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WCW Music Collection

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Name:WCW Music Collection

Total Size: 897.60 MB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 0

Leechers: 0

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-09-02 14:49:10

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Torrent Files List

NWA-Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard.mp3 (Size: 885.55 MB) (Files: 283)

 NWA-Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard.mp3

5.62 MB

 NWA-Black Bart.mp3

3.07 MB

 NWA-Boogie Woogie Man.mp3

3.38 MB

 NWA-Dusty Rhodes.mp3

2.97 MB

 NWA-Eddie Gilbert.mp3

3.63 MB

 NWA-Fabulous Freebirds.mp3

8.35 MB

 NWA-Manny Fernandez (1st).mp3

3.84 MB

 NWA-Rock & Roll Express.mp3

8.31 MB

 WCW PPV-Bash At The Beach 1994.mp3

7.47 MB

 WCW PPV-Bash At The Beach 1996.mp3

2.89 MB

 WCW PPV-Bash At The Beach 1999.mp3

3.14 MB

 WCW PPV-Beach Blast 1992.mp3

5.34 MB

 WCW PPV-Great American Bash 1986.mp3

5.08 MB

 WCW PPV-Great American Bash 1988.mp3

5.65 MB

 WCW PPV-Great American Bash 1989.mp3

2.50 MB

 WCW PPV-Halloween Havoc 1990.mp3

1.22 MB

 WCW PPV-Halloween Havoc 1993.mp3

7.95 MB

 WCW PPV-Halloween Havoc 1994.mp3

1.37 MB

 WCW PPV-Music City Showdown '89.mp3

6.53 MB

 WCW PPV-Superbrawl 2.mp3

2.75 MB

 WCW-2 Cold Scorpio.mp3

4.56 MB

 WCW-3 Count #1.mp3

1.78 MB

 WCW-3 Count (2nd).mp3

1.54 MB

 WCW-Air Paris.mp3

2.50 MB

 WCW-AJ Styles.mp3

2.82 MB

 WCW-Akira Hokuto.mp3

2.91 MB

 WCW-Al Green.mp3

1.15 MB

 WCW-Alex Wright.mp3

1.89 MB

 WCW-American Males.mp3

1.81 MB


3.48 MB

 WCW-Arn Anderson (1st).mp3

4.37 MB

 WCW-Arn Anderson (2nd) (Remix).mp3

2.90 MB

 WCW-Arn Anderson (2nd).mp3

4.53 MB


2.48 MB

 WCW-Bam Bam Bigelow.mp3

0.98 MB

 WCW-Barry Horrowitz.mp3

3.35 MB

 WCW-Barry Windham (2nd).mp3

3.03 MB

 WCW-Barry Windham (4th).mp3

5.33 MB

 WCW-Barry Windham (5th).mp3

3.49 MB

 WCW-Barry Windham (6th).mp3

2.90 MB


2.17 MB

 WCW-Big Bubba Rogers.mp3

1.79 MB

 WCW-Big Daddy Dink.mp3

1.68 MB

 WCW-Bill Kazmaier.mp3

2.67 MB

 WCW-Billy Kidman (1st).mp3

2.77 MB

 WCW-Billy Kidman (2nd).mp3

4.85 MB

 WCW-Black Blood.mp3

2.93 MB

 WCW-Black Cat.mp3

2.20 MB

 WCW-Black Scorpion (1st).mp3

2.75 MB

