 KB

 Ahlissa (Innspa)

  AHL7-X (German)

   AHL7-01 Wild Wuchernder Adri

    AHL7-01 Wild Wuchernder Adri AR.pdf

197.53 KB

    AHL7-01 Wild Wuchernder Adri pw-Kelaras.pdf

849.81 KB

    Passwords Adri Year 7.txt

0.06 KB

   AHL7-02 Ein gueldenes Herz

    AHL7-02 Ein gueldenes Herz AR.pdf

195.45 KB

    AHL7-02 Ein gueldenes Herz.pdf

1.19 MB

    Passwords Adri Year 7.txt

0.07 KB

   AHL7-04 Der siebte Tempel

    AHL7-04 Der Siebte Tempel AR.pdf

144.02 KB

    AHL7-04 Der siebte Tempel.pdf

881.03 KB

    Passwords Adri Year 7.txt

0.07 KB

   AHL7-06 Die Grube

    AHL7-06 Die Grube AR.pdf

194.53 KB

    AHL7-06 Die Grube.pdf

637.62 KB

    Passwords Adri Year 7.txt

0.05 KB

   AHL7-07 Quelle des Zorns

    AHL7-07 Quelle des Zorns AR.pdf

196.27 KB

    AHL7-07 Quelle des Zorns.pdf

854.32 KB

    Passwords Adri Year 7.txt

0.06 KB

   AHL7-08 Schatten über Herbergsbad

    AHL7-08 Schatten uber Herbergsbad AR.pdf

196.41 KB

    AHL7-08 Schatten über Herbergsbad.pdf

2.20 MB

    Passwords Adri Year 7.txt

0.06 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

  AHL8-X (German)

   AHL8-01 Gasthof Zum Roten Eber

    AHL8-01 Gasthof zum Roten Eber AR.pdf

123.79 KB

    AHL8-01 Gasthof Zum Roten Eber.pdf

1.12 MB

    Passwords Adri Year 8.txt

0.06 KB

   AHL8-02 Von Mittag bis Mitternacht

    AHL8-02 Von Mittag bis Mitternacht AR.pdf

170.47 KB

    AHL8-02 Von Mittag bis Mitternacht.pdf

610.62 KB

    Passwords Adri Year 8.txt

0.06 KB

   AHL8-03 Drachen unter Herbergsbad

    AHL8-03 Drachen unter Herbergsbad AR.pdf

169.97 KB

    AHL8-03 Drachen unter Herbergsbad.pdf

1.41 MB

    Passwords Adri Year 8.txt

0.07 KB

   AHL8-04 Brunnen In Flammen

    AHL8-04 Brunnen in Flammen AR.pdf

170.57 KB

    AHL8-04 Brunnen In Flammen.pdf

716.41 KB

    Passwords Adri Year 8.txt

0.06 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  AHL3-01 - Adri Fiend Follies.pdf

1.61 MB

 Ahlissa (Nearie)


359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

 Bandit Kingdoms


   BDK1-01 - The Package.pdf

759.51 KB

   BDK1-02 Bleeding Moon.pdf

1.22 MB

   BDK1-03 Fortress.pdf

804.97 KB

   BDK1-04 - Angry Bones.pdf

894.07 KB

   BDK1-05 Peiper's Ferry.pdf

339.97 KB

   BDK1-06 Elven Connection.pdf

805.76 KB

   BDK1-07 - Torrock's Lair.pdf

370.27 KB

   BDK1-08 X Marks The Spot.pdf

1.31 MB


   BDK2-01 - The Gauntlet.pdf

936.78 KB

   BDK2-02 - Ankheg Springs.pdf

1.24 MB

   BDK2-03 Body and Soul.pdf

1.02 MB


   BDK7-01 The Halfling


404.95 KB

    BDK 7-01 The Halfling AR.pdf

147.83 KB

    BDK7-01 The Halfling PW & blurb.doc

23.50 KB


729.42 KB

   BDK7-02 In a Manor of Seeking

    BDK7-02 In a Manor of Seeking AR Sword.pdf

167.83 KB

    BDK7-02 In a Manor of Seeking AR.pdf

175.55 KB

    BDK7-02 In a Manor of Seeking PW & blurb.doc

23.50 KB


553.93 KB

   BDK7-03 Return to Steelbone Meadows

    BDK7-03 Return to Steelbone Meadows PW & blurb.doc

23.50 KB


1.08 MB


144.83 KB

   BDK7-04 Proof of Loyalty

    BDK7-04 Proof of Loyalty PW & blurb.doc

23.50 KB


325.67 KB


166.84 KB

   BDK7-05 Thieves

    BDK7-05 Thieves AR.pdf

133.32 KB

    BDK7-05 Thieves.pdf

270.93 KB


23.50 KB

   BDK7-06 Trouble at Harpy Hollow


139.38 KB


23.50 KB


626.96 KB

   BDK7-07 Mausoleum


135.50 KB


126.16 KB


1.36 MB


23.50 KB

   BDK7-08 Little Bit o Payback


682.88 KB


145.17 KB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB


   BDK8-01 The Scourge


146.03 KB


23.50 KB


785.40 KB

   BDK8-02 Trouble Everywhere You Go


557.64 KB


146.93 KB


23.50 KB

   BDK8-04 For Country Friends Kings


128.99 KB


799.35 KB


23.50 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  3E - Bandit Kingdoms Judge Guide.pdf

76.12 KB

  3E - Organizing Living Greyhawk Events in the Bandit Kingdoms.pdf

10.53 KB



   BIS7-01 It Always Rains on the Damned

    BIS7-01 It Always Rains on the Damned AR.pdf

148.51 KB

    BIS7-01 It Always Rains on the Damned.pdf

728.64 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS7-02 Caravan

    BIS7-02 Caravan AR.pdf

145.31 KB

    BIS7-02 Caravan.pdf

812.43 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS7-03 All That For a Bag of Silver

    BIS7-03 All That For a Bag of Silver AR.pdf

143.98 KB

    BIS7-03 All That For a Bag of Silver.pdf

1.69 MB


23.50 KB

   BIS7-04 Dark Heart of the Forest

    BIS7-04 Dark Heart of the Forest AR.pdf

142.48 KB

    BIS7-04 Dark Heart of the Forest.pdf

357.11 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS7-05 Bastille

    BIS7-05 Bastille AR.pdf

140.14 KB

    BIS7-05 Bastille.pdf

1.82 MB


23.50 KB

   BIS7-06 The Golden Masque

    BIS7-06 The Golden Masque AR.pdf

142.99 KB

    BIS7-06 The Golden Masque.pdf

596.76 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS7-07 Radiance and Resolution

    BIS7-07 Radiance and Resolution AR.pdf

142.78 KB

    BIS7-07 Radiance and Resolution.pdf

2.17 MB


23.50 KB

   BIS7-08 Under a Platinum Sky

    BIS7-08 Under a Platinum Sky AR.pdf

147.41 KB

    BIS7-08 Under a Platinum Sky.pdf

548.81 KB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB


   BIS8-01 A Terrible Thing to Waste

    BIS8-01 A Terrible Thing to Waste AR.pdf

124.10 KB

    BIS8-01 A Terrible Thing to Waste.pdf

448.49 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS8-02 Wealth Beyond the Measure of Coin

    BIS8-02 Wealth Beyond the Measure of Coin AR.pdf

127.97 KB

    BIS8-02 Wealth Beyond the Measure of Coin.pdf

1.38 MB


23.50 KB

   BIS8-03 Battle of the Bands

    BIS8-03 Battle of the Bands.pdf

0.99 MB


106.33 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS8-04 Flailing in the Dark

    BIS8-04 Flailing in the Dark.pdf

641.45 KB


105.63 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS8-05 Necromancers on Ice

