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[cinemageddon org] Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition (High Quality) + extras [1978/VHSRIP/DVD R]

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Name:[cinemageddon org] Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition (High Quality) + extras [1978/VHSRIP/DVD R]

Total Size: 4.26 GB

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Leechers: 0

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-09-03 07:30:02

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BLAK0019 - The Holiday Special - KCCI Anygrysun (Size: 4.18 GB) (Files: 337)

 BLAK0019 - The Holiday Special - KCCI Anygrysun

  BLAK0019 - Star Wars - The Holiday Special - The KCCI Angrysun Edition.nfo

17.09 KB


   BLAK0019 - BLUE - DISC.jpg

255.05 KB

   BLAK0019 - Star Wars - The Holiday Special - The KCCI Angrysun Edition.nfo

17.09 KB

   BLAK0019 - The Holiday Special - KCCI - BLUE.jpg

1.66 MB

   Promotion Stills and other Holiday Photos


37.56 KB


24.10 KB


73.82 KB


214.02 KB


51.32 KB


72.12 KB


36.57 KB


66.92 KB


115.02 KB


78.53 KB


62.72 KB


49.68 KB


63.75 KB


36.47 KB


47.46 KB


34.24 KB


51.82 KB


52.85 KB


48.63 KB


65.44 KB


49.53 KB


58.56 KB


68.11 KB


59.97 KB


53.37 KB


34.58 KB


111.27 KB


198.00 KB


58.11 KB


88.15 KB


101.19 KB


177.44 KB


63.85 KB


61.38 KB


54.93 KB


27.50 KB


30.92 KB


52.44 KB


37.27 KB


48.19 KB


107.19 KB


117.68 KB


99.43 KB


58.78 KB


55.58 KB


43.08 KB


20.44 KB


64.43 KB


68.19 KB


67.29 KB


64.75 KB


45.22 KB


112.14 KB


82.67 KB


62.37 KB


43.63 KB


158.37 KB


57.94 KB


58.54 KB


59.65 KB


60.13 KB


67.35 KB


61.86 KB


25.48 KB


49.77 KB


31.92 KB


192.06 KB


31.71 KB


25.43 KB


27.58 KB


20.06 KB


56.63 KB


45.82 KB


42.89 KB


52.23 KB


50.98 KB


48.81 KB


39.56 KB


20.63 KB


72.26 KB


51.90 KB


45.89 KB


56.34 KB


68.86 KB


65.72 KB


57.56 KB


101.92 KB


54.82 KB


64.42 KB


39.69 KB


60.36 KB


47.16 KB


46.17 KB


107.43 KB


92.13 KB


43.11 KB


13.35 KB


539.00 KB


112.72 KB


75.09 KB


3.28 KB


38.10 KB


40.18 KB


51.48 KB


57.11 KB


51.75 KB


40.20 KB


26.56 KB


98.22 KB


78.01 KB


88.05 KB


98.40 KB


102.17 KB


100.64 KB


146.36 KB


557.99 KB


76.08 KB


113.50 KB


116.37 KB


62.79 KB


80.64 KB


87.34 KB


74.63 KB


25.97 KB


43.00 KB

   Scripts and other Documents


2.18 KB


21.65 KB

    Production Notes.txt

3.17 KB


119.68 KB


18.37 MB

    Wookiee-ookies (Wookie Cookies).txt

1.51 KB

   The Audio Collection

    Bea Arthur as Ackmena - Just One More Round, Friends.mp3

4.38 MB

    Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia - The Life Day Song.mp3

1.41 MB

    Diahann Carroll as Mermeia - This Minute Now.mp3

6.33 MB

    RANDOM BEATS - A Tremor in the Force

     18 - KP - Redeye Jedi demo.mp3

4.38 MB

     Atari Teenage Riot - Death Star.MP3

6.17 MB

     Bentframe - Star Wars - Obi-Wan's Advice On STDs.mp3

931.96 KB

     Bentframe - Star Wars Christmas Album.mp3

1.23 MB

     Bentframe -SW - Luke Flips Out.mp3

549.10 KB

     Bentframe-star warz gangsta rap inst.mp3

2.85 MB

     Bentframe-Vaders techno beats.mp3

2.31 MB

     Dance Star Wars - Jedi Knig.mp3

4.16 MB

     Danger Bob - Slow Dance With Boba Fett.mp3

1.33 MB

     Disneyland and Walt Disney World - Star Tours - The Droid Ro.mp3

4.22 MB

     Force Commander - Escape from Kalaan.mp3

3.03 MB

