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Matthew Good - Avalanche 2003 (Size: 3.23 GB) (Files: 126)

 Matthew Good - Avalanche 2003

  01 - Good, Matthew - Pledge of Allegiance.flac

35.52 MB

  02 - Good, Matthew - Lullaby for the New World Order.flac

31.91 MB

  03 - Good, Matthew - Weapon.flac

44.79 MB

  04 - Good, Matthew - In a World Called Catastrophe.flac

44.74 MB

  05 - Good, Matthew - Avalanche.flac

54.92 MB

  06 - Good, Matthew - 21st Century Living.flac

25.21 MB

  07 - Good, Matthew - While We Were Hunting Rabbits.flac

55.66 MB

  08 - Good, Matthew - Bright End of Nowhere.flac

31.08 MB

  09 - Good, Matthew - Near Fantastica.flac

60.22 MB

  10 - Good, Matthew - Song for the Girl.flac

25.65 MB

  11 - Good, Matthew - Double Life.flac

33.77 MB

  12 - Good, Matthew - A Long Way Down.flac

31.55 MB

  13 - Good, Matthew - House of Smoke and Mirrors.flac

40.89 MB


13.71 KB

 Matthew Good - In a Coma (Greatest Hits) 2005

  CD 1

   Deluxe Version (Cd One).cue

3.61 KB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 01. Oh Be Joyful.flac

29.29 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 02. Big City Life.flac

30.26 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 03. Alert Status Red.flac

30.38 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 04. Weapon.flac

41.13 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 05. In A World Called Catastrophe.flac

40.99 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 06. Hello Time Bomb.flac

27.41 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 07. Load Me Up.flac

26.21 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 08. Strange Days.flac

27.84 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 09. The Future Is X-Rated.flac

26.54 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 10. Everything Is Automatic.flac

30.99 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 11. Rico.flac

23.51 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 12. Apparitions.flac

34.15 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 14. Symbolistic White Walls.flac

29.43 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 15. Haven't Slept In Years.flac

23.41 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 16. Alabama Motel Room.flac

23.95 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One) - 17. Pony Boy.flac

30.75 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One).log

8.18 KB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version (Cd One).m3u

1.86 KB

  CD 2

   Deluxe Version Cd Two.cue

3.95 KB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 01. Truffle Pigs.flac

22.79 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 02. Tripoli.flac

29.10 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 03. Generation X-Wing.flac

22.49 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 04. Apparitions.flac

24.91 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 05. North American For Life.flac

17.51 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 06. Advertising On Police Cars.flac

26.49 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 07. Hello Time Bomb.flac

21.57 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 08. Strange Days.flac

28.27 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 09. Prime Time Deliverance.flac

24.42 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 10. Flashdance Two.flac

31.25 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 11. Man From Harold Wood.flac

11.69 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 12. My Life As A Circus Clown.flac

17.75 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 13. Intermezzo- M. Good Vs.flac

2.52 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 14. Flight Recorder From Viking 7.flac

29.36 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 15. Life Beyond The Minimum.flac

21.95 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 16. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart.flac

21.20 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 17. Born To Kill.flac

35.13 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 18. Enjoy The Silence.flac

23.78 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two - 19. Fated.flac

21.95 MB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two.log

8.75 KB

   Matthew Good - Deluxe Version Cd Two.m3u

2.14 KB

 Matthew Good - White Light Rock & roll Review 2004

  01 - Good, Matthew - Put Out Your Lights.flac

16.28 MB

  02 - Good, Matthew - Poor Man's Grey.flac

18.85 MB

  03 - Good, Matthew - We're So Heavy.flac

33.20 MB

  04 - Good, Matthew - Empty Road.flac

26.14 MB

  05 - Good, Matthew - Alert Status Red.flac

33.37 MB

  06 - Good, Matthew - Little Terror.flac

22.94 MB

  07 - Good, Matthew - In Love With a Bad Idea.flac

27.34 MB

  08 - Good, Matthew - North American For Life.flac

17.35 MB

  09 - Good, Matthew - Blue Skies Over Bad Lands.flac

48.69 MB

  10 - Good, Matthew - It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man.flac