 WCW-Black Scorpion (2nd).mp3

3.83 MB

 WCW-Black Top Bully.mp3

3.41 MB

 WCW-Bobby Blaze (1st).mp3

2.94 MB

 WCW-Bobby Blaze (2nd).mp3

2.65 MB

 WCW-Bobby Duncum Jr..mp3

2.93 MB

 WCW-Bobby Eaton (1st).mp3

1.98 MB

 WCW-Bobby Eaton (2nd).mp3

2.85 MB

 WCW-Bobby Walker.mp3

1.42 MB

 WCW-Booker T (1st).mp3

1.78 MB

 WCW-Booker T (2nd).mp3

3.83 MB

 WCW-Brad Armstrong.mp3

2.46 MB

 WCW-Bret Hart (1st).mp3

3.67 MB

 WCW-Bret Hart (2nd).mp3

2.82 MB

 WCW-Bret Hart (3rd).mp3

4.10 MB

 WCW-Brian Knobbs.mp3

7.08 MB

 WCW-Brian Pillman (1st).mp3

3.78 MB

 WCW-Brian Pillman (2nd).mp3

2.21 MB

 WCW-British Bulldog (1st).mp3

3.20 MB

 WCW-British Bulldog (3rd).mp3

1.90 MB

 WCW-Buddy Landell.mp3

1.24 MB

 WCW-Buff Bagwell.mp3

2.70 MB

 WCW-Bunkhouse Buck.mp3

4.70 MB

 WCW-Butch Reed.mp3

2.16 MB

 WCW-Cactus Jack (1st).mp3

8.61 MB

 WCW-Cactus Jack (2nd).mp3

4.57 MB

 WCW-Cactus Jack (3rd).mp3

3.89 MB

 WCW-Chavo Guerrero.mp3

2.69 MB

 WCW-Chris Benoit (1st) (With Words).mp3

3.14 MB

 WCW-Chris Benoit (1st).mp3

3.11 MB

 WCW-Chris Candido.mp3

2.28 MB

 WCW-Chris Jericho #1.mp3

2.19 MB

 WCW-Chris Jericho #2.mp3

2.47 MB


2.76 MB

 WCW-Clash Of The Champions 11.mp3

3.78 MB

 WCW-Clash Of The Champions 12.mp3

2.25 MB

 WCW-Clash Of The Champions 14.mp3

5.86 MB

 WCW-Clash Of The Champions 19.mp3

1.94 MB

 WCW-Clash Of The Champions 1-9.mp3

7.61 MB

 WCW-Clash Of The Champions 26.mp3

2.80 MB

 WCW-Colossal Kongs.mp3

1.01 MB

 WCW-Contol Center.mp3

3.48 MB

 WCW-Curt Hennig (1st).mp3

3.25 MB


3.33 MB

 WCW-Dan Spivey.mp3

2.17 MB

 WCW-Dangerous Alliance.mp3

2.94 MB

 WCW-DDP (1st).mp3

1.14 MB

 WCW-DDP (2nd).mp3

3.07 MB

 WCW-Dean Malenko.mp3

1.83 MB

 WCW-Diamond Studd (1st).mp3

3.40 MB

 WCW-Diamond Studd (2nd).mp3

4.18 MB

 WCW-Diamond Studd (3rd).mp3

2.08 MB

 WCW-Disco Inferno.mp3

1.17 MB

 WCW-Disorderly Conduct.mp3

1.71 MB

 WCW-Doom (1st).MP3

3.57 MB

 WCW-Doom (2nd).mp3

5.76 MB

 WCW-Dungeon Of Doom.mp3

2.29 MB

 WCW-Dustin Rhodes (1st).mp3

4.13 MB

 WCW-Dustin Rhodes (3rd).mp3

3.08 MB

 WCW-Eddie Gilbert.mp3

4.43 MB

 WCW-Eddie Guererro (1st).mp3

1.18 MB

 WCW-Eddie Guererro (2nd).mp3

1.09 MB

 WCW-El Cubano.mp3

7.35 MB

 WCW-El Gato.mp3

2.06 MB

 WCW-El Gigante.mp3

1.69 MB


2.85 MB

