WHAT If The MOON is an Artificial Death Star +780 Pics 2009_YouRmomSnutZ

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Name:WHAT If The MOON is an Artificial Death Star +780 Pics 2009_YouRmomSnutZ

Total Size: 7.15 GB

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Leechers: 1

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2016-02-04 09:58:43 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-09-07 23:43:28

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780 PICS (Size: 6.91 GB) (Files: 1279)

 780 PICS


   0About NASA MOON ANOMALIES by watchZEITGEISTnow.txt

1.59 KB

   2075-h2 (2).jpg

47.97 KB


96.03 KB

   4195-h2 (2).jpg

40.65 KB


82.00 KB

   4196-h3 (2).jpg

23.43 KB


56.25 KB

   5163-h1 (2).jpg

55.97 KB


98.60 KB


1.59 KB

   lo2-64-h3 0 (2).jpg

35.02 KB

   lo2-64-h3 0.JPG

69.99 KB

   lo2-64-h3 1 (2).jpg

36.03 KB

   lo2-64-h3 1.JPG

69.63 KB

   lo2-64-h3 2 (2).jpg

21.50 KB

   lo2-64-h3 2.JPG

52.68 KB

   lo2-64-h3 3 (2).jpg

26.35 KB

   lo2-64-h3 3.JPG

55.03 KB

   lo2-64-h3 4 (2).jpg

21.98 KB

   lo2-64-h3 4.JPG

48.36 KB

   lo2-64-h3 5 (2).jpg

24.27 KB

   lo2-64-h3 5.JPG

54.36 KB

   lo2-67-h2top (2).jpg

25.28 KB

   lo2-67-h2top (3).JPG

55.73 KB

   lo2-67-h3a (2).jpg

20.77 KB

   lo2-67-h3a (3).JPG

45.32 KB

   lo2-67-h3b 0 (2).jpg

18.75 KB

   lo2-67-h3b 0.JPG

44.17 KB

   lo2-67-h3b 1 (2).jpg

12.63 KB

   lo2-67-h3b 1.JPG

22.54 KB

   lo2-71-h3left (2).jpg

31.21 KB

   lo2-71-h3left (3).JPG

61.90 KB

   lo2-72-h3 (2).jpg

29.55 KB


61.26 KB

   lo3-111-ma (2).jpg

32.90 KB

   lo3-111-ma (3).JPG

71.08 KB

   lo3-122-h1a 0 (2).jpg

42.79 KB

   lo3-122-h1a 0.JPG

75.03 KB

   lo3-122-h1a 1 (2).jpg

20.00 KB

   lo3-122-h1a 1.JPG

45.27 KB

   lo3-125-hright 0 (2).jpg

21.11 KB

   lo3-125-hright 0.JPG

47.63 KB

   lo3-125-hright 1 (2).jpg

16.84 KB

   lo3-125-hright 1.JPG

32.84 KB

   lo3-127-h1b (2).jpg

32.61 KB

   lo3-127-h1b (3).JPG

63.36 KB

   lo3-128-h2 0 (2).jpg

31.00 KB

   lo3-128-h2 0.JPG

64.04 KB

   lo3-128-h2 1 (2).jpg

32.29 KB

   lo3-128-h2 1.JPG

63.28 KB

   lo3-128-h2 2 (2).jpg

11.64 KB

   lo3-128-h2 2.JPG

23.56 KB

   lo3-128-h2 3 (2).jpg

11.78 KB

   lo3-128-h2 3.JPG

21.41 KB

   lo3-128-h2 4 (2).jpg

11.69 KB

   lo3-128-h2 4.JPG

21.29 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 0 (2).jpg

36.08 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 0.JPG

64.31 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 1 (2).jpg

30.71 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 1.JPG

60.14 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 2 (2).jpg

22.20 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 2.JPG

49.98 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 3 (2).jpg

25.57 KB

   lo3-13-h3right 3.JPG

57.79 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 0 (2).jpg

16.75 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 0.JPG

36.96 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 1 (2).jpg

13.95 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 1.JPG

29.27 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 2 (2).jpg

31.47 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 2.JPG

64.50 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 3 (2).jpg

20.50 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 3.JPG

51.21 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 4 (2).jpg

14.34 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 4.JPG

31.77 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 5 (2).jpg

17.03 KB

   lo3-130-h2a 5.JPG

35.84 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 0 (2).jpg

16.77 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 0.JPG

34.71 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 1 (2).jpg

27.83 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 1.JPG

62.83 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 2 (2).jpg

67.62 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 2.JPG

114.81 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 3 (2).jpg

17.87 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 3.JPG

37.96 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 4 (2).jpg

17.82 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 4.JPG

40.10 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 5 (2).jpg

20.83 KB

   lo3-130-h2b 5.JPG

51.11 KB

   lo3-130-h2c (2).jpg

27.75 KB

   lo3-130-h2c (3).JPG

53.14 KB

   lo3-130-h2d (2).jpg

90.31 KB

   lo3-130-h2d (3).JPG

150.40 KB

   lo3-131-h1c 0 (2).jpg

24.47 KB

   lo3-131-h1c 0.JPG

58.67 KB

   lo3-131-h1c 1 (2).jpg

49.69 KB

   lo3-131-h1c 1.JPG

86.45 KB

   lo3-131-h1d 0 (2).jpg

22.42 KB

   lo3-131-h1d 0.JPG

54.41 KB

   lo3-131-h1d 1 (2).jpg

18.52 KB

   lo3-131-h1d 1.JPG

43.92 KB

   lo3-133-h2c (2).jpg

45.47 KB

   lo3-133-h2c (3).JPG

91.05 KB

   lo3-133-h2d 0 (2).jpg

33.67 KB

   lo3-133-h2d 0.JPG

67.51 KB

   lo3-133-h2d 1 (2).jpg

29.15 KB

   lo3-133-h2d 1.JPG

58.87 KB

   lo3-133-h3a 0 (2).jpg

35.52 KB

   lo3-133-h3a 0.JPG

66.08 KB

   lo3-133-h3a 1 (2).jpg

33.77 KB

   lo3-133-h3a 1.JPG

69.60 KB

   lo3-133-h3b (2).jpg

32.17 KB

   lo3-133-h3b (3).JPG

61.42 KB

   lo3-133-h3c (2).jpg

37.40 KB

   lo3-133-h3c (3).JPG

72.34 KB

   lo3-137-h1 0 (2).jpg

20.37 KB

   lo3-137-h1 0.JPG

48.37 KB

   lo3-137-h1 1 (2).jpg

19.18 KB

   lo3-137-h1 1.JPG

41.33 KB

   lo3-137-h1 2 (2).jpg

27.91 KB

   lo3-137-h1 2.JPG

63.48 KB

   lo3-137-h1 3 (2).jpg

17.35 KB

   lo3-137-h1 3.JPG

38.71 KB

   lo3-137-h1 4 (2).jpg

22.09 KB

   lo3-137-h1 4.JPG

51.63 KB

   lo3-137-h1 5 (2).jpg

17.25 KB

   lo3-137-h1 5.JPG

33.74 KB

   lo3-137-h1 6 (2).jpg

21.79 KB

   lo3-137-h1 6.JPG

44.04 KB

   lo3-137-h2a (2).jpg

94.10 KB

   lo3-137-h2a (3).JPG

142.45 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 0 (2).jpg

23.34 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 0.JPG

51.68 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 1 (2).jpg

37.38 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 1.JPG

72.59 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 2 (2).jpg

30.69 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 2.JPG

59.84 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 3 (2).jpg

22.63 KB

   lo3-137-h2b 3.JPG

49.10 KB

   lo3-137-h2c 0 (2).jpg

23.80 KB

   lo3-137-h2c 0.JPG

54.08 KB

   lo3-137-h2c 1 (2).jpg

22.79 KB

   lo3-137-h2c 1.JPG

54.09 KB

   lo3-137-h2c 2 (2).jpg

26.87 KB

   lo3-137-h2c 2.JPG

56.66 KB

   lo3-137-h2d (2).jpg

27.67 KB

   lo3-137-h2d (3).JPG

57.41 KB

   lo3-138-h1 0 (2).jpg

20.51 KB

   lo3-138-h1 0.JPG

45.55 KB

   lo3-138-h1 1 (2).jpg

23.36 KB

   lo3-138-h1 1.JPG

49.21 KB

   lo3-138-h2 0 (2).jpg

22.68 KB

   lo3-138-h2 0.JPG

50.24 KB

   lo3-138-h2 1 (2).jpg

17.30 KB

   lo3-138-h2 1.JPG

36.45 KB

   lo3-138-h2 2 (2).jpg

20.67 KB

   lo3-138-h2 2.JPG

50.83 KB

   lo3-139-h1 0 (2).jpg

21.07 KB

   lo3-139-h1 0.JPG

48.87 KB

   lo3-139-h2 0 (1).jpg

21.82 KB

   lo3-139-h2 0 (2).JPG

49.71 KB

   lo3-139-h2 1 (2).jpg

22.84 KB

   lo3-139-h2 1.JPG

51.35 KB

   lo3-139-h2 2 (2).jpg

23.02 KB

   lo3-139-h2 2.JPG

50.52 KB

   lo3-139-h2 3 (2).jpg

32.10 KB

   lo3-139-h2 3.JPG

63.47 KB

   lo3-139-h2 4 (2).jpg

46.09 KB

   lo3-139-h2 4.JPG

90.83 KB

   lo3-140-h1 0 (2).jpg

22.65 KB

   lo3-140-h1 0.JPG

47.61 KB

   lo3-140-h1 1 (2).jpg