28.42 MB

  11 - Good, Matthew - Buffalo Seven.flac

26.62 MB

  12 - Good, Matthew - Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra.flac

51.88 MB


57.12 KB

 Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight 1999

  Beautiful Midnight.cue

2.78 KB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 01. Giant.flac

40.52 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 02. Hello Time Bomb.flac

26.64 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 03. Strange Days.flac

26.50 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 04. I Miss New Wave.flac

27.12 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 05. Load Me Up.flac

25.19 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 06. Failing the Rorschach Test.flac

31.79 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 07. Suburbia.flac

36.91 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 08. Let's Get it On.flac

26.97 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 09. Jenni's Song.flac

27.20 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 10. Going All the Way.flac

27.33 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 11. A Boy and His Machine Gun.flac

32.17 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 12. The Future is X-Rated.flac

25.69 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 13. Born to Kill.flac

35.98 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight - 14. Running for Home.flac

23.01 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight.log

6.85 KB

  Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight.m3u

1.59 KB

 Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts 1995

  Last of the Ghetto Astronauts.cue

2.43 KB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 01. Alabama Motel Room.flac

21.96 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 02. Symbolistic White Walls.flac

27.47 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 03. She's Got a New Disguise.flac

40.17 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 04. Native Son.flac

33.78 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 05. Vermilion.flac

30.33 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 06. Every Name Is My Name.flac

21.78 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 07. Haven't Slept in Years.flac

21.34 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 08. Radio Bomb.flac

21.24 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 09. Fearless.flac

35.07 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - 10. The War Is Over.flac

66.39 MB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts.log

5.57 KB

  Matthew Good Band - Last of the Ghetto Astronauts.m3u

1.27 KB

 Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being 2001

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 01. Man of Action.flac

47.40 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 02. Carmelina.flac

29.91 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 03. Tripoli.flac

30.30 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 04. Advertising on Police Cars.flac

47.70 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 05. I, the Throw Away.flac

16.28 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 06. Truffle Pigs.flac

33.08 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 07. The Fall of Man.flac

34.69 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 08. Under the Influence.flac

32.94 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 09. The Rat Who Would Be King.flac

49.30 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 10. Anti-Pop.flac

29.86 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 11. The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production.flac

37.70 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being - 12. Sort of a Protest Song.flac

42.47 MB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being.log

6.16 KB

  Matthew Good Band - The Audio of Being.m3u

1.44 KB

  The Audio of Being.cue

2.52 KB

 Matthew Good Band - Underdogs 1997

  01-Deep Six.flac

25.66 MB

  02-Everything Is Automatic.flac

30.49 MB


33.94 MB

  04-My Out Of Style Is Coming Back.flac

23.69 MB

  05-Strangest One Of All.flac

32.37 MB

  06-Middle Class Gangsters.flac

40.19 MB


23.45 MB

  08-Prime Time Deliverance.flac

34.50 MB

  09-The Inescapable Us.flac

17.22 MB

  11-Invasion 1.flac

27.91 MB

  12-Look Happy, It's The End Of The World.flac

27.15 MB

  13-Change Of Season.flac

49.15 MB


0.02 KB

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Torrent Hash: D37EFED6376F4187594D24357DF52100E41F98F0
File Size: 3.27 Gb
Years: Last of the Ghetto Astronauts 1995, Underdogs 1997, Beautiful Midnight 1999, The Audio of being 2001, Avalanche 2003, White Light Rock & Roll Review 2004, In a Coma 2005
Label: Universal

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Note: Two albums (Avalanche & White Light Rock & Roll Review) are not my rips as they were taken from another torrent that had a couple albums in FLAC. The other rips are mine as the EAC logs will attest too, except for Underdogs. I had to rip it using CDex instead of EAC since the disc has quite a few scuffs on it and EAC doesn't do so good on scuffed discs. Also, Good's latest album "Hospital Music" from 2007 is not included in this torrent. If anyone has it could you please up it in FLAC? Thanks!