 WCW-Ernest Miller (1st).mp3

2.71 MB

 WCW-Ernest Miller (2nd).mp3

1.82 MB

 WCW-Ernest Miller (3rd).mp3

5.83 MB

 WCW-Evan Karagais (1st).mp3

3.22 MB

 WCW-Evan Karagais (2nd).mp3

3.70 MB

 WCW-Fabulous Freebirds (1st).mp3

4.01 MB

 WCW-Fabulous Freebirds (2nd).mp3

9.80 MB

 WCW-Faces Of Fear.mp3

3.87 MB

 WCW-Fit Finlay.mp3

3.11 MB

 WCW-Four Horsemen (1st).mp3

2.49 MB

 WCW-Four Horsemen (2nd).mp3

823.70 KB

 WCW-Four Horsemen (4th).mp3

5.48 MB

 WCW-Four Horsemen (5th).mp3

2.20 MB


1.79 MB

 WCW-Great Muta (1st).mp3

1.42 MB

 WCW-Guardian Angel.mp3

1.89 MB

 WCW-Hardcore Hak.mp3

3.06 MB

 WCW-Harlem Heat.mp3

977.26 KB

 WCW-Heavenly Bodies.mp3

3.82 MB

 WCW-High Voltage.mp3

2.06 MB

 WCW-Hollywood Blondes.mp3

4.16 MB

 WCW-Honky Tonk Man.mp3

2.15 MB

 WCW-Hugh Morrus.mp3

3.35 MB

 WCW-Hulk Hogan.mp3

3.30 MB

 WCW-Ice Train.mp3

1.20 MB

 WCW-Jason Jett.mp3

3.41 MB

 WCW-Jean Paul Levesque.mp3

2.80 MB

 WCW-Jeff Jarrett.mp3

2.25 MB

 WCW-Jerry Flynn.mp3

2.09 MB

 WCW-Jesse Ventura.mp3

2.91 MB

 WCW-Jim Powers.mp3

2.37 MB

 WCW-Joe Gomez.mp3

863.90 KB

 WCW-Johnny B. Badd (1st).mp3

2.94 MB

 WCW-Johnny B. Badd (2nd).mp3

4.30 MB

 WCW-Johnny Gunn.mp3

4.47 MB

 WCW-Johnny Swinger.mp3

4.91 MB

 WCW-Jung Dragons.mp3

2.37 MB

 WCW-Junkyard Dog.mp3

5.35 MB

 WCW-Jushin Liger (2nd).mp3

1.61 MB

 WCW-Jushin Liger (4th).mp3

3.03 MB

 WCW-Juventud Guererra.mp3

1.36 MB


1.41 MB

 WCW-Kendall Windham.mp3

4.26 MB

 WCW-Kid Romeo.mp3

645.74 KB

 WCW-Kimberly Page.mp3

1.02 MB

 WCW-King Kalua.mp3

5.28 MB

 WCW-KISS Demon.mp3

1.22 MB

 WCW-Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr..mp3

3.09 MB

 WCW-Konnan (2nd).mp3

4.01 MB


2.77 MB


2.36 MB

 WCW-La Parka.mp3

1.86 MB

 WCW-Lance Storm.mp3

1.19 MB

 WCW-Larry Zybsko (3rd).mp3

2.20 MB

 WCW-Lex Luger (1st).mp3

2.01 MB

 WCW-Lex Luger (2nd).mp3

1.88 MB

 WCW-Lex Luger (3rd).mp3

1.25 MB

 WCW-Lex Luger (4th).mp3

1.05 MB

 WCW-M.I. Smooth.mp3

186.79 KB

 WCW-Madusa (1st).mp3

1.59 MB

 WCW-Madusa (2nd).mp3

1.86 MB


972.99 KB

 WCW-Marcus Alexander Bagwell.mp3

5.69 MB

 WCW-Master Blasters.mp3

4.72 MB

 WCW-Masters Of The Power Bomb.mp3

1.95 MB

 WCW-Mean Mark Callous.mp3

2.33 MB

 WCW-Men At Work.mp3

8.92 MB

 WCW-Midnight Express.mp3

