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M U G E N Developer's Kit (9 14 2009) MUGEN WinMUGEN DOS Windows Linux PC games creator editor rar

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Name:M U G E N Developer's Kit (9 14 2009) MUGEN WinMUGEN DOS Windows Linux PC games creator editor rar

Total Size: 150.61 MB

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Torrent added: 2009-09-16 10:43:38

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M.U.G.E.N. Developer's Kit (9-14-2009) MUGEN WinMUGEN DOS Windows Linux PC games creator editor.rar (Size: 150.61 MB) (Files: 1)

 M.U.G.E.N. Developer's Kit (9-14-2009) MUGEN WinMUGEN DOS Windows Linux PC games creator editor.rar

150.61 MB

Announce URL: http://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce

Torrent description

M.U.G.E.N. Developer's Kit.
Releases, tools, tutorials, etc.
Release date: 9-14-2009.

Probably the most complete archive of M.U.G.E.N. development files anywhere on the net!

Lots of pre-made stages and characters available online.
Create and play unique game combinations, like Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat or Mega Man Vs. Mario Bros.

If you have more to contribute, leave a comment with the link. Thanks.

M.U.G.E.N. releasesDOSMUG10414.zip
M.U.G.E.N. releasesJavaJMugen-0.2alpha.zip
M.U.G.E.N. releasesLinuxmugen-2002-04-14.tar.bz2
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowsmug01129.exe
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowsHi-Res WinM.U.G.E.N.rar
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowsWinM.U.G.E.N. 2003 Beta version 3.08.2 w9w (2003.06.14B).rar
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowsWinM.U.G.E.N. private beta test version 2002.04.14.rar
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowsHi-Res WinM.U.G.E.N. (with stages).zip
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowsOpenMugenWin.zip
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowswinmugen_04-07-04.zip
M.U.G.E.N. releasesWindowswin-mugen_no_limit_patch.zip
tools, frontends, etcMvC [Character Template] 8.0.ace
tools, frontends, etcadxencd.exe
tools, frontends, etcartmoney731eng.exe
tools, frontends, etcFighter Factory Ultimate version 2.5.exe
tools, frontends, etcmee0388.exe
tools, frontends, etcmee0388r.exe
tools, frontends, etcMovementCoder.exe
tools, frontends, etcallbmp20-html-minifix.tar.gz
tools, frontends, etcjoy2key-1.6.tar.gz
tools, frontends, etcmtools099c.tar.gz
tools, frontends, etcJoyToKey English Version.htm
tools, frontends, etctools.htm
tools, frontends, etcALL BITMAP 2.0.html
tools, frontends, etcsoftware.html
tools, frontends, etcNearInfinity.jar
tools, frontends, etcuinstallerxp7.jpg
tools, frontends, etcselectmanager1br9.png
tools, frontends, etcselectmanager2va8.png
tools, frontends, etcActualizador_Stages.rar
tools, frontends, etcICONS_32.rar
tools, frontends, etcICONS_98.rar
tools, frontends, etcmugenhelp.rar
tools, frontends, etcmugenmaker.rar
tools, frontends, etcMvC System System Common Char Coding.rar
tools, frontends, etcMVC_Project_1[1].4.rar
tools, frontends, etcSelectManager.rar
tools, frontends, etcsff2tr04g.rar
tools, frontends, etcSF-KOF System Common Char Coding.rar
tools, frontends, etcsndrec32.rar
tools, frontends, etcTTW_Source_Code.rar
tools, frontends, etcUltimate_Char_Tester_eng.rar
tools, frontends, etcUltimate_Char_Tester_spanish.rar
tools, frontends, etcUltimate_Installer.rar
tools, frontends, etcVelCalculator.rar
tools, frontends, etcXR_Source_Code.rar
tools, frontends, etcArtMoney - game cheating utility.URL
tools, frontends, etcMugen mugen.cfg file editor for DOS.URL
tools, frontends, etcMugen mugen.cfg file editor for Linux.URL
tools, frontends, etcWinMugen mugen.cfg file editor for Windows.URL
tools, frontends, etcAct2pal_Pal2act.zip
tools, frontends, etcACTsplicer.zip
tools, frontends, etcadd004pie.zip
tools, frontends, etcallbmp20-html-minifix.zip
tools, frontends, etcallbmp20-sources-windows.zip
tools, frontends, etcallbmp20-windows-binaries-800x600.zip
