Archimedes's Antikythera Mechanism Portable Atlantein Computer 2009

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Name:Archimedes's Antikythera Mechanism Portable Atlantein Computer 2009

Total Size: 5.89 GB

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Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer (Size: 1.89 GB) (Files: 503)

 Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer

  Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer Video.flv

11.27 MB

  New Text Document.txt

5.22 KB


  Euclides Elements all 15 books.Izaac Barrows DD.1732.428pages

   Euclides Elements all 15 books.Izaac Barrows DD.1732.428pages.pdf

17.52 MB

  Hidden History.Brian Haughton.Large-Print

   Hidden History.Brian Haughton.Large-Print.pdf

2.13 MB


   IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME.antik1.pdf

2.41 MB

  Laws of Science and the Great Minds Behind Them.Clifford A. Pickover.529pages

   Laws of Science and the Great Minds Behind Them.Archimedes to Hawking.CLIFFORD A. PICKOVER.529pages.pdf

6.45 MB

   Laws of Science and the Great Minds Behind Them.txt

2.40 KB

  Physicsworld.Archimedes brought to light.november.2007

   Physicsworld.Archimedes brought to light.november.2007.pdf

494.44 KB

  The Works of Archimedes.T.L.Heath.519pages

   The Works of Archimedes.T.L.Heath.519pages.pdf

18.39 MB

  The-Antikythera-Mechanism-Reconsidered.M. T. WRIGHT

   The-Antikythera-Mechanism-Reconsidered.M. T. WRIGHT.pdf

358.46 KB

  Works of Archimede.Thomas Little Sir.532pages

   New Text Document.txt

1.08 KB

   Works of Archimede.Thomas Little Sir.532pages.pdf

23.71 MB


1.30 MB

  Crouch - The Darkside Of The Moon.pdf

8.35 MB

  Gray Barkers.Book of Adamski.pdf

10.60 MB

  Harnessing-the-Wheelwork-of-Nature-Teslas-Science-of-Energy.283 pages.pdf

14.23 MB

  Mammoth Space - Blast Sanderson Vindicated.docx

180.43 KB


375.55 KB


463.23 KB


632.24 KB

  The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.pdf

1.59 MB

  The Sun Is Hollow and Has a Solid Surface.docx

590.45 KB


59.26 KB


1.08 MB


475.73 KB


373.82 KB


440.83 KB


422.66 KB

 Crown of Syracuse.2007.LEGO SHORT FILM

  Crown of

45.07 MB

 Massimo Mogi Vicentini.Antikythera gear Videos.2008



64.56 MB


17.79 KB



6.93 MB

   Sfere Aristotele.rtf

6.00 KB



14.95 MB


10.42 KB



15.20 MB


0.61 KB



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3.87 KB



2.66 KB


3.10 MB



20.54 MB


2.88 KB



18.66 MB


2.12 KB



28.25 MB


16.86 KB



2.67 KB


1.81 MB


   Keplero-Mysterium_Cosmographicum .rtf

4.54 KB


6.96 MB



17.38 MB

  Librazione Luna - Moon's libration

   Libratio Lunae -rP.avi

10.43 MB

   Librazione Luna - Moon's libration.rtf

5.25 KB

  Luna eliogeocentrica

   Luna eliogeocentrica.rtf

9.52 KB

   Luna geoeliocentrica-rP.avi

8.89 MB



4.14 KB


1.68 MB


   Parallasse Luna.rtf

0.85 KB


2.68 MB



18.32 MB


3.59 KB



3.92 MB


10.11 KB



1.94 MB

   Sezioni_coniche-conic_sections .rtf

4.51 KB



4.06 MB


4.05 KB



9.35 MB


3.55 KB



12.76 MB

   Tempo e longitudine - time and longitude.rtf

1.96 KB



955.46 KB

   Tempo solare-siderale.rtf

2.23 KB



4.76 KB


12.33 MB



8.90 MB


2.75 KB



17.79 KB


3.19 MB



17.79 KB


9.52 MB



11.49 MB


5.49 KB


7.05 MB



   01 - Shapeshifter - New Day Come.mp3

9.98 MB

