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Total Size: 622.09 MB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2013-06-03 02:54:45 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-09-09 16:25:47

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Torrent Files List

1987 (Size: 612.49 MB) (Files: 169)


  01_Whitesnake_Still Of The Night_1987.mp3

6.06 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Bad Boys_1987.mp3

3.77 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Give Me All Your Love_1987.mp3

3.24 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Looking For Love_1987.mp3

6.00 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Crying In The Rain_1987.mp3

5.16 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Is This Love_1987.mp3

4.33 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Straight For The Heart_1987.mp3

3.35 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Don't Turn Away_1987.mp3

4.73 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Children Of The Night_1987.mp3

4.04 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Here I Go Again 87_1987.mp3

4.20 MB

  11_Whitesnake_You're Gonna Break My Heart Again_1987.mp3

3.83 MB


581.45 KB


672.58 KB

 Come an' get it

  01_Whitesnake_Come an' get it_Come an' get it.mp3

3.63 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Hot stuff_Come an' get it.mp3

3.09 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Don't break my heart again_Come an' get it.mp3

3.69 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Lonely days, lonely nights_Come an' get it.mp3

3.88 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Wine, women an' song_Come an' get it.mp3

3.41 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Child of Babylon_Come an' get it.mp3

4.43 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Would I lie to you_Come an' get it.mp3

4.13 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Girl_Come an' get it.mp3

3.58 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Hit an' run_Come an' get it.mp3

3.08 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Till the day I die_Come an' get it.mp3

4.08 MB


585.74 KB


587.86 KB

 Greatest Hits

  01_Whitesnake_Still Of The Night_Greatest Hits.mp3

6.09 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Here I Go Again_Greatest Hits.mp3

3.57 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Is This Love_Greatest Hits.mp3

4.34 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Love Ain't No Stranger_Greatest Hits.mp3

3.94 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Looking For Love_Greatest Hits.mp3

5.98 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Now You're Gone_Greatest Hits.mp3

3.85 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Slide It In_Greatest Hits.mp3

3.05 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Slow An' Easy_Greatest Hits.mp3

5.64 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Judgement Day_Greatest Hits.mp3

4.84 MB

  10_Whitesnake_You're Gonna Break My Heart Again_Greatest Hit.mp3

3.83 MB

  11_Whitesnake_The Deeper The Love_Greatest Hits.mp3

4.01 MB

  12_Whitesnake_Crying In The Rain_Greatest Hits.mp3

5.14 MB

  13_Whitesnake_Fool For Your Loving_Greatest Hits.mp3

3.83 MB

  14_Whitesnake_Sweet Lady Luck_Greatest Hits.mp3

4.20 MB


918.39 KB


797.12 KB

 Live...In The Heart Of The City

  01_Whitesnake_Come On_Live...In The Heart Of The City.mp3

3.34 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Sweet Talker_Live...In The Heart Of The City.mp3

3.91 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues_Live...In T.mp3

4.58 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Love Hunter_Live...In The Heart Of The City.mp3

9.79 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Fool For Your Loving_Live...In The Heart Of Th.mp3

4.56 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Ain't Gonna Cry No More_Live...In The Heart Of.mp3

5.82 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Ready 'An Willing_Live...In The Heart Of The C.mp3

4.38 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Take Me With You_Live...In The Heart Of The Ci.mp3

5.93 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Might Just Take Your life_Live...In The Heart .mp3

5.12 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Lie Down_Live...In The Heart Of The City.mp3

4.29 MB

  11_Whitesnake_Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City_Live....mp3

5.55 MB

  12_Whitesnake_Trouble_Live...In The Heart Of The City.mp3

4.45 MB

  13_Whitesnake_Mistreated_Live...In The Heart Of The City.mp3

9.91 MB


611.27 KB


665.09 KB


  01_Whitesnake_Long Way From Home_Lovehunter.mp3

4.53 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues_Lovehunter.mp3

4.04 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Help Me Thro The Day_Lovehunter.mp3

4.27 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Medicine Man_Lovehunter.mp3

3.66 MB

  05_Whitesnake_You 'n' Me_Lovehunter.mp3

3.21 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Mean Business_Lovehunter.mp3

3.49 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Love Hunter_Lovehunter.mp3

5.18 MB


3.72 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Rock 'n' Roll Women_Lovehunter.mp3

4.36 MB

  10_Whitesnake_We Wish You Well_Lovehunter.mp3

1.45 MB


748.66 KB


955.94 KB

 Ready An' Willing

  01_Whitesnake_Fool For Your Loving_Ready An' Willing.mp3

3.93 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Sweet Talker_Ready An' Willing.mp3

3.34 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Ready An' Willing_Ready An' Willing.mp3

3.42 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Carry Your Load_Ready An' Willing.mp3

3.77 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Blindman_Ready An' Willing.mp3

4.72 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Ain't Gonna Cry No More_Ready An' Willing.mp3

5.38 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Love Man_Ready An' Willing.mp3

4.64 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Black And Blue_Ready An' Willing.mp3

3.76 MB

  09_Whitesnake_She's A Woman_Ready An' Willing.mp3

3.78 MB


544.98 KB


514.33 KB

 Restless Heart

  01_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Don't Fade Away_Restless Hea.mp3

4.61 MB

  02_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_All In The Name Of Love_Rest.mp3

4.31 MB

  03_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Restless Heart_Restless Hear.mp3

4.44 MB

  04_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Too Many Tears_Restless Hear.mp3

5.26 MB

  05_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Crying_Restless Heart.mp3

5.11 MB

  06_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Stay With Me_Restless Heart.mp3

3.81 MB

  07_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Can't Go On_Restless Heart.mp3

