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Total Size: 3.84 GB

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Torrent added: 2009-09-09 16:41:23

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1.The Death of the Dinosaurs & 27 Years Later.Rich Muller Berkeley Physicist.2006.60m (Size: 3.84 GB) (Files: 1097)

 1.The Death of the Dinosaurs & 27 Years Later.Rich Muller Berkeley Physicist.2006.60m

  New Text Document.txt

0.47 KB

  The Death of the Dinosaurs 27 Years Later.flv

128.02 MB

 10. Creation In The 21st Century.From Where did these Layers Come From.Global Flood.2007.30m

  Creation In The 21st Century -- From Where did these Layers Come (From) 1 of 3 (Global Flood)2.flv

22.75 MB

  Creation In The 21st Century -- From Where did these Layers Come (From) 2 of 3 (Global Flood).flv

23.46 MB

  Creation In The 21st Century -- From Where did these Layers Come (From) 3 of 3 (Global Flood).flv

19.69 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.52 KB



73.34 KB


106.40 KB


110.95 KB


115.77 KB


63.12 KB


35.20 KB


81.86 KB


70.93 KB


39.50 KB


302.71 KB


233.11 KB


124.73 KB


50.38 KB


59.66 KB

  047 Neuquen 1-06.jpg

51.24 KB


25.06 KB


70.33 KB

  073Canon 170.jpg

77.96 KB


113.40 KB

  092307 06 - Sunset Crater Volcano lava.JPG

160.05 KB


66.35 KB


96.88 KB


68.81 KB


89.87 KB


127.17 KB


46.66 KB


147.84 KB


33.91 KB


47.51 KB


59.74 KB


102.71 KB


34.43 KB


87.59 KB


23.04 KB


109.24 KB


67.10 KB


70.48 KB


65.81 KB


206.86 KB


231.80 KB


38.78 KB


19.91 KB


20.26 KB

  11Dinosaur-Green River13.JPG

96.51 KB

  11Dinosaur-Green River5.JPG

68.68 KB


189.14 KB


38.22 KB


28.20 KB


75.05 KB


66.04 KB


209.62 KB


149.09 KB


83.83 KB


56.07 KB


157.41 KB


31.02 KB


54.03 KB


57.71 KB


36.10 KB


43.66 KB


43.90 KB


51.40 KB


94.22 KB


53.97 KB


12.46 KB


141.80 KB


235.32 KB


230.12 KB


28.39 KB


55.42 KB


67.86 KB


21.93 KB


67.93 KB

  2.Big Splashes.JPG

38.34 KB


548.75 KB


8.47 KB


69.04 KB


130.18 KB


56.84 KB


39.28 KB


18.32 KB


66.98 KB


28.00 KB


122.52 KB


90.38 KB


126.21 KB


39.69 KB


16.54 KB

  20071108 Dino Girl.jpg

23.17 KB

  2008.07vacation 153.jpg

116.58 KB


27.38 KB


124.02 KB


125.78 KB


122.96 KB


174.93 KB


147.35 KB


75.01 KB


60.35 KB

  29 az crater.jpg

64.38 KB


41.58 KB


144.16 KB


153.38 KB


44.81 KB


10.52 KB


6.74 KB


133.45 KB


140.16 KB

  368 Shanghai Leaving at speed and in style - The Maglev.JPG

46.32 KB


51.82 KB


24.84 KB


65.72 KB


88.47 KB


79.97 KB


79.38 KB


111.84 KB


97.29 KB


90.36 KB


99.12 KB


126.32 KB


99.28 KB


111.34 KB


90.16 KB


85.43 KB


72.29 KB


113.14 KB


199.61 KB


79.92 KB


102.77 KB


302.79 KB


140.84 KB


117.50 KB


112.41 KB


136.74 KB


92.35 KB


89.41 KB


91.80 KB


120.97 KB


132.18 KB

  5001 bunker gids control room.jpg

70.85 KB


107.52 KB


177.89 KB

  582-ICBM Carrier.JPG

87.58 KB

  60 inch open.JPG

54.92 KB


38.58 KB


32.73 KB


113.22 KB


46.40 KB


37.33 KB


66.70 KB


177.63 KB


117.32 KB


33.86 KB


35.48 KB


34.55 KB


75.60 KB


54.19 KB


125.05 KB


92.29 KB


137.96 KB


66.30 KB


204.03 KB


71.05 KB


156.78 KB


76.87 KB


16.15 KB


18.57 KB


17.42 KB


149.47 KB


1.42 MB


886.74 KB


56.13 KB


7.79 KB


62.11 KB


83.50 KB


235.76 KB


79.45 KB

  Alaska Move 2007 122.jpg

14.73 KB


57.74 KB

  americas compressions.jpg

102.46 KB

  An aerial view of the bomb damage and impact craters left after a US B52 bombing strike north of Dai Teng, 1968.jpg

