Road Runner and Wile E Coyote cartoon collection v2

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Road Runner and Wile E Coyote cartoon collection v2

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Name:Road Runner and Wile E Coyote cartoon collection v2

Total Size: 3.33 GB

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Seeds: 16

Leechers: 6

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Torrent added: 2009-09-22 14:36:37

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Wile E. Coyote Genius & Bugs Bunny (Size: 3.33 GB) (Files: 62)

 Wile E. Coyote Genius & Bugs Bunny

  1969.06.07 - Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too! (McKimson) LT.avi

52.90 MB

  1961.07.29 - Compressed Hare (Jones and Noble) MM.avi

53.75 MB

  1963.06.08 - Hare-Breadth Hurry (Jones and Noble) LT.avi

54.30 MB

  1960.06.04 - Rabbit's Feat (Jones) LT.avi

49.10 MB

  1956.12.15 - To Hare is Human (Jones) MM.avi

56.62 MB

  1952.01.19 - Operation Rabbit (Jones) LT.avi

58.67 MB

 Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB

 Sam Sheepdog & Ralph Wolf

  1963.05.11 - Woolen Under Where (Monroe and Thompson) MM.avi

52.90 MB

  1962.02.10 - A Sheep In The Deep (Jones and Noble) MM.avi

51.75 MB

  1957.06.08 - Steal Wool (Jones) LT.avi

57.30 MB

  1960.07.30 - Ready, Woolen and Able (Jones) MM.avi

51.25 MB

  1955.07.23 - Double Or Mutton (Jones) LT.avi

55.28 MB

  1954.12.11 - Sheep Ahoy (Jones) MM.avi

55.69 MB

  1953.01.03 - Don't Give Up the Sheep (Jones) LT.avi

58.55 MB

 2003.11.01 - Whizzard of Ow (Haaland) LT.avi

51.27 MB

 About this torrent.html

67.30 KB

 1994.12.21 - Chariots of Fur (Jones) LT.avi

57.64 MB

 2000.12.30 - Little Go Beep (Brandt) LT.avi

63.58 MB

 1980.05.21 - Soup or Sonic (Jones and Monroe) MM.avi

58.52 MB

 1967 - The Road Runner Show - Look Before You Beep (McKimson).avi

52.88 MB

 1979.11.27 - Freeze Frame (Jones) MM.avi

56.32 MB

 1966.03.12 - Clippety Clobbered (Larriva) LT.avi

50.03 MB

 1966.11.05 - Sugar and Spies (McKimson) LT.avi

50.61 MB

 1966.01.29 - Out and Out Rout (Larriva) MM.avi

49.95 MB

 1966.02.19 - The Solid Tin Coyote (Larriva) LT.avi

55.74 MB

 1965.12.25 - Chaser on the Rocks (Larriva) MM.avi

54.02 MB

 1966.01.08 - Shot and Bothered (Larriva) LT.avi

51.82 MB

 1965.12.11 - Highway Runnery (Larriva) LT.avi

53.94 MB

 1965.10.30 - Just Plane Beep (Larriva) MM.avi

54.01 MB

 1965.11.13 - Hairied and Hurried (Larriva) MM.avi

56.29 MB

 1965.10.09 - Boulder Wham! (Larriva) MM.avi

53.94 MB

 1965.08.21 - Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner (Larriva) MM.avi

