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Name:Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons Products

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Accessories & Supplements (Size: 4.15 GB) (Files: 321)

 Accessories & Supplements

  Accessory Updates, Errata, and Web Enhancements

   Book of Exalted Deeds Errata.pdf

12.10 KB

   Champions of Valor WE.pdf

123.23 KB

   Complete Adventurer Errata.pdf

9.79 KB

   Complete Divine Errata.pdf

16.38 KB

   Complete Mage Errata.pdf

23.05 KB

   Complete Scoundrel Errata.pdf

67.61 KB

   D&D 3.5 - Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

896.63 KB

   D&D 3.5 Update Booklet.pdf

1.02 MB

   Deities and Demigods 3.5 Update.pdf

235.70 KB

   Dragons of Faerûn WE.pdf

26.28 MB

   Epic Level Handbook 3.5 Update.pdf

209.30 KB

   Epic Level Handbook Erata.pdf

83.74 KB

   Epic Level Handbook WE.pdf

1.16 MB

   Expanded Psionics Handbook Errata.pdf

26.39 KB

   Fiend Folio 3.5 Update.pdf

172.01 KB

   Fiend Folio Errata.pdf

18.42 KB

   Fiendish Codex I WE.pdf

10.12 MB

   Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Errata.pdf

36.16 KB

   Frostburn Errata.pdf

9.17 KB

   Heroes of Battle WE.pdf

3.40 MB

   Libris Mortis Errata.pdf

25.22 KB

   Manual of the Planes 3.5 Update.pdf

174.31 KB

   Manual of the Planes Errata.pdf

9.75 KB

   Monster Manual II 3.5 Update.pdf

275.89 KB

   Monster Manual II Errata.pdf

18.23 KB

   Monster Manual III Errata.pdf

50.69 KB

   Oriental Adventures 3.5 Update.pdf

5.51 MB

   Planar Handbook Errata.pdf

9.32 KB

   Player's Handbook Errata.pdf

66.96 KB

   Player's Handbook II Errata.pdf

56.05 KB

   Player's Handbook WE.pdf

398.82 KB

   Power of Faerûn Errata.pdf

13.72 KB

   Psionics Handbook Errata.pdf

118.83 KB

   Psionics Handbook WE.pdf

203.51 KB

   Serpent Kingdoms Errata.pdf

9.22 KB

   Serpent Kingdoms WE.pdf

4.55 MB

   Song and Silence WE.pdf

818.52 KB

   Spell Compendium Errata.pdf

18.82 KB

   Stronghold Builders Guidebook WE.pdf

595.75 KB

  Animated Series Handbook.pdf

3.18 MB

  Arms And Equipment Guide.pdf

2.71 MB

  Book Of Challenges.pdf

5.78 MB

  Book Of Exalted Deeds.pdf

4.68 MB

  Book Of Vile Darkness.pdf

8.80 MB

  Cityscape. An Essential Guide To Urban Adventuring.pdf

37.21 MB

  Draconomicon. The Book Of Dragons.pdf

6.64 MB

  Dragon Magic.pdf

38.49 MB

  Dungeonscape. An Essential Guide To Dungeon Adventuring.pdf

36.66 MB

  Epic Level Handbook.pdf

6.89 MB

  Frostburn. Mastering The Perils Of Ice And Snow.pdf

7.47 MB

  Heroes Of Battle.pdf

6.67 MB

  Heroes Of Horror.pdf

6.41 MB

  Libris Mortis. The Book Of Undead.pdf

8.73 MB

  Lords Of Madness. The Book Of Aberrations.pdf

14.74 MB

  Magic Item Compendium.pdf

64.41 MB

  Magic Of Incarnum.pdf

14.02 MB

  Miniatures Handbook.pdf

6.83 MB

