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Alan Watt 2009 07 July Mega Pack2 sig_garrett

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Alan Watt 2009 07 July Mega Pack2 sig_garrett

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Name:Alan Watt 2009 07 July Mega Pack2 sig_garrett

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SHOW 1: July 21, 2009 - 42 minutes
Win-Win Situation in Vaccine Creation:

"Scary Scenarios Coming Down the Pike,
According to Media, Our Guiding Light,
Terrorism, Dirty-Bombs, Plagues, Recession,
Those Who Cry 'Wolf' Give Us Depression,
They've Always been Wrong but Never Admit it,
Counting On a Public Who Always Forget it,
To be in Control of Each Person's Brain,
According to Bernays, the Mob You Train,
Huxley et al Knew with Sure Certitude
They'd Train a World into Servitude,
To be Taxed for Goods, Eating and Drinking,
A Few will be Taxed for Even Thinking,
Taxed for Living, Existing and Breathing,
Taxed into Servitude, No Signs of it Easing,
Crammed into Cities Where We Die Off, All Neat,
Admiring the Planners Who Don't Miss a Beat"

Profit in Fear Industry, Terrorism, Economic Crash, Coming Pandemics - Docu-dramas, Scary Scenarios - Psychiatry, Everyone is Potential Terrorist, Cameras in Homes. Marx and Darwin, "Genius" Stars are Made - Flu Mutation into "Killer" Virus - Big Pharma at Bilderberger Meeting - Royal-Chartered Corporations. Flu Vaccination always "Wrong Combination" and "May or May Not Work" - SARS Outbreak in Toronto, Doctors on News - Government Contracts, Drug Companies Make $Billions off Vaccines - Loans to Third-World Funded by Taxpayers - Rochester NY, Poland, Volunteers for Vaccine and Drug Trials - Inoculations, Adjuvants, Contradictions, PR. "The Summit" movie (CBC - Communist Broadcasting Corporation), Experimental Vaccines, Canadian PM, Provocateurs. Paralysis, Stroke, Death and Illness from Vaccines - Pharmaceutical Companies Protected by Law. Foundations, Political Agendas - Public Follow Hollywood Actors and Actresses - Sterilization to "Save Planet" - "Stars" say Having Children Not "Eco-Friendly" and is "Selfish". Parroted Slogans and Terminology, "Carbon Footprint" - Totalitarian Regimes, Massive Cons - Gorbachev, New Religion based on Earth Worship. Symbols Used as Language, Egyptian Stelas, Five-Pointed Star, Masonic Ritual, Freemasonry. Topics of show covered in following links:

"Drug groups to reap swine-flu billions" by Andrew Jack ( - July 20, 2009.
"Children, elderly and black people preyed on by vaccine companies for first H1N1 'clinical' trials in Rochester, New York" ( - July 21, 2009.
"Rochester Clinical Research - Clinical Trials & Studies" [Rochester Vaccines Trial Volunteer Site] (
"Northern Ireland refuses to fund swine flu work" (
"The True Face Of Global Warming" (
"Why more women are only too happy to stay childless" by Maria Sweeney ( - July 15, 2009.

SHOW 2: July 22, 2009 - 41 minutes
U.S. Regime's Appliance of Holdren's 'Ecoscience':

"Forced Sterilization, Planetary Regime, Mixed Up in a Cauldron,
Espoused by Science Czar to Obama, Dr. John Holdren,
Using Ecology as a Shield, Depopulate 'til Maintainable,
Then He and Fellow Eugenicists will have a World Sustainable,
Wants Agents in the Food Supply, Also in the Water,
Sterilize All the Boys, Implants for Your Daughter,
Like All Elitists, Holdren has Disdain for the Sheeple,
'For High Quality of Life for All, Must be Fewer People' "

Fascism, Public-Private Partnerships - Fabian Society, Fabianism, Communism, -isms, Rule by Scientific Elite, Eugenics and Evolution - George Bernard Shaw, "Man and Superman" - Revolutions. Pulled and Altered Articles - Organic-Fuel EATR Machine becomes "Vegetarian" - Global Cooling (is now "Warming") and Ice Age Scare, Depopulation to Save World - John Holdren, "Ecoscience" textbook, Totalitarian Planetary Regime, Eugenic Policy - "Soviet Story", Socialist Culling Program - Paranoid Elite Terrified of People ("Lessers" and Peasants) - Optimum Population Trust - Fewer People for "Higher Quality" Life - Lowering the Birthrate - Abortions, Sterilization by Forced Implants and "Spiked" Water and Food - Bisphenol-A, Synthetic Estrogens, Bottles, Cosmetics - Bringing Down IQ (Lobotomy). Fanatics Run Government - Socialized Medicine - United Nations, Food Quotas, World Police Force. Destruction of Culture, Degradation of Society - Psychopaths from Top to Bottom - Tasers (Cattle-Prod with Wires) used on Children - Sadist Cops - Tasered Man Set on Fire. Brain-Damaged Public do not React - Aerial Spraying, HAARP, Weather Modification and Warfare, Droughts and Floods - Forest Fires - Frequencies Affecting Minds and Emotions.