   02 - Shapeshifter - In The Rain (feat. Ladi 6).mp3

7.61 MB

   03 - Shapeshifter - Earth.mp3

8.47 MB

   04 - Shapeshifter - Bring Change.mp3

7.14 MB

   05 - Shapeshifter - Electric Dream.mp3

7.82 MB

   06 - Shapeshifter - Equinox.mp3

3.75 MB

   07 - Shapeshifter - Southern Lights (feat. K.P.).mp3

5.85 MB

   08 - Shapeshifter - Heat Of The Moment (feat. Kye).mp3

7.80 MB

   09 - Shapeshifter - Stryka.mp3

8.58 MB

   10 - Shapeshifter - One.mp3

9.79 MB

   11 - Shapeshifter - The Ride.mp3

9.31 MB

   12 - Shapeshifter - Summa Haze.mp3

9.60 MB


11.47 KB

  SlimJah.Playing Lion's Standing Up.2009.MP3

   New Text Document.txt

0.65 KB


54.23 MB


1.02 MB

 Nova.Infinite secrets of Archimedes.2008.52m


230.31 KB


114.15 KB


105.98 KB


59.68 KB


483.72 KB

  New Microsoft Office Word Document.docx

48.96 KB

  New Text Document.txt

3.79 KB

  Nova - Infinite secrets of Archimedes.avi

350.71 MB

  Program Transcript.txt

46.07 KB

  Teacher's Guide (PDF, 4 pages).pdf

71.68 KB



1.10 MB


180.92 KB


141.75 KB


61.67 KB


174.74 KB


148.87 KB


35.46 KB


53.06 KB


46.12 KB


42.22 KB


246.86 KB


78.69 KB


217.49 KB


93.56 KB


12.78 KB


7.81 KB


151.95 KB


323.66 KB


84.62 KB

  Archimedes lifts earth.jpg

116.40 KB


83.29 KB


78.83 KB


2.84 KB


32.86 KB


23.70 KB


98.11 KB


37.62 KB


40.97 KB


176.85 KB


22.04 KB


17.93 KB


16.26 KB


52.18 KB


110.01 KB


80.53 KB


103.77 KB


129.58 KB


30.30 KB


149.95 KB

  contrario motu - rodaggio.jpg

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  coppia eccentrica.jpg

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133.86 KB


68.77 KB


42.14 KB


62.88 KB


50.59 KB


109.95 KB


198.34 KB


155.89 KB


58.32 KB


110.75 KB


66.60 KB


46.93 KB


52.76 KB


33.27 KB

  dima distanziatrice.jpg

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547.72 KB


171.74 KB

  Fragment A 2048 x 2048.jpg

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  Fragment B 2048 x 2048.jpg

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  Fragment C 2048 x 2048.jpg

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  Fragment D 2048 x 2048.jpg

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42.99 KB


32.27 KB


37.73 KB


33.45 KB


53.56 KB


36.79 KB


30.94 KB


146.44 KB


66.09 KB


156.80 KB


63.39 KB


69.75 KB


43.55 KB


927.33 KB


175.72 KB


59.73 KB


417.38 KB


421.44 KB


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85.49 KB


222.62 KB


180.58 KB


101.83 KB


73.25 KB


61.01 KB


190.99 KB


21.59 KB


15.45 KB


1.43 MB


26.92 KB


207.93 KB


28.03 KB


21.18 KB

  Taglio dischi-ott06.jpg

83.95 KB


98.49 KB


264.70 KB

 The Antikythera Mechanism a complete model according to M. Wright.VIDEO.2009


320.06 MB

  The Antikythera Mechanism a complete model according to M. Wright.doc

101.50 KB

 The Archimedes Palimpsest.Google TechTalks.2006.104m

  New Text Document.txt

1.20 KB

  The Archimedes Palimpsest.flv

97.18 MB

 To Enrich Mankind.1955.FILM

  To Enrich Mankind .txt

0.18 KB


476.41 MB

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41.61 KB


24.82 KB

   060 Som FAntastic Sculpture in Nageshwar Temple.JPG

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   070 - pushkarani or Vishnutirtha at Ratanwadi.JPG

