Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer Mastering Astral Projection [1 CD 27 MP3s, 27 WAVS, 1 PDF, 1 DOC,

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Name:Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer Mastering Astral Projection [1 CD 27 MP3s, 27 WAVS, 1 PDF, 1 DOC,

Total Size: 133.63 MB

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Affirmation Sound Files (Size: 133.63 MB) (Files: 86)

 Affirmation Sound Files

  MP3 Version

   MAP Affirmations Week 01 Evening.mp3

393.12 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 01 Morning.mp3

299.43 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 02 Evening.mp3

308.81 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 02 Morning.mp3

368.63 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 03 Evening.mp3

366.16 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 03 Morning.mp3

304.53 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 04 Evening.mp3

304.73 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 04 Morning.mp3

307.18 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 05 Evening.mp3

291.47 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 05 Morning.mp3

308.81 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 06 Evening.mp3

319.02 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 06 Morning.mp3

341.88 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 07 Evening.mp3

314.12 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 07 Morning.mp3

356.57 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 08 Evening.mp3

317.79 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 08 Morning.mp3

343.10 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 09 Evening.mp3

305.96 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 09 Morning.mp3

358.00 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 10 Evening.mp3

352.69 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 10 Morning.mp3

342.69 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 11 Evening.mp3

344.32 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 11 Morning.mp3

522.24 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 12 Evening.mp3

340.04 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 12 Morning.mp3

309.22 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 13 Evening.mp3

340.24 KB

   MAP Affirmations Week 13 Morning.mp3

432.44 KB

  WAV Version

   MAP Affirmations Week 01 Evening.wav

3.70 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 01 Morning.wav

2.73 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 02 Evening.wav

2.94 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 02 Morning.wav

3.16 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 03 Evening.wav

4.17 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 03 Morning.wav

2.84 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 04 Evening.wav

2.84 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 04 Morning.wav

2.90 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 05 Evening.wav

2.56 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 05 Morning.wav

2.93 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 06 Evening.wav

3.15 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 06 Morning.wav

3.64 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 07 Evening.wav

3.05 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 07 Morning.wav

3.96 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 08 Evening.wav

3.13 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 08 Morning.wav

3.67 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 09 Evening.wav

2.87 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 09 Morning.wav

3.99 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 10 Evening.wav

3.88 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 10 Morning.wav

3.66 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 11 Evening.wav

3.70 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 11 Morning.wav

3.77 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 12 Evening.wav

3.61 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 12 Morning.wav

2.94 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 13 Evening.wav

3.61 MB

   MAP Affirmations Week 13 Morning.wav

2.80 MB

 BrainWave Generator

  Presets (for Current BWGen Users to Import)