tools, frontends, etcallbmp20-windows-binaries-standard.zip
tools, frontends, etccmdcnseditor.zip
tools, frontends, etcCmdEditor.zip
tools, frontends, etccnsdmg.zip
tools, frontends, etcColoredMugen.zip
tools, frontends, etccomdlg32.zip
tools, frontends, etccustom.zip
tools, frontends, etccustom01129.zip
tools, frontends, etccustom10401.zip
tools, frontends, etcdouble_clsn.7z.zip
tools, frontends, etcdpadpr50.zip
tools, frontends, etceasychar04.zip
tools, frontends, etcEasyStage04.zip
tools, frontends, etcEternagaStageTemplate.zip
tools, frontends, etcfnt2pcx.zip
tools, frontends, etcFntEditor.zip
tools, frontends, etcImageSplitter.zip
tools, frontends, etcjtk34.zip
tools, frontends, etcjtk374en.zip
tools, frontends, etcjtk379.zip
tools, frontends, etcmac.zip
tools, frontends, etcmakeact.zip
tools, frontends, etcmcm.zip
tools, frontends, etcmcm_fr.zip
tools, frontends, etcmcm20b-dev356.zip
tools, frontends, etcmee_patch_for_XP.zip
tools, frontends, etcmee039e.zip
tools, frontends, etcmee04e.zip
tools, frontends, etcmim3b.zip
tools, frontends, etcmingwm10.zip
tools, frontends, etcMOSW1007.zip
tools, frontends, etcmsm_100.zip
tools, frontends, etcmsvbvm60.zip
tools, frontends, etcmtools.zip
tools, frontends, etcmtools098.zip
tools, frontends, etcmtools098a.zip
tools, frontends, etcMugCFGv10.zip
tools, frontends, etcMUGENATIONWORK.zip
tools, frontends, etcmugencfg.zip
tools, frontends, etcMuGenerator3fix.zip
tools, frontends, etcmugexev031.zip
tools, frontends, etcMugSel08.zip
tools, frontends, etcmvc.zip
tools, frontends, etcMwc.zip
tools, frontends, etcMWCita.zip
tools, frontends, etcmwcspanishversion.zip
tools, frontends, etcMwcStart.zip
tools, frontends, etcpaletero107.zip
tools, frontends, etcpaleteroPortugues.zip
tools, frontends, etcpcxcln15.zip
tools, frontends, etcpcxclneg.zip
tools, frontends, etcPPJoySetup.zip
tools, frontends, etcPrjPalEdit.zip
tools, frontends, etcPSicture-101.zip
tools, frontends, etcPSound133.zip
tools, frontends, etcQtCore4.zip
tools, frontends, etcQtGui4.zip
tools, frontends, etcQtGui4-p1.zip
tools, frontends, etcQtGui4-p2.zip
tools, frontends, etcRancidEXv1.31.zip
tools, frontends, etcRancidv1.0.zip
tools, frontends, etcRandomAD.zip
tools, frontends, etcSelectMake090.zip
tools, frontends, etcsffextract-0.93.zip
tools, frontends, etcsffextract-0.93-i386.zip
tools, frontends, etcsffextract-0.93-src.zip
tools, frontends, etcsndextract-0.1.zip
tools, frontends, etcsndextract-0.1-i386.zip
tools, frontends, etcsndextract-0.1-src.zip
tools, frontends, etcsndgv141_full.zip
tools, frontends, etcStageEditor.zip
tools, frontends, etcStageViewer.zip
tools, frontends, etcStageViewerAT.zip
tools, frontends, etcstageviewerDXE.zip
tools, frontends, etcstartmugen.zip
tools, frontends, etcstartmugen20.zip
tools, frontends, etcstartmugen21.zip
tools, frontends, etcstartmugen22.zip
tools, frontends, etcstartwinmugen10.zip
tools, frontends, etcstartwinmugen20.zip
tools, frontends, etcstartwinmugen21.zip
tools, frontends, etcStoryboardViewer.zip
tools, frontends, etcSvC -- Character Template by Rolento.zip
tools, frontends, etcwinmugen screenpack selector v2.zip
tools, frontends, etczcc089sc.zip
tools, frontends, etczcc30sc.zip
tools, frontends, etczcharcad71.zip
tutorials, etcAI Activation
tutorials, etcMUGEN Dev Forum posts
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIAL
tutorials, etcNecromancer's Code Archive
tutorials, etcSprite Ripping Tutorial
tutorials, etcssfer thread
tutorials, etcThe Pixel Tutorial
tutorials, etcThe AIR format and standard
tutorials, etcSamus's Background Tutorial.chm
tutorials, etcSamus's Background Tutorial.doc
tutorials, etcInstalling screenpacks adding lifebar sounds for MUGEN.flv
tutorials, etcMugen Tutorial - How to loop your music.flv
tutorials, etcMugen Tutorial how to make chibi(small) chars bigger.flv
tutorials, etcM.U.G.E.N. required sprites.gif
tutorials, etcA Brief Introduction To Backgrounds.htm
tutorials, etcArtmoney Ripping Tutorial.htm
