Blue Oyster Cult / R U Ready 2 Rock The Absolute Best Of BOC (2008)!

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Name:Blue Oyster Cult / R U Ready 2 Rock The Absolute Best Of BOC (2008)!

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R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BOC, CD1 (2008) (Size: 366.47 MB) (Files: 50)

 R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BOC, CD1 (2008)

  01 - Then Came The Last Days Of May.mp3

8.05 MB

  02 - The Red & The Black.mp3

10.19 MB

  03 - Harvester Of Eyes.mp3

10.74 MB

  04 - Astronomy.mp3

14.73 MB

  05 - (Don't Fear) The Reaper (The Cowbell Song).mp3

11.62 MB

  06 - E.T.I. (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).mp3

8.51 MB

  07 - Godzilla.mp3

8.46 MB

  08 - R.U. Ready 2 Rock - live '77.mp3

13.37 MB

  09 - The Vigil.mp3

14.69 MB

  10 - Black Blade.mp3

14.71 MB

  11 - Monsters.mp3

11.87 MB

  12 - Vengeance (The Pact).mp3

10.75 MB

  13 - Sole Survivor.mp3

9.34 MB

  14 - Take Me Away.mp3

10.28 MB

  15 - M.E. 262 (redeux).mp3

7.19 MB

  16 - Still Burnin'.mp3

8.29 MB

  17 - Pocket.mp3

9.80 MB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock (2008) side A.jpeg

58.93 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BÖC (2008) Review.rtf

16.26 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BÖC, CD1 (2008) back.JPG

55.04 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BÖC, CD1 (2008).JPG

74.70 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult circa 2008.jpg

75.61 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult circa September 2008 live in concert d.jpg

100.67 KB

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 R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BÖC, CD2 (2008)

  01 - Stairway To The Stars.mp3

8.53 MB

  02 - Hot Rails To Hell.mp3

11.90 MB

  03 - Dominance & Submission.mp3

12.33 MB

  04 - Flaming Telepaths (single version).mp3

11.00 MB

  05 - Tattoo Vampire.mp3

6.15 MB

  06 - Golden Age Of Leather.mp3

13.26 MB

  07 - In Thee.mp3

8.66 MB

  08 - Hungry Boys.mp3

8.27 MB

  09 - Lips In The Hills.mp3

10.15 MB

  10 - Joan Crawford.mp3

11.22 MB

  11 - Burnin' For You.mp3

10.26 MB

  12 - Let Go.mp3

7.79 MB

  13 - Dragon Lady.mp3

9.28 MB

  14 - Make Rock - Not War.mp3

8.98 MB

  15 - In The Presence Of Another World (single edit).mp3

8.61 MB

  16 - Cities On Flame (With Rock 'n' Roll) (redeux).mp3

9.42 MB

  17 - Damaged.mp3

9.89 MB

  18 - X-Ray Eyes.mp3

8.61 MB

  19 - I Just Like To Be Bad.mp3

8.87 MB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock (2008) side B.jpeg

64.29 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BÖC (2008) Review.rtf

16.26 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BÖC, CD2 (2008) back.JPG

61.50 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult - R.U. Ready 2 Rock - The Absolute Best Of BÖC, CD2 (2008).JPG

74.99 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult circa 2008 b.jpg

22.25 KB

  Blue Öyster Cult circa September 2008 live in concert c.jpg

105.64 KB

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Torrent description

One of my truly favourite American bands has always been the amazing 'Blue Öyster Cult' with their phenomenal albums and spectacular songs of motorcycle mayhem, astronomical figures, and skyrocketing, adventurous journeys of yesteryear and tomorrow! This fabulous two-CD set captures all of their high-points throughout their illustrious career, and not just the Hits like the brilliant '(Don't Fear) The Reaper', here with the subtitle, 'The Cowbell Song' thanks to the guys at 'Saturday Night Live', and the magnificent 'Godzilla'. If You have ever wondered what else the band were up to the past 30+years then wonder no more. Slide it in, punch the play button, and escape into this cult's fantastic voyage into the netherworlds, the dark, heroic yet ghastly, macabre realms of 'Blue Öyster Cult'!