From Wiki:

Matthew Frederick Robert Good (born June 29, 1971, Burnaby, British Columbia) is a Canadian rock musician. He was the lead singer for the Matthew Good Band, one of Canada's most successful alternative rock bands in the 1990s, before dissolving the band in 2002. Other band members included drummer Ian Browne, guitarist/keyboardist Dave Genn, and original bassist Geoff Lloyd, later replaced by Rich Priske. In the years since the Matthew Good Band's disbanding, Good has pursued a solo career and established himself as a political activist and blogger.

Good's early career in music involved a variety of folk demos and a stint as the lead singer of a folk band, the Rodchester Kings. The Matthew Good Band was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1995. That year, they released their debut album, Last of the Ghetto Astronauts. Although initially popular only in the Vancouver area, the album began to catch on across Canada in 1996, with the singles "Alabama Motel Room", "Symbolistic White Walls", and "Haven't Slept in Years" becoming significant hits on radio and MuchMusic. Last of the Ghetto Astronauts, made on a budget of roughly five thousand Canadian dollars, eventually set the mark as the highest selling independent label release by a Canadian artist.

The band's 1997 album Underdogs spawned the hit singles "Everything is Automatic" and "Apparitions", the latter of which remains the band's most successful single. Good's political outspokenness and brash confidence were unusual in the Canadian rock scene of the 1990s, and he was soon recognized as much for his seemingly difficult disposition as for his musical talent. As a nod to his reputation, Good sold t-shirts that read "I Hear Matt Good Is a Real Asshole" at MGB shows. He also maintained a subversive image, sometimes posing for publicity photos in a gorilla mask.

Beautiful Midnight, which saw the departure of Lloyd and the joining of Rich Priske as the new bassist, followed in 1999 and became hugely successful via singles including "Hello Time Bomb", "Strange Days", and "Load Me Up". The album skyrocketed the band's celebrity status and earned them two Juno awards in 2000, for Best Group and Best Rock Album. (Good himself boycotts the Juno Awards, and guitarist Dave Genn has been quoted as saying that he only attends for the open bar.)

After touring Beautiful Midnight for nearly two years, the band set to work on The Audio of Being. The album's creation came amidst a difficult emotional period for Good, where he struggled to deal with the band's success. He was also diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a disease that causes lesions to form in the lungs, prompting him to temporarily quit smoking. [1] Following throat surgery to remove a nodule from a vocal cord, Good holed up for three weeks in a hotel in Whistler to work on songs. Good later wrote that he spent much of the time "trying to keep down food supplement bars, trying to forget the growing tension within the band, the high expectations of needing to produce 'hit songs' (whatever they are these days), throwing up, and trying to find some semblance of direction in my personal life."

The band entered the studio in late 2000 to record the material. The sessions saw a great deal of intra-band turmoil, with Dave Genn quitting the band before the album was complete. He returned a few days later, however, only to quit permanently not long after the album's release in October 2001. Following Genn's departure, Good dissolved the band in 2002.
Read the rest of the Wiki article here

Albums in this torrent

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts 1995

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts was the debut album of the Matthew Good Band. It was released independently in 1995 on a budget of roughly $5,000 CAD. With the singles "Alabama Motel Room", "Symbolistic White Walls", the album achieved incredible popularity, particularly in western Canada. It gained the title of highest-selling independent album in Canada, a title it holds to this day.

The band was originally going to go with another name ("Snowaxe" and "Gandalf" have been mentioned by Matthew Good), however a radio station in Vancouver played "Alabama Motel Room" and announced the band as the Matthew Good Band, at which point it stuck.

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts has two album covers: the original, independent cover, with cursive writing along the bottom and the band name featured prominently, and the subsequent production company release, which uses block letters and a different text layout. Both albums have the same pictures.


