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Archie Pack 2 H33t

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Name:Archie Pack 2 H33t

Total Size: 8.06 GB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2008-10-17 04:33:19

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Betty And Veronica Double Digest (Size: 7.96 GB) (Files: 293)

 Betty And Veronica Double Digest

  Betty And Veronica Double Digest 011.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica Double Digest 013.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica Double Digest 027.cbr

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  Betty And Veronica Double Digest 154.cbr

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 Everything's Archie

  Everything's Archie 001.cbr

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  Everything's Archie 029.cbr

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  Everything's Archie 034.cbr

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  Everything's Archie 048.cbr

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  Everything's Archie 132.cbr

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 Gene Colan Archie Archive

  Complete Gene Colan Archie Archive Vol 01.cbr

34.19 MB

  Complete Gene Colan Archie Archive Vol 02.cbz

103.07 MB

  Complete Gene Colan Archie Archive Vol 03.cbz

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  Complete Gene Colan Archie Archive Vol 04.cbz

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  Jughead 013.cbr

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  Jughead 027.cbr

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  Jughead 041.cbr

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  Jughead 044.cbr

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  Jughead 166.cbr

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  Jughead 176.cbr

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  Jughead 268.cbr

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  Jughead 275.cbr

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  Jughead 287.cbr

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  Jughead 294.cbr

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  Jughead 317.cbr

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  Jughead Annual 1.cbr

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  Jughead v2 068.cbr

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  Jughead v2 123.cbr

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  Jughead v2 132.cbr

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  Jughead v2 133.cbr

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  Jughead v2 136.cbr

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  Jughead v2 142.cbr

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  Jughead v2 147.cbr

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  Jughead v2 150.cbr

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  Jughead v2 166.cbr

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  Jughead v2 167.cbr

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  Jughead v2 169.cbr

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  Jughead v2 177.cbr

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  Jughead v2 182.cbr

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  Jughead v2 185.cbr

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 Jughead And Friends Digest

  Jughead And Friends Digest 001.cbr

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  Jughead And Friends Digest 002.cbr

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  Jughead And Friends Digest 003.cbr

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  Jughead And Friends Digest 023.cbr

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  Jughead And Friends Digest 024.cbr

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  Jughead And Friends Digest 025.cbr

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  Jughead And Friends Digest 026.cbr

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  Jughead And Friends Digest 027.cbr

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 Jughead Various

  Jughead As Captain Hero 002.cbr

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  Jughead As Captain Hero 003.cbr

23.39 MB

  Jughead As Captain Hero 004.cbr

16.93 MB

  Jughead With Archie 042.cbr

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  Jugheads Diner 001.cbr

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 Jughead's Double Digest Magazine

  Jughead's Double Digest 061.cbr

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  Jughead's Double Digest 085.cbr

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  Jughead's Double Digest 106.cbz

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 Jughead's Jokes

  Jughead's Jokes 003.cbr

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  Jughead's Jokes 011.cbr

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 Jughead's Time Police

  Jughead's Time Police 01.cbr

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  Jughead's Time Police 03.cbz

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  Jughead's Time Police 04.cbz

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  Jughead's Time Police 05.cbz

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  Jughead's Time Police 06.cbz

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 Katy Keene

  Katy Keene 016.cbr

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  Katy Keene 045.cbr

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  Katy Keene 050.cbr

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  Katy Keene Annual 03.cbr

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  Katy Keene Special 01.cbr

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  Katy Keene Special 04.cbr

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 Laugh Comics

  Laugh Comics 023.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 025.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 027.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 030.cbr