48.66 KB


70.47 KB


254.87 KB

  Anand - Collection 1.flv

737.72 KB

  Anand - Collection 2.flv

79.24 KB


48.36 KB


86.02 KB


82.65 KB


61.19 KB


44.48 KB


52.32 KB


16.73 KB


102.46 KB


76.88 KB


54.00 KB


83.29 KB


96.10 KB


9.21 KB


37.90 KB


10.00 KB


43.71 KB


18.09 KB


39.97 KB


14.01 KB


158.54 KB


83.87 KB


20.96 KB


14.67 KB


70.22 KB


64.72 KB


47.75 KB


40.32 KB


56.51 KB


50.91 KB


35.29 KB


55.40 KB


19.83 KB


102.73 KB


109.17 KB


124.57 KB


130.45 KB


131.43 KB


74.85 KB


74.03 KB


107.42 KB


76.30 KB


61.67 KB

  BlueMonster b.jpg

206.41 KB


39.21 KB


30.56 KB


42.65 KB


47.73 KB

  Bunker 1.GIF

37.68 KB

  Bunker 2.GIF

38.06 KB


66.16 KB


43.43 KB


41.41 KB


46.67 KB


34.28 KB


66.33 KB

  cal academy of sciences 009.jpg

16.35 KB


35.96 KB

  Cape Canaveral Snark.JPG

65.11 KB

30.28 KB

30.15 KB


20.09 KB


19.35 KB


34.55 KB


33.85 KB


38.39 KB


48.65 KB


39.37 KB

  china compression zone.jpg

118.82 KB


25.05 KB


108.07 KB


84.98 KB


126.34 KB


95.14 KB


66.64 KB


14.17 KB


66.68 KB


131.74 KB

  Comet McNaught-Willowmore (4).jpg

33.63 KB


348.09 KB


80.18 KB


34.06 KB

  Copy of Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_602.jpg

99.52 KB


189.28 KB

  Corwin Ave Flood.jpg

80.24 KB


27.37 KB


73.76 KB


45.39 KB

  Crater from the air(small).jpg

39.04 KB


79.11 KB


151.90 KB


27.17 KB


17.31 KB


25.12 KB


187.64 KB


69.22 KB


96.36 KB

  dad_visit 064.jpg

99.25 KB


19.49 KB


66.07 KB

  Dayton, Northrop SM-62 Snark.JPG

44.44 KB


29.96 KB


331.57 KB


15.52 KB


99.87 KB

  Denmark 2007-5 089.jpg

72.36 KB


38.09 KB

  dino 022.jpg

63.28 KB

  Dino Land 11.30.2008 042.jpg

63.79 KB

  Dino Tracks 6.JPG

126.14 KB


62.03 KB


27.34 KB


528.11 KB


1.29 MB


127.79 KB


53.51 KB

  dinosaur painting.jpg

233.21 KB

  Dinosaur World.jpg

71.13 KB


148.36 KB


24.97 KB


11.82 KB


31.74 KB


149.57 KB


204.14 KB


195.83 KB


121.91 KB


60.67 KB


37.51 KB


32.80 KB


58.39 KB


158.52 KB


55.13 KB


147.86 KB


39.75 KB


104.64 KB


40.89 KB


199.69 KB


80.60 KB


32.75 KB


778.07 KB


16.08 KB


38.23 KB


23.12 KB


26.74 KB

  disney 08 217 (5).JPG

74.67 KB

  Disney World 2008 102.jpg

56.15 KB

  disneyworld 187.JPG

44.87 KB

  Dortmund Bunker.jpg

28.13 KB


96.88 KB


43.37 KB


49.60 KB


65.69 KB


103.69 KB


43.07 KB


70.07 KB


76.68 KB


127.88 KB


60.99 KB


69.98 KB


27.13 KB


98.74 KB


54.64 KB


153.83 KB


62.44 KB


92.09 KB


52.50 KB


79.84 KB


91.15 KB


75.60 KB


39.72 KB


80.19 KB


28.27 KB


67.02 KB


65.82 KB


66.69 KB


54.07 KB


78.97 KB


25.71 KB


63.51 KB


44.24 KB


28.23 KB


180.08 KB


34.36 KB


51.13 KB


35.76 KB


92.79 KB


6.02 KB


65.41 KB


79.28 KB


55.26 KB


85.10 KB


45.78 KB


45.83 KB


58.28 KB


67.95 KB


37.46 KB


40.28 KB


33.76 KB


83.16 KB


27.55 KB


50.79 KB


45.30 KB


112.04 KB


42.53 KB


52.45 KB


81.51 KB


112.23 KB


32.79 KB


48.61 KB


93.26 KB


126.45 KB


71.63 KB


80.47 KB


84.43 KB


85.52 KB


42.61 KB


46.04 KB


67.04 KB


85.85 KB


109.64 KB


53.91 KB


152.68 KB


78.29 KB


31.67 KB


42.43 KB


83.38 KB


38.58 KB


50.42 KB


26.45 KB


48.44 KB


18.91 KB


35.02 KB


140.01 KB


101.09 KB


92.41 KB


120.20 KB


130.81 KB


100.39 KB


88.90 KB


79.09 KB


95.49 KB


57.32 KB


54.67 KB


118.39 KB


63.06 KB


99.31 KB


197.45 KB

  europe tension zone.jpg

115.57 KB


17.68 KB


24.02 KB


1.08 MB


47.23 KB


196.43 KB


174.58 KB


76.29 KB


56.62 KB


40.66 KB


54.06 KB


99.39 KB

  Feb09 016.jpg

25.15 KB


555.60 KB


67.83 KB


83.41 KB


21.38 KB


100.95 KB


64.11 KB


57.42 KB


121.34 KB

  fossils 136 copy.JPG

232.94 KB


36.66 KB


76.10 KB


