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1001 Sound Effects linkofzelda

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1001 Sound Effects linkofzelda

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Torrent info

Name:1001 Sound Effects linkofzelda

Infohash: AD5C12CA7372308533327A44BD1F15A3096825C6

Total Size: 240.37 MB

Seeds: 1

Leechers: 12

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-09-29 13:14:57 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2008-08-21 06:45:37

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Torrent Files List

Aircraft (Size: 230.12 MB) (Files: 896)


  Attack Jet 01.wav

3.08 MB

  Attack Jet 02.wav

2.56 MB

  Attack Jet 03.wav

1.70 MB

  Propeller Plane By.wav

2.24 MB



2.65 MB

  Chicken Cluck.wav

66.26 KB

  Chickens in Barn 01.wav

259.81 KB

  Chickens in Barn 02.wav

525.76 KB

  Chickens in Barn 03.wav

635.16 KB

  Chickens in Barn 04.wav

230.13 KB

  Chickens in Barn 05.wav

119.88 KB

  Chickens in Barn 06.wav

259.27 KB


131.10 KB

  Crow Caw Synthetic.wav

162.62 KB

  Dog Barking 01.wav

231.07 KB

  Dog Barking 02.wav

363.88 KB

  Dog Barking 03.wav

153.73 KB

  Dog Barking 04.wav

83.62 KB

  Dog Barking 05.wav

41.48 KB

  Dog Barking 06.wav

142.67 KB

  Dog Barking 07.wav

122.14 KB

  Dog Barking 08.wav

145.03 KB

  Dog Barking 09.wav

106.11 KB

  Dog Barking 10.wav

165.32 KB


695.80 KB


  Board Room Applause 01.wav

573.01 KB

  Board Room Applause 02.wav

2.97 MB

  Concert Applause.wav

2.68 MB

  Golf Clap.wav

1.35 MB

  Large Crowd Applause 01.wav

868.65 KB

  Large Crowd Applause 02.wav

1.74 MB

  Large Crowd Applause 03.wav

964.87 KB

  Large Crowd Applause 04.wav

0.99 MB

  Large Crowd Applause 05.wav

898.18 KB


  Blender on Blend.wav

516.68 KB

  Blender on Chop.wav

452.24 KB

  Blender on Grate.wav

419.40 KB

  Blender on Liquify.wav

665.11 KB

  Blender on Mix.wav

471.72 KB

  Blender on Puree.wav

389.08 KB

  Blender on Whip.wav

430.53 KB

  Dryer with Buzzer.wav

587.86 KB

  Garbage Disposal Unit.wav

334.14 KB

  Gas Stove Ignite.wav

2.15 MB

  Lamp Switch.wav

64.32 KB

  Microwave Door Close.wav

65.86 KB

  Microwave Door Open.wav

52.74 KB

  Microwave Sequence.wav

650.94 KB

  Vacuum Cleaner 01.wav

562.91 KB

  Vacuum Cleaner 02.wav

158.58 KB

  Vacuum Cleaner On Off.wav

422.82 KB


  Car Alarm 01.wav

226.54 KB

  Car Alarm 02.wav

460.03 KB

  Car Door Ajar Beep.wav

335.93 KB

  Car Door Close 01.wav

57.68 KB

  Car Door Close 02.wav

35.47 KB

  Car Door Close 03.wav

51.01 KB

  Car Door Close 04.wav

33.39 KB

  Car Door Close 05.wav

32.14 KB

  Car Door Close 06.wav

51.63 KB

  Car Engine Run 01.wav

129.95 KB

  Car Engine Run 02.wav

239.51 KB

  Car Horn 01.wav

45.29 KB

  Car Horn 02.wav

60.25 KB

  Car Horn 03.wav

97.12 KB

  Car Start 01.wav

456.34 KB

  Car Start 02.wav

281.76 KB

  Car Start and Stall.wav

204.17 KB

  Garage Door Close.wav

1.02 MB

  Garage Door Open.wav

1.05 MB

  Key Movement 01.wav

162.22 KB

  Key Movement 02.wav

152.53 KB

  Keys Drop 01.wav

54.37 KB

  Keys Drop 02.wav

53.90 KB

  Power Window Down.wav

363.36 KB

  Power Window Up.wav

188.22 KB

  Tire Screech.wav

71.90 KB

  Windshield Wipers.wav

460.00 KB


  Bar Crowd 01.wav

428.61 KB

  Bar Crowd 02.wav

356.58 KB

  Bar Crowd 03.wav

384.75 KB

  City Streets.wav

7.86 MB

  Concert Crowd.wav

2.62 MB

  Construction Site.wav

8.02 MB

  Gravel Pit.wav

4.25 MB

  Outdoor Mall Crowd.wav

2.64 MB

  Restaurant Indoor.wav

416.76 KB

  Restaurant Outdoor.wav

2.68 MB

  Shopping Mall.wav

431.13 KB

  Suburban Neighborhood.wav

2.76 MB


  Aerosol Can 01.wav

50.16 KB

  Aerosol Can 02.wav

26.56 KB

  Aerosol Can 03.wav

32.28 KB

  Aerosol Can 04.wav

24.32 KB

  Aerosol Can 05.wav

35.50 KB

  Aerosol Can 06.wav

44.08 KB

  Aerosol Can 07.wav

23.75 KB

  Aerosol Can 08.wav

27.07 KB

  Aerosol Can 09.wav

17.09 KB

  Aerosol Can 10.wav

26.78 KB

  Aerosol Can 11.wav

158.06 KB

  Aerosol Can 12.wav

37.40 KB

  Aerosol Can Long Spray 01.wav

49.20 KB

  Aerosol Can Long Spray 02.wav

77.05 KB

  Bathroom Fan.wav

434.98 KB

  Blow Dryer 01.wav

533.09 KB

  Blow Dryer 02.wav

284.12 KB

  Blow Dryer 03.wav