    BIS8-05 Necromancers on Ice.pdf

593.37 KB


106.03 KB


23.50 KB

   BIS8-06 All Good Things

    BIS8-06 All Good Things.pdf

453.44 KB


106.19 KB


23.50 KB

  BIS1-06 - A Baron's Tax.pdf

459.23 KB

  BIS1-09 The Barrenford Festival.pdf

550.70 KB

  BIS2-01 - Legacy of the Mask.pdf

563.54 KB

 Bone March


359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB



   COR1-01 - Dragon Scales at Morningtide.pdf

314.39 KB

   COR1-01 - River of Blood.pdf

1.88 MB

   COR1-08 - The Futures Bright.pdf

689.44 KB

   COR1-09 - Swamp Things.pdf

969.23 KB


   CORS2-03 Dust of the Dead World

    CORS3-02 Dust of the Dead World AR -.pdf

134.55 KB

    CORS3-02 Dust of the Dead World.pdf

342.13 KB

   COR2-03 - Admist The Mists And Coldest Frost.pdf

370.71 KB

   COR2-04 - Birthday Bash.pdf

572.64 KB

   COR2-05 - Beneath the Veil.pdf

1.30 MB

   COR2-07 - Ashes of Innocence.pdf

475.10 KB

   COR2-09 - The Final Reckoning.pdf

520.56 KB

   COR2-10 - Forgotten Echoes.pdf

684.43 KB


   COR3-01 The Hidden Fortress

    COR3-01 The Hidden Fortress AR.pdf

106.63 KB

    COR3-01 The Hidden Fortress.pdf

981.31 KB

   COR3-02 Return To The Isles

    COR3-02 Return to the Isles AR.pdf

187.02 KB

    COR3-02 Return to the Isles.pdf

464.36 KB

   COR3-03 Fury of a Cold Mans Heart

    Cor3-03 Fury of a Cold Man's Heart AR.pdf

211.59 KB

    Cor3-03 Fury of a Cold Man's Heart.pdf

356.93 KB

   COR3-04 By Cunning and Forced Cause

    COR3-04 By Cunning and Forced Cause AR.pdf

138.16 KB

    COR3-04 By Cunning and Forced Cause.pdf

2.60 MB

   COR3-05 Circle Of Sin

    COR3-05 Circle of Sin AR.pdf

135.35 KB

    COR3-05 Circle of Sin.pdf

710.29 KB

   COR3-06 Witch Hunt

    Cor3-06 Witch Hunt AR.pdf

102.24 KB

    COR3-06 Witch Hunt.pdf

687.08 KB

   COR3-08 A Man With Nothing

    COR 3-08 A Man with Nothing.pdf

284.86 KB

    COR3-08 A Man with Nothing AR.pdf

102.91 KB

   COR3-09 Face Value

    COR3-08 Face Value AR.pdf

102.93 KB

    COR3-09 FaceValue.pdf

306.34 KB

   COR3-10 Sepulcher of the Wizard King

    COR3-10 Sepulcher of the Wizard King AR.pdf

134.18 KB

    COR3-10 Sepulcher of the Wizard King.pdf

968.27 KB

   COR3-11 Forlorn Memories

    COR3-11 Forlorn Memories AR.pdf

136.18 KB

    COR3-11 Forlorn Memories.pdf

630.28 KB

   COR3-12 Endgame

    COR3-12 Endgame AR.pdf

103.47 KB

    COR3-12 Endgame.pdf

677.82 KB

   COR3-13 Traitor's Road

    COR3-13 Traitor's Road AR.pdf

134.88 KB

    COR3-13 Traitor's Road.pdf

1.27 MB

   COR3-14 Hunt for the Rogue

    COR3-14 Hunt for the Rogue AR.pdf

138.66 KB

    COR3-14 Hunt for the Rogue.pdf

429.34 KB

   COR3-15 Nine Lives

    COR3-15 Nine Lives AR.pdf

128.09 KB

    COR3-15 Nine Lives.pdf

2.42 MB

   COR3-16 Lerara

    COR3-16 Lerara AR.pdf

127.37 KB

    COR3-16 Lerara.pdf

464.24 KB

   COR3-17 When Orcs Attack

    COR3-17 When Orcs Attack AR.pdf

133.41 KB

    COR3-17 When Orcs Attack.pdf

400.83 KB

   COR3-18 Through Nature to Eternity

    COR3-18 Through Nature to Eternity AR.pdf

179.48 KB

    COR3-18 Through Nature to Eternity.pdf

1.16 MB

   COR3-19 Folly

    COR3-19 Folly AR.pdf

133.98 KB

    COR3-19 Folly.pdf

765.95 KB


   COR4-01 Shedding Scales

    Cor4-01 Shedding Scales AR.pdf

194.56 KB

    COR4-01 Shedding Scales.pdf

376.22 KB

   COR4-02 The Stone Man's Puzzle

    COR4-02 The Stone Man's Puzzle AR.pdf

187.04 KB

    COR4-02 The Stone Man's Puzzle.pdf

549.44 KB

   COR4-03 Tropical Intrigue

    COR4-03 Tropical Intrigue AR.pdf

125.68 KB

    COR4-03 Tropical Intrigue.pdf

660.40 KB

   COR4-04 Red Tide

    COR4-04 Red Tide.pdf

3.51 MB

    COR4-04 Redtide AR.pdf

129.38 KB

    COR4-04 Redtide Suel AR.pdf

136.69 KB

   COR4-05 Crystal Caverns

    COR4-05 Crystal Cairns.pdf

366.93 KB

    COR4-05 Crystal Caverns AR.pdf

326.40 KB

   COR4-06 Duke of the Dust

    COR4-06 Duke of the Dust AR.pdf

312.05 KB

    COR4-06 Duke of the Dust.pdf

487.35 KB

   COR4-08 The Letter

    COR4-08 The Letter AR.pdf

337.68 KB

    COR4-08 The Letter.pdf

1.13 MB

   COR4-09 A Tiger in Ahlissa

    COR4-09 A Tiger In Ahlissa AR.pdf

321.39 KB

    COR4-09 A Tiger In Ahlissa.pdf

368.82 KB

   COR4-10 Riddle In the Dust

    COR4-10 Riddle of the Dust AR.pdf

320.51 KB

    COR4-10 Riddle of the Dust.pdf

643.02 KB

   COR4-10 Riddle of the Dust

    COR4-10 Riddle of the Dust AR.pdf

320.51 KB

    COR4-10 Riddle of the Dust.pdf

643.02 KB

   COR4-11 Crimson Thorns

    COR4-11 Crimson Thorns AR.pdf

324.73 KB

    COR4-11 Crimson Thorns.pdf

636.65 KB

   COR4-12 Key to the Grave

    COR4-12 Key to the Grave AR.pdf

325.29 KB

    COR4-12 Key to the Grave.pdf

325.55 KB

   COR4-13 A Wretched Soul

    COR4-13 A Wretched Soul AR.pdf

336.89 KB

    COR4-13 A Wretched Soul.pdf

1.15 MB

   COR4-14 Sympathy for the Baatezu

    COR4-14 Sympathy for the Baatezu AR.pdf

113.08 KB

    COR4-14 Sympathy for the Baatezu.pdf

750.80 KB

   COR4-15 War of the Dust

    COR4-15 War of the Dust AR.pdf

318.69 KB

    COR4-15 War of the Dust.pdf

1.89 MB

   COR4-16 The Frozen Spire

    COR4-16 The Frozen Spire AR.pdf

318.39 KB

    COR4-16 The Frozen Spire.pdf

1.93 MB

   COR4-17 Real Hero Blues

    COR4-17 Real Hero Blues AR.pdf

125.74 KB

    COR4-17 Real Hero Blues.pdf

735.73 KB

   COR4-18 It Never Rains in Nyrond

    COR4-18 It Never Rains in Nyrond AR.pdf

124.23 KB

    COR4-18 It Never Rains in Nyrond.pdf

1.13 MB

   COR4-19 That Which Is Not Meant To Be Known

    COR4-19 That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known AR.pdf

118.36 KB

    COR4-19 That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known.pdf

591.61 KB

   CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons Home Play

    CORS4-02 DragonLore Prophecies.pdf

314.38 KB

    CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons High AR.pdf

128.67 KB

    CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons Low AR.pdf

124.56 KB

    CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons Mid AR.pdf

122.71 KB

    CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons Home Play.pdf

1.39 MB

   CORS4-04 Mad God's Key

    CORS4-04 Mad God's Key AR.pdf

321.18 KB

    Mad Gods Key Adaptation.pdf

185.61 KB


   COR5-01 The Stone Man's Missive

    COR5-01 The Stone Man's Missive AR.pdf

111.24 KB

    COR5-01 The Stone Man's Missive.pdf

527.83 KB

   COR5-02 The Voice of Reason

    COR5-02 The Voice of Reason High Level AR.pdf

111.53 KB

    COR5-02 The Voice of Reason Low Level AR.pdf

111.14 KB

    COR5-02TheVoiceofReasonHighLevelAR v2.pdf

111.54 KB

    COR5-02TheVoiceofReasonLowLevelAR v2.pdf

106.06 KB

    COR5-05 The Voice of Reason.pdf

777.32 KB


777.32 KB

   COR5-03 Attonement

    COR5-03 Atonement AR.pdf

110.86 KB

    COR5-03 Atonement.pdf

417.02 KB

   COR5-04 Desecrators Of The Lord's Tomb

    COR5-04 Desecrators Of The Lord's Tomb AR.pdf

116.08 KB

    COR5-04 Desecrators Of The Lord's Tomb.pdf

531.91 KB

   COR5-05 A Marked Man

    COR5-05 A Marked Man AR.pdf

110.45 KB

    COR5-05 A Marked Man.pdf

388.90 KB

   COR5-06 Blood on Bright Sands

    Blight on Bright Fastplay.pdf

75.46 KB


1.35 MB

    COR5-06 Blood on Bright Sands AR.pdf

109.52 KB

    COR5-06 Blood on Bright Sands.pdf

1.08 MB

   COR5-07 Rings within Rings

    COR5-07 Rings within Rings AR.pdf

95.54 KB

    COR5-07 Rings within Rings.pdf

669.37 KB


403.57 KB

   COR5-08 Clipping Wings

    COR5-08 Clipping Wings AR.pdf

111.79 KB

    COR5-08 Clipping Wings.pdf

613.54 KB

   COR5-09 Gateway To The Bright Sands

    COR 5-09 Gateway To The Bright Sands.pdf

1.05 MB

    COR5-09 Gateway to Bright Sands AR.pdf

119.70 KB

   COR5-11 Dark Deceit on Bright Sands

    COR5-11 Dark Deceit on Bright Sands _handouts.pdf

47.82 KB

    COR5-11 Dark Deceit on Bright Sands AR.pdf

112.17 KB

    COR5-11 Dark Deceit on Bright Sands.pdf

1.22 MB

   COR5-12 Return to the Undercity

    COR5-12 Return to the Undercity AR.pdf

114.88 KB

    COR5-12ReturntotheUndercity _handout.pdf

46.69 KB


748.29 KB

   COR5-13 The Price of Power

    COR5-13 The Price of Power _handout.pdf

90.93 KB

    COR5-13 The Price of Power AR.pdf

109.40 KB

    COR5-13 The Price of Power.pdf

528.14 KB

   COR5-14 All Roads Lead to Rauxes

    COR5-14 All Roads Lead to Rauxes AR.pdf

134.57 KB

    COR5-14 All Roads Lead to Rauxes.pdf

2.07 MB

   COR5-15 Immortal Longings

    COR5-15 Immortal Longings AR.pdf

377.61 KB

    COR5-15 Immortal Longings.pdf

3.47 MB

   COR5-16 Here Comes The Sun

    COR5-16 Here Comes The Sun AR.pdf

113.22 KB

    COR5-16 Here Comes The Sun.pdf

1.02 MB

   COR5-17 Time's Tide On Bright Sands

    COR5-17 Time's Tide on Bright Sands AR.pdf

406.97 KB

    COR5-17 Time's Tide On Bright Sands..pdf

2.24 MB

   COR5-18 Kusnir

    COR5-18 Kusnir AR.pdf

190.27 KB

    COR5-18 Kusnir.pdf

806.63 KB

   COR5-19 Retribution

    COR5-19 Retribution AR.pdf

380.33 KB

    COR5-19 Retribution.pdf

6.53 MB

   COR5-20 Phantoms on Bright Sands

    COR5-20 Phantoms on Bright Sands AR.pdf

395.07 KB

    COR5-20 Phantoms on Bright Sands.pdf

2.35 MB

   CORS5-02 Mines of the Eye

    CORS5-02 Mines of the Eye [High Level] AR.pdf

406.63 KB

    CORS5-02 Mines of the Eye [Low Level] AR.pdf

405.63 KB

    CORS5-02 Mines of the Eye High Level.pdf

3.08 MB

    CORS5-02 Mines of the Eye Low Level.pdf

1.18 MB


   COR6-01 A Story For Another Day

    COR6-01 A Story For Another Day AR.pdf

383.21 KB

    COR6-01 A Story For Another Day.pdf

1.52 MB

   COR6-02 Rallying Point for the Bright Sands

    COR6-02 Rallying Point for the Bright Sands AR High.pdf

193.91 KB

    COR6-02 Rallying Point for the Bright Sands AR Low.pdf

188.80 KB

    COR6-02 Rallying Point for the Bright Sands.pdf

1.94 MB

   COR6-03 Riders of the Grave

    COR6-03 Riders of the Grave AR.pdf

379.35 KB

    COR6-03 Riders of the Grave.pdf

2.10 MB

   COR6-04 A Long Way For A Little Knowledge

    COR6-04 A Long Way For A Little Knowledge AR.pdf

387.47 KB

    COR6-04 Long Way For A Little Knowledge.pdf

1.16 MB

   COR6-05 The Barbarous Coast

    COR6-05 The Barbarous Coast AR.pdf

387.30 KB


1.48 MB

   COR6-06 Elegy for a Broken King

    COR6-06 Elegy for a Broken King AR.pdf

329.76 KB

    COR6-06 Elegy for a Broken King.pdf

1.54 MB

   COR6-07 From the Dust

    COR6-07 From the Dust AR.pdf

494.41 KB

    COR6-07 From the Dust.pdf

4.47 MB

   COR6-08 Catching Breath

    COR6-08 Catching Breath AR.pdf

1.04 MB

    COR6-08 Catching Breath.pdf

1.52 MB

   COR6-09 Beneath the Bright Sands

    COR6-09 Beneath the Bright Sands AR.pdf

504.39 KB

    COR6-09 Beneath the Bright Sands.pdf

1.45 MB

   COR6-10 Murder in Elmshire

    COR6-10 Murder in Elmshire AR.pdf

376.39 KB

    COR6-10 Murder in Elmshire.pdf

2.85 MB

   COR6-11 Return to the Storm Tower

    COR6-11 Return to the Storm Tower AR.pdf

1.09 MB

    COR6-11 Return to the Storm Tower.pdf

1.54 MB

   COR6-12 Calm Before The Storm

    COR6-12 Calm Before The Storm.pdf

6.60 MB

    COR6-12 Calm Before the StormAR.pdf

396.05 KB

   COR6-13 Tears for Bright Sands

    COR6-13 Tears for Bright Sands AR.pdf

146.91 KB

    COR6-13 Tears for Bright Sands.pdf

718.82 KB

   COR6-14 Cloud of Darkness

    COR 6-14 Cloud of Darkness AR.pdf

144.47 KB

    COR6-14 Cloud of Darkness.pdf

1.06 MB

   COR6-15 The Shrouded Shores Of Abanfyl

    COR6-15 The Shrouded Shores Of Abanfyl.pdf

1.64 MB

    COR6-15 The Shrouded Shores of Lake Abanfyl AR1.pdf

113.61 KB

    COR6-15 The Shrouded Shores of Lake Abanfyl AR2.pdf

103.99 KB

   COR6-16 Dominion of Bright Sands

    COR6-16 Dominion of Bright Sands.pdf

2.86 MB

    COR6-16 Dominion over Bright Sands AR.pdf

181.25 KB

   COR6-17 Something of Value

    COR6-17 Something of Value AR.pdf