50.38 MB

 1965.09.18 - Tired and Feathered (Larriva) LT.avi

50.34 MB

 1965.07.31 - Rushing Roulette (McKimson) MM.avi

50.75 MB

 1965.01.02 - Roadrunner a Go-Go (Jones) MM.avi

50.72 MB

 1965.02.27 - The Wild Chase (Freleng and Pratt) MM.avi

54.07 MB

 1964.06.06 - War and Pieces (Jones and Noble) LT.avi

59.23 MB

 1965.01.01 - Zip Zip Hooray (Jones) LT.avi

52.31 MB

 1962.06.30 - Zoom at the Top (Jones and Noble) MM.avi

57.91 MB

 1963.12.31 - To Beep or Not to Beep (Jones and Noble) MM.avi

55.15 MB

 1962.06.02 - Adventures of the Road Runner (Jones).avi

215.41 MB

 1961.06.03 - Lickety-Splat (Jones and Levitow) LT.avi

52.74 MB

 1961.11.11 - Beep Prepared (Jones and Noble) MM.avi

48.02 MB

 1960.10.08 - Hopalong Casualty (Jones) LT.avi

48.58 MB

 1961.01.21 - Zip 'N' Snort (Jones) MM.avi

46.92 MB

 1959.10.10 - Wild About Hurry (Jones) MM.avi

54.59 MB

 1960.01.19 - Fastest With The Mostest (Jones) LT.avi

58.45 MB

 1958.12.06 - Hip Hip-Hurry! (Jones) MM.avi

49.81 MB

 1959.05.09 - Hot-Rod and Reel! (Jones) LT.avi

51.20 MB

 1958.04.12 - Whoa, Be-Gone! (Jones) MM.avi

51.99 MB

 1958.10.11 - Hook, Line and Stinker (Jones) LT.avi

49.32 MB

 1957.01.26 - Scrambled Aches (Jones) LT.avi

57.39 MB

 1957.09.14 - Zoom and Bored (Jones) MM.avi

52.67 MB

 1956.05.05 - Gee Whiz-z-z-z (Jones) LT.avi

55.38 MB

 1956.11.10 - There They Go-Go-Go! (Jones) LT.avi

55.11 MB

 1955.05.30 - Ready, Set, Zoom! (Jones) LT.avi

58.07 MB

 1955.12.10 - Guided Muscle (Jones) LT.avi

55.87 MB

 1953.09.19 - Zipping Along (Jones) MM.avi

57.02 MB

 1954.08.14 - Stop! Look! And Hasten! (Jones) MM.avi

59.13 MB

 1952.05.24 - Beep, Beep (Jones) MM.avi

56.34 MB

 1952.08.23 - Going! Going! Gosh! (Jones) MM.avi

53.32 MB

 1949.09.16 - Fast and Furry-ous (Jones) LT.avi

59.06 MB


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Torrent description

Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner are cartoon characters from a series of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. The characters were created by animation director Chuck Jones in 1948 for Warner Brothers, while the template for their adventures was the work of writer Michael Maltese. The characters went on to star in a long-running series of theatrical cartoon shorts. The series consists of 45 shorts (mostly about 6-7 min.), 1 short film (26 min.), and 3 Webtoons (2-3 min.).

Français : Bip Bip et Coyote
Italiano : Willy il Coyote e Bip Bip
Español : El Coyote y el Correcaminos
Português : Papa-Léguas e Coiote
??? : ??????????????????

Updated version - This torrent contains all 45 Road Runner cartoons in high quality, the 1962 short film "Adventures of the Road Runner", the Sam Sheepdog & Ralph Wolf cartoons, and the Wile E. Coyote Genius & Bugs Bunny cartoons. Webtoons shorts produced in the 2000s are missing.

