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Name:The Urantia Book Audio CDs [ 7CDs 217 MP3 7 PDF]

Total Size: 4.68 GB

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cd1 (Size: 4.55 GB) (Files: 233)


  CLICK HERE - Table Of Contents PDF Urantia Book Part I.pdf

273.14 KB

  CLICK HERE - WinAmp Playlist Urantia Book Part I.m3u

3.87 KB

  UB.000.0.Urantia Book_Perspective.mp3

436.00 KB

  UB.000.1.Urantia Book_Forward.mp3

38.17 MB

  UB.001.0.Urantia Book_Part I Introduction.mp3

164.00 KB

  UB.001.Urantia Book_The Universal Father.mp3

25.79 MB

  UB.002.Urantia Book_The Nature Of God.mp3

25.80 MB

  UB.003.Urantia Book_The Attributes Of God.mp3

22.06 MB

  UB.004.Urantia Book_God's Relation To The Universe.mp3

16.63 MB

  UB.005.Urantia Book_God's Relation To The Individual.mp3

23.31 MB

  UB.006.Urantia Book_The Eternal Son.mp3

17.52 MB

  UB.007.Urantia Book_Relation OT Eternal Son TT Universe.mp3

18.70 MB

  UB.008.Urantia Book_The Infinite Spirit.mp3

14.13 MB

  UB.009.Urantia Book_Relation OT Infinite Spirit TT Universe.mp3

16.84 MB

  UB.010.Urantia Book_The Paradise Trinity.mp3

16.17 MB

  UB.011.Urantia Book_The Eternal Isle Of Paradise.mp3

21.82 MB

  UB.012.Urantia Book_The Universe Of Universes.mp3

31.71 MB

  UB.013.Urantia Book_The Sacred Spheres of Paradise.mp3

18.48 MB

  UB.014.Urantia Book_The Central And Divine Universe.mp3

23.58 MB

  UB.015.Urantia Book_The Seven Superuniverses.mp3

31.25 MB

  UB.016.Urantia Book_The Seven Master Spirits.mp3

27.00 MB

  UB.017.Urantia Book_The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups.mp3

19.32 MB

  UB.018.Urantia Book_The Supreme Trinity Personalities.mp3

13.80 MB

  UB.019.Urantia Book_The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings.mp3

