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FrenchPod Lessons 1 to 145

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FrenchPod Lessons 1 to 145

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Name:FrenchPod Lessons 1 to 145

Total Size: 731.98 MB

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Torrent Files List

A Newbie (Size: 726.99 MB) (Files: 156)

 A Newbie

  A0001 - I am American.mp4

3.76 MB

  A0002 - I`m cold.mp4

2.91 MB

  A0003 - Bad Movie.mp4

4.66 MB

  A0004 - Do you have a light_.mp4

4.03 MB

  A0005 - I have a headache.mp4

3.58 MB

  A0006 - I'm a vegetarian.mp4

3.08 MB

  A0007 - Where's the bathroom_.mp4

3.85 MB

  A0009 - Red or White_.mp4

3.83 MB

  A0010 - I love this song.mp4

4.29 MB

  A0011 - Can you take a picture_.mp4

5.20 MB

  A0013 - Going Green.mp4

3.55 MB

  A0015 - Too early for a drink.mp4

3.63 MB

  A0016 - How is it going_.mp4

4.53 MB

  A0018 - How much is it_.mp4

4.27 MB

  A0020 - Scary Noise.mp4

3.97 MB

  A0022 - Hi, my name is....mp4

4.22 MB

  A0024 - I`m tired.mp4

3.83 MB

  A0027 - It`s hot.mp4

5.13 MB

  A0029 - I don`t know.mp4

3.88 MB

  A0032 - What`s going on_.mp4

4.23 MB

  A0034 - At the library.mp4

4.48 MB

  A0038 - The Last Metro.mp4

4.48 MB

  A0043 - It's not too serious.mp4

4.11 MB

  A0048 - What is this_.mp4

4.36 MB

  A0050 - Off to bed!.mp4

4.08 MB

  A0052 - Do you speak French_.mp4

4.28 MB

  A0054 - Where do you live_.mp4

3.45 MB

  A0056 - You need money, right_.mp4

3.95 MB

  A0061 - Goodbye, my love....mp4

4.45 MB

  A0065 - It's the same thing.mp4

4.66 MB

  A0069 - Is someone sitting here_.mp4

4.13 MB

  A0077 - Are you ready_.mp4

4.05 MB

  A0081 - What do you do_.mp4

4.05 MB

  A0087 - How old are you_.mp4

4.18 MB

  A0091 - You are so beautiful.mp4

4.35 MB

  A0097 - Do we leave a tip_.mp4

4.37 MB

  A0101 - I am hungry.mp4

4.06 MB

  A0107 - Help!.mp4

4.77 MB

  A0112 - I'm going to miss you....mp4

4.66 MB

  A0116 - When's the wedding_.mp4

4.27 MB

  A0121 - Are you having a beer_.mp4

3.95 MB

  A0127 - It's fun! Try it!.mp4

4.31 MB

  A0132 - What's the address_.mp4

3.86 MB

  A0136 - Making the Bridge.mp4

4.28 MB

  A0141 - The phone's ringing.mp4

3.83 MB


6.87 MB


12.52 KB

 B Elementary

  B0008 - Cannes Film Festival.mp4

5.59 MB

  B0012 - The Theater Alibi.mp4

6.07 MB

  B0014 - Interview stress.mp4

5.17 MB

  B0017 - I`m lost.mp4

5.35 MB

  B0019 - The French Open.mp4

6.55 MB

  B0021 - Who has the keys_.mp4

5.32 MB

  B0025 - I`m in love.mp4

5.11 MB

  B0028 - Beauty Secrets.mp4

5.57 MB

  B0031 - Something`s burning.mp4

5.39 MB

  B0035 - La Fête de la Musique.mp4

6.20 MB

  B0037 - Did you hear about Brad Pitt_.mp4

5.69 MB

  B0041 - Surprise Party.mp4

6.17 MB

  B0044 - I don`t understand anything.mp4

6.10 MB

  B0046 - Destination... London!.mp4

6.35 MB

  B0049 - My computer is broken down.mp4

5.18 MB

  B0053 - Brad Pitt bought a baguette yesterday morning.mp4

5.99 MB

  B0057 - Either he's sleeping or he's dead.mp4

5.51 MB

  B0062 - There's a spider in the room.mp4

5.39 MB

  B0067 - Do you have some change_.mp4

5.45 MB

  B0070 - Very Superstitious.mp4

5.35 MB

  B0072 - Brad Pitt dresses like a spy.mp4

5.42 MB

