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Name:Al Stewart Discography pack 2/2, Lossy mp3 192 Flac Rock

Total Size: 2.79 GB

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1995 - Between the Wars [FLAC] (Size: 2.70 GB) (Files: 235)

 1995 - Between the Wars [FLAC]

  01 - Night Train to Munich.flac

32.00 MB

  02 - The Age of Rhythm.flac

25.78 MB

  03 - Sampan.flac

27.03 MB

  04 - Lindy Comes to Town.flac

30.84 MB

  05 - Three Mules.flac

40.00 MB

  06 - A League of Notions.flac

29.49 MB

  07 - Life Between the Wars.flac

17.98 MB

  08 - Betty Boop's Birthday.flac

13.44 MB

  10 - Joe the Georgian.flac

23.17 MB

  11 - Always the Cause.flac

23.74 MB

  12 - Laughing Into 1939.flac

25.48 MB

  13 - The Black Danube.flac

17.41 MB

  Al Stewart - Between the Wars FLAC.m3u

0.84 KB

  Al Stewart - Between the Wars WAV.m3u

0.92 KB



411.58 KB

   Booklet 1.jpg

478.33 KB

   Booklet 2.jpg

505.06 KB

   Booklet 3.jpg

531.22 KB

   Booklet 4.jpg

512.64 KB

   Booklet 5.jpg

535.43 KB

   Booklet Back.jpg

319.80 KB


320.91 KB


26.50 KB

  Between the Wars.cue

1.83 KB

  Between the Wars.log

2.82 KB


7.58 KB


14.70 KB

 1996 - Seemed like a good idea at the time[192k]

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 01 Where Are They Now (1996).mp3

8.19 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 02 Fields of France.mp3

3.87 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 03 Soho Needless to Say.mp3

5.39 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 04 In Red Square.mp3

5.62 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 05 A Sense of Deja Vu.mp3

6.60 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 06 How Does It Happen.mp3

4.23 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 07 Coldest Winter in Memory.mp3

7.99 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 08 Candy Came Back.mp3

5.27 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 09 Jackdaw.mp3

4.53 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 10 The Bear Farmers Of Birnam.mp3

4.80 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 11 In the Dark.mp3

6.83 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 12 Blow Your Mansion Down.mp3

6.81 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 13 Willie The King.mp3

5.55 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 14 Merry Monks.mp3

2.32 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 15 Ghostly Horses of the Plain .mp3

4.80 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 16 Mixed Blessing.mp3

4.03 MB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.jpg

41.69 KB

  Al Stewart - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.txt

0.42 KB

 1998 - The Block [FLAC]

  01. Flying Sorcery.flac

24.67 MB

  02. Antarctica.flac

16.18 MB

  03. Timeless Skies.flac

20.67 MB

  04. Broadway Hotel.flac

23.69 MB

  05. Not The One.flac

24.05 MB

  06. On The Border.flac

24.95 MB

  07. Clifton in the Rain-A Small Fruit Song.flac

19.40 MB

  08. Roads to Moscow.flac

46.50 MB

  09. End of The Day.flac

12.17 MB

  10. Soho (Needless to Say).flac

23.42 MB

  11. The Candidate.flac

30.57 MB

  12. Genie on a Table Top.flac

18.76 MB

  13. Apple Cidar Reconstitution.flac

42.89 MB

  14. Optical Illusion.flac

22.90 MB

  Al Stewart setlist.txt

1.49 KB

  Al Stewart The Block.md5

0.95 KB

 1999 - On the border [224]

