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KRYM School Rumble Complete Dual Audio

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KRYM School Rumble Complete Dual Audio

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Name:KRYM School Rumble Complete Dual Audio

Total Size: 5.86 GB

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Torrent added: 2008-12-22 12:21:46

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[KRYM] School Rumble - 01 - Heart-throb In A New Term!, Flailing Over A Love Letter!, A Heart-pounding Bicycle Ride!.mkv (Size: 5.86 GB) (Files: 26)

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 01 - Heart-throb In A New Term!, Flailing Over A Love Letter!, A Heart-pounding Bicycle Ride!.mkv

230.47 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 02 - Incomprehensible Test!, Inescapable Lavatories!, Impossible Physical Exam!.mkv

230.74 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 03 - Stare Hard - Sketch!, Aim it - Arrow Message!, Teach Me - Pajama Party!.mkv

230.78 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 04 - Pigs Go Oink, Oink!, Cats Go Meow!, Frogs, And Kappa, Go Quack Quack Quack!.mkv

230.39 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 05 - Blazing First Love!, Blazing Tea Party!, Blazing Soft Ball!.mkv

230.42 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 06 - After-school Survival!, Confession Time's Arrival!, Together Alone In Hospital!.mkv

230.47 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 07 - Cleaning In The Pool! Chaos In The Pool! War In The Pool!.mkv

230.45 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 08 - First Time Shopping! First Home-Cooked Lunch! First Time Dumped!-- Wha!.mkv

230.45 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 09 - Manga Is Unfortunate! Sister Is Unfortunate! Kappa-san Is Most Unfortunate!.mkv

230.60 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 10 - Please God! Please! Real Animal Fortune Telling! Please! Tenma-chan!.mkv

230.33 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 11 - Nara! Kurasuma! Harima!.mkv

230.25 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 12 - At the Sea, Help! Naked, Help! Really, Seriously, Help!.mkv

230.38 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 13 - Mission 1 Is The Confession Of Love! Mission 2 Is The Night Of Offence And Defence! Mission 3 Is Pii-Pyororo!.mkv

231.00 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 14 - Have You Seen It Before, Not That Cute, Is She, Please Take Care Of Me!.mkv

230.48 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 15 - With Summer, With Friends, With Launching Fireworks..mkv

230.41 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 16 - It's Actually the Tea Club... It's the Tea Club Though... That's Because It is the Tea Club.mkv

230.66 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 17 - Giraffe's Feeling In The Peak of Summer! A Panic Party In The End Of Summer! Summer's Gone So We're Changing Now!.mkv

231.13 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 18 - Karen's Love, Still Some Way To Go! Karen's Love, Little by Little. Karen's Love, And Then....mkv

231.82 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 19 - Dream Of Art! Pray To God! And Wish Upon A Star!.mkv

230.84 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 20 - It's Gone! This is Gone Too! What Ever Will We Do.mkv

231.44 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 21 - Hanai Strikes Back! Karen Shines! Onee-san, Revisted.mkv

230.93 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 22 - A Woman's Fight! A Man's Fight! After the Fighting....mkv

231.53 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 23 - Impatience, Indecisiveness, Wandering.mkv

230.62 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 24 - Impatience, Hesitation, Lost.mkv

230.54 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 25 - Boooo! Puwaan! Gyuiin.mkv

231.49 MB

 [KRYM] School Rumble - 26 - A Sudden Farewell.mkv

229.58 MB


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Torrent description

Clumsy 16-year old Tsukamoto Tenma is in love. The object of her desire, the strange and silent Karasuma Oji, has no idea that she exists. 17-year old delinquent Harima Kenji is also in love. The object of his desire, Tsukamoto Tenma, has no idea that he exists. Both resolve to confess their feelings to the person they admire, but everytime they try, they chicken out or something interrupts them. The series focuses on the antics of Tenma and Harima, as well as their friends, classmates, and family, all of whom seem caught up in comical love troubles of their own. Written by Lebowski;title;1

The battle starts today!! Welcome to School Rumble!

What is School Rumble about, you might ask? Well, strangely, the title has very little to do with the content.
The anime is based on the original Japanese manga (graphic novel) of the same title by Jin Kobayashi.

Subtlety is for wimps!

She... is a second-year high school student with a single all-consuming question: Will the boy she likes ever really notice her?
He... is the school's most notorious juvenile delinquent, and he's suddenly come to a shocking revelation: He's got a huge crush, and now he must tell her how he feels.
Life-changing obsessions, colossal foul-ups, grand schemes, deep-seated anxieties, and raging hormones - School Rumble portrays high school as it really is: over-the-top comedy!

Tenma Tsukamoto
Well. . . It would be rude to call Tenma a "ditz," but it also wouldn't be too far from the truth. She's your typical ditzy, goofy, silly young school girl, minus the whole "valley girl" routine. She tends to take the long and complex way around things, rather than the short and simple way, which causes her quite a bit of trouble in the end. She also doesn't quite get the Japanese grading system, content to get all "cute little turtles" on her report cards (which basically means "try harder".) On a lighter note, she has the biggest of crushes on one Karasuma Ooji, a very quiet, but quietly eccentric young boy of the same age in her class.