   MAP Week 01 - Relaxation.bwg

7.52 KB

   MAP Week 02 - Relaxation (Deep).bwg

8.72 KB

   MAP Week 03 - Lucid Dreaming.bwg

12.12 KB

   MAP Week 03 - Meditation (No Pulse).bwg

11.20 KB

   MAP Week 03a - Meditation (15-Second Pulse).bwg

17.36 KB

   MAP Week 03b - Meditation (30-Second Pulse).bwg

17.36 KB

   MAP Week 03c - Meditation (45-Second Pulse).bwg

17.36 KB

   MAP Week 03d - Meditation (60-Second Pulse).bwg

17.36 KB

   MAP Week 03e - Meditation (90-Second Pulse).bwg

17.36 KB

   MAP Week 03f - Meditation (3-Minute Pulse).bwg

17.36 KB

   MAP Week 04 - Lucid Dreaming.bwg

12.25 KB

   MAP Week 04 - Meditation (Primary Center Stimulation).bwg

11.50 KB

   MAP Week 05 - Lucid Dreaming.bwg

12.83 KB

   MAP Week 05 - Trance Meditation.bwg

11.68 KB

   MAP Week 06 - Energy Body Loosening.bwg

14.26 KB

   MAP Week 06 - Lucid Dreaming.bwg

10.87 KB

   MAP Week 07 - Exit Training.bwg

14.39 KB

   MAP Week 08 - Exit Training.bwg

25.09 KB

   MAP Week 09 - Exit Training.bwg

17.25 KB

   MAP Week 10 - Exit Training.bwg

15.57 KB

   MAP Week 11 - Exit Training (Long Meditation).bwg

78.56 KB

   MAP Week 11 - Exit Training.bwg

23.84 KB

   MAP Week 12 - Exit Training.bwg

13.20 KB

   MAP Week 13 - Astral Transference.bwg

26.86 KB

   MAP Week 13 - Exit Training.bwg

78.78 KB


3.55 KB


1.67 MB


436.05 KB

 Complete NEW Manual

  New Energy Ways (NEW) Manual.pdf

754.46 KB

 Dream Journal Template

  Dream Journal Template (RTF Version).rtf

17.34 KB

  Dream Journal Template.doc

29.00 KB

 Sleep Programming Sound Files

  MP3 Version

   OBE Sleep Programming.mp3

1.69 MB

  WAV Version

   OBE Sleep Programming.wav

33.65 MB

 CD Contents & Instructions.txt

11.71 KB


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Torrent description

This torrent was uploaded from www.TheOccult.bz (signup is open and free) - the home of everything Esoteric

Mastering Astral Projection CD-ROM Contents

I. Affirmation Sound Files--Daily affirmation sound files in MP3 and .WAV

II. BrainWave Generator--Mastering Astral Projection version of the BrainWave
Generator shareware program. Double-click "Setup" to install and follow the
on-screen directions.

III. Complete NEW Manual--Abode Reader version of Robert Bruce's New Energy
Ways (NEW) tutorial.

IV. Dream Journal Template--Mastering Astral Projection dream journal template
in Microsoft Word and RTF formats.

V. Sleep Programming Sound Files--Sleep programming sound files in MP3 and
.WAV formats.

I. Affirmation Sound Files
Each of the morning and evening affirmations listed in Mastering Astral Projection
can be found on this CD in MP3 and .WAV formats. Listening to them repeatedly
will allow you to memorize them without painstakingly writing them over and over
or spending a lot of time memorizing them. Use the MP3 files with your PC or
portable media player, set it to repeat, and then just listen. For those with
the know-how, the affirmations have been included in WAV format should you want to add your own quiet music or ambient sound effects. The files can be found in the "Affirmation Sound Files" directory.

II. BrainWave Generator
This CD includes a computer program called the "BrainWave Generator." The
BrainWave Generator works with your personal computer to generate sound that
helps produce an altered state of consciousness for the listener. The program
requires the Windows operating system (Windows 95 or above), a sound card, and stereo headphones.

How the technology works: Brainwaves are attributed to electrical activity in
the brain, which can be measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) when electrodes are placed on the scalp. The dominant brainwave frequency is said to be the current state of brain activity or one's state of consciousness. States of
consciousness have been classified into various categories: beta (normal, waking
consciousness), alpha (meditative state), theta (light sleep), and delta (deep
sleep). The theory behind the BrainWave Generator is that by introducing external stimuli (sound) one can affect brainwave patterns, thereby decreasing the amount of time it takes to get into an altered state of consciousness. (For detailed information on how the BrainWave Generator technology works, reference the "Help" files included with the BrainWave Generator program or visit www.bwgen.com.)

The BrainWave Generator can also be used with light and sound machines that
support AudioStrobe technology. Light and sound machines, such as the Orion,
the Proteus, or the Innerpulse, look like portable music players with sockets
to plug in headphones and special light goggles. When used with the BrainWave
Generator's AudioStrobe technology, the light goggles flash in a way that
further assists in inducing an altered state of consciousness. For more
information on the BrainWave Generator's AudioStrobe function, reference the
program's "Help" files and the instructions that came with your sound and light

When used with sound and light machines, the BrainWave Generator uses flashes
of high frequency light for external visual stimulation of the brain. For this
reason the following people should not use BrainWave Generator: people subject
to any form of seizures or epilepsy, people using pacemakers, people suffering
from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders, people taking stimulants,
psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers. If you fall into any of these categories,
do not use the BrainWave Generator.

The BrainWave Generator is a fully functional shareware program that includes all the presets necessary for following the ninety-day Mastering Astral Projection program. Registering the program is not required. However, advantages of program registration include no longer having to see the "Evaluation Copy" dialogue box at startup. Registered users can also import presets from an existing library available free at www.bwgen.com. If you are interested in registering your copy of the BrainWave Generator, follow the instructions onthe "Evaluation Copy" dialogue box when first starting up the program.

1. With the CD that came with Mastering Astral Projection in the CD-ROM drive
of your personal computer, Navigate to the "BrainWave Generator" folder and
double-click the "Setup" icon.