23.15 KB

   lo3-140-h1 1.JPG

53.98 KB

   lo3-140-h1 2 (2).jpg

32.06 KB

   lo3-140-h1 2.JPG

60.06 KB

   lo3-140-h1 3 (2).jpg

99.11 KB

   lo3-140-h1 3.JPG

146.82 KB

   lo3-140-h1 4 (2).jpg

37.45 KB

   lo3-140-h1 4.JPG

72.65 KB

   lo3-140-h1 5 (2).jpg

21.50 KB

   lo3-140-h1 5.JPG

46.14 KB

   lo3-140-h1 6 (2).jpg

24.05 KB

   lo3-140-h1 6.JPG

51.49 KB

   lo3-140-h1 7 (2).jpg

52.91 KB

   lo3-140-h1 7.JPG

127.03 KB

   lo3-140-h1 7a (2).jpg

27.13 KB

   lo3-140-h1 7a (3).JPG

55.80 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 0 (2).jpg

35.94 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 0.JPG

67.54 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 1 (2).jpg

34.30 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 1.JPG

66.37 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 2 (2).jpg

30.82 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 2.JPG

59.40 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 3 (2).jpg

22.94 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 3.JPG

51.60 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 4 (2).jpg

52.41 KB

   lo3-140-h2a 4.JPG

92.76 KB

   lo3-140-h2b 0 (2).jpg

24.33 KB

   lo3-140-h2b 0.JPG

53.40 KB

   lo3-140-h2b 1 (2).jpg

22.94 KB

   lo3-140-h2b 1.JPG

49.74 KB

   lo3-140-h2b 2 (2).jpg

26.90 KB

   lo3-140-h2b 2.JPG

59.01 KB

   lo3-140-h2c 0 (2).jpg

25.36 KB

   lo3-140-h2c 0.JPG

56.46 KB

   lo3-140-h2c 1 (2).jpg

24.65 KB

   lo3-140-h2c 1.JPG

55.81 KB

   lo3-140-h2c 2 (2).jpg

64.24 KB

   lo3-140-h2c 2.JPG

103.46 KB

   lo3-140-h2d 0 (2).jpg

23.78 KB

   lo3-140-h2d 0.JPG

49.22 KB

   lo3-140-h2d 1 (2).jpg

19.91 KB

   lo3-140-h2d 1.JPG

36.86 KB

   lo3-140-h2d 2 (2).jpg

25.77 KB

   lo3-140-h2d 2.JPG

56.83 KB

   lo3-141-h1 (2).jpg

41.94 KB


104.46 KB

   lo3-141-h2a 0 (2).jpg

19.96 KB

   lo3-141-h2a 0.JPG

44.40 KB

   lo3-141-h2a 1 (2).jpg

26.26 KB

   lo3-141-h2a 1.JPG

57.48 KB

   lo3-141-h2b (2).jpg

24.40 KB

   lo3-141-h2b (3).JPG

54.05 KB

   lo3-141-h2d 0 (2).jpg

21.65 KB

   lo3-141-h2d 0.JPG

52.35 KB

   lo3-141-h2d 1 (2).jpg

25.24 KB

   lo3-141-h2d 1.JPG

57.02 KB

   lo3-141-h2d 2 (2).jpg

22.02 KB

   lo3-141-h2d 2.JPG

48.26 KB

   lo3-142-h1left 0 (2).jpg

31.15 KB

   lo3-142-h1left 0.JPG

60.48 KB

   lo3-142-h1left 1 (2).jpg

24.13 KB

   lo3-142-h1left 1.JPG

51.30 KB

   lo3-142-h1left 1a.jpg

104.07 KB

   lo3-142-h1left 1aa.JPG

160.98 KB

   lo3-142-h2a 0 (2).jpg

23.38 KB

   lo3-142-h2a 0.JPG

52.78 KB

   lo3-142-h2a 1 (2).jpg

20.17 KB

   lo3-142-h2a 1.JPG

46.79 KB

   lo3-142-h2a 2 (2).jpg

24.13 KB

   lo3-142-h2a 2.JPG

51.07 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 0 (2).jpg

21.32 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 0.JPG

52.45 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 1 (2).jpg

42.57 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 1.JPG

75.16 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 2 (2).jpg

23.96 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 2.JPG

50.86 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 3 (2).jpg

23.40 KB

   lo3-142-h2b 3.JPG

52.48 KB

   lo3-142-h2d (2).jpg

16.17 KB

   lo3-142-h2d (3).JPG

34.67 KB

   lo3-142-h3b (2).jpg

23.05 KB

   lo3-142-h3b (3).JPG

48.56 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 0 (2).jpg

21.88 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 0.JPG

48.71 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 1 (2).jpg

33.43 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 1.JPG

64.48 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 2 (2).jpg

46.02 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 2.JPG

79.36 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 3 (2).jpg

51.22 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 3.JPG

87.71 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 4 (2).jpg

35.24 KB

   lo3-142-h3c 4.JPG

64.87 KB

   lo3-142-h3d (2).jpg

74.63 KB

   lo3-142-h3d (3).JPG

120.30 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 0 (2).jpg

38.52 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 0.JPG

69.34 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 1 (2).jpg

43.64 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 1.JPG

82.39 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 2 (2).jpg

32.36 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 2.JPG

68.87 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 3 (2).jpg

20.15 KB

   lo3-143-h1right 3.JPG

44.24 KB

   lo3-143-h3a 0 (2).jpg

68.67 KB

   lo3-143-h3a 0.JPG

128.00 KB

   lo3-143-h3a 1 (2).jpg

19.43 KB

   lo3-143-h3a 1.JPG

45.36 KB

   lo3-143-h3b 0 (2).jpg

27.97 KB

   lo3-143-h3b 0.JPG

54.85 KB

   lo3-143-h3b 1 (2).jpg

31.47 KB

   lo3-143-h3b 1.JPG

64.48 KB

   lo3-143-h3b 2 (2).jpg

16.39 KB

   lo3-143-h3b 2.JPG

33.30 KB

   lo3-144-h1 (2).jpg

23.04 KB


53.29 KB

   lo3-144-h2 0 (2).jpg

24.32 KB

   lo3-144-h2 0.JPG

51.39 KB

   lo3-144-h2 1 (2).jpg

22.07 KB

   lo3-144-h2 1.JPG

49.49 KB

   lo3-144-h2 2 (2).jpg

30.07 KB

   lo3-144-h2 2.JPG

59.30 KB

   lo3-145-h1 (2).jpg

18.42 KB


42.34 KB

   lo3-145-h3right 0 (2).jpg

38.46 KB

   lo3-145-h3right 0.JPG

73.68 KB

   lo3-145-h3right 1 (2).jpg

47.50 KB

   lo3-145-h3right 1.JPG

113.35 KB

   lo3-146-h1c 0 (2).jpg

27.13 KB

   lo3-146-h1c 0.JPG

57.99 KB

   lo3-146-h1c 1 (2).jpg

19.71 KB

   lo3-146-h1c 1.JPG

43.16 KB

   lo3-146-h1d 0 (2).jpg

22.30 KB

   lo3-146-h1d 0.JPG

51.03 KB

   lo3-146-h1d 1 (2).jpg

22.06 KB

   lo3-146-h1d 1.JPG

45.18 KB

   lo3-146-h1d 2 (2).jpg

19.79 KB

   lo3-146-h1d 2.JPG

47.61 KB

   lo3-146-h3 (2).jpg

17.79 KB


38.06 KB

   lo3-148-h3b 0 (2).jpg

28.28 KB

   lo3-148-h3b 0.JPG

58.84 KB

   lo3-148-h3b 1 (2).jpg

18.67 KB

   lo3-148-h3b 1.JPG

45.16 KB

   lo3-148-h3d 0 (2).jpg

18.83 KB

   lo3-148-h3d 0.JPG

42.62 KB

   lo3-148-h3d 1 (2).jpg

16.58 KB

   lo3-148-h3d 1.JPG

36.42 KB

   lo3-148-h3d 2 (2).jpg

20.14 KB

   lo3-148-h3d 2.JPG

45.87 KB

   lo3-149-h1a (2).jpg

16.85 KB

   lo3-149-h1a (3).JPG

38.73 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 0 (2).jpg

17.93 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 0.JPG

40.54 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 1 (2).jpg

17.90 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 1.JPG

40.74 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 2 (2).jpg

26.94 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 2.JPG

57.62 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 3 (2).jpg

18.48 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 3.JPG

42.57 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 4 (2).jpg

21.02 KB

   lo3-149-h1b 4.JPG

46.80 KB

   lo3-149-h1d (2).jpg

20.18 KB

   lo3-149-h1d (3).JPG

48.17 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 0 (2).jpg

16.28 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 0.JPG

36.67 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 1 (2).jpg

19.59 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 1.JPG

40.67 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 2 (2).jpg

93.04 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 2.JPG

145.33 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 3 (2).jpg

22.54 KB

   lo3-149-h2a 3.JPG

47.01 KB

   lo3-149-h2b 0 (1).jpg

15.97 KB

   lo3-149-h2b 0 (2).JPG