Stats (as narrated by Yakumo):

Height: 154 cm (5'5")
Favorite Thing: Karasuma-san
Least Favorite Thing: She can't eat anything too spicy
Favorite TV Show: She and I are always watching Edo-period dramas together.
Favorite Book: I see her with manga all the time.
Strong Points: She's an eternal optimist, and she makes friends easily.
One Last Word: She's a big sister that a girl can always rely on.

Kenji Harima
"Delinquent" would be putting things lightly. Not only is he a delinquent, but he's a skilled street fighter, able to put to shame endless numbers of thugs who might want to do him harm, or maybe just random people he feels like beating the crap out of. Ever since he had a run-in with Tenma in his younger days, however, his fighting took on an entirely new purpose. . . He no longer fights because he has nothing better to do. No. . .he fights. . .because he's in love! So very much in love, in fact, he's willing to throw away everything from his past, including his old identity, just to be with Tenma. Will he manage to succeed? Only time will tell. . .

Stats (as narrated by Itoko Osakabe):

Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Favorite Thing: Curry
Least Favorite Thing: Shellfish, study
Favorite Actor: Yakushamaru Kouji (plays Mangoku)
Favorite Song: I'm always hearing the theme song from Project A.
Special Talent: Fighting
Weak Point: Dim-witted
Notes: During his middle-school years, he was so much trouble nobody could do a thing with him, but nowadays he's a lot quieter.
One Last Word: He needs to pay his rent by the end of each month!

Oji Karasuma
A very big fan of Japanese curry, Ooji has little much more on his mind than food and school. Seeming completely oblivious to what's going on around him, he continues his daily routine, always speaking softly, always looking straight ahead with those odd-looking eyes of his, and never even once seeming to notice the strong feelings Tenma has for him. He is either a genius, or completely out of his mind, considering some of the things he does and doesn't do. He also plays guitar.

Stats (as narrated by Harima):

Height: Dunno. A little shorter than me. 175 cm (5'9") maybe?
Favorite Thing: Dunno
Least Favorite Thing: Dunno
Special Talent: Probably being judgmental. Aside from that, I hear he's good at school.
Hair Style: Really weird, huh?
Name: I always thought it was Torimaru.
Distinguishing Feature: He's always sitting alone spacing out.
Notes: He'll be transferring away in a year. For me, that's perfect timing!
One Last Word: I got no idea what he's thinking, but I don't think he's all that annoying.

Eri Sawachika
A blonde, half-Japanese spoiled rich girl. She's beautiful, athletic, and popular in school. Before, Eri used to live in England. Thus, she occasionally speaks in "Engrish" and messes up her Japanese a bit. She is one of Tenma's 3 girl friends. After a certain incident, Eri and Harima get on bad terms. She also refers him as "Hige", which means "beard." Consequently, Harima calls Eri "Ojou", meaning "princess."

Stats (as narrated by Tenma):

Height: 165 (5'5")... or somewhere around there.
Favorite Thing: She once told me it was the zoo.
Least Favorite Thing: I think it's kanji and cooking.
Special Talent: She's a genius who can master just about anything! I'm sooo jealous!
Weak Points: She may not look it, but she can be sadder than I get.
Notes: Her father's British, and her mother's Japanese, so she's mixed race. She's now back in Japan from living in England. She was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth.
One Last Word: Her language may be a little rough, but really she's a nice girl, I'm sure of it!

Mikoto Suou
One of Tenma's girlfriends. She is easy-going, physically strong, is childhood friends with Hanai Haruki, and practices martial arts with him. Imadori Kyousuke is smitten with her (mostly because of her big breasts), but Mikoto has no feelings for him whatsoever. She does however seem to have a crush on someone.

Stats (as narrated by Eri):

Height: 170 (5'7") maybe? Yeah, about that.
Favorite Thing: She says it's cooking and singing.
Least Favorite Thing: Her father, I hear. But in a different way than me and my father
Special Talent: Every sport around, martial arts, drinks like a fish, and is so much more athletic than I am.
Weak Points: She may not look it, but she can be sadder than I get.
Childhood Dream: To become a nurse. I'm kidding about that, of course.
One Last Word: I'm so jealous of her free-flowing blue hair, but I think she should get a more feminine cut. What a waste!

Akira Takano
One of Tenma's girlfriends and the President of the Tea Club. She is very knowledgeable of the events that occur but tends to stay on the sidelines, which shows her mysterious side. Akira never seems to change the expression on her face. She also seems to be very skilled with guns.

Stats (as narrated by Mikoto):

Height: 166 (5'5") or thereabouts, I think.
Favorite Thing: Economizing.
Least Favorite Thing: Falling into debt, they say.
Favorite Word: Persever... I think.
Hobby: Gunpura... what in the world is that?
Special Talent: The koto and Japanese dance. You know that's gotta be a joke, right?
Notes: I don't know the reason for it, but she's loaded down with part-time jobs.
One Last Word: The girl's getting good grades. She's got a lot of stuff going on that we don't know about.

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