4.99 MB

 WCW-Miguel Perez.mp3

2.66 MB

 WCW-Mike Awesome (2nd).mp3

3.18 MB

 WCW-Mike Awesome (3rd).mp3

1.77 MB

 WCW-Monday Nitro Theme.mp3

3.23 MB


2.98 MB

 WCW-Natural Born Thrillers (1st).mp3

3.22 MB

 WCW-Natural Born Thrillers (2nd).mp3

1.01 MB

 WCW-Nikita Koloff.mp3

3.67 MB

 WCW-Norman Smiley (1st).mp3

3.18 MB

 WCW-Norman Smiley (2nd).mp3

5.03 MB

 WCW-Norman The Lunatic.mp3

3.82 MB

 WCW-NWO (1st).mp3

1.95 MB

 WCW-NWO (2nd) (With Voices).mp3

1.99 MB

 WCW-NWO (3rd) (With Voices).mp3

3.05 MB

 WCW-NWO Japan.mp3

2.12 MB

 WCW-NWO Midcarder.mp3

1.92 MB

 WCW-NWO Wolfpac.mp3

2.13 MB

 WCW-One Man Gang.mp3

1.37 MB

 WCW-Oz (1st).mp3

6.55 MB

 WCW-Oz (2nd).mp3

2.81 MB

 WCW-P.N. News.mp3

2.61 MB

 WCW-Paul Orndorff (1st).mp3

10.07 MB

 WCW-Paul Orndorff (2nd).mp3

3.58 MB

 WCW-Paul Orndorff (3rd).mp3

2.83 MB

 WCW-Perry Saturn (1st).mp3

1.73 MB

 WCW-Perry Saturn (2nd).mp3

3.48 MB

 WCW-Perry Saturn (3rd).mp3

1.12 MB

 WCW-'Primetime' Elix Skipper.mp3

1.78 MB


6.34 MB

 WCW-Public Enemy.mp3

1.47 MB


2.41 MB


2.85 MB

 WCW-Rey Mysterio Jr. (1st).mp3

2.73 MB

 WCW-Rey Mysterio Jr. (2nd).mp3

2.01 MB

 WCW-Ric Flair.mp3

1.75 MB

 WCW-Rick Fuller.mp3

3.31 MB

 WCW-Rick Martel.mp3

3.29 MB

 WCW-Rick Rude (1st).mp3

6.59 MB

 WCW-Rick Rude (2nd).mp3

5.02 MB

 WCW-Rick Steiner (1st).mp3

2.16 MB

 WCW-Rick Steiner (2nd).mp3

1.77 MB

 WCW-Ricky Morton.mp3

1.22 MB

 WCW-Ricky Steamboat (1st).mp3

6.48 MB

 WCW-Ricky Steamboat (2nd).mp3

3.87 MB

 WCW-Ricky Steamboat (3rd).mp3

5.06 MB

 WCW-Road Warriors (3rd).mp3

7.83 MB

 WCW-Road Warriors (4th).mp3

2.19 MB

 WCW-Rock & Roll Express.mp3

7.99 MB

 WCW-Ron Simmons.mp3

3.93 MB

 WCW-Rowdy Roddy Piper.mp3

3.34 MB

 WCW-Samoan Swat Team.mp3

3.36 MB

 WCW-Saturday Night (1st).mp3

489.00 KB

 WCW-Saturday Night (2nd).mp3

583.29 KB

 WCW-Saturday Night (3rd).mp3

564.51 KB

 WCW-Saturday Night (4th).mp3

509.82 KB

 WCW-Saturday Night (5th).mp3

564.51 KB

 WCW-Saturday Night (6th).mp3

765.33 KB

 WCW-Scott Norton (2nd).mp3

3.51 MB

 WCW-Scott Putski.mp3

4.55 MB

 WCW-Scott Steiner.mp3

2.05 MB

 WCW-Shane Helms.mp3

1.17 MB

 WCW-Shawn Stasiak.mp3

2.29 MB

 WCW-Sid Vicious (1st).mp3

2.95 MB

 WCW-Sid Vicious (2nd).mp3

1.99 MB


7.98 MB