34.10 KB

   lo3-149-h2b 1.jpg

136.81 KB

   lo3-149-h2b 1a.JPG

200.39 KB

   lo3-149-h2c 0 (0).jpg

17.38 KB

   lo3-149-h2c 0 (1).JPG

36.85 KB

   lo3-149-h2c 1 (2).jpg

19.20 KB

   lo3-149-h2c 1.JPG

43.17 KB

   lo3-149-h2d 0 (1).jpg

18.67 KB

   lo3-149-h2d 0 (2).JPG

42.68 KB

   lo3-149-h2d 1 (2).jpg

21.26 KB

   lo3-149-h2d 1.JPG

46.47 KB

   lo3-149-h2d 2 (2).jpg

17.70 KB

   lo3-149-h2d 2.JPG

38.98 KB

   lo3-150-h2a (2).jpg

25.29 KB

   lo3-150-h2a (3).JPG

57.19 KB

   lo3-150-h2b 0 (1).jpg

21.38 KB

   lo3-150-h2b 0 (2).JPG

48.93 KB

   lo3-150-h2b 1 (2).jpg

18.02 KB

   lo3-150-h2b 1.JPG

38.10 KB

   lo3-150-h2c (2).jpg

42.69 KB

   lo3-150-h2c (3).JPG

77.45 KB

   lo3-150-h2d 0 (1).jpg

20.72 KB

   lo3-150-h2d 0 (2).JPG

34.95 KB

   lo3-150-h2d 1 (2).jpg

22.04 KB

   lo3-150-h2d 1.JPG

52.53 KB

   lo3-150-h2d 2 (2).jpg

22.07 KB

   lo3-150-h2d 2.JPG

49.31 KB

   lo3-151-h3a 0 (1).jpg

23.11 KB

   lo3-151-h3a 0 (2).JPG

53.52 KB

   lo3-151-h3a 1 (2).jpg

17.32 KB

   lo3-151-h3a 1.JPG

37.59 KB

   lo3-151-h3a 2 (2).jpg

21.89 KB

   lo3-151-h3a 2.JPG

51.42 KB

   lo3-151-h3b (2).jpg

26.64 KB

   lo3-151-h3b (3).JPG

53.35 KB

   lo3-151-h3c (2).jpg

17.49 KB

   lo3-151-h3c (3).JPG

35.77 KB

   lo3-168-h3a (2).jpg

36.11 KB

   lo3-168-h3a (3).JPG

64.49 KB

   lo3-176-h1a (2).jpg

25.04 KB

   lo3-176-h1a (3).JPG

52.14 KB

   lo3-181-h1a 1 (2).jpg

35.67 KB

   lo3-181-h1a 1.JPG

65.55 KB

   lo3-181-h1a 2 (2).jpg

22.22 KB

   lo3-181-h1a 2.JPG

49.21 KB

   lo3-181-h1b 0 (2).jpg

22.12 KB

   lo3-181-h1b 0.JPG

49.36 KB

   lo3-181-h1b 1 (2).jpg

16.78 KB

   lo3-181-h1b 1.JPG

32.64 KB

   lo3-181-h1b 2 (2).jpg

35.51 KB

   lo3-181-h1b 2.JPG

74.36 KB

   lo3-181-h1c 0 (2).jpg

21.83 KB

   lo3-181-h1c 0.JPG

49.23 KB

   lo3-181-h1c 1 (2).jpg

20.01 KB

   lo3-181-h1c 1.JPG

44.08 KB

   lo3-181-h1d 0 (2).jpg

22.76 KB

   lo3-181-h1d 0.JPG

53.27 KB

   lo3-181-h1d 1 (2).jpg

20.36 KB

   lo3-181-h1d 1.JPG

46.29 KB

   lo3-181-h2 0 (2).jpg

19.04 KB

   lo3-181-h2 0.JPG

41.58 KB

   lo3-181-h2 1 (2).jpg

23.70 KB

   lo3-181-h2 1.JPG

53.66 KB

   lo3-181-h2 2 (2).jpg

124.46 KB

   lo3-181-h2 2.JPG

174.44 KB

   lo3-181-h2a (2).jpg

19.34 KB

   lo3-181-h2a (3).JPG

41.93 KB

   lo3-181-h2b 0 (2).jpg

16.12 KB

   lo3-181-h2b 0.JPG

32.69 KB

   lo3-181-h2b 1 (2).jpg

34.54 KB

   lo3-181-h2b 1.JPG

72.26 KB

   lo3-181-h2c 0 (2).jpg

24.30 KB

   lo3-181-h2c 0.JPG

55.02 KB

   lo3-181-h2c 1 (2).jpg

16.84 KB

   lo3-181-h2c 1.JPG

34.79 KB

   lo3-181-h2c 2 (2).jpg

16.03 KB

   lo3-181-h2c 2.JPG

31.80 KB

   lo3-181-h2d (2).jpg

18.45 KB

   lo3-181-h2d (3).JPG

39.18 KB

   lo3-181-h3b (2).jpg

40.20 KB

   lo3-181-h3b (3).JPG

74.71 KB

   lo3-181-h3c (2).jpg

29.16 KB

   lo3-181-h3c (3).JPG

63.31 KB

   lo3-181-h3d 0 (2).jpg

20.78 KB

   lo3-181-h3d 0.JPG

48.48 KB

   lo3-181-h3d 1 (2).jpg

56.08 KB

   lo3-181-h3d 1.JPG

100.89 KB

   lo3-181-h3d 2 (2).jpg

41.27 KB

   lo3-181-h3d 2.JPG

111.44 KB

   lo3-182-h3a (2).jpg

34.08 KB

   lo3-182-h3a (3).JPG

65.72 KB

   lo3-182-h3c 0 (2).jpg

39.77 KB

   lo3-182-h3c 0.JPG

68.79 KB

   lo3-182-h3c 1 (2).jpg

34.46 KB

   lo3-182-h3c 1.JPG

69.95 KB

   lo3-182-h3c 2 (2).jpg

23.92 KB

   lo3-182-h3c 2.JPG

47.87 KB

   lo3-182-h3d 0 (2).jpg

38.42 KB

   lo3-182-h3d 0.JPG

71.08 KB

   lo3-182-h3d 1 (2).jpg

27.87 KB

   lo3-182-h3d 1.JPG

54.07 KB

   lo3-183-h1a (2).jpg

25.23 KB

   lo3-183-h1a (3).JPG

52.40 KB

   lo3-183-h1b (2).jpg

22.83 KB

   lo3-183-h1b (3).JPG

48.36 KB

   lo3-183-h1c (2).jpg

25.78 KB

   lo3-183-h1c (3).JPG

53.30 KB

   lo3-183-h1d 0 (2).jpg

21.00 KB

   lo3-183-h1d 0.JPG

48.91 KB

   lo3-183-h1d 1 (2).jpg

22.37 KB

   lo3-183-h1d 1.JPG

50.01 KB

   lo3-183-h2 0 (2).jpg

26.29 KB

   lo3-183-h2 0.JPG

52.89 KB

   lo3-183-h2 1 (2).jpg

28.48 KB

   lo3-183-h2 1.JPG

55.39 KB

   lo3-184-h2c 0 (2).jpg

25.73 KB

   lo3-184-h2c 0.JPG

50.33 KB

   lo3-184-h2c 1 (2).jpg

21.79 KB

   lo3-184-h2c 1.JPG

51.39 KB

   lo3-184-h2c 2 (2).jpg

29.82 KB

   lo3-184-h2c 2.JPG

59.51 KB

   lo3-184-h2d (2).jpg

33.70 KB

   lo3-184-h2d (3).JPG

67.42 KB

   lo3-185-m 0 (2).jpg

18.53 KB

   lo3-185-m 0.JPG

42.50 KB

   lo3-185-m 1 (2).jpg

26.93 KB

   lo3-185-m 1.JPG

55.13 KB

   lo3-186-h1 0 (2).jpg

36.34 KB

   lo3-186-h1 0.JPG

69.55 KB

   lo3-186-h1 1 (2).jpg

14.06 KB

   lo3-186-h1 1.JPG

30.20 KB

   lo3-188-h2a 0 (2).jpg

40.72 KB

   lo3-188-h2a 0.JPG

81.27 KB

   lo3-188-h2a 1 (2).jpg

25.82 KB

   lo3-188-h2a 1.JPG

57.65 KB

   lo3-188-h2a 2 (2).jpg

43.18 KB

   lo3-188-h2a 2.JPG

80.35 KB

   lo3-188-h2b (2).jpg

23.48 KB

   lo3-188-h2b (3).JPG

52.58 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 0 (2).jpg

30.81 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 0.JPG

64.71 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 1 (2).jpg

31.15 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 1.JPG

63.45 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 2 (2).jpg

27.71 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 2.JPG

68.77 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 3 (2).jpg

21.99 KB

   lo3-188-h2c 3.JPG

48.92 KB

   lo3-188-h2d (2).jpg

22.34 KB

   lo3-188-h2d (3).JPG

52.03 KB

   lo3-189-h2a 0 (2).jpg

24.61 KB

   lo3-189-h2a 0.JPG

57.24 KB

   lo3-189-h2a 1 (2).jpg

33.29 KB

   lo3-189-h2a 1.JPG

67.34 KB

   lo3-189-mc (2).jpg

16.80 KB

   lo3-189-mc (3).JPG

40.66 KB

   lo3-193-ma 0 (2).jpg

22.94 KB

   lo3-193-ma 0.JPG

54.09 KB

   lo3-193-ma 1 (2).jpg

21.31 KB

   lo3-193-ma 1.JPG

48.05 KB

   lo3-193-mb (2).jpg

18.89 KB

   lo3-193-mb (3).JPG

43.25 KB

   lo3-195-h2 (2).jpg

23.29 KB


44.78 KB

   lo3-196-h2 0 (2).jpg

22.92 KB

   lo3-196-h2 0.JPG

47.00 KB

   lo3-196-h2 1 (2).jpg

23.63 KB

   lo3-196-h2 1.JPG

51.67 KB

   lo3-197-h1a 0 (2).jpg

20.46 KB

   lo3-197-h1a 0.JPG

45.77 KB

   lo3-197-h1a 1 (2).jpg

20.87 KB

   lo3-197-h1a 1.JPG

47.05 KB

   lo3-197-h1b (2).jpg

25.43 KB

   lo3-197-h1b (3).JPG

53.58 KB

   lo3-197-h2bottom 0 (2).jpg

21.84 KB

   lo3-197-h2bottom 0.JPG

47.71 KB

   lo3-197-h2bottom 1 (2).jpg

25.58 KB

   lo3-197-h2bottom 1.JPG

53.83 KB

   lo3-197-h2top 0 (2).jpg

25.21 KB

   lo3-197-h2top 0.JPG

55.06 KB

   lo3-197-h2top 1 (2).jpg

18.19 KB

   lo3-197-h2top 1.JPG

35.13 KB

   lo3-20-h1c 0 (2).jpg

19.62 KB

   lo3-20-h1c 0.JPG

44.35 KB

   lo3-20-h1c 1 (2).jpg

16.60 KB

   lo3-20-h1c 1.JPG

33.10 KB

   lo3-20-h1c 2 (2).jpg

20.48 KB

   lo3-20-h1c 2.JPG

44.04 KB

   lo3-200-h2left (2).jpg

17.53 KB

   lo3-200-h2left (3).JPG

35.40 KB

   lo3-200-h2right (2).jpg

18.26 KB

   lo3-200-h2right (3).JPG

36.77 KB

   lo3-200-h3 (2).jpg

41.50 KB


78.73 KB

   lo3-209-h2right (2).jpg

19.76 KB

   lo3-209-h2right (3).JPG

35.56 KB

   lo3-211-h2 0 (2).jpg

16.26 KB

   lo3-211-h2 0.JPG

33.64 KB

   lo3-211-h2 1 (2).jpg

23.02 KB

   lo3-211-h2 1.JPG

51.46 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 0 (2).jpg

17.61 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 0.JPG

40.28 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 1 (2).jpg

22.85 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 1.JPG

48.41 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 2 (2).jpg

30.29 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 2.JPG

60.19 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 3 (2).jpg