218.85 KB

    COR6-17 Something of Value.pdf

615.48 KB

   COR6-18 Storm Ebb

    COR6-18 Storm Ebb - AR.pdf

136.51 KB

    COR6-18 Storm Ebb.pdf

607.08 KB

   COR6-19 Heir Aberrant

    COR6-19 Heir Aberrant - AR.pdf

127.53 KB

    COR6-19 Heir Aberrant.pdf

790.55 KB

   COR6-20 Shades of Grey

    COR6-20 Shades of Grey - AR.pdf

139.92 KB

    COR6-20 Shades of Grey.pdf

551.01 KB

   CORS6-02 Pits of Azak Zil

    CORS6-02 Pits of Azak Zil AR~High.pdf

200.10 KB

    CORS6-02 Pits of Azak Zil AR~Low.pdf

198.63 KB

    CORS6-02 Pits of Azak-Zil~LL.pdf

1.47 MB

    CORS6-02 The Pits of Azak-Zil~HL.pdf

1.60 MB


   COR7-01 Wrath of the Tomb of Horrors

    COR7-01 Wrath of the Tomb of Horrors AR.pdf

219.85 KB

    COR7-01 Wrath of the Tomb of Horrors.pdf

1.00 MB

   COR7-02 Bitter Fruit

    COR7-02 Bitter Fruit AR.pdf

202.24 KB

    COR7-02 Bitter Fruit.pdf

970.36 KB

   COR7-03 Second Chances

    COR7-03 Second Chances AR.pdf

197.93 KB

    COR7-03 Second Chances.pdf

876.80 KB

   COR7-04 A Freak of Nature

    COR7-04 A Freak of Nature AR.pdf

208.84 KB

    COR7-04 A Freak of Nature.pdf

2.78 MB

   COR7-05 City of Malice

    COR7-05 City of Malice AR.pdf

222.50 KB

    COR7-05 City of Malice.pdf

1.34 MB

   COR7-06 Drowning By Numbers

    COR7-06 Drowning by Numbers AR.pdf

215.50 KB

    COR7-06 Drowning By Numbers.pdf

1.02 MB

   COR7-07 Storm Harvest

    COR7-07 Storm Harvest AR.pdf

208.33 KB

    COR7-07 Storm Harvest.pdf

2.39 MB

   COR7-08 Sins of the Father

    COR7-08 Sins of the Father AR.pdf

214.55 KB

    COR7-08 Sins of the Father.pdf

0.99 MB

   COR7-09 Past Debts

    COR7-09 Past Debts AR.pdf

198.31 KB

    COR7-09 Past Debts.pdf

0.99 MB

   COR7-10 The Dark Gem

    COR7-10 The Dark Gem AR.pdf

210.53 KB

    COR7-10 The Dark Gem.pdf

1.07 MB

   COR7-11 Hidden Cache

    COR7-11 Hidden Cache AR.pdf

190.82 KB

    COR7-11 Hidden Cache.pdf

1.16 MB

   COR7-12 Heart's Desire

    COR7-12 Heart's Desire AR.pdf

200.63 KB

    COR7-12 Heart's Desire.pdf

1.97 MB

   COR7-13 Journey to the Hidden Shrine

    COR7-13 Journey to the Hidden Shrine AR.pdf

195.72 KB

    COR7-13 Journey to the Hidden Shrine.pdf

745.11 KB

   COR7-15 Taking Flight

    COR7-15 Taking Flight AR.pdf

201.41 KB

    COR7-15 Taking Flight.pdf

640.04 KB

   COR7-16 Divided We Stand

    COR7-16 Divided We Stand AR.pdf

206.54 KB

    COR7-16 Divided We Stand.pdf

1.83 MB

   COR7-17 Rivaly and Treachery

    COR7-17 Rivalry and Treachery AR.pdf

198.65 KB

    COR7-17 Rivaly and Treachery.pdf

1.10 MB

   COR7-18 Into the Mist

    COR7-18 Into The Mist AR.pdf

200.63 KB

    COR7-18 Into the Mist.pdf

0.98 MB

   COR7-19 Wrath of the Slavelord

    COR7-19 Wrath of the Slavelord AR.pdf

197.66 KB

    COR7-19 Wrath of the Slavelord.pdf

761.72 KB

   COR7-20 Murder in the River Quarter

    COR7-20 Murder in the River Quarter AR.pdf

201.04 KB

    COR7-20 Murder in the River Quarter.pdf

774.65 KB


   COR8-01 Machinations

    COR8-01 Machinations AR.pdf

191.82 KB

    COR8-01 Machinations.pdf

1.73 MB

   COR8-02 Raiders of the Chaos Fields

    COR8-02 Raiders of the Chaos Fields AR.pdf

185.56 KB

    COR8-02 Raiders of the Chaos Fields.pdf

1.43 MB

   COR8-03 Aspirations

    COR8-03 Aspirations AR.pdf

189.35 KB

    COR8-03 Aspirations.pdf

3.34 MB

   COR8-04 Bridge Over Svartjet

    COR8-04 Bridge Over Svartjet AR.pdf

194.06 KB

    COR8-04 Bridge Over Svartjet.pdf

1.32 MB

   COR8-05 Pyre of the Righteous

    COR8-05 Pyre of the Righteous AR.pdf

191.51 KB

    COR8-05 Pyre of the Righteous.pdf

838.70 KB

   COR8-06 Entrapment

    COR8-06 Entrapment AR 1.pdf

191.49 KB

    COR8-06 Entrapment AR 2.pdf

183.24 KB

    COR8-06 Entrapment Spiral AR.pdf

179.07 KB

    COR8-06 Entrapment.pdf

2.00 MB

   COR8-07 Celebrations

    COR8-07 Celebrations AR.pdf

194.89 KB

    COR8-07 Celebrations.pdf

1.45 MB

   COR8-08 Lost Souls Eternal

    COR8-08 Lost Souls Eternal AR.pdf

204.18 KB

    COR8-08 Lost Souls Eternal.pdf

1.21 MB

   COR8-09 Ruins of Slumber

    COR8-09 Ruins of Slumber AR.pdf

186.99 KB

    COR8-09 Ruins of Slumber.pdf

770.88 KB

   COR8-11 Restoration and Empire

    COR8-11 Restoration and Empire AR.pdf

185.54 KB

    COR8-11 Restoration and Empire.pdf

2.03 MB

   COR8-12 Foundations

    COR8-12 Foundations AR.pdf

189.16 KB

    COR8-12 Foundations.pdf

1.93 MB

   CORS8-01 Whispers of the Obsidian Citadel

    CORS8-01 Whispers of the Obsidian Citadel.pdf

1.46 MB

    COSR8-01 Whispers of the Obsidian Citadel AR.pdf

190.72 KB

   CORS8-02 Wheels within Wheels

    CORS8-02 Wheels AR.pdf

137.92 KB

    CORS8-02 Wheels within Wheels.pdf

893.91 KB


   Bleeding Moon.pdf

1.22 MB

   CORSP4-02 - DragonLore Prophecies.pdf

314.38 KB

   Greyhawk Calendar.pdf

346.10 KB

   L1-3 - River of Blood.pdf

1.83 MB

   Living Greyhawk Journal 04.pdf

52.04 MB

   Living Greyhawk Journal 06.pdf

19.08 MB

   Living Greyhawk Journal 07.pdf

7.44 MB

   Living Greyhawk The Oerth Journal (01) (1E).pdf

102.08 KB

   River Of Blood.pdf

1.88 MB

 County of Urnst


   URC1-00 - County of Urnst Gazetteer.pdf

165.66 KB

   URC1-01 - Secret Zodal Temple.pdf

182.14 KB

   URC1-02 - Mystery of Crystal Springs (Pt1).pdf

229.61 KB

   URC1-02 - Mystery of Crystal Springs (Pt2).pdf

1.34 MB

   URC1-03 - Tear Of Pelor.pdf

1.52 MB

   URC1-06 - Mean and Devious.pdf

571.70 KB

   URC1-07 - Exposing Kyuss - The Hunt is On.pdf

425.27 KB

   URC1-08 - Mystery of Crystal Springs (Pt3).pdf

672.81 KB


   URC7-01 The Mare of Applebee

    URC7-01 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-01 The Mare of Applebee.pdf

571.36 KB

    URC7-01 URC7-01 The Mare of Applebee AR.pdf

170.51 KB

   URC7-02 Chasing the Darkness

    URC7-02 Chasing the Darkness AR.pdf

184.45 KB

    URC7-02 Chasing the Darkness.pdf

2.31 MB

    URC7-02 Password.txt

0.01 KB

   URC7-03 The County Strikes Back

    URC7-03 The County Strikes Back AR.pdf

175.79 KB

    URC7-03 The County Strikes Back Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-03 The County Strikes Back.pdf

851.38 KB

   URC7-04 Lord of the Castle

    URC7-04 Lord of the Castle AR.pdf

183.36 KB

    URC7-04 Lord of the Castle Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-04 Lord of the Castle.pdf

790.85 KB

   URC7-05 Through the Gloaming

    URC7-05 Through the Gloaming AR.pdf

178.98 KB

    URC7-05 Through the Gloaming Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-05 Through the Gloaming.pdf

1.09 MB

   URC7-06 Suffer the Children

    URC7-06 Suffer the Children password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-06 Suffer the Children.pdf

1.92 MB

    URC7-06 Suffer the Little Children ARs.pdf

190.90 KB

   URC7-07 Where the Sun don't Shine

    URC7-07 Where the Sun don't Shine AR.pdf

175.81 KB

    URC7-07 Where the Sun don't Shine Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-07 Where the Sun don't Shine.pdf

960.02 KB

   URC7-08 Alive!

    URC7-08 Alive AR.pdf

168.06 KB

    URC7-08 Alive! password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-08 Alive!.pdf

952.97 KB

   URC7-09 Blood on the Bayou

    URC7-09 Blood on the Bayou AR.pdf

160.04 KB

    URC7-09 Blood on the Bayou Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC7-09 Blood on the Bayou.pdf

917.14 KB

359.32 KB


   URC8-01 Shadow of the Viper

    URC8-01 Shadow of the Viper AR.pdf

152.69 KB

    URC8-01 Shadow of the Viper Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC8-01 Shadow of the Viper Pre-PDF.pdf

0.98 MB

   URC8-02 Redemption

    URC8-02 Redemption AR.pdf

153.80 KB

    URC8-02 Redemption Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URC8-02 Redemption.pdf

0.99 MB

   URC8-03 Leviathan Rising

    URC8-03 Leviathan Rising.pdf

1.21 MB

   URC8-04 The Witches of Pikemaster


1.51 MB


157.96 KB


0.01 KB

   URC8-05 Into the Darkness


990.39 KB


152.57 KB


0.01 KB

   URC8-06 To Catch A Bird


1.11 MB


152.06 KB


0.01 KB

  URC2-01 - Ogre Island.pdf

591.81 KB

 Duchy of Urnst


   URD1-04 - Coriner Gala.pdf

507.27 KB

   URD1-05 - The Night Where Nothing Happens.pdf

620.87 KB

   URD1-07 - Fools' Gold.pdf

341.63 KB

   URD1-08 - Mired in Gosferd.pdf

410.85 KB

   URD1-11 - Incident at Kiddeky Crossing.pdf

1.25 MB

   URD1-12 - Firemane.pdf

1.29 MB

   URD2-01 - Dust in the Wind.pdf

686.16 KB


   URD2-02 - Mystic Bay.pdf

938.41 KB


   URD7-01 In the Face


467.18 KB


178.50 KB


0.01 KB

   URD7-02 Soul of the Sun

    URD7-02 Soul of the Sun AR.pdf

170.84 KB

    URD7-02 Soul of the Sun Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URD7-02 Soul of the Sun.pdf

1.02 MB

   URD7-03 Caveat Emptor

    COR7-03 Caveat Emptor Password.txt

0.00 KB

    URD7-03 Caveat Emptor AR.pdf

171.14 KB

    URD7-03 Caveat Emptor.pdf

1.75 MB

   URD7-04 Skin Deep

    URD7-04 Skin Deep AR.pdf

173.59 KB

    URD7-04 Skin Deep Password.txt

0.00 KB

    URD7-04 Skin Deep.pdf

698.85 KB

   URD7-05 A Plague on Both Your Houses

    URD7-05 A Plague on Both Your Houses AR.pdf

175.64 KB

    URD7-05 A Plague on Both Your Houses password.txt

0.01 KB

    URD7-05 A Plague on Both Your Houses.pdf

938.48 KB

   URD7-06 Justice

    URD 7-06 Justice.pdf

416.73 KB

    URD7-06 Justice AR.pdf

156.73 KB

    URD7-06 Justice Password.txt

0.01 KB

   URD7-07 Last Man Standing

    URD7-07 Last Man Standing AR.pdf

164.23 KB

    URD7-07 Last Man Standing Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URD7-07 Last Man Standing.pdf

1.15 MB

   URD7-08 Good Intentions

    URD7-08 Good Intentions AR.pdf

163.02 KB

    URD7-08 Good Intentions Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URD7-08 Good Intentions Pre-PDF V3.pdf

1.12 MB

359.32 KB


   URD8-01 Something Old Something New

    URD8-01 Something Old Something New AR.pdf

149.13 KB

    URD8-01 Something Old Something New Password.txt

0.01 KB

    URD8-01 Something Old Something New.pdf

611.02 KB

   URD8-02 Everybody Loves Seoman

    URD8-02 Everybody Loves Seoman.pdf

421.40 KB


144.94 KB


0.01 KB

   URD8-04 A Storm on the Horizon

    URD8-04 A Storm on the Horizon.pdf

533.00 KB


149.62 KB


0.01 KB

   URD8-05 Blood Runs Thicker than Water

    URD8-05 Blood Runs Thicker than Water Part 2 AR.pdf

153.51 KB


4.89 MB


142.97 KB


156.66 KB


0.01 KB

99.84 KB



   DUL7-01 SND7-03 The Sea Devils

    DUL7 Passwords.txt

0.06 KB

    DUL7-01_SND7-03 The Sea Devils (Shasakal).pdf

597.73 KB

    DUL7-01_SND7-03 The Sea Devils AR.pdf

133.36 KB

   DUL7-02_SND7-04 A New Threat

    DUL7 Passwords.txt

0.05 KB

    DUL7-02_SND7-04 A New Threat AR.pdf

144.96 KB

    DUL7-02_SND7-04 A New Threat.pdf

856.22 KB

   DUL7-03 Siren's Rock

    DUL7 Passwords.txt

0.06 KB

    DUL7-03 Siren's Rock AR.pdf

139.59 KB

    DUL7-03 Siren's Rock.pdf

683.21 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB



   Dyv3-03 Tickling the Tail

    Dyv3-03 Tickling the Tail AR.pdf

101.50 KB

    Dyv3-03 Tickling the Tail password kensing.pdf

181.01 KB

   Dyv3-04 Splintered Timbers

    Dyv3-04 Splintered Timbers password woodwould.pdf

154.35 KB

    Dyv3-04 SplinteredTimbers AR.pdf

101.31 KB

   BH-Apprentice (cert).pdf

96.96 KB

   BH-Journeyman (cert).pdf

98.63 KB

   BH-Master (cert).pdf

99.01 KB

   DYV3-01 - Feather, Feather, Where is the Feather.pdf

932.61 KB

   DYVIntro3-01 - Zendrelda's Tower.pdf

770.79 KB

   DYVIntro3-02 - High Stakes.pdf

864.66 KB


   DYV5-01 Setting in the West

    Dyv5-01 Setting in the West AR.pdf

116.59 KB

    DYV5-01 Setting in the West.pdf

365.35 KB

   DYV5-02 Rising in the East

    Dyv5-02 Rising in the East AR.pdf

99.29 KB


681.84 KB

   DYV5-03 Dining with the Dragon


385.45 KB


99.48 KB


92.51 KB

   DYV5-04 No More!