tutorials, etcAutomate process to convert all sprites to pcx using Photoshop.htm
tutorials, etcCabbit007's Lifebar Tutorial.htm
tutorials, etcCharacter Creation Walkthrough.htm
tutorials, etcCode Snippet Archive.htm
tutorials, etcCPS Parallax Tutorial.htm
tutorials, etcFAQ.htm
tutorials, etcFrankenspriting.htm
tutorials, etcHelpful Mugen Tips, Tools, and Tutorials.htm
tutorials, etcHow do I use order number-.htm
tutorials, etcIf you win a perfect match....htm
tutorials, etcJ2K tutorial VR 1.0.htm
tutorials, etcJoJo's Bizarre Adventure @ Chankast.htm
tutorials, etcJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 @ Chankast.htm
tutorials, etcJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 @ Chankast.htm
tutorials, etcKI, MK and SF -- The movie sprite ripping tricks.htm
tutorials, etcKOF Debug CLSN by Kitsune Sniper & Deuce.htm
tutorials, etcM.U.G.E.N Tutorial - Emulating side-scroller characters- Part 1.3.htm
tutorials, etcM.U.G.E.N. (from Wikipedia)htm.htm
tutorials, etcMaking character SFFs universally compatible.htm
tutorials, etcMidis on your Mugen.htm
tutorials, etcModule Music in WINMUGEN.htm
tutorials, etcMugen's Filetypes.htm
tutorials, etcNEO GEO Sprite ripping tutorial.htm
tutorials, etcOolongV's MUGEN Bookmarks.htm
tutorials, etcOptimizing .sff files.htm
tutorials, etcPlaying the correct characters music when Cpu challenges you .htm
tutorials, etcRipping sprites from the Inuyasha PSOne Game.htm
tutorials, etcSolution for the usb Analog controllers without the switch.htm
tutorials, etcSprite Bases.htm
tutorials, etcSprite Packs-sound packs ~ the websites.htm
tutorials, etcSykotik Character Creation Tutorial.htm
tutorials, etcTools, Resources and Linkage.htm
tutorials, etcTutorials about the m.u.g.e.n engine (1 of 2).htm
tutorials, etcTutorials about the m.u.g.e.n engine (2 of 2).htm
tutorials, etcVGmusic playback.htm
tutorials, etcWin Mugen and it's Clsn Errors.htm
tutorials, etcBackground - Stage Documentation.html
tutorials, etcblablim.html
tutorials, etcchinabnd.html
tutorials, etcExpressions.html
tutorials, etcFont Creation Tutorial.html
tutorials, etcHow Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 1 - Getting started -- sprites.html
tutorials, etcHow Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 2 - Collision boxes.html
tutorials, etcHow Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 3 - A simple attack move (Part I).html
tutorials, etcHow Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 4 - A simple attack move (Part II).html
tutorials, etcHow to fix M.C.M.-compiled stage SFFs.html
tutorials, etcjim.html
tutorials, etclinks.html
tutorials, etcOverview.html
tutorials, etcPSP Palette Tutorial by SLotman.html
tutorials, etcStage parallax tutorial by VIB.html
tutorials, etcStoryboard documentation.html
tutorials, etcThe CNS format.html
tutorials, etcWhat is M.U.G.E.N..html
tutorials, etcSprite Art Method Tutorial.pdf
tutorials, etcGame Sprites Game Sprites Wiki.URL
tutorials, etcAI ActivationAI Activation
tutorials, etcAI ActivationAI components.rar
tutorials, etcAI Activationkfm optimal AI activation code.rar
tutorials, etcMUGEN Dev Forum posts
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIALAlphabetical Trigger Index by ElecByte (details).htm
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIALAlphabetical Trigger Index by ElecByte.htm
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIALCreating Fireballs.htm
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIALCreating Helpers.htm
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIALCreating Sodom from scratch.htm
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIALMaking 2 in 1s (or Cancelling a normal move with a special move).htm
tutorials, etcMUGEN TUTORIALMaking Chains (or comboing normal move into another normal move).htm
tutorials, etcNecromancer's Code Archive
tutorials, etcSprite Ripping Tutorial
tutorials, etcssfer threadSffer - SFF extraction and optimizing.htm
tutorials, etcThe Pixel Tutorial

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