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Partridge Family Season One Two & Three Plus Bonus Episode of Partridge Family 2200 A D

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Name:Partridge Family Season One Two & Three Plus Bonus Episode of Partridge Family 2200 A D

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Partridge Family - S01E01 - What And Get Out of Show Business.avi (Size: 14.19 GB) (Files: 77)

 Partridge Family - S01E01 - What And Get Out of Show Business.avi

350.05 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E02 - The Sound of Money.avi

350.05 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E03 - Whatever Happened to the Old Songs.avi

350.04 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E04 - See Here Private Partridge.avi

250.29 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E05 - When Mother Gets Married.avi

246.74 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E06 - Love at First Slight.avi

350.06 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E07 - Danny And The Mob.avi

246.32 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E08 - But The Memory Lingers On.avi

249.57 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E09 - Did You Hear The One.avi

232.54 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E10 - Go Directly To Jail.avi

232.54 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E11 - This Is My Song.avi

232.54 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E12 - My Son, the Feminist.avi

350.05 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E13 - Star Quality.avi

233.01 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E14 - The Red Woodloe Story.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E15 - Mom Drops Out.avi

233.01 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E16 - Old Scrapmouth.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E17 - Why Did The Music Stop.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E18 - Soul Club.avi

233.01 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E19 - To Play Or Not To Play.avi

232.99 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E20 - They Shoot Managers Don't They.avi

233.01 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E21 - Partridge Up A Pair Tree.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E22 - Road Song.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E23 - Not With My Sister You Don't.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E24 - A Partridge By Any Other Name.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S01E25 - A Knight In Shining Armor.avi

233.00 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E01 - Dora Dora Dora.avi

176.97 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E02 - In 25 Words Or Less.avi

177.24 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E03 - A Man Called Snake.avi

177.27 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E04 - The Undergraduate.avi

178.71 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E05 - Anatomy Of A Tonsil.avi

178.76 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E07 - Dr Jekyll & Mr Partridge.avi

178.11 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E08 - Days Of Acne & Roses.avi

177.14 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E09 - Tale Of Two Hamsters.avi

176.85 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E10 - Forty Year Itch.avi

177.12 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E11 - I Can Get It For You Retail.avi

175.02 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E12 - Guess Who's Coming To Drive.avi

178.87 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E13 - Don't Bring Your Guns To Town Santa.avi

178.95 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E14 - Where Do Mermaids Go.avi

178.47 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E15 - Home Is Where The Heart Was.avi

178.83 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E16 - Fellini Bergman And Partridge.avi

175.79 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E17 - Waiting For Bolero.avi

178.60 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E18 - I Am Curious Partridge.avi

174.62 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E19 - My Heart Belongs To A Two Car Garage.avi

178.43 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E20 - H-E-L-L-L-L-L-P.avi

178.38 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E21 - Promise Her Anything But Give Her A Punch.avi

178.18 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E22 - Partridge Papers.avi

178.86 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E23 - Alls War In Love And Fairs.avi

174.32 MB

 Partridge Family - S02E24 - Who Is Max Ledbetter And Why Is He Saying All Those Terrible Things.avi

176.03 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E02 - M Is For The Many Things.avi

156.01 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E03 - Princess And The Partridge.avi

155.96 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E04 - Each Dawn I Diet.avi

155.71 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E05 - A Penny For His Thoughts.avi

156.64 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E06 - You're Only Young Twice.avi

153.25 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E07 - The Mod Father.avi

155.38 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E08 - A Likely Candidate.avi

155.55 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E09 - Swiss Family Partridge.avi

154.47 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E10 - Ain't Loveth Grand.avi

157.04 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E11 - Whatever Happened To Keith Partridge.avi

157.12 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E12 - Nag Nag Nag.avi

156.77 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E13 - For Sale By Owner.avi

151.37 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E14 - Aspirin At 7 Dinner At 8.avi

156.94 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E15 - For Whom The Bell Tolls.avi

157.22 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E16 - Trial Of The Partridge One.avi

156.98 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E17 - I Left My Heart In Cincinnati.avi

157.09 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E18 - The Eleven Year Itch.avi

156.65 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E19 - Bedknobs And Drumsticks.avi

156.85 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E20 - Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Couldn't Pronounce.avi

156.96 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E21 - Forgive Us Our Debits.avi

156.95 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E22 - The Partridge Connection.avi

153.31 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E23 - The Selling Of The Partridge.avi

156.83 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E24 - Diary Of A Mad Millionaire.avi