01) Then Came The Last Days Of May - The story of four youths on a highway to nowhere on a night of desperation. Chilling, gripping guitar and vocal by Donald 'Buck Dharma' Roeser, and live a tour de force for him, and especially second guitarist, Allen Lanier. From 'Blue Öyster Cult' (1972). *****
02) The Red & The Black - Groovy riff to words about the Canadian Mounties, or is it something more deeper than that? The colour comboed cut off of their second album, 'Tyranny & Mutation' (1973). *****
03) Harvester Of Eyes - 'Secret Treaties' was the first great album by BÖC, and thanks to superb tunes like this one about Mr. Eric Bloom's love for all of those peering peepers, jeepers creepers, there is absolutely no doubt why. Nifty riff and keyboard tandem. From 'Secret Treaties' (1974). *****
04) Astronomy - Sandy Pearlman was the 5th member of BÖC for many years, and this is one of his many penultimate contributions to the band. Years before 'Metallica' decided to cover this classic, both Eric & Buck sang about that mighty 'Nexus of a Crisis' that always occurs 'when the clock strikes midnight', 'when moondrops burst out at YOU from their hiding place'. Classic lyrics which envision a world where only a band like BÖC could exist, and conquer. Are YOU brave enough to venture yonder upon the dusty road wence thou mayest never return? From 'Secret Treaties' (1974). *****
05) (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Even with the corny subtitle added precariously to capture venisons of the 'YOUTube' generation nothing can take away from the band's signature song. Buck wrote this one after confronting some personal demons one evening speeding around the corner of Devil's Bend somewhere nowhere to be discovered. Which simply proves that Evil is indeed necessary in a world of good to help us discern the Truth from the Lies. From 'Agents Of Fortune' (1976). *****
06) E.T.I. (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) - Before all of the fads caught on in Hollywood about aliens like 'E.T.' and those mysterious 'Men In Black' there was BÖC having already spun that crop circle in this almighty tale from the darkside. But, a better question might be, who exactly are those 'Agents Of Fortune'? 'Take Me Away', indeed! From 'Agents Of Fortune' (1976). *****
07) Godzilla - How does one write a Hit song that will live on for generations? Try watching a memorable film with a menace as malignant as 'Godzira', add one of the best riffs in Rock, and wellah! BÖC should be in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on the merits of the last 3 songs alone! 'Nuff said! From 'Spectres' (1977). *****
08) R.U. Ready 2 Rock - live '77 - Atlanta, Georgia? Why not? Anywhere could be the home of Rock when BÖC take to the stage, what better a place to firmly plant that tongue in someone's cheek, etc. then in the Bible Belt? Born again? Yeah, right! lol From 'Some Enchanted Evening' (1978), and originally from 'Spectres' (1977).
09) The Vigil - Little did I know that when I heard this song in 1979 that I would actually be partaking in a vigil for one of Rock's legends, John Lennon, just a short year later nor could I fathom what Buck had up his sleeve, but one thing is certain this has some of the Dharma man's best guitar work, and should not be overlooked just because the rest of its accompanying album was more pop-oriented. Crank it up! From 'Mirrors' (1979). *****
10) Black Blade - There is a segment in the 1981 classic genre film, 'Heavy Metal' where this should have had its glory revealed on celluloid for all to see, but someone opted for 'Veteran Of The Psychic Wars' instead. In any case, Eric slices and dices orks with his vocal from deep, dark Mordor wrapped around a nice lyric a la Michael Moorcock, the great Fantasy writer breeding an offspring just too obscene to be denied! From my personal favourite BÖC album, 'Cultösaurus Erectus' (1980). *****
11) Monsters - One has tried to move on since original members, Albert & Joe Bouchard left the band, but there is no doubt that Joe Bouchard is the member the band miss the most. Joe not only penned the anthem, 'Hot Rails To Hell', but he simply scorches the planet with these jazz bass lines tucked nicely between that excellent guitar of Buck's and an equally talented vocal performance from the man behind the shades, Eric Bloom. Just don't mention the word, Love! From 'Cultösaurus Erectus' (1980). *****
12) Vengeance (The Pact) - 'Fire Of Unknown Origin' is likewise a sort of Best Of in itself, and was also the final album to feature the craftiness of Albert Bouchard before the ill-fated, 'Imaginos' in 1988. This classic proves that, in being less widely known, but just as equally pleasing to those frenetic sensory organs located on each side of one's nebulous nerve mass of cell apendages. Translation = Great tune! From 'Fire Of Unknown Origin' (1981). *****
13) Sole Survivor - Check Joe Bouchard out again laying down a simple, yet memorable bass line that should have powered this one into the charts, certainly in a parallel universe in some distant galaxy somewhere on the horizon of time. From 'Fire Of Unknown Origin' (1981). *****
14) Take Me Away - In 1983, the one true Cult returned to their alien fantasies with guest Aldo Nova adding some of his eccentricities to power this one into the hearts of anyone whose heart is driven by the six-strings of a guitar on this desolate planet of ours. It turned out, sadly, to be the last great hurrah for the band, as they were never quite able to capture the brilliance of the past after this one. From 'The Revolution By Night' (1983). *****
15) M.E. 262 (redeux) - Pardon my French, but 'redeux' simply means the band entered a studio in 1994 to lay this one down again, and this concise version came, saw and conquered in said year all who were able to hear it live. Ex-Rainbow skinsman, Chuck Burgi can be heard on drums. Still Eric, der Bloomer botches the Hitler Holiday ort of Freiburg with his pronunciation of 'Freeburg', but some things are better left unsaid when YOU have other classic lyrics like 'Must these Englishmen live that I might die, must they live that I might die?' lol Another favourite of mine is 'Wenches in the Trenches on a Saturday night' (no doubt) from 'Madness To The Method' in 1985/6. From 'Classic Cult' (1994), originally on 'Secret Treaties' (1974). *****
16) Still Burnin' - Once asked, if the band were still burnin' for YOU, Buck replied, yes, we're 'Still Burnin', and this is the song to that effect that certainly stands up in its own right. Ageless guitar heroics, once again! From 'Heaven Forbid' (1998). *****
17) Pocket - There are many definitions for the generic term, 'Pocket', but what Buck wants to say can be best described using the American Football term which usually describes a quarterback, leader and captain of a team of 11, usually, standing safely in said pocket to throw a safe, quality pass to a receiver in hopes of gaining a first down, or more chances at scoring, touchdown (six points), or gaining enough yardage to attempt a kick for three, and what I am rambling on about, I don't know, because it's just one damn good song! From 'Curse Of The Hidden Mirror' (2001). *****


