Sylvia Browne Spiritual Evolution [8 CDs 80 MP3s]

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Name:Sylvia Browne Spiritual Evolution [8 CDs 80 MP3s]

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CD1 (Size: 346.81 MB) (Files: 79)


  01 - Sylvia Live And Always Colorful.mp3

3.06 MB

  02 - Bringing A Loving God To The World.mp3

3.70 MB

  03 - Sylvia's Intuition Reveals Itself At Age 3.mp3

3.74 MB

  04 - You Need To Filter When You Open To Messages.mp3

5.38 MB

  05 - We Are Like Tubes, Open To Helping Others.mp3

3.53 MB

  06 - Sylvia Sees Sleep As Depressing.mp3

6.98 MB

  07 - We All Have Spirit Guides.mp3

4.92 MB

  08 - Sylvia Studies St. Aquinas And St. Augustine.mp3

2.99 MB

  09 - Sylvia Differs With The Priests.mp3

5.76 MB

  10 - An Omnipotent God Knows Our Failures.mp3

5.99 MB


  01 - Adversity Is A Marvelous Block To Overcome.mp3

3.52 MB

  02 - Having A Love Affair With God.mp3

2.89 MB

  03 - An Introduction To Francine.mp3

1.40 MB

  04 - Your Guides Inform You Of Your Soul's Progress.mp3

3.70 MB

  05 - Clients Find Their Guides In Meditation.mp3

5.04 MB

  06 - Don't Let Anyone Take Your Power.mp3

4.62 MB

  07 - A Hollywood Friend Follows A Bloated Guru.mp3

5.45 MB

  08 - It Is Time To Stop Worrying.mp3

5.59 MB

  09 - How Sylvia Would Counsel Relationships.mp3

2.93 MB

  10 - No One Can Live A Perfect Life.mp3

6.77 MB


  01 - Ghosts Are Proof That Souls Survive.mp3

3.45 MB

  02 - Why A Soul's Energy Can Get Stuck Here.mp3

5.65 MB

  03 - Land Can Hold Unresolved Energy.mp3

4.97 MB

  04 - Ghosts Think You Inhabit Their Domain.mp3

5.49 MB

  05 - Take Heed Of The Power Of Energy.mp3

2.71 MB

  06 - What Tulpas Are And How They Are Created.mp3

2.98 MB

  07 - The Slaughterhouse Imprint.mp3

3.33 MB

  08 - Experiencing Astral Catalepsy.mp3

4.42 MB

  09 - Kinetic Energy Has Healing Properties.mp3

3.43 MB

  10 - How To Do A Physical Reading And Healing.mp3

5.84 MB


  01 - Sylvia Hates The Word 'Remember'.mp3

3.21 MB

  02 - The Pain Of Losing A Young Child.mp3

2.95 MB

  03 - What You See Looking Into A Baby's Eyes.mp3

1.84 MB

  04 - We All Believe In Something.mp3

3.13 MB

  05 - A Meditation In Visiting The Inner Sanctum.mp3

10.59 MB

  06 - A Lesson In Astral Projection.mp3

5.64 MB

  07 - You Cannot Be Cursed By Someone.mp3

5.41 MB

  08 - You Can Feel Negative Energy In An Office.mp3

2.17 MB

  09 - A Woman Successfully 'White-Lights' Her Boss.mp3

2.55 MB

  10 - Psychic Attack Comes In Many Forms.mp3

2.82 MB


  01 - Angels Incarnate; Guides Do Not.mp3

3.94 MB

  02 - Mickey Rooney Meets An Angel.mp3

2.09 MB

  03 - The Gazebo Meditation In Meeting Your Guide.mp3

7.12 MB

  04 - The Beach Meditation In Meeting Your Guide.mp3

5.21 MB

  05 - You Are Never Alone.mp3

2.07 MB

  06 - Ask Yourself If You Are 'Of' This World.mp3

6.08 MB

  07 - This Is The Last Life For Many People.mp3

5.75 MB

  08 - Sylvia Meets With An Angel.mp3

2.96 MB

  09 - A Psychic Is A Tube For God's Energy.mp3

8.39 MB

  10 - The Psychic Infusion Meditation.mp3

6.44 MB


  01 - Quelling your fears about the transition.mp3

3.09 MB

  02 - Challenging the Skeptics of science.mp3

2.80 MB

  03 - Sylvia's guide describes the transition.mp3

3.82 MB

  04 - We choose the number of lives we have.mp3

5.01 MB

  05 - The two fears people have about dying.mp3

3.81 MB

  06 - Ask your guide to remove your fear of death.mp3

1.82 MB

  07 - Having the feeling of 'eternalization'.mp3

3.85 MB

  08 - Noting how ofter we have negative thoughts.mp3

3.37 MB

  09 - We return to the earth to learn.mp3

5.84 MB

  10 - Connecting birthmarks with past-life traumas.mp3

4.37 MB


  01 - Bible Quotes About Prophecy.mp3

6.07 MB

  02 - Gnostic Christianity Is The Oldest Religion.mp3

6.33 MB

  03 - Many Are Familiar With Their Guide's Name.mp3

1.96 MB

  04 - Archangels And Their Healing Wands.mp3

9.42 MB

  05 - Sylvia Doesn't Wish To Return Again.mp3

684.80 KB

  06 - A Meditation In Healing Cell Memory.mp3

9.22 MB

  07 - How Cell Memories Come Into Our Current Lives.mp3

1.27 MB

  08 - We Don't Need To Forgive Everything.mp3

