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Total Size: 7.72 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 0

Leechers: 0

Stream: Watch Online @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-11-15 14:54:16 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2008-09-09 10:42:31

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Torrent Files List

FCOM + Addons + Realism MODs (Size: 7.72 GB) (Files: 123)

 FCOM + Addons + Realism MODs

  Graphic MODs

   Immersive INTERFACE

879.52 KB

   LowPoly Grass for SI

69.59 KB

   Operation Optimization v1.1.1.exe

12.79 MB

   WZ Inventory Fixed

162.84 KB

  Main MODs

   Archery for FCOM Real Swords v2.0.rar

5.68 KB

   COBL v1.44 (Necessary files only).rar

16.93 MB

   Extrem Rune Skulls

6.88 MB

   FCOM Entropic Order Rebalance.rar

6.94 KB

   Fran Armor AddOn v2.0 Full (tex+mesh).rar

82.52 MB

   Fran Dark Seducer Weapons Patch.rar

0.42 KB

   Fran Lv30 Items Maltz v1.0.rar

34.54 MB

   Loths Blunt Weapons v3.0.rar

4.77 MB

   nGCD v0b17a (capped 200).zip

50.66 KB

   Progress v2.0 Beta + ProgressISP

29.69 KB

   Tamriel Travellers v1.36 (Necessary files only).rar

5.97 MB

   TIE Integration Revised v1.07 (Necessary files only).rar

3.28 MB

  OOO + MMM + Franc + OWC + B-Armory + FCOM Convergence

   FCOM esp ready to copy


79.38 KB


127.63 KB


5.09 KB


9.28 KB


450.21 KB


2.69 MB


193.79 KB


114.26 KB


327.50 KB


35.03 KB


374.95 KB


38.17 KB


10.63 KB


109.79 KB


52.97 KB


0.42 KB


0.45 KB


155.34 KB


6.94 KB


52.07 KB


12.68 KB


13.96 KB


364.93 KB

   MMM esp ready to copy

    Mart's Monster Mod - City Defences.esp

555.08 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod - Dungeons of MMM.esp

166.31 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod - Extra Wounding.esp

18.30 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod - Hunting & Crafting.esp

169.49 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod - Looting NPCs & Creatures.esp

47.64 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness Life.esp

148.90 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod - Resized Races.esp