25.69 KB

   lo3-78-mleft 3.JPG

52.31 KB

   lo3-85-ma 0 (2).jpg

28.56 KB

   lo3-85-ma 0.JPG

58.28 KB

   lo3-85-ma 1 (2).jpg

20.26 KB

   lo3-85-ma 1.JPG

44.47 KB

   lo3-85-ma 2 (2).jpg

21.55 KB

   lo3-85-ma 2.JPG

44.33 KB

   lo3-85-md 0 (2).jpg

23.84 KB

   lo3-85-md 0.JPG

46.96 KB

   lo3-85-md 1 (2).jpg

25.85 KB

   lo3-85-md 1.JPG

51.24 KB

   lo3-88-h1 (2).jpg

34.36 KB


73.99 KB

   lo3-90-h2c 0 (2).jpg

25.27 KB

   lo3-90-h2c 0.JPG

53.55 KB

   lo3-90-h2c 1 (2).jpg

24.63 KB

   lo3-90-h2c 1.JPG

52.34 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 0 (2).jpg

21.67 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 0.JPG

55.17 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 1 (2).jpg

23.31 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 1.JPG

54.23 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 2 (2).jpg

23.13 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 2.JPG

52.18 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 3 (2).jpg

29.62 KB

   lo3-95-h1a 3.JPG

68.55 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 0 (2).jpg

19.16 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 0.JPG

43.79 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 1 (2).jpg

20.46 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 1.JPG

47.31 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 2 (2).jpg

16.65 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 2.JPG

37.15 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 3 (2).jpg

14.65 KB

   lo3-95-h1b 3.JPG

31.02 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 0 (2).jpg

26.60 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 0.JPG

60.03 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 1 (2).jpg

23.45 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 1.JPG

53.32 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 2 (2).jpg

23.44 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 2.JPG

52.18 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 3 (2).jpg

28.14 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 3.JPG

56.79 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 4 (2).jpg

20.42 KB

   lo3-95-h1d 4.JPG

47.32 KB

   lo3-99-h2a 0 (2).jpg

43.10 KB

   lo3-99-h2a 0.JPG

75.82 KB

   lo3-99-h2a 1 (2).jpg

25.29 KB

   lo3-99-h2a 1.JPG

51.28 KB

   lo3-99-h2a 2 (2).jpg

22.08 KB

   lo3-99-h2a 2.JPG

50.76 KB

   lo3-99-h2d 0 (2).jpg

21.72 KB

   lo3-99-h2d 0.JPG

53.88 KB

   lo3-99-h2d 1 (2).jpg

11.21 KB

   lo3-99-h2d 1.JPG

20.47 KB

   lo5-105-h2right (2).jpg

21.50 KB

   lo5-105-h2right (3).JPG

47.20 KB

   lo5-105-h3left (2).jpg

23.51 KB

   lo5-105-h3left (3).JPG

48.73 KB

   lo5-107-h1a (2).jpg

19.90 KB

   lo5-107-h1a (3).JPG

44.66 KB

   lo5-107-h1b (2).jpg

19.63 KB

   lo5-107-h1b (3).JPG

41.75 KB

   lo5-107-h1c (2).jpg

18.80 KB

   lo5-107-h1c (3).JPG

41.97 KB

   lo5-107-h1d (2).jpg

19.23 KB

   lo5-107-h1d (3).JPG

43.24 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 0 (2).jpg

67.00 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 0.JPG

128.13 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 1 (2).jpg

24.39 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 1.JPG

58.40 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 2 (2).jpg

45.50 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 2.JPG

87.98 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 3 (2).jpg

51.28 KB

   lo5-125-h2a 3.JPG

98.04 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 0 (2).jpg

45.19 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 0.JPG

87.80 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 1 (2).jpg

25.25 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 1.JPG

56.77 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 2 (2).jpg

23.60 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 2.JPG

53.01 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 3 (2).jpg

22.25 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 3.JPG

56.28 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 4 (2).jpg

30.50 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 4.JPG

65.13 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 5 (2).jpg

23.68 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 5.JPG

56.14 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 6 (2).jpg

38.76 KB

   lo5-125-h2b 6.JPG

76.31 KB

   lo5-125-h2c 0 (2).jpg

22.54 KB

   lo5-125-h2c 0.JPG

52.20 KB

   lo5-125-h2c 1 (2).jpg

19.30 KB

   lo5-125-h2c 1.JPG

46.56 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 0(flipped) (2).jpg

23.69 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 0(flipped) (3).JPG

54.87 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 1(flipped) (2).jpg

27.09 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 1(flipped) (3).JPG

57.42 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 2(flipped) (2).jpg

30.26 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 2(flipped) (3).JPG

68.73 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 3(flipped) (2).jpg

33.48 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 3(flipped) (3).JPG

63.56 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 4(flipped) (2).jpg

37.32 KB

   lo5-125-h2d 4(flipped) (3).JPG

73.04 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 0(flipped) (2).jpg

26.06 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 0(flipped) (3).JPG

58.19 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 1(flipped) (2).jpg

30.35 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 1(flipped) (3).JPG

65.64 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 2(flipped) (2).jpg

23.95 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 2(flipped) (3).JPG

51.93 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 3(flipped) (2).jpg

32.84 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 3(flipped) (3).JPG

71.81 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 4(flipped) (2).jpg

30.27 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 4(flipped) (3).JPG

62.68 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 5(flipped) (2).jpg

30.67 KB

   lo5-126-h2a 5(flipped) (3).JPG

61.13 KB

   lo5-126-h2b (2).jpg

23.18 KB

   lo5-126-h2b (3).JPG

49.49 KB

   lo5-126-h2c 0 (2).jpg

20.39 KB

   lo5-126-h2c 0.JPG

45.40 KB

   lo5-126-h2c 1 (2).jpg

23.95 KB

   lo5-126-h2c 1.JPG

57.16 KB

   lo5-126-h2c 2 (2).jpg

30.17 KB

   lo5-126-h2c 2.JPG

64.46 KB

   lo5-126-h2d (flipped) (2).jpg

32.11 KB

   lo5-126-h2d (flipped) (3).JPG

73.47 KB

   lo5-128-h1a (flipped) (2).jpg

27.90 KB

   lo5-128-h1a (flipped) (3).JPG

64.17 KB

   lo5-128-h1b (flipped) (2).jpg

19.21 KB

   lo5-128-h1b (flipped) (3).JPG

39.38 KB

   lo5-128-h1c (2).jpg

33.16 KB

   lo5-128-h1c (3).JPG

61.97 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 0 (2).jpg

24.45 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 0.JPG

49.04 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 1 (2).jpg

39.14 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 1.JPG

76.64 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 2 (2).jpg

31.99 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 2.JPG

64.20 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 3 (2).jpg

38.70 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 3.JPG