  Al Stewart - 01 - On The Border.mp3

5.35 MB

  Al Stewart - 02 - Year Of The Cat (live).mp3

10.67 MB

  Al Stewart - 03 - Three Mules.mp3

9.05 MB

  Al Stewart - 04 - Flying Sorcery.mp3

7.01 MB

  Al Stewart - 05 - Merlin's Time.mp3

4.35 MB

  Al Stewart - 06 - Clifton In The Rain.mp3

4.32 MB

  Al Stewart - 07 - Betty Boop's Birthday.mp3

3.38 MB

  Al Stewart - 08 - A Man For All Seasons.mp3

9.36 MB

  Al Stewart - 09 - Song On The Radio.mp3

10.10 MB

  Al Stewart - 10 - Pandora.mp3

7.44 MB

  Al Stewart - 11 - Running Man.mp3

8.30 MB

  Al Stewart - 12 - Night Train To Munich.mp3

7.13 MB

  Al Stewart - 13 - If It Doesn't Come Naturally Leave It.mp3

7.17 MB

  Al Stewart - 14 - Between The Wars.mp3

4.53 MB

  Al Stewart - 15 - Fields Of France.mp3

4.66 MB

  Al Stewart - 16 - You Should Have Listened To AL.mp3

4.80 MB

 2000 - DownInTheCellar[FLAC]

  01 - Waiting For Margaux.flac

30.57 MB

  02 - Tasting History.flac

27.82 MB

  03 - Down In The Cellars.flac

18.00 MB

  04 - Turning It Into Water.flac

31.06 MB

  05 - SoHo.flac

25.83 MB

  06 - The Night That The Band Got The Wine.flac

42.07 MB

  07 - Millie Brown.flac

16.82 MB

  08 - Under A Wine-Stained Moon.flac

21.39 MB

  09 - Franklin's Table.flac

27.68 MB

  10 - House Of Clocks.flac

19.85 MB

  11 - Sergio.flac

21.14 MB

  12 - Toutes Les Etoiles.flac

15.40 MB

  13 - The Shiraz Shuffle.flac

11.41 MB

  Al Stewart - Down In The Cellar FLAC.m3u

0.84 KB

  Al Stewart - Down In The Cellar WAV.m3u

0.93 KB



395.35 KB

   Booklet 1.jpg

930.73 KB

   Booklet 2.jpg

875.35 KB

   Booklet 3.jpg

852.87 KB

   Booklet Back.jpg

413.88 KB


409.59 KB


23.00 KB

  Down In The Cellar.cue

2.10 KB

  Down In The Cellar.log

3.23 KB


0.51 KB


15.36 KB

 2000 - zero she flies [FLAC]

  1 - My Enemies Have Sweet Voices.flac

27.72 MB

  10 - Zero She Flies.flac

31.74 MB

  2 - A Small Fruit Song.flac

10.81 MB

  3 - Gethsemane, Again.flac

31.71 MB

  4 - Burbling.flac

17.12 MB

  5 - Electric Los Angeles Sunset.flac

23.20 MB

  6 - Manuscript.flac

25.74 MB

  7 - Black Hill.flac

6.55 MB

  8 - Anna.flac

8.49 MB

  9 - Room of Roots.flac

20.17 MB

  Al Stewart - Zero She Flies - Cover1.jpg

31.86 KB

  Al Stewart - Zero She Flies - Cover2.JPG

23.33 KB

  Al Stewart - Zero She Flies.JPG

7.78 KB

 2004 - Bremerton, Wa 10.30.04 [FLAC]

  al stewart bremerton 10.30.04.txt

2.36 KB

  Al stewart Bremerton disc one

   A stewart Bremerton one01.flac

22.91 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one02.flac

18.49 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one03.flac

13.86 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one04.flac

18.51 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one05.flac

5.20 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one06.flac

21.22 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one07.flac

37.67 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one08.flac

36.75 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one09.flac

32.38 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one10.flac

22.42 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one11.flac

20.67 MB

   A stewart Bremerton one12.flac

24.02 MB

  Al Stewart Bremerton disc two

   al stewart bremerton two01.flac

34.61 MB

   al stewart bremerton two02.flac

26.42 MB

   al stewart bremerton two03.flac

31.24 MB

   al stewart bremerton two04.flac

39.01 MB

   al stewart bremerton two05.flac

25.23 MB

   al stewart bremerton two06.flac

29.24 MB

   al stewart bremerton two07.flac

47.02 MB

   al stewart bremerton two08.flac

64.63 MB

   al stewart bremerton two09.flac

25.26 MB

 2005 - Beach Full Of Shells[FLAC]