  Monster Tokens. Collection.pdf

1.90 MB

  Planar Handbook. A Player's Guide To The Planes.pdf

5.71 MB

  Races Of Destiny.pdf

12.26 MB

  Races Of Eberron.pdf

12.02 MB

  Races Of Stone.pdf

7.02 MB

  Races Of The Dragon.pdf

5.35 MB

  Races Of The Wild.pdf

13.83 MB

  Sandstorm. Mastering The Perils Of Fire And Sand.pdf

19.66 MB

  Savage Species. Playing Monstrous Characters.pdf

4.64 MB

  Spell Compendium.pdf

6.67 MB

  Stormwrack. Mastering The Perils Of Wind And Wave.pdf

10.44 MB

  Stronghold Builder's Guidebook.pdf

3.86 MB

  Tome Of Battle. The Book Of Nine Swords.pdf

40.86 MB

  Tome Of Magic.pdf

53.01 MB

  Unearthed Arcana.pdf

5.39 MB

  Weapons Of Legacy.pdf

15.29 MB

 D&D Worldwide Game Day 07

  dnd_wwgd07_ tara.pdf

219.29 KB


1.57 MB


229.70 KB


227.36 KB


254.50 KB


466.16 KB

 Dragon Magazine


38.79 MB


9.08 MB


7.78 MB


2.72 MB

  Dragon 360 (HI-Res).pdf

34.78 MB

  Dragon Compendium. Volume I.pdf

70.07 MB


8.63 MB

 Dungeon Magazine


28.71 MB


12.69 MB


9.70 MB


10.18 MB

 Dungeon Master


   Level 01-05


2.14 MB

    A Dark And Stormy Knight.pdf

382.85 KB

    Bad Light.pdf

414.79 KB

    Barrow Of The Forgotten King.pdf

16.08 MB

    Base Of Operations.pdf

314.60 KB

    Caves Of Shadow.pdf

468.02 KB

    D20 - Dungeons & Dragons - Module - Caves of Anicient Secrets.pdf

1.70 MB

    Dry Spell.pdf

408.68 KB

    Fallen Angel.pdf

508.47 KB

    Fantastic Locations. Fane Of The Drow.pdf

6.98 MB

    Frozen Whispers.pdf

610.11 KB

    Manifesting. A Tale.pdf

358.42 KB

    One Last Riddle.pdf

150.03 KB

    Return To The Temple Of Elemental Evil.pdf

20.05 MB

    Scourge Of The Howling Horde.pdf

9.42 MB

    Something's Cooking.pdf

118.61 KB

    The Burning Plague.pdf

182.88 KB

    The Eye Of The Sun.pdf

406.29 KB

    The Forge Of Fury.pdf

2.13 MB

    The Fright At Tristor.pdf

4.61 MB

    The Secret Of The Windswept Wall.pdf

758.32 KB

    The Shattered Gates Of Slaughtergarde.pdf

69.49 MB

    The Speaker In Dreams.pdf

2.24 MB

    The Sunless Citadel.pdf

1.47 MB

    The Unwavering Path.pdf

494.57 KB

    The Vessel Of Stars.pdf

496.07 KB

    Wreck Ashore.pdf

408.21 KB

   Level 06-10


24.04 MB


2.02 MB


19.81 MB


26.59 MB


17.06 MB

    A Harvest Of Evil.pdf

557.00 KB

    An Eye For An Eye.pdf

326.53 KB

    Bad Moon Waning.pdf

930.73 KB

    Cave Of The Spiders.pdf

380.49 KB

    Environmental Impact.pdf

322.78 KB

    Expedition To Castle Ravenloft.pdf

65.88 MB

    Expedition To The Demonweb Pits.pdf

35.73 MB

    Fantastic Locations. Dragondown Grotto.pdf

7.23 MB

    Fantastic Locations. Fields Of Ruin.pdf

7.23 MB

    Fantastic Locations. Hellspike Prison.pdf

1.73 MB

    Fantastic Locations. The Frostfell Rift.pdf

20.41 MB

    Hasken's Manor.pdf

734.69 KB

    Heart Of Nightfang Spire.pdf