"Alabama Motel Room" - 3:18 (Good, Lloyd, Browne)
"Symbolistic White Walls" - 4:30
"She's Got A New Disguise" - 6:17
"Native Son" - 4:52
"Vermilion" - 4:49
"Every Name Is My Name" - 4:00
"Haven't Slept In Years" - 3:23
"Radio Bomb" - 3:09
"Fearless" - 5:15
"The War Is Over" - 7:56 / "Omissions Of The Omen" - 4:32

Underdogs 1997

Underdogs is an album released by the Matthew Good Band in 1997, as a follow up to the 1995 album Last of the Ghetto Astronauts. The four singles from this album were "Everything Is Automatic", "Apparitions", "Rico" and "Indestructible", all of them reaching the Top 5 on the Canadian music charts.


"Deep Six" – 3:32
"Everything Is Automatic" – 4:17
"Apparitions" – 5:11
"My Out Of Style Is Coming Back" – 3:16
"Strangest One of All" – 4:41
"Middle Class Gangsters" – 5:37
"Rico" – 3:26 (Good, Genn, Lloyd, Browne)
"Prime Time Deliverance" – 5:33 (Good)
"The Inescapable Us" – 3:12 (Good)
"Indestructible" – 3:24
"Invasion 1" – 4:04
"Look Happy, It's The End Of The World" – 3:47
"Change Of Season" – 7:21

Beautiful Midnight 1999

Beautiful Midnight was an album released by the Matthew Good Band in 1999, the follow-up to the 1997 album Underdogs. Beautiful Midnight became the band's most successful album, producing four singles and music videos, "Hello Time Bomb", "Load Me Up", "Strange Days", and "The Future is X-Rated". The success of Beautiful Midnight propelled Good to a celebrity status in Canada he eventually grew to loathe, and his interactions with the media throughout the promotional cycle for the record were often strained and unpleasant.

Beautiful Midnight was re-released in 2001 in the United States on Atlantic Records with an altered tracklisting that included remixed songs from Underdogs. Good has referred to it as something of a greatest hits. The album did not achieve the kind of success in America as it did in Canada, partly because of a lack of co-operation on Good's part. He has stated that he intentionally sabotaged the band's career stateside by refusing to play along with the media and music industry in the country. However, other factors were involved, including the band's reluctance to commit to extensive touring of the country.

A number of songs considered for inclusion on Beautiful Midnight were relegated to b-side or unreleased status. "Flashdance II" was eventually released on Loser Anthems, while "Pony Boy", which was recorded for the subsequent album The Audio of Being, remained unreleased until In a Coma in 2005.


"Giant" – 6:10
"Hello Time Bomb" – 3:55
"Strange Days" – 4:21
"I Miss New Wave" – 5:04
"Load Me Up" – 3:40 (Good, Genn, Priske, Browne)
"Failing the Rorschach Test" – 4:46
"Suburbia" – 5:24
"Let’s Get It On" – 5:12
"Jenni's Song" – 3:59
"Going All The Way" – 5:01
"A Boy and His Machine Gun" – 3:45
"The Future Is X-Rated" – 4:21
"Born to Kill" – 5:42
"Running for Home" – 4:37

The Audio of being 2001

The Audio Of Being was an album released by the Canadian rock group Matthew Good Band in 2001. It was the last release from MGB and included the two singles "Carmelina" and "Anti-Pop".

The recording of this album was reported to be very stressful for all members of the band. Guitarist Dave Genn referred to the process as "taking a long and painful shit"[citation needed]. Front-man Matthew Good was very ill during much of the sessions[citation needed]. The tension between the band continued to grow and even caused Genn to leave the band only to return a short time later. Ultimately, the band reached the breaking point shortly after the album's release and parted ways, although Rich Priske stayed on as the bassist for Matthew Good's subsequent solo career. Although it is widely believed that the band breaking up was a turbulent and almost violent occurrence, Matthew Good has stated[citation needed] that, although it was less than amicable, it was not nearly as bad as the rumors suggested.

Two unreleased tracks from the album, Pony Boy and All Together, surfaced online in 2004. A partially remixed version of Pony Boy would appear on the 2005 collection In a Coma.