290.13 KB


100.44 KB

   Dyv5-05 Riposte


250.25 KB


106.63 KB

   DYV5-06 Matters of the Heart


392.09 KB


98.85 KB

   DYV5-07 End of the Line


709.96 KB


98.00 KB

   DYV5-08 Casualties of War


370.01 KB


100.01 KB

   Dyv5-09 What Know You of Peace


333.87 KB


97.32 KB


0.26 KB



369.00 KB


1.35 MB


957.07 KB


0.10 KB


   DYV7-01 Vanguard

    DYV7-01 Vanguard AR.pdf

119.79 KB


23.50 KB


1.47 MB

   DYV7-02 Chain of Lies

    DYV 7-02 Chain of Lies AR.pdf

121.88 KB

    Dyv7-02 Chain of Lies.pdf

673.44 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV7-03 Dyvisions


879.21 KB


122.76 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV7-04 Throw Open the Gates of Heaven

    Dyv7-04 Throw Open the Gates of Heaven.pdf

684.48 KB


23.50 KB

    Dyv7-04Throw Open the Gates of HeavenAR.pdf

120.92 KB

   DYV7-05 The Angry Wood

    DYV7-05 The Angry Wood AR.pdf

119.95 KB

    DYV7-05 The Angry Wood.pdf

481.41 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV7-06 Siggoran's Gambit

    DYV7-06 Siggoran's Gambit AR.pdf

119.85 KB

    DYV7-06 Siggoran's Gambit.pdf

680.36 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV7-07 The Dyvide


125.74 KB


23.50 KB


308.61 KB

   DYV7-08 Crow's Nest

    DYV7-08 Crow's Nest AR.pdf

119.93 KB

    DYV7-08 Crow's Nest.pdf

293.60 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV7-09 Darkness Cometh

    DYV7-09 Darkness Cometh AR.pdf

122.53 KB

    DYV7-09 Darkness Cometh.pdf

368.20 KB


23.50 KB


   DYV8-01 A Small Problem


1.29 MB


104.32 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV8-02 Broken Circle


1.27 MB


109.14 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV8-03 Wake the Dead


23.50 KB


624.05 KB


109.79 KB

   Dyv8-04 Gleaning the Cubes


1.17 MB


107.70 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV8-05 Dyvinity


344.21 KB


106.82 KB


23.50 KB

   DYV8-06 Plain Facts


353.40 KB


106.69 KB


23.50 KB

  DYVIntro4-01 - The Trade.pdf

172.16 KB


  EKB7-X (French)

   EKB7-01 Les Profundes


968.23 KB


121.62 KB


23.50 KB

   EKB7-02 Ames Perdues


738.84 KB


121.94 KB


23.50 KB

   EKB7-03 Dansles griffes du Tigre

    EKB7-03 Dansles griffes du Tigre AR.pdf

119.94 KB


764.05 KB


23.50 KB

   EKB7-04 L Heritage


1.70 MB


125.10 KB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

  EKB8-X (French)

   EKB8-01 La Relique


452.51 KB


109.44 KB


23.50 KB

   EKB8-02 En terre ennemie


2.45 MB


107.55 KB


23.50 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

 ESA Metaregion


   ESA8-01 Calling of the Mines

    ESA8-01 Calling of the Mines AR.pdf

125.90 KB

    ESA8-01 Calling of the Mines.pdf

969.70 KB


23.50 KB

   ESA8-02 Old Debts

    ESA8-01 Old Debts AR.pdf

119.44 KB

    ESA8-02 Old Debts.pdf

543.86 KB


0.11 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB


   ESA7-01 Wooden Ships and Souls of Iron

    ESA7-01 Wooden Ships and Souls of Iron AR.pdf

146.65 KB

    ESA7-01 Wooden Ships and Souls of Iron.pdf

1.71 MB


23.50 KB

   ESA7-02 No Parley in the Pirates' Code

    ESA7-02 No Parley in the Pirates' Code AR.pdf

143.57 KB

    ESA7-02 No Parley in the Pirates' Code.pdf

470.27 KB


23.50 KB

   ESA7-03 The Wake of the Tempest

    ESA7-03 The Wake of the Tempest AR.pdf

150.41 KB

    ESA7-03 The Wake of the Tempest.pdf

444.78 KB


23.50 KB

   ESA7-04 Head or Tails

    ESA7-04 Head or Tails AR.pdf

147.83 KB

    ESA7-04 Head or Tails.pdf

3.15 MB


23.50 KB

   ESA7-05 And All the Princes Men

    ESA7-05 And All the Princes Men AR.pdf

142.29 KB

    ESA7-05 And All the Princes Men.pdf

505.52 KB


23.50 KB

   ESA7-06 Eye of the Tempest

    ESA7-06 Eye of the Tempest.pdf

1.30 MB


23.50 KB

    ESA7-6 Eye of the Tempest AR.pdf

146.97 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

  ESA3-01 - Stonecunning.pdf

653.47 KB



   FUR1-05 - Parable for the Growers.pdf

318.95 KB

   FUR1-07 - The Splintered Cudgel.pdf

611.59 KB

   FUR1-09 - Bronzeblood Haunt.pdf

272.77 KB

   FUR1-11 - Inheritance.pdf

884.09 KB


   FUR2-01 - A Common Defense.pdf

1.24 MB

   FUR2-02 - The Best Laid Plans.pdf

676.87 KB

   FUR2-04 - In the Wee Hours.pdf

880.03 KB

   FUR2-05 - Sleep of Death.pdf

921.20 KB

   FUR2-06 - More Than Gold.pdf

677.66 KB

   FUR2-07 - Redstone.pdf

546.39 KB


   FUR3-01 - Redemption.pdf

393.01 KB

   FUR3-02 - Operation Molag.pdf

694.75 KB

   FUR3-04 - The Lost Code of Akanadel.pdf

457.29 KB

   FUR3-06 - Eclipse.pdf

353.78 KB


   FUR7-01 Tune

    FUR 7-01 Tune AR.pdf

143.71 KB

    FUR7-01 Tune.pdf

346.85 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-02 Keep Your Friends Close

    FUR 7-02 Keep AR.pdf

146.73 KB

    FUR7-02 Keep Your Friends Close.pdf

400.71 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-03 Illusions

    FUR7-03 Illusions AR Supplemental.pdf

160.71 KB

    FUR7-03 Illusions AR.pdf

171.19 KB

    FUR7-03 Illusions_pw_telmus.pdf

592.05 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-04 Gullkeep Ruins

    FUR7-04 Gullkeep AR.pdf

168.24 KB

    FUR7-04 Gullkeep Ruins 1_11_pw_jamkul.pdf

609.42 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-05 Cry in the Dark

    FUR7-05 Cry AR.pdf

135.19 KB

    FUR7-05 Cry in the Dark_pw_rolf.pdf

527.09 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-06 Angels

    FUR7-06 Angels - pw is shana.pdf

337.44 KB

    FUR7-06 Angels AR.pdf

129.03 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-07 Of Noble Spirit

    FUR7-07 Noble AR.pdf

134.51 KB

    FUR7-07 Of Noble Spirit pw Thimme.pdf

524.04 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-08 Stake Survey

    FUR7-08 Stake AR.pdf

131.80 KB

    FUR7-08 Stake Survey.pdf

0.98 MB


23.50 KB

   FUR7-09 Deep Ambitions


462.99 KB


132.31 KB


134.42 KB


23.50 KB


   FUR8-01 Alliances

    FUR8-01 Alliances - pw is schyzer.pdf

383.58 KB

    FUR8-01 Alliances AR.pdf

140.05 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR8-02 Caravan Guards

    FUR8-02 Caravan AR.pdf

137.71 KB

    FUR8-02 Caravan Guards.pdf

265.61 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR8-03 Duplicity Divined

    FUR8-03 Duplicity AR.pdf

138.55 KB

    FUR8-03 Duplicity Divined.pdf

707.89 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR8-04 Blood on Trail

    FUR8-04 Blood AR.pdf

138.99 KB

    FUR8-04 Blood on Trail.pdf

742.68 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR8-05 Mazed and Confused

    FUR8-05 Mazed and Confused.pdf

1.25 MB

    FUR8-05 Mazed AR Supp.pdf

119.76 KB

    FUR8-05 Mazed AR.pdf

139.57 KB


23.50 KB

   FUR8-06 An Uncommon Defense

    FUR8-06 An Uncommon Defense.pdf

659.36 KB

    FUR8-06 Uncommon AR.pdf

147.74 KB


23.50 KB

  Greyhawk Gazetteer (RPGA) - Furyondy.pdf

0.99 MB


  GEO Intro

   GEOIntro-01a - Gifts of the Fey.pdf

619.30 KB

   GEOIntro-01b - Gifts of the Fey 2.pdf

871.71 KB

   GEOIntro-04 - Fruit off the Vine.pdf

1.97 MB


   GEO7-01 By Light of Twain Moons

    GEO7-01 By Light of Twain Moons.pdf

1.16 MB

    GEO7-01 By_Light_of_Twain_Moons_AR.pdf

162.99 KB


23.50 KB

   GEO7-02 Blood Feud


356.38 KB


23.50 KB


155.31 KB

   GEO7-03 Breath of the Ancients

    GEO7-03 Breath of the Ancients AR.pdf

155.31 KB


1.09 MB


23.50 KB

   GEO7-04 Orb of War

    GEO7-04 Orb of War.pdf

938.35 KB


153.96 KB


23.50 KB

   GEO7-05 A Whisper of Thunder

    GEO7-05 A Whisper of Thunder AR.pdf

150.59 KB


263.25 KB


23.50 KB

   GEO7-06 Spearbreaker


148.87 KB


23.50 KB


267.25 KB

   GEO7-07 The Great Game


155.17 KB


23.50 KB


1.07 MB

   GEO7-08 Gray Matter


1.36 MB


153.14 KB


23.50 KB


   GEO8-01 Prince of the Oytwood

    GEO8-01 Prince of the Oytwood.pdf

828.08 KB


133.37 KB


23.50 KB

   GEO8-02 Whisper in the Wind


135.35 KB


23.50 KB


278.44 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

 Gran March


   GRM1-01 - Into the Rushmoors.pdf

205.19 KB

   GRM1-02 - Caravan Duty.pdf

181.58 KB

   Grm1-03 - Horse Play.pdf

189.73 KB

   GRM1-04 - Ruins of Velstar Keep.pdf

203.94 KB

   GRM1-05 - Under Siege.pdf

818.61 KB

   GRM1-06 - A Deadly Beginning.pdf

188.64 KB

   GRM1-07 - Lesser of Two Goods.pdf

546.93 KB

   GRM1-07 Adventure - Lesser of Two Goods.pdf

546.93 KB

   GRM1-08 - Tears of Blood.pdf

482.86 KB

   GRM1-09 - Strange Deadfellows.pdf

385.34 KB

   GRM1-10 - Fading Vision.pdf

461.38 KB

   GRM1-11 - The Festival of Bathilda.pdf

423.88 KB

   GRM1-12 - Field Maneuvers.pdf

278.19 KB


359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  GRM - Harvest Church 3.0.pdf