  01- The Immelman Turn .flac

31.99 MB

  02- Mr. Lear .flac

20.92 MB

  03- Royal Courtship .flac

27.96 MB

  04- Rain Barrel .flac

26.92 MB

  06- Katherine Of Oregon .flac

20.74 MB

  07- Mona Lisa Talking .flac

30.03 MB

  08- Class Of '58 .flac

27.69 MB

  09- Out In The Snow .flac

15.57 MB

  10- My Egyptian Couch .flac

13.98 MB

  11- Gina In The Kings Road .flac

28.60 MB

  12- Beacon Street .flac

16.11 MB

  13- Anniversary .flac

18.34 MB

  A Beach Full Of Shells.cue

2.24 KB

  A Beach Full Of Shells.LOG

2.91 KB

  Al Stewart - A Beach Full Of Shells.m3u

0.88 KB


12.60 KB


6.10 KB

 2005 - Just Yesterday[192k]

  cd 1


2.59 MB


4.77 MB


5.41 MB


4.60 MB


5.86 MB


4.02 MB


5.30 MB


7.01 MB


3.00 MB


6.11 MB


6.35 MB


6.20 MB


8.56 MB


12.19 MB


20.00 MB

  cd 2


7.16 MB


8.19 MB


8.18 MB


12.59 MB


4.80 MB


4.76 MB


7.54 MB


6.57 MB


10.06 MB


5.45 MB


7.82 MB


5.16 MB


9.19 MB


4.43 MB

  cd 3


7.43 MB


3.76 MB


7.07 MB


5.28 MB


8.34 MB


5.16 MB


9.79 MB


5.54 MB


8.77 MB


6.38 MB


6.84 MB


5.45 MB


5.91 MB


5.37 MB


11.85 MB

  cd 4


7.27 MB


6.28 MB


5.21 MB


5.90 MB


4.43 MB


7.27 MB


7.28 MB


4.58 MB


4.71 MB


4.62 MB


6.16 MB


7.94 MB


4.95 MB


4.72 MB

  cd 5


6.17 MB


5.62 MB


9.89 MB


12.49 MB


8.88 MB


6.59 MB


14.53 MB


10.29 MB


  al stewart - broadway hotel (live rhymes in rooms).mp3

4.69 MB

  al stewart - doubting thomas ( Antarctica other version).mp3

3.68 MB

  al stewart - Fields Of France (Live).mp3

1.94 MB

  Al Stewart - Meet on the Ledge.mp3

3.78 MB

  al stewart - Merlin's Time (Live Roxy).mp3

2.69 MB

  al stewart - On The Border (Live Version).mp3

4.15 MB

  al stewart - On The Border (unplugged).mp3

4.67 MB

  al stewart - Year Of The Cat (Live Acoustic).mp3

5.82 MB

 Live at Poole

  al stewart - Flying Sorcery (Live at Poole).mp3

3.78 MB

  al stewart - i've been waiting (live poole).mp3

3.38 MB

  al stewart - Soho Needless Say (Live Poole).mp3

3.33 MB

  al stewart - trains (live at poole).mp3

6.99 MB

  al stewart - YEAR OF THE CAT (LIVE AT POOLE).mp3

4.23 MB

 New Text Document.txt

11.67 KB


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Torrent description

Al Stewart Discography pack 2

1995 - Between the Wars [FLAC]

1. Night Train To Munich
2. The Age of Rhythm
3. Sampan
4. Lindy Comes to Town
5. Three Mules
6. A League of Notions
7. Life Between the Wars
8. Betty Boop\'s Birthday
9. Marion The Chatelaine
10. Joe The Georgian
11. Always The Cause
12. Laughing Into 1939
13. The Black Danube

