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Name:Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas DVDRip Xvid AC3[h33t][Dave3737]

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas DVDRip Xvid AC3[h33t][Dave3737] preview 3

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas DVDRip Xvid AC3[h33t][Dave3737] preview 0

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_______________________File Information_______________________
File Size.......: 1,710,635,008Bytes
Duration.......: 1:58:08
Bytes Missing.......: 0
IMDB Link.......:

______________________Video Information______________________
Video Codec.......: XviD ISO MPEG-4 - AVI(.AVI) - OpenDML (AVI v2.0),
Resolution.......: 720x304
Video Bitrate.......: 1473 kb/s
FPS.......: 23.976
Display Aspect Ratio.......: 2.368
Bits / Pixel.......: 0.281

______________________Audio Information______________________
Audio Streams.......: 1
Audio Codec.......: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
Audio Bitrate.......: 448kb/s - CBR - 48000 Hz
Audio Channel Count.......: 6
Audio alignment.......: Split
Interleave.......: 42ms
Preload.......: 512ms

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas DVDRip Xvid AC3[h33t][Dave3737] preview 1


In a fire-apple red convertible under the desert sun, Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo drive to Vegas with a suitcase full of drugs. Suddenly Duke notices black bats flying over their heads, and he tries to kill them with a flyswatter. Gonzo takes over driving. Duke inspects the contents of the case in the trunk: marijuana, mescaline, cocaine, amyls, ether, liquor, LSD, and a huge assortment of other drugs. He takes some of them and they drive off with a dead bat on the road behind them.

A report comes on the radio about drugs killing American soldiers, which is quickly changed to "One Toke Over The Line". Gonzo sings the wrong tune. They spot a hitchhiker and Gonzo begins to pull over, but Duke panics. "We can't stop here! This is bat country!" They drive back and pick him up nonethless. It turns out he had never been in a convertible before. Duke introduces Dr. Gonzo, his Samoan attorney. They explain how they are going to cover the Mint 400 race and find the American Dream, and how they got there.

Flash back to them sitting in the Beverly Heights Hotel, where they get a phone call about being assigned to the Mint 400 Race. They decide to cover the event through Gonzo Journalism. They rent a convertible and scare the salesman by driving it backwards at high speeds and stealing his pen. They buy some drugs and shirts, and a tape recorder. Then they eat some mescaline and go swimming.

On the road, Gonzo encounters heart troubles and pulls over. The hitchhiker watches each of them take "medicinal" amyl nitrite and become completely twisted. Gonzo pretends to be completely confused as to why they are in the desert, then they scare the hitchhiker with crazy stories about their plans to murder the drug dealer "Savage Henry". He jumps out the back of the car and runs off.

Duke takes some acid and Gonzo spills their cocaine. "You're a fucking narcotics agent! I knew it!" Duke drives faster so they can make it to the hotel before he completely loses it.

They reach Las Vegas, at the press sign-in for the Mint 400. Duke on acid sees a desk clerk turn into a poisonous moray eel before his eyes. They go to a bar and everyone turns into lizards. Gonzo collects him and they sign in with the press. In the hotel room they meet Lacerda, the photographer. They don't trust him. Duke watches a war movie and sees a "big machine in the sky, some kind of electric snake". He tries to study it's habits.

At the race, Duke checks into the press tent where he snorts another amyl and orders a beer. Some guy shakes a dusty rag into it. When the race starts, the bikers kick up a lot of dust and make the race impossible to cover. Duke and Lacerda head out in a Jeep to find it, but run into some people with machine guns. Duke's beer turns into mud from all the dust in the air. Duke gives up and heads back to the pits, telling Lacerda he is fired.

On the strip, Duke and Gonzo debate about how to spend the evening. They wind up at a Debbie Reynolds concert but get kicked out for laughing like crazy. They head to the Bazooko Circus, huff some ether off an American flag and eat mescaline. Freaked out by the things they see inside, like acrobats giving birth in midair to dolls in spacesuits, the human dartboard (live victim!) and women fucking polar bears. They stop at a rotating bar. Gonzo says he has to leave the country but is too paranoid to step off the bar, until Duke kicks him from behind. They avoid getting arrested or shot by leaving immediately.

They escape back to their hotel room with some effort. The door is apparently locked but Duke pushes it open with a cart. Gonzo flashes some knives around and threatens to harm Lacerda. The story flashes back to the elevator where Gonzo confronts Lacerda over a blonde reporter. Lacerda laughs when he tells the TV crew they work for Vincent Black Shadow. Gonzo scares Lacerda by pulling a knife on him. Back in the room, Gonzo threatens Duke over him and Lacerda, asking if Duke put Lacerda up to the reporter. Duke tells him to get his head straight. He leaves and broods over some gamblers and the meaning of his trip to Las Vegas. He gambles on the wheel of chance and loses, but learns to enjoy it.