01) Stairway To The Stars - That BÖC have a knack for humour should not go unnoticed. This is the band that will break your arm, but be kind enough to sign the cast afterwards! I can only imagine something similar happening after one of the guy's high school dances, possibly called, 'Stairway To The Stars', or one of these other generic terms often used for Proms, etc. like 'Tonight's The Night'! lol Many years their concert opener. From 'Blue Öyster Cult' (1972). *****
02) Hot Rails To Hell - Sometimes mistakenly referred to as '1277 (Express To Heaven)' this one melts in your mouth and not in your hands thanks to some nice vocals from Joe Bouchard, as well as guitar magnifiqué a la Buck Dharma. From 'Tyranny & Mutation' (1973). *****
03) Dominance & Submission - Often used as a call-and-answer crowd-pleaser live, here Buck tells of one fateful New Year's Eve in the backseat of a classic ride with that hot girl of your dreams and her annoying brother looking on. The Radio classic that never was, but then again YOU can't expect everyone to get it now, can YOU? One of the first songs covered in my first school band called, 'Metalloid' back in 1980 before those San Franpsychos stole our thunder! From 'Secret Treaties' (1974). *****
04) Flaming Telepaths (single edit) - I have been searching for this single since time began, but was the chase better than the catch? Eric shines, laughter or not, with some fine keyboard work from one of Rock's long-time unsung heroes, the uncanny X-Man of BÖC, Allen Lanier, who's biggest claim to fame outside of BÖC is his longtime relationship to a one eclectic, Patti Smith ('Because The Night') and the infamous, Jim Carroll, he of 'The Basketball Diaries' fame. But, if YOU don't appreciate Allen's finesse on the keyboards, his guitar work is no slouch either! So, I guess 'the Joke's on YOU!' From 'Secret Treaties' (1974). *****
05) Tattoo Vampire - Try keeping up with Buck and the boys on this nefarious venture beyond the pale! Unique! From 'Agents Of Fortune' (1976). *****
06) Golden Age Of Leather - A song possibly written well ahead of its time, and yet again featuring the guitar virtuosity of one, Buck Dharma! So, raise those cans of beer on high, and salute the 'Golden Age Of Leather'! From 'Spectres' (1977). *****
07) In Thee - This should have been a number 1 song for someone at some point in time, and maybe it still might be, who knows for certain, only the Shadow knows. Still, 'Aeroplanes do make strangers of us all', and Buck sure can write 'em! From 'Mirrors' (1979). *****
08) Hungry Boys - This one reminds me a lot of the performance BÖC did for the Blue Jean Network supported by 'Foghat' back in 1979, and how many of the so-called, 'Rock Veterans' were more than a bit worried that the likes of New Wave and Punk would change Rock forever. Maybe it did, and maybe it didn't, but BÖC proved that YOU could mesh the 2 together and twain they shall make one bestial number after another. Again translation = Great tune! 'Nuff said, again! From 'Cultösaurus Erectus' (1980). *****
09) Lips In The Hills - One has to wonder if foot fetichist, Eric actually means Lips In The Heels with this one, again tongue firmly planted in cheek or in sole, in this case, but nonetheless, Albert Bouchard adds some of his best drum work here for all dexterity and posterity to come. Foot posture? lol 'She's As Beautiful As A Foot', indeed! From 'Cultösaurus Erectus' (1980). *****
10) Joan Crawford - Well, if YOU aren't an Allen Lanier fan by the end of this great keyboard-driven, but not dominant song then YOU just may be a tad too dead! Corny cheerleader videos with the band near a pool aside this one breathed life into what was otherwise a dud of a film called, 'Mommie Dearest' starring, Faye Dunaway as wicked witch aka bitch of the West or Hollywood icon, Joan Crawford, and no one could ever view a hanger the same way ever again! Immaculate! From 'Fire Of Unknown Origin' (1981). *****
