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Archie Pack 4 H33t

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Name:Archie Pack 4 H33t

Total Size: 8.02 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 5

Leechers: 22

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-12-30 16:19:41 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2008-11-01 00:33:37

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Archie (Size: 8.02 GB) (Files: 308)


  Archie 027.cbr

37.49 MB

  Archie 036.cbz

12.99 MB

  Archie 083.cbr

18.17 MB

  Archie 097.cbz

12.99 MB

  Archie 137.cbr

10.76 MB

  Archie 141.cbr

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  Archie 157.cbr

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  Archie 160.cbr

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  Archie 176.cbr

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  Archie 192.cbr

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  Archie 225.cbr

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  Archie 274.cbr

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  Archie 329.cbr

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  Archie 331.cbr

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  Archie 333.cbr

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  Archie 437.cbr

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  Archie 446.cbr

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  Archie 456.cbr

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  Archie 457.cbz

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  Archie 458.cbz

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  Archie 459.cbz

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  Archie 470.cbz

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  Archie 472.cbz

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  Archie 473.cbz

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  Archie 475.cbz

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  Archie 476.cbz

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  Archie 477.cbz

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  Archie 478.cbz

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  Archie 500.cbz

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  Archie 513.cbr

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  Archie 522.cbr

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  Archie 523.cbr

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  Archie 524.cbr

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  Archie 525.cbr

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  Archie 526.cbr

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  Archie 527.cbr

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  Archie 528.cbr

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  Archie 533.cbr

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  Archie 535.cbr

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  Archie 536.cbr

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  Archie 537.cbr

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  Archie 539.cbr

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  Archie 540.cbr

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  Archie 541.cbr

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  Archie 542.cbr

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  Archie 543.cbr

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  Archie 557.cbr

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  Archie 558.cbr

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  Archie 560.cbr

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  Archie 561.cbr

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  Archie 562.cbr

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  Archie 564.cbr

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  Archie 568.cbr

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  Archie Annual 005.cbr

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  Archie Annual 021.cbz

44.42 MB

  Archie Annual 037.cbr

73.08 MB

  Archie Annual 048.cbr

48.11 MB

  Archie Annual 055.cbr

80.85 MB

 Archie And Me

  Archie And Me 011.cbr

18.32 MB

  Archie And Me 035.cbz

22.36 MB

  Archie And Me 036.cbr

31.29 MB

  Archie And Me 067.cbz

23.18 MB

  Archie And Me 070.cbr

20.39 MB

  Archie And Me 079.cbr

23.08 MB

  Archie And Me 082.cbz

21.83 MB

  Archie And Me 083.cbz

18.36 MB

  Archie And Me 086.cbz

23.86 MB

  Archie And Me 088.cbz

22.36 MB

  Archie And Me 094.cbz

23.06 MB

  Archie And Me 097.cbz

21.11 MB

  Archie And Me 099.cbz

22.22 MB

  Archie And Me 104.cbz

20.38 MB

  Archie And Me 105.cbr

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  Archie And Me 106.cbz

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  Archie And Me 108.cbz

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  Archie And Me 111.cbz

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  Archie And Me 112.cbz

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  Archie And Me 117.cbr

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  Archie And Me 118.cbr

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  Archie And Me 119.cbr

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  Archie And Me 134.cbz

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  Archie And Me 135.cbr

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  Archie And Me 138.cbz

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  Archie And Me 139.cbr

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  Archie And Me 140.cbz

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  Archie And Me 141.cbz

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  Archie And Me 143.cbr

12.29 MB

  Archie And Me 146.cbr

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  Archie And Me 147.cbz

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  Archie And Me 148.cbz

25.50 MB

 Archie Giant Series

  Archie Giant Series 150.cbr

44.47 MB

  Archie Giant Series 159.cbr

43.31 MB

  Archie Giant Series 168.cbr

45.97 MB

  Archie Giant Series 169.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 179.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 180.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 192.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 203.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 205.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 216.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 228.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 236.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 246.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 466.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 479.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 567.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 568.cbr