18.58 MB

  UB.020.Urantia Book_The Paradise Sons Of God.mp3

22.44 MB

  UB.021.Urantia Book_The Paradise Creator Sons.mp3

17.91 MB

  UB.022.Urantia Book_The Trinitized Sons Of God.mp3

25.38 MB

  UB.023.Urantia Book_The Solitary Messengers.mp3

14.83 MB

  UB.024.Urantia Book_Higher Personalities OT Infinite Spirit.mp3

16.50 MB

  UB.025.Urantia Book_The Messenger Hosts Of Space.mp3

24.35 MB

  UB.026.Urantia Book_Ministering Spirits OT Central Universe.mp3

26.18 MB

  UB.027.Urantia Book_Ministry Of The Primary Supernaphim.mp3

15.93 MB

  UB.028.Urantia Book_Ministering Spirits OT Superuniverses.mp3

26.66 MB

  UB.029.Urantia Book_The Universe Power Directors.mp3

23.17 MB

  UB.030.Urantia Book_Personalities Of The Grand Universe.mp3

22.77 MB

  UB.031.Urantia Book_The Corps Of The Finality.mp3

20.57 MB


10.51 KB


  CLICK HERE - Table Of Contents PDF Urantia Book Part II.pdf

283.95 KB

  CLICK HERE - WinAmp Playlist Urantia Book Part II.m3u

3.03 KB

  UB.000.0.Urantia Book_Perspective.mp3

436.00 KB

  UB.000.1.Urantia Book_Forward.mp3

38.17 MB

  UB.032.0.Urantia Book_Part II Introduction.mp3

162.00 KB

  UB.032.Urantia Book_The Evolution Of Local Universes.mp3

18.33 MB

  UB.033.Urantia Book_Administration Of The Local Universe.mp3

16.04 MB

  UB.034.Urantia Book_The Local Universe Mother Spirit.mp3

21.28 MB

  UB.035.Urantia Book_The Local Universe Sons Of God.mp3

21.13 MB

  UB.036.Urantia Book_The Life Carriers.mp3

19.27 MB

  UB.037.Urantia Book_Personalities Of The Local Universe.mp3

22.24 MB

  UB.038.Urantia Book_Ministering Spirits OT Local Universe.mp3

16.43 MB

  UB.039.Urantia Book_The Seraphic Hosts.mp3

32.56 MB

  UB.040.Urantia Book_The Ascending Sons Of God.mp3

38.54 MB

  UB.041.Urantia Book_Physical Aspects OT Local Universe.mp3

25.57 MB

  UB.042.Urantia Book_Energy - Mind And Matter.mp3

61.29 MB

  UB.043.Urantia Book_The Constellations.mp3

23.59 MB

  UB.044.Urantia Book_The Celestial Artisans.mp3

25.30 MB

  UB.045.Urantia Book_The Local System Administration.mp3

32.37 MB

  UB.046.Urantia Book_The Local System Headquarters.mp3

21.38 MB

  UB.047.Urantia Book_The Seven Mansion Worlds.mp3

22.27 MB

  UB.048.Urantia Book_The Morontia Life.mp3

57.21 MB

  UB.049.Urantia Book_The Inhabited Worlds.mp3

25.88 MB

  UB.050.Urantia Book_The Planetary Princes.mp3

14.55 MB

  UB.051.Urantia Book_The Planetary Adams.mp3

17.72 MB

  UB.052.Urantia Book_Planetary Mortal Epochs.mp3

25.20 MB

  UB.053.Urantia Book_The Lucifer Rebellion.mp3

23.59 MB

  UB.054.Urantia Book_Problems Of The Lucifer Rebellion.mp3

15.45 MB

  UB.055.Urantia Book_The Spheres Of Light And Life.mp3

32.98 MB

  UB.056.Urantia Book_Universal Unity.mp3

30.69 MB


10.51 KB


  CLICK HERE - Table Of Contents PDF Urantia Book Part III-a.pdf

315.40 KB

  CLICK HERE - WinAmp Playlist Urantia Book Part III-a.m3u

3.95 KB

  UB.000.0.Urantia Book_Perspective.mp3

436.00 KB

  UB.000.1.Urantia Book_Forward.mp3

38.17 MB

  UB.057.0.Urantia Book_Part III Introduction.mp3

170.00 KB

  UB.057.Urantia Book_The Origin Of Urantia.mp3

25.63 MB

  UB.058.Urantia Book_Life Establishment On Urantia.mp3

16.27 MB

  UB.059.Urantia Book_The Marine-Life Era On Urantia.mp3

24.72 MB

  UB.060.Urantia Book_Urantia During The Early Land-Life Era.mp3