70.85 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 4 (2).jpg

27.36 KB

   lo5-200-h2a 4.JPG

56.68 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 0 (2).jpg

20.90 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 0.JPG

48.67 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 1 (2).jpg

19.00 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 1.JPG

49.67 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 2 (2).jpg

25.32 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 2.JPG

56.20 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 3 (2).jpg

32.63 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 3.JPG

63.21 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 4 (2).jpg

32.29 KB

   lo5-200-h2b 4.JPG

65.52 KB

   lo5-200-h2c 0 (2).jpg

45.87 KB

   lo5-200-h2c 0.JPG

76.92 KB

   lo5-200-h2c 1 (2).jpg

35.23 KB

   lo5-200-h2c 1.JPG

65.51 KB

   lo5-200-h2d (2).jpg

34.44 KB

   lo5-200-h2d (3).JPG

70.38 KB

   lo5-200-h3a 0 (2).jpg

19.97 KB

   lo5-200-h3a 0.JPG

43.26 KB

   lo5-200-h3a 1 (2).jpg

19.81 KB

   lo5-200-h3a 1.JPG

40.76 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 0 (2).jpg

56.77 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 0.JPG

104.33 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 1 (2).jpg

31.41 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 1.JPG

59.62 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 2 (2).jpg

25.17 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 2.JPG

53.86 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 3 (2).jpg

25.99 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 3.JPG

53.28 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 4 (2).jpg

33.79 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 4.JPG

63.73 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 5 (2).jpg

29.72 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 5.JPG

60.41 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 6 (2).jpg

18.49 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 6.JPG

42.89 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 7 (2).jpg

25.21 KB

   lo5-200-h3b 7.JPG

49.83 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 0 (2).jpg

25.27 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 0.JPG

57.52 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 1 (2).jpg

16.32 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 1.JPG

37.65 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 2 (2).jpg

22.54 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 2.JPG

48.38 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 3 (2).jpg

57.64 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 3.JPG

96.41 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 4 (2).jpg

22.91 KB

   lo5-200-h3d 4.JPG

46.51 KB

   lo5-63-h2bottom (2).jpg

44.66 KB

   lo5-63-h2bottom (3).JPG

80.24 KB

   lo5-70-h2c 0 (2).jpg

21.29 KB

   lo5-70-h2c 0.JPG

44.83 KB

   lo5-70-h2c 1 (2).jpg

33.79 KB

   lo5-70-h2c 1.JPG

64.93 KB

   lo5-70-m 0 (2).jpg

22.23 KB

   lo5-70-m 0.JPG

47.50 KB

   lo5-70-m 1 (2).jpg

21.58 KB

   lo5-70-m 1.JPG

45.19 KB


152.72 KB


95.88 KB


16.42 KB


61.62 KB


51.53 KB


87.28 KB


42.96 KB


59.35 KB


39.27 KB


6.39 KB


241.17 KB


23.12 KB


43.99 KB


85.93 KB


105.68 KB


118.99 KB


202.49 KB


34.93 KB


26.68 KB


23.16 KB


15.33 KB


13.09 KB


74.97 KB


122.27 KB


8.62 KB


21.44 KB


21.79 KB


36.71 KB


85.03 KB


30.10 KB


4.28 KB


489.83 KB


43.22 KB


39.44 KB


821.05 KB


77.78 KB


26.91 KB


40.25 KB


28.67 KB


56.15 KB


79.62 KB


55.45 KB


113.84 KB


61.40 KB

 Alien Moon Bases.Glenn Steckling.2007.1h

  Fred Steckling Pt.1.flv

11.35 MB

  Fred Steckling Pt.2.flv

11.34 MB

  Fred Steckling Pt.3.flv

11.35 MB

  Fred Steckling Pt.4.flv

11.35 MB

  Fred Steckling Pt.5.flv

11.19 MB

  Fred Steckling Pt.6.flv

8.86 MB

  New Text Document.txt

2.32 KB

 Alien Moon.2009.30m

  Alien moon,Spherical UFOs and Flying Serpents,3of3.flv

14.02 MB

  Alien moon,The UFOs Seen On The Moon,2of3.flv

15.94 MB

  Alien moon,Why NASA Never Returned To The Moon,1of3.flv

15.39 MB

  New Text Document.txt

1.21 KB

 Arthur C. Clarke.A Fall Of Moondust.FULL CAST AUDIOBOOK (MP3) 2008

  Arthur C. Clarke - A Fall Of Moondust Disc 1

   01. Track 1.mp3

10.58 MB

   02. Track 2.mp3

3.45 MB

   03. Track 3.mp3

1.73 MB

   04. Track 4.mp3

3.43 MB

   05. Track 5.mp3

3.39 MB

   06. Track 6.mp3

2.95 MB

   07. Track 7.mp3

5.38 MB

   08. Track 8.mp3

1.58 MB

   09. Track 9.mp3

814.57 KB

   10. Track 10.mp3

2.77 MB

   11. Track 11.mp3

2.01 MB

   12. Track 12.mp3

2.39 MB

   13. Track 13.mp3

1.99 MB

   14. Track 14.mp3

2.31 MB

   15. Track 15.mp3

802.94 KB

   16. Track 16.mp3

1.29 MB

   17. Track 17.mp3

4.89 MB

   18. Track 18.mp3

1.26 MB

   19. Track 19.mp3

1.44 MB

   20. Track 20.mp3

3.20 MB

   21. Track 21.mp3

4.17 MB

   22. Track 22.mp3

1.86 MB

   23. Track 23.mp3

1.61 MB

   Arthur C. Clarke - A Fall Of Moondust Disc 1.m3u

0.40 KB

  Arthur C. Clarke - A Fall Of Moondust Disc 2

   01. Track 1.mp3

1.86 MB

   02. Track 2.mp3

1.94 MB

   03. Track 3.mp3

4.18 MB

   04. Track 4.mp3

2.81 MB

   05. Track 5.mp3

2.02 MB

   06. Track 6.mp3

2.60 MB

   07. Track 7.mp3

5.47 MB

   08. Track 8.mp3

2.93 MB

   09. Track 9.mp3

1.57 MB

   10. Track 10.mp3

4.56 MB

   11. Track 11.mp3

4.30 MB

   12. Track 12.mp3

3.47 MB

   13. Track 13.mp3

6.68 MB

   14. Track 14.mp3

6.54 MB

   15. Track 15.mp3

4.34 MB

   Arthur C. Clarke - A Fall Of Moondust Disc 2.m3u

0.25 KB


66.06 KB

  Read Me.txt

3.11 KB

 BBC.The Moon.2009.60m

  New Text Document.txt

0.53 KB

  The Moon.flv

135.88 MB

 BBC4.Lunar Conspiracy.Jon Ronson.1997.VHS.mp4.52m

  Lunar Conspiracy 1997.mp4

472.19 MB


0.71 KB



1.99 MB

  Death Star Firepower.txt

12.43 KB

  Gods_Final_Witness.Ronald Weinland.pdf

2.82 MB


16.71 KB

  Is-the-Moon-Hollow.Dr. N Huntley, Ph.D..pdf

148.69 KB


2.74 MB

  strange moon facts by Ronald Regehr.docx

31.70 KB

  Unexplainable Reports Footprints on the Moon.docx

14.99 KB


9.08 MB

 Boymerang - Balance of the

  01 - Boymerang - Soul Beat Runna.mp3

10.97 MB

  02 - Boymerang - Mind Control.mp3

11.71 MB

  03 - Boymerang - Urban Space.mp3

14.38 MB

  04 - Boymerang - You Like It Like That.mp3

11.03 MB

  05 - Boymerang - A . C . I . D.mp3

11.12 MB

  06 - Boymerang - Where Its At_.mp3

10.91 MB

  07 - Boymerang - Secret Life.mp3

5.66 MB

  08 - Boymerang - Still.mp3

10.91 MB

  09 - Boymerang - Lazarus.mp3

12.53 MB


3.98 KB

  New Text Document.txt

1.92 KB

 Building The Impossible.The Seven Ancient Wonders.2000.DVDS.2h

  New Text Document.txt

0.43 KB


349.49 MB


349.70 MB

 C2C.AM July 7th 2009.Lunar & NASA Secrets.Richard C. Hoagland.Andrew Gause.mp3.4h

  Coast to Coast - Jul 07 2009 - Hour 1.mp3

13.49 MB

  Coast to Coast - Jul 07 2009 - Hour 2.mp3

13.66 MB

  Coast to Coast - Jul 07 2009 - Hour 3.mp3

13.37 MB

  Coast to Coast - Jul 07 2009 - Hour 4.mp3

12.80 MB


1.59 KB


  3 Huge Structures on the Moon.flv

563.10 KB

  Ancient Structure On The Moon Filmed By Armstrong, 1969.flv

8.34 MB

  Apollo Moon Nasa Strange Structure.flv

887.30 KB

  Buzz Aldrin on C-Span admitting monolith found.wav

3.71 MB

  Jay Weidner - July 20th, 2009..mp3

4.57 MB

  Official NASA images of the derelict alien spaceship on the far side of the Moon.flv