195.87 KB

  GRM2-01 - Eyes on Orlane.pdf

589.88 KB



   HIG1-01 - A Path Less Traveled.pdf

251.38 KB

   HIG1-02 - Deep In Vesve.pdf

667.19 KB

   HIG1-03 - Of Elven Make.pdf

397.39 KB

   HIG1-04 - Grave Disturbance.pdf

1.87 MB

   HIG1-05 - Burning Way.pdf

905.38 KB

   HIG1-06 - Power of Choice (Pt1).pdf

588.96 KB

   HIG1-06 - Power of Choice (Pt2).pdf

633.13 KB

   HIG1-07 - Highway, Low Way.pdf

1.03 MB

   HIG1-07 Highway, Low Way.pdf

0.98 MB

   HIG1-08 Whats a Half Orc to Do.pdf

530.65 KB

   HIG1-09 - Out on the Hunt.pdf

1.45 MB

   HIG1-10 - A Grave Occurrence.pdf

2.28 MB

   HIG1-11 A Gnomes Affair.pdf

329.33 KB

   HIG1-12 - Winter Tears.pdf

1.46 MB

   HIG1-12 Winter Tears.pdf

1.46 MB


   HIG7-01 Luck Lost

    HIG7-01 Luck Lost AR.pdf

146.28 KB

    HIG7-01 Luck Lost.pdf

947.33 KB

    HIG7-01 password.doc

24.00 KB

   HIG7-02 Against the Grain

    HIG7-02 Against the Grain AR.pdf

168.13 KB

    HIG7-02 Against the Grain v0.9.pdf

286.46 KB

    HIG7-02 password.doc

23.50 KB

   HIG7-03 Lost in the Dark

    HIG7-03 Lost in the Dark AR.pdf

167.40 KB

    HIG7-03 Lost in the Dark.pdf

1.04 MB

    HIG7-03 password.doc

24.00 KB

   HIG7-05 Midnight

    HIG7-01 Luck Lost - Supplemental.pdf

60.33 KB

    HIG7-05 Midnight AR Spellbooks.pdf

135.97 KB

    HIG7-05 Midnight AR.pdf

166.02 KB

    HIG7-05 Midnight.pdf

396.46 KB

    HIG7-05 password.doc

23.50 KB

   HIG7-06 Black Magic Halfling

    HIG7-06 Black Magic Halfling AR.pdf

131.88 KB

    HIG7-06 Black Magic Halfling.pdf

552.08 KB

    HIG7-06 password.doc

23.50 KB

    HIG7-06 Supplement - Demonic Possession.pdf

87.84 KB

    HIG7-06 Supplement - Highfolk Regional Influence Points.pdf

66.16 KB

    HIG7-06 Supplement - I got a Black Magic Halfling.pdf

25.48 KB

   HIG7-07 Faerly Moot

    HIG7-07 Faerly Moot AR.pdf

133.95 KB

    HIG7-07 Faerly Moot Final.pdf

846.19 KB

    HIG7-07 Touched by Fey.pdf

134.43 KB


0.02 KB

   HIG7-08 Familiar Territory

    HIG7-08 Familiar Territory AR.pdf

129.58 KB

    HIG7-08 Familiar Territory Final.pdf

376.14 KB


0.02 KB

   HIG7-09 Anathema

    HIG7-09 Anathema AR.pdf

129.52 KB

    HIG7-09 Anathema v0.84.pdf

358.43 KB


0.02 KB


   HIG8-02 Intertwined

    HIG8-02 Intertwined AR.pdf

143.46 KB

    HIG8-02 Intertwined Regional Cert.pdf

140.18 KB

    HIG8-02 Intertwined.pdf

989.07 KB


0.02 KB

   HIG8-03 Lies of Iron

    HIG8-03 Lies of Iron AR.pdf

138.42 KB

    HIG8-03 Lies of Iron.pdf

474.72 KB


0.02 KB

   HIG8-04 Coming through the Rye

    HIG8-04 Coming Through the Rye AR.pdf

151.47 KB

    HIG8-04 Coming through the Rye.pdf

306.31 KB


0.02 KB

   HIG8-05 Thicker Than Water

    HIG8-05 Thicker Than Water AR.pdf

142.95 KB

    HIG8-05 Thicker Than Water.pdf

557.86 KB


0.02 KB

   HIG8-06 Dawn

    HIG8-06 Dawn AR.pdf

141.69 KB

    HIG8-06 Dawn.pdf

0.99 MB


0.02 KB

  HIG2-01 - The Shadows Part.pdf

1.09 MB

 IUZ Metaregional


   IUZ7-01 Seven Tests

    IUZ7-01 Seven Tests AR.pdf

155.39 KB

    IUZ7-01 Seven Tests.pdf

1.35 MB


0.00 KB

   IUZ7-02 Affinity and Discord

    IUZ7-02 Affinity and Discord AR.pdf

174.57 KB

    IUZ7-02 Affinity and Discord.pdf

312.76 KB

    IUZ7-02 password.doc

24.00 KB

   IUZ7-03 Horde

    IUZ7-03 Horde AR.pdf

172.73 KB

    IUZ7-03 Horde.pdf

306.43 KB


0.00 KB

   IUZ7-04 Blue

    IUZ7-04 Blue AR.pdf

143.80 KB

    IUZ7-04 Blue.pdf

578.71 KB


0.01 KB

   IUZ7-05 Know Thy Enemy


355.67 KB


137.43 KB


23.50 KB

   IUZ7-06 Northern

    IUZ7-06 Northern AR.pdf

138.81 KB

    IUZ7-06 Northern.pdf

2.66 MB


23.50 KB

   IUZ7-07 Any Means

    IUZ7-07 Any Means AR.pdf

135.63 KB

    IUZ7-07 Any Means.pdf

992.68 KB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB


   IUZ8-01 End of the Line

    IUZ8-01 End AR Extended.pdf

120.13 KB

    IUZ8-01 End AR.pdf

126.12 KB

    IUZ8-01 End of the Line.pdf

544.63 KB

   IUZ8-02 Final

    IUZ8-02 Final AR.pdf

131.16 KB

    IUZ8-02 Final.pdf

768.63 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  IUZ3-03 - Fractures.pdf

916.85 KB

  IUZ3-07 - Infiltration.pdf

771.04 KB

  IUZ4-01 - Dorakaa.pdf

507.67 KB



   KEO1-01 - March Through Keoland (Certs only).pdf

54.19 KB

   KEO1-01 - March Through Keoland.pdf

245.27 KB

   KEO1-02 - Little Reconnaissance.pdf

651.54 KB

   KEO1-06 - Evil in the Woods.pdf

451.74 KB

   KEO1-07 - Deathmarch.pdf

1.04 MB

   KEO1-09 - Dreadfog.pdf

504.46 KB


   KEO7-01 The Herald of Woe

    KEO7-01 The Herald of Woe AR Special.pdf

136.37 KB

    KEO7-01 The Herald of Woe.pdf

677.37 KB


155.58 KB


0.02 KB

   KEO7-02 Mist Taken


148.78 KB


448.43 KB


0.02 KB

   KEO7-03 To Catch a Thief


152.17 KB


0.02 KB


1.34 MB

   KEO7-04 Castlefall


143.96 KB


664.85 KB


0.02 KB

   KEO7-05 Face of the Scourge


145.11 KB


136.34 KB


506.58 KB


0.02 KB

   KEO7-06 Bright Scaled Horror


141.63 KB


277.73 KB


0.02 KB

   KEO7-07 The Stalkyard


141.85 KB


0.02 KB


595.09 KB

   KEO7-09 Thick as Thieves


143.12 KB


0.02 KB


207.59 KB


   KEO8-01 Forest of The Outlands


128.31 KB


352.55 KB


0.02 KB

   KEO8-02 The Daunting Spire


118.49 KB


0.02 KB


442.80 KB

   KEO8-04 The Secret


0.03 KB


104.12 KB


835.85 KB

   KEO8-05 The Last stand


93.85 KB


0.02 KB


180.86 KB

   KEO8-06 Aftermath


629.68 KB


96.14 KB


0.02 KB

99.84 KB


46.39 KB

  KEO - The Kingdom of Keoland.pdf

552.68 KB

  Kingdom of Keoland Map.pdf

8.81 MB


8.73 MB

  SBN3-01 - Howl in the Storm.pdf

247.79 KB



   KET7-01 Balance of Secrets


117.00 KB


762.39 KB


23.50 KB

   KET7-02 The Wicked Returns


23.50 KB


1.73 MB


117.20 KB

   KET7-03 Balance of Harmony


545.65 KB


115.77 KB


23.50 KB

   KET7-04 Fifth Name

    KET7-04 Fifth Name.pdf

2.08 MB


23.50 KB


114.46 KB

   Ket7-05 Like Bees to Honey


1.28 MB


114.96 KB


23.50 KB

   Ket7-06 Balance of Peace

    Ket7-06Balance of Peace.pdf

1.39 MB


114.77 KB


23.50 KB

   Ket7-07 Balance of Ket


1.00 MB


115.07 KB


23.50 KB

   KET7-08 Blot Out the Sun


345.40 KB


114.03 KB


23.50 KB

   KET7-09 A Thorny Issue


357.80 KB


114.32 KB


23.50 KB


   KET8-01 Visible Means


23.50 KB


784.15 KB


103.01 KB

   KET8-02 Crossing The Threshold


556.64 KB


103.33 KB


23.50 KB

   KET8-03 Blood of the True

    KET8-03 Blood of the True.pdf

1.03 MB


102.04 KB


23.50 KB

   KET8-04 This Old House

    KET8-04 This Old House.pdf

871.95 KB


23.50 KB


101.02 KB

   KET8-05 Priorities

    KET8-05 Priorities.pdf

2.03 MB


103.79 KB


23.50 KB

   KET8-06 The Empty Throne


23.50 KB

    Ket8-06The Empty Throne.pdf

864.40 KB


101.24 KB

  KET1-05 - Thicker than Water.pdf

467.96 KB

 Living KoK

  Raising Kine

   Raising Kine Certs.pdf

177.15 KB

   Raising Kine.pdf

455.76 KB

969.90 KB

511.24 KB

825.17 KB

593.52 KB



   NYR1-02 - You Ain't From Around Here.pdf

1.58 MB

   NYR1-04 - Cattle Call.pdf

464.89 KB

   NYR1-07 - The Great Pie Fest.pdf

283.68 KB

   NYR1-09 - Dog Days of the Stone Boys.pdf

382.99 KB

   NYR1-10 - The Great Scavenger Hunt.pdf

703.80 KB


   NYR2-03 - Returned Mail.pdf

696.34 KB

   NYR2-04 - If it Isn't One Thing.pdf

1.51 MB

   NYR2-06 - Ransom Gone Wrong.pdf

1.08 MB

   NYR2-07 - The Outpost.pdf

1.11 MB


   NYR7-01 Birds of the Old Faith

    NYR7-01 Birds of the Old Faith AR.pdf

169.05 KB

    NYR7-01 Birds of the Old Faith Dock Map.pdf

197.92 KB

    NYR7-01 Birds of the Old Faith Password.txt

0.00 KB

    NYR7-01 Birds of the Old Faith.pdf

950.57 KB

   NYR7-02 The Abbey of Ice

    NYR7-02 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR7-02 The Abbey of Ice AR.pdf

171.71 KB

    NYR7-02 The Abbey of Ice.pdf

443.52 KB

   NYR7-03 Requiem to Maglubiyet

    NYR7-03 Requiem to Maglubiyet AR.pdf

165.10 KB

    NYR7-03 Requiem to Maglubiyet Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR7-03 Requiem to Maglubiyet.pdf

663.34 KB

   NYR7-04 On the Take

    NYR7-04 On the Take AR.pdf

165.51 KB

    NYR7-04 On the Take password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR7-04 On the Take.pdf

1.49 MB

   NYR7-05 A Pirate's Trail

    NYR A Pirate's Trail AR.pdf

162.46 KB

    NYR7-05 A Pirate's Trail Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR7-05 A Pirate's Trail.pdf

1.14 MB

   NYR7-06 Forgotten Temple of Shumhanrhu

    NYR7-06 Forgotten Temple of Shumhanrhu.pdf

2.37 MB

    NYR7-06 The Forgotten Temple of Shumhanrhu AR.pdf

170.05 KB

    NYR7-06 The Forgotten Temple of Shumhanrhu Password.txt

0.00 KB

   NYR7-07 In Faith for Entrell

    NYR7-07 In Faith for Entrell AR.pdf

162.87 KB

    NYR7-07 In Faith for Entrell Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR7-07 In Faith for Entrell.pdf

586.56 KB

   NYR7-08 Tinderbox

    NYR7-08 Tinderbox Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR7-08 Tinderbox.pdf

2.45 MB

   NYR7-09 To Mourn with Entrell

    NYR7-09 To Mourn with Entrell ARs.pdf

181.59 KB

    NYR7-09 To Mourn with Entrell Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR7-09 To Mourn with Entrell.pdf

982.66 KB


   NYR8-01 Beneath Abyssal Seas

    NYR8-01 Beneath Abyssal Seas AR.pdf

148.48 KB

    NYR8-01 Beneath Abyssal Seas Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NYR8-01 Beneath Abyssal Seas.pdf

