Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6

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Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6

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Name:Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6

Total Size: 7.71 GB

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Torrent added: 2008-12-27 15:52:54

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Torrent Files List

Disc 1 - Looney Tunes All Stars (Size: 7.65 GB) (Files: 86)

 Disc 1 - Looney Tunes All Stars

  1. Hare Trigger.avi

95.39 MB

  10. Satan's Waitin'.avi

75.15 MB

  11. Hook Line and Stinker.avi

63.37 MB

  12. Bear Feat.avi

73.60 MB

  13. Dog Gone South.avi

74.65 MB

  14. A Ham in a Role.avi

72.89 MB

  15. Often an Orphan.avi

80.28 MB

  2. To Duck or Not to Duck.avi

70.08 MB

  3. Birth of a Notion.avi

75.32 MB

  4. My Little Duckaroo.avi

74.53 MB

  5. Crowing Pains.avi

72.99 MB

  6. Raw! Raw! Rooster!.avi

74.30 MB

  7. Heaven Scent.avi

73.01 MB

  8. My Favorite Duck.avi

81.42 MB

  9. Jumpin' Jupiter.avi

74.92 MB

  Bonus Cartoons

   Boyhood Daze.avi

79.04 MB

   Hippety Hopper.avi

75.57 MB

   Rabbit Rampage.avi

74.22 MB

   Sniffles Takes A Trip.avi

88.67 MB

  Television Episodes

   Bugs Bunny in King Arthurs Court.avi

265.83 MB

   Daffy Ducks Easter Egg-Citement.avi

264.94 MB

 Disc 2 - Patriotic Pals

  1. Herr Meets Hare.avi

86.81 MB

  10. Fifth Column Mouse.avi

80.12 MB

  11. Meet John Doughboy.avi

74.96 MB

  12. Hollywood Canine Canteen.avi

82.72 MB

  13. By Word of Mouse.avi

85.43 MB

  14. Heir Conditioned.avi

79.37 MB

  15. Yankee Dood it.avi

83.36 MB

  2. Russian Rhapsody.avi

83.86 MB

  3. Daffy the Commando.avi

78.08 MB

  4. Bosko the Doughboy.avi

74.91 MB

  5. Rookie Revue.avi

81.21 MB

  6. The Draft Horse.avi

91.47 MB

  7. Wacky Blackout.avi

84.23 MB

  8. The Ducktators.avi

82.57 MB

  9. The Weakly Reporter.avi

70.34 MB

  Bonus Cartoons

   Confusions of a Nutzy Spy.avi

82.65 MB

   Hop and Go.avi

77.82 MB

   The Fighting 69 and 1 Half.avi

77.73 MB

  Friz Freling at MGM

   A Day at the Beach.avi

104.22 MB

   Mamas New Hat.avi

90.91 MB

   Poultry Pirates.avi

100.69 MB

   Seal Skinners.avi

92.01 MB

   The Captains Christmas.avi

84.24 MB

 Disc 3 - Bosko Buddie and Merrie Melodies

  1. Congo Jazz.avi

68.17 MB

  10. Bosko in Person.avi

82.06 MB

  11. The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon.avi

80.85 MB

  12. Buddie's Day Out.avi

80.85 MB

  13. Buddie's Beer Garden.avi

78.16 MB

  14. Buddie's Circus.avi

70.29 MB

  15. A Cartoonist's Nightmare.avi

90.75 MB

  2. Smile Darn Ya, Smile!.avi

75.33 MB

  3. The Booze Hangs High.avi

66.32 MB

  4. One More Time.avi

75.29 MB

  5. Bosko's Picture Show.avi

76.50 MB

  6. You Don't Know What You're Doin'!.avi

74.67 MB

  7. We're in the Money!.avi

73.28 MB

  8. Ride 'em Bosko.avi

80.20 MB

  9. Shuffle Off to Buffalo.avi

83.90 MB

  Bonus Cartoons

   How Do I Know it's Sunday.avi

83.17 MB

   I Like Mountain Music.avi

76.60 MB

   I Love a Parade.avi

74.54 MB

   Sittin' on a Backyard Fence.avi

78.81 MB

  The World of Leon Schlesinger

   Crying for the Carolines.avi

64.24 MB

   Haunted Gold Title Sequence.avi

12.75 MB


32.17 MB

   Schlesinger Productions Christmas Party.avi

220.40 MB