17.93 MB

 Dark Mission.The Secret History of NASA.Mike Barra.2008.DVD.1h30m

  Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA (2008) Xvid.avi

517.89 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.26 KB

 David Weber.Dahak series.1996.3 AUDIOBOOKS

  David Weber.Heirs of Empire.1996

   Heirs of Empire 01.mp3

35.17 MB

   Heirs of Empire 02.mp3

40.87 MB

   Heirs of Empire 03.mp3

40.86 MB

   Heirs of Empire 04.mp3

40.85 MB

   Heirs of Empire 05.mp3

40.75 MB

   Heirs of Empire 06.mp3

41.01 MB

   Heirs of Empire 07.mp3

40.93 MB

   Heirs of Empire 08.mp3

40.95 MB

   Heirs of Empire 09.mp3

40.97 MB

   Heirs of Empire 10.mp3

40.32 MB

   Heirs of Empire 11.mp3

40.21 MB

   Heirs of Empire 12.mp3

40.30 MB

   Heirs of Empire 13.mp3

33.75 MB

   New Text Document.txt

5.34 KB

  David Weber.Mutineer's Moon.Unabridged.Book 1 Empire f.1991

   David Weber - Mutineer's Moon - Unabridged - Book 1 Empire f.txt

0.68 KB

   Mutineer's Moon 1.mp3

40.86 MB

   Mutineer's Moon 2.mp3

40.80 MB

   Mutineer's Moon 3.mp3

40.87 MB

   Mutineer's Moon 4.mp3

40.76 MB

   Mutineer's Moon 5.mp3

40.36 MB

   Mutineer's Moon 6.mp3

40.36 MB

   Mutineer's Moon 7.mp3

40.30 MB

   Mutineer's Moon 8.mp3

16.18 MB


39.45 KB

  David Weber.The Armageddon Inheritance.Unabridged.1993

   New Text Document.txt

9.27 KB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 1.mp3

24.04 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 2.mp3

41.00 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 3.mp3

40.96 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 4.mp3

40.97 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 5.mp3

40.90 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 6.mp3

40.86 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 7.mp3

40.74 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 8.mp3

40.89 MB

   The Armageddon Inheritance 9.mp3

5.52 MB

 Disclosure Project with Shawn and Clay Pickering on NR.2007.1h

  Disclosure Project with Shawn and Clay Pickering on NR.flv

122.18 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.36 KB

 HC.The Universe.Mysteries of the moon.2008.60m

  Mysteries of the moon.flv

152.65 MB

  New Text Document.txt

0.48 KB

 If We had No Moon.1999.52m


32.11 KB

  If We had No Moon.flv

342.25 MB

  New Text Document.txt

1.17 KB

 Moon Secrets Revealed.John Lear & Richard Hoagland.2008.4h

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.1.flv

13.75 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.10.flv

13.04 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.11.flv

9.63 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.12.flv

9.35 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.2.flv

15.82 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.3.flv

14.36 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.4.flv

11.92 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.5.flv

14.74 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.6.flv

14.74 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.7.flv

12.53 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.8.flv

6.91 MB

  Moon Secrets Revealed John Lear Richard Hoagland Pt.9.flv

8.84 MB

  New Text Document.txt

1.73 KB

 Nasa video Apollo 9.Three To Make Ready.1969.VHS.17m


172.45 MB

 National Geographic.Direct From the Moon.PDTV.2009.46m

  National Geographic-Direct From the Moon_WS-PDTV_XviD~Ekolb.avi

348.68 MB

  National Geographic-Direct From the Moon_WS-PDTV_XviD~Ekolb.nfo

1.23 KB

 New Frontiers in Astronomy Hubble and Beyond.2007.57m

  New Frontiers in Astronomy Hubble and Beyond.flv

98.99 MB

 Opera The Ring of the Nibelung by Wagner, Karajan, Bayreuth in English.VHS

  Opera The Ring of the Nibelung by Wagner, Karajan, Bayreuth in English.flv

137.50 MB

  The Ring of the Nibelung.txt

0.50 KB

 Rob Solarion. Planet X & Nibiru Video Lecture.2008 + His 25 Books


   Brief History Of Planet X Nibiru By Robertino Solàrion ©2006

    Brief History Of Planet X Nibiru.docx

425.06 KB

   CROSSOVER & THE DRIFTING ZODIAC By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2007

    CROSSOVER & THE DRIFTING ZODIAC By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2007.docx

38.64 KB

   FLYING SERPENTS AND DRAGONS By R. A. Boulay ©1990 Editorial Comments By Roberto Solàrion ©1997


307.33 KB

   Nibiruan Physiology By Robertino Solàrion ©1995

    Nibiruan Physiology.docx

36.24 KB

   PLANET X & THE POLAR MYTH By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2007

    PLANET X & THE POLAR MYTH By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2007.docx

80.43 KB

   THE COSMIC TREE By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2007

    THE COSMIC TREE By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2007.docx

188.78 KB

   THE RETURN & CROSSOVER OF PLANET X By Rob Solàrion . 2007

    THE RETURN & CROSSOVER OF PLANET X By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2007.docx

71.43 KB

   Brontosaurus Was A Mammal By Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky.1978.docx

14.57 KB

   Dinosaurs In The Age Of Man. By Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky.1978.docx

14.39 KB

   Extinction Of The Dinosaurs. By Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky.1978 .docx

17.74 KB

   Mysterious Sedna.2004.NASA.docx

128.66 KB

   Nibiru's Imperial Cat-Fight By Robertino Solàrion ©1996.docx

14.78 KB

   Northeast Texas Wild Gourmet Mushrooms.docx

1.35 MB

   PRELUDE TO CROSSOVER By Rob Solàrion Copyright 2006.docx

60.09 KB

   Prince Nannar's Plot.Jesus Christ & Planet X Nibiru By Robertino Solàrion ©1996.docx

15.08 KB

   Robertino Solàrion Photographs.docx

437.53 KB

   Survivalist Links .docx

20.13 KB

   Tarot Cards & The Nefilim Archons By Robertino Solàrion.2004.docx

24.07 KB

   The Day Of The Dead By Robertino Solàrion ©1996 .docx

13.54 KB

   The Mental Universe.1996.By Robertino Solàrion.docx

13.83 KB

   The Missing Moon of Sedna.2004.NASA.docx

78.42 KB

   Tiamatian Texturescape By Robertino Solàrion ©1997 .docx

15.38 KB


7.12 MB

   Vacationing On Tiamat.1996.By Robertino Solàrion.docx

12.97 KB

   Vengeful Birth Of Lord Hellespontiacus By Robertino Solàrion ©1996.2006.docx

18.94 KB



28.13 KB


48.51 KB


21.57 KB


36.37 KB


57.87 KB


72.23 KB


9.41 KB

  Rise - Examine The Existance - LIVE from Toronto, Canada_YouRmomSnutZ

   Rise - Examine The Existance - LIVE from Toronto, Canada_YouRmomSnutZ.mp3

114.25 MB

   Rise - Examine The Existance - LIVE from Toronto, Canada_YouRmomSnutZ.nfo

3.34 KB

   YouRmomSnutZ other torrentz.rar

10.86 MB


   Binary star orbit simulation test.flv

558.03 KB

   Binary star systems resulting from a SPH simulation.flv

2.25 MB

   Nemesis Our Sun's Dark Twin.2007.8m.mp4

16.90 MB

   Rob Solarion. Planet X & Nibiru Lecture.2008.44m.flv

62.84 MB

   Rob Solarion. Planet X & Nibiru Lecture.2008.44m.txt

0.15 KB

   The biggest star known to man.2008.mp4

5.25 MB

  00.http.www.conspiracycentral.net_Come join

0.00 KB

  Rob Solarion. Planet X & Nibiru Video Lecture.2008 + His 25 Books_YouRmomSnutZ.nfo

4.37 KB

  YouRmomSnutZ other torrentz.rar

10.86 MB

 The Bob Lazar Tape.1989.VHS

  New Text Document.txt

0.14 KB

  The Bob Lazar Tape.avi

121.25 MB

 The Veritas Show.8.John Lear.Who Lives on the Moon.2009.2h24m

  The Veritas Show - Show 8 - John Lear.flv

195.06 MB

  The Veritas Show - Show 8 - John Lear.txt

1.53 KB

 UFO ON THE MOON.2008.TV.(Russian Lang ONLY)


133.12 MB

 What Happened on the Moon.2000.2DVDS(3h40m) by CSIWEMBLEY


64.58 KB


0.02 KB

  What Happened on the Moon CD1 (2h11m).avi

705.94 MB

  What Happened on the Moon CD2 (1h29m).avi

704.21 MB

  What Happened on the Moon.txt

3.82 KB

 YouRmomSnutZ other torrentz!!!



15.06 KB


41.61 KB


24.82 KB

   060 Som FAntastic Sculpture in Nageshwar Temple.JPG

46.99 KB

   070 - pushkarani or Vishnutirtha at Ratanwadi.JPG

69.62 KB


60.38 KB


24.38 KB


78.45 KB


51.05 KB


88.53 KB


136.79 KB


59.50 KB


58.73 KB


75.73 KB


22.80 KB


48.72 KB


230.13 KB


283.11 KB


77.42 KB


50.93 KB


49.47 KB


73.44 KB


79.74 KB


17.20 KB


33.41 KB


42.90 KB


227.94 KB


104.97 KB


11.56 KB


153.23 KB


14.65 KB


52.56 KB


50.28 KB


500.54 KB


301.29 KB


122.97 KB


162.96 KB


53.32 KB


82.74 KB


83.17 KB


24.07 KB


80.00 KB


69.29 KB


20.62 KB


241.88 KB


242.66 KB


26.87 KB


24.37 KB


51.98 KB


102.63 KB

   Ak47 CloseUp 1234.jpg

109.88 KB


119.55 KB


155.72 KB


24.23 KB


88.79 KB


26.75 KB


29.46 KB


40.92 KB


37.80 KB


20.36 KB


10.02 KB


58.42 KB


91.30 KB


64.00 KB

   Apocalypse 3.jpg

178.63 KB


47.58 KB


64.81 KB


20.04 KB


21.83 KB


125.79 KB


159.48 KB


221.49 KB


49.95 KB


20.56 KB


35.56 KB


10.87 KB


48.87 KB


40.63 KB


6.30 KB


13.72 KB


27.51 KB


9.10 KB


106.56 KB


162.03 KB

   dead alien.jpg

89.82 KB


52.11 KB


20.84 KB


16.96 KB


29.43 KB


24.18 KB


44.01 KB


357.65 KB


17.82 KB


40.83 KB


661.00 KB


125.24 KB


112.32 KB


1.11 MB


117.82 KB


43.75 KB


17.64 KB


160.76 KB


9.77 KB


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101.74 KB


45.41 KB


56.12 KB


483.81 KB


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480.85 KB


37.43 KB


93.92 KB


74.71 KB


87.75 KB


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60.51 KB


20.06 KB


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36.88 KB


41.60 KB


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   jah rgg honor patch.JPG

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   jah yzer.jpg

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32.58 KB


17.84 KB


15.36 KB


22.95 KB


129.23 KB


21.55 KB


645.32 KB


106.88 KB


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7.07 KB


27.78 KB


117.30 KB


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158.39 KB

   kuatoactionwisdom JJJPG.JPG

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74.03 KB


21.21 KB


17.63 KB


64.38 KB


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36.79 KB


88.67 KB


49.00 KB


180.17 KB

   Marijuana paint.jpg

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54.19 KB


48.31 KB


54.63 KB


38.13 KB


55.66 KB


85.24 KB


100.90 KB


48.63 KB


26.25 KB


514.56 KB


61.58 KB


78.22 KB


7.08 KB


25.28 KB


28.09 KB


191.88 KB


33.55 KB


143.39 KB


44.21 KB

   Palenque Stairs 2.jpg

193.15 KB

   Palenque Stairs.jpg

164.48 KB

   Palenque Stairway Mayan ruins.jpg

108.94 KB


860.06 KB


11.58 KB


493.90 KB


66.43 KB


132.05 KB


13.98 KB


23.91 KB


121.58 KB

   pict 148.jpg

274.13 KB


23.02 KB

   planet-x orbit.pdf

379.40 KB


21.42 KB


28.06 KB


59.51 KB


77.89 KB


396.26 KB


16.00 KB


9.68 KB


133.98 KB


18.49 KB

   rasta flag.jpg

148.27 KB

   rasta smoke.jpg

66.91 KB


276.47 KB


96.96 KB


79.54 KB


368.56 KB


81.40 KB


56.08 KB


54.59 KB


605.97 KB


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12.33 KB


460.34 KB

   reptilian nwo.jpg

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37.53 KB


36.84 KB


25.29 KB


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555.11 KB


197.67 KB


98.14 KB


43.10 KB


48.03 KB


270.71 KB


25.26 KB


31.46 KB


124.58 KB


30.53 KB


31.35 KB

   turn tables.jpg

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12.32 KB

   turntables .jpg

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   turntables digital.jpg

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   turntables still in.jpg

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201.65 KB


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24.93 KB


88.73 KB

   Warning From Space.jpg

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76.09 KB


456.53 KB


324.19 KB


   01.YouRmomSnutZ other torrentz.docx

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183.24 KB


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91.83 KB


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47.46 KB

   ANNUNAKI HUMAN ORIGINS POLE SHIFT.2012.PACK 7_3.79GB_YouRmomSnutZ.nfo[].torrent

48.18 KB


115.31 KB

   Bob Dean.The Coming of Nibiru [mininova].torrent

39.58 KB

   BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS.2012.Nibiru.UFO X Conference.2009 [mininova].torrent