89.97 KB


164.91 KB


43.98 KB

  gmk_metis-m_1024 002.jpg

206.98 KB


94.26 KB

  Greymare control bunker.jpg

26.35 KB


27.21 KB


45.40 KB


78.49 KB


73.85 KB


49.72 KB


82.95 KB


82.30 KB


70.53 KB


63.32 KB


39.42 KB


31.41 KB


74.68 KB


45.42 KB


95.30 KB


12.58 KB

  hurricane (1).jpg

76.46 KB


82.32 KB


37.83 KB

  ice age south pole winds.jpg

107.87 KB


94.53 KB

  ice-age-north-pole winds.jpg

80.99 KB


1.77 MB


1.79 MB


2.10 MB


210.20 KB


1.79 MB


141.06 KB


90.13 KB


24.14 KB


143.65 KB


54.95 KB


8.80 KB


9.78 KB


106.64 KB


27.97 KB


150.00 KB


52.01 KB


58.09 KB


137.55 KB


131.42 KB


15.26 KB


34.99 KB


131.90 KB


35.67 KB


49.51 KB


74.90 KB


60.42 KB


40.87 KB


107.79 KB


16.39 KB


13.38 KB


121.06 KB


94.96 KB


41.11 KB


68.20 KB


85.52 KB


63.42 KB


92.88 KB


64.93 KB


63.52 KB


70.21 KB


50.68 KB


251.62 KB


49.30 KB


54.43 KB


62.31 KB


51.87 KB


40.85 KB


47.48 KB


74.22 KB


58.27 KB


131.57 KB


175.79 KB


54.15 KB


55.12 KB


91.89 KB


85.50 KB


80.82 KB


84.47 KB


30.21 KB


65.84 KB


50.27 KB


42.83 KB


52.77 KB


29.61 KB


76.49 KB


69.50 KB


39.80 KB


41.28 KB


34.45 KB


93.84 KB


14.56 KB


5.69 KB


54.81 KB


86.21 KB


50.98 KB


49.00 KB


51.71 KB


54.07 KB


58.89 KB


9.21 KB


44.62 KB


64.31 KB


31.69 KB


92.16 KB


85.99 KB


25.27 KB


56.19 KB


16.23 KB


53.03 KB


37.46 KB


131.21 KB


99.07 KB


58.70 KB


46.67 KB


33.77 KB


120.31 KB


78.30 KB


44.31 KB


26.61 KB


81.90 KB


86.66 KB


83.03 KB


50.79 KB


57.84 KB


70.21 KB


74.99 KB


317.80 KB


127.85 KB


106.21 KB


123.85 KB


53.95 KB


67.32 KB


22.78 KB


23.21 KB


46.52 KB


90.54 KB


115.62 KB


158.07 KB


43.66 KB


54.59 KB


44.78 KB


127.46 KB


146.77 KB


135.50 KB


129.78 KB


141.93 KB


105.76 KB


43.35 KB


67.33 KB


84.34 KB


114.94 KB


110.53 KB


128.80 KB


23.28 KB


41.54 KB


36.25 KB

  in the Pyrenees 080.JPG

32.65 KB


43.90 KB


41.23 KB


23.80 KB


32.76 KB


22.16 KB


86.70 KB


41.34 KB


73.23 KB


61.85 KB


18.61 KB


54.39 KB


148.75 KB


204.62 KB

  Jan 22 2009 178.jpg

47.44 KB


112.06 KB


53.41 KB


39.74 KB


29.37 KB

  jjkk dino.JPG

67.30 KB

  JLM-Navy-helicopters_SH-60B Sea Hawk_02.jpg

31.18 KB


42.53 KB


94.03 KB

  June 18-19 flood pictures 033.JPG

82.51 KB

  jytfkhg 021.jpg

94.52 KB


120.61 KB

  Kabbalah Quilt lo res.jpg

38.72 KB


69.65 KB


81.70 KB


61.22 KB


56.90 KB


57.22 KB


49.44 KB


79.10 KB


81.38 KB


97.02 KB


59.26 KB


101.52 KB


84.63 KB


69.34 KB


88.38 KB


37.69 KB


255.43 KB


31.96 KB


18.38 KB

  LBT Enclosure.jpg

53.45 KB


45.04 KB


17.52 KB


76.69 KB

  Maaike's fototjes 010.JPG

69.71 KB


60.58 KB


140.43 KB

  Mars' Moon Deimos.jpg

22.02 KB


64.21 KB


29.43 KB


236.93 KB


58.82 KB


32.14 KB


4.49 KB


44.90 KB

  McDonald Observatory 004.jpg

76.17 KB

  McDonald Observatory 007.jpg

75.01 KB


13.32 KB

  Merrick County Flood June 2008 CVFRD 011.JPG

37.50 KB

  Meteor Crater 019.jpg

68.77 KB

  Meteor Crater.jpg

96.25 KB

  Meteor, Finland.jpg

64.89 KB

  Meteor-Crater-looking-South with inset.jpg

135.03 KB


38.55 KB


20.15 KB


137.27 KB


54.48 KB

  Mmm Dinosaur Poo.jpg

69.73 KB

  mo's 256.JPG

133.45 KB

  MOA 5.jpg

54.46 KB


7.76 KB


69.28 KB


50.73 KB


46.48 KB


119.59 KB


79.63 KB


400.76 KB


58.82 KB


44.96 KB


71.44 KB


143.85 KB


159.71 KB


19.33 KB


6.98 KB


10.19 KB


146.05 KB


467.17 KB


32.06 KB


127.48 KB


41.69 KB


324.20 KB


60.56 KB


41.80 KB


26.43 KB


89.88 KB


62.61 KB


139.85 KB


360.91 KB

  Original notes in the visitors book at Veevers Meteorite Crater by Eugene Shoemaker, who confirmed Veevers as a meterorite impact crater.JPG