386.38 KB

   NYR8-03 Children o f Malice

    NYR8-03 Children o f Malice.pdf

1.38 MB

    NYR8-03 Children of Malice AR.pdf

139.55 KB

    NYR8-03 Children of Malice Password.txt

0.01 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

 Nyrond Metaregional


   NMR3-01 - Xerbo's Fury.pdf

1.08 MB

   NMR3-04 - The Wealth of Nations.pdf

333.07 KB

   NMR3-06 - All is Well and Stable.pdf

350.04 KB


   NMR7-01 The Village

    NMR7-01 - The Village AR.pdf

165.63 KB

    NMR7-01 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NMR7-01 The Village - Errata - Stat Blocks.pdf

276.09 KB

    NMR7-01 The Village.pdf

1.57 MB

   NMR7-02 The Wake of the Tempest

    NMR7-02 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NMR7-02 The Wake of the Tempest AR.pdf

174.48 KB

    NMR7-02 The Wake of the Tempest.pdf

866.31 KB

   NMR7-03 Draconic Dreams

    NMR7-03 Draconic Dreams AR.pdf

170.86 KB

    NMR7-03 Draconic Dreams Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NMR7-03 Draconic Dreams.pdf

2.41 MB

   NMR7-04 Signs and Portents

    NMR7-04 Signs & Portents password.txt

0.01 KB

    NMR7-04 Signs and Portents AR.pdf

173.14 KB

    NMR7-04 Signs and Portents.pdf

2.10 MB

   NMR7-05 Raking Leaves

    NMR7-05 Raking Leaves AR.pdf

160.22 KB

    NMr7-05 Raking Leaves Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NMR7-05 Raking Leaves.pdf

1.60 MB

   NMR7-06 Eye of the Tempest

    NMR7-06 Eye of the Tempest AR.pdf

149.81 KB

    NMR7-06 Eye of the Tempest Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NMR7-06 Eye of the Tempest.pdf

1.34 MB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


   NMR8-01 Draconic Schemes

    NMR8-01 Draconic Schemes AR.pdf

151.81 KB

    NMR8-01 Draconic Schemes Password.txt

0.01 KB

    NMR8-01 Draconic Schemes.pdf

2.07 MB

   NMR8-02 Heresy's Blood


338.52 KB


162.33 KB


0.01 KB

   NMR8-03 Heresy's End


695.82 KB


152.75 KB


0.01 KB

   NYR8-04 The Battle for Claw Point


0.01 KB


540.50 KB


149.88 KB

  NMR4-04 - Turns Of The Spiral.pdf

1.00 MB

  NMR5-02 - Natural Enemies.pdf

300.52 KB



   ONW7-01 The Orphans of the Storm

    ONW7 Passwords.txt

0.06 KB

    ONW7-01 Orphans of the Storm AR.pdf

162.53 KB

    ONW7-01 The Orphans of the Storm.pdf

579.71 KB

   ONW7-02 Scars of War

    ONW7 Passwords.txt

0.05 KB

    ONW7-02 Scars of WAR AR.pdf

161.31 KB

    ONW7-02 Scars of War.pdf

269.69 KB

   ONW7-03 Bottom of the Truth

    ONW7 Passwords.txt

0.06 KB

    ONW7-03 Bottom of the Truth AR.pdf

147.40 KB

    ONW7-03 Bottom of the Truth.pdf

736.44 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


   ONW8-01 The Beautiful Death

    ONW8-01 The Beautiful Death AR.pdf

121.95 KB

    ONW8-01 The Beautiful Death.pdf

578.70 KB


0.06 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  ONW0-00 - Shadows over Scant.PDF

1.63 MB

  ONW1-08 - Rashta's Brother.pdf

650.77 KB

  ONW2-01 - The Naval of the Goddess.pdf

677.68 KB

  ONW3-05 - To Hell And Back.pdf

2.10 MB

  Shadows Under Scant.pdf

1.58 MB



   PER1-02 - Chasing the Ox.pdf

699.76 KB

   PER1-04 - The Voormann's Daughter.pdf

468.88 KB

   PER1-04 Voormanns Daughter.pdf

468.88 KB

   PER1-05 - Night of Steel.pdf

716.01 KB


   Per3-02 Wild Goose Chase.pdf

601.68 KB

   PER3-07 - Under The Hills.pdf

527.19 KB


   PER7-01 Where Roodbergs Fear To Tread

    PER7-01 Where Roodbergs Fear To Tread AR.pdf

152.04 KB

    PER7-01 Where Roodbergs Fear To Tread.pdf

592.50 KB


0.80 KB

   PER7-02 Needle in a Haystack

    PER7-02 Needle in a Haystack AR.pdf

165.19 KB

    PER7-02 Needle in a Haystack.pdf

1.04 MB


0.45 KB

   PER7-03 Discord's Harmony


725.02 KB


173.81 KB


0.08 KB

   PER7-05 Jasmine Index


422.41 KB


142.30 KB


0.64 KB

   PER7-06 Diadem of Kir Russ P1


1.33 MB


134.99 KB


0.62 KB

   PER7-07 Diadem of Kir Russ P2


521.87 KB


130.45 KB


1.01 KB

   PER7-07 Diadem of Kir Russ P3


361.53 KB


135.89 KB


0.89 KB

359.32 KB


   PER8-01 Waves of Tidal Fury


363.42 KB


138.42 KB


0.08 KB

   PER8-02 Greatest Show On Oerth


23.50 KB


695.80 KB


137.42 KB

   PER8-03 Return To the Quaglands


23.50 KB


443.87 KB


138.86 KB

   PER8-04 Signed in Blood and Sap


616.52 KB


135.92 KB


23.50 KB

   PER8-05 Hus


617.90 KB


138.44 KB


23.50 KB

99.84 KB

 Principality of Ulek


   ULP1-00 - Ulek Gazetteer.pdf

378.45 KB

   ULP1-01 - Find My Son!.pdf

206.53 KB

   ULP1-02 - Spies Like Us.pdf

142.37 KB

   ULP1-03 - Crypt of Promise.pdf

481.54 KB

   ULP1-04 - Downward.pdf

761.15 KB

   ULP1-05 - Tomb Raiders.pdf

2.05 MB

   ULP1-06 - The Rescuers.pdf

605.34 KB

   ULP1-10 - Hoch Jebline.pdf

1.36 MB

   ULP1-12 - Only the Beginning.pdf

2.12 MB


   ULP7-01 Sudden Death


0.01 KB

    ULP7-01 Sudden Death AR.pdf

146.61 KB

    ULP7-01 Sudden Death v1.0.pdf

440.51 KB

   ULP7-02 Through the Enemys Eyes


0.01 KB

    ULP7-02 Through the Enemy's Eyes AR.pdf

150.73 KB

    ULP7-02 Through the Enemys Eyes v1.1.6.pdf

1.17 MB

   ULP7-03 Against the Dying of the Light


0.01 KB

    ULP7-03 Against the Dying of the Light AR.pdf

155.46 KB

    ULP7-03 Against the Dying of the Light v1.1.pdf

523.45 KB

   ULP7-06 Portents of the Matron


0.01 KB

    ULP7-06 Portents of the Matron 5[1].2.pdf

831.72 KB

    ULP7-06 Portents of the Matron AR.pdf

148.76 KB

   ULP7-07 Pieces of Eight


0.01 KB

    Pieces of Eight v1.0.pdf

0.99 MB

    ULP7-07 Pieces of Eight AR.pdf

141.68 KB

   ULP7-08 Downward Rock Bottom


0.01 KB

    ULP7-08 Downward Rock Bottom AR.pdf

145.84 KB

    ULP7-08 Downward-RockBottom v9.4.pdf

240.04 KB

   ULP7-09 Chill


0.01 KB

    ULP7-09 Chill AR.pdf

149.16 KB

    ULP7-09 Chill v1.11.pdf

1.12 MB

359.32 KB


   ULP8-01 Words of Wisdom


0.01 KB

    ULP8-01 Words of Wisdom AR.pdf

130.64 KB

    ULP8-01 Words of Wisdom.pdf

2.40 MB

   ULP8-02 Sundered Bonds

    ULP8-02 Sundered Bonds AR - Optional.pdf

122.21 KB

    ULP8-02 Sundered Bonds AR.pdf

121.34 KB

    ULP8-02 Sundered Bonds v1.0.pdf

1.58 MB


23.50 KB

   ULP8-03 The Mind of a Spider

    ULP8-03 The Mind of a Spider AR.pdf

131.43 KB


23.50 KB

    ULP8-04 The Mind of a Spider v.1.1.pdf

423.75 KB

   ULP8-04 Serious Inquiries Only

    ULP8-04 Serious Inquiries Only AR.pdf

127.24 KB

    ULP8-04 Serious Inquiries Only v.1.2.pdf

493.59 KB


23.50 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB



   RTK0-01 - Reflections.pdf

139.42 KB

   RTK0-M01 Reflections.pdf

139.42 KB

   RTK1-01 - Best Defense.pdf

127.91 KB


   RTK2-02 - The Invisible Hunters.pdf

118.68 KB

   RTK2-03 - Empty Coffers.pdf

120.16 KB


   RTK3-01 - Scalphunt.pdf

357.04 KB

   RTK3-02 - King Or Country.pdf

161.77 KB

   RTK3-06 - The Whispering Tide.pdf

168.17 KB


   RTK7-01 Thin Air

    RTK7-01 AR PDF.pdf

162.26 KB

    RTK7-01 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    RTK7-01 Thin Air - Adventure PDF.pdf

678.18 KB

   RTK7-02 The Slaughtered Unicorn

    RTK7-02 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    RTK7-02 The Slaughtered Unicorn AR.pdf

174.90 KB

    RTK7-02 The Slaughtered Unicorn v0.9.pdf

1.33 MB

   RTK7-03 Strange Days in the Timberway

    RTK7-03 Strange Days in the Timberway AR.pdf

160.92 KB

    RTK7-03 Strange Days in the Timberway.pdf

367.60 KB

    RTK703 Strange Days in the Timberway Password.txt

0.01 KB

   RTK7-04 Open Waters

    RTK7-04 Open Waters AR.pdf

173.54 KB

    RTK7-04 Open Waters Password.txt

0.01 KB

    RTK7-04 Open Waters.pdf

1.14 MB

   RTK7-05 Warrior's Moon

    RTK7-05 Warrior's Moon AR.pdf

175.71 KB

    RTK7-05 Warrior's Moon Password.txt

0.01 KB

    RTK7-05 Warrior's Moon.pdf

508.59 KB

   RTK7-06 Horror of the Timberway

    RTK7-06 Horror of the Timberway AR.pdf

167.62 KB

    RTK7-06 Horror of the Timberway password.txt

0.01 KB

    RTK7-06 Horror of the Timberway.pdf

643.09 KB

   RTK7-07 Lost at Sea

    RTK7-07 Lost at Sea AR.pdf

164.80 KB

    RTK7-07 Lost at Sea Password.txt

0.00 KB

    RTK7-07 Lost at Sea.pdf

362.29 KB

   RTK7-08 Nobility at Needlepoint

    RTK7-08 Nobility at Needlepoint ARs.pdf

173.25 KB

    RTK7-08 Nobility at Needlepoint Password.txt

0.01 KB

    RTK7-08 Nobility at Needlepoint.pdf

1.47 MB

359.32 KB


   RTK8-01 Sacred Ground

    RTK8-01 Sacred Ground AR.pdf

142.47 KB

    RTK8-01 Sacred Ground Password.txt

0.01 KB

    RTK8-01 Sacred Ground.pdf

698.14 KB

   RTK8-02 Confrontation in the Timberway

    RTK8-02 Confrontation in the Timberway.pdf

1.04 MB


147.36 KB


0.01 KB

   RTK8-03 Circles


763.55 KB


139.45 KB


0.02 KB

   RTK8-04 A Deeper Darkness


831.28 KB


153.05 KB


0.01 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

 Sea Barons


359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  SBN3-01 - Howl in the Storm.pdf

247.79 KB

 Sheldomar Valley Metaregional


   SHE7-01 Three to One's Wonder

    SHE7-01 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    SHE7-01 Three to One's Wonder.pdf

925.26 KB


273.02 KB

   SHE7-02 Dark Whisperer Returned

    SHE7-02 Password.txt

0.01 KB


1.10 MB


267.43 KB

   SHE7-03 Night of Madness

    SHE7-03 Password.txt

0.01 KB


373.59 KB


147.66 KB

   SHE7-04 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    SHE7-04 Password.txt

0.01 KB


146.50 KB


606.71 KB

   SHE7-05 Bones of Contention

    SHE7-05 Bones of Contention AR 1.pdf

149.55 KB

    SHE7-05 Bones of Contention AR 2.pdf

145.48 KB

    SHE7-05 Password.txt

0.01 KB


940.93 KB

   SHE7-06 A Topaz is Forever

    SHE7-06 Password.txt

0.01 KB


857.83 KB


142.71 KB

   SHE7-07 Prophecies

    SHE7-07 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    SHE7-07 Prophecies AR.pdf

