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YPOGEiOS torrent group busted INDa

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YPOGEiOS torrent group busted INDa

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Name:YPOGEiOS torrent group busted INDa

Total Size: 4.18 KB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2017-08-23 22:23:18 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2008-09-09 06:42:50

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Torrent description

YPOGEiOS is a torrent group with strong ties to the scene torrents site as stated in there log (thanks to the irc oper for this)

irc log from linknet from the #ypo channel

[18:34] 04(neves04): welcome ROXX
[18:35] 04(neves04): they are onto me about being a torrent user
[18:35] 01(xROXXx01): hey man did you get my note about that p2p shit
[18:35] 04(neves04): yeah there onto me
[18:35] 01(xROXXx01): well just keep it down
[18:35] 01(xROXXx01): or change nicks
[18:36] 01(xROXXx01): we need to keep the p2p source, he is like 1/2 our supplies
[18:36] 04(neves04): i might have to ask scenetorrent to change my username aswell
[18:37] 04(neves04): yeah we are getting a few more in the next couple of days aswell
[18:37] 01(xROXXx01): good idea, but yah we gotta keep sending to that torrent site... we cant compete w/o those supplies
[18:37] 04(neves04): yeah lucky i have good sites
[18:38] 01(xROXXx01): good, they said the USA banned us, but fuck them, that leaves EU which is all the real sites anyway, fuck the usa and that bush
[18:38] 01(xROXXx01): fucking hillbillys
[18:38] 04(neves04): yeah stupid fucken americans nowonder obama is going to lose
[18:39] 01(xROXXx01): well look nev, i say change your nick, and we just keep it on, we have to keep links to both, as they need each other... well we need em both!
[18:39] 04(neves04): we will keep replying if that ind group does more flames on us
[18:39] 01(xROXXx01): yah just deny that shit
[18:39] 01(xROXXx01): they cant prove anytrhing, this is the internet
[18:39] 04(neves04): yeah like i have
[18:39] 01(xROXXx01): i know u use tor like me
[18:39] 04(neves04): i wouldn't admit to that i mean that would be the end of ypo
[18:40] 01(xROXXx01): yup, just dont say anything
[18:40] 01(xROXXx01): and change nick
[18:40] 01(xROXXx01): and it will drop
[18:40] 04(neves04): Korzonek is my new one i just sent a msg for the change on sct
[18:40] 01(xROXXx01): and why does that group IND not like us???
[18:41] 01(xROXXx01): ok
[18:41] 04(neves04): no idea ind is just a bunch of noobs
[18:41] 01(xROXXx01): ill change mine on the torrent sites and let ya know
[18:41] 04(neves04): yeah good idea
[18:41] 01(xROXXx01): i duped them and they never release anything good!!!
[18:42] 01(xROXXx01): anyway thats the plan, if they say more, then we will just write back saying bullshit again, i mean its us against them, and who are they, like i said i duped and all crap
[18:42] 04(neves04): nah they are just useless i think they are swedish people or dutch
[18:42] 01(xROXXx01): so fuck em...
[18:42] 01(xROXXx01): anyway lets keep that game plan, ill tell the other guys to change nicks too
[18:43] 01(xROXXx01): and not to ever mention p2p around scene
[18:43] 04(neves04): yeah we can't afford to lose our p2p action
[18:43] 01(xROXXx01): yup
[18:43] 01(xROXXx01): i gotta run, buddy is coming by
[18:43] 04(neves04): are u going to pay for that shell ?
[18:43] 01(xROXXx01): ill msg you on the group WWW forum
[18:43] 04(neves04): leaseweb needs to be paid
[18:43] 01(xROXXx01): im not but someone will
[18:44] 01(xROXXx01): im broke, had to get hardware for that website
[18:44] 04(neves04): yeah we need that because without it i can't trade either leaseweb is really driving us i hate
[18:44] 01(xROXXx01): ill get |<INky to do it
[18:45] 04(neves04): well i am logging into the forum now
[18:45] 01(xROXXx01): but ya i gott arun, ill msg you on the group www
[18:45] 01(xROXXx01): maybe we should just use that instead of linknet
[18:45] 04(neves04): yeah linknet to many problems
[18:45] 01(xROXXx01): as its safer
[18:45] 01(xROXXx01): and its ours
[18:46] 04(neves04): ok i am logging off linknet now
[18:46] 01(xROXXx01): ok oh and i talked to that cracker from that indonesian board, i dont think he can join
[18:46] 04(neves04): catch u on the forum
[18:46] 01(xROXXx01): ok
[18:46] 01(xROXXx01): ill msg you there
[18:46] 01(xROXXx01): laters
[18:46] 04(neves04): ok later



rls date :08-21-08
rls name :The.real.truth.about.YPOGEiOS-IND
here it is people the real truth about this group YPOGEiOS they have major leaks of torrent sites like scenetorrents,torrentbytes,sceneaccess there releases are just
rubbish so they can obtain access to nice sites to be able to leak scene pres onto these torrent sites. username on scene torrents (NeVes) is one of there guys.
all there shells are @ and leaseweb.
so ban this group from every site you can they are dangerious and a scene risk to us all.



