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Name:[mazysmadhouse net] Goodnight Sweetheart Season 4

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Gary is worried about his blood pressure, especially when Yvonne wants to give up work, and suggests Gary sells his shop and gets a proper job. He decides he must show Yvonne that he can make a success of his shop. He also tells Ron about the terrifying idea of having to look after two babies. Meanwhile, in 1942, Phoebe has her mind on too many things, like the baby, to be worried about sex, much to Gary's disappointment. He meanwhile decides to write an advert, looking for Swiss watches, and tells Reg that it's to trick Hitler's troops about the time, although he really wants them to sell in his shop as antiques. A man comes into the pub, and gives Gary about half a dozen watches, but turns out to be a con artist, whilst Reg recognises a detective, whom he doesn't realise is trying to catch the criminal, and ends up blowing his cover. When Gary thinks he's had his watches pick-pocketed by the criminal, Phoebe pulls one out from her bra. Gary tells her to put it back, and he'll retrieve it later.


Yvonne is getting morning sickness, whilst Phoebe has mood swings. One afternoon, Gary has to look after Yvonne's nephew, Arthur. Whilst he and Ron get talking in the shop, Arthur disappears, and Ron suggests he might have gone through the time-portal, whilst Ron decides that by faith, he'll also be able to go back, but just ends up crashing into the gates. Meanwhile, while Gary goes through the time-portal to look for Arthur, he emerges from behind a curtain in the shop and wanders of, whilst in 1942, Gary learns that Reg has found a scruffy looking child, and thinks it's Arthur. Telling Phoebe it's Mrs. Bloss's neighbours nephew he's looking after, he tries to take him back through the time-portal, only to find he won't go through, and eventually he loses him again. That evening, back in 1997, as Gary arrives home on his front doorstep, he wonders what to tell Yvonne, when suddenly she opens the door and slaps him in the face,. It is discovered that a constable (Reg's grandson), has found him and brought him home, whilst Yvonne is cross with Gary, telling him how Arthur was manufactured in 1990 - about 50 years too late for him to take any interest. She decides to have an evening out, and let Gary babysit. There, Arthur tells Gary about how he liked it when Yvone was sick.


Whilst Yvonne goes away to Korea on business for three weeks, Gary arranges a holiday in Kent with Phoebe. With Yvonne planning on phoning him every evening, he comes up with a scheme involving Ron - Gary has laryngitis, so Ron, who is staying over to look after him, has to do all the speaking for Gary, but really has to make up his part of the conversation. A spanner is soon thrown in the works, when Gary's father, who is a philatelist, and likes Opera, comes to stay. He attempts to tell Phoebe that there is a flap on at work, but, as Ron predicted, she threatens to pour beer over him. He decides to tell his dad that he unfortunately has to go away to an antiques fair in the Hebrides, so he can spend the week with Phoebe, but finds she has already agreed to postpone it a week, after Reg convinces her with Gary's excuse about the weather forecast in Kent that week. He tells his father that he has cancelled his trip to the Hebrides due the weather forecast. He also treats him to a ticket to Opera, and, while they discuss it afterwards, Gary's dad tells him about how the last week, he felt he'd gone back to the Victorian time, and for a while, Gary gets the wrong end of the stick, thinking he really has time-travelled. Further problems arise when Yvonne phones to say she'll be coming back early. He tells his dad he'll be going to the Hebrides after all, and softens him up with some war-time stamps (which he asked Reg to get hold of for him). To persuade Phoebe to change the holiday back to it's original date, Gary gets Ron to print the meteorological forecast for the week planned, and they agree to go away the first week, as was planned originally. While Gary and Phoebe are away in Kent, Ron suddenly finds some messages on Gary's answering machine, from Yvonne, who is angry that Gary hasn't got in touch, and will be staying for the whole three weeks. Ron sees what trouble Gary's going to be in, and boasts that at least it's a nice day for it, whilst in 1942, Gary and Phoebe stop indoors in Kent, where it is bucketting down.


In 1997, Ron tells Gary that he has beaten someone up for adulterating with his wife and gets arrested. In 1942, Donald has recently died, and his mother Dolly is staying, who gets the wind up everyone. Back in 1997, Ron is sharing a cell with a transvestite, whilst Gary has to help him in court. In 1942, Gary jumps the gun about marrying Phoebe, and Dolly learns the baby is his. In 1997, the charges against Ron are dropped, providing he agrees to a divorce. When Gary and Ron go to look at Donald's tree, just 2 hours after being planted (in 1942), he finds it has grown from a little tree, to something huge, which Ron, who has just had 12 pints of beer, ends up leaking on. In 1942, after the wake and that is all over, Gary enters The Royal Oak with a pram for the baby, and an engagement ring for Phoebe.

*(Emma Amos did not appear in this episode.)


Before Gary goes with Phoebe to Liverpool to meet Phoebe's Gran, Ron tells him he may meet his Garndfather Albert, who, according to the paper, was a hero around that time when he saved a kid from a fire. However, he ends up getting arrested, and Gary, realising he won't be able to rescue the boy from the fire when the paper said it happened, he decides to go back to 1997 and speak to Ron, but finds the whole course of history has been changed - his shop's gone, Yvonne, who is married to a tough bloke (called Ron), doesn't even know who he is, and Ron Wheatcroft has become a vicar . Back in 1942, Gary gets Albert released, and, when he won't help rescue the kid, Gary does it himself, and places him in Albert's hands, and the papers write the story about Albert rescuing him. Back in 1997 though, Ron makes Gary feel too guilty to tell him the truth about Albert, but gets just a tad suspicious that Gary may not be telling the truth, whereupon he asks Ron a very personal question "Would I lie to a man of the cloth?".