15.89 MB

  UB.061.Urantia Book_The Mammalian Era On Urantia.mp3

20.23 MB

  UB.062.Urantia Book_The Dawn Races Of Early Man.mp3

17.18 MB

  UB.063.Urantia Book_The First Human Family.mp3

14.00 MB

  UB.064.Urantia Book_The Evolutionary Races Of Color.mp3

23.51 MB

  UB.065.Urantia Book_The Overcontrol Of Evolution.mp3

21.56 MB

  UB.066.Urantia Book_The Planetary Prince Of Urantia.mp3

27.29 MB

  UB.067.Urantia Book_The Planetary Rebellion.mp3

19.08 MB

  UB.068.Urantia Book_The Dawn Of Civilization.mp3

18.38 MB

  UB.069.Urantia Book_Primitive Human Institutions.mp3

22.44 MB

  UB.070.Urantia Book_The Evolution Of Human Government.mp3

31.82 MB

  UB.071.Urantia Book_Development Of The State.mp3

13.64 MB

  UB.072.Urantia Book_Government On A Neighboring Planet.mp3

24.65 MB

  UB.073.Urantia Book_The Garden Of Eden.mp3

12.41 MB

  UB.074.Urantia Book_Adam And Eve.mp3

21.40 MB

  UB.075.Urantia Book_The Default Of Adam And Eve.mp3

16.22 MB

  UB.076.Urantia Book_The Second Garden.mp3

14.87 MB

  UB.077.Urantia Book_The Midway Creatures.mp3

26.14 MB

  UB.078.Urantia Book_Violet Race After The Days Of Adam.mp3

19.22 MB

  UB.079.Urantia Book_Andite Expansion In The Orient.mp3

23.33 MB

  UB.080.Urantia Book_Andite Expansion In The Occident.mp3

21.86 MB

  UB.081.Urantia Book_Development Of Modern Civilization.mp3

25.51 MB

  UB.082.Urantia Book_The Evolution Of Marriage.mp3

16.84 MB

  UB.083.Urantia Book_The Marriage Institution.mp3

18.14 MB

  UB.084.Urantia Book_Marriage And Family Life.mp3

25.71 MB

  UB.085.Urantia Book_The Origins Of Worship.mp3

10.86 MB

  UB.086.Urantia Book_Early Evolution Of Religion.mp3

15.59 MB

  UB.087.Urantia Book_The Ghost Cults.mp3

18.38 MB

  UB.088.Urantia Book_Fetishes, Charms, And Magic.mp3

13.43 MB

  UB.089.Urantia Book_Sin, Sacrifice, And Atonement.mp3

23.90 MB


10.51 KB


  CLICK HERE - Table Of Contents PDF Urantia Book Part III-b.pdf

292.40 KB

  CLICK HERE - WinAmp Playlist Urantia Book Part III-b.m3u

3.88 KB

  UB.000.0.Urantia Book_Perspective.mp3

436.00 KB

  UB.000.1.Urantia Book_Forward.mp3

38.17 MB

  UB.057.0.Urantia Book_Part III Introduction.mp3

170.00 KB

  UB.090.Urantia Book_Shamanism - Medicine Men And Priests.mp3

15.08 MB

  UB.091.Urantia Book_The Evolution Of Prayer.mp3

19.21 MB

  UB.092.Urantia Book_The Later Evolution Of Religion.mp3

24.07 MB

  UB.093.Urantia Book_Machiventa Melchizedek.mp3

26.33 MB

  UB.096.Urantia Book_Yahweh - God Of The Hebrews.mp3

15.01 MB

  UB.097.Urantia Book_Evolution-God Concept Among Hebrews.mp3

24.58 MB

  UB.099.Urantia Book_The Social Problems Of Religion.mp3

15.18 MB

  UB.100.Urantia Book_Religion In Human Experience.mp3

22.67 MB

  UB.101.Urantia Book_The Real Nature Of Religion.mp3

29.93 MB

  UB.102.Urantia Book_The Foundations Of Religious Faith.mp3

24.25 MB

  UB.103.Urantia Book_The Reality Of Religious Experience.mp3

30.10 MB

  UB.104.Urantia Book_Growth Of The Trinity Concept.mp3

18.14 MB

  UB.105.Urantia Book_Deity And Reality.mp3

20.44 MB

  UB.106.Urantia Book_Universe Levels Of Reality.mp3

24.13 MB

  UB.107.Urantia Book_Origin And Nature Of Thought Adjusters.mp3

18.10 MB

  UB.108.Urantia Book_Mission And Ministry-Thought Adjusters.mp3

