Must see documentaries (with many subtitles) Mind blowing and eye opening

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Name:Must see documentaries (with many subtitles) Mind blowing and eye opening

Total Size: 16.46 GB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-09-03 22:33:47

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Torrent Files List

[1996] The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America (Size: 15.77 GB) (Files: 170)

 [1996] The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America


   [Serbian] The Money Masters

136.93 KB

   [Serbian] The Money Masters

132.20 KB

   [Português] The Money Masters

127.48 KB

   [Português] The Money Masters

125.97 KB

   [English] The Money Masters

119.28 KB

   [English] The Money Masters

116.99 KB

   [Russian] The Money Masters

110.75 KB

   [Russian] The Money Masters

110.68 KB

  The Money Masters CD2.avi

701.45 MB

  The Money Masters CD1.avi

701.28 MB

 [2002] Bowling for Columbine


   [English] Bowling For

190.59 KB

   [Portuguese] Bowling For

166.58 KB

   [Turkish] Bowling For

149.52 KB

   [Hungarian] Bowling For

148.34 KB

   [Spanish] Bowling For

147.03 KB

   [Swedish] Bowling For

124.13 KB

   [Chinese] Bowling For

123.56 KB

   [Slovenski] Bowling For Columbine.sub

99.53 KB

   [Czech] Bowling For Columbine.sub

98.18 KB

   [Hebrew] Bowling For Columbine.sub

94.72 KB

  Bowling For Columbine.avi

700.43 MB

 [2003] Earthlings



91.86 KB


85.55 KB


83.75 KB


83.46 KB


82.92 KB


82.69 KB


78.83 KB


77.42 KB


76.40 KB


75.62 KB


71.77 KB


66.58 KB


698.08 MB

 [2004] Fahrenheit 911


   [Korean] Fahrenheit 911 CD1.smi

130.84 KB

   [Korean] Fahrenheit 911 CD2.smi

126.71 KB

   [English] Fahrenheit 911

84.13 KB

   [English] Fahrenheit 911

81.70 KB

   [Português] Fahrenheit 911

80.10 KB

   [Português] Fahrenheit 911

71.49 KB

   [Chinese] Fahrenheit 911

63.74 KB

   [Chinese] Fahrenheit 911

61.88 KB

   [German] Fahrenheit 911

54.84 KB

   [Turkish] Fahrenheit 911 CD1.sub

52.75 KB

   [Estonian] Fahrenheit 911 CD1.sub

52.57 KB

   [Spanish] Fahrenheit 911 CD1.sub

52.35 KB

   [Spanish] Fahrenheit 911 CD2.sub

51.40 KB

   [Slovak] Fahrenheit 911 CD1.sub

51.06 KB

   [Hebrew] Fahrenheit 911 CD1.sub

50.67 KB

   [Turkish] Fahrenheit 911 CD2.sub

50.43 KB

   [Slovak] Fahrenheit 911 CD2.sub

50.18 KB

   [Estonian] Fahrenheit 911 CD2.sub

50.01 KB

   [Hebrew] Fahrenheit 911 CD2.sub

46.45 KB

   [German] Fahrenheit911

39.99 KB

  Fahrenheit 911 CD1.avi

700.36 MB

  Fahrenheit 911 CD2.avi

695.37 MB

 [2004] The Corporation


   [Czech] The Corporation

115.40 KB

   [Czech] The Corporation

112.45 KB

   [Português] The Corporation

112.31 KB

   [Turkish] The Corporation

111.60 KB

   [Português] The Corporation

110.79 KB

   [Turkish] The Corporation

109.79 KB

   [Hungarian] The Corporation

103.40 KB

   [Hebrew] The Corporation

101.99 KB

   [French] The Corporation

100.51 KB

   [French] The Corporation

99.63 KB

   [Hebrew] The Corporation

99.13 KB

   [Hungarian] The Corporation

98.42 KB

   [Spanish] The Corporation

95.12 KB

   [German] The Corporation

89.29 KB

   [Spanish] The Corporation

89.12 KB

   [German] The Corporation

82.46 KB

  The Corporation CD1.avi

700.67 MB

  The Corporation CD2.avi

699.21 MB

 [2006] Iraq For Sale The War Profiteers



79.73 KB


78.67 KB


700.35 MB

 [2006] Jesus Camp


   [Italian] Jesus