     Force Commander - Redemption At Abridon.mp3

3.27 MB

     Gluecifer - Obi Damned Kenobi.mp3

5.64 MB

     Grand Moff Tarkin - Burning down Mos Eisley.mp3

3.73 MB

     Mallrats - A Jedi Craves Not These Things.mp3

155.22 KB

     MC Chris - Fett's Vette.mp3

3.72 MB

     Mighty Unlisted-boba_fett.mp3

4.86 MB

     My Name is Darth Vader (New Remix).mp3

1.56 MB

     Operation Cliff Clavin - C3PO Can Suck My Ass.mp3

1.14 MB

     Phoenix Orion - A Disturbance in the Force.mp3

3.25 MB

     Phoenix Orion - Trials Of A Jedi.mp3

3.79 MB

     Presidents Of The United States Of America - Death Star.mp3

4.63 MB

     Ricky Bee - Boba Fett.mp3

3.32 MB

     Ricky Bee-boba_fett_remix.mp3

3.38 MB

     S.P.O.C.K. - The Stormtrooper.mp3

5.24 MB


2.52 MB

     Star Wars - Yoda drunk on the set.mp3

506.06 KB

     Star Wars - Bentframe - I Did It All For The Wookie.mp3

2.89 MB

     Star Wars - Bounty Hunter Blues (Boba Fett).mp3

2.02 MB

     Star Wars - Breakbeats - Boba Fett.mp3

4.48 MB

     Star Wars - Cantina Band 2 (Unreleased).MP3

3.39 MB

     Star Wars - Darth Vader (Cure Remix).mp3

2.85 MB

     Star Wars - Darth Vader uses Ebonics.mp3

872.76 KB

     Star Wars - Force Commander (rage remix).mp3

2.81 MB

     Star Wars - I am Boba Fett.mp3

1.74 MB

     Star Wars - jedi master (Techno mix).mp3

4.15 MB

     Star Wars - Shakespeare Man - Reading of Star Wars.mp3

1.79 MB

     Star Wars - Smokin Weed.MP3

1.45 MB

     Star Wars - Things Yoda Would Say.mp3

1.05 MB

     Star Wars - Trance Megamix(ELNumbNuts Mix).mp3

19.21 MB

     Star Wars - Vaders First Job.mp3

516.00 KB

     Star Wars -Darkside Dark Redeemption.mp3

2.62 MB

     Star Wars -Gangsta Rap.mp3

2.84 MB

     Star Wars -Metallica Imperial March.mp3

2.53 MB

     Star Wars -My Name is Vader.mp3

1.56 MB

     Star Wars -Nerf Herder Chewbacca .mp3

1.64 MB

     Star Wars -THX - The Audience Is Listening.mp3

455.43 KB

     Star Wars Breakbeats - Bad Feeling About This.mp3

1.64 MB

     Star Wars Breakbeats - Move Along.mp3

1.40 MB

     Star Wars Breakbeats - Ne Jabba no Badda.mp3

2.37 MB

     Star Wars Breakbeats - Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader.mp3

1.65 MB

     Star Wars Breakbeats - Space beauty.mp3

4.45 MB

     Star Wars Breakbeats- Vader Defeats Luke.mp3

3.81 MB

     Star Wars Force Commander - Track 3.mp3

6.80 MB

     Star Wars(Long Version).mp3

14.49 MB

     Star Wars- Chris Walken screen test.mp3

839.59 KB

     Star Wars- Everybody's Free to Be a Jedi.mp3

2.38 MB

     Star Wars- I Wanna Be a Stormtrooper.mp3

1.35 MB

     Star Wars- Imperial March (Techno remix).mp3

6.23 MB

     Star Wars- In 30 Seconds.mp3

477.39 KB

     Star Wars- Jedi Advice on Beer.mp3

528.00 KB

     Star Wars- Livin La Vida Yoda.mp3

3.56 MB

     Star Wars- Theory.mp3

488.00 KB

     Star Wars-Ewok Song (pop radio version.mp3

3.10 MB


2.84 MB


3.14 MB

     The Blackouts - Jedi Master.mp3

3.70 MB

     Too Hip For the Room-ballad_of_boba_fett.mp3

2.25 MB

     Too Hip For the Room-the_millennium_falcon.mp3

4.09 MB

     Weird Al Yankovic - Yoda.mp3

3.66 MB

     Wierd Al Yankovich - Jedi Knight.mp3

5.01 MB

    Soundtrack - Star Wars - Christmas in the Stars

     01 - Christmas in the Stars.mp3

3.01 MB

     02 - Bells, Bells, Bells.mp3

2.98 MB

     03 - The Odds Against Christmas.mp3

2.81 MB

     04 - What Can You Get A Wookiee For Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb).mp3