155.96 MB

 Partridge Family - S03E25 - Me And My Shadow.avi

154.74 MB

 The Partridge Family 2200A.D. - My Son The Spaceball Star.avi

233.01 MB

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Season 1:
1: "What? And Get Out of Show Business?"
Danny tries to track down manager Reuben Kincaid, hoping he'll sign on the fledging Partridge Family band.
2: "The Sound of Money"
When the family bus hits the notoriously litigious "Whiplash Willie", the group soon find themselves in legal hot water.
3: "Whatever Happened to the Old Songs?"
Grandpa Partridge decides to join the act, hoping to win over the younger generation with his old school ways.
4: "See Here, Private Partridge"
The government steps in and halts the production on the Partridges first album when 9-year-old Danny gets drafted.
5: "When Mother Gets Married"
The kids start to see green when Mom takes a liking to a nice, if slightly suspicious new man in her life.
6: "Love at First Slight"
Wouldn't you know it: Keith falls in love with the only girl on the planet that doesn't know who he is – and doesn't care, either.
7: "Danny and the Mob"
Danny gets in Dutch with the mafia when a crime boss discovers the pipsqueak has been tutoring his moll in monetary issues.
8: "But the Memory Lingers On"
A skunk almost scuttles the family's plans to play a benefit at a children's hospital.
Episode 9: "Did You Hear the One About Danny Partridge?"- After getting an inadvertent laugh onstage, Danny decides to become a comedian.
10: "Go Directly to Jail"
While playing a show in a prison, an inmate decides to hold the family hostage. His ransom? They must listen to his songs.
11: "This is My Song"
Keith and Danny compete to come up with the next big hit for the group.
12: "My Son, The Feminist"
Hoping to stay on good terms with his new girlfriend, Keith pledges the family's services to a local political rally.
13: "Star Quality"
Danny decides to go solo when a magazine article spotlights him above everyone else in the band.
14: "The Red Woodloe Story"
An old folk legend looks to make a comeback...with the Partridge Family's help, of course.
15: "Mom Drops Out"
There is only one thing preventing the Partridges from touring Europe: the promoter thinks Mom is too old.
16: "Old Scrapmouth"
Lori's new braces are a nuisance. They are ruining her appearance on a television show. And now they're picking up radio signals.
17: "Why Did the Music Stop?"
Mom is getting worried: the family seems overworked and dead tired. So she demands a rest...for everyone.
18: " Soul Club"
Two Detroit club owners thought they were getting the Temptations for an all-important gig. They get the Partridges instead.
19: "To Play or Not to Play"
Lori will not cross the picket line when she learns that the employees at the hotel they are scheduled to play at are on strike.
20: "They Shoot Managers, Don't They?"
Reuben wants to get married, but without him, the Partridge Family may be caput.
21: "A Partridge Up a Pear Tree"
In horrible financial straits, completely desperate Keith turns to the only person who can help: Danny.
22: "Road Song"
After picking up a hitchhiker, the family finds themselves smack dab in the middle of some domestic – and legal – hot water.
23: "Not With My Sister You Don't"
Much to her boastful big brother's chagrin, Lori decides to date Keith's rival on campus.
24: "A Partridge By Any Other Name"
Danny believes he is adopted, and there is nothing anyone can do to convince him otherwise.
25: "A Knight in Shining Armor"
Hoping that creative sparks will fly, the Partridges match up an aspiring musician with a geeky poet.

Season 2:
1 - "Dora, Dora, Dora":
Reuben agrees to let a beautiful blond bimbo perform with the group, even though she is completely tone deaf.
2 - "In 25 Words or Less":
A promotion goes horribly awry when the winner of a 'Spend a Week with the Partridges' contest turns out to be a bitter old lady.
3 - "A Man Called Snake":
Over her family's objections, Laurie decides to go out with a charming, if still rather ragged, motorcycle gang member.
4 - "The Undergraduate":
A young college boy becomes smitten with Shirley when she returns to campus to continue her education.
5 - "Anatomy of a Tonsil":
When Danny faces the removal of his tonsils, he worries he'll die - or worse, that he'll never be able to sing again.
6 - "Whatever Happened to Moby Dick?":
Hoping to cash in on the ecology movement, Danny suggests the family put a whale on their next album.
7 - "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Partridge":
When Keith tries to step up and play responsible male role model for his siblings, they rebel against his less than successful attempts.
8 - "Days of Acne and Roses":
The family decides to help nerdy delivery boy Wendell who just doesn't know how to relate to girls.
9 - "A Tale of Two Hamsters":
Another of Danny's get rich quick schemes causes an overabundance rodents to reek havoc on the Partridge's concert tour.
10 - "Forty Year Itch":
Shirley's mom and dad are threatening divorce - Grandpa's gone groovy - and its up to the clan to patch them up.
11 - "I Can Get it For You Retail":
Keith's private possessions are up for grabs as Danny runs a heartthrob-related garage sale to raise money for a gift.
12 - "Guess Who's Coming to Drive?":
The Partridge Family faces a potential crisis when they learn their new bus driver is a paroled criminal.
13 - "Don't Bring the Guns to Town, Santa":
While trapped in an old ghost town, the Partridges imagine themselves in a Yuletide western.
14 - "Where Do Mermaids Go?":
When a ditzy dreamer named Jenny leaves the family $1 million, the Partridges face a fundamental moral predicament.
15 - "Home is Where the Heart Is":
Reuben becomes a surrogate babysitter for Chris and Tracy when they run away from home.
16 - "Fellini, Bergman and Partridge":
Keith decides to become a moviemaker, and he actually thinks he's succeeded - that is, until his first film is shown.
17 - "Waiting for Bolero":
Keith decides he needs to live on his own. But being a responsible adult requires a little more than a swinging bachelor pad.
18 - "I Am Curious Partridge":
Danny supplies the local paper with a wonderful bit of juicy - albeit it false - family gossip...with Keith and Shirley as the prime targets. 19 - "My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage": An artist hired by the family to paint their garage gives them a scantily clad woman female study instead.
20 - "H-E-L-L-L-L-L-P":
It's a camping trip from Hell - or at least, that's who the men see it when the Partridge gals head out into the wilderness.
21 - "Promise Her Anything, But Give Her a Punch":
It's Danny vs. Keith as the younger brother's betrothed, Gloria Hickey, would rather go out with his teen idol sibling.
22 - "Partridge Papers":
Laurie is mortified to discover that Danny has turned over her diary to the school newspaper - and they are threatening to go public. 23 - "All's War, In Love and Fairs": While on their vacation, the Partridges agree to play at a Native American fair after seeing the shocking conditions on the reservation.
24 - "Who is Max Ledbetter, and Why is He Saying All Those Terrible Things?":
A psychic swindles Keith and Danny, foretelling family doom as he drains their wallets.