 WCW-Stars N' Stripes.mp3

2.95 MB

 WCW-Steiner Brothers (2nd).mp3

7.72 MB

 WCW-Steiner Brothers (3rd).mp3

3.69 MB

 WCW-Steiner Brothers (4th).mp3

2.42 MB

 WCW-Steve Austin (1st).mp3

7.87 MB

 WCW-Steve Austin (2nd).mp3

4.16 MB

 WCW-Steve McMichael.mp3

1.04 MB

 WCW-Steven Regal (1st).mp3

3.07 MB

 WCW-Sting (1st).mp3

3.02 MB

 WCW-Sting (2nd).mp3

2.91 MB

 WCW-Sting (3rd).mp3

2.22 MB

 WCW-Sting (4th).mp3

1.50 MB


2.40 MB

 WCW-Tank Abbott.mp3

529.82 KB

 WCW-Tatsumi Fujinami.mp3

5.18 MB

 WCW-Terry Funk (1st).MP3

4.82 MB

 WCW-Terry Funk (2nd).mp3

981.66 KB

 WCW-Terry Taylor (2nd).mp3

3.13 MB

 WCW-The Artist.mp3

566.56 KB

 WCW-Tom Zenk.mp3

3.40 MB

 WCW-Ultimo Dragon.mp3

1.76 MB

 WCW-V.K. Wallstreet (1st).mp3

1.95 MB

 WCW-V.K. Wallstreet (2nd).mp3

3.18 MB

 WCW-Vader (1st).mp3

7.06 MB

 WCW-Vampiro (1st).mp3

2.87 MB

 WCW-Vampiro (2nd).mp3

4.59 MB

 WCW-Van Hammer.mp3

5.99 MB

 WCW-Varsity Club.mp3

243.03 KB

 WCW-Vinnie Vegas.mp3

3.53 MB


2.50 MB

 WCW-West Texas Rednecks (1st).mp3

1.61 MB

 WCW-West Texas Rednecks (2nd).mp3

1.47 MB

 WCW-Wrath (2nd).mp3

1.50 MB

 WCW-York Foundation.mp3

2.33 MB

 WCW-Young Pistols.mp3

4.97 MB

 WCW-Yuji Nagata.mp3

2.39 MB

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Torrent description

NWA-Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
NWA-Black Bart
NWA-Boogey Wooget Man Jimmy Valiant
NWA Dusty Rhodes
NWA-Eddie Gilbert
NWA-Fabulous Freebirds
NWA-Manny Fernandez 1st
NWA-Rock & Roll Express
WCW-2 Cold Scorpio
WCW-3 Count #1
WCW-Bash At The Beach 1994
WCW-Bash At The Beach 1996
WCW-Bash At The Beach 1999
WCW-Beach Blast 1992
WCW-Great American Bash 1986
WCW-Great American Bash 1988
WCW-Great American Bash 1989
WCW-Halloween Havoc 1990
WCW-Halloween Havoc 1993
WCW-Halloween Havoc 1994
WCW-Music City Showdown 1989
WCW-SuperBrawl 2
WCW-Air Paris
WCW-AJ Styles
WCW-Akira Hokuto
WCW-Al Green
WCW Alex Wright
WCW-American Males
WCW-Arn Anderson 1st
WCW-Arn Anderson 2nd
WCW-Arn Anderson 2nd (Remix)\
WCW-Bam Bam Bigelow
WCW-Barry Horrowitz
WCW-Barry Windham 2nd
WCW-Barry Windham 4th
WCW-Barry Windham 5th
WCW-Barry Windham 6th
WCW-Big Bubba Rogers
WCW-Big Daddy Dink
WCW-Bill Kazmaier
WCW-Billy Kidman 1st
WCW-Billy Kidman 2nd
WCW-Black Blood
WCW-Black Cat