List of cartoons

Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote series:
"Fast and Furry-ous" (1949), dir. Charles M. Jones [w/ facsimile LT opening]
"Beep, Beep" (1952), dir. Charles M. Jones [w/ facsimile MM opening]
"Going! Going! Gosh!" (1952), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Zipping Along" (1953), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Stop! Look! And Hasten!" (1954), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Ready, Set, Zoom!" (1955), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Guided Muscle" (1955), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Gee Whiz-z-z-z" (1956), dir. Charles M. Jones
"There They Go-Go-Go!" (1956), dir. Chuck Jones
"Scrambled Aches" (1957), dir. Chuck Jones
"Zoom and Bored" (1957), dir. Chuck Jones
"Whoa, Be-Gone!" (1958), dir. Chuck Jones
"Hook, Line and Stinker" (1958), dir. Chuck Jones
"Hip Hip-Hurry!" (1958), dir. Chuck Jones
"Hot Rod and Reel!" (1959), dir. Chuck Jones
"Wild About Hurry" (1959), dir. Chuck Jones
"Fastest With The Mostest" (1960), dir. Chuck Jones
"Hopalong Casualty" (1960), dir. Chuck Jones
"Zip 'N' Snort" (1961), dir. Chuck Jones
"Lickety-Splat" (1961), dir. Chuck Jones & Abe Levitow
"Beep Prepared" (1961), dir. Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble
"Adventures of the Road Runner" (1962), dir. Chuck Jones
"Zoom at the Top" (1962), dir. Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble
"To Beep or Not to Beep" (1963), dir. Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble
"War and Pieces" (1964), dir. Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble
"Zip Zip Hooray" (1965), dir. Chuck Jones (uncredited) [w/ restored credits]
"Roadrunner a Go-Go" (1965), dir. Chuck Jones (uncredited) [w/ restored credits]
"The Wild Chase" (1965), dir. Friz Freleng & Hawley Pratt
"Rushing Roulette" (1965), dir. Robert McKimson
"Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner" (1965), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Tired and Feathered" (1965), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Boulder Wham!" (1965), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Just Plane Beep" (1965), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Hairied and Hurried" (1965), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Highway Runnery" (1965), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Chaser on the Rocks" (1965), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Shot and Bothered" (1966), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Out and Out Rout" (1966), dir. Rudy Larriva
"The Solid Tin Coyote" (1966), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Clippety Clobbered" (1966), dir. Rudy Larriva
"Sugar and Spies" (1966), dir. Robert McKimson
"Freeze Frame" (1979), dir. Chuck Jones [w/ facsimile credits]
"Soup or Sonic" (1980), dir. Chuck Jones & Phil Monroe [w/ restored credits]
"Chariots of Fur" (1994), dir. Chuck Jones
"Little Go Beep" (2000), dir. Spike Brandt
"Whizzard of Ow" (2003), dir. Bret Haaland

Wile E. Coyote Genius & Bugs Bunny series:
"Operation Rabbit" (1952), dir. Charles M. Jones
"To Hare is Human" (1956), dir. Chuck Jones
"Rabbit's Feat" (1960), dir. Chuck Jones
"Compressed Hare" (1961), dir. Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble
"Hare-Breadth Hurry" (1963), dir. Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble

Sam Sheepdog & Ralph Wolf series:
"Don't Give Up the Sheep" (1953), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Sheep Ahoy" (1954), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Double Or Mutton" (1955), dir. Charles M. Jones
"Steal Wool" (1957), dir. Chuck Jones
"Ready, Woolen and Able" (1960), dir. Chuck Jones
"A Sheep In The Deep" (1962), dir. Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble
"Woolen Under Where" (1963), dir. Phil Monroe & Richard Thompson

Bonus features

"Look Before You Beep" by Matthew Hunter & Jon Cooke:
compilation of sequences from the Road Runner Show (1967), dir. Robert McKimson

Additional audio tracks:
You can switch to commentaries or other languages on the following cartoons:
Matthew Hunter's commentaries of "Zoom at the Top", "War and Pieces", "The Solid Tin Coyote".
Brandon Pierce's commentary of "Little Go Beep".
There's also French dub available on a few shorts, mainly Bugs Bunny's.

Additional cartoon:
"Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too!" (1969), dir. Robert McKimson
This short is unrelated to the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Among the last theatrical shorts produced by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, it was intended to be the first of a series of Rapid Rabbit and Quick Brown Fox, along the same lines as the Road Runner cartoons.

Format: avi
Source: various DVDRip / DVB-CRip
Video: (mostly) H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 640x480 25.000fps 1024kbps
Audio: (mostly) MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

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