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Name:[mazysmadhouse net] Goodnight Sweetheart Season 5

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Details for torrent " GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART season 5 "


One night, in the war-time era, Gary is taking his son Michael out in his pram, when suddenly, there is an air-raid, in which Gary gets blown into the present era, and is surprised to discover that Michael has been teleported with him. He goes to his mate Ron's, only to find that he is expecting a business call from Gary's wife, Yvonne, who has arrived back from Zurich earlier that expected. When she sees him with the baby, she suspects that he has a secret girlfriend, and is looking after her baby. He manages to fob her off with a story that he found him neglected outside a theme pub, and eventually found out that he belonged to one of the ladies who was dancing naked on stage. Yvonne portrays this as Gary's desperate want to try again for a baby. Meanwhile, in war-torn London, Gary decides that he and Phoebe must move away, before Michael grows up enough to realise that he and Gary can time-travel. He looks around a place up West, and finds a place of pretty high class, but when there is a raid, they get rejected at the shelter, because they are new. But just then, he meets Noel Coward, whom Gary has heard on the radio, who promises to take care of them. As a pun, Gary tells Noel that he has just bought 'A Room With A View'.


In the war-time era, the butcher refuses to let Phoebe join his clientele account, just because she speaks common. After getting upset because she feels she's being discriminated against, Noel Coward agrees to give her elocution lessons. Meanwhile, in the present era, Gary watches a video of Yvonne being interviewed by Esther, but is angered when she praises her business partner, Clive Lezouche, instead of himself, for her success. What's more, when it comes to an abrupt halt, and Gary doesn't know what the 'damn good ...' thing is which Clive gives her, he gets suspicious. Eventually though, she tells him that Clive gives her a damn good kick up the backside when she's feeling down. Later on, she is invited to a party at 10 Downing Street, and arranges to Gary to join later. However, when he asks at the door, and tells the police guard that he is Yvonne Sparrow's husband, she won't believe him, and says everyone knows she's married to Clive Lezouche. Gary tells Ron that he wonders whether he should leave Yvonne and live in the West End with Phoebe. That night, when he arrives back at his house with Phoebe unexpectedly, he tells her that he was meant to be at a party at 10 Downing Street, but Winston Churchill forgot to leave his name on the door, however, he would much rather be with his wife at home. The next morning, Gary decides to take revenge on the butcher, so he goes into the shop with Phoebe, and pretends to be from the Health Authority. He tells the butcher that their have been complaints about the Venison he is selling, and he will have to confiscate the lot. When the butcher orders the boy Norbert to bring it through, Gary, looking at just how much there is, quietly tells Phoebe that it's a good job he brought the pram.


Gary tells Yvonne that he is proud to have a businesswoman as a wife. He agrees to go out to dinner with her that night. Ron, meanwhile, has joined a dating agency, and is due to meet his date that same night. In the war-time era meanwhile, Gary's journeys through the time-portal are threatened by an unexploded bomb blocking Duckett's Passage. The bomb eventually explodes, giving Reg a minor head injury, which seems to make him bright. Gary fortunately manages to clamber over the rubble, and back into the 1990's. To his surprise, Phoebe follows him. She doesn't realise that she has gone through the time-portal, and Gary manages to convince her that she is in his secret HQ, which is disguised as a shop. After telling Phoebe that she shouldn't be there, Gary makes her put on a blindfold, and then guides her back into the war-torn era. Unfortunately, he finds she is unable to go through. He tells her it is because the security gate is on a time-lock, and tells her to shut herself in the toilet, during which, he stashes away all his post-war stuff. Having let Phoebe out, he discretely plays a tape of air-raid sirens, hence, getting her to hide under the table for shelter. The phone suddenly rings - it is Yvonne, whom Gary tells he will have to cancel his dinner because he has been tied up in the shop, but is on his way back. Phoebe thinks Yvonne is Gary's boss, and so he tells her he has to go back to work. He contacts Ron about Phoebe's venture into the 1990's, who in turn cancels his date to look keep an eye on Phoebe. While Gary is at home celebrating Yvonne's career prospects, he suddenly claims he has left his wallet at the shop, and will have to go back and get it. He is unable to convince Yvonne that she doesn't need to go with him, but when they arrive, and see Ron's shadow, he pretends to her that the reason he didn't want her to come, is because he had let Ron use the shop for his date, who has is obsessed with the war-time era. It is a tense moment when Yvonne and Phoebe meet, and Gary's cover is almost blown. Gary prays that he will be able to get through the time-portal, and promises from now on he'll be good - apart from the bigamy thing. Having blindfolded Phoebe he manages to get her back through the time-portal, back to the war-time era. Back there, when Phoebe mentions the raid to Reg, he doesn't remember the raid, but Gary manages to convince him it is the bang on the head he got. Just when Gary thinks things are back to normal, he hears Ron's voice of "Finally made it mate!".