93.77 KB


136.77 KB


15.28 KB


176.56 KB


64.81 KB


124.84 KB


35.68 KB


44.47 KB


119.02 KB


87.08 KB


91.28 KB


40.10 KB


93.44 KB


60.59 KB


18.24 KB


51.02 KB


88.30 KB


86.48 KB


60.17 KB


62.06 KB


67.97 KB


59.01 KB


42.28 KB


63.90 KB


69.98 KB


63.76 KB


69.41 KB


83.99 KB


72.07 KB


56.25 KB


77.52 KB


62.17 KB


42.59 KB


32.77 KB


90.47 KB


52.27 KB


123.01 KB


91.68 KB


54.72 KB


29.90 KB


71.28 KB


35.90 KB


84.09 KB


1.29 MB


84.86 KB


121.86 KB


25.03 KB


37.15 KB

  Parkes 12.jpg

60.74 KB

  Parkes Radio Telescope 112.jpg

116.09 KB

  Past E3.jpg

90.65 KB


448.17 KB


93.56 KB


70.94 KB


84.54 KB


76.38 KB


45.33 KB


125.50 KB


23.01 KB


85.75 KB


43.10 KB


51.74 KB


56.52 KB


67.36 KB


133.78 KB


24.09 KB


17.11 KB


13.11 KB


16.03 KB


93.46 KB

  Picture 010.jpg

83.82 KB

  Picture 073.jpg

52.81 KB

  Picture 090.jpg

17.76 KB


62.89 KB


70.98 KB


46.43 KB


44.03 KB


26.05 KB


38.02 KB


14.17 KB


133.24 KB


161.15 KB

  plasma rings.jpg

33.38 KB


67.77 KB


31.94 KB


29.15 KB


12.56 KB


35.57 KB


27.99 KB


13.45 KB


89.50 KB


51.70 KB


65.36 KB


51.90 KB


295.30 KB


61.14 KB


36.30 KB


130.95 KB


30.46 KB


406.70 KB


55.61 KB

  Random Phone 038.jpg

53.32 KB

  Random Phone 041.jpg

66.22 KB

  Random Phone 042.jpg

80.61 KB

  Random Phone 044.jpg

65.28 KB

  Random Phone 047.jpg

61.18 KB

  Random Phone 049.jpg

70.10 KB

  Random Phone 050.jpg

81.98 KB

  Random Phone 051.jpg

56.86 KB

  Random Phone 052.jpg

48.65 KB

  Random Phone 054.jpg

56.28 KB

  Random Phone 056.jpg

53.40 KB


178.99 KB


40.76 KB


39.53 KB


63.44 KB


154.21 KB


67.05 KB


133.88 KB


68.41 KB


114.94 KB

  robben island rugby 023.jpg

133.32 KB

  Rock 1, side 2.jpg

78.28 KB

  Rock 3, side 4, closeup.jpg

73.36 KB


105.08 KB

  Russian Soldiers on Tank.jpg

19.94 KB


31.43 KB


139.60 KB


46.66 KB


42.22 KB


77.38 KB


118.97 KB


242.08 KB


135.67 KB


297.66 KB


56.01 KB

  Sefirot low res.jpg

32.48 KB

  Seniors Walk Garden Island 015.jpg

62.06 KB

  sept 058.jpg

66.01 KB


162.92 KB


60.92 KB

  shanghai 038.JPG

51.37 KB

  Shanghai 244.jpg

44.26 KB


106.07 KB


33.91 KB


234.84 KB


359.71 KB


24.58 KB


34.72 KB


65.88 KB


69.90 KB


24.17 KB


43.59 KB


81.54 KB


202.72 KB

  Solar Flare B.jpg

21.36 KB


52.00 KB


190.71 KB


28.91 KB


37.47 KB


58.69 KB


146.11 KB


29.93 KB


26.00 KB


147.24 KB


121.93 KB


63.36 KB


21.90 KB


150.06 KB


2.90 MB


2.66 MB


801.16 KB


1.44 MB


2.47 MB


1.13 MB


652.31 KB


49.99 KB


50.27 KB


105.47 KB


29.50 KB


147.39 KB


28.01 KB


194.96 KB


90.71 KB


43.63 KB


54.85 KB


38.77 KB


65.88 KB


67.34 KB


49.46 KB


61.67 KB


47.79 KB


129.74 KB

  Sydney 283.jpg

111.33 KB


64.00 KB


85.51 KB


51.24 KB


140.50 KB


31.21 KB


23.62 KB

  The Extinction of the Dinosaurs.jpg

28.06 KB


73.00 KB


51.57 KB


79.98 KB


46.40 KB


25.15 KB


49.37 KB


146.54 KB


90.32 KB

  tornado 1.jpg

47.21 KB

  tornado 2.jpg

43.45 KB

  tornado 3.jpg

44.33 KB

  tornado 4.jpg

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  tornado 5.jpg

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  tornado 6.jpg

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  tornado 7.jpg

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  tout quarry006.jpg

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  tree getting zapped.jpg

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  Trip 099.jpg

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122.54 KB


10.69 KB

  Vegas 180.jpg

93.35 KB

  Venus with it's moon and thre Moon low Midtone.JPG

11.13 KB


31.10 KB


118.14 KB


75.01 KB


58.77 KB


26.10 KB


70.09 KB


53.98 KB


31.98 KB


147.16 KB


170.08 KB


167.22 KB


59.76 KB


47.61 KB


21.18 KB


36.72 KB

  WA and NT_1804.JPG

103.43 KB


34.05 KB


45.66 KB


25.56 KB


40.07 KB


528.13 KB

  Winton Longreach Carnarvon 030.jpg

68.22 KB


49.04 KB

  World Map 94MYA.gif

149.89 KB


203.76 KB


456.59 KB


313.94 KB

  … And Away.jpg

20.93 KB

 11. Lloyd Pye.Hominoids.2006.1h30m


136.71 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.68 KB

 12. THE DINOSAURS!.PBS.1992.3h

  New Text Document.txt

2.28 KB


137.06 MB


137.83 MB


137.33 MB

 13. Coast to Coast AM.Graham Hancock.2012 & Cycles.2007.2h

  Graham Hancock Pt.1.flv

14.05 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.10.flv

5.07 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.11.flv

5.03 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.12.flv

3.05 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.2.flv

14.08 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.3.flv

5.05 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.4.flv

5.03 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.5.flv

5.10 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.6.flv

5.08 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.7.flv

5.07 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.8.flv

5.05 MB

  Graham Hancock Pt.9.flv

5.07 MB

  New Text Document.txt

2.40 KB

 14. UCSD.Infrared.Revealing a Hidden Universe From Dust to Planets.2008.30m

  Revealing a Hidden Universe From Dust to Planets.flv

65.41 MB

  Revealing a Hidden Universe From Dust to Planets.2008.txt

0.14 KB

 15. The (BOOKS) of Revelation.Elaine Pagels.2008.60m

  New Text Document.txt

0.38 KB

  The Book of Revelation.flv

126.38 MB