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  Archie Giant Series 579.cbr

30.97 MB

 Archie's Pals N Gals

  Archie's Pals N Gals 030.cbr

38.66 MB

  Archie's Pals N Gals 050.cbr

56.43 MB

  Archie's Pals N Gals 067.cbr

40.81 MB

  Archie's Pals N Gals 102.cbr

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  Archie's Pals N Gals 105.cbr

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  Archie's Pals N Gals 116.cbr

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  Archie's Pals N Gals 124.cbr

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  Archie's Pals N Gals 132.cbz

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  Archie's Pals N Gals 133.cbz

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  Archie's Pals N Gals 134.cbz

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  Archie's Pals N Gals 135.cbz

24.30 MB

  Archie's Pals N Gals 152.cbr

28.77 MB

  Archie's Pals N Gals 179.cbr

29.58 MB

 Betty And Veronica

  Betty And Veronica 177.cbr

9.95 MB

  Betty And Veronica 178.cbr

9.51 MB

  Betty And Veronica 179.cbr

10.50 MB

  Betty And Veronica 185.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica 186.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica 187.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica 188.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica 237.cbr

13.76 MB

  Betty And Veronica Digest 001.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica Digest 115.cbr

15.10 MB

  Betty And Veronica Spectacular 038.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica V1 067.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica V1 111.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica V1 153.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica V1 345.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica V1 346.cbr