Gary quickly removes Ron from the 1940s, telling him he has no knowledge of the era. That night, he decides he'll have to guard the time-gate, and sees a ball bounce through, which he kicks back. When Ron returns to the shop, he tells Gary he'd rather live in the 40s, because in the 90s, he's just a lonely old man. Gary tries to stop him going back, and even tells him that the time-gate has closed off at 6 o'clock in the morning, but Ron doesn't believe him, and successfully goes back. Meanwhile, Yvonne leaves a message on Gary's answerphone, saying that she has booked tickets for the Chelsea play, in the VIP lounge, but he must be there before 6pm. After finding a date (Violet), Ron joins Gary, Phoebe, Reg and Margie at a dance party. There, he splashes out, and gets Gary into trouble with a nightclub owner, when he tries to bribe the staff for champagne, and even upsets people with his humour. After his excuse that Ron is an eccentric millionaire Commanding Officer fails, Gary tells Reg that Ron is sick, but used to be a great Commanding Officer. Ron displays his authority by having Gary tied up, while he goes back to the 90s. Eventually, Reg lets him go. The next morning, as Ron and Gary get back into the 90s, Yvonne comes out of the shop, and asks where Gary had been, and that he had missed out on watching Chelsea playing from the VIP lounge. Gary tells her that they've been to a stag party of a friend. After learning that instead of seeing Chelsea play, from a VIP lounge, he'd been shut in a cellar, Ron threatens to go back to the 40s again, whilst Gary pleads with him not to do it in front of Yvonne, as he will cause embarrassment. He quickly stops Yvonne from looking, as Ron rams himself into the gates. Yvonne asks why she wasn't to see that, as it would've made her day, and he tells her "It's certainly made my day!".


While Ron still has the hump with Gary over him stopping him going back to the 1940s, Gary begs him to print some more wartime fivers, as he is down to his last £20. When Yvonne, prior to going off to Paris, gives him £100 to place on bets, which could win him £350, Ron suggests he places bets in the 1940s, after he reads up the results from an old newspaper. He asks Reg if he knows of a bookies he can go to, and convinces Phoebe that it's not gambling, but an investment, but she still disapproves, as her dad's gambling drove her mum to an early grave. He still goes, where Reg diguises himself, and spies on the bookies. After failing to win his first two bets, Gary realises that the bookie is lying about the winner. He confronts the bookie, but ends up getting punched, as does Reg Deadman, which brings him back to his old self, pleasing Margie. After he pays Phoebe for some bills, he gets totally skint, and back in the 1990s, begs Ron to print some more wartime fivers. However, first, he will have to lure Kate Flanagan (Ron's boss) away from the premises, for about three hours. The only way he can do this, is by taking her on a date. Reluctantly, he takes her to his shop, where he resists her advances. He even steps through the time-portal for a second, and Kate thinks he's faded, but Gary convinces her she's drunk too much wine. Back at the printmongers, two staff have been arrested for pornography, and Ron for forgery, although they think he's a bit out of time. When he gets released, he moans at Gary for not getting him a solicitor, and tells him that he told the police the truth - that he printed the fivers for a friend who time travels, and now has to visit a psychiatrist. Suddenly, Yvonne gets back from Paris, and Gary realises he never put his bets on. To get at Gary, Ron tells Yvonne that he has actually won £600, which he is just off to collect. Realising he'll have to give her £600, he is given £600 worth of wartime fivers, which the police let him keep, but Ron leaves Gary to sort out the rest.


Whilst having dinner with Phoebe, Gary is picked up by Tufty McDuff, an intelligence chief. Seeing him as Colonel Henri Dupont's double, he asks him to go on a mission to the Isle of Wight, pretending to be him. Ron tries to talk him out of it, but he is forced to go - he even has to wear a fake moustache. After getting out of the boat, he realises he has been tricked - he is not on the Isle of Wight, but in France.


After realising Tufty McDuff is using him as a ploy to fool the Germans, he meets a woman called Celeste, who helps him. After being held prisoner, and thinking Celeste has betrayed him, she reveals she is a double agent. He is given a pig's bladder to help convince the Gestapos they have shot him, and escapes back to his boat. Meanwhile, Yvonne worries about her missing husband, and Ron has to meet a model at the airport for her burgeoning cosmetics business. There, he meets a beautiful young girl called Simone, and, whilst travelling in a Rolls Royce, gets into a passionate embrace with her. Having escaped back to England, Gary brags about the bravery of his mission, only no-one is really interested. Ron boasts about his embrace with Simone, whilst Michael is sent to sleep by Gary's tale.