"here it is people the real truth about this group YPOGEiOS they have major leaks of torrent sites like scenetorrents,torrentbytes,sceneaccess"

Pretty funny, first you spam our releases, then you release fake releases, then you write a nfo that

1. doesnt make sense
2. insulting a grp of supporting p2p
3. just plain text without even 1 screenshot or ip addie

It just doesnt make sense if we have axx to fast scene sites why would we support torrent sites? Pretty suspicous how you managed to mention the leaking details step by step.


"there releases are just rubbish so they can obtain access to nice sites to be able to leak scene pres onto these torrent sites."

Again why would a grp support the torrent stuff if they have axx to nice sites? Rubbish releases oh .. so now its the releases who're sucking ass... it just doesnt make sense. Just a hater who is acusing us of supporting torrents


"username on scene torrents (NeVes) is one of there guys."

For safety reasons ygs is not going in further details about the members. We never had a member with the handle NeVeS, we know that for 100%. Its pretty funny how you wrote an nfo, accuse the grp of supporting torrents, mentioning a fake handle probably... Isnt that suspicious? YPOGEiOS has nothing to do with torrents, this is just a false accuse of some hater who didnt even think twice before he started with all this bullshit.


"all there shells are @ and leaseweb."

To be honest I even never heard of those services, why? Because I dont need them, how do you know them? I bet you are the one of the biggest leaker, you're the true danger for the scene.


"so ban this group from every site you can they are dangerious and a scene risk to us all."

For what reason? First of all, since the first releases some clown released a fake release (LMAOEIOS), then
some one releases fake trainers using our grp name, nuke our releases without even having a valid reason, then you (probably the hater) writes a no-sense making nfo file about YPOGEiOS leaking scene releases on torrents? I smell a hater... people like you should get scenebanned for fucking around with hardworking groups.

We are totally against torrents, never or will support them, this asshole just wrote a fake no-sense nfo file in hope siteops will believe him and ban us, on this planet not everybody is stupid as you might guess. By reading your fake accuse its clear you didnt make it at school, so hate the people who are better then you.

Releases of every group leak, ofcourse we do hate it its dangerous for everybody. back in the torrent free days maybe a few 100 people would get a rls, with the torrents 100 000 000 people get a release. You think YPOGEiOS would take the risk? For an example go to google type any grp name in + torrent you will see how many results you will get, so should we scene ban every grp? Releases do leak but not by us, we wrote some scene news nfo against p2p lamers, so why would we leak our releases on torrents if we know the damage it can cause?

Your story was just full of false incorrect shit, go waste some one elses time instead of hating us.


Conclusion: that in-correct story was just a fake attempt of a frustrated scener trying to hate us, since we didnt give him a lot of attention he got worst and worst so he came and made up a fake story about YPOGEiOS supporting torrents after he spammed our rlses and nuked our releases on lame sites. The proof he is lying and a p2p user?

1. How does he know all those torrent links?
2. Why did he mention a handle without even showing a screenshot or an IP?
3. Why does he concludes to ban us from everysite without even having a descent story nor proof?
4. Why is it suspicious that our rlses got spammed, nuked (invalid reasons on lame sites), fake rlses got pred, and then he lied
about us? Siteops open your eyes and ban this dumbfuck from your sites, he is THE risk, who knows how far this asshole
would go? He could betray us all, since his mission failed! He needs to get banned now, he is a risk for us all.
he lied, spammed, released fake releases with our group name, he hate us for some unknown reason so he would go that far
that he would contact the feds. Is he really worth that? Is he an important person? I dont think so, its one person vs a hard
working grp. Beside this hater could also have been the mind behind other grp spam like GAYLAWS NiGERATi and all those other
spam shit we have seen the last days. I suggest we ban him, the scene isnt a play ground for kids.

S P E C i A L W O R D S F O R T H E H A T E R

The game is over for you, just give up you cannot beat us. Instead of hating and fooling around you could improve
your skills, you're the one who made fun of his self, you're in a hole you'll never climb out. You tought you could break our
team by spreading lies, nukings and false releases. You are the one who's heart beats like hell when your releases gets
released, you're the one who cannot sleep of all the rage and anger because team YPOGEiOS didnt give you all the attention
you wanted. You're the one who is burning from inside when we release. You're the one who have lost. You're the one who will
get scene banned, thats a promise. Game over dude.


Thank you for your time and have a nice day. Feel free to reply on this nfo please.

"We wont die, we will always be here releasing cracks and trainers for the 0day scene, about 20 years we'll be here too"

- the founder of YPOGEiOS

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