1996 - Seemed like a good idea at the time[192k]

1. Where Are They Now?
2. Fields Of France
3. Soho (Needless To Say)
4. In Red Square
5. A Sense Of Deja Vu
6. How Does It Happen
7. The Coldest Winter In Memory
8. Candy Came Back
9. Jackdaw
10. The Bear Farmers Of Birnam
11. In The Dark
12. Blow Your Mansion Down
13. Willie The King
14. Merry Monks
15. Ghostly Horses Of The Plain
16. Mixed Blessing

1998 - The Block [FLAC]

1.Flying Sorcery
3,Timeless Skies
4.Broadway Hotel
5.Not The One
6.On The Border
7.Clifton in the Rain/A Small Fruit Song
8.Roads to Moscow
9.End of the Day
10.Soho, Needless to Say
11.The Candidate
12.Genie on the Table Top
13.Apple Cider Reconstitution
14.Optical Illusion

1999 - On the border [224]

1. On The Border
2. Song On The Radio
3. Three Mules
4. Flying Sorcery
5. Merlin\'s Time
6. Clifton In The Rain
7. Betty Boop\'s Birthday
8. A Man For All Seasons
9. Pandora
10. Running Man
11. Night Train To Munich
12. If It Doesn\'t Come Naturally, Leave It
13. Between The Wars
14. Fields Of France
15. You Should Have Listened To Al
16. Year Of The Cat

2000 - Down In The Cellar[FLAC]

1. Waiting For Margaux
2. Tasting History
3. Down In The Cellars
4. Turning It Into Water
5. SoHo
6. The Night That The Band Got The Wine
7. Millie Brown
8. Under A Wine-stained Moon
9. Franklin\'s Table
10. House Of Clocks
11. Sergio
12. Toutes Les Etoiles
13. The Shiraz Shuffle

2000 - zero she flies [FLAC]

1 My Enemies Have Sweet Voices
2- A Small Fruit Song
3- Gethsemane, Again
4- Burbling
5- Electric Los Angeles Sunset
6- Manuscript
7- Black Hill
8- Anna
9- Room of Roots
10- Zero She Flies

2004 - Bremerton, Wa 10.30.04(Bootleg) [FLAC]


tracks 1-4 has Dave Nachmanoff performing(don\'t know the names of all his songs)
5.intro of clocks cider reconstitution
8.on the border
9.night train to munich
10.merlin\'s time
12.time passages


1.flying sorcery
2.palace of versailles
3.midas touch hotel
5.league of notions
7.road to moscow
8.year of the cat
9.joe the georgian

2005 - Beach Full Of Shells[FLAC]

1. The Immelman Turn
2. Mr. Lear
3. Royal Courtship
4. Rain Barrel
5. Somewhere In England 1915
6. Katherine Of Oregon
7. Mona Lisa Talking
8. Class Of \'58
9. Out In The Snow
10. My Egyptian Couch
11. Gina In The King\'s Road
12. Beacon Street
13. Anniversary

2005 - Just Yesterday[192k]

Disc: 1

1. Elf
2. Bedsitter Images
3. Samuel, Oh How You\'ve Changed
4. You Should Have Listened to Al
5. In Brooklyn
6. Clifton in the Rain
7. Electric Los Angeles Sunset
8. Manuscript
9. Small Fruit Song
10. You Don\'t Even Know Me
11. I\'m Falling
12. Soho (Needless to Say)
13. Old Admirals
14. Roads to Moscow
15. Nostradamus/The World Goes to Riyadh [Live]

Disc: 2

1. Carol
2. Apple Cider Re-Constitution
3. Dark & Rolling Sea
4. Modern Times
5. On the Border
6. Sand in Your Shoes
7. Lord Grenville
8. Flying Sorcery
9. Year of the Cat
10. Almost Lucy
11. Life in Dark Water
12. Timeless Skies
13. Time Passages
14. End of the Day