19.54 MB

  UB.109.Urantia Book_Relation-Adjusters To Universe Creatures.mp3

15.81 MB

  UB.110.Urantia Book_Relation-Adjusters To Individual Mortals.mp3

26.00 MB

  UB.111.Urantia Book_The Adjuster And The Soul.mp3

21.62 MB

  UB.112.Urantia Book_Personality Survival.mp3

27.14 MB

  UB.113.Urantia Book_Seraphic Guardians Of Destiny.mp3

17.98 MB

  UB.114.Urantia Book_Seraphic Planetary Government.mp3

19.84 MB

  UB.115.Urantia Book_The Supreme Being.mp3

16.35 MB

  UB.116.Urantia Book_The Almighty Supreme.mp3

18.89 MB

  UB.117.Urantia Book_God The Supreme.mp3

27.56 MB

  UB.118.Urantia Book_Supreme And Ultimate-Time And Space.mp3

29.63 MB

  UB.119.Urantia Book_The Bestowals Of Christ Michael.mp3

23.18 MB


10.51 KB


  CLICK HERE - Table Of Contents PDF Urantia Book Part IV-a.pdf

281.87 KB

  CLICK HERE - WinAmp Playlist Urantia Book Part IV-a.m3u

2.85 KB

  UB.000.0.Urantia Book_Perspective.mp3

436.00 KB

  UB.000.1.Urantia Book_Forward.mp3

38.17 MB

  UB.120.0.Urantia Book_Part IV Introduction.mp3

260.00 KB

  UB.120.Urantia Book_The Bestowal Of Michael On Urantia.mp3

18.73 MB

  UB.121.Urantia Book_The Times Of Michael's Bestowal.mp3

23.37 MB

  UB.122.Urantia Book_Birth And Infancy Of Jesus.mp3

20.99 MB

  UB.123.Urantia Book_The Early Childhood Of Jesus.mp3

22.28 MB

  UB.124.Urantia Book_The Later Childhood Of Jesus.mp3

21.36 MB

  UB.125.Urantia Book_Jesus At Jerusalem.mp3

16.62 MB

  UB.126.Urantia Book_The Two Crucial Years.mp3

18.69 MB

  UB.127.Urantia Book_The Adolescent Years.mp3

24.79 MB

  UB.128.Urantia Book_Jesus' Early Manhood.mp3

25.77 MB

  UB.129.Urantia Book_The Later Adult Life Of Jesus.mp3

15.50 MB

  UB.130.Urantia Book_On The Way To Rome.mp3

29.17 MB

  UB.131.Urantia Book_The Worlds Religions.mp3

30.22 MB

  UB.132.Urantia Book_The Sojourn At Rome.mp3

28.11 MB

  UB.133.Urantia Book_The Return From Rome.mp3

32.34 MB

  UB.134.Urantia Book_The Transition Years.mp3

25.54 MB

  UB.135.Urantia Book_John The Baptist.mp3

26.70 MB

  UB.136.Urantia Book_Baptism And The Forty Days.mp3

32.56 MB

  UB.137.Urantia Book_Tarrying Time In Galilee.mp3

26.74 MB

  UB.138.Urantia Book_Training The Kingdom's Messengers.mp3

20.51 MB

  UB.139.Urantia Book_The Twelve Apostles.mp3

68.91 MB

  UB.140.Urantia Book_The Ordination Of The Twelve.mp3

42.10 MB

  UB.141.Urantia Book_Beginning The Public Work.mp3

18.82 MB

  UB.142.Urantia Book_The Passover At Jerusalem.mp3

21.16 MB

  UB.143.Urantia Book_Going Through Samaria.mp3

21.98 MB


10.51 KB


  CLICK HERE - Table Of Contents PDF Urantia Book Part IV-b.pdf

304.87 KB

  CLICK HERE - WinAmp Playlist Urantia Book Part IV-b.m3u

3.67 KB

  UB.000.0.Urantia Book_Perspective.mp3

436.00 KB

  UB.000.1.Urantia Book_Forward.mp3

38.17 MB

  UB.120.0.Urantia Book_Part IV Introduction.mp3

260.00 KB

  UB.144.Urantia Book_At Gilboa And In The Decapolis.mp3

20.34 MB

  UB.145.Urantia Book_Four Eventful Days At Capernaum.mp3

25.32 MB

  UB.146.Urantia Book_First Preaching Tour Of Galilee.mp3

21.95 MB

  UB.147.Urantia Book_The Interlude Visit To Jerusalem.mp3

19.65 MB

  UB.148.Urantia Book_Training Evangelists At Bethsaida.mp3

36.15 MB

  UB.149.Urantia Book_The Second Preaching Tour.mp3

32.88 MB

  UB.150.Urantia Book_The Third Preaching Tour.mp3