Matthew Good has often harshly criticized[citation needed] the album in interviews, claiming to be very dissatisfied with the result[citation needed]. However, Good later discussed the album on his blog and stated he felt that there are some good songs on it (specifically noting "Sort Of A Protest Song"). In fact, for his 2nd cross-Canada tour in 2004 Good played "The Rat Who Would Be King" and "The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production" live for the first time ever, as well as "Carmelina" and "Advertising On Police Cars." Songs from The Audio of Being were also rearranged for Rooms, the second disc of In a Coma, and played on Good's 2006 acoustic tour.


"Man of Action" – 7:01
"Carmelina" – 4:16
"Tripoli" – 4:39 (Good, Genn)
"Advertising on Police Cars" – 7:08
"I, the Throw Away" – 3:09
"Truffle Pigs" – 4:47
"Fall of Man" – 5:03 (Good, Genn, Priske, Browne)
"Under the Influence" – 4:32 (Good, Genn, Priske, Browne)
"The Rat Who Would Be King" – 6:47
"Anti-Pop" – 4:08
"The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production" – 5:21
"Sort of a Protest Song" – 6:33

Avalanche 2003

Avalanche is the first solo album by Canadian artist Matthew Good. It received high praise from both music critics and fans of the singer and songwriter alike. Released in 2003, the album marked a creative departure from his earlier work with the Matthew Good Band, and featured accompaniment by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra on several tracks.

The album had three singles: "Weapon", "In a World Called Castastrophe" and "Near Fantastica", although "Near Fantastica" was released only to radio in a substantially shorter edit. The music video for "Weapon" won a Juno Award, which was shared between Good and co-director Ante Kovac (Good refused to accept the award, however, as he boycotts the Juno Awards).

While working on the album, Matt became disenchanted with several completed songs. Drum elements from one song, "Comfortable Criminals", were taken and reused as the basis for "A Long Way Down" while the song itself was later made available as a b-side on the secret website accessed by the multimedia component of the CD. Another song, "Villain of the Year" was also cut from Avalanche. However, the music for that song became the music for "Near Fantastica" and the lyrics would be used for an extended version of "Symbolistic White Walls" in subsequent live performances. A third song, "Annabelle", would be stripped of its musical elements, spliced with snippets of radio news broadcasts, and sold digitally in support of Amnesty International.

Producer Warne Livesey, who previously worked with Good on the massively successful Beautiful Midnight, received a Juno Award nomination for his work on Avalanche.


"Pledge of Allegiance" – 4:59
"Lullaby for the New World Order" – 3:52
"Weapon" – 5:58
"In a World Called Catastrophe" – 5:57
"Avalanche" – 7:26
"21st Century Living" – 3:10
"While We Were Hunting Rabbits" – 8:00
"Bright End of Nowhere" – 4:08
"Near Fantastica" – 8:00
"Song for the Girl" – 3:16
"Double Life" – 4:22
"A Long Way Down" – 3:56
"House of Smoke and Mirrors" – 6:03

White Light Rock & Roll Review 2004

White Light Rock & Roll Review is Matthew Good's second album as a solo artist, and was released on June 15, 2004. Three singles were released, Alert Status Red, In Love With A Bad Idea and It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man.

The b-side for Alert Status Red, "Dusk", was recorded after the sessions for the album, and was eventually offered for purchase via Puretracks. A demo of "Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run" was recorded after the sessions were complete, which Good streamed on his website. The song was later re-recorded properly in a studio for the Hospital Music sessions and offered as a free download for community members.


"Put Out Your Lights" – 2:03
"Poor Man's Grey" – 2:22
"We're So Heavy" – 4:36
"Empty Road" – 3:29
"Alert Status Red" – 4:25
"Little Terror" – 3:07
"In Love With a Bad Idea" – 3:30
"North American for Life" – 2:07 (Good, Thor Valdsen, Priske, Steward)
"Blue Skies Over Bad Lands" – 8:14
"It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man" – 3:40
"Buffalo Seven" – 3:20
"Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra" – 4:12/ "Hopeless"* – 2:56

In a Coma 2005 (Greatest Hits)

In a Coma is the title of the Matthew Good "best of" album, featuring both his solo work and work from the Matthew Good Band.