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60.38 KB


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78.45 KB


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136.79 KB


59.50 KB


58.73 KB


75.73 KB


22.80 KB


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   Apocalypse 3.jpg

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   jah rgg honor patch.JPG

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   jah yzer.jpg

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   kuatoactionwisdom JJJPG.JPG

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   Marijuana paint.jpg

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   Palenque Stairs 2.jpg

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   Palenque Stairs.jpg

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   Palenque Stairway Mayan ruins.jpg

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   pict 148.jpg

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   planet-x orbit.pdf

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   rasta flag.jpg

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   rasta smoke.jpg

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   turntables still in.jpg

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   Bob Dean.The Coming of Nibiru [mininova].torrent

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   BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS.2012.Nibiru.UFO X Conference.2009 [mininova].torrent

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   David Hatcher Childress - The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla[].torrent

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   Discovery.Tank on the Moon.2008.DVD + Doc_YouRmomSnutZ[].torrent

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   Dj Vlad Cheis - Sun Dance & Reggae Motive Parts 1 & 2.2009.320kbps_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

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   Drum and Bungle(DRUM & BASS) Videos 2. 624 COUNT_5.13GB_YouRmomSnutZ [mininova].torrent

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  YouRmomSnutZ INFO.txt

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 Archimedes's Antikythera Mechanism.Portable Atlantein Computer.2009.nfo

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This is a TORRENT File
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Archimedes's Antikythera Mechanism.Portable Atlantein Computer.2009

+ 200 Pictures!!!--------------------------------------------->


Archimedes Helped Design a Computer over 2000 years ago.
This would make one Wonder if this has all happened before???
If The Antikythera Mechanism is The Portable version,
Can you imagine the desktop or server Version of this TIME?

How many times has all our machines and work been swept under the deep Blue Ocean?
Can you Imagine the power of waves that striped of the cacing stones
Of the great Pyramids of Giza???

See the phew stones left at the top? That's the water Line!!!

How many times have OUR Libraries been burnt, buried and forgotten?
Only To be lost for thousands of years and RE-Discovered later!!!

If only Everyone could know how rich their history is and how far back
The footsteps of the ones who built these Time clocks of Stone and metal
Actually goes!!!

The quicker technology accelerates, the farther into the past we can see!!!
Thanks to men and woman of all colors working night and day around the world!
The secrets of the past are coming to Light!!!

What EVENT happened to destroy the other six wonders of the ancient world?
We will all soon See Why all ancient peoples were So Obsessed with time!!!

Have you ever wondered where the moon came from?
Have you ever contemplated how the asteroid belt Came to be?
These are basic things to WONDER about!! We need everyone’s help!! Do your part!!

When the student is ready, the teacher will present one’s self.
Come help us figure this mystery OUT!!!!
No matter what your color or belief or age, YOU can be a scientist!!
Challenge yourself, your peers, your teachers. Participate in a revolution in science!!

TRUE POSITIVE things happen all around YOU!!!

Your Children, (ARE) Tomorrow's LEADERS!!!-------------->>>>>>>>>>>>


These are for Planet X, Precession & Pole/Magnetic Reversal research ONLY!

NOT!! Religious debate!! Your faith is your OWN BUSINESS!!

We are here for Research ONLY!!

If you have an open mind, you will GO far!!!


---->>> includes:


Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer.Michael Wright.2008
A working model of an ancient computer was recently recreated in London.


The Archimedes Palimpsest.Google TechTalks.2006.104m
Google TechTalks March 7, 2006 Will Noel Roger L. Easton, Jr. Michael B. Toth ABSTRACT The Archimedes Palimpsest is a 10th Century medieval manuscript that is the subject of an ongoing technical, scientific and conservation effort at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Since 1999, the multidisciplinary team has been disbinding, conserving, imaging, analyzing, transcribing and studying the 174 parchment folios – yielding approximately 400Gb of data to date. The Palimpsest, which the team affectionately calls “Archie,” includes at least seven treatises by Archimedes: The only copies of two of his Treatises, /The Method/ and /Stomachion/; the only copy in Greek of /On Floating Bodies;/ and copies of the /Equilibrium of Planes/, /Spiral Lines/, /The Measurement of the Circle/, and /Sphere and Cylinder/. It also contains 10 pages of text by the 4th century B.C. Attic Greek orator Hyperides; six folios from a Neo-Platonic philosophical text that has yet to be identified, but may be commentaries on Aristotle; four folios from a liturgical book; and twelve pages from two different books, the text of which has yet to be deciphered.