6.08 MB

    House Of Harpies.pdf

664.66 KB

    Icy Heart.pdf

580.25 KB

    Into The Frozen Waste.pdf

766.59 KB

    Legend Of The Silver Skeleton.pdf

1.45 MB

    Lest Darkness Rise.pdf

554.26 KB

    Red Hand Of Doom.pdf

36.05 MB

    Shoals Of Intrigue.pdf

214.18 KB

    Start At The End.pdf

730.50 KB


3.76 MB

    Test Of The Demonweb.pdf

628.55 KB

    The Alchemist's Eyrie.pdf

258.87 KB

    The Crumbling Hall Of The Frost Giant Jarl.pdf

276.71 KB

    The Ghosts Of Aniel.pdf

104.30 KB

    The Ministry Of Winds.pdf

349.71 KB

    The Sea Witch.pdf

576.39 KB

    The Standing Stone.pdf

2.47 MB

    The Temple Of Redcliff.pdf

274.91 KB

    The Tower Of Deception.pdf

452.06 KB

    The Treasure Of The Black Veils.pdf

684.96 KB

    Tiger's Palace.pdf

626.32 KB

    To Quell The Rising Storm.pdf

802.04 KB

    Tomb Of Horrors.pdf

10.18 MB

    Tower In The Ice.pdf

390.41 KB

    White Plume Mountain.pdf

4.01 MB

   Level 11-15


9.31 MB

    A Question Of Ethics.pdf

950.79 KB

    Deep Horizon.pdf

1.30 MB

    Desert Sands.pdf

340.46 KB

    Fait Accompli.pdf

720.45 KB

    Frigid Demise.pdf

206.24 KB

    Ill Wind In Friezford.pdf

650.53 KB

    Lochfell's Secret.pdf

652.95 KB

    Lord Of The Iron Fortress.pdf

5.19 MB

    Lost Caverns Hi Res.pdf

34.26 MB

    Matters Of Vengeance.pdf

516.35 KB


18.42 MB

    Road To Oblivion.pdf

242.51 KB

    Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.pdf

410.93 KB

    Sheep's Clothing.pdf

460.01 KB

    Shrine Of The Feathered Serpent.pdf

314.71 KB

    Stone Dead.pdf

966.84 KB

    Thicker Than Water.pdf

253.08 KB

   Level 16-20


27.37 MB

    153_Castle Perilous_Hi.pdf

20.54 MB

    Bastion Of Broken Souls.pdf

4.68 MB

    Black Rain.pdf

304.58 KB

    Force Of Nature.pdf

664.62 KB

    Haunting Lodge.pdf

392.73 KB

    The Thunder Below.pdf

1.81 MB

    War Of Dragons.pdf

658.47 KB

  Campaign Settings


    [Unlisted] Price of Courage (SVP4203).pdf

44.94 MB

    [Unlisted] Tasslehoff's Map Pouch; Legends (SVP4904).pdf

26.92 MB

    Age Of Mortals (SVP4001).pdf

73.29 MB

    Bestiary Of Krynn (SVP4801).pdf

40.28 MB

    Bestiary of Krynn Revised (SVP4405).pdf

23.99 MB

    Dragonlance Campaign Setting (WTC86990).pdf

82.34 MB

    Dragonlance Map.jpg

1.69 MB

    Holy Orders of the Stars (SVP4402).pdf

3.53 MB

    Key Of Destiny (SVP4201).pdf

53.89 MB

    Knightly Orders of Ansalon (SVP4403).pdf

19.83 MB

    Legends of the Twins (SVP4003).pdf

4.03 MB

    Races of Ansalon (SVP4404).pdf

8.18 MB

    Spectre of Sorrows (SVP4202).pdf

3.39 MB

    Tasslehoff's Map Pouch; The Age of Mortals (SVP4902).pdf

14.04 MB

    Tasslehoff's Map Pouch; The War of the Lance (SVP4903).pdf

36.82 MB

    Towers of High Sorcery (SVP4401).pdf

3.11 MB

    War of the Lance (SVP4002).pdf

5.75 MB



