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Star Blazers Remastered (complete HiQ)

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Star Blazers Remastered (complete HiQ)

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Name:Star Blazers Remastered (complete HiQ)

Total Size: 27.62 GB

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Stream: Watch Online @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2015-09-17 07:50:57 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2008-08-30 00:33:10

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Torrent Files List

Extras (Size: 27.62 GB) (Files: 107)


  Dubbed Movies

2.13 KB

4.78 KB

3.24 KB

   SPECIAL 01 - Space Cruiser Guardian of the Galaxy (old English dub).avi

380.93 MB

   SPECIAL 02 - Star Blazers The Comet Empire - Warp Speed Version (2005 work print).avi

694.53 MB

   SPECIAL 03 - Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato (v2 2008 English dubbed special edition).avi

984.81 MB

  Season 01

   BONUS 01 - Remastered Main Titles (clean).mpg

32.86 MB

   BONUS 02 - Remastered End Credits - version 1 (clean).mpg

27.10 MB

   BONUS 03 - Claster Main Titles (clean).mpg

27.70 MB

   BONUS 04 - Claster End Titles (clean).mpg

23.22 MB

   BONUS 05 - Krypt Reports to Desslok.mpg

36.67 MB

   BONUS 06 - Episode 1x06 original English ending.avi

9.76 MB

   BONUS 07 - Remastered End Credits - version 2 (clean).mpg

34.61 MB

   BONUS 08 - The Visit to Iscandar (from Space Cruiser dubbed movie).avi

103.60 MB

   DIVERGENCES 01 - Episodes 1x01 to 1x05 (from the Central Anime fansubs).avi

56.66 MB

   DIVERGENCES 02 - Episodes 1x06 to 1x09 (from the Central Anime fansubs).avi

102.10 MB

   DIVERGENCES 03 - Episodes 1x10 to 1x13 (from the Central Anime fansubs).avi

125.48 MB

   DIVERGENCES 04 - Episodes 1x14 to 1x17 (from the Central Anime fansubs).avi

103.58 MB

   DIVERGENCES 05 - Episodes 1x18 to 1x22 (from the Central Anime fansubs).avi

180.27 MB

   DIVERGENCES 06 - Episodes 1x23 to 1x26 (from the Central Anime fansubs).avi

184.81 MB

  Season 02

   BONUS 01 - Claster Main Titles (clean).avi

22.77 MB

   BONUS 02 - Claster End Credits (clean).avi

19.60 MB

   BONUS 03 - Remastered Main Titles v1 (clean).avi

12.30 MB

   BONUS 04 - Remastered End Credits v1 (clean).avi

6.14 MB

   BONUS 05 - Remastered Main Titles v2 (clean).avi

13.13 MB

   BONUS 06 - Remastered End Credits v2 (clean).avi

8.36 MB

   DIVERGENCES - Episodes 2x01 to 2x05.avi

105.70 MB

   DIVERGENCES - Episodes 2x06 to 2x09.avi

75.98 MB

   DIVERGENCES - Episodes 2x10 to 2x12.avi

80.10 MB

   DIVERGENCES - Episodes 2x13 to 2x17.avi

110.31 MB

   DIVERGENCES - Episodes 2x18 to 2x21.avi

61.67 MB

   DIVERGENCES - Episodes 2x22 to 2x26.avi

140.17 MB

  Star Blazers Rebirth Trailer.avi

26.30 MB

 Sample Clips

  1x01 - Legacy of The Argo (sample clip).avi

9.78 MB

  1x03 - Now and Then (sample clip).avi

12.70 MB

  1x08 - Death By Electrocution (sample clip).avi

5.04 MB

  1x09 - Drunken Spacewalk Part 2 (sample clip).avi

3.83 MB

  1x13 - The Death of Wildstar's Parents (sample clip).avi

14.18 MB

  1x24 - Shut The F--k Up, Krypt! (sample clip).avi

5.48 MB

  2x01 - IQ-9 The Perv (sample clip).avi

7.68 MB

  2x02 - Previously On STAR BLAZERS (sample clip).avi

9.13 MB

  2x07 - IQ-9 Strikes Again! (sample clip).avi

2.66 MB

  2x12 - You're Dismissed From My Command (sample clip).avi

5.35 MB

  2x18 - Desslok Makes His Move (sample clip).avi

7.97 MB

  2x19 - News of Earth's Surrender (sample clip).avi

11.26 MB

 Season 01 - The Quest For Iscandar

  1x00 - 2009 Project Trailer (HiQ).avi

2.94 MB

  1x01 - The Sleeping Giant (HiQ).avi

466.34 MB

  1x02 - The Giant Awakens (HiQ).avi

447.75 MB

  1x03 - Launch of the Argo (HiQ).avi

461.25 MB

  1x04 - Space Warp (HiQ).avi

441.11 MB

  1x05 - The Floating Continent (HiQ).avi

455.45 MB

  1x06 - The Ghost of Recent Past (HiQ).avi

453.72 MB

  1x07 - The Battle of Pluto - Part 1 (HiQ).avi

462.91 MB

  1x08 - The Battle of Pluto - Part 2 (HiQ).avi

466.42 MB

  1x09 - Gantz's Last Stand (HiQ).avi

458.38 MB

  1x10 - We Will Return (HiQ).avi

449.74 MB

  1x11 - The Desslok Mines (HiQ).avi

440.04 MB

  1x12 - The Sea of Fire (HiQ).avi

443.05 MB

  1x13 - Know Thine Enemy (HiQ).avi

453.29 MB

  1x14 - The Worst of Times (HiQ).avi

438.95 MB

  1x15 - The Galactic Whirlpool (HiQ).avi

444.94 MB

  1x16 - Tin Wit's Tale (HiQ).avi

455.39 MB

  1x17 - The Burdens of Command (HiQ).avi

451.78 MB

  1x18 - The Magnetron Wave (HiQ).avi

434.60 MB

  1x19 - Little Boy Lost (HiQ).avi

443.60 MB

  1x20 - The Battle of Balun (HiQ).avi

450.80 MB

  1x21 - The Battle of the Rainbow Cluster - Part 1 (HiQ).avi

424.42 MB

  1x22 - The Battle of the Rainbow Cluster - Part 2 (HiQ).avi

450.84 MB