573.62 KB

  Blow Dryer 04.wav

238.15 KB

  Blow Dryer 05.wav

537.60 KB

  Blow Dryer Unplug and Put Away.wav

581.32 KB

  Brush Teeth 01.wav

290.61 KB

  Brush Teeth 02.wav

354.59 KB

  Light Switch 01.wav

38.15 KB

  Light Switch 02.wav

22.43 KB

  Shower Constant.wav

376.64 KB

  Shower Curtain Close 01.wav

121.59 KB

  Shower Curtain Close 02.wav

100.09 KB

  Shower Curtain Open 01.wav

95.63 KB

  Shower Curtain Open 02.wav

115.06 KB

  Shower Off.wav

898.68 KB

  Shower On.wav

516.61 KB

  Toilet Flush.wav

337.28 KB

  Toilet Paper Dispenser 01.wav

55.29 KB

  Toilet Paper Dispenser 02.wav

50.96 KB

  Toilet Paper Dispenser 03.wav

56.76 KB

  Toilet Paper Dispenser 04.wav

52.59 KB

  Toilet Paper Dispenser 05.wav

56.03 KB

  Toilet Seat Fall 01.wav

83.56 KB

  Toilet Seat Fall 02.wav

53.41 KB

  Toilet Seat Fall 03.wav

62.05 KB

  Washing Hands.wav

1.33 MB


  Metal Zipper 01.wav

78.58 KB

  Metal Zipper 02.wav

86.84 KB

  Metal Zipper 03.wav

121.12 KB

  Metal Zipper 04.wav

118.57 KB

  Metal Zipper 05.wav

59.98 KB

  Plastic Zipper Long.wav

76.25 KB

  Plastic Zipper Short.wav

30.26 KB

 Comical Effects

  Balloon Pop.wav

35.09 KB

  Bomb Fall 01.wav

372.62 KB

  Bomb Fall 02.wav

300.62 KB

  Comical Descent.wav

135.65 KB

  Comical Metal Gong.wav

255.46 KB

  Comical Pop and Swirl.wav

84.57 KB

  Swirl 01.wav

103.45 KB

  Swirl 02.wav

89.96 KB

  Swirl 03.wav

95.39 KB

  Swirl 04.wav

72.33 KB


  AM Radio Buzz 01.wav

308.38 KB

  AM Radio Buzz 02.wav

131.26 KB

  AM Radio Tune 01.wav

263.74 KB

  AM Radio Tune 02.wav

334.36 KB

  AM Radio Tune 03.wav

233.92 KB

  AM Radio Tune 04.wav

326.42 KB

  AM Radio Tune 05.wav

326.41 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 01.wav

196.74 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 02.wav

183.97 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 03.wav

193.87 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 04.wav

196.94 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 05.wav

191.05 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 06.wav

79.84 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 07.wav

182.75 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 08.wav

71.23 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 09.wav

71.33 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 10.wav

73.63 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 11.wav

44.64 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 12.wav

93.99 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 13.wav

39.39 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 14.wav

89.96 KB

  Cell Phone Ring 15.wav

182.42 KB

  FM Radio Tune 01.wav

311.61 KB

  FM Radio Tune 02.wav

221.13 KB

  FM Radio Tune 03.wav

221.16 KB

  FM Radio Tune 04.wav

269.00 KB

  FM Radio Tune 05.wav

291.03 KB

  FM Radio Tune 06.wav

294.56 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 01.wav

381.26 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 02.wav

406.16 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 03.wav

345.83 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 04.wav

247.78 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 05.wav

179.97 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 06.wav

337.21 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 07.wav

210.65 KB

  Police Radio Chatter 08.wav

369.68 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Dial 01.wav

163.04 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Dial 02.wav

186.68 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Dial 03.wav

187.79 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Receiver Down 01.wav

32.19 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Receiver Down 02.wav

29.27 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Receiver Down 03.wav

55.42 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Receiver Up 01.wav

47.55 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Receiver Up 02.wav

31.75 KB

  Switchboard Telephone Receiver Up 03.wav

20.76 KB

  Telephone Check for Dial Tone 01.wav

61.93 KB

  Telephone Check for Dial Tone 02.wav

64.56 KB

  Telephone Check for Dial Tone 03.wav