Back in the room, he finds Gonzo on a lot of acid and sitting in the bathtub. Gonzo makes him put Jefferson Airplane on. When Duke leaves, Gonzo tries to grab the tape recorded and electrocute himself. Duke uses the shower curtain rod to keep his lawyer at bay. He threatens Duke with a knife if he doesn't kill him when the song White Rabbit peaks. Duke tells him he will, and when the song reaches the climax he throws an grapefruit at his head, unplugs the tape machine and grabs a can of mace. Gonzo chases him out of the bathroom but Duke chases him back in with a megaphone and some convincing. He locks the door and goes to the window, thinking about the end of the 60's acid wave and the crash that followed.

The next morning Gonzo is gone and the room service bill is in the thousands. He threatens the room service waiter with a gun before signing the bill on his face. Duke takes off with his suitcase of drugs and doesn't pay the hotel a dime. He is given a telegram from a nervous man from the hotel who obviously wants to find Dr. Gonzo about the bill.

Duke drives off and is pulled over by a highway patrolman. He turns it into a high-speed chase and makes a sharp turn that spins the cop out. He pulls over and is confronted by the cop. He tells him to get some sleep in the next rest area. He also wants a kiss from him. When Duke gets to Baker, he sees the hitchhiker, panics and drives the other way. He calls Gonzo from a payphone, because "the bastards are closing in!" He reminds Duke to read the telegram, which explains that his new assignment is the National District Attorneys Conference On Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in Vegas.

He rents a new Cadillac drives to the Flamingo where the conference is held. He walks in surrounded by cops waving batons, with a suitcase packed with drugs in his hand. He wipes some cocaine from under his nose. In the lobby an angry police chief haggles with the clerk over his room. Duke squeezes through and checks in in front of them. When he gets to the room, he is immediately attacked by a young painter named Lucy who Gonzo gave acid and had sex with. In the hallway Duke suggests they use her as a sex slave to make money off the cops, the alternative being Gonzo going to jail. Instead they drop her off somewhere and get her a room at the Tropicana, hoping she wouldn't remember what happened. Gonzo pukes from mescaline and red salmon.

They go to the conference and hear a man talk about some bizarre theories on marijuana. Gonzo leaves when a joke about Margaret Mead prompts the entire conference of pudgy, white cops to start laughing hysterically. A video comes on explaining how marijuana users should be taken down with "all necessary force". Duke gets up quietly and leaves.

In their room, they get a call from the desk clerk that Lucy had left them a message. Terrified, Duke starts packing to go back to LA. Gonzo calls her and tells her he stomped Duke and pulled his teeth out. Meanwhile Duke swallows some "adrenochrome" that Gonzo got off a Satanist client. Gonzo stomps and yells, pretending to be arrested over the phone, then hangs up. Duke sees Gonzo turn into a demon and discuss the effects of the extract of the human pineal gland on the brain. Duke sees Nixon floating out of the TV chanting "sacrifice" before he passes out under an American flag.

When he wakes up he has the microphone tied to his head and is wearing fishing boots and a strap-on lizard tail. The room is totally destroyed with drugs and food and everything imaginable all over the place. Part of the room is flooded with some sort of brown water and the bed looks like it was blown up. There's a .357 magnum in the toilet. Duke flashes back to him and Gonzo scaring the maid with a shotgun microphone. She walked in on Gonzo polishing his shoes (vomiting on them) in the closet. They convince her that they are cops looking for drug smugglers and that she shouldn't tell anyone about what she saw. They even hire her as a part time agent, with one phone call every day and a password, "I fear nothing!".

Duke attempts to listen to tape recordings to figure out what had happened. More flashbacks include Duke and Gonzo smashing coconuts over the hood of the Cadillac, the top of the cadillac getting completely jammed and broken, Duke trying to buy a monkey, Gonzo scaring motorists with offers of "pure fucking smack" and Gonzo making a pass at a waitress at a cafe, then pulling out a hunting knife and cutting the phone reciever off. The waitress is scared stiff. Gonzo buys a whole lemon meringue pie, stuffs the money into the waitress's shirt, and leaves. Duke follows, but leaves his plate of food. The terrified waitress cries.

On the way to the airport they are terrified when they run into Lucy in the middle of the road, and have to drive around the wrong way. Duke drives across lanes of highway and and right through the airport fence. He pulls the car right next to the plane and watches Gonzo get on it. "Too weird to live, and too rare to die."

Back in the room, Duke contemplates Leary and the fall of the acid culture, calling them "a generation of permanent cripples, failed seekers." He drives back to Los Angeles with the US flag trailing behind him.


Johnny Depp ... Raoul Duke

Benicio Del Toro ... Dr. Gonzo / Oscar Z. Acosta

Tobey Maguire ... Hitchhiker

Ellen Barkin ... Waitress at North Star Cafe

Gary Busey ... Highway Patrolman

Christina Ricci ... Lucy

Mark Harmon ... Magazine Reporter at Mint 400

Cameron Diaz ... Blonde TV Reporter

Katherine Helmond ... Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel

Michael Jeter ... L. Ron Bumquist

Penn Jillette ... Carnie Talker

Craig Bierko ... Lacerda

Lyle Lovett ... Road Person

Flea ... Musician

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