 16. RussiaToday.CERN LHC.2008.30m (English)

  Keys to the Universe or man-made Apocalypse.flv

57.04 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.44 KB

 17. Lloyd Pye.The Annunaki & Genetic Engineering.Red Ice Radio.July 3.2008.60m

  New Text Document.txt

0.91 KB


18.19 MB

 2. Exposing Deceptions.104.Where Mammals Reigned.Walter J. Veith.Feb 26, 2008.1h35m

  104 - Where Mammals Reigned.flv

205.82 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.40 KB

 3. UCTV.Volcanoes and Hot Spots.UC Santa Cruz Professor Justin Revenaugh.2008.60m

  Volcanoes and Hot Spots.2008.txt

0.35 KB

  Volcanoes and Hot Spots.flv

134.00 MB

 4. Cosmology in Crisis.The emerging Plasma Universe paradigm.2008.21m

  Cosmology in Crisis Part 1.flv

21.91 MB

  Cosmology in Crisis Part 2.flv

23.09 MB

  Cosmology in Crisis.txt

1.06 KB

 400 flood-myths.pdf

  400 flood-myths.pdf

295.30 KB


64.48 KB


137.91 KB


66.51 KB

  Parallels Between Flood Myths.docx

12.84 KB

  The Epic of.docx

543.47 KB

  The great Flood the Eridu Genesis.docx

38.50 KB

  The great Flood. the Epic of Atrahasis.docx

541.59 KB

  The great Flood.the Epic of Atrahasis.bmp

920.41 KB

  The great Flood.the Eridu Genesis.bmp

924.22 KB

 5. Cutting Edge Show #29.Prof. James McCanney.Comets + Our Electric Universe.May 28.2004.60m

  Cutting Edge Show #29 - Prof. James McCanney - Comets + Our Electric Universe.flv

135.46 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.22 KB

 6. Universe.The Cosmology Quest.Randall Meyers.2008.2h


10.72 KB

  New Text Document.txt

1.34 KB

  Universe The Cosmology Quest Part 1.flv

109.01 MB

  Universe The Cosmology Quest Part 2.flv

118.41 MB

 7. An Evening With Lloyd Pye.2007.2h8m

  An Evening With Lloyd Pye.flv

257.22 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.13 KB

 8. The Dinosaur Puzzle.Donald Chittick.Seattle Creation Conference.2004.48m

  New Text Document.txt

0.23 KB

  The Dinosaur Puzzle.flv

118.11 MB

 9. Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man' by Susan Savage-Rumbaugh.2008.45m

  'Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man' by Susan Savage-Rumbaugh, TED -

50.79 MB

  Bonobo closest species to human walk upright wear clothes.flv

4.72 MB

  Bonobos Cooking.flv

6.40 MB

  Bonobos Language Recognition, Play.flv

6.80 MB

  Kanzi and Novel Sentences.flv

3.60 MB

  Kanzi Understands Spoken Language.flv

5.23 MB

  Panbanisha and fire alarm.flv

1.30 MB

  Sue Savage-Rumbaugh discusses Great Ape Trust's potential.flv

9.73 MB

 Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics Comets and the Solar Wind.Alexander Dalgarno.2008.50m

  Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics Comets and the Solar Wind.flv

109.51 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.27 KB

 Chuck Missler.Return Of The Nephilim.2003 UPDATE.2h

  Chuck Missler - Return Of The Nephilim - Session 01 [TijN].avi

174.35 MB

  Chuck Missler - Return Of The Nephilim - Session 02 [TijN].avi

174.20 MB

  Chuck Missler - Return Of The Nephilim.jpg

32.07 KB

 Coast To Coast.ARTBEL.John Hogue.Nostradamus Predictions.2006.4h


96.08 MB

 FIMA Underground base questions.2007.6m

  FIMA Underground base questions.2007.6m.flv

5.47 MB

 Frontiers of Knowledge.A New Kind of Science.Stephen Wolfram.2004.1h26m

  A New Kind of Science - Stephen Wolfram.flv

189.00 MB

  A New Kind of Science - Stephen Wolfram.txt

0.20 KB

 Lloyd Pye tricks Brett Favre into signing the infamous Art Bell Helmet.2006.17m

  Lloyd Pye Brett Favre Helmet.flv

13.79 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.21 KB

 Modern Marvels.Doomsday Tech.2007.50m

  1of5 -- Modern Marvels - Doomsday Tech.flv

21.15 MB

  2of5 -- Modern Marvels - Doomsday Tech.flv

21.17 MB

  3of5 -- Modern Marvels - Doomsday Tech.flv

21.16 MB

  4of5 -- Modern Marvels - Doomsday Tech.flv

21.16 MB

  5of5 -- Modern Marvels - Doomsday Tech.flv

16.43 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.23 KB


  METHOD ONE Monday Mini - Set live from San Francisco.mp3

50.47 MB

  Red Mist Radio LIVE with DJ Haze.mp3

111.22 MB

 NASA. NEO cosmic rays discovered.2008.7m

  NASA. NEO cosmic rays discovered.2008.7m.flv

6.15 MB

 Nephilim Stargates with author Thomas Horn.Prophecy in the News.2006.60m

  Nephilim Stargates with author Thomas Horn Pt. 1).mp4

124.10 MB

  Nephilim Stargates with author Thomas HornPt. 2.mp4

123.83 MB

  New Text Document.txt

1.01 KB

 Sfs RADIO.Nephilim.steve quayle - tom horn.2006.5 Hours

  steve quayle - tom horn Hour 1.mp3

6.65 MB

  steve quayle - tom horn Hour 2.mp3

7.02 MB

  steve quayle - tom horn Hour 3.mp3

6.77 MB

  steve quayle - tom horn Hour 4.mp3

6.78 MB

  steve quayle - tom horn Hour 5.mp3

6.83 MB

 The Days of Noah.Are They Here.JR Church.Prophecy in the News.2006.60m

  The Days of Noah Are They Here.mp4

123.85 MB

 UCTV.The Planets.A Solar System Journey with Dava Sobel.2005.60m

  The Planets--A Solar System Journey with Dava Sobel.txt

0.27 KB

  The Planets--A Solar System Journey with Dava Sobel2.flv

75.41 MB

 00.http.www.conspiracycentral.net_Come join

0.00 KB


21.68 KB

 Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB

 YouRmomSnutZ other torrentz.rar

10.94 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description


Comet impacts can destroy stellar systems
Many scientists believe the dinosaurs were snuffed out by comet collision!!! March. 12, 2009

when the student is ready, the teacher will present ones self.
Come help Us figure this mystery OUT!!!!

