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[ngc] Explorer Easter Island Underworld divx

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National Geographic Channel
Easter Island Underworld.
Airdate: November 15, 2009

On legendary Easter Island, a team of National Geographic explorers and scientists undertakes a groundbreaking expedition: to attempt a first-ever mapping of the vast cave system beneath this enigmatic isle. We ride along as the team rappels down sheer cliffs, crawls through narrow labyrinths, and even dons SCUBA gear to complete their task. Deep beneath the earth, in caverns that have been forgotten for centuries, these adventurers discover human remains and telltale artifacts. Together, these finds reveal an astonishing history that is brought to life in startling re-enactments. It is a tale of ingenious achievement, environmental catastrophe, and brutal social breakdown one that remains a haunting lesson for all of us, similarly trapped on an island planet of our own.


Easter Island has always been a mystery. Scientists and explorers know that it was once inhabited, but there is little evidence as to what happened to these original populations. Was it conflict? A lack of resources? A natural disaster? The famous giant moai statues give the island an eerie, lonely atmosphere. But these statues are not the only mysteries contained within the island's history:

Recent research suggests there may have been close to 16 million palm trees on Easter Island before they disappeared sometime before 1722 when Europeans arrived. Pollen analysis and seed shells indicate the original palm forest included trees similar to a Chilean palm that can grow up to 65 feet (20 meters) high.

Finely crafted stone ahu on Easter Island have been compared to Inca stonework, giving Inca artists credit for the influence. While there are similarities between them, there are also distinct differences. Most notably, the ahu are back-filled with rubble and not made of solid stone blocks, and they date to an earlier time than the Inca, thereby disproving the theory.

Scientists and scholars in a variety of disciplines have not found convincing evidence that South Americans first populated the island. In fact, geneticists have recently concluded that the current population of Eastern Islanders descended from people who journeyed from eastern Polynesia.

While the Civil War raged in the United States, Peruvian slave traders made several trips to Easter Island during the 1860s, and enslaved an estimated 1,500 people. The slaves were forced to work as laborers and servants to wealthy land owners, though many died soon after they were removed from their home island.

It is clear that some form of island-wide conflict occurred on Easter Island, probably as a result of being isolated without escape on such a confined area that became over-populated and depleted of natural resources. During this period of turmoil, many of the island’s moai were toppled.

Easter Island exhibits significant soil erosion, severely limiting its capacity to sustain vegetation. The massive deforestation of the island by its first inhabitants, combined with the introduction of the Polynesian rat (which ate palm nuts, inhibiting the regeneration of new palm trees) caused significant erosion on the island that continues to this day.

Radiocarbon dating suggests that during the last half of the 19th century, islanders began to uses grasses as fuel. This finding indicates a widespread change within the island’s vegetation.

In May 1960, a tsunami hit Easter Island destroying the Tongariki ahu, carrying 15 multi-ton moai 700 yards (640 meters) inland.

The combination of erosion and the porous nature of the volcanic ground beneath the island may explain the existence of “manavai” –or walled gardens. The gardens were designed to protect crops, such as bananas and yams, that could be destroyed by offshore winds and harsh conditions.

Polynesian cultures throughout Oceania hold common associations of seabirds as symbolic of exploration, as messengers, omens, spirits, and as a source of food. This may explain the interpretation of the Easter Island “Birdman” cult as a symbol of freedom and a way to escape their entrapment on the island.

Easter Island was named by Dutch explorers in 1722, who landed there on Easter Sunday. The inhabitants of the island call it “Rapa Nui”, which in Polynesian means “Great Rapa," and distinguishes the island itself from another island named Rapa that is located south of Tahiti.

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