3.91 MB

  09 - Only Good People Struggle To Forgive Themselves.mp3

2.07 MB


  01 - Once In A While A Pity Party Is Wonderful.mp3

3.40 MB

  02 - Everyone Is Psychic, But We Don't Listen.mp3

5.02 MB

  03 - Transmutation Of Energy.mp3

3.20 MB

  04 - Two Exercises In Self-Protection.mp3

7.71 MB

  05 - You Are Not Alone In Your Despair.mp3

5.46 MB

  06 - Knowledge Is Empowering.mp3

11.35 MB

  07 - Always Follow Your First Impression.mp3

1.37 MB

  08 - Spirit Guides Are Not Mean Or Hateful.mp3

1.93 MB

  09 - Be Your Own Spiritual Guru.mp3

1.63 MB

  10 - Open And Watch The Miracles Unfold.mp3

6.44 MB

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Torrent description

This torrent was uploaded from www.TheOccult.bz (signup is open and free) - the home of everything Esoteric

[quote]World-renowned psychic and spiritual healer Sylvia Browne has touched and transformed millions of lives through one-on-one readings, countless television and radio appearances, and her bestselling books.

In Spiritual Evolution, her first-ever Nightingale-Conant audio program, this beloved teacher offers a powerful and refreshing approach to active spirituality.

Sweeping away common misconceptions and confusions, Sylvia shows you how to lift the veil that separates you from the spiritual dimension … take control of the forces that inhabit it … clearly understand the messages they are constantly sending you … and use that information to measurably improve your life and move your soul ever closer to a full understanding of God.

In these eight extraordinary sessions, you'll discover the spiritual secrets, strategies, tricks, and techniques Sylvia has shared with personal clients and used herself, along with information and insights she has never discussed anywhere before. As you listen to this gifted teacher, you will learn how to:

* Meet your personal Spirit Guide and begin enriching your life with the Guide's direct, practical wisdom.
* End your fear of death when you discover exactly what happens when you "pass over," and what the Afterlife is really like.
* Open yourself to your natural psychic ability and start using it every day.
* Activate your own healing powers. (You'll physically feel it happening!)
* Use the negativity in today's world to rise above it. (In a way, it's good that there's so much floating around right now. She'll show you why.)
* Protect yourself from dangerous "Psychic Attacks" from people who drain your energy or make you feel bad, or places that leave you feeling empty or upset - one easy morning exercise will keep you safe from all of it.
* Stop being tormented by hurts you can't forgive. (You don't have to forgive some things! Sylvia reveals what to do instead.)
* And a whole lot more!

Spiritual Evolution will help you to realize that spirituality doesn't have to be cloaked in mystery and filled with unanswerable questions. You can connect and communicate with the world of Spirit in a simple, rational, straightforward way any time you want to, just as if you were picking up the telephone and phoning a friend.

When you do, you will begin to receive direct answers to your most pressing, critical questions - answers that will empower you to live a happier, healthier, and far more fulfilling life.

Sylvia Browne is world-renowned for her psychic talent, her counseling ability, and her research into parapsychology, and is well-known for her dynamic, genuine, down-to-earth style and personality. She lectures, teaches, and counsels people from the United States, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada.

Sylvia manifested her psychic ability at the age of three, in her home town of Kansas City, Missouri. She launched her professional career in 1974 when she incorporated The Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, a nonprofit organization (now known as Society of Novus Spiritus). Since then, Sylvia has helped thousands of people gain control of their lives, live more happily, understand the meaning of life, and find God in their own unique way.[/quote]



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