17.89 MB

    Dragons of Eberron.pdf

36.58 MB

    Eberron Campaign Setting.pdf

19.60 MB

    Eberron Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen.pdf

4.66 MB

    Eberron Map.jpg

2.61 MB

    Explorer's Handbook.pdf

10.07 MB

    Faiths Of Eberron.pdf

34.87 MB

    Five Nations.pdf

10.68 MB

    Grasp Of The Emerald Claw.pdf

2.54 MB

    Magic Of Eberron.pdf

23.30 MB

    Player's Guide To Eberron.pdf

28.28 MB

    Secrets of Sarlona.pdf

59.24 MB

    Secrets Of Xen'drik.pdf

25.41 MB

    Shadows Of The Last War.pdf

8.80 MB

    Sharn. City Of Towers.pdf

7.58 MB

    Voyage Of The Golden Dragon.pdf

7.52 MB

    Whispers Of The Vampire's Blade.pdf

13.49 MB

   Forgotten Realms

    Anauroch the Empire of Shade.pdf

49.94 MB

    Champions Of Ruin.pdf

6.49 MB

    Champions Of Valor.pdf

12.92 MB

    City Of Splendors. Waterdeep.pdf

17.69 MB

    Cormyr The Tearing Of The Weave.pdf

41.28 MB

    D&D 3E - D20 - Forgotten Realms - Sourcebook - Silverymoon.pdf

998.96 KB

    Dragons Of Faerun.pdf

41.27 MB

    Faiths And Pantheons.pdf

40.07 MB

    Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.pdf

57.05 MB

    Forgotten Realms Dungeon Master's Screen.pdf

2.07 MB

    Forgotten Realms Map.jpg

2.37 MB

    Grand History of the Realms.pdf

39.73 MB

    Lords Of Darkness.pdf

4.44 MB

    Lost Empires Of Faerun.pdf

21.87 MB

    Magic Of Faerun.pdf

3.83 MB

    Monsters Of Faerun.pdf

6.96 MB

    Mysteries Of The Moonsea.pdf

32.25 MB

    Player's Guide To Faerun.pdf

6.05 MB

    Power Of Faerun.pdf

44.90 MB

    Races Of Faerun.pdf

4.18 MB

    Serpent Kingdoms.pdf

7.40 MB

    Shadowdale The Scouring of the Land.pdf

19.37 MB

    Shining South.pdf

7.70 MB

    Silver Marches.pdf

29.55 MB

    Sons Of Gruumsh.pdf

8.22 MB

    The Twilight Tomb.pdf

8.66 MB

    Unapproachable East.pdf

4.03 MB


6.72 MB



10.23 MB

    Greyhawk Map.jpg

14.49 MB

    Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.pdf

15.98 MB

   Kingdoms Of Kalamar

    Aldriv's Revenge.pdf

20.49 MB

    Coin's End.pdf

21.47 MB

    Dangerous Denizens. The Monsters Of Tellene.pdf

48.22 MB


26.09 MB

    Forging Darkness.pdf

17.09 MB

    Fury In The Wastelands. The Orcs Of Tellene!.pdf

39.91 MB

    Garden Of The Plantmaster.pdf

17.64 MB

    Geanavue. The Stones Of Peace.pdf

48.10 MB

    Harvest Of Darkness.pdf

17.06 MB

    Kingdoms Of Kalamar Atlas.pdf

56.25 MB

    Kingdoms Of Kalamar Campaign Setting.pdf

59.41 MB

    Kingdoms Of Kalamar Player's Guide.pdf

56.84 MB

    Lands Of Mystery.pdf

22.22 MB

    Loona. Port Of Intrigue.pdf

12.04 MB

    Midnight's Terror.pdf

18.84 MB

    Pekal Gazetteer.pdf

18.44 MB

    Salt And Sea Dogs. The Pirates Of Tellene.pdf

18.90 MB

    Siren's Prize.pdf

16.45 MB

    Stand And Deliver.pdf

11.89 MB

    Stealth And Style.pdf