WCW-Black Scorpion 1st
WCW-Black Scorpion 2nd
WCW-Black Top Bully
WCW-Bobby Blaze 1st
WCW-Bobby Blaze 2nd
WCW-Bobby Duncum Jr.
WCW-Bobby Eaton 1st
WCW-Bobby Eaton 2nd
WCW-Bobby Walker
WCW-Booker T 1st
WCW-Booker T 2nd
WCW-Brad Armstrong
WCW-Bret Hart 1st
WCW-Bret Hart 2nd
WCW-Bret Hart 3rd
WCW-Brian Knobbs
WCW-Brian Pillman 1st
WCW-Brian Pillman 2nd
WCW-British Bulldog 1st
WCW-British Bulldog 3rd
WCW-Buddy Landell
WCW-Buff Bagwell
WCW-Bunkhouse Buck
WCW-Butch Reed
WCW-Cactus Jack 1st
WCW-Cactus Jack 2nd
WCW-Cactus Jack 3rd
WCW-Chavo Guererro Jr.
WCW-Chris Benoit 1st
WCW-Chris Benoit (With Words)
WCW-Chris Candido
WCW-Chris Jericho 1st
WCW-Chris Jericho 2nd
WCW-Clash Of Champions 1-9
WCW-Clash Of Champions 11
WCW-Clash Of Champions 12
WCW-Clash Of Champions 14
WCW-Clash Of Champions 19
WCW-Clash Of Champions 26
WCW-Colossal Kongs
WCW-Control Center
WCW-Curt Hennig 1st
WCW Damien
WCW-Dan Spivey
WCW-Dangerous Alliance
WCW-Diamond Dallas Page 1st
WCW-Diamond Dallas Page 2nd
WCW-Dean Malenko
WCW-Diamond Studd 1st
WCW-Diamond Studd 2nd
WCW-Diamond Studd 3rd
WCW-Disco Inferno
WCW-Disorderly Conduct
WCW-Doom 1st
WCW-Doom 2nd
WCW-Dungeon Of Doom
WCW-Dustin Rhodes 1st
WCW-Dustin Rhodes 3rd
WCW-Eddie Gilbert
WCW-Eddie Guererro 1st
WCW-Eddie Guererro 2nd
WCW-El Cubano
WCW-El Gato
WCW-El Gigante
WCW-Ernest Miller 1st
WCW-Ernest Miller 2nd
WCW-Ernest Miller 3rd
WCW-Evan Karagais 1st
WCW-Evan Karagais 2nd
WCW-Fabulous Freebirds 1st
WCW Fabulous Freebirds 2nd
WCW-Faces Of Fear
WCW-Fit Finlay
WCW-Four Horsemen 1st
WCW-Four Horsemen 2nd
WCW-Four Horsemen 4th
WCW-Four Horsemen 5th
WCW-Great Muta 1st
WCW-Guardian Angel
WCW-Hardcore Hak
WCW-Harlem Heat
WCW-Heavenly Bodies
WCW-High Voltage
WCW-Hollywood Blonds
WCW-Honky Tonk Man
WCW-Hugh Morrus
WCW-Hulk Hogan
WCW-Ice Train
WCW-Jason Jett
WCW-Jean Paul Levesque
WCW-Jeff Jarrett 2nd
WCW-Jerry Flynn
WCW-Jesse Ventura
WCW-Jim Powers
WCW-Joe Gomez
WCW-Johnny B. Badd 1st
WCW-Johnny B. Badd 2nd
WCW-Johnny Gunn
WCW-Johnny Swinger
WCW-Jung Dragons
WCW-Junkyard Dog
WCW-Jushin Liger 2nd
WCW-Jushin Liger 4th
WCW-Juventud Guererra
WCW-Kendall Windham
WCW-Kid Romeo
WCW-Kimberly Page
WCW-King Kahlua
WCW-Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr.
WCW-Konnan 2nd
WCW Kronik
WCW-La Parka
WCW-Lance Storm
WCW-Larry Zbysko 3rd