2. The installation program wizard begins. Click the words "Install BrainWave
Generator 3.1".

3. When the installation wizard starts, click the "Next" button. A message
will come up asking you to accept the license agreement. Click on the "Yes"

4. The installation wizard asks you where you want to install the program.
Use the default directory or choose an alternate location and click the "Next"

5. The program will inform you that the installation is complete. Click the
"Finish" button to start the program. (In the future you can open the program
from the "Start" menu.)

6. The first time the program opens it invokes the configuration wizard.
(You can also open the configuration wizard from the "Options" menu.) You will
need to plug in headphones for this step. The configuration wizard allows you
to test the stereo orientation, test the right and left channels, set the sample
rate, and turn the AudioStrobe function on or off. Follow the instructions as
they appear on the screen.

To operate the BrainWave Generator, set up your headphones and choose the
desired preset from the drop-down menu. Press the "Play" button (the button with the little triangle) and the "Stop" button (the button with the little square) to
start and stop the preset. Use your PC's volume controls to adjust the level
of sound output.

The BrainWave Generator's presets are progressive in nature (i.e., they change
while you use them, even if the changes are not obvious). For this reason you
should only start playing the presets when you are ready to begin your energy
work or trance session. Always use headphones. Simply listening through PC speakers will have no effect whatsoever.

The presets do not have to be loud to be effective. Somewhere between barely
audible to comfortable will work best. In general, you don't want the program
to be so loud that it is distracting or this may prevent you from entering the
body asleep/mind awake state.

If you find yourself falling asleep while using the program, consider changing
to a sitting position in a hard-backed chair with no neck support. The slight
discomfort of this position will prevent you from falling asleep.

The presets tend to be most effective the first few times they are used. Take
advantage of this by only listening to the presets when you are doing the
exercises in the Mastering Astral Projection program.

Information about each week's presets are given at the end of each chapter
before the daily pages. For more information on the presets themselves, choose
"Preset Options" from the "Wave" menu within the BrainWave Generator itself
and read the description information.

If you are not using a light and sound machine with the BrainWave Generator,
you should turn off the AudioStrobe function. Make sure the "No Visual Effects"
menu item is checked in the "Options" menu.

When using light goggles, always keep your eyes closed, as the strobe light
is designed to penetrate eyelids.

Never listen to any of these programs while driving or operating equipment,
as the programs have a tendency to make you drowsy.

Presets (for Current BWGen Users to Import)
For those of you who already own a registered copy of the BrainWave Generator
and just wish to import the presets into your existing version, they can be found
in the BrainWave Generator directory in a subdirectory called "Presets (for
Current BWGen Users to Import)".

III. Complete NEW Manual
The exercises in Mastering Astral Projection are largely based on the New Energy
Ways (NEW) system of raising and simulating personal energy. This method uses
body-awareness movements for conscious and direct manipulation of one's energy

Mastering Astral Projection was only a brief introduction to New Energy Ways.
The full NEW manual is included on this CD in electronic format in the "Complete
NEW Manual" directory. To view this PDF file you will need the a copy of Adobe Acrobat. You can download a free copy of it at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.html. This will allow you to print the contents of the manual or read it directly from your computer.

IV. Dream Journal Template
Key to mastering astral projection is the ability to call back the memories of the
experience. During reintegration after an OBE, memories from the projected double
are downloaded into the expanded energy body, and then into the physical brain/mind,
in a process we call the "shadow memory download."

Dream memories are very similar to OBE memories. Learning to remember dreams
is an effective way to hone your ability to remember OBEs. Mastering Astral
Projection calls for writing down key words in a notepad next to your bed. This is
a quick and effective way to capture your dream memories and enhance your shadow memory recall skills.

At least once a week you should transfer your key words into a more elaborate
dream journal and expand on your key word notes. This CD-ROM offers one
possible model for such a dream journal in Microsoft Word and RTF formats.
The dream journal template can be found in the "Dream Journal Template"

To use it, copy and paste it into an electronic word processing document of your
choice; or simply print it out and write directly on the printed copies.

V. Sleep Programming Sound Files
The sleep programming recording described in Mastering Astral Projection can
be found on this CD in MP3 and .WAV formats. Listening to them repeatedly
while going to sleep provides an extremely effective way to have lucid dreams
and spontaneous OBEs.

Use the MP3 files with your PC or portable media player, set it to repeat, and
then just listen. For those with the know-how, the affirmations have been
included in WAV format should you want to add your own quiet music or
ambient sound effects.

The files can be found in the "Sleep Programming Sound Files" directory.


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