After his trip to France, Gary keeps getting bad dreams, including seeing a therapist showing her body then turning into Reg Deadman, Ron being massaged with Gary's breakfast kipper by Yvonne, and Rolf Harris criticising his pretence of having written 'Two Little Boys'. Ron, who is having his house repossessed, listens to Gary's problems, and suggests taking a holiday. He also persuades him to let him have his flat, which he purchased in 1944, even though he is spooked by the thought of meeting himself, looking very old. When Gary is afraid to sleep, Ron slips him a sleeping tablet, and he gets a nightmare - Yvonne and Phoebe have found him out, and want him to choose between the two of them. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a blackout, lit by candles, and wonders if he's stuck in a twilight 'Neverland', all alone, until he hears a toilet flushing, and Ron reveals there's a power cut. Eventually, he is persuaded to take the holiday, and goes to Eastbourne, where he has a dream that he has seen him and Phoebe, both very old. When he wakes up, he decides he'll stay another week.


In the 1990's, a policeman (Reg's grandson), is in Gary's shop, discussing his security. He mentions that he could appear on Crimewatch, and that his 97 year old grandfather is still alive, and living in a home. Yvonne comes into the shop, and shows him something he wrote specially for him in her autobiography she is selling. Meanwhile, in the 1940's, Gary is expected to attend Margie's 40th birthday party, and provide some biscuits, at the same time as attending Yvonne's enterprise. In the 1990's, Gary learns from the porter on the 23rd of July 1944, the resident of number 15 (Gary's flat), got run over by a bus. He decides to visit Reg in the 1990's, but he can't remember anything, but ends up mistaking him for the nurse, and mentions the biscuits, reminding Gary about the biscuits for Margie's party. In the 1940's, Gary decides to tell Phoebe that he is needed in Belgium, and therefore won't be able to attend Margie's party. This angers Phoebe, who is already cross because Gary has still forgotten the biscuits. He decides to spend the day with Yvonne, in order to avoid the accident, but Ron then suggests that the porter may have got the date wrong. Eventually, he decides to let out his flat, so that on the day of the accident, he is not the resident of number 15. The landlord and his secret girlfriend end up living there, for free. Meanwhile, after overhearing a conversation between Phoebe and Noel Coward, he thinks they're having an affair, but then he realises he's giving her singing lessons.Gary, who feels guilty about letting him get run over, decides to warn him not to go out on that afternoon, and, while he's there, the resident at number 16 gets run over by the bus, as Gary learns that the porter had made a mistake. Meanwhile, at Yvonne's enterprise, Gary has to sneak off to go to Margie's party, where Phoebe performs her song. Back in the 1990's, Gary gets into a compromising position with Ron, and pretends to Yvonne that he is correcting a mistake he made about the method of Greco-Roman wrestling. Later, when he makes his excuse to Yvonne about his sudden disappearance at the enterprise, Crimewatch suddenly comes on, and Gary wants to watch the bit with Reg's grandson on, and finds he is branded a suspect. When he laughs, Yvonne wonders why, and, as they embrace, Yvonne tells him how Greco-Roman wrestling is quite different.


In 1998, Gary gets a visit from a rather shabby looking customer, who has to sell some old war-time stuff to pay off his landlord. He turns out to be Gary's son, Michael, so after Ron follows him to his house, Gary visits, giving him some money, and says he underpaid him, and stands up to his agressive landlord, Knackerjohn. Michael goes on about how Gary looks like his father, only he was taller, broader and better looking. Ron, meanwhile, wants Gary to help him place an ad for a date, in return for following Michael. After learning from Michael that his father disowned him, after doing time in prison, he decides to change the course of history for the better. In 1944, Phoebe is asked to perform a song, which Gary has to write, and so he pretends he wrote 'One Kiss, One Sigh'. When Noel Coward decides to publish it, he asks him if he can put it into a trust fund for Michael. The next day, Michael comes into Gary's shop, dressed really smart, and again tells Gary about how he reminds him of his father. He also tells him that he lives abroad, in New Zealand, and has two children, a daughter called Phoebe after his mother, and a son called Dennis. Ron, meanwhile, is pleased to have received 27 replies to his ad, which portrayed him as a failure, whilst in 1944, Phoebe announces she doesn't want to become a singer, but performs her song for the final time in The Royal Oak.

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