 Disc 4 - Most Requested Assorted Nuts

  1. Horton Hatches the Egg.avi

105.19 MB

  10. Much Ado About Nutting.avi

73.50 MB

  11. The Hole Idea.avi

82.96 MB

  12. Now Hear This.avi

70.73 MB

  13. Martian Through Georgia.avi

70.20 MB

  14. Page Miss Glory.avi

82.21 MB

  15. Norman Normal.avi

64.16 MB

  2. Lights Fantastic.avi

69.21 MB

  3. Fresh Airedale.avi

86.50 MB

  4. Chow Hound.avi

73.59 MB

  5. The Oily American.avi

73.65 MB

  6. It's Hummer Time.avi

75.70 MB

  7. Rocket Bye Baby.avi

76.30 MB

  8. Goo Goo Goliath.avi

74.23 MB

  9. Wild Wife.avi

71.36 MB

  Bonus Cartoons

   Punch Trunk.avi

74.40 MB

   Sleepy Time Possum.avi

73.58 MB

   Wild Wild World.avi

65.58 MB


   Mel Blanc - The Man of a Thousand Voices.avi

759.53 MB

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Torrent description

Looney Tunes - Golden Collection Volume 6

Looney Tunes   Golden Collection Volume 6 preview 0

[QUOTE]Fifteen cartoons dating from World War II give Volume 6 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection more focus than previous sets. Many of the 1940's cartoons remain very funny. Bugs Bunny dresses up as Brunnhilda and rides in to the strains of "Tannhauser" in "Herr Meets Hare" (1945), a gag Chuck Jones re-used to greater effect in "What's Opera, Doc" a dozen years later. In "Russian Rhapsody" (1940) some of the gremlins who sabotage Hitler's bomber are caricatures of the Warner Bros. artists. Chuck Jones appears as a chunky, pinkish-tan homunculus swinging a mallet; Friz Freleng is a little green man with a saw-like nose. Younger viewers may find the references to wartime shortages puzzling--or fail to recognize the caricatures of Hermann Goering, Hideki Tojo and Joseph Stalin. Some of the other cartoons can still bring down the house, including "Satan's Waitin'" (1954), in which Sylvester manages to lose all nine of his lives in pursuit of Tweety, and "Bear Feat" (1949), another exercise in futility for Jones' Three Bears. The early musicals featuring Bosko, Foxy (or Freddy Fox) and Buddy have not aged well. Created by Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising, these characters were modeled on Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse, but lack charm and personality. Some more recent films reveal how social attitudes have changed. "Wild Wife," a spoof of a suburban housewife's tribulations, may have seemed hilarious in 1954; today, it's just a laundry list of sexist gags. Like the previous installments, Volume 6 comes loaded with extras. The rarest are five shorts Friz Freleng directed at MGM in 1938. Producer Fred Quimby lured Freleng away from Warner Bros.--only to insist he adapt the comic strip "The Captain and the Kids," Rudolph Dirks' version of "The Katzenjammer Kids." Freleng correctly predicted the films would flop as the characters were "the meanest little bastards in the world," and soon returned to Warners.[/QUOTE]

Looney Tunes   Golden Collection Volume 6 preview 1

Looney Tunes   Golden Collection Volume 6 preview 2

Looney Tunes   Golden Collection Volume 6 preview 3

Looney Tunes   Golden Collection Volume 6 preview 4

Looney Tunes   Golden Collection Volume 6 preview 5

Looney Tunes   Golden Collection Volume 6 preview 6

--------my rips----------

Unlike the other volumes, these are all the correct frame rate.