30.32 MB

  UB.152.Urantia Book_Events Leading Up TT Capernaum Crisis.mp3

17.01 MB

  UB.153.Urantia Book_The Crisis At Capernaum.mp3

20.67 MB

  UB.154.Urantia Book_Last Days At Capernaum.mp3

14.41 MB

  UB.155.Urantia Book_Fleeing Through Northern Galilee.mp3

20.60 MB

  UB.157.Urantia Book_At Caesarea-Philippi.mp3

20.38 MB

  UB.158.Urantia Book_The Mount Of Transfiguration.mp3

20.25 MB

  UB.159.Urantia Book_The Decapolis Tour.mp3

21.19 MB

  UB.160.Urantia Book_Rodan Of Alexandria.mp3

25.12 MB

  UB.161.Urantia Book_Further Discussions With Rodan.mp3

10.52 MB

  UB.162.Urantia Book_At The Feast Of Tabernacles.mp3

23.06 MB

  UB.163.Urantia Book_Ordination Of The Seventy At Magadan.mp3

19.51 MB

  UB.164.Urantia Book_At The Feast Of Dedication.mp3

15.82 MB

  UB.165.Urantia Book_The Perean Mission Begins.mp3

16.44 MB

  UB.166.Urantia Book_Last Visit To Northern Perea.mp3

14.88 MB

  UB.167.Urantia Book_The Visit To Philadelphia.mp3

18.36 MB

  UB.168.Urantia Book_The Resurrection Of Lazarus.mp3

25.89 MB

  UB.170.Urantia Book_The Kingdom Of Heaven.mp3

18.23 MB

  UB.171.Urantia Book_On The Way To Jerusalem.mp3

22.26 MB

  UB.172.Urantia Book_Going Into Jerusalem.mp3

18.60 MB

  UB.173.Urantia Book_Monday In Jerusalem.mp3

16.82 MB


10.51 KB


  CLICK HERE - Table Of Contents PDF Urantia Book Part IV-c.pdf

293.54 KB

  CLICK HERE - WinAmp Playlist Urantia Book Part IV-c.m3u

2.76 KB

  UB.000.0.Urantia Book_Perspective.mp3

436.00 KB

  UB.000.1.Urantia Book_Forward.mp3

38.17 MB

  UB.120.0.Urantia Book_Part IV Introduction.mp3

260.00 KB

  UB.174.Urantia Book_Tuesday Morning In The Temple.mp3

27.81 MB

  UB.175.Urantia Book_The Last Temple Discourse.mp3

15.12 MB

  UB.176.Urantia Book_Tuesday Evening On Mount Olivet.mp3

16.72 MB

  UB.177.Urantia Book_Wednesday, The Rest Day.mp3

28.24 MB

  UB.178.Urantia Book_Last Day At The Camp.mp3

21.05 MB

  UB.179.Urantia Book_The Last Supper.mp3

23.12 MB

  UB.180.Urantia Book_The Farewell Discourse.mp3

33.00 MB

  UB.181.Urantia Book_Final Admonitions And Warnings.mp3

33.92 MB

  UB.182.Urantia Book_In Gethsemane.mp3

25.11 MB

  UB.183.Urantia Book_The Betrayal And Arrest Of Jesus.mp3

22.44 MB

  UB.184.Urantia Book_Before The Sanhedrin Court.mp3

25.65 MB

  UB.185.Urantia Book_The Trial Before Pilate.mp3

30.45 MB

  UB.186.Urantia Book_Just Before The Crucifixion.mp3

19.17 MB

  UB.187.Urantia Book_The Crucifixion.mp3

21.97 MB

  UB.188.Urantia Book_The Time Of The Tomb.mp3

24.47 MB

  UB.189.Urantia Book_The Resurrection.mp3

26.51 MB

  UB.190.Urantia Book_Morontia Appearance Of Jesus.mp3

22.51 MB

  UB.191.Urantia Book_Appearance TT Apostles And Other Leaders.mp3

25.82 MB

  UB.192.Urantia Book_Appearances in Galilee.mp3

18.44 MB

  UB.193.Urantia Book_Final Appearances And Ascension.mp3

22.50 MB

  UB.194.Urantia Book_Bestowal Of The Spirit Of Truth.mp3

34.20 MB

  UB.195.Urantia Book_After Pentecost.mp3

59.24 MB

  UB.196.Urantia Book_The Faith Of Jesus.mp3

35.67 MB


10.51 KB

 Urantia Book Audio CDs.sha1

22.30 KB


leech seeds

Torrent description

This torrent was uploaded from www.TheOccult.bz (signup is open and free) - the home of everything Esoteric

Welcome to The Urantia Book Audio MP3 CDs!