16.43 MB

    The Fate Of Heroes.pdf

28.61 MB

    The Invasion Of Arun'Kid.pdf

14.37 MB

    The Lost Tomb Of Kruk-Ma-Kali.pdf

32.48 MB

    The Root Of All Evil.pdf

19.48 MB

    Villain Design Handbook.pdf

33.44 MB

   Ghostwalk Campaign Option.pdf

4.99 MB


   Dungeon Master Screen.pdf

2.20 MB

   Dungeon Master's Guide II.pdf

26.66 MB

   Dungeon Master's Guide. Core Rulebook II v.3.5.pdf

10.43 MB

  Monster Manual

   Fiend Folio.pdf

5.18 MB

   Fiendish Codex I. Hordes Of The Abyss.pdf

42.50 MB

   Fiendish Codex II. Tyrants Of The Nine Hells.pdf

36.86 MB

   Monster Manual I. Core Rulebook III v.3.5.pdf

9.22 MB

   Monster Manual II.pdf

10.68 MB

   Monster Manual III.pdf

5.83 MB

   Monster Manual IV.pdf

56.88 MB

   Monster Manual V.pdf

115.75 MB

  Deities And Demigods.pdf

11.70 MB

  Drow of the Underdark.pdf

14.81 MB

  Dungeons & Dragons - Adventure - Crypt of the Smoke Dragon - 3rd Edition.pdf

2.03 MB

  Elder Evils.pdf

32.78 MB

  Enemies And Allies.pdf

1.23 MB

  Exemplars of Evil.pdf

49.93 MB

  Manual Of The Planes.pdf

5.08 MB

  Rules Compendium.pdf

29.22 MB

 Player Handbooks & Guides

  Complete Collection

   Complete Adventurer. A Guide To Skillful Characters Of All Classes.pdf

13.65 MB

   Complete Arcane. A Player's Guide To Arcane Magic For All Classes.pdf

6.44 MB

   Complete Divine. A Player's Guide To Divine Magic For All Classes.pdf

6.73 MB

   Complete Mage. A Player's Guide To All Things Arcane.pdf

45.23 MB

   Complete Psionic. Mastering The Powers Of The Mind.pdf

36.22 MB

   Complete Scoundrel. A Player's Guide To Trickery And Ingenuity.pdf

8.05 MB

   Complete Warrior. A Player's Guide To Combat For All Classes.pdf

35.69 MB

   Expanded Psionics Handbook.pdf

7.59 MB

   Psionics Handbook.pdf

7.97 MB


   Defenders Of The Faith. A Guidebook To Clerics And Paladins.pdf

3.76 MB

   Hero Builder's Guidebook.pdf

3.37 MB

   Masters Of The Wild. A Guidebook To Barbarians, Druids, And Rangers.pdf

2.90 MB

   Song And Silence. A Guidebook To Bards And Rogues.pdf

3.33 MB

   Sword And Fist. A Guidebook To Fighters And Monks.pdf

3.44 MB

   Tome And Blood. A Guidebook To Wizards And Sorcerers.pdf

3.99 MB

  Player Handbooks

   Oriental Adventures.pdf

5.62 MB

   Player's Handbook II.pdf

31.28 MB

   Player's Handbook. Core Rulebook I v.3.5.pdf

8.37 MB

  D&D 3.5 Edition - Character Sheet Revised.pdf

888.85 KB

  D&D 3.5 Edition - PHB Character Sheet.pdf

91.29 KB

  Deluxe Character Sheets.pdf

10.15 MB

 30 Years of Adventure A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons.pdf

72.04 MB

 CC1 - The Ultimate Collector's Checklist - TSR & D20 System.pdf

3.95 MB

 D&D Basic Game (2004) - D&D 3.5 - Core Boxed Set - WTC 96647.pdf

60.61 MB


3.80 MB


0.05 KB


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