In 1997, Gary is wanting Ron out of his house, while he awaits Yvonne's return. Ron tells him how he has got lucky with a surrogate. In 1942 meanwhile, Gary and Phoebe have a disagreement about sending their child to a public school, whilst Margie, who comes into the pub, is upset about the way Jackie, her husband has been treating her. Back in 1997, Yvonne returns, and has been taken to hospital after a miscarriage. When Yvonne's mother, Helen, goes back to the house to collect some things for her, Ron thinks she's the surrogate. In 1942, Gary and Phoebe have a minor tiff, followed by the meeting of Margie and Frankie. While Gary cheers them up with a lullaby, Jackie, who now knows that Reg is Frankie's father, enters the pub, and confronts Gary, whom he thinks is Reg. He would assault him, but Reg then comes in and knocks Jackie out. Back in 1997, Ron tells Gary about the misunderstanding with Helen, and tells him how if he plays his cards right, he could be his future father-in-law.


In 1997, Gary learns of Yvonne's parting from her job. She decides to do an aromatherapy course. Gary decides to do a stocktake in his shop, whereupon Yvonne insists on helping him. Gary urgently needs to get to All Saints Church in 1942, and so he persuades Yvonne to go out and get some sandwiches, and perhaps look at some aromatherapy oils. In 1942, Gary and Phoebe quickly arrange their wedding with the vicar. Phoebe thinks the wedding's a farce, particularly as he can't find a best man. Reg, meanwhile, has a problem of his own - his sergeant (who is Scottish), doesn't approve of policemen living with women other than their wives. Back in 1997, Yvonne is cross with Gary for wandering off, and Gary wonders if time-travelling is a buzz any more. Back in 1942, Gary ends up inventing a story to Reg's sergeant, getting him out of the deep. He then tells Phoebe how their wedding's going to be the best wedding ever, and that they'll have the best best man ever. But this makes Phoebe think she'll be stood at the altar, while Gary's on the street, trying to pick up a sailor.


In 1942, some Canadian airline pilots visit the pub, and arrange a stag night for Gary. In 1997, Ron threatens to give up his printing business, and also arranges a stag night for Gary. Yvonne, meanwhile, is studying reflexology, and shocks Gary when she massages his foot. After attending his two stag nights, Gary, who is very drunk, ends up in a plane with one of the sailors, and nearly gets stranded at sea. Back in 1997, when Gary finally goes to bed, he sets his alarm clock ready for his wedding the next day. But the next morning, while Gary's still asleep, Yvonne turns his alarm off, in order to let Gary get some rest, unaware of his wedding to Phoebe...


While Phoebe waits at the altar, Gary oversleeps. When he finally arrives in church, he finds he is at a funeral. Phoebe and Reg then cold-shoulder him, whilst Ron gives him a 'As I See It' speech. Meanwhile, Yvonne is now into Feng Shui, and thinks Gary's forgotten their anniversary, until she sees a bracelet sticking out of his pocket (which he meant for Phoebe). Eventually, Phoebe lets Gary explain why he missed the wedding, and they go through with it again, even though Phoebe gets cold feet. After the wedding, they have a do in The Royal Oak, with a right knees-up. This is followed in the evening, with Gary and Phoebe talking about whether their future will be the same now they're married.


In 1942, while Gary agrees to let Reg paint the nursery, he notices he's short of white fivers. In 1997, Ron has lost the will to print them. Then he meets Yvonne's journalist friend Kate. Ron agrees to print some more white fivers, if Gary gets him a date with Kate. While chatting her up, Ron tells her about Gary being a time-traveller, whereupon she and Yvonne tease Gary, who thinks he's been caught out. Eventually, he convinces Kate what a laugh Ron is, Ron gets his date, and Gary his fivers. When Gary teases Yvonne about not getting a mobile phone because they weren't invented in the 1940's, she suggests getting one. Gary fobs Yvonne off with an excuse about radiation, then rebukes himself for getting cocky.


While Yvonne is wanting to go into business with businessman Clive (whom Gary doesn't trust because he has a ponytail), back in 1942, Miss Weatherall, a midwife, is preparing Phoebe for her birthing. Gary, meanwhile, is researching the events at the time of the birth, and learns of the church bells being rung for the first time since the war, for Montgomery. In 1942, Gary is determined to be at Phoebe's birthing, whilst Miss Weatherall gets herself drunk. Meanwhile, Yvonne invests all her money with Clive, much to Gary's displeasure. At the birth, Miss Weatherall is out, so Gary and Margie have to help Phoebe. In 1997 meanwhile, Yvonne tells Ron how Clive ran off with the money, at the same time that Ron tells her he's lost his business, and they get drunk, including Ron telling her never to trust a bloke with a ponytail. Back in 1942, Phoebe gives birth to baby Michael, when the bells ring, and they decide to call him Michael Montgomery Sparrow. Gary goes on about what his future will be like, Phoebe asks how he knows, and he tells her he knows everything.

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