Disc: 3

1. Running Man
2. Merlin\'s Time
3. If It Doesn\'t Come Naturally, Leave It [Live]
4. Optical Illusion
5. Rumours of War
6. Accident on Third Street
7. Last Days of the Centruy
8. Red Toupee
9. Where Are They Now?
10. Antarctica
11. Helen and Cassandra
12. Fields of France [Live]
13. Genie on a Table Top
14. Charlotte Corday
15. Trains

Disc: 4

1. Night Train to Munich
2. Leage of Notions
3. Marion the Chatelaine
4. Joe the Georgian
5. Laughing into 1939
6. House of Clocks
7. Waiting for Margaux
8. Turning It into Water
9. Down in the Cellars
10. Mr. Lear
11. Somewhere in England 1915
12. Katherine of Oregon
13. Soho (Needless to Say) [Alternate Take]
14. Coldest Winter in Memory
15. Terminal Eyes
16. Denise at 16

Disc: 5

1. On the Border [Live]
2. Sirens of Titan [Live]
3. Time Passages [Live]
4. Roads to Moscow [Live]
5. Life in Dark Water [Live]
6. Valentina Way [Live]
7. Year of the Cat [Live]
8. Pink Panther Theme
9. Song on the Radio


1-broadway hotel (live rhymes in rooms)
2 - doubting thomas ( Antarctica other version)
3 - Fields Of France (Live)
4 - Meet on the Ledge
5 - Merlin\'s Time (Live Roxy)
6 - On The Border (Live Version)
7 - On The Border (unplugged)
8- Year Of The Cat (Live Acoustic)

Live at Poole

1-Flying Sorcery
2-i\'ve been waiting
3-Soho Needless Say

Al Stewart (born Alastair Ian Stewart on 5 September 1945), is a British singer-songwriter and musician. He is best known for his 1976 single \"Year of the Cat\" and its 1978 follow-up \"Time Passages\" (both of which were produced by Alan Parsons).

Stewart grew up in the coastal resort town of Bournemouth, Dorset, England. He moved to the United States in 1977 and recorded/produced most of his work in Los Angeles during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s.

While studio albums are now few and far between, he still tours extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Recordings of concerts are often made available through his fan clubs. Stewart\'s career in music has spanned over 40 years.

Stewart\'s first record was the single \"The Elf\", which was released in 1966 on Decca Records, and included a pre-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page (the first of many leading guitarists Stewart worked with, including Richard Thompson, Tim Renwick and Peter White). Stewart then signed to Columbia Records (CBS in the UK), for whom he released six albums. The first four of these attracted relatively little commercial interest, although they contain some of Stewart\'s most incisive and introspective songwriting, and he became popular on the university circuit. Stewart\'s debut album Bed-Sitter Images was released on LP in 1967; a revised version appeared in 1970 as The First Album (Bed-Sitter Images) with a few tracks changed. Its dramatic string orchestrations by Alexander Faris arguably stifled the songs somewhat (Stewart premiered the album with a full orchestra at a concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London). The album was reissued on CD in 2007 by Collectors\' Choice Music with all the songs from both versions.

Love Chronicles (1969) was notable for the 18-minute title track, an anguished autobiographical tale of sexual encounters which was the first mainstream record release ever to include the word \"fucking\". It was voted \"Folk Album of the Year\" by the UK music weekly Melody Maker. It also features Jimmy Page on guitar.

His third album, Zero She Flies followed in 1970 - this time with a larger number of shorter songs which ranged from purely acoustic ballads and virtuoso instrumentals, to a couple of rockier songs with snarly electric lead guitar. This time, the various guitar virtuosos prominently featured Australian Trevor Lucas, later to marry Sandy Denny and join Fairport Convention.

A crucial song in Stewart\'s career was the acoustic ballad \'Manuscript\'. Here we see Stewart\'s muse flirting with European History, which would soon blossom to become virtually a personal genre: one which persists to this day.

These first three albums (including \'The Elf\') were released as the two CD set To Whom it May Concern: 1966-70.