Nova.Infinite secrets of Archimedes.2008.52m
+ Teacher's Guide (PDF, 4 pages).pdf
Program Transcript.txt
Classroom Lessons on Archimedes.pdf
In October 1998, a battered manuscript of parchment leaves sold for $2 million to an anonymous bidder at auction. The thousand-year-old manuscript contains the earliest surviving writings by Archimedes, a Greek thinker who is regarded as the greatest mathematician of antiquity. The story of the 174-page volume's journey from its creation in Constantinople to the auction block at Christie's in New York is long and convoluted. To wit:

circa 287-212 B.C.
Before his death at Syracuse in 212 B.C., Archimedes pens some of his most important treatises and equations onto a collection of papyrus scrolls in Greek. These include On the Method of Mechanical Theorems, On Floating Bodies, On the Measurement of the Circle, On the Sphere and the Cylinder, On Spiral Lines, and On the Equilibrium of Planes.

212 B.C.- A.D. 1000
The original Archimedes scrolls are lost, but fortunately unknown persons copy them down at least once beforehand onto other papyrus scrolls.

circa 1000
A scribe working in Constantinople handwrites a copy of the Archimedes treatises, including their accompanying diagrams and calculations, onto parchment, which is assembled into a book.

circa 1200
A Christian monk handwrites prayers in Greek over the Archimedes text, turning the old mathematical text into a new prayer book. The book is now a palimpsest, a manuscript with a layer of text written over an earlier scraped- or washed-off text (see What is a Palimpsest?).

circa 1200-1906
For centuries the monk's prayer book is used in religious study, but eventually it is stored within the Mar Saba monastery in Constantinople. There it survives numerous abuses, including the Fourth Crusade in 1204, during which Constantinople is sacked and many of its books burned.

Danish philologist Johan Ludvig Heiberg discovers the lost manuscript in the library of The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Istanbul, identifies the underlying layer of text as the work of Archimedes, and photographs every page. Heiberg transcribes what he can make out of the palimpsest's shadowy bottom layer, using a magnifying glass as his only aid. He publishes his transcription with the accompanying images.

The palimpsest goes missing and is believed stolen. At some point during this period, probably after 1929, a forger paints copies of medieval evangelical portraits in gold leaf onto four pages in the book, presumably in an attempt to increase its value and perhaps unaware of the Archimedes text beneath.

circa 1930
A member of a French family who is an amateur collector of antiques travels to Istanbul and purchases the manuscript from a local dealer. Unbeknownst to the outside world, it is kept in the family's Paris home for the next seven decades.

Nigel Wilson, a classics professor at Oxford, examines a leaf from an old manuscript housed in a Cambridge University library. He identifies it as a page from the missing Archimedes palimpsest Heiberg had photographed and transcribed 65 years earlier. Wilson surmises that Constantine Tischendorf, a German scholar who described a palimpsest he saw in a Greek monastic library in 1846, tore out the page for further examination.

The French owners of the Archimedes palimpsest confidentially approach an expert at Christie's in Paris to ask for an appraisal. After the appraiser discovers that the manuscript is the lost Archimedes palimpsest (in part by comparing it to Heiberg's photographs), he values it at between $800,000 and $1.2 million.

Not long after its sale for roughly double the appraised amount in the fall of 1998, the manuscript's anonymous billionaire owner loans it to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, where a team of restorers and scholars are cleaning, imaging, and translating the Archimedes palimpsest at last (see Imaging the Palimpsest). —Lexi Krock


The Antikythera Mechanism a complete model according to M. Wright.VIDEO.2009
Complete 3D animation of the device working in and out!!! MUST SEE!!!