  1x23 - A Shocking Surprise (HiQ).avi

435.61 MB

  1x24 - No Quarter (HiQ).avi

464.05 MB

  1x25 - Welcome to Iscandar (HiQ).avi

443.74 MB

  1x26 - Journey's End (HiQ).avi

483.29 MB

  2x00 - Comet Empire Teaser - original version (HiQ).avi

27.09 MB


1.62 KB

 Season 02 - The Comet Empire

  2x00 - Season 2 Teaser (HiQ).avi

26.55 MB

  2x01 - A New Enemy (HiQ).avi

475.95 MB

  2x02 - The Coming Storm (HiQ).avi

463.31 MB

  2x03 - Choices (HiQ).avi

454.44 MB

  2x04 - Mutiny (HiQ).avi

467.00 MB

  2x05 - The Chase (HiQ).avi

463.82 MB

  2x06 - Rescue on Brumus (HiQ).avi

469.77 MB

  2x07 - A Clash of Perspectives (HiQ).avi

488.95 MB

  2x08 - The Sargasso of Space (HiQ).avi

474.19 MB

  2x09 - The Captive (HiQ).avi

503.50 MB

  2x10 - Carpe Diem (HiQ).avi

483.53 MB

  2x11 - The Star Flies (HiQ).avi

457.86 MB

  2x12 - Cause and Effect (HiQ).avi

489.12 MB

  2x13 - Trap on Telezart (HiQ).avi

443.79 MB

  2x14 - Eyes For The Prize (HiQ).avi

468.29 MB

  2x15 - Trelana (HiQ).avi

484.85 MB

  2x16 - Farewell to Telezart (HiQ).avi

480.91 MB

  2x17 - Confrontation (HiQ).avi

522.72 MB

  2x18 - Gideon's Trumpet (HiQ).avi

477.34 MB

  2x19 - Requeim for Brumus (HiQ).avi

520.57 MB

  2x20 - The Battle of Saturn - Part 1 (HiQ).avi

510.56 MB

  2x21 - The Battle of Saturn - Part 2 (HiQ).avi

537.50 MB

  2x22 - Aftermath (HiQ).avi

571.50 MB

  2x23 - Desslok's Revenge (HiQ).avi

464.99 MB

  2x24 - Old Scores Settled (HiQ).avi

476.01 MB

  2x25 - A Desperate Gamble (HiQ).avi

469.51 MB

  2x26 - End Game (HiQ).avi

488.81 MB


1.76 KB

 0x00 - Disclaimer 01.avi

794.99 KB

 0x00 - Disclaimer 02.avi

109.93 KB

 0x00 - Production Intros.avi

11.01 MB


2.73 KB


26.14 KB


leech seeds

Torrent description

The Complete Archive - HiQ version


Despite the legal notices you see in these videos, this is NOT a Voyager
production, nor is it done by anyone affiliated with them. This is
strictly a fan-based, non-profit effort, done by fans for fans.


This is a revised "proof-of-concept" production for a remastered version
of the first two seasons of STAR BLAZERS™. This project was three years
in the making, striving to make the most out of the existing English audio
track while at the same time restoring or reconstructing as many lost or
alternate scenes as possible. Not all of this material can be
reincorporated due to the lack of suitable dubbed audio. There are also
certain audio issues that we could not correct due to lack of access to
high-quality source recordings.

Each episode was digitally remastered using the Tohokushinsa DVD box set
import prints. Audio is courtesy of the various Kidmark and Voyager home
video (VHS/DVD) releases. The original Japanese audio was used for
restoration of selected scenes where dialog was not present or not an
issue. In addition, several restored and new scenes, as well as teasers
for many Comet Empire episodes. have been created especially for this
project. All BGMs courtesy of the official Yamato CD soundtrack box set.

The project was officially completed with the release of the final Comet
Empire episodes on 1 May 2008. We will not be doing the Bolar Wars, as
that has already been digitally remastered by Voyager itself.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed producing it. =D


These prints comprise an all-new (and hopefully final) remix taken
directly from our archived MPEG editing masters. These have been
deliberately oversampled at 720x540 resolution, using XviD compression
at a constant 2500 kbps, for your own reauthoring pleasure. XviD was
chosen because it's a good codec we're pretty sure everybody has by now.
Makes for a bigger file than before, but we hope you'll appreciate the
freedom it gives you for your own efforts. We can't do anything about
the audio quality, as noted before, due to source limitations. This is
particularly true in the Comet Empire episodes, where the audio quality
often jumps noticeably whenever we switch from the old English audio to
the Japanese source (for restored scenes) and then back again. We also
removed as many of the rendering line artifacts (oops!) that we could
find from the Comet Empire episodes. The fault was in our software
(Pinnacle Studio) and not the original prints.

We did not oversample any of the extras or divergences (deleted scenes).
They remain, for the most part, in our original project resolutions
(usually 720x480) and compressions (XviD or MPEG2).


STAR BLAZERS™ is a registered trademark of Voyager Entertainment.
Original production copyright © 1980, 2008 same, all rights reserved.
STAR BLAZERS™ REMASTERED is a fan-based, independent, non-profit effort
and is in no way affiliated with Voyager Entertainment, its agents, or
assigns. No infringement is intended or implied.

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