Orange (1972) was very much a transitional album, combining songs in Stewart\'s confessional style with more intimations of the historical themes that he would increasingly adopt (e.g. \'The News From Spain\', with its prog-rock overtones, including dramatic piano by Rick Wakeman). Perhaps the most prophetic song is the ballad Songs out of Clay, which combines his powerful melodic instinct, emotional flair, and subtle prog-rock nuances.

The fifth release, Past, Present and Future (1973), was Stewart\'s first album to receive a proper release in the US, via Janus Records. It echoed a traditional historical storytelling style and contained the song \"Nostradamus,\" a long (9:43) track in which Stewart tied into the re-discovery of the claimed seer\'s writings by referring to selected possible predictions about twentieth century people and events. While too long for mainstream radio airplay at that time, the song became a hit on many US college/university radio stations, which were flexible about running times. Nevertheless, Past, Present and Future is the album where Stewart\'s \'history genre\' intimations reached full bloom, with songs about American President Warren Harding. World War II, Ernst Röhm, Christine Keeler, Louis Mountbatten, and Stalin\'s purges.

Stewart followed Past, Present and Future with Modern Times (1975), in which the songs were lighter on historical references and more of a return to the theme of short stories set to music. Significantly though, it was the first of his albums to be produced by Alan Parsons, and All Music Guide regard it as his best.

Stewart\'s contract with CBS Records expired at this point and he signed to RCA Records for the world outside North America. His first two albums for RCA, Year of the Cat (released on Janus in the US, then reissued by Arista Records after Janus folded in 1977) and Time Passages (released in the US on Arista), set the style for his later work, which many feel is less incisive than his early 1970s releases on CBS, although Cat and Passages are generally agreed upon to be his best work. Stewart, however, reported hearing \'Time Passages\' in an elevator, and being disgusted with it - especially when he realised that it was himself.

The overwhelming success of the songs \"Year Of The Cat\" and \"Time Passages\"—both of which still receive substantial radio airplay on classic-rock/pop format stations—overshadows the depth and range of Stewart\'s body of songwriting. Stewart managed to adopt the traditional folk idiom of documenting real events to produce contemporary songs.

Stewart then released 24 Carrots (1980) and his first live album Live/Indian Summer (1981), with both featuring backing band Shot in the Dark. They both reached the Billboard Charts, but failed to match the success of Year of the Cat and Time Passages, arguably because of the advent of the new wave and pop movements in the early 1980s.

After those releases Stewart was dropped by Arista and his fame started to dry up soon after. There was a four year gap between his next two albums Russians and Americans (1984) (which was highly political) and the upbeat pop-orientated Last Days of the Century (1988), which appeared on smaller labels and had lower sales. Stewart followed up with his second live album, the acoustic Rhymes in Rooms (1992), which featured only himself and Peter White and Famous Last Words (1993), which was dedicated to the memory of the late Peter Wood (famous for co-writing Year of the Cat), who died the year of that release. Stewart followed these up with concept albums, with Between the Wars (1995), covering major historical and cultural events from 1918 to 1939, such as the Versailles Treaty, Prohibition, the Spanish Civil War, and the Great Depression and Down in the Cellar (2000), covering the aspects of wine, one of Stewart\'s areas of enthusiasm and expertise. In 2005, he released A Beach Full of Shells. He still tours around the United States and Europe, along with guitarists such as Laurence Juber, while devoting time to his hobby of wine collecting.