The album is often titled In a Coma - Matthew Good 1995-2005, and notably lacks either "best of" or "greatest hits" in the official title. It was released on September 20, 2005. However, even before its release, the album reached #1 on via pre-orders, and 200 signed copies sold out from Matthew Good's official site in under four hours.

The album is available in two forms: the regular version and the deluxe. The regular only includes disc one, the deluxe features two audio discs and one DVD. The first disc contains nearly all of the singles released by the Matthew Good Band and Matt solo, lacking only Good's most recent singles ("Near Fantastica", "It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man", "Fell in Love with a Bad Idea" ) and the singles from the album The Audio of Being ("Carmelina", "Anti-Pop" ). The first disc also contains two new songs ("Oh Be Joyful", "Big City Life" ), as well as a b-side ("Pony Boy" ) recorded during the sessions for The Audio of Being.

For the second disc, Good entered the studio solo with an acoustic guitar and recorded new versions of several songs from his extensive catalog. For added effect, Good miked the street outside the studio as he performed, adding an ambiance to the session that Good particularly enjoyed. Given the scarcity of the two MGB EPs Lo-Fi B-Sides and Loser Anthems, Good decided to add the two discs to the latter half of the second disc as a nod to fans.

The DVD in the deluxe package includes every promotional video filmed during Good's career, solo and with the Matthew Good Band. As a bonus, Good recorded a commentary track with Bill Morrison, who directed the majority of the videos. The DVD also includes an animated video for "While We Were Hunting Rabbits", which was created by students at Sheridan College. After Good realized that his favourite songs had not been included in the package, a section featuring those songs accompanied by a slideshow of images similar to the cover artwork was added to the disc.

"Oh Be Joyful", the first single from In a Coma, was released on July 25, 2005. The song's release was accompanied by a video that many fans found confusing, as it contained little more than a burning fireplace. Matthew Good was quick to defend his video on his blog, saying that it was "one of the greatest temporary musical screen savers of all time" and that it was only intended to appear on his site, not to play on Much Music.


Regular Release (CD 1)

"Oh Be Joyful" – 3:52 (previously unreleased)
"Big City Life" – 4:15 (previously unreleased)
"Alert Status Red" – 4:19 (from White Light Rock & Roll Review)
"Weapon" – 6:06 (from Avalanche)
"In a World Called Catastrophe" – 5:59 (from Avalanche)
"Hello Time Bomb" – 3:56 (from Beautiful Midnight)
"Load Me Up" – 3:42 (from Beautiful Midnight)
"Strange Days" – 4:24 (from Beautiful Midnight)
"The Future Is X-Rated" – 3:46 (from Beautiful Midnight)
"Everything Is Automatic" – 4:18 (from Underdogs)
"Rico" – 3:27 (from Underdogs)
"Apparitions" – 5:14 (from Underdogs)
"Indestructible" – 3:26 (from Underdogs)
"Symbolistic White Walls" – 4:30 (from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts)
"Haven't Slept in Years" – 3:35 (from Raygun)
"Alabama Motel Room" – 3:20 (from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts)
"Pony Boy" – 4:03 (previously unreleased)

Bonus CD (CD 2)

Part One: Rooms (acoustic reworkings)

"Truffle Pigs" – 4:04
"Tripoli" – 4:51
"Generation X-Wing" – 3:55
"Apparitions" – 4:05
"North American for Life" – 3:13
"Advertising on Police Cars" – 4:08
"Hello Time Bomb" – 4:10
"Strange Days" – 4:55
"Prime Time Deliverance" – 4:22

Part Two: Loser Anthems

"Flashdance II" – 4:44
"The Man from Harold Wood" – 2:18
"My Life as a Circus Clown" – 2:46
"Intermezzo: M. Good v. M. Trolley" – 0:35
"Flight Recorder from Viking 7" – 5:34
"Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance" – 3:53
"The Fine Art of Falling Apart" – 3:39

Part Three: Lo-Fi B-Sides

"Born to Kill" – 5:14
"Enjoy the Silence" – 3:11
"Fated" – 3:31

Enjoy :)

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