267.34 KB


685.15 KB

359.32 KB


   SHE8-01 Severance

    SHE8-01 Password.txt

0.01 KB

    SHE8-01 Severance AR Optional.pdf

119.89 KB

    SHE8-01 Severance AR.pdf

125.79 KB

    SHE8-01 Severance.pdf

1.51 MB

   SHE8-02 A Sight for Sore Eyes

    SHE8-02 A Sight for Sore Eyes.pdf

286.48 KB

    SHE8-02 Password.txt

0.01 KB


122.80 KB

   SHE8-03 Bloodlines

    SHE8-03 Password.txt

0.01 KB


254.71 KB


1.34 MB

99.84 KB

 Shield Lands


   SHL1-02 - Temple of the Burning Man.pdf

308.25 KB

   SHL1-03 - In the Name of the Father.pdf

1.53 MB

   SHL1-05 - Enter The Naga.pdf

338.11 KB

   SHL1-06 - The Bleak Shore of Axeport.pdf

412.49 KB

   SHL1-08 - The Fallen.pdf

468.61 KB

   SHL1-10 - The Portal.pdf

641.68 KB


   SHL2-02 - The Moon Gatherer.pdf

667.20 KB

   SHL2-03 - Beyond The Pale.pdf

720.14 KB


   SHL3-06 - A Chink in the Armor.pdf

459.52 KB

   SHL3-08 - In The Cold Grave.pdf

710.79 KB


   SHL7-01 Falling

    SHL 7-01 Falling AR.pdf

169.14 KB

    SHL7-01 Falling.pdf

466.72 KB


23.50 KB

   SHL7-02 Shadows

    SHL 7-02 Shadows AR.pdf

168.73 KB

    SHL7-02 Shadows.pdf

332.23 KB


23.50 KB


164.09 KB

   SHL7-03 Intrigue

    SHL7-03 Intrigue AR.pdf

167.88 KB

    SHL7-03 Intrigue.pdf

600.88 KB


23.50 KB

   SHL7-04 Captivity


289.58 KB


140.51 KB


23.50 KB

   SHL7-05 Nevermore


271.59 KB


139.73 KB


114.60 KB


23.50 KB

   SHL7-06 Wraithwood


23.50 KB


308.31 KB


136.23 KB

   SHL7-07 Home Sweet Home


224.71 KB


130.88 KB


23.50 KB

   SHL7-08 Rights and Wrongs


589.16 KB


134.61 KB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB


99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB



   SND02-M01 - The Evil Eye.pdf

187.63 KB

   SND02-M03 - The Onnwallian Envoy.pdf

321.56 KB

   SND2-02 - Blood of Innocent.pdf

777.33 KB


   SND3-03 - The Monster in the Hills.pdf

390.24 KB

   SND3-M01 - From the Ashes.pdf

259.97 KB

   SND3-M02 - Harsh Words.pdf

244.44 KB


   SND7-01 As Time Goes By


533.25 KB


148.82 KB


23.50 KB

   SND7-02 Obvious Suspect


788.56 KB


153.29 KB


23.50 KB

   SND7-03 The Sea Devils


597.73 KB


133.36 KB


23.50 KB

   SND7-04 A New Threat


856.22 KB


144.96 KB


23.50 KB

   SND7-05 A Few Less Men


559.52 KB


143.29 KB


23.50 KB

   SND7-06 Disillusion


722.83 KB


152.05 KB


23.50 KB

   SND7-07 Dig Deeper


354.52 KB


148.86 KB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB


   SND8-01 Acceptance


497.52 KB


127.10 KB


23.50 KB

   SND8-02 Crocodile Tears


124.28 KB


521.38 KB


23.50 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  SND01-M01 - Freedom of Speech.pdf

211.36 KB

  Sunndi - The Disciples of the Phoenix.pdf

18.10 KB

  Sunndi - The Sunndi Irregulars.pdf

13.09 KB

  Sunndi - The Veil of the Sun.pdf

24.80 KB

 Theocracy of the Pale


   PAL1-01 - Holy Word.pdf

217.86 KB

   PAL1-02 - The Absence of Law.pdf

578.54 KB

   PAL1-03 - (P)al(e)ientology.pdf

306.79 KB

   PAL1-04 - Prelude to the Past Handouts.pdf

931.58 KB

   PAL1-07 - Northern Brewings.pdf

445.96 KB

   PAL1-08 - Cold Comfort.pdf

319.12 KB

   PAL1-09 - Bewitched.pdf

1.40 MB

   PAL1-11 The Trouble with Trollops.pdf

369.54 KB


   PAL7-01 Orderly Encounters

    PAL7-01 Orderly Encounters AR.pdf

174.78 KB

    PAL7-01 Orderly Encounters Password.txt

0.01 KB

    PAL7-01 Orderly Encounters.pdf

1.35 MB

   PAL7-03 Wyrm Sign

    PAL7-01 Orderly Encounters.pdf

1.09 MB

    PAL7-03 Wyrm Sign AR.pdf

165.45 KB

    PAL7-03 Wyrm Sign Password.txt

0.01 KB

   PAL7-04 The Spirit of the Law

    PAL7-04 The Spirit of the Law AR.pdf

165.95 KB

    PAL7-04 The Spirit of the Law Password.txt

0.01 KB

    PAL7-04 The Spirit of the Law.pdf

601.21 KB

   PAL7-05 Frozen Frontier

    PAL7-05 Frozen Frontier AR.pdf

163.85 KB

    PAL7-05 Frozen Frontier Password.txt

0.01 KB

    PAL7-05 Frozen Frontier.pdf

607.38 KB

   PAL7-06 Undermining Authority

    PAL7-06 Undermining Authority AR.pdf

164.39 KB

    PAL7-06 Undermining Authority Password.txt

0.01 KB

    PAL7-06 Undermining Authority Special AR.pdf

144.20 KB

    PAL7-06 Undermining Authority.pdf

858.19 KB

   PAL7-07 The Letter of the Law

    PAL7-07 The Letter of the Law AR.pdf

160.52 KB

    PAL7-07 The Letter of the Law.pdf

798.68 KB

    PAL707 The Letter of the Law Password.txt

0.01 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


   PAL8-01 Law and Disorder

    PAL8-01 Law and Disorder AR.pdf

144.27 KB

    PAL8-01 Law and Disorder Password.txt

0.01 KB

    PAL8-01 Law and Disorder.pdf

762.26 KB

   PAL8-02 As Knight Turns into Day

    PAL8-02 As Knight Turns into Day AR.pdf

145.81 KB

    PAL8-02 As Knight Turns into Day Password.txt

0.01 KB

    PAL8-02 As Knight Turns into Day.pdf

854.48 KB

   PAL8-04 ...As We Know It


276.43 KB


140.63 KB


0.01 KB


    PAL8-03 A Flan for All Treasons Main_AR.pdf

141.67 KB

    PAL8-03 A Flan for All Treasons Special AR.pdf

129.38 KB

    PAL8-03 A Flan for All Treasons.pdf

924.33 KB


0.01 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  PAL2-02 - Pale Harvest.pdf