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  Laugh Comics 111.cbr

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  Laugh Comics V2 021.cbr

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  Laugh Comics V2 023.cbr

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  Laugh Comics V2 027.cbr

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 Life With Archie

  Life with Archie 012.cbr

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  Life with Archie 042.cbr

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  Life with Archie 044.cbr

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 Little Archie

  Little Archie 001.cbr

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  Little Archie 002.cbr

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  Little Archie 003.cbr

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  Little Archie 004.cbr

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  Little Archie 006.cbr

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  Little Archie 007.cbr

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  Little Archie 008.cbr

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  Little Archie 009.cbr

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  Little Archie 010.cbr

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  Little Archie 013.cbr

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  Little Archie 014.cbr

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  Little Archie 015.cbr

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  Little Archie 016.cbr

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  Little Archie 017.cbr

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  Little Archie 018.cbr

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  Little Archie 018.cbz

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  Little Archie 019.cbr

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  Little Archie 021.cbr

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  Little Archie 026.cbr

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  Little Archie 030.cbr

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  Little Archie 033.cbr

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  Little Archie 035.cbr

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  Little Archie 042.cbr

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  Little Archie 050.cbr

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  Little Archie 057.cbr

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  Little Archie 064.cbr

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  Little Archie 066.cbr

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  Little Archie 068.cbr

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  Little Archie 077.cbr

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  Little Archie 102.cbr

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  Little Archie 104.cbr

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  Little Archie 107.cbr

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  Little Archie 111.cbr

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  Little Archie 113.cbr

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  Little Archie 124.cbr

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  Little Archie Comics Digest Annual 05.cbr

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  Little Archie Comics Digest Annual 15.cbr

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  Little Archie Digest Magazine 44.cbr

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  Little Archie Giant Comics 064.cbr

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  Little Archie In Animal Land 001.cbr

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  Little Archie In Animal Land 017.cbr

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  Little Archie In Animal Land 018 .cbz

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  Little Archie In Animal Land 019 .cbz

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  Little Archie Mystery Comics 01.cbr

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  Little Archie Mystery Comics 02.cbr

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  Little Archie The House That Wouldn't Move.cbr

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 Pat The Brat

  Pat The Brat 021.cbr

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  Pat The Brat 030.cbz

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  Pat The Brat 032.cbz

19.79 MB


  Archie As Captain Pureheart 06.cbr

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  Archie As Pureheart The Powerful 001.cbz

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  Archie As Pureheart The Powerful 002.cbz

13.71 MB

  Archie As Pureheart The Powerful 003.cbz

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 Reggie and Me

  Reggie 017.cbz

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  Reggie And Me 020.cbr

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  Reggie And Me 026.cbr

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  Reggie And Me 053.cbr

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  Reggie And Me 055.cbz

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  Reggie And Me 080.cbz

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  Reggie And Me 083.cbz

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  Reggie And Me 116.cbr

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  Reggie And Me 119.cbr

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  Reggie's Wise Guy Jokes 004.cbr

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  Sabrina 002.cbr

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  Sabrina 005.cbr

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  Sabrina 032.cbr

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  Sabrina 033.cbr

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  Sabrina 034.cbr

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  Sabrina 069.cbr

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  Sabrina 076.cbr

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  Sabrina The Teenage Witch 066.cbr

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  Sabrina The Teenage Witch 067.cbr

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  Sabrina The Teenage Witch 092.cbr

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  Sabrina The Teenage Witch 093.cbr

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  Sabrina The Teenage Witch 095.cbr

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  Sabrina The Teenage Witch 096.cbr

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 Archie Pack 2 Comic List.txt

36.65 KB


0.02 KB

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Torrent description

...the redheaded, freckled Archie Andrews, along with his two girlfriends, the blonde Betty and the brunette Veronica, and his pal Jughead, gradually became the stars of the comic book and within a few years ousted all of the heroes. MLJ, who had been publishing a string of comic books, changed its name to Archie Comics Publications early in 1946.

The public had discovered teenagers a few years earlier, and fictional youths were flourishing in all the media. The quintessential media teen of the 1940s, clean-cut and bumbling, Archie has remained true to that stereotype throughout his long run in the comics. He came upon the scene with the full requisite of essential props—two sympathetic but perplexed parents, a jalopy, a spinster school teacher in the person of Miss Grundy, and an easily exasperated principal named Mr. Weatherbee.

Thanks always to the efforts of the scanners, packers and especially the seeders. Enjoy!

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