Nel 1976 il soft rock trovò un nuovo eroe: era Al Stewart, l\'autore dell\'hit Year of the Cat. Scozzese di Glasgow, dopo varie peregrinazioni in giro per la Gran Bretagna (a Bournemouth, dove vive parecchi anni, conosce Robert Fripp, Andy Summers, Greg Lake e diventa membro della band del dj Tony Blackburn), Stewart si trasferisce a Londra e pubblica due album alla fine degli anni \'60: Bedsitter Images (con sofisticati arrangiamenti orchestrali) e Love Chronicles (in cui suona Jimmy Page e che si distingue per la canzone omonima, della durata di 18 minuti, che nel testo contiene il termine fottere). Love Chronicles verrà votato miglior album folk dell\'anno dalla rivista Melody Maker. Ispirato da Bob Dylan, scrive canzoni folk intimiste e romantiche, apprezzate soprattutto nel circuito dei college e dei folk clubs della capitale (Bunjie\'s e Les Cousins), dove si esibisce insieme a Sandy Denny, Third Ear Band, Roy Harper, Peter Bellamy, Ralph McTell, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band. L\'americano Paul Simon è suo vicino d\'appartamento, a Soho. Nel 1970 esce Zero She flies. Nel 1972 pubblica Orange, album in cui suona Rick Wakeman e in cui Stewart si misura con il maestro Dylan eseguendo la cover di I Don\'t Believe You. Il 1974 è l\'anno della scoperta dell\'America, nel senso che Al Stewart, snobbato dal pubblico britannico, scopre di avere un nutrito seguito negli Stati Uniti. Prima va in tour in America, poi pubblica Past, Present & Future, un concept album che mette in evidenza la passione del cantante per la storia. L\'ispirazione, per la precisione, proviene dal libro di profezie di Nostradamus. L\'album successivo, Modern Times - disco costituito da ballate con forte connotazione acustica - consolida la fama di Stewart negli USA, tanto che di lì a poco egli vi si trasferisce.

Il successo pop
Fino al 1976 Al Stewart è rimasto un artista di culto, che ha goduto solo di alcuni modesti e saltuari picchi di popolarità. La riscossa arriva dall\'Inghilterra, dove il cantante firma un contratto con la RCA e pubblica Year of the Cat, singolo e album, prodotto dal mago dei suoni Alan Parsons, già collaboratore dei Pink Floyd. Stewart aveva inutilmente proposto il disco alla Virgin. In un mese Year of the Cat diventa disco di platino e il singolo arriva fino al numero 8 della classifica americana. Ennesimo frutto dell\'ossessione di Stewart per gli eventi storici e per la nozione di tempo, Time Passages esce nell\'autunno del 1978. È ancora prodotto da Parsons e negli Stati Uniti arriva fino al quinto posto della classifica. Canzoni come la title-track, The Palace of Versailles e Song on the Radio soggiornano spesso nelle programmazioni radiofoniche. Da questo momento il chitarrista Peter White diventa il suo più stretto collaboratore. 24 Carrots (1980) ci consegna uno Stewart che si muove su due fronti: quello delle delicate ballate (Merlin’s Time, Rocks in the Ocean, Optical Illusion) e tiratissime canzoni con funambolici assoli di chitarra elettrica (Constantinople e Paint by Numbers). Da questo album, il singolo Running Man ha un buon successo. Il doppio live Indian Summer- Live, con 3 lati dal vivo e uno di canzoni nuove registrate in studio, dimostra quanto sul palco l’artista scozzese si trovi a proprio agio.

Da questo punto in poi, almeno in Europa, la stella di Stewart (che nel frattempo è diventato un apprezzato intenditore di vini e proprietario di un vigneto in Francia) va affievolendosi. Russians and Americans (1984) non genera nessuna hit (qualche passaggio radio della title-track) ma contiene brani piuttosto raffinati come Café Society e The Candidate. Il successivo Last Days of the Century invece non lascia il segno. Famous Last Words (1993) ottiene un buon riscontro critico mentre Between The Wars (1995) vede Stewart omaggiare uno dei suoi idoli, il chitarrista Django Reinhardt, avvalendosi della collaborazione di Laurence Juber, ex Wings. Attualmente Stewart continua periodicamente a pubblicare CD e soprattutto in California, dove vive, è quantomai attivo per quanto riguarda le esibizioni dal vivo, spesso insieme al chitarrista Dave Nachmanoff

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