Antikythera Mechanism.Polynomial Texture Maps.3008 x 2000.Tom Malzbender & Dan Gelb.2009
See the Antikythera Mechanism as you have never seen it before! 3008 x 2000
Zoom in and out in 3D,Shine Light from any angle,See how it works!
These PTMs were constructed from images of all known remaining surfaces of the Antikythera Mechanism housed in National Archeological Museum in Athens, Greece. The PTMs were constructed from images taken under varying lighting directions by Tom Malzbender, Dan Gelb and members of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project during the week of Sept. 12, 2005.

Each PTMs has a resolution of 3008 x 2000 and is >50Mb in size.

These PTM files can be viewed interactively on the Windows or Linux platform by downloading the publically available PTM Viewer. Using this viewer, it is possible to transform the reflectance functions by the techniques of specular enhancement and diffuse gain to allow more detail to be seen.

Polynomial Texture Maps (PTMs) are a simple representation for images of functions instead of just images of color values. In an conventional image, each pixel contains static red, green, blue values. In a PTM, each pixel contains a simple function that specifies the red, green, blue, values of that pixel as a function of two independent parameters, lu and lv.

Typically, PTMs are used for displaying the appearance of an object under varying lighting direction, and lu,lv specify the direction of a point light source. However, other applications are possible, such as controlling focus of a scene. PTMs can be used as light-dependent texture maps for 3D rendering, but typically are just viewed as ‘adjustable images’.

PTMs are typically produced with a digital camera by photographing an object multiple times with lighting direction varying between images. Even a low-end digital camera provides enough resolution to produce good PTMs, and almost any light source can be used such as a light bulb, LED or flash.

Tools for viewing PTMs are downloadable below, as are tools for constructing your own PTMs from images. Given a stack of images of an object under varying lighting direction, one has collected samples of the object’s reflectance function at each pixel. Independently for each pixel, the PTMfitter fits a low order polynomial to those samples to produce a PTM. The PTMviewer simply evaluates this polynomial in real time independently for each pixel to produce an image.

This can be done at real-time rates on even low-end computers because of the simplicity of the polynomial, allowing interactive control of lighting direction. In addition, once the reflectance functions are represented in this manner, they can be transformed to make the surface detail existing on the object more apparent. We call this method reflectance transformation, and an example on a 3000 year old cuneiform tablet is shown above.

+ Polynomial Texture Map (PTM) Viewer.EXE

Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 2001. All rights reserved.

By using this software you indicate you have agreed to the
software license included in the license.txt file. If you do
not accept the agreement you must destroy all copies of
the software.

This program is a browser for Polynomial Texture Maps (PTM's).
The left window gives a spatial view of such texture maps, the right
window provides a view of the reflectance function for a paticular pixel
that has been selected in the left window. This reflectance function is
internally represented as a biquadradic polynomial, and represents the
surface color, usually as a function of parameterized light direction.
Hence, the right window displays the color of a pixel as the light direction
varies. Left-clicking in the left window selects the pixel, left-clicking on
the right window sets the light direction. The right button is used to access
the menu. The image can be modified by adding specular enhancement or diffuse
gain. These modes must be enabled in the menu first (right mouse click).
The arrow keys and the +,- keys can be used for panning and zooming.

The middle button is used for selecting regions of the spatial image. This has
two uses, first it selects the region of the image for fast updates during
changes to ptm parameters. Use shift-left button if you have no middle button.
Second, the selected region is used when writing out a cropped ptm file.
It will be necessary to type the output file name in the text window when
outputing files, so make sure this is visible. If available the original source
images can be accessed by selecting them in the ptm window.
The keys 'c' and 'p' can be used to construct paletized PTM's from
LRGB format ptms. The 'a' key enables the autopilot.
The number keys 1-9 allow additional lights to be enabled and disabled.

If the viewer runs excessively slow with visible refreshes on your system,
please try running the viewer from the command line with a -d option.
E.g. "PTMViewer -d tablet1.ptm". You should disable page flipping or
fast buffer swaps under your video card's OpenGL settings if possible.

If this does not result in an acceptable speed, you may try reducing the area
that is interactively updated by selecting a region in the spatial window by
dragging with the middle mouse button.


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