"Obama's Science Czar [John Holdren] Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as Population Growth Solutions" by Joseph Abrams ( - July 21, 2009.
"A federal lawsuit has been filed claiming that two Jefferson County deputies tased three children numerous times and assaulted another" by Tesa Culli ( - July 16, 2009.
"Man bursts into flames after being Tasered by police" ( - July 21, 2009.
"Agreement between Canada and the United States of America relating to the exchange of information on weather modification activities" ( - March 26, 1975.
PDF file of Above (at

SHOW 3: July 23, 2009 - 42 minutes
Malthusian Ecology for Global Economy:

"Front-Men Gurus of Ecology
Now Dictate Without Apology,
They're on a Roll to Achieve Their Goal,
Population Reductionists Without a Soul,
The 'Useless Eaters' are to Go First,
With Weather Warfare, Some Die of Thirst,
Drought or Flood and Ways of Harming,
Destroying the Breadbaskets of Crops and Farming,
Police State Techniques, Always the Same,
Find the Scapegoat, People to Blame,
At the Topmost Floor of Big Foundations
You'll Find the Men Who Rule the Nations,
Funding the Front-Groups, Quietly, with Stealth,
Owning Governments and Media, Unlimited Wealth"

Anything can be Made Normal - Culture Creators, Bernays, Huxleys, Russell - Dehumanization of Society - Ecology, Nature Shows, Demands for Depopulation. "Accidental" View of History - Opinions Given by Experts - "Star Trek" series, World Empire - Devaluation of Human Life - Malthus. John Stadtmiller Arrested Today for "Expired" Driver's License and now in Williamson County Jail (tel # 512-943-1365). Farmers Put Under, Corporations Move In - Maurice Strong - Paul Ehrlich. De-development - Oppenheimer - Maurice King, Mortality Control - Earth First. Merger of Capitalism and Communism - CFR-RIIA - India, Crowded Cities, Sterilization - John Holdren - Al Gore and his mentor Armand Hammer. Totalitarianism - Police States Worldwide, Surveillance and Daily Information Collection - Tasering Incidents, Training to Obey Authority. Abortion - Euthanasia for Elderly - Body Harvesting (We are a Resource) - Collectivist Management - Informed Consent and Child-Stealing, Mother's Baby Stolen for Refusing Caesarean Section. Britain, Police Given Powers to Invade Homes for Olympic Protest Posters and Increase Spying - Airport Screening. Rockefeller et all, Foundations Funding Leaders and Environmental Movement - Masters of Revolutions: Cultural, Sexual, Bolshevik.

People For Preserving Our Western Heritage (
"Is a Woman in Labor a "Person"? New Assaults on Pregnant Women's Civil Rights in a NJ Case" by Louise Marie Roth ( - July 21, 2009.
"Police given powers to enter homes and tear down anti-Olympics posters during 2012 Games" by James Slack ( - July 21, 2009.
"Big Brother state wants even more spy powers" by James Slack and Matthew Hickley ( - July 22, 2009.
"Is Tougher Airport Screening Going Too Far?" ( - July 16, 2009.

SHOW 4: July 24, 2009 - 42 minutes
The Peter Pan Syndrome:

"Standardized World with No Variety,
Lifelong Children, Controlled Society,
Past Regimes Can't Match in Knavery,
This System Where Slaves Love Their Slavery,
Toys are Cheap, Lavish Entertainment,
We're All On Board, Technique Entrainment,
No Need to Reason, Experts de Rigueur,
Life's Mysterious to Those Who Can't Figure,
Live for Fun, Leave Problems to Experts,
Like Those of Kinsey, Weirdoes, Perverts,
And While We're Playing, Time Passes, in Trance,
We Follow Pied Pipers Living on Grants"

Good Reasons, Real Reasons - 9-11, Fall of Towers, Totalitarian Measures Enacted - Hanging On to Your Sanity - Planned Revolutions, Ideology. Covert Marxists' Getting into Power, Lying to Get in - Pierre Trudeau (Comintern) of Canada - Use of Capitalism and Communism / Socialism - Academia - Levels of Doctrine. Darwinism - Thomas, Julian and Aldous Huxley - World of Servitude (Slavery) - Dumbed-down Happy Slaves, Drugging, Food Supply, Inoculations, IQ Drop. Greening / Environmentalism, Emotive Embedding, Visual Impact, Background Music, Imprinting - Obama's Oratory, Hypnotic Techniques - Music, Fight or Flight. History of Weather Warfare - Yellow Rain, Cadmium - Government-Military Experimentation over Towns - Verdict in Court of Law, Preponderance of Evidence. Destruction of Family Unit - Dependence on Experts - England, Parents Must Sign Behavioural Contracts for their Children - Services now Authorities. Police States - "Underground" Economy, spying, Payment for Ratting on Neighbours - Confiscation then Splitting Loot - Govt. Encouraging Crime. Vaccination Profits of Pharmaceutical Companies. Ayn Rand, Individuality, Speaking on Behalf of Rulers ("Men of Genius") not Masses.

Video: "CONFIRMED!! Chemtrails and Weather Warfare" (
Video: "Poison Rains Infect Small Town" [U.S. Biowarfare on Oakville, Washington] ( - May 8, 1997.
"All parents to sign 'behaviour contracts' " by Graeme Paton ( - July 22, 2009.
"Cash rewards for neighbours who rat on the crooks next door" by James Slack ( - May 25, 2007.
"Glaxo profits soar as drug firm charges NHS 6 pounds for swine flu vaccine that costs 1 pound to make" ( - July 23, 2009.

*** 88.7 FM Olympia, WA (west side)
*** sig_garrett

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