44.28 KB

   Discovery.Tank on the Moon.2008.DVD + Doc_YouRmomSnutZ[].torrent

13.47 KB

   Dj Vlad Cheis - Sun Dance & Reggae Motive Parts 1 & 2.2009.320kbps_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

37.72 KB

   Dr Gene Scott.Poleshift & Velikovsky.1983.1h45m_YouRmomSnutZ[].torrent

20.36 KB

   Drum and Bungle(DRUM & BASS) Videos 2. 624 COUNT_5.13GB_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

72.07 KB

   Future Flavaz - Prestige Music - Guest DJ CRS.06.07.09_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

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   Galactic Center of Milky Way.2009_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

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   Global Warming - What the Gov't Isn't Telling You.DVDRip.avi[].torrent

14.04 KB

   ICE AGE.2009 [mininova].torrent

267.45 KB

   ICE AGE.2009[].torrent

267.49 KB

   Immanuel Velikovsky POLE SHIFT Collection + 2000 pics 2009 [mininova].torrent

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   JUNGLE - 57 SETS OF ONLY THE SICK SHIT.2009_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

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   RAGGA - 43 SETS OF ONLY THE SICK SHIT.2009_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

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   Rob Solarion. Planet X & Nibiru Video Lecture.2008 His 25 Books_YouRmomSnutZ.torrent

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   Sci-Fi.Quest for Atlantis.Startling New Secrets.2008.+ AUDIO & PDF_YouRmomSnutZ.torrent

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   SECOND PASS[].torrent

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   The Legend of Atlantis.2007.12+Hours [mininova].torrent

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 WHAT If The MOON is an Artificial Death Star.+780 Pics.2009.nfo

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Torrent description

This is a TORRENT File
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to download this file!!!

WHAT If The MOON is an Artificial Death Star.+780 Pics.2009

+ 780 Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF The moon is actually moving away from the Earth
By approximately 1.5 - 2 inches per year.........

Then how could ancient man be able to see an eclipse 1000's of years ago?
Or, How can we see them TODAY?
Lets take a closer LOOK at what could be IN or ON our Moon!!!

Have you ever wondered where the moon came from?
Have you ever contemplated how the asteroid belt Came to be?
These are basic things to WONDER about!! We need everyone’s help!! Do your part!!

When the student is ready, the teacher will present one’s self.
Come help us figure this mystery OUT!!!!
No matter what your color or belief or age, YOU can be a scientist!!
Challenge yourself, your peers, your teachers. Participate in a revolution in science!!

TRUE POSITIVE things happen all around YOU!!!

Your Children, (ARE) Tomorrow's LEADERS!!!-------------->>>>>>>>>>>>

These are for Planet X, Pression & Pole/Magnetic Reversal research ONLY!

NOT!! Religious debate!! Your faith is your OWN BUSINESS!!

We are here for Research ONLY!!

If you have an open mind, you will GO far!!!


---->>> includes:


Alien Moon Bases.Glenn Steckling.2007.1h
Glenn Steckling has assumed the responsibilities of his family's work in the field of UFO and ET research since his father, Mr. Fred Steckling, passed away in 1991. This knowledge represents years of personal experiences and collective data. Now armed with first hand sightings, he continues to present the materials discovered and bequeathed his family spanning over 60 years. Mr. Steckling's latest revision to his Father's book, "Alien Bases on the Moon", now "Alien Bases on the Moon II", contains a combination of over 100 NASA photographs challenging the continued myth behind the 'Dead Moon' and inhospitable planet theories, and exposes the increasing possibility of extraterrestrial activity there.


Alien Moon.2009.30m
Is there an "Alien Base" on the Moon? More and more people are coming forward with stories that might prove this is true. Rumors say that there is an Alien Moon Base on the far side of the moon, the side we never see from Earth.
Did you ever wonder why the Moon landings stopped and why we have not tried to build a Moon Base? It does seem like a better and easier idea than a floating space station with no access to any raw materials or supplies? According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong the aliens have a base on the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to get off and stay off the Moon!

Sound far fetched? Milton Cooper, a Naval Intelligence Officer tells us that not only does the Alien Moon Base exist but the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the Alien Moon Base as "Luna," that there is a huge mining operation going on there, and that is where the aliens keep their huge mother ships while the trips to Earth are made in smaller "flying saucers".

LUNA: The Alien base on the far side of the Moon. It was seen and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. A base, a mining operation using very large machines, and the very large alien craft described in sighting reports as mother ships exist there. -Milton Cooper


Arthur C. Clarke.A Fall Of Moondust.FULL CAST AUDIOBOOK (MP3) 2008
It is the far future, and the moon has been colonised. Although primarily a research establishment, wealthy space tourists bring in revenue to fund the facilities. One major tourist attraction is a sightseeing cruise across the lunar plains: flat and smooth, they are composed entirely of dust. The 'cruise ships' skim over the surface of the dust, which is so fine that it gives the sensation of travelling on water. But on one cruise, a problem develops. A moonquake causes an underground cavern to collapse, and as the cruiser Selene passes over the Sea of Thirst, it sinks ten metres into the dust.As the terrified passengers panic, it is up to Captain Pat Harris and Stewardess Sue Wilkins to keep them occupied until help arrives, while back at base Dr Lawson and Chief Engineer Jim Lawrence struggle to locate and save the ship. No rescue attempt under such extraordinary conditions has ever been mounted - but the lives of dozens of people are dependent upon it. Can the passengers be rescued before the air runs out? Barry Foster, James Aubrey and Harry Towb are amongst the cast in this gripping full-cast radio drama, based on Arthur C. Clarke's classic 1961 disaster thriller.


BBC4.Lunar Conspiracy.Jon Ronson.1997.VHS.mp4.52m
Channel 4 TV broadcast presented by Jon Ronson
A series about ordinary people with extraordinary hobbies and obsessions.
Journalist Jon Ronson meets six people who believe that the moon landings never happened.


BBC.The Moon.2009.60m (VIDEO)
A fascinating documentary by the BBC looking at the human race's relationship with the Moon, starting with elaborate rock formations to map its movements - through to the Apollo missions which explored it. The documentary also looks at other planet's moons, such as Jupiter's Titan and ice covered Europa, which is the best bet for life out side of Earth in the Solor System. It ends with the future plans of NASA to build a habitat on the moon, along with other organisations which also plan to land & live on our closest celestial body.


Building The Impossible.The Seven Ancient Wonders.2000.DVDS.2h
Documentary that reveals the secrets behind seven monuments built over 2000 years ago -- the Pyramids of Egypt; the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus; the Statue of Zeus at Olympia; the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus; the Colossus of Rhodes; and the Pharos of Alexandria. By combing ancient sources for clues and making modern-day comparisons, the ancient wonders are reconstructed using computer imagery and scale models.


C2C.AM July 7th 2009.Lunar & NASA Secrets.Richard C. Hoagland.Andrew Gause.mp3.4h

C2C science advisor, Richard C. Hoagland discussed how a current NASA return to the Moon has already led to a major new confirmation of the "lunar dome model," and shared evidence for the existence of a "secret space program." As explored in his book Dark Mission, he contended that NASA is actually the originator of Apollo Moon landing hoax theories. They co-opted a fake conspiracy to supplant the real conspiracy-- that there are ancient artifacts on the moon, and that humans are the 'ETs' who have traveled to other planets in the past, he detailed.

A clandestine group has secret technology such as antigravity and free energy, which has enabled setting up bases on the Moon, Hoagland continued. A recent infrared/thermal photograph of the Moon's south pole taken by NASA's LCROSS spacecraft was leaked, and he suggested that yellow perimeter lines in the image are evidence for huge domes on the lunar surface.

Now that a number of nations are sending craft to the Moon, an upcoming crater impact mission being staged by NASA in October could be an attempt to vaporize artificial domes to cover-up evidence of secret space missions over the last 40 years, Hoagland hypothesized. For more, see Part I of Richard's report, The Smoking Gun?


Dark Mission.The Secret History of NASA.Mike Barra.2008.DVD.1h30m
Mike Bara is an engineering consultant with over 25 years in the field working for major aerospace companies. His first book, "Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA" co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland is now available and is a New York Times Best Seller.