Challenge yourself, your peers, your teachers. Participate in a revolution in science and human evolution.


These are for Planet X, Pression & Pole/Magnetic Reversal research ONLY!

Not Religious debate!!

If you have an open mind, you will GO far!!!


---->>> includes:

VIDEO: flv

1.The Death of the Dinosaurs & 27 Years Later.Rich Muller BerkeleY physicist.2006.60m************
Rich Muller, a Berkeley Lab physicist, discusses Nobel laureate Luis Alvarez and colleagues' 1979 discovery that an asteroid impact killed the dinosaurs. He also discusses what scientists have learned in the subsequent 27 years. Alvarez's team detected unusual amounts of iridium in sedimentary layers. They attributed the excess iridium to an impact from a large asteroid. that caused worldwide floods. Series: "Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Summer Lecture Series.


2. Exposing Deceptions.104.Where Mammals Reigned.Walter J. Veith.Feb 26, 2008.1h35m*******
In this lecture, the ice ages are discussed and reasons for mammalian distribution and appearance in the upper portion of the geological column are presented. The evolution of man and the time constraints in terms of recolonization of the post flood Earth are also discussed!!


3. UCTV.Volcanoes and Hot Spots.UC Santa Cruz Professor Justin Revenaugh.2002.60m*******
In this COSMOS Discovery Lecture Series, UC Santa Cruz Professor Justin Revenaugh explores the importance and the hazards of volcanoes, including how they relate to the breakup of the Earth's continents, mass extinctions, and the diversity of life.


4. Cosmology in Crisis.The emerging Plasma Universe paradigm.2008.21m*******
Cosmology in Crisis Part 1

The emerging plasma universe paradigm
Plasma Cosmology Electric Universe Astronomy Astrophysics Big Bang Black Holes Plasma Focus Electricity Electrodynamics Electric Comets.
Wal Thornhill David Talbott Don Scott Anthony Peratt Nikola Tesla Hannes Alfven Kristian Birkeland Phil Plait Bad Astronomy Bad Astronomer

Music by Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place, Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train


Cosmology in Crisis Part 2

The emerging plasma universe paradigm
Plasma Cosmology Electric Universe Astronomy Astrophysics Big Bang Black Holes Plasma Focus Electricity in Space Electrodynamics Electric Comets
Wal Thornhill David Talbott Don Scott Anthony Peratt Nikola Tesla Hannes Alfven Kristian Birkeland Phil Plait Bad Astronomy Bad Astronomer

Music by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Electricity, Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train, Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place, Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure


5. Cutting Edge Show #29.Prof. James McCanney.Comets + Our Electric Universe.May 28.2004.60m
A new light and a new day ... here is a message for all enlightened people of the world who understand and look up to the heavens to wonder at the creator ... no matter what your earthly sect or belief system may be ...

HERE IS A QUESTION TO PONDER ... to the many who have studied Astronomy or even read about it in the newspapers, there seems to be recurring and dominating statements made over and over by professional astronomers and space scientists that might convince you that they in fact know what they are doing ... the amazing machines sent forth to study the universe would make you believe that the interpretation of data that is returned would be as exact and precise and unerring ... the reality is that there is an entire political correctness arena in "science" and it is rapidly breaking down ... most of the public are intuitively aware that something is very wrong with what they are being told, but have too little information with which to really see the details of this very complex topic ... NASA knows this and that is why they let out painfully little information to the public ...

My home page hopes to accomplish two things ... one is to show the flaws in "traditional thought and theory" so the lay person as well as the trained scientist will see the troubles in this "body of knowledge" ... and secondly to replace these "axioms" with a set of concepts that truly make sense once you have reversed and cleansed your mind of its programming and begin to see things in an entirely new light ... the light that we live in an Electric Universe (a term i coined in my original papers in 1979) ... also beware of the many copycat pages by non-scientists on the internet today ... the original and well thought out work of my past decades are contained only on my home page ... now ponder this question ...

how could it be that the vast efforts within standard academic circles are so out of touch with reality??? even with the most sophisticated scientific equipment ever conceived by man (within our miniscule recorded history anyway) searching to the far reaches of the universe ???


6. Universe.The Cosmology Quest.Randall Meyers.2008.2h*******
A Film by Randall Meyers
A Floating World Films production.2008

Universe - The Cosmology Quest is a unique mixture of a human interest and science documentary film. It exhibits a sharp understanding of the struggles in astronomy and cosmology during the past decades. As the first comprehensive film dealing with major new approaches in non-big bang cosmologies, it reveals several deep-rooted theoretical and observational controversies. This is a fact, well hidden from university students and the general public, which is recounted with candour; and potentially leads to the down-fall of the presiding Big Bang theory. More...

The actors are themselves leading figures in the field, Nobel Laureates, as well as recipients of the most important recognitions available in physics and astronomy today. While exploring the theoretical weaknesses of the dominating Big Bang cosmology, and the restrictions they impose on astronomers researching different directions, new doors are nevertheless opened for understanding the wealth of observations and stimulating ideas which have arisen in past decades. History since Hubble and Einstein is re-examined. The role media and professional prestige has played in forming and supporting this paradigm emerges sociologically, in what many consider to be an open debate with exciting potential for new understanding in cosmology.


7. An Evening With Lloyd Pye.2007.2h8m********
Lloyd pye explains his theory of where mankind comes from, then he talks about the starchild skull and patterns in time.

8. The Dinosaur Puzzle.Donald Chittick.Seattle Creation Conference.2004.48m********
48 minute seminar by Donald Chittick, which was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference July 2004 The Dinosaur Puzzle. When did the dinosaurs live What happened to the dinosaurs?? Why don?t we have dinosaurs today? ? or do we ??????


9. Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man' by Susan Savage-Rumbaugh.2008.45m
Susan Savage-Rumbaugh asks whether uniquely human traits, and other animals' behaviors, are hardwired by species. Then she rolls a video that makes you think: maybe not. The bonobo apes she works with understand spoken English up to 300 words. One follows her instructions to take a cigarette lighter from her pocket and use it to start a fire. Bonobos are shown making tools, drawing symbols to communicate, and playing Pac-Man -- all tasks learned just by watching. Maybe it's not always biology that causes a species to act as it does, she suggests. Maybe it's cultural exposure to how things are done.

+ a bunch of clips of more Bonobos!!

(Sorry none of them are humpin videos) Check Youtube for that!!


10. Creation In The 21st Century.From Where did these Layers Come From.Global Flood.2007.30m
Carl Baugh talks with Professor M.E. Clark and Ian Juby about sedimentary layers and how they are spread evenly throughout the earth because of a global flood.
Ian Juby -- Director -- Creation Science Museum of Canada -- Lectured Internationally -- Qualified Researcher -- Performing Experiments at the Flume at the Museum
M.E Clark -- Thought many students -- Tells us about the problems and the basic concept of Sedimentary Layers and extinction events.


11. Lloyd Pye.Hominoids.2006.1h30m*******
Lloyd Pye is an author, researcher, and lecturer in the file of alternative Knowledge. He calls on over 30 years of experience to write and ...all ? Lloyd Pye is an author, researcher, and lecturer in the file of alternative Knowledge. He calls on over 30 years of experience to write and speak about the origins of life, human origins, Hominoids (bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, and others), and the work of Zecharia Sitchin, author of The 12th Planet. This broad base of knowledge makes him one of the world's leading proponents of the Intervention Theory of origins, which stands in sharp contrast to Darwinism, Creationism, and Intelligent Design.


12. THE DINOSAURS!.PBS.1992.3h*******
THE DINOSAURS! 4 part series (shit rips sorry, blame the interweb)
PBS, Turner Home Entertainment

# 1 missing from net???????? anyone help?

After centuries of investigation, the reason dinosaurs vanished remains one of the most perlexing questions in all of science. After all, th...all ? After centuries of investigation, the reason dinosaurs vanished remains one of the most perlexing questions in all of science. After all, they dominated the world for 140 million years. How these strong, adaptable creatures became extinct is a subject that has filled books, magazines, movies, and dreams. Many theories have been developed. Beginning in 1980, Nobel-prize-winning physcist Luis Alvarez suggested that a massive comet or meteor wast to blame. Other scientists pointed to scenarios such as violent volcanic activity, or perhaps a virulent dinosaur disease. Discover the latest theories about what killed the "Terrible Lizards," an event that left the earth ripe for the rise of another amazing species...human beings. Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they keep coming back. In THE DINOSAURS!, discover startling facts and dramatic new theories that have revolutionized our understanding of these earth shakers--the largest, most ferocious animals to ever roam this planet. Featuring Dr. John Ostrum, the paleontologist who inspired Michael Crichton to create Alan Grant, the main character of JURASSIC PARK, THE DINOSAURS! sheds light on the truth about the lifestyles of dinosaurs. Surprising new discoveries show that dinosaurs were intensely active, fleet-footed hunters; devoted child-rearing parents; and warm-blooded. Dynamic on-location footage of prominent scientists as they unearth the latest discoveries and exciting, innovative animation will help you develop an understanding of the beauty of these awesome and unique beasts. NOTE TO SELF: Ripped from a library VHS tape. I think it turned out pretty well for a 12 or 13-year old tape. This has got to be the best dinosaur documentary series before the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs. Imagine what it might been like for the world of dinosaurs and stuff in 1992 as in this series, THE DINOSAURS! If any of these things spark your interest on dinosaurs or whatever, see it at your own risk. Thank you, good luck and enjoy this documentary series on dinosaurs from PBS. -Timothy Robert McKenzie, AKA Tim Box?


13. Coast to Coast AM.Graham Hancock.2012 & Cycles.2007.2h********
Art Bell welcomed researcher and author Graham Hancock, who discussed lost ancient civilizations and the importance of exploring our own consciousness.

Hancock reiterated his premise that technologically advanced societies existed on Earth as far back as 12,000+ years ago -- the end of the last ice age. He said these civilizations were lost when a gigantic comet collided with the planet, causing the ice sheets to melt and raising sea levels by more than 400 feet. As evidence, Hancock pointed out that large stone monuments, some as big as Stone Henge, can be found 120 feet below the surface of the ocean off the coast of Japan.

According to Hancock, the Mayan calendar may provide an ancient warning of yet another cataclysmic event -- this one set to occur within a 40-year window surrounding December 21, 2012. Hancock believes the consequences of this future catastrophe could be less damaging or averted entirely if we can learn to transform our consciousness.

Hancock also strongly advocated a person's right to explore his own consciousness by using substances found in certain 'sacred plants.' He detailed his life-transforming experiences taking an ayahuasca brew made from plants containing a naturally occurring hallucinogenic known as dimethyltryptamine (DMT), as well as talked about Dr. Rick Strassman's work with the substance. Almost everyone who uses DMT encounters the same beings and receives the same kind of messages, Hancock reported. He believes these commonalities show that the drug helps people journey into a real spiritual realm, and proves that our consciousness survives death.

Graham Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures and TV appearances, including the three-hour series Quest For The Lost Civilisation, have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognised as an unconventional thinker who raises legitimate questions about humanity's history and prehistory and offers an increasingly popular challenge to the entrenched views of orthodox scholars.

He graduated from Durham University with First Class Honours in Sociology. He then went on to pursue a career in quality journalism, writing for many of Britain's leading newspapers.


14. UCSD.Infrared.Revealing a Hidden Universe From Dust to Planets.2008.30m****
A look at two programs of the Spitzer Space telescope, designed to understand how planets like Earth form around stars. & the infrared spectrum.


15. The (BOOKS) of Revelation.Elaine Pagels.2008.60m*****
Elaine Pagels examines the Book of Revelation and asks questions about its origin and importance. Who wrote the Book of Revelation, when, and why? What other "books of revelation"--Jewish and Christian--were written at the time but left out of the Bible? What accounts for the enduring appeal of this book during the past 2000 years, and even today? Series: Walter H. Capps Center Series.