I ripped everything except the music only tracks. Some of the cartoons are dual audio with commentary.

Looney Tunes - Golden Collection Volume 6

Disc One: Looney Tunes All Stars
1. Hare Trigger (dual audio)
2. To Duck or Not to Duck
3. Birth of a Notion
4. My Little Duckaroo
5. Crowing Pains
6. Raw! Raw! Rooster!
7. Heaven Scent
8. My Favorite Duck
9. Jumpin' Jupiter
10. Satan's Waitin'
11. Hook Line and Stinker
12. Bear Feat
13. Dog Gone South
14. A Ham in a Role
15. Often an Orphan

Bonus Cartoons:
Sniffles Takes A Trip
Hippety Hopper
Rabbit Rampage
Boyhood Daze

Television Episodes:
Bugs Bunny in King Arthurs Court
Daffy Ducks Easter Egg-Citement

Disc Two: Patriotic Pals
1. Herr Meets Hare (dual audio)
2. Russian Rhapsody (dual audio)
3. Daffy the Commando
4. Bosko the Doughboy
5. Rookie Revue
6. The Draft Horse (dual audio)
7. Wacky Blackout
8. The Ducktators
9. The Weakly Reporter
10. Fifth Column Mouse
11. Meet John Doughboy
12. Hollywood Canine Canteen
13. By Word of Mouse
14. Heir Conditioned
15. Yankee Dood it

Friz Freling at MGM:
Poultry Pirates
A Day at the Beach
The Captains Christmas
Seal Skinners
Mamas New Hat

Bonus Cartoons:
The Fighting 69 and 1 Half
Hop and Go
Confusions of a Nutzy Spy

Disc Three: Bosko Buddie and Merrie Melodies
1. Congo Jazz
2. Smile Darn Ya, Smile!
3. The Booze Hangs High
4. One More Time
5. Bosko's Picture Show
6. You Don't Know What You're Doin'!
7. We're in the Money!
8. Ride 'em Bosko
9. Shuffle Off to Buffalo (dual audio)
10. Bosko in Person
11. The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
12. Buddie's Day Out
13. Buddie's Beer Garden
14. Buddie's Circus
15. A Cartoonist's Nightmare (dual audio)

Bonus Cartoons:
I Love a Parade
I Like Mountain Music
How Do I Know It's Sunday
Sittin' on a Backyard Fence

The World of Leon Schlesinger:
Crying for the Carolines
Haunted Gold Title Sequence
Schlesinger Productions Christmas Party (dual audio)

Disc Four: Most Requested Assorted Nuts
1. Horton Hatches the Egg
2. Lights Fantastic
3. Fresh Airedale (dual audio)
4. Chow Hound
5. The Oily American
6. It's Hummer Time
7. Rocket Bye Baby
8. Goo Goo Goliath
9. Wild Wife
10. Much Ado About Nutting
11. The Hole Idea (dual audio)
12. Now Hear This
13. Martian Through Georgia
14. Page Miss Glory
15. Norman Normal

Bonus Cartoons:
Sleepy Time Possum
Punch Trunk
Wild Wild World
Bartholomew Versus the Wheel

Mel Blanc - The Man of a Thousand Voices

(all similiar)

~~~~~~ 8. Goo Goo Goliath.avi ~~~~~~

File Size (in bytes):...........................77,838,336

--- Video Information ---
Video Codec Name:...............................XviD ISO MPEG-4
Duration (hh:mm:ss):............................6:56.413
Frame Count:....................................9984
Frame Width (pixels):...........................624
Frame Height (pixels):..........................448
Aspect Ratio:...................................1.393
Frames Per Second:..............................23.976
Video Bitrate (kbps):...........................1293
Quality Factor (bits/pixel)/frame:..............0.193"

--- Audio Information ---
Audio Codec:....................................0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
Audio Sample Rate (Hz):.........................48000
Audio Bitrate(kbps):............................192
Audio Bitrate Type ("CBR" or "VBR"):............CBR
Audio Channel Count:............................1

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