29.22 MB


  Jughead 142.cbr

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  Jughead 143.cbr

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  Jughead 144.cbr

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  Jughead 212.cbr

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  Jughead 236.cbr

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  Jughead V2 017.cbz

68.04 MB

  Jughead V2 025.cbr

19.08 MB

  Jughead V2 026.cbr

13.69 MB

  Jughead V2 033.cbr

18.53 MB

 Jughead With Archie

  Jughead With Archie 170.cbr

58.33 MB

  Jughead With Archie 174.cbr

27.37 MB

  Jughead With Archie 175.cbr

26.22 MB

  Jughead With Archie 176.cbr

31.30 MB

  Jughead With Archie 177.cbr

32.70 MB

  Jughead With Archie 178.cbr

40.56 MB

  Jughead With Archie 181.cbr

49.44 MB

  Jughead With Archie 182.cbr

53.72 MB

  Jughead With Archie 189.cbr

53.61 MB

  Jughead With Archie 190.cbr

51.91 MB

  Jughead With Archie 191.cbr

54.50 MB

  Jughead With Archie 192.cbz

45.84 MB

  Jughead With Archie 193.cbr

55.51 MB

  Jughead With Archie 194.cbz

49.48 MB

  Jughead With Archie 195.cbz

49.99 MB

  Jughead With Archie 196.cbz

51.29 MB

  Jughead With Archie 200.cbr

15.71 MB

 Archie Various

  Archie And Big Ethel 01.cbr

19.51 MB

  Archie At Riverdale High 070.cbr

17.90 MB

  Archie Comics Strips 2004.cbr

6.48 MB

  Archie Comics Strips 2005.cbr

8.89 MB

  Archie Comics Strips 2006.cbr

9.45 MB

  Archie Comics Strips 2007.cbr

9.22 MB

  Archie Fcbd 2004.cbr

21.14 MB

  Archie's 65th Anniversary Bash 01.cbr

12.99 MB

  Archie's Holiday Fun Digest 07.cbr

39.92 MB

  Archie's Joke Book Magazine 149.cbr

23.69 MB

  Archie's Joke Book Magazine 157.cbr

18.44 MB

  Archie's Joke Book Magazine 180.cbr

26.51 MB

  Archie's Joke Book Magazine 223.cbr

22.36 MB

  Archie's Laugh-Out Joke Book 150.cbr

21.21 MB

  Archie's Love Showdown Special 001.cbr

28.85 MB

  Archie's Mysteries 026.cbz

12.94 MB

  Archie's Mysteries 027.cbr

16.83 MB

  Archie's Rc Racers 07.cbr

31.35 MB

  Archie's Tv Laugh-Out 021.cbr

38.69 MB

  Archie's Tv Laugh-Out 036.cbr

18.81 MB

  Archie's Tv Laugh-Out 049.cbr

33.99 MB

  Everything's Archie 129.cbr

23.52 MB

  Life With Archie 026.cbz

43.39 MB

  Life With Archie 093.cbz

45.81 MB

  Life With Archie 101.cbz

45.97 MB

  Life With Archie 114.cbr

14.44 MB

  Life With Archie 227.cbr

14.24 MB

  Life With Archie 256.cbr

33.77 MB

  Little Ambrose 001.cbr

25.03 MB

  Little Archie 031.cbr

47.13 MB

  Little Archie 032.cbr

47.00 MB

  Little Archie 087.cbr

7.51 MB

  Little Archie 101.cbr

13.02 MB

  Little Archie 168.cbr

13.32 MB

  The Punisher Meets Archie.cbr

18.28 MB

 Laugh Comics

  Laugh Comics 083.cbr

71.42 MB

  Laugh Comics 114.cbr

15.03 MB

  Laugh Comics 129.cbr

7.67 MB

  Laugh Comics 136.cbr

7.60 MB

  Laugh Comics 140.cbr

7.90 MB

  Laugh Comics 142.cbr

7.86 MB

  Laugh Comics 143.cbr

15.61 MB

  Laugh Comics 158.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 160.cbr

21.60 MB

  Laugh Comics 165.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 174.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 175.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 176.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 177.cbr

29.92 MB

  Laugh Comics 181.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 205.cbr

33.43 MB

  Laugh Comics 211.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 214.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 216.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 217.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 235.cbr

27.53 MB

  Laugh Comics 236.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 238.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 245.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 248.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 250.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 251.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 262.cbr

32.14 MB

  Laugh Comics 263.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 266.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 271.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 296.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 305.cbr

33.68 MB

  Laugh Comics 326.cbr

31.49 MB

  Laugh Comics 345.cbr

28.94 MB

  Laugh Comics 359.cbr

29.36 MB

  Laugh Comics 388.cbr

30.47 MB

 Archie Digest

  Archie Digest 032.cbr

90.25 MB

  Archie Digest 073.cbr

47.99 MB

  Archie Digest 077.cbr

47.42 MB

  Archie Digest 096.cbr

58.18 MB

  Archie Digest 133.cbr

53.99 MB

  Archie Digest 136.cbr

51.12 MB

  Archie Digest 140.cbr

50.14 MB

  Archie Digest 185.cbr

44.70 MB

  Archie Digest 195.cbr

40.40 MB

  Archie Digest 196.cbr

52.57 MB

  Archie Digest 197.cbr

54.58 MB

  Archie Digest 198.cbr

45.45 MB

  Archie Digest 204.cbr

48.87 MB

  Archie Digest 205.cbz

48.22 MB

  Archie Digest 206.cbr

56.12 MB

  Archie Digest 207.cbr

53.99 MB

  Archie Digest 208.cbr

55.00 MB

  Archie Digest 209.cbz

50.77 MB

  Archie Digest 210.cbr

56.26 MB

  Archie Digest 211.cbz

50.53 MB

 Archie pack 4.txt

37.03 KB


0.02 KB

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Torrent description

From Archie Comics Blog :

Archie Andrews, everyone's favorite teenager from Riverdale, is generous, well mannered, but extremely impulsive.
It is this impulsiveness that usually gives him cause for regret as he enters in and out of teenage dilemmas. One
of the most important characteristics of Archie is his susceptibility to the feminine charm. For most of his life,
he has been caught in the middle of one of America's most famous love triangles between Betty and Veronica. His
adventures in trying to choose one of the two have always gotten him into trouble. And as if that weren’t enough,
he now also has to contend with the wild card redhead known as Cheryl Blossom, who also plans to steal Archie’s heart!

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