105.83 KB

   [Spanish] Jesus

104.10 KB

   [Português] Jesus

102.26 KB

   [Russian] Jesus

101.46 KB

   [Romanian] Jesus

98.76 KB

   [English] Jesus

96.88 KB

   [Czech] Jesus

95.17 KB

   [French] Jesus

82.83 KB

  Jesus Camp.avi

660.85 MB

 [2006] Who Killed the Electric Car


   [French] Who Killed The Electric Car.SRT

139.26 KB

   [Português] Who Killed The Electric

132.25 KB

   [Hungarian] Who Killed The Electric

127.40 KB

   [Greek] Who Killed The Electric

127.02 KB

   [English] Who Killed The Electric

124.40 KB

   [Finnish] Who Killed The Electric

123.32 KB

   [Spanish] Who Killed The Electric

122.15 KB

   [Slovak] Who Killed The Electric

121.46 KB

  Who Killed The Electric Car.avi

702.30 MB

 [2006] Why We Fight



155.55 KB


151.74 KB


145.74 KB


122.74 KB


118.27 KB


117.32 KB


110.32 KB


699.39 MB

 [2007] Loose Change Final Cut


   [Português] Loose Change - Final

218.85 KB

   [Spanish] Loose Change - Final

205.42 KB

   [Dutch] Loose Change - Final

166.95 KB

   [Greek] Loose Change - Final

162.40 KB

  Loose Change - Final Cut.avi

700.00 MB

 [2007] Sicko



178.39 KB


165.80 KB


153.80 KB


147.76 KB


143.13 KB


134.42 KB


129.77 KB


119.23 KB


117.31 KB


701.76 MB

 [2007] Taking Liberties Since 1997


   [Dutch] Taking Liberties (2007).srt

124.89 KB

  Taking Liberties Since 1997 DVD documentary. DIVX.avi

601.80 MB

 [2007] TerrorStorm 2nd edition


   [Português] Terrorstorm 2nd

173.35 KB

   [Spanish] Terrorstorm 2nd

156.77 KB

  Terrorstorm 2nd Edition.avi

1.03 GB

 [2007] Zeitgeist Final Edition (Zeitgeist I)



250.10 KB


179.94 KB


170.31 KB


167.83 KB


160.54 KB


158.01 KB


155.94 KB


148.27 KB


142.53 KB


140.86 KB


135.00 KB

   [Italian] Zeitgeist.Final.Edition.sub

130.31 KB


127.16 KB


700.21 MB

 [2008] Flow For The Love of Water



91.91 KB


699.69 MB

 [2008] Wake up Call - Remastered Edition


   [Português] Wake Up Call Remastered

209.72 KB

  Wake Up Call Remastered Edition.avi

1.17 GB

 [2008] Zeitgeist Addendum (Zeitgeist II)



260.10 KB


181.82 KB


177.54 KB


175.45 KB


175.43 KB


174.77 KB


173.42 KB


171.42 KB


171.10 KB


161.68 KB


155.19 KB


148.83 KB


142.63 KB


129.11 KB


129.03 KB


701.00 MB

 [2009] HOME



75.07 KB


74.40 KB


74.24 KB


73.75 KB


73.21 KB


70.54 KB


70.51 KB


70.33 KB


67.20 KB


66.55 KB


64.60 KB


1.39 GB


7.37 KB


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Torrent description

******************** PLEASE READ FIRST ********************

Compilation of some very interesting and mind-blowing documentary films.
Subtitles in several languages are included (mainly portuguese, spanish, english, german, french, greek, russian, turkish, czech and others - please check the list bellow)
English audio.

The purpose of this compilation is to facilitate the access to a series of contents which may be a starting point to get people questioning and rethinking the society, economy, environment and values in which they live.
It is essential to research and educate ourselves, to be aware of what surround us, to make questions and search for answers.
CRITICAL THINKING is of most importance.
Don't give in to apathy.

"A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind." - Daisaku Ikeda (Japanese Peace Activist)

If you find any of these documentaries or its contents to be of your interest, please be so kind and SEED. Thanks.