  B0075 - Where are we going on vacation_.mp4

4.94 MB

  B0084 - That's not what I ordered.mp4

5.95 MB

  B0088 - La Rentrée.mp4

5.39 MB

  B0094 - Just forget it.mp4

5.27 MB

  B0100 - Roller coaster.mp4

5.06 MB

  B0103 - Family Affair.mp4

4.99 MB

  B0110 - I made some snails.mp4

5.75 MB

  B0115 - Chez le fromager.mp4

5.09 MB

  B0119 - Lost in the Mountains.mp4

4.97 MB

  B0124 - The Hunting Trip.mp4

5.81 MB

  B0129 - Scary Movie_.mp4

5.32 MB

  B0134 - I have a secret.mp4

4.37 MB

  B0138 - The Protest.mp4

4.98 MB

  B0143 - Shoe shopping.mp4

5.06 MB


5.81 MB


15.42 KB

 C Intermediate

  C0023 - Fender Bender.mp4

5.82 MB

  C0026 - Uninvited Guest Part I.mp4

5.86 MB

  C0030 - Uninvited Guest Part II.mp4

5.51 MB

  C0033 - The Euro vs. The Franc.mp4

5.44 MB

  C0036 - Shall we go in the water_.mp4

5.30 MB

  C0040 - The first time we met.mp4

5.15 MB

  C0042 - My package still hasn't arrived.mp4

4.68 MB

  C0045 - Tour de France.mp4

5.00 MB

  C0051 - Bastille Day.mp4

5.62 MB

  C0055 - Marie Antoinette_ What does she want now_.mp4

5.81 MB

  C0058 - Did you see Beatrice's new haircut_.mp4

5.01 MB

  C0063 - The Rossignols go to London.mp4

5.40 MB

  C0073 - I've really thought it over.mp4

3.76 MB

  C0078 - The Weather Forecast.mp4

3.56 MB

  C0082 - I need my internet hooked up.mp4

4.68 MB

  C0086 - Did you see the price of gas_.mp4

4.43 MB

  C0090 - A Room with a View.mp4

4.26 MB

  C0093 - Record After the Beep.mp4

5.81 MB

  C0096 - Don't laugh this time.mp4

4.72 MB

  C0104 - The Hypochondriac.mp4

4.90 MB

  C0108 - I look fat in this.mp4

5.02 MB

  C0114 - You don' t know what you're talking about.mp4

4.70 MB

  C0118 - Belle Magazine_ First Day.mp4

3.80 MB

  C0122 - Indian Summer in Quebec.mp4

4.85 MB

  C0126 - Belle Magazine_ the great perfume mishap.mp4

4.87 MB

  C0130 - We don`t celebrate Halloween!.mp4

4.43 MB

  C0135 - Speed Dating_ First Round.mp4

4.43 MB

  C0140 - I have the flu.mp4

4.60 MB


4.87 MB


20.84 KB

 D Upper-Intermediate

  D0039 - Losing Weight.mp4

6.36 MB

  D0047 - Gallery Opening.mp4

5.90 MB

  D0059 - Buying a house in France.mp4

5.35 MB

  D0064 - We work in the same line of business.mp4

5.98 MB

  D0071 - If I were rich.mp4

5.21 MB

  D0076 - Buying a Suit.mp4

5.73 MB

  D0080 - Reality TV.mp4

6.03 MB

  D0085 - The exams period is coming up!.mp4

5.67 MB

  D0092 - Negotations and Collaboration.mp4

5.46 MB

  D0098 - The Myth of the Louvre Pyramid.mp4

6.27 MB

  D0105 - The Gauguin.mp4

5.13 MB

  D0109 - The first time I saw her I proposed.mp4

5.94 MB

  D0113 - Monte-Carlo.mp4

3.70 MB

  D0120 - Foot!.mp4

5.72 MB

  D0125 - Autumn_ Hate It or Love It.mp4

5.01 MB

  D0131 - Do you vote_.mp4

5.06 MB

  D0137 - Armistice Day.mp4

5.83 MB

  D0142 - You're grounded.mp4

4.89 MB


3.35 MB


19.36 KB

 E Advanced

  E0060 - Labor Union Movement.mp4

4.02 MB

  E0066 - Le procès.mp4

6.19 MB

  E0074 - La renaissance des Jeux Olympiques.mp4

5.15 MB

  E0079 - Charles de Gaulle.mp4

4.77 MB

  E0083 - La Chirurgie Esthétique.mp4

5.00 MB

  E0089 - Les OGM.mp4

6.05 MB

  E0095 - L'argot.mp4

6.17 MB

  E0099 - Le Corbeau et le Renard.mp4

4.23 MB

  E0102 - Débat Politique.mp4

5.00 MB

  E0106 - La Pierre de Rosette.mp4