3.12 MB

     05 - R2-D2, We Wish You A Merry Christmas.mp3

3.00 MB

     06 - Sleigh Ride.mp3

3.30 MB

     07 - Merry Merry Christmas.mp3

1.98 MB

     08 - Christmas Sighting ('Twas the Night Before Christmas).mp3

3.41 MB

     09 - The Meaning of Christmas.mp3

7.45 MB

    Soundtrack - Star Wars - Classic Trilogy by the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

     01 - Star Wars - Main Theme (Star Wars).mp3

5.40 MB

     02 - Princess Leia (Star Wars).mp3

3.62 MB

     03 - The Little People (Star Wars).mp3

4.00 MB

     04 - The Imperial March (The Empire Strikes Back).mp3

2.85 MB

     05 - Yoda's Theme (The Empire Strikes Back).mp3

2.57 MB

     06 - Parade Of The Ewoks (Return Of The Jedi).mp3

2.20 MB

     07 - The Asteroid Field (The Empire Stikes Back).mp3

2.03 MB

     08 - Luke And Leia (Return Of The Jedi).mp3

1.16 MB

     09 - The Cantina Band (Star Wars).mp3

2.13 MB

     10 - Here They Come! (Star Wars).mp3

2.12 MB

     11 - Jabba The Hutt (Return Of The Jedi).mp3

2.41 MB

     12 - Forest Battle (Return Of The Jedi).mp3

3.84 MB

     13 - Throne Room And Finale (Star Wars).mp3

7.19 MB

    Soundtrack - Star Wars - Cocktails in the Cantina

     01 - Star Wars Main Title.mp3

5.19 MB

     02 - Princess Leia's Theme.mp3

4.08 MB

     03 - The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme).mp3

4.08 MB

     04 - Cantina Band.mp3

4.93 MB

     05 - Ben Kenobi's DeathTie Fighter Attack.mp3

4.82 MB

     06 - Han Solo and the Prince.mp3

4.40 MB

     07 - Yoda's Theme.mp3

4.52 MB

     08 - Lando's Palace.mp3

4.41 MB

     09 - The Asteroid Field.mp3

4.64 MB

     10 - Parade of the Ewoks.mp3

4.07 MB

     11 - Binary Sunset.mp3

4.08 MB

     12 - The Throne Room.mp3

2.25 MB

     13 - End Title.mp3

5.26 MB

    Soundtrack - Star Wars - Japanese Box Set


18.93 KB

     Shadows Of The Empire Joel McNeely -

      01 main theme from star wars and leia's nightmare.mp3

4.97 MB

      02 the battle of gall.mp3

10.57 MB

      03 imperial city.mp3

10.39 MB

      04 beggar's canyon chase.mp3

4.04 MB

      05 the southern underground.mp3

2.38 MB

      06 xizor's theme.mp3

6.24 MB

      07 the seduction of princess leia.mp3

4.80 MB

      08 night skies.mp3

5.54 MB

      09 into the sewers.mp3

3.86 MB

      Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire.LOG

3.52 KB

     Star Wars Collection - Japanese Import Box Set Info.txt

0.92 KB


9.00 KB

     Unplugged The Trotter Trio

      01 star wars main title.mp3

6.56 MB

      02 yoda's theme.mp3

7.64 MB

      03 princess leia's theme.mp3

6.52 MB

      04 the imperial march.mp3

6.86 MB

      05 ewok celebration.mp3

6.91 MB

      06 han solo and the princess.mp3

5.02 MB

      07 jabba the blues.mp3

8.56 MB

      08 luke and leia.mp3

5.77 MB

      09 cantina band.mp3

5.96 MB

      10 may the force be with you.mp3

5.23 MB

      Star Wars Unplugged.LOG

3.44 KB



175.07 KB


206.07 KB


191.83 KB


215.49 KB


181.66 KB


219.45 KB


220.30 KB


148.59 KB


167.28 KB


158.47 KB


247.95 KB


93.55 KB


110.01 KB


57.60 KB


231.55 KB


215.49 KB


90.31 KB


143.26 KB


80.78 KB


215.74 KB


316.86 KB


94.54 KB


102.69 KB


113.67 KB


111.60 KB


77.02 KB


116.58 KB


133.66 KB


77.59 KB


105.71 KB


106.15 KB


177.72 KB


181.13 KB


179.09 KB


187.76 KB


109.65 KB


225.16 KB


84.32 KB


215.99 KB


188.37 KB


146.87 KB


161.93 KB


74.11 KB


135.36 KB


146.13 KB


142.10 KB


68.29 KB


112.46 KB


128.37 KB


150.66 KB


226.00 KB


157.25 KB



18.00 KB


18.00 KB