27.14 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod - Vindasel.esp

1.01 KB

    Mart's Monster Mod.esm

2.48 MB

   Bobs Armory Oblivion v1.1.7z

44.81 MB

   FCOM Convergence Beta v9.9.7z

137.53 MB

   Francescos Leveled Creatures Items Mod v4.5 Main.exe

39.80 MB

   Francescos Optional New Items Creatures v4.5 Addon.exe

535.63 MB

   MMM Patch v3.60 Beta 2 (fixed lich textures).rar

20.50 MB

   MMM v3.55 Complete.7z

294.38 MB

   OOO v1.33 Complete Setup.exe

406.57 MB

   OOO v1.34 Beta3 Patch.7z

8.16 MB

   OWC - Oblivion War Cry.7z

116.37 MB

   OWC Patch v1.08b 1.085b.7z

1.96 MB

  Realism MODs

   -Elys- No Fast Travel.rar

10.63 KB

   -Elys- Uncapper

11.54 KB

   1st Person Sitting

5.66 KB

   Alive Waters v0.6914 Beta.rar

13.24 MB

   Arena Blacksmith

2.35 KB

   At Home Alchemy

7.47 KB

   Attack and Hide

2.84 KB

   Bathing Mod v1.1 Updated & Simplified.rar

1.68 MB

   Blind Lockpiking

59.70 KB

   Campfire Behavior

48.85 KB

   Darker Mods Pack v1.0 (Necessary files only).zip

24.42 KB

   Deadly Reflex v4.03 (Necessary files only).zip

29.45 MB

   Denock Arrow

2.85 KB

   Enhanced Water v2.0 HD + SI

6.71 KB

   Illumination Within Revived v0.9.2 Optimised.rar

11.18 MB

   Immersive Caves

53.15 KB

   Jump Adjustment v1.0.rar

0.43 KB

   Lights Out

119.26 KB

   Natural Hunger v2.0 (All foods recognized).zip

8.97 KB

   No Healing During Wait.rar

1.61 KB

   No More Annoying Messages v1.3 Fixed.rar

1.72 KB

   Qarls Harvest

2.56 MB

   Random Encounters

260.70 KB

   Real Sleep v1.4 Updated.rar

622.50 KB

   Real Thirst x Cobl v1.20 (No need in jail version).zip

4.31 MB

   Realistic Fatigue v1.13.rar

7.39 KB

   Realistic Physics and Force v1.0.rar

234.18 KB

   Running Revised v3.5 Optimised.rar

394.86 KB

   Sleep & Wait

0.73 KB

   Sleep Disrober

5.04 KB

   Supreme Magicka v0.82 (Necessary files only).rar

1.58 MB

   Weather Inside v1.2 (Seasons).7z

12.41 MB

  Unofficial PATCHES

   SM Plugin Refurbish v1.11.rar

32.42 KB

   UnofficialOblivionPatch Hotfix v3.0.1.exe

7.94 MB

   UnofficialOblivionPatch v3.0.0.exe

110.87 MB

   UnofficialOfficialModsPatch v1.4.0.exe

5.77 MB

   UnofficialShiveringIslesPatch v1.3.0 MOBS esp.rar

567.54 KB

   UnofficialShiveringIslesPatch v1.3.0.exe

22.46 MB

  FCOM Helper v1.5 (2 Sep 08).zip

47.29 KB

  Immersive MODs Hints.doc

20.13 KB


5.91 KB

  Load order text.txt

4.37 KB

  Load order.olod

5.48 KB

  Oblivion Mod Manager Setup v1.1.11.exe

1.61 MB


6.46 KB


1.36 MB

  Python v2.5.2.msi

10.77 MB

  Wrye Bash

921.65 KB

  wxPython v2.8 win32.exe

7.95 MB

 Knights of The Nine + Official Addons

  Oblivion - Horse Armor Pack.exe

5.43 MB

  Oblivion - Knights of the Nine.exe

154.13 MB

  Oblivion - Mehrunes Razor.exe

2.08 MB

  Oblivion - Orrery.exe

17.03 MB

  Oblivion - Spell Tomes.exe

1.71 MB

  Oblivion - The Fighters Stronghold.exe

10.38 MB

  Oblivion - Thieves Den.exe

3.74 MB

  Oblivion - Vile Lair.exe

5.75 MB

  Oblivion - Wizard's Tower.exe

16.89 MB

 TES4 Oblivion Installer

  DVD Image


4.18 GB

  Orginal Exe


6.83 MB

 The Shivering Isles Expansion

  DVD Image


1.07 GB

 Oblivion & SI CRACK v1.2.416.7z

2.09 MB

 Oblivion - Official Prima Strategy Guide.pdf

259.75 MB


0.46 KB

 The Shivering Isles PATCH v1.2.0416 Eng.exe

1.08 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

OBLIVION + Shivering Isles + Knights of the Nine & Official Addons Installation:

1 - Mount the DVD Image with DaemonTools or Alcohol120 and install TES4: Oblivion

2 - Install Knights of The Nine + Official Addons

3 - Mount the The Shivering Isles Expansion DVD Image and install it

4 - Install the Shivering Isles PATCH v1.2.0416 Eng

5 - Apply the CRACK

FCOM v9.9 FULL Install guide with supported MODs plus realism MODs:

WARNING: To install this package you need Oblivion + All Official Addons + Shivering Isles v1.2!


1 - Install "Python v2.5.2" and "wxPython v2.8 win32" and "Oblivion Mod Manager" and last "OBSE v0015a" (extract the files in the Oblivion main folder).

2 - Install "Wrye Bash v2.05" copy the 2 folders in the Oblivion folder, then open "Mopy --> Extras" and copy "Bashed Patch, 0.esp" in Data (in Oblivion folder).

**NOTE: The archive "FCOM Helper v1.5" is a program that allows to load automatically the mods with the best load order, the only problem is that some mods are not in the archive, you'll need to reorder them manually (it puts them at the end of the list). FCOM Helper can be usefull only if you want to add new mods to my package, otherwise i added the correct load order, so you won't need this program for my mods.

PS: FCOM Helper is updated to 2th September 2008.

3 - Install the Unofficial Patches:

-Oblivion 3.00 + 3.01,

-Unofficial Mod Patch 1.4,

-Unofficial SI patch 1.3 - replace the file "Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp" in Data, with "Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch-MOBS" from the archive.

-Install the "SM Plugin Refurbish v1.11"

4 - Install "OOO 1.33.exe", select "Full" and from the additional plugins "Harvest Flora", then apply the patch 1.34 extracting all the files in Oblivion/Data.

5 - Extract ONLY THE MAIN FOLDERS from MMM v3.55 e MMM Patch v3.60 Beta 2, then copy in Oblivion/Data the esp files in "MMM esp ready to copy".