906.20 KB

  PAL3-02I - Stolen Cloaks and Silent Daggers.pdf

152.29 KB

  PAL4-M02 Strange Bedfellows.pdf

134.84 KB



   TUS2-01 - Flophouse.pdf

725.34 KB

   TUS2-03 - The Galda Coast.pdf

2.79 MB


   TUS7-01 The Seven League Stride


23.50 KB


451.92 KB


121.86 KB

   TUS7-02 Bringing the Rain


291.06 KB


118.81 KB


23.50 KB

   TUS7-03 Faithfully Correct

    TUS7-03 Faithfully Correct.pdf

1.00 MB


122.07 KB


23.50 KB

   TUS7-04 The Roots of Chaos


23.50 KB


305.28 KB


121.33 KB

   TUS7-06 Tending the Fields


23.50 KB


445.78 KB


119.24 KB

   TUS7-07 The Stone Gardens

    TUS7-07 The Stone Gardens final.pdf

277.36 KB


23.50 KB


122.29 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


   TUS8-01 Reaping the Harvest


23.50 KB

    TUS8-01Reaping the Harvest.pdf

485.20 KB


108.03 KB

   TUS8-02 One more for the road

    TUS8-02 One more for the road.pdf

512.30 KB


115.18 KB


23.50 KB

   TUS8-03 Lovers in a Dangerous Time

    TUS8-03 Lovers in a Dangerous Time.pdf

1.55 MB


109.22 KB


23.50 KB

   TUS8-04 In Umbra Draconis

    TUS8-04 In Umbra Draconis.pdf

452.49 KB


110.37 KB


23.50 KB

99.84 KB

99.84 KB

  Regional Gazetteer - Tusmit.pdf

3.38 MB



   VEL1-01 - Mines of Austor.pdf

199.18 KB

   VEL1-03 - Poachers Will Be Shot.pdf

320.05 KB

   VEL1-04 - Like Water Under The Bridge (Pt1).pdf

346.82 KB

   VEL1-04 - Like Water Under the Bridge (Pt3).pdf

650.66 KB

   VEL1-04A Like Water Under The Bridge Pt1 (Lvl 1-8).pdf

346.82 KB

   VEL1-05 - Leuko's Last Stand.pdf

204.42 KB

   VEL1-06 - Fields of Peren.pdf

233.28 KB


   VEL2-02 - A Cup of Tears.pdf

687.07 KB

   VEL2-02 A Cup of Tears.pdf

687.07 KB

   VEL2-03 In Darkness Lurks cert.pdf

238.12 KB


   VEL7-01 Beneath the Rock


664.33 KB


115.34 KB


23.50 KB

   VEL7-02 Idle Hands


439.38 KB


122.81 KB


23.50 KB

   VEL7-03 Unlamented


23.50 KB


503.64 KB


116.04 KB

   VEL7-04 Chasing Keys

    VEL7-04Chasing Keys.pdf

202.28 KB


116.11 KB


23.50 KB

   VEL7-05 Hound at Bay


365.51 KB


113.58 KB


23.50 KB

   VEL7-06 Border Watch


1.17 MB


118.63 KB


23.50 KB

   VEL7-07 Harbinger of Shadows

    VEL7-07 Harbinger of Shadows.pdf

2.86 MB


117.17 KB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


   VEL8-01 One Dirty Job


846.33 KB


104.73 KB


23.50 KB

   VEL8-02 Nature v Nurture

    VEL8-02 Nature v Nurture.pdf

2.01 MB


108.96 KB


23.50 KB

   VEL8-04 The Planting


23.50 KB


1.02 MB


106.41 KB

   VEL8-05 Essence of Peace


1.15 MB


105.78 KB


23.50 KB

99.84 KB

  VEL3-02 - The Wing of a Butterfly.pdf

168.29 KB



   VER3-01 Armor Class

    VER3-01ArmorClass password noics.pdf

641.60 KB


105.36 KB

   VER3-02 How Much Wood Would

    Ver3-02 How Much Wood Would AR.pdf

101.46 KB

    VER3-02 How Much Wood Would password jellydonut.pdf

170.02 KB

   VER3-03 Glory Dimmed

    VER3-03 Glory Dimmed AR corrected.pdf

103.74 KB

    VER3-03 Glory Dimmed password bytegiga.pdf

319.35 KB

   VER3-04 A Matter of Love

    Ver3-04 A Matter of Love AR.pdf

104.22 KB

    Ver3-04 A Matter of Love password wubtruewub.pdf

224.85 KB

   VER3-05 Something's Rotten In Elgath


0.32 KB

    VER3-05 Something's Rotten in Eglath AR.pdf

105.16 KB

    VER3-05 Something's Rotten in Eglath iamafarmer.pdf

148.13 KB

   VER3-06 Never Read Somebody's Diary

    VER3-06 Never Read Somebody's Diary password doublevision.pdf

179.65 KB


104.43 KB

   VER3-07 Decision at Sheernob

    VER3-07 Decision at Sheernobb AR.pdf

106.48 KB

    VER3-07 Decision at Sheernobb password apcCPA.pdf

190.30 KB

   VER3-08 Mirror in the Quagmire

    VER03-08 Mirror in a Quagmire password sleepbaby.pdf

268.94 KB

    VER03-08 MirrorinaQuagmireAR.pdf

101.75 KB

   VERI3-02 A Hunting We Will Go

    A Hunting We Will Go AR.pdf

80.01 KB

    A Hunting We Will Go Round 1.pdf

104.95 KB

    A Hunting We Will Go Round 2.pdf

121.88 KB

   VERI3-03 Teeth Of The Storm

    VerInt 3-03 Teeth of the Storm.pdf

159.24 KB

    VERINT3-3 Teeth of the Storm AR.pdf

114.53 KB


   VER4-01 So Things Come To Confusion


0.32 KB

    VER4-01 So Things Come to Confusion AR.pdf

118.37 KB

    VER4-01 So Things Come to Confusion backstabber.pdf

248.65 KB

   VER4-02 A Costly Gamble

    VER4-02 ACostlyGamble AR.pdf

116.99 KB

    VER4-02 ACostlyGamble password angrychair.pdf

236.87 KB

    VER4-02 Costly Gamble Town Map.pdf

466.21 KB

   VER4-03 Glory's Warriors

    VER4-03 Glory's Warriors AR.pdf

116.55 KB

    VER4-03 Glory's Warriors password securitydefault.pdf

515.19 KB

   VER4-04 Ship of Fools

    VER4-04 Ship of Fools AR.pdf

118.39 KB

    VER4-04 Ship of Fools password easiertorun.pdf

181.08 KB

   VER4-05 Dwarven Dawn

    VER4-05 Dwarven Dawn AR.pdf

114.98 KB

    VER4-05 Dwarven Dawn password sludge.pdf

791.51 KB

   VER4-06 Fool's Errand

    VER4-06 A Fools Errand AR.pdf

117.90 KB

    VER4-06 A Fools Errand password fourgamechoke.pdf

602.27 KB

   VER4-08 Beauty and Two Beasts

    VER4-08 Beauty and Two Beasts password thetruthisoutthere.pdf

301.03 KB


127.16 KB

   VER4-09 Wicked Three

    VER4-09 Wicked Three AR.pdf

106.43 KB

    VER4-09 Wicked Three password luckyday.pdf

883.83 KB

   VERInt4-02 Jorens Tomb

    VERInt4-02 Joren's Tomb AR.pdf

99.18 KB

    VERInt4-02 Jorens Tomb - Battlemap.pdf

778.17 KB

    VERInt4-02 Jorens Tomb.pdf

131.55 KB


   VER5-01 Deep in the Lortmils

    VER5-01 Deep in the Lortmils password dirtydwarf.pdf

309.47 KB


136.20 KB

   VER5-02 Fallen Hero

    VER5-02 Fallen Hero password anewday.pdf

414.56 KB


115.51 KB

   VER5-03 Minions of Shadow and Fire

    Journal of Grimbold Ironshanks.pdf

72.56 KB

    Ver5-03 Minions of Shadow and Fire AR.pdf

120.24 KB

    VER5-03 Minions of Shadow and Fire password deepdarkness.pdf

1.67 MB

   VER5-04 Fool 's Gold

    Favor of Uncle Krot.pdf

132.26 KB

    VER5-04 Fool'sGoldAR.pdf

99.40 KB

    VER5-04 FoolsGold password longday.pdf

525.42 KB

   VER5-05 A Swan-Like Ending

    Ver5-05 Swan like ending AR.pdf

94.67 KB

    VER5-05ASwan-LikeEnd password greenhand.pdf

977.10 KB

   VER5-06 Viscounts Secret Service


96.35 KB

    VER5_06 Secret Service password obmijamesobmi.pdf

516.91 KB

   VER5-07 Crown Fire

    VER5-07 Crownfire password giantproblems.pdf

1.91 MB


109.96 KB


102.19 KB

   VERI5-01 Roses Are Red

    VERI5-01 Roses Are Red.pdf

162.13 KB

    VERIntro5-01 Roses Are Red AR.pdf

113.19 KB

   VERI5-02 A Debt To Pay

    VERInt5-02 A Debt To Pay.pdf

67.69 KB

    VERIntro5-02 A Debt to Pay AR.pdf

192.18 KB

   VERI5-03 Ruby Falls

    VERInt5-03 Ruby Falls.pdf

198.51 KB

    VERIntro5-03 RubyFalls AR.pdf

131.54 KB


   VER6-01 Discontent of our Winter

    VER6-01 Discontent of our Winter AR2.pdf

119.49 KB

    VER6-01 The Discontent of our Winter password icychilly.pdf

685.21 KB

    VER6-01The Discontent of our Winter password icychilly.pdf

685.21 KB


135.86 KB

   VER6-02 Delve the Wizards Dungeon

    VER6-02DelvetheWizardsDungeon password sweetgnome.pdf

694.57 KB


131.39 KB

   VER6-03 Castle Estival

    Errata - VER6-03 Castle Estival.pdf

117.92 KB

    VER6-03 Castle Estival password plantsandspells.pdf

424.88 KB


128.72 KB


133.23 KB

   VER6-04 Sign of the Black Orchid

    VER6-04 - Teamwork Roster.pdf

190.03 KB

    VER6-04 Sign of the Black Orchid - Regional Cert.pdf

122.71 KB

    VER6-04 Sign of the Black Orchid AR.pdf

136.70 KB

    VER6-04 Sign of the Black Orchid password blackpetals.pdf

547.97 KB

   VER6-05 Reclamation

    VER6-05Reclamation password sosleepy.pdf

798.87 KB


133.27 KB


91.67 KB

   VER6-06 The Ties That Bind

    VER6-06TheTiesThatBind password freva.pdf

480.72 KB


144.30 KB


134.68 KB

   VER6-07 Ride the Merchants Highway

    VER6-07 Ride the Merchants Highway password flyinginthesky.pdf

1.14 MB

    VER6-07 Ride the Merchants Highway-AR.pdf

133.71 KB

   VERIntro6-01 Paper Chase

    VERIntro6-01 Paper Chase AR.pdf

178.32 KB

    VERIntro6-01 Paper Chase.pdf

895.64 KB

   VERIntro6-02 Forest for the Trees

    VERIntro6-02 Forest for the Trees AR.pdf

180.68 KB

    VERIntro6-02 Forest for the Trees.pdf

375.76 KB

   VERS6-01 Crewel Intentions

    VERS6-01 Crewel Intentions - Part 1 (WW).pdf

297.49 KB

    VERS6-01 Crewel Intentions - Part 2 (WW).pdf

1.20 MB


   VER7-01 Cleanse Thy House

    VER7-01CleanseThyHouse password treachery.pdf

537.50 KB


131.77 KB

   VER7-02 Storm the Dragon's s Bastion

    VER7-02 Storm the Dragon's Bastion password crazyshannus.pdf

869.20 KB

    VER7-02 Storm the Dragon's s Bastion AR.pdf

142.17 KB

   VER7-03 Mourning Glory

    VER7-03 Mourning Glory - Regional Cert.pdf

228.87 KB

    VER7-03 Mourning Glory password evildragon2.pdf

410.59 KB

    VER7-03 MourningGlory AR.pdf

145.22 KB



410.59 KB


145.22 KB


23.50 KB

   VER7-04 Hidden Within Halls of Iron


1.71 MB


166.68 KB


23.50 KB

   VER7-05 The Lion and the Dragon


23.50 KB


885.73 KB


145.75 KB

   VER7-06 The Swan and the Crow


23.50 KB


1.91 MB


143.92 KB



482.63 KB


138.58 KB


23.50 KB



23.50 KB


1.67 MB


148.78 KB

   VER7-09 Jinxed

    VER7-09Jinxed password loosegoose.pdf

960.68 KB


117.81 KB

   Verbobonc Regional Adventure Summary (PF).pdf

771.52 KB


   VER8-01 Mediation


836.38 KB


109.48 KB


23.50 KB

   VER8-02 Crypt Things


1.02 MB


112.78 KB


23.50 KB

   VER8-03 Darkness Is Unbound


3.16 MB


114.50 KB


23.50 KB

   VER8-04 Bred in the Bone


1.16 MB


111.60 KB


23.50 KB

   VER8-05 Quisling


23.50 KB


1.69 MB


113.63 KB

   VER8-06 Noble Ambitions


1.02 MB


111.26 KB


23.50 KB

   VER Final AR.pdf

170.90 KB

   Year 8 RAS.pdf

7.38 KB

  VER0-00 - The Citadel (Characters only).pdf

204.92 KB

  VER0-00 - The Citadel.pdf

1.23 MB

  VER1-02 - Giants on the Move.pdf

190.31 KB

 VTF Metaregional


   VTF3-01 Nor Crystal Falls

    VTF3-01 Nor Crystal Falls AR.pdf

211.13 KB

    VTF3-01 Nor Crystal Falls password evilrules.pdf

466.95 KB

   VTF3-02 Undertow

    VTF3-02 Undertow AR.pdf

103.42 KB

    VTF3-02 Undertow password fignewton.pdf

965.74 KB

   VTF3-03 Between Mitrik and a Hard Place

    VTF3-03 Between Mitrik and a Hard Place AR.pdf

102.96 KB

    VTF3-03 Between Mitrik and a Hard Place iloveevil.pdf

495.98 KB

   VTF3-04 Hunt Club

    VTF3-04 Hunt Club AR.pdf

107.59 KB

    VTF3-04 Hunt Club firebadfirebad.pdf

424.41 KB

   VTF3-05 Firestorm

    VTF3-05 Firestorm AR.pdf

134.11 KB

    VTF3-05 Firestorm password firefireyafire.pdf

1.71 MB

   VTF3-06 Smile in the Mist

    VTF3-06 Smile in the Mist AR.pdf

102.45 KB

    VTF3-06 Smile in the Mist password deadtired.pdf

891.50 KB


   VTF4-01 Flicker

    VTF4-01 Flicker AR.pdf

115.31 KB

    VTF4-01 Flicker password babycrying.pdf

947.39 KB

   VTF4-02 Conflagration

    VTF4-02 Conflagration AR.pdf

120.05 KB

    VTF4-02 Conflagration password stupidimages.pdf

822.48 KB

   VTF4-04 Insidious Malfeasance

    VTF4-04 Insidious Malfeasance AR.pdf

114.47 KB

    VTF4-04 Insidious Malfeasance password achesandpain.pdf

1.57 MB


   VTF5-01 Bonds of Light and Darkness

    VTF5-01 Bonds of Light and Darkness AR.pdf

95.30 KB

    VTF5-01 Bonds of Light and Darkness password marchmadness.pdf

2.02 MB

   VTF5-02 Reaping the Darkness

    VTF5-02 Reaping the darkness AR.pdf

106.51 KB

    VTF5-02 Reaping the Darkness password nofear.pdf

649.67 KB

   VTF5-03 Once Upon a Time In the West

    VTF5-03 Once Upon A Time In The West AR.pdf

100.05 KB

    VTF5-03 Once Upon A Time In The West password theheatwillgetya.pdf

1.02 MB


0.21 KB


483.37 KB


826.05 KB


   VTF6-04 Faire Trade

    VTF6-04FaireTrade password grapeapes.pdf

401.04 KB


131.13 KB

   VTF6-05 Autumn


132.31 KB

    VTF6_05_Autumn password shivermetimbers.pdf

485.19 KB

   VTF6-06 The Earth Dragon Cometh


139.30 KB

    VTF6-06TheEarthDragonCometh password suxtobeu.pdf

1.33 MB


0.08 KB


494.97 KB


660.30 KB


404.80 KB


   VTF7-01 Glass Beads


1.78 MB


116.04 KB


23.50 KB

   VTF7-02 Ascent


673.02 KB


120.41 KB


23.50 KB

   VTF7-03 In the Arms of Angels


1.25 MB


123.29 KB


23.50 KB

   VTF7-04 Mint Collections


1.02 MB


116.78 KB


23.50 KB

   VTF7-05 Underhandedness


23.50 KB


769.48 KB


119.93 KB

   VTF7-06 Left Unsaid


769.51 KB


116.01 KB


23.50 KB

   VTF7-07 Storm Season


23.50 KB


1.26 MB


134.00 KB


   VTF8-01 The Storm


23.50 KB


3.03 MB


108.40 KB

   VTF8-02 Red Skies in the Morning


23.50 KB


747.81 KB


108.75 KB

   VTF8-03 A Mothers Love


686.12 KB


118.02 KB


23.50 KB



   YEO7-01 A Curious Diversion

    YEO7-01 A Curious Diversion.pdf

206.16 KB


138.91 KB


23.50 KB

   YEO7-02 Skin Deep

    YEO7-02 Skin Deep.pdf

301.32 KB


137.90 KB


23.50 KB

   YEO7-03 Another Bride Another Groom

    YEO7-03 Another Bride Another Groom.pdf

1.63 MB


147.51 KB


23.50 KB

   YEO7-04 Dusty Tomes

    YEO7-04 Dusty Tomes.pdf

638.82 KB


138.19 KB


23.50 KB

   YEO7-05 Honor Among Friends

    YEO7-05 Honor Among Friends.pdf

530.79 KB


142.73 KB


23.50 KB

   YEO7-06 A Betrayal Most Foul

    YEO7-06 A Betrayal Most Foul.pdf

395.13 KB


139.76 KB


23.50 KB

   YEO7-07 Dark Gate Stalkers

    YEO7-07 Dark Gate Stalkers AR.pdf

142.51 KB

    YEO7-07 Dark Gate Stalkers.pdf

1.08 MB


23.50 KB

359.32 KB

359.32 KB


   YEO8-01 A Widow's Tears


123.90 KB


458.18 KB


23.50 KB

   YEO8-02 Opposing Forces

    YEO8-02 Opposing Forces.pdf

530.94 KB


123.21 KB


23.50 KB