The Urantia Book presents a comprehensive world view composed from the concepts and ideas of more than 2,000 individuals who have contributed to the fields of science, philosophy, religion, history, sociology and theology during the last 2,000 years, integrated with an illumination of some of the most ancient stories, legends, and texts known to humanity — a comprehensive perspective of human origins and history, as well as an exciting preview of human destiny and the nature of eternal life.
The Urantia Book provides a cosmology—a model of universe processes—consistent with contemporary scientific insights and the highest values of the world's religions, thus constituting a revelation of epochal significance to the continuing quest of the human community to grasp something of its origin, history, and destiny.

Why You Need to Know About The Urantia Book

Making good life decisions—the exercise of true wisdom—requires insight into the context in which the decision or choice is being made.
The Urantia Book provides a comprehensive overview of the context in which we live our daily lives -- historical, social, personal, intellectual, spiritual, and material. It provides important background information that will deepen, enrich, and strengthen your relationship with God, empower you to prevail in your struggles with the difficulties of daily life, and enable you to participate creatively in the much-needed spiritual transformation of our world.
By integrating science, philosophy, and religion into a coherent world view, the Urantia Book enhances the meanings we derive from our life experience, equipping us to live our lives relative to positive, creative spiritual values in the midst of difficulty, chaos, and uncertainty.



Examples of the other materials available at www.TheOccult.bz:

Alchemy: Manfred M. Junius - Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy. Frater Albertus - Alchemist's Handbook. Jean Dubuis - Spagyrics

Astrology: Rosicrucian Fellowship - Astrology Course, Donna Cuningham - Selected Topics in Chart Interpretation, Judith Bennett, Evangeline Adams - Astrology Your Place among the Stars

Buddhism: Dalai Lama - The Art of Happiness, Jan Westerhoff - Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka: A Philosophical Investigation, Taigen D. Leighton - Visions of Awakening Space and Time: Dogen and the Lotus Sutra, Bernard Faure - The Red Thread

Chaos Magic: Peter Carrol - Cthonos Rite, Phil Hine - Prime Chaos, David Michael Cunningham - Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation

Entheogens: Timothy Leary - The Delicious Grace Of Moving One's Hand, Mia Touw - The Religious and Medicinal Uses of Cannabis in China, India and Tibet, Terence McKenna - Alien Dreamtime, Philip H. Farber - Magick and Entheogens

Fourth Way: G.I. Gurdjieff - Beelzebubs Tales to His Grandson, P. D. Ouspensky - Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution, Keith Jarrett - Sacred Hymns of G.I. Gurdjieff

Grimoires: Abraham von Worms - The Book Of Abramelin, Andrew Chumbley - One - The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, Various Authors - A Picatrix Miscellany

Golden Dawn: Pat & Chris Zalewski - The Magical Tarot of The Golden Dawn, Pat Zalewski - Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries, Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero - Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition, Israel Regardie - The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic

Hinduism: Swami Vivekananda - Complete Works, John Dowson - A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology, T.S Ranganathan - See, Learn & Perform Sandhyavandanam

Qabalah: Kabballah Denning & Phillips - Entrance to the Magical Qabalah, Lon Milo Duquette- Qabalah for the Rest of Us, William Gray - Ladder of Lights

Lucid Dreams / Astral Projection: Tony Crisp - Lucid Dreaming, S. Laberge - A Course in Lucid Dreaming, Robert Monroe - Techniques for Astral Projection, Robert Bruce - Astral Dynamics

Rosicrucianism: Paul Foster Case - The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, Frances Yates - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, Jennings Hargrave - The Rosicrucians

Satanism / Left-Hand Path: Michael A. Aquino - Temple Of Set, ONA - Naos: A Practical Guide to Modern Magick, Fraternitas Loki - Satan is Dead, Anton Szandor LaVey - The Satanic Mass

Tarot: Paul Foster Case - Tarot Fundamentals, Lon Milo DuQuette - Tarot Kabbalah & Oracles, P.D. Ouspensky - The Symbolism of the Tarot

Thelema: Theodor Reuss & Aleister Crowley - OTO Rituals & Magick, James Eschelman - The Mystical & Magical System of the A.'.A.'., The Equinox

Wicca: Rose Ariadne - Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft, Cassadnra Eason - A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magick Spells, Scott Cunningham - Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Yoga / Tantra: David Gordon White - Kiss of the Yogini, Swami Janakananda - Experience Yoga Nidra, David Coulter - Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

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