6 - Install "Francesco 4.5" set the installation in this way:

Shivering Isles Version (YES)

Lyrondor's Combat Behavior (YES)


Hardcore Loot (YES, Hardcore)

Living Economy (YES)

From List:

-'Optional Leveled Guards'

-'Optional Chance of More Enemies'

-'Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies'

-'Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses'

-'New Items Add-On'

Merge Optional Files (NO)

Cell Respawn Time (NO, use Oblivion default)

Day Length Rescale (NO, use Oblivion default, you'll change this value ingame with COBL)

Skill Progression Speed (NO, use Oblivion default)

6b - Install "Fran's 4.5b Add-On Package", select these options:

-New Items Add-On

-BSA File Registration

7 - "Oblivion War Cry", extract "Oblivion WarCry EV.esp" in Oblivion/Data, plus the 3 folder.

8 - Install"OWC Patch 1.085b" extract always "Oblivion WarCry EV.esp" and not the other esp.

9 - Install "Bobs Armory Oblivion v1.1" select ONLY "Bobs Armory Oblivion.esp", and not "Cheat" etc...

10 - Install "FCOM: Convergence" EXTRACT ONLY the 2 folders in Oblivion/Data, then copy in Data the files from "FCOM esp ready to copy".

11 - Install the "Main MODs", the "Realism MODs" and the "Graphic MODs".

12 - Open Oblivion Mod Manager and select "import/export --> import load order" import the file "Load order.olod" don't forget to check ALL the MODs!

If OMM tells a mod is missing, you have manually omitted it (in this case there are no problems) or you have forgot to install it, in this case it won't be difficult to find it and install, because OMM tells you the name of the missing mod.

I have also included the file "Load order text.txt" if you want to view the mod order!

13 - Be sure you have put "Bashed Patch, 0.esp" from "Oblivion/Mopy/Extras" to "Oblivion/Data", as told in the cap.2.

Now in "Oblivion/Mopy" open the file "bash.pyt" here you'll se the mod list.

Right click on a random mod and check "Mark Levelers"

Right click on "Basher Patch, 0.esp" select "Rebuild Patch"

Now you'll see an option list:

• Alias Mod Names - DON'T check

• Merge Patches - Check EVERYTING

• Import Cells - Check EVERYTING

• Import Factions - DON'T check

• Import Graphics - DON'T check

• Import Inventory - Check "Knights.esp"

• Import NPC Faces - DON'T check

• Import Names - Check EVERYTING

• Import Sound- DON'T check

• Import Stats - Check "Knights.esp"

• Tweak Assorted:

-Armor Shows Amulets
-Armor Shows Rings
-Bow R. Fix

-Max W. Potions
-Max W. Staffs

-Right H. Rings

• Tweak Clothes - Check EVERYTING except "Unlimited Amulets" and "Unlimited Rings"

• Tweak Names - Check EVERYTING (optional)

• Tweak Settings:

-Compass POI R.
-Essential NPC Uncss.

• Alchemical Catalogs - Check

• Leveled Lists - Check -> Automatic

• Morph Factions - Check "Bash_MFact.csv"

• Power Exhaustion - DON'T check

• Race Records - DON'T check

• SEWorld Tests - Check

NOW select OK and wait the loading, when it's finished close Bash.

14 - Extraxt "Oblivion.INI" in "Documenti/My Games/Oblivion", this file adds the best configuration for my Oblivion package, including:

-Best graphic settings

-No music

-No borders

-Controls settings**

-Mouse more sensitive

-Everlasting blood (5 min)

-Realistic lights


Forward = W
Back = S
Slide Left = A
Slide Right = D
Use = Left Mouse
Activate = F
Block = Right Mouse
Cast = Mouse 1
Grab = Middle Mouse
Ready Item = Q
Crouch/Sneak = C
Always Run = Left Alt
Auto Move = Left CTRL
Jump = Space
Rest = T
Change View = Y
Inventary = TAB
Menu = ESC

Quicksave = F5
Quickload = F8

15 - It's finised! Go in the Oblivion folder, select the file "obse_loader.exe" to start oblivion (create a desktop link and assign a better icon if you prefer!).

NOTE: Once in game, open the inventory (Tab) click on the "key icon", from there you can change the time progression (default is 30, i suggest 15) Map Markers (i suggest to disable them) and more stuff, like the Cobl Clock.

Known BUGs:

-After you click on "Exit Game" it will take a longer time to exit, just be patient...

Sorry for my badass english

Have funny WoWoWoaaa!!


Danwood Powah!

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