******************** DOCUMENTARIES AND SUBTITLES INCLUDED ********************

[1996] The Money Masters [subtitles: english, portuguese, russian, serbian]
[2002] Bowling for Columbine [subtitles: chinese, czech, english, hebrew, hungarian, portuguese, slovak, spanish, swedish, turkish]
[2003] Earthlings [subtitles: chinese, czech, english, french, german, greek, hungarian, portuguese, romanian, russian, slovak, spanish]
[2004] Fahrenheit 911 [subtitles: chinese, english, estonian, german, hebrew, korean, portuguese, slovak, spanish, turkish]
[2004] The Corporation [subtitles: czech, french, german, hebrew, hungarian, portuguese, spanish, turkish]
[2006] Iraq for Sale - The War Profiteers [subtitles: portuguese, spanish]
[2006] Jesus Camp [subtitles: czech, english, french, italian, portuguese, romanian, russian, spanish]
[2006] Who killed the Electric Car [subtitles: english, finnish, french, greek, hungarian, portuguese, slovak, spanish]
[2006] Why We Fight [subtitles: dutch, english, french, greek, hungarian, portuguese, spanish]
[2007] Endgame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement [subtitles: english, finnish, polish, portuguese, russian, serbian, spanish, swedish]
[2007] Loose Change Final Cut [subtitles: dutch, greek, portuguese, spanish]
[2007] Sicko [subtitles: arabic, danish, english, french, hebrew, portuguese, russian, spanish, turkish]
[2007] Taking Liberties Since 1997 [subtitles: dutch]
[2007] TerrorStorm 2nd Edition [subtitles: portuguese, spanish]
[2007] Zeitgeist - Final Edition [subtitles: czech, danish, english, finnish, french, german, greek, hebrew, hungarian, italian, portuguese, serbian, spanish]
[2008] Flow For the Love of Water [subtitles: spanish]
[2008] Wake Up Call - Remastered Edition [subtitles: portuguese]
[2008] Zeitgeist Addendum [subtitles: croatian, czech, danish, english, finnish, french, german, greek, hebrew, italian, portuguese, romanian, russian, spanish, turkish]
[2009] HOME [subtitles: arabic, bulgarian, croatian, czech, dutch, english, german, polish, portuguese, romanian, spanish]]

******************** IMPORTANT INFO ********************

These documentary films circulate on the web thanks to the ones who had the generosity to rip it and share it.
All the credits go to them.

In order to make these documentaries accessible to as many people as possible, subtitles in several languages were included.
These files were collected from free websites. They may contain some spelling/translation errors.
All of them were checked and are synchronized with the respective video.
Please remember these subtitles were made by volunteers, who generously gave their time and effort to create them, so that these contents could reach more people.
All the credits go to them.
These are all external subtitles (.srt files).
The reason why some of the films have considerable less subtitles included is that I really couldn\'t find other languages anywhere.
It is possible that meanwhile someone as made more subtitles available on the web, so, if you need them, try google it.

::::::::::PLEASE SEED:::::::::
If you find any value in any of these, please seed and spread the word.
Any help in keeping the torrent alive is most welcome.

Peace and all the best.

******************** FILE DETAILS ********************

[1996] The Money Masters [2CD.XVID.720 x 480.ContainerAVI.F/s29.970.totalSize1.37GB]
[2002] Bowling for Columbine [1CD.DIVX.576 x 304.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size700MB]
[2003] Earthlings [1CD.DIVX.720 x 480.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size698MB]
[2004] Fahrenheit 911 [2CD.XVID.640 x 352.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.totalSize1.36GB]
[2004] The Corporation [2CD.XVID.624 x 336.ContainerAVI.F/s25.000.totalSize1.36GB]
[2006] Iraq for Sale - The War Profiteers [1CD.XVID.592 x 320.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size700MB]
[2006] Jesus Camp [1CD.XVID.640 x 352.ContainerAVI.F/s29.970.Size660MB]
[2006] Who killed the Electric Car [1CD.XVID.544 x 304.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size702MB]
[2006] Why We Fight [1CD.XVID.576 x 304.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size699MB]
[2007] Endgame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement [1CD.XVID.576 x 320.ContainerAVI.F/s25.000.Size699MB]
[2007] Loose Change Final Cut [1CD.XVID.640 x 368.ContainerAVI.F/s25.000.Size699MB]
[2007] Sicko [1CD.XVID.572 x 312.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size701MB]
[2007] Taking Liberties Since 1997 [1CD.DIVX.640 x 480.ContainerAVI.F/s30.000.Size601MB]
[2007] TerrorStorm 2nd Edition [DIVX.640 x 480.ContainerAVI.F/s29.970.Size1.03GB]
[2007] Zeitgeist - Final Edition [1CD.XVID.640 x 480.ContainerAVI.F/s29.970.Size700MB]
[2008] Flow For the Love of Water [1CD.XVID.640 x 352.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size699MB]
[2008] Wake Up Call - Remastered Edition [XVID.720 x 480.ContainerAVI.F/s23.970.Size1.16GB]
[2008] Zeitgeist Addendum [1CD.XVID.640 x 360.ContainerAVI.F/s23.976.Size700MB]
[2009] HOME [H264.1280 x 720.ContainerMP4.F/s23.999.Size1.38GB]

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