222.77 MB


62.00 KB


62.00 KB


1.00 GB


1.00 GB


932.48 MB


18.00 KB


18.00 KB


341.54 MB


14.00 KB


14.00 KB


173.07 MB


12.00 KB


12.00 KB


38.20 MB


leech seeds

Torrent description

Torrent From: http://cinemageddon.org/

Well, I lost internet for the longest time, and when I came back, the site was redesigned, my account was deleted, and this torrent was removed. So...

Here is the Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition, the best quality version on the web. It is in Video TS format so just copy the video TS folder to a DVD and pop it in a DVD player. It also comes with some extras (backgrounds, scripts, music, and more) but if you just want the movie, download the Video TS folder only.

Here is the readme...
//Release Information//

Star Wars: The Holiday Special - The KCCI Angrysun Edition


Type................: DVD Movie
Platform............: VIDEO_TS & DVD-Rom Folders
Burn Tested.........: Yes
Video Format........: DVD/VOB/MPEG2/720x480/1.33.1/NTSC
Audio Format........: Dolby Digital 2.0 (256 Kbps)
Runtime.............: 1 hr 37 min 26 sec
Size................: 4.25 GB


Genre...............: Science Fiction Adventure
Type................: VHS Transfer
Source..............: Home recorded VHS
Release Group.......: ANGRYSVN Productions
Disc Creator[s].....: Rowman VHS transfer / DVD Authored by ANGRYSUN
Creator Catalog.....: BLAK0019
P2P Releases by.....: Blaksvn-Torrentz & SegaFlip Newsgroup Releases

//Featured Film//

Star Wars: The Holiday Special - The KCCI Angrysun Edition

"If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every bootlegged copy
of that program and smash it."
- George Lucas

The Star Wars Holiday Special is a 2-hour long television special that aired on
CBS on November 17, 1978. It starred the entire original cast of Star Wars
except for Alec Guinness. Excluding commercials, the program ran about 90
minutes. The entire show is live-action, but there is an 11 minute animated
segment, that is most popular as Boba Fett's first appearance in the Star Wars
universe. George Lucas wrote the story for the program, but because of
preparations for Empire Strikes Back he had hardly any further involvement.

The program is about Chewbacca trying to fly home to his family on Kashyyyk. His
family consists of his father, wife, and son. The show also has several special
guest and musical appearances including the Jefferson Starship, Diahann Carroll,
Bea Arthur, Art Carney, and Harvey Korman.

The show did well ratings-wise but it was very boring, corny, and altogether
awful. By no means is it a worthy chapter in the Star Wars universe. George
Lucas hated it so much, that he made sure that it never aired again and was
never released on home video.


//Post Information//

Posted by............: Rikter Blaksvn
Date Posted..........: 12-24-05
Tracker/Site.........: Myspleen.net

In this torrent you'll find

1 - The VIDEO_TS and DVD-Rom folders that all set to burn!
3 - Custom DVD cover and disc art!

//Viewing Notes//

- For best results enjoy with an ice cold beverage and a tasty treat
- Spark it if you have it!
- Pay it Forward
- Word to the Spookies...

//Distribution Notes//


1. If this title is uploaded to another tracker PLEASE retain all files.
2. Please DO NOT alter the NFO, DVD-Rom or layout


I'm asking for your Promise to SEED as long as possible and to also copy this
disc as many times as you can and then give or trade copies to EVERY fan you
know! This will help prevent the Darkside Dealers (eBay/comic shop sellers) from
selling copies for $50!

PLEASE - DO NOT sell this for profit.