11) Burnin' For You - Buck's single masterpiece, Take 3 might seem a bit buried here on CD2, but it comes screaming at YOU with the same fiery presence on any CD in any slot. Did anyone ever notice that this is actually an amalgamation of Reggae & Rock, und nicht unbedingt Pop? Well, no need to get besides yourself, in any case, because 'Time is the Essence'. From 'Fire Of Unknown Origin' (1981). *****
12) Let Go - After having hit it off with their collaboration on 'Going Through The Motions', a minor Hit for Bonnie Tyler, Ian Hunter of 'Mott, The Hoople' fame writes this gem of a Rocker that could be another BÖC anthem, of sorts together with Eric Bloom, which could and should have led to many a sold-out stadium of choruses chanting, 'BÖC'! From 'The Revolution By Night' (1983). *****
13) Dragon Lady - Another mighty Rocker from an album that was a bit overlooked, possibly for the fact that Albert Bouchard had already departed, but nevertheless pleases with great tunes like this one! Tricky lyric to boot! From 'The Revolution By Night' (1983). *****
14) Make Rock - Not War - This one seemed a bit backdated in 1985/6 near the end of the Cold War, and possibly would have been a major success were it released in the late '60s / early '70s. Yet the more things change the more they stay the same, so we have come full circle, and we haven't learned a damn thing, so maybe someone could listen now. Anyone have Barack's number? From 'Club Ninja' (1985 in Europe, 1986 in the U.S.). *****
15) In The Presence Of Another World (single edit) - Again, one might be hard fought seeking out this long, lost single, but this certainly proves that 'I Am The One That You Warned Me Of' was not the only hit on the concept album, 'Imaginos', back in 1988. 'No monster, indeed!' Stephen King, anyone? From 'Imaginos' (1988). *****
16) Cities On Flame (With Rock 'n' Roll) (redeux) - Now, if YOU are a die-hard Albert Bouchard fan then YOU will certainly not applaud the use of this version from 1994 with Chuck Burgi on drums, and Eric Bloom on vocal, but considering that Eric always sang the song live this turns out to be the definitive version, so I deem the worthy yon version a success! From 'Cult Classics' (1994), originally on 'Blue Öyster Cult' (1972). *****
17) Damaged - This Buck Dharma should-be-classic is a gem that could have been featured in a film like 'Pulp Fiction', because it certainly reminds us of Honey Bunny 'Yolanda' and her degenerate, Lance in the diner scene. This one sits up there with any of the other classic material from the early years of BÖC a la 'Before The Kiss (A Redcap)', etc. Check it out! From 'Heaven Forbid' (1998). *****
18) X-Ray Eyes - The Ray Milland film cited, 'X - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes' takes us back to 1963, but in Buck's Time Machine that could have been yesterday, because this tune rocks out like any other in the BÖC catalogue! Enjoy! From 'Heaven Forbid' (1998). *****
19) I Just Like To Be Bad - While I was busy being mesmerized by another excellent performance on guitar by Buck Dharma on 'Pocket', my son was rotating this one up-and-down on his CD Player. So much so, that I eventually succombed to the prowess on offer and nice and snug Bart Simpson lyric offered up by then Bassist, Danny Miranda, who is now jamming away with 'Queen + Paul Rodgers'. A perfect end to a perfect collection that although is called, 'The Absolute Best...' will leave a few wondering where some of their own personal favourites are like the aforementioned, 'Veteran Of The Psychic Wars'; '7 Screaming Diz-Busters'; 'Sinful Love'; 'I Love The Night'; 'We Gotta Get Outta This Place'; 'Dr. Music'; 'Fire Of Unknown Origin'; 'Feel The Thunder'; 'Beat 'Em Up'; 'Shadow Warrior'; and, so many more. Perhaps the powers that be will bless us all with that 3rd disc at some point, or better still a new batch of mighty BÖC tunes to call our own! Till then, keep it hard, heavy and keep it Rockin'! - Rick Wilson, former Rock Radio Journalist with 'Radio Canale Grandé.

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