David Weber.Dahak series.1996.3 AUDIOBOOKS
Unfortunately for Anu, Dahak's computer systems catch the sabotage before it utterly wrecks all the power plants, but the damage is so severe that it is forced to cease all communications and non-necessary expenditures of power. Indeed, the damage takes decades to repair—by which point none of the loyal crew is still alive or able to contact the Dahak, which places the ship in a dilemma in which it cannot return to the Imperium as it has been ordered to, but nor can it exterminate the mutineers as other, equally important, orders dictate. This impasse lasts for approximately 50,000 years, until the Earthling's early space program sends up one Lieutenant Commander Colin MacIntyre to map the dark side of the heavenly body Dahak had camouflaged itself as—the Moon, as a "dress rehearsal" for a similar trip scheduled for Mars.

His mission is hijacked by Dahak and his death is faked; had MacIntyre returned with his data, Dahak’s cover would have been blown. While aboard, Dahak (the AI, not the vessel proper) explains the situation to MacIntyre, and prevails upon him to, as a descendant of the loyalists, to become Dahak’s newest captain, and to quickly exterminate the mutineers—quickly, because Imperium installations are being methodically destroyed, sure signs of the beginning of the latest Achuultani incursion. MacIntyre reluctantly accepts. The first step to making him the true captain is to massively revamp his body surgically, granting him nigh superhuman resilience, speed, and strength, in addition to the built-in electronics granting matchless control of Imperium technology.

While Dahak has known for thousands of years where Anu's forces have bunkered up—under the South Pole in Antarctica—their base is protected by extremely strong force fields, force fields so strong that to penetrate them and destroy the base would require Dahak's heavy weaponry, which would inevitably kill a significant percentage of the human population of Earth; an untenable action, to say the least.


Disclosure Project with Shawn and Clay Pickering on NR.2007.1h
Alan Steinfeld discusses with two of the best researchers of the Disclosure Project NY: Why the government is hiding secrets about UFOs and ET visits; the possiblities of the Apollo Moon Landing fake? Is there a black operation behind the NASA moon program and could we have gone to the moon sooner with advanced science, science that threatens our scarcity based economy.


HC.The Universe.Mysteries of the moon.2008.60m
Our closest neighbor, mysterious as it is, tied to our very survival. Its luminance has captivated us since the beginning of humanity, but a closer look reveals an ever present source of myth, controversy and mystery. An unseen force that pulls at the Earth every second of the day, a source of illusion and wonder, a celestial body so close to home that it may we behave and the way our body functions. And without it, some argue, the planet Earth as we know it may never have evolved.


If We had No Moon.1999.52m
What would life on earth be like without the moon? Well, chances are, there wouldn't be any life on earth without the moon. Life – if it had started at all – would still be in the earliest stages of evolution.

Scientists use the latest computer simulations to show how an ancient rogue planet – Orpheus – collided with the earth millions of years ago, producing a sizable chunk of debris that eventually became our moon. If that collision had never occurred, we would live in a very different place. Imagine a moon-less weather report – blizzards over the Sahara, floodwaters swallowing the Pyramids, 90-degree temperatures in Antarctica. As the earth wobbles on its axis – unsecured by the moon's gravitational pull – the polar caps would grow and recede at frightening rates. And without the moon, our planet would spin much faster – meaning four-hour days and searing temperatures.

Worse yet, evidence reveals that we are in fact losing our grip on our lunar friend thanks to the ebb and flow of the oceans' tides. Experts reveal theories for salvaging the moon – including hijacking Europa from Jupiter – and demonstrate how we can prepare ourselves for our eventual life without it.


Moon Secrets Revealed.John Lear & Richard Hoagland.2008.4h
John Lear is the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet. He is a Lockheed L-1011 Captain and is highly regarded in aviation circles. He has flown over 150 test aircraft and has won every award granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. John also holds 18 world speed records and has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, John began coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.

Lear returned for a discussion about photographic evidence for cities and mining operations on the moon. He said that mining operations for such substances as helium-3 have been going on for years, and that antigravity ships, secretly launched from Antarctica, arrive at the moon in only one hour's time. He cited a poster known as "sleeper" (blog) at the forum as one of the sources for his information.

Lear also argued that the moon was towed into its current orbit by a huge electromagnetic vehicle, and that vehicle can be seen in a photo taken of the moon crater Tsiolkovsky. He also believes that the moon contains a breathable atmosphere, as evidenced by photos showing smoke or vapor coming from the surface.


Nasa video Apollo 9.Three To Make Ready.1969.VHS.17m
What great color and clarity for 1969


National Geographic.Direct From the Moon.PDTV.2009.46m
A Japanese lunar orbiter, custom-built to map the moon's surface and measure its magnetic and gravitational fields, beams high-definition images back to Earth.

Nearly 40 years after Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin enthralled the nation when they became the first men to land on the moon, lunar exploration has returned to the headlines as new information is being uncovered about the birth of our solar system. With stunning footage from the Kaguya lunar orbiter, Direct from the Moon reveals images of the moon and Earth in spectacular detail like never seen before.

Featuring Buzz Aldrin and NASA scientists, Direct from the Moon explores the past, present and future of lunar expeditions from the Apollo missions to the challenges involved with establishing a lunar outpost and innovations under way that will inspire the next generation of space exploration.


New Frontiers in Astronomy Hubble and Beyond.2007.57m


PINK FLOYD.Tour Comic book.1975.JPG

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (MFSL UHQR Stereo LP) Millennium Remasters.2009.FLAC


Rob Solarion. Planet X & Nibiru Video Lecture.2008 + His 25 Books
Rob Solarion. Planet X & Nibiru Lecture.2008.44m.flv*******
Binary star orbit simulation test.flv
Binary star systems resulting from a SPH simulation.flv
Nemesis Our Sun's Dark Twin.2007.8m.mp4
The biggest star known to man.2008.mp4


The Bob Lazar Tape.1989.VHS
Bob Lazar claims to have worked with alien spacecraft at a secret US Government facility at Papoose Lake, about 80 miles north of Las Vegas.


The Veritas Show.8.John Lear.Who Lives on the Moon.2009.2h24m
February 13th, 2009: John Lear - "Who Lives on the Moon?" Pegasus Research Consortium John Lear, 66, retired airline captain and former CIA contract pilot with over 19,000 hours of flight time, over 11,000 in command of 3 or 4 engine jet transports, has flown over 100 different types of aircraft in 60 different countries around the world. He retired in 2001 after more than 40 years of flying. Son of Learjet inventor, Bill Lear, John holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certificated airman. John flew secret missions for the CIA in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1967 and 1983. During the last 17 years of his career John worked for several passenger and cargo airlines as captain, check airman and instructor. He was certified by the FAA as a North Atlantic navigation check airman. He has extensive experience as command pilot and instructor in the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and Lockheed l-1011. John held 17 world records including speed around the world in a Lear Jet model 24 set in 1966 and was presented the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association) Award for outstanding airmanship in 1968. He is a senior vice-commander of the China Post 1, The American Legions Post for Soldiers of Fortune, a 25 year member of the Special Operations Association and member of John has 4 daughters, 3 grandchildren and lives with his wife of 38 years, Las Vegas business woman Marilee Lear in Las Vegas, Nevada.


UFO ON THE MOON.2008.TV.(Russian Language ONLY)


What Happened on the Moon.2000.2DVDS(3h40m) by CSIWEMBLEY
Bill Kaysing was a librarian/writer of technical publications and advanced research at Rocketdyne Systems from 1956 to 1963. He states that it was estimated in 1959 that there was a .0014 chance of landing man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth. This took into account the effects of radiation, solar flares and micro meteorites. He could not believe in 1959 that man could go to the Moon.

However, only 2 years later, American President John F. Kennedy set a goal in May 1961, when he made the following famous speech. 'I believe that this nation should commit itself. To achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind or more important for the long range exploration of Space.' It was just eight years later in 1969, that man finally left Earth and set foot on the Moon... Or so we have been led to believe.

I would like to show you some astonishing evidence that shows glaring mistakes or anomalies on the 'official record' of NASA film footage and still photographs. I have included the actual official Apollo film footage on this page to illustrate and also possibly educate you, the reader, of the anomalies and to let you see with your own eyes what has become one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of Mankind. I will also explain why the US Government has tried to keep this a secret for over 30 years.


3 Huge Structures on the Moon.flv
Ancient Structure On The Moon Filmed By Armstrong, 1969.flv
Apollo Moon Nasa Strange Structure.flv
Buzz Aldrin on C-Span admitting monolith found.wav
Jay Weidner - July 20th, 2009.mp3
Official NASA images of the derelict alien spaceship on the far side of the Moon.flv




Death Star Firepower.txt
Gods_Final_Witness.Ronald Weinland.pdf
Is-the-Moon-Hollow.Dr. N Huntley, Ph.D.pdf
strange moon facts by Ronald Regehr.docx
Unexplainable Reports Footprints on the Moon.docx


Boymerang - Balance of the Force.1997*******



Runnin-RED..Forward......WE flex for Planet X
Runnin-RED..Forward......WE flex for Planet X
Mindscape-Planet X

Drum&Bass (SONG) Come listen:


These are for Planet X, Pression & Pole/Magnetic Reversal research ONLY!

NOT!! Religious debate!! Your faith is your OWN BUSINESS!!

We are here for Research ONLY!!

If you have an open mind, you will GO far!!!


Much Thanks to all the People Who took the tedious time and patience to create all this INFO/Pics & Research Material!!

Much thanks to the original people who UP'd these!!! You who help me on my journey!!

We WANT to:
Gather and cross-check vast amounts of knowledge in many dozen specialized fields from scientists and researchers around the globe in addition to studying hundreds of historical documents spanning back to the dawn of history. These fields include archeology, geology, astro, geo & quantum physics, ancient languages & civilizations, paleontology, ancient history, genetics and others.

Events shape our lives, even distant and dark ones. From the time I was a wee little one, I have stopped my fear of dark places. I pick up my torch and journey alone through darkened corridors leading down into bottomless caverns of events past. I stumble upon the remnants of an intricate puzzle, which I bring back with me, and in the quiet of my dreams, are assembled before me.

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