16. RussiaToday.CERN LHC.2008.30m (English)
RussiaToday.30m CERN doc
November 04, 2008

Welcome to the future. This month on Technology Update we go inside sciences $US 10 billion dream. The world awaits the dawn of a new age of discovery. We tell you where it came from, where it will take us and how Russia has had its own role in bringing it to life. What will happen when mankind creates his own little BIG bang? Find out this month on Technology Update. Weve got the future covered.


17. Lloyd Pye.The Annunaki & Genetic Engineering.Red Ice Radio.July 3.2008.60m
July 3, 2008

We have Author and Researcher Lloyd Pye back with us on the program to discuss The Annunaki, DNA, Mitochondrial Eve, Intervention Theory, Genetic Engineering of the Human Species, Hominids, Origins of the Human Race and if there is any updates on the Star Child Skull. Topics Discussed: The "Hobbits", Science, Mythology, Annunaki's reasons for coming to Earth, Gold, Mitochondrial DNA, The Genographic Project, the Nephilim, Origins of Civilization, Mythology from around the world supporting the intervention theory, Michael Cremo, OOPart's, World Wide cataclysm, Toba catastrophe theory 70 000 years ago and much more. We continue talking with Lloyd Pye in our Members section, we discuss Human Design, Bad design, Laetoli Track print in Tanzania, the Properties of Annunaki Genes, Savants, Intelligence and "Unlocking" the potential of the Human Brain.


Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics Comets and the Solar Wind.Alexander Dalgarno.2008.50m
Throughout the ages, comets have been both feared and celebrated. In this Hitchcock Lecture presented by UC Berkeley, renowned astronomer and astrophysicist Alexander Dalgarno relates comets and solar winds to molecular astrophysics. Series: UC Berkeley Graduate Council Lectures.


Chuck Missler.Return Of The Nephilim.2003 UPDATE.2h


Coast To Coast.ARTBEL.John Hogue.Nostradamus Predictions.2006.4h


FIMA Underground base questions.2007.6m********


Frontiers of Knowledge.A New Kind of Science.Stephen Wolfram.2004.1h26m*******
Noted scientist Stephen Wolfram shares his perspective of how the unexpected results of simple computer experiments have forced him to consider a whole new way of looking at processes in our universe.


Lloyd Pye tricks Brett Favre into signing the infamous Art Bell Helmet.2006.17m
Author and lecturer Lloyd Pye recounts the hilarious true story of scamming Green Bay Packer quarterback Brett Favre into signing the infamous "Art Bell Helmet."


Modern Marvels.Doomsday Tech.2007.50m
2012,Does the human race have the technology to prevent our own extinction from an asteroid. Can we wipe out our own spices by a super engineered disease. Cyber terrorism, genetic engineering are just some scenarios of a doomsday.


NASA. NEO cosmic rays discovered.2008.7m*******


Nephilim Stargates with author Thomas Horn.Prophecy in the News.2006.60m
The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers
Tom Horn returns to the program to talk about his latest book "Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers" Topics Discussed: Large Holes in the Ground, 1975 Travis Walton, Fire in the Sky, Tom's Sister has an experience with the "Grey's", her husband working at Los Alamos disappeared, his niece was identified by Steven Spielberg for the series "Taken". Government Grants for transgenics, Technologies to raise the Nephilim, cross blending of species, the Spirits of the Nephilim, ultra dimensions and resurrection. The Book of Jasher, The Book of Enoch & the Mixing of Genetics. Abduction Records about Harvesting Human DNA. Syrian Archways, Gateways on earth, Science in Ancient Texts and Mythological Record, "The Cosmic Conspiracy", The Vatican and ET, Malachy Martin, 1997 - 2007 an incoming "sign in the sky", 2012 the Oroboros, Mayan Kulkulkan/Quetzalcoatl and the Serpent Rope/Portal. Novelty Theory, The Bible Code, Earth Colliding with a Meteor and much more.


Sfs RADIO.Nephilim.steve quayle - tom horn.2006.5 Hours


The Days of Noah.Are They Here.JR Church.Prophecy in the News.2006.60m


UCTV.The Planets.A Solar System Journey with Dava Sobel.2005.60m
Dava Sobel, the best-selling author of "Longitude" and "Galileo's Daughter", uses her rare gifts for weaving difficult scientific concepts into gripping stories in this lecture about the planets. Sobel's talk explores our place in the universe.


Red Mist Radio LIVE with DJ Haze.2009_YouRmomSnutZ
METHOD ONE Monday Mini - Set live from San Francisco.2009_YouRmomSnutZ

Some Sick DRUM and Bass for that Ass!!

BOOKS/PAPERS: PDF ppt doc docx djv jpg png tiff

400 flood-myths.pdfs from the whole globe!!!!!!!!!!


+ 1000 NEW PICTURES in a FOLDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Runnin-RED..Forward......WE flex for Planet X
Runnin-RED..Forward......WE flex for Planet X
Mindscape-Planet X (thanks to Attrition)
Drum&Bass (SONG) Come listen:


These are for Planet X, Pression & Pole/Magnetic Flip research ONLY!

Not Religious debate!!

If you have an open mind, you will GO far!!!


Much Thanks to and all the People Who took the tedious time and patience to collect all this INFO/Pics & Research Material!!

Much thanks to the original people who UP'd these!!! You who help me on my journey!!

We WANT to:
Gather and cross-check vast amounts of knowledge in many dozen specialized fields from scientists and researchers around the globe in addition to studying hundreds of historical documents spanning back to the dawn of history. These fields include archeology, geology, astro, geo & quantum physics, ancient languages & civilizations, paleontology, ancient history, genetics and others.

Events shape our lives, even distant and dark ones. From the time I was a wee little one, I have stopped my fear of dark places. I pick up my torch and journey alone through darkened corridors leading down into bottomless caverns of events past. I stumble upon the remnants of an intricate puzzle, which I bring back with me, and in the quiet of my dreams, are assembled before me.

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