If you bought this DVD for more than $5 you've been duped, suckered and
hoodwinked. This DVD was intended to be distributed within the DVD trading
community for FREE or just the cost of a blank DVD and shipping.

I do not want anyone to feel that I'm attempting to exploit these wonderful
works. I just want to share these with other fans and at the same time keep the
Trading Universe Alive and free of hooligans!

Smackin' down the forces of the Darkside.

//Blaksvn-Torrentz Information//

All BitTorrents that we share are either known to be Fan created Preservation
efforts, Fan created Edits, OUT-OF-PRINT titles or titles that are not YET
available on any "Official" currently produced DVD, Laserdisc or VHS release.

We will not offer any titles that are copies of available "Official" DVD's via
torrent or trade.

PLEASE purchase or acquire via trade any OFFICIAL copies of these titles when
possible (i.e. Laserdisc, VHS, CED or DVD) please don't support piracy

PLEASE seed to keep the community alive!

Information in any torrent posted by Blaksvn-Torrentz that is NOT 100% accurate
will be corrected. I will update that information with what I believe is the
correct information when it is passed on to me. I will ALWAYS give the proper
credit WHEN I have this information. If I need to "attach" credit to an existing
set please contact me directly via email again PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me
and include any proper NFO, TXT or Word DOC that you may have so that I can
include this information with any future Torrent releases.

SO, if I post a torrent and I have NO information about said torrent - I will
post what information I have via an NFO; if the release does not already have a
known title or name, I will again place a temporary name on the set until a
correct name can be established. - I will no longer use any information gathered
from any forums or newsgroups as this information will be considered strictly
hearsay (unless the information is posted by the KNOWN source then it can be
called canon). Again I will ALWAYS try to give the proper credit but this is
only possible when I have this information.

ALL Personal information (i.e. emails, names, dates and places) will ALWAYS
remain CONFIDENTIAL and undisclosed. Rest assured I keep no records of any
contact information.


Thanks to those that made this shared DVD/Torrent possible!

My Wife and Spookies and Los Hermonos Blaksvn: Lord Shadow, Johnny Nuke, ZCrumb,
Trey, Miguel, Oskar, Never-ending thanks to MagnoliaFan, Ridder Moordenaar,
ADigitalMan, Russs15, Rebel1_138, MeBeJedi, RowMan, Babyhum, T.P. Archives,
Obi-Wonton, Coov, Darth Simon, The Archivist, Hal9000, Ricarleite, Segaflip,
Vince, Greencapt, Take It Down, Bill U, Citizen and Crappy Logo Productions,
OldBiff85, NMUFO, My TiVo, Torrent Technology and all the regulars at and
MySpleen.net ner ner nah ner nert... the Hoobie Doobie and a special extra
thanks to all the members at The OriginalTrilogy.com for all they have done for
me and my family - Maddie sends her love to you all!!!!

SPECIAL THANKS to Rowman for the transfer!!!!

And of course... Xavier and MySpleen.net for making these torrents possible!


ONLY those over 18 years old should read the following?

Leechers (You best seed!!) and to those few that keep asking for XviD's - just
download the damn DVD and convert the damn files yourselves you lazy bastards!

KEEP these DVD's off eBay you fuckers - AND stop stealing my screen captures
that WERE hosted on my private website - HOST your own damn pictures you slimy
shit dicks!!!

Please stop filling up my email and PM's with requests to reseed - I WILL not
reseed the files - I'm ONLY have a 10 gig HD in my PC so I cannot load another
DVD to seed. I'm VERY poor as it is and can I can hardly afford to keep this
cable connection much less a new hard drive. SO please post on the FORUMS that
you need seeders.

And to all the Cry babies and whiners - IT'S a choice to torrent so choose
wisely and don't complain you bitches.


Here are some screens...

[cinemageddon org] Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition (High Quality) + extras [1978/VHSRIP/DVD R] preview 0
[cinemageddon org] Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition (High Quality) + extras [1978/VHSRIP/DVD R] preview 1
[cinemageddon org] Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition (High Quality) + extras [1978/VHSRIP/DVD R] preview 2
[cinemageddon org] Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition (High Quality) + extras [1978/VHSRIP/DVD R] preview 3
[cinemageddon org] Starwars Holiday Special KCCI Edition (High Quality) + extras [1978/VHSRIP/DVD R] preview 4

Well, enjoy!

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