WCW-Lash LeRoux
WCW-Lex Luger 1st
WCW-Lex Luger 2nd
WCW-Lex Luger 3rd
WCW-Lex Luger 4th
WCW-M.I. Smooth
WCW-Madusa 1st
WCW-Madusa 2nd
WCW-Marcus Alexander Bagwell
WCW-Master Blasters
WCW-Masters Of The PowerBomb
WCW-Mean Mark Callous
WCW-Men At Work
WCW-Midnight Express
WCW-Miguel Perez
WCW-Mike Awesome 2nd
WCW-Mike Awesome 3rd
WCW-Monday Nitro Theme
WCW-Natural Born Thrillers 1st
WCW-Natural Born Thrillers 2nd
WCW-Nikita Koloff
WCW-Norman Smiley 1st
WCW-Norman Smiley 2nd
WCW-Norman The Lunatic
WCW-NWO 2nd (With Words)
WCW-NWO 3rd (With Words)
WCW-NWO Mid-Carder
WCW-NWO Wolfpac
WCW-One Man Gang
WCW-Oz 1st
WCW-Oz 2nd
WCW-P.N. News
WCW-Paul Orndorff 1st
WCW-Paul Orndorff 2nd
WCW-Paul Orndorff 3rd
WCW-Perry Saturn 1st
WCW-Perry Saturn 2nd
WCW-Perry Saturn 3rd
WCW-Primetime Elix Skipper
WCW-Public Enemy
WCW-Rey Mysterio Jr. 1st
WCW-Rey Mysterio Jr. 2nd
WCW-Ric Flair
WCW-Ric Fuller
WCW-Rick Martel
WCW-Rick Rude 1st
WCW-Rick Rude 2nd
WCW-Rick Steiner 1st
WCW-Rick Steiner 2nd
WCW-Ricky Morton
WCW-Ricky Steamboat 1st
WCW-Ricky Steamboat 2nd
WCW-Ricky Steamboat 3rd
WCW-Road Warriors 3rd
WCW-Road Warriors 4th
WCW-Rock & Roll Express
WCW-Ron Simmons
WCW-Rowdy Roddy Piper
WCW-Samoan Swat Team
WCW-Saturday Night 1st
WCW-Saturday Night 2nd
WCW-Saturday Night 3rd
WCW-Saturday Night 4th
WCW-Saturday Night 5th
WCW-Saturday Night 6th
WCW-Scott Norton 2nd
WCW-Scott Putski
WCW-Scott Steiner
WCW-Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo
WCW-Shane Helms
WCW-Shawn Stasiak
WCW-Sid Vicious 1st
WCW-Sid Vicious 2nd
WCW-Stars & Stripes
WCW-Steiner Brothers 2nd
WCW-Steiner Brothers 3rd
WCW-Steiner Brothers 4th
WCW-Steve Austin 1st
WCW-Steve Austin 2nd
WCW-Steve McMichael
WCW-Steve Williams
WCW-Steven Regal
WCW-Sting 1st
WCW-Sting 2nd
WCW-Sting 3rd
WCW-Sting 4th
WCW-Tank Abbott
WCW-Tatsumi Fujinami
WCW-Terry Funk 1st
WCW-Terry Funk 2nd
WCW-Terry Taylor 2nd
WCW-The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea
WCW-Tom Zenk
WCW-Ultimo Dragon
WCW-V.K. Wallstreet 1st
WCW-V.K. Wallstreet 2nd
WCW-Vader 1st
WCW-Vampiro 1st
WCW-Vampiro 2nd
WCW-Van Hammer
WCW-Varsity Club
WCW-Vinnie Vegas
WCW-West Texas Rednecks 1st
WCW-West Texas Rednecks 2nd
WCW-Wrath 2nd
WCW-York Foundation
WCW-Young Pistols
WCW-Yuji Nagata

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