5.10 MB

  E0111 - Dégustation de vin.mp4

5.86 MB

  E0117 - Vente aux enchères.mp4

4.56 MB

  E0123 - Coco Chanel.mp4

6.74 MB

  E0133 - L`Académie Française.mp4

6.51 MB

  E0144 - Cœur artificiel.mp4

5.15 MB


2.87 MB


23.21 KB

 F Advanced Media

  F0128 - Piratage du compte du président.mp4

3.71 MB

  F0139 - Menu anticrise à un euro.mp4

4.14 MB


436.14 KB


1.22 KB

 Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB


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Torrent description

FrenchPod is a language training service designed around your needs, rather than the traditional constraints of language schools and publishers. Technology solves these problems, and can make the learning of a new language easier.
We take the best pedagogical approaches of the classroom, layer in the community features of the social web, and tailor a customized learning pathway for each student.

FrenchPod Newbie
Duration: 6h 49m 25s
If you're brand new to French, this is the level for you. Newbie lessons are given in English, and when we introduce French there is plenty of clear repetition. The dialogues are repeated three times, are translated, and then analyzed. Basic phrases and expressions used for courtesy and travel are emphasized, along with grammatical support for communication in the immediate present.

FrenchPod Elementary
Duration: 6h 40m 06s
In the Elementary level we’ll hear how to discuss events that happened in the present and past, and how to express opinions and preferences. This level features longer dialogues, more elements of grammar, and a wider range of everyday applications than the Newbie lessons. The hosts give a thorough treatment of lesson content, including grammar structures and pronunciation.

FrenchPod Intermediate
Duration: 5h 04m 15s
If you’re comfortably understanding the Elementary lessons, you're ready for Intermediate. At this level, we’ll begin to narrate events more precisely in the past, present, and future. In these lessons the hosts speak almost entirely in French, with key explanations in English.

FrenchPod Upper Intermediate
Duration: 3h 21m 35s
At the Upper Intermediate level we’ll show you how to add conjecture and conditionality to your speech. By this level, you should be comfortable speaking in the past, present, and future, so you’re ready to practice the dreaded French subjunctive mood. We’ll be speaking primarily in French, and shifting back to English for the occasional vocabulary item.

FrenchPod Advanced
Duration: 2h 26m 46s
Advanced lessons focus on introducing specialized vocabulary, practicing problematic grammatical features, and lively French language discussion. The lessons are conducted entirely in French, including explanations of grammar and vocabulary. They also feature more use of idioms than the lower levels.

FrenchPod Advanced Media
Duration: 0h 16m 36s
The Advanced Media provides commentary and analysis on materials and media intended for a French-speaking audience. For each lesson, students should read the article (or other form of media) given in advance. The hosts will discuss the article in the show, focusing on difficult vocabulary, expressions, and nuances.

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