Season 3:
1.The Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market
Keith's case of male chauvinism is tempered when Laurie beats up Goose, the school bully.
2.M is for the Many Things
It's a bumpy road on the way to accept Shirley's "Mother of the Year" Award. The family winds up in court.
3.Princess and the Partridge
Keith almost causes an international incident when he and a visiting princess sneak off for a private date.
4.Each Dawn I Diet
Danny bets Reuben that he can diet longer than Reuben can quit smoking.
5.A Penny for His Thoughts
Snake, the burly biker, returns - dejected because his girlfriend has turned down his marriage proposal.
6.You're Only Young Twice
Danny finds out that being treated like an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be.
7.The Modfather
After discovering group therapy, Shirley's parents try an unorthodox approach to put the "zip" back into their marriage.
8.A Likely Candidate
Keith becomes jealous of a Congressional candidate when the man starts dating his mother.
9.Swiss Family Partridge
When their bus breaks down during a torrential rainstorm, the Partridges find themselves stranded in a remote mountain cabin.
10.Ain't Loveth Grand
When Laurie starts dating a handsome minister, Keith and Danny think she's going to elope.
11.Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?
When a talent scout offers Keith a screen test for a part in a new film, Keith wins - then loses - the part.
12.Nag, Nag, Nag
Danny wins a racehorse named F. Scott Fitzgerald in a raffle. The problem? The horse has insomnia.
13.For Sale by Owner
The Partridges decide to sell their home, then change their minds -- only to discover Reuben has already sold it.
14.Aspirin at 7, Diner at 8
Shirley accepts a date from an old admirer and, later, has to figure out how to get rid of him -- and his mother.
15.For Whom the Bell Tolls
After Reuben gives the family a new burglar alarm system, an escaped convict breaks in and takes them all hostage.
16.Trial of the Partridge One
Laurie is falsely accused of stealing a test -- but refuses to identify the real thief: her friend, the principal's daughter.
17.I Left My Heart in Cincinnati
During a booking at King's Island Amusement Park, both Keith and Danny fall for an older woman -- the park's public relations liason.
18.The Eleven-Year Itch
Danny is annoyed by the affections of an 11-year-old girl -- until he realizes he actually likes her.
19.Bedknobs and Drumsticks
Much to their chagrin, the Partridges film a commercial for Uncle Erwin's Country Chicken -- wearing feathered chicken suits.
20.Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex...But Couldn't Pronounce
A summer concert tour is in jeopardy because Keith Partridge, America's heartthrob, is flunking his sex education class in school.
21.Forgive Us Our Debts
A computer malfunction at Bartlett's Department Store wreaks havoc with Shirley's credit rating.
22.The Partridge Connection
When Danny is accused of shoplifting, he refuses to perform with the family on the night they are to be collectively named, "Citizen of the Year."
23.The Selling of the Partridge
Keith runs for class president of San Pueblo High against Phyllis Goldberg, a better qualified candidate.
24.Diary of a Mad Millionaire
The Partridges help coax a reclusive millionaire out of his self-imposed exile.
25.Me and My Shadow
The chase is on! If the Partridge family can hide from a famous mystery writer for 24 hours, he'll donate $25,000 to their private charity.
Partridge Family 2200AD: My Son The Spaceball Star

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