4.10 MB

  08_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_You're So Fine_Restless Hear.mp3

4.74 MB

  09_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Your Precious Love_Restless .mp3

4.20 MB

  10_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Take Me Back Again_Restless .mp3

5.54 MB

  11_David Coverdale & Whitesnake_Woman Trouble Blues_Restless.mp3

5.14 MB


926.56 KB


682.11 KB

 Saints & Sinners

  01_Whitesnake_Young Blood_Saints & Sinners.mp3

3.21 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Rough An' Ready_Saints & Sinners.mp3

2.63 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Bloody Luxury_Saints & Sinners.mp3

3.11 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Victim Of Love_Saints & Sinners.mp3

3.26 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Crying In The Rain_Saints & Sinners.mp3

5.49 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Here I Go Again_Saints & Sinners.mp3

4.71 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Love An' Affection_Saints & Sinners.mp3

2.89 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Rock An' Roll Angels_Saints & Sinners.mp3

3.77 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Dancing Girls_Saints & Sinners.mp3

2.91 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Saints An' Sinners_Saints & Sinners.mp3

4.02 MB


497.25 KB


556.47 KB

 Slide it in

  01_Whitesnake_Gambler_Slide it in.mp3

3.62 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Slide it in_Slide it in.mp3

3.07 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Standing in the shadow_Slide it in.mp3

3.25 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Give me more time_Slide it in.mp3

3.38 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Love ain't no stranger_Slide it in.mp3

3.87 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Slow an' easy_Slide it in.mp3

5.65 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Spit it out_Slide it in.mp3

3.85 MB

  08_Whitesnake_All or nothing_Slide it in.mp3

3.27 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Hungry for love_Slide it in.mp3

3.63 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Guilty of love_Slide it in.mp3

3.03 MB


569.06 KB


490.04 KB

 Slip Of The Tongue

  01_Whitesnake_Slip Of The Tongue_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

4.91 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Cheap An' Nasty_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

3.19 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Fool For Your Loving_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

3.84 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Now You're Gone_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

3.85 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Kitten Got Claws_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

4.61 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Wings Of The Storm_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

4.61 MB

  07_Whitesnake_The Deeper The Love_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

4.02 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Judgement Day_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

4.83 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Slow Poke Music_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

3.66 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Sailing Ships_Slip Of The Tongue.mp3

5.54 MB


870.86 KB


954.34 KB

 Starkers In Tokyo

  01_Whitesnake_Sailing Ships_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

4.26 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Too Many Tears_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

3.87 MB

  03_Whitesnake_The Deeper The Love_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

3.81 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Love Ain't No Stranger_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

3.00 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Can't Go On_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

3.52 MB

  06_Whitesnake_Give Me All Your Love_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

3.08 MB

  07_Whitesnake_Don't Fade Away_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

4.07 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Is This Love_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

2.90 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Here I Go Again_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

4.38 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Soldier Of Fortune_Starkers In Tokyo.mp3

4.03 MB


496.16 KB


531.48 KB


  01_Whitesnake_Take Me With You_Trouble.mp3

4.39 MB

  02_Whitesnake_Love To Keep You Warm_Trouble.mp3

3.45 MB

  03_Whitesnake_Lie Down (A Modern Love Song)_Trouble.mp3

2.98 MB

  04_Whitesnake_Day Tripper_Trouble.mp3

3.48 MB

  05_Whitesnake_Night Hawk (Vampire Blues)_Trouble.mp3

3.34 MB

  06_Whitesnake_The Time Is Right For Love_Trouble.mp3

3.20 MB


4.41 MB

  08_Whitesnake_Belgian Tom's Hat Trick_Trouble.mp3

3.16 MB

  09_Whitesnake_Free Flight_Trouble.mp3

3.75 MB

  10_Whitesnake_Don't Mess With Me_Trouble.mp3

3.03 MB


516.62 KB


605.19 KB


  01_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Lady_Whitesnake-Northwinds.mp3

3.47 MB

  02_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Blindman_Whitesnake-Northwin.mp3

5.50 MB

  03_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Goldies Place_Whitesnake-Nor.mp3

4.62 MB

  04_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Whitesnake_Whitesnake-Northw.mp3

3.96 MB

  05_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Time On My Side_Whitesnake-N.mp3

4.05 MB

  06_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Peace Lovin' Man_Whitesnake-.mp3

4.47 MB

  07_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Sunny Days_Whitesnake-Northw.mp3

3.19 MB

  08_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Hole In The Sky_Whitesnake-N.mp3

3.06 MB

  09_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Celebration_Whitesnake-North.mp3

3.75 MB

  10_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Keep On Giving Me Love_White.mp3

4.81 MB

  11_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Northwinds_Whitesnake-Northw.mp3

5.70 MB

  12_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Give Me Kindness_Whitesnake-.mp3

4.19 MB

  13_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Time And Again_Whitesnake-No.mp3

3.69 MB

  15_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Only My Soul_Whitesnake-Nort.mp3

4.22 MB

  16_David Coverdale - Whitesnake_Say You Love Me_Whitesnake-N.mp3

3.99 MB


523.20 KB


480.27 KB

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Whitesnake - 1987
Whitesnake - Come an' get it
Whitesnake - Lovehunter
Whitesnake - Ready An' Willing
Whitesnake - Restless Heart
Whitesnake - Saints & Sinners
Whitesnake - Slide it in
Whitesnake - Slip Of The Tongue
Whitesnake - Starkers In Tokyo
Whitesnake - Trouble
Whitesnake - Greatest Hits
Whitesnake - Live...In The Heart Of The City
Whitesnake – Whitesnake Northwinds

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