63.64 KB

  Telephone Dial 01.wav

151.79 KB

  Telephone Dial 02.wav

193.98 KB

  Telephone Dial 03.wav

144.64 KB

  Telephone Receiver Down 01.wav

30.59 KB

  Telephone Receiver Down 02.wav

35.97 KB

  Telephone Receiver Down 03.wav

45.89 KB

  Telephone Receiver Up 01.wav

41.38 KB

  Telephone Receiver Up 02.wav

24.03 KB

  Telephone Ring 01.wav

251.90 KB

  Telephone Ring 02.wav

186.34 KB

  Telephone Ring 03.wav

175.20 KB

  Telephone Ring 04.wav

144.46 KB

  Telephone Rotary Check for Dial Tone 01.wav

66.03 KB

  Telephone Rotary Check for Dial Tone 02.wav

63.78 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 01.wav

117.92 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 02.wav

49.45 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 03.wav

86.83 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 04.wav

134.50 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 05.wav

120.76 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 06.wav

73.10 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 07.wav

53.34 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 08.wav

144.86 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 09.wav

123.59 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 10.wav

123.73 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 11.wav

149.08 KB

  Telephone Rotary Dial 12.wav

54.65 KB

  Telephone Rotary Receiver Down 01.wav

30.29 KB

  Telephone Rotary Receiver Down 02.wav

28.69 KB

  Telephone Rotary Receiver Down 03.wav

31.82 KB

  Telephone Rotary Receiver Up 01.wav

38.22 KB

  Telephone Rotary Receiver Up 02.wav

34.68 KB

  Telephone Rotary Receiver Up 03.wav

26.67 KB

  Walkie Talkie Chatter 01.wav

219.82 KB

  Walkie Talkie Chatter 02.wav

316.51 KB

  Walkie Talkie Chatter 03.wav

126.13 KB

  Walkie Talkie Chatter 04.wav

277.64 KB

  Walkie Talkie Chatter 05.wav

154.02 KB

  Walkie Talkie Chatter 06.wav

383.66 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 01.wav

77.75 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 02.wav

43.99 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 03.wav

45.86 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 04.wav

69.40 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 05.wav

72.73 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 06.wav

40.37 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 07.wav

47.97 KB

  Walkie Talkie Feedback 08.wav

142.79 KB

  Walkie Talkie Female Chatter 01.wav

272.17 KB

  Walkie Talkie Female Chatter 02.wav

225.87 KB

  Walkie Talkie Female Chatter 03.wav

208.89 KB

  Walkie Talkie Female Chatter 04.wav

121.11 KB

  Walkie Talkie Female Chatter 05.wav

139.40 KB

  Walkie Talkie Female Chatter 06.wav

193.90 KB

  Walkie Talkie Interference 01.wav

133.44 KB

  Walkie Talkie Interference 02.wav

118.06 KB

  Walkie Talkie Interference 03.wav

115.56 KB

  Walkie Talkie Interference 04.wav

136.55 KB

  Walkie Talkie Interference 05.wav

105.54 KB

  Walkie Talkie Interference 06.wav

137.97 KB

  Walkie Talkie Interference 07.wav

113.45 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 01.wav

55.20 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 02.wav

43.47 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 03.wav

35.17 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 04.wav

30.46 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 05.wav

57.79 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 06.wav

23.75 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 07.wav

26.52 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 08.wav

31.86 KB

  Walkie Talkie Static 09.wav

24.85 KB


  Glass Break 01.wav

101.74 KB

  Glass Break 02.wav

85.17 KB

  Glass Break 03.wav

65.11 KB

  Glasses Hit and Ring 01.wav

92.86 KB

  Glasses Hit and Ring 02.wav

97.31 KB

  Glasses Hit and Ring 03.wav

136.15 KB

  Glasses Hit and Ring 04.wav

85.25 KB

  Glasses Hit and Ring 05.wav

80.23 KB

  Junk Crash 01.wav

135.04 KB

  Junk Crash 02.wav

171.88 KB

  Junk Crash 03.wav

125.91 KB

  Junk Crash 04.wav

172.67 KB

  Junk Crash 05.wav

150.08 KB

  Lightbulb Break 01.wav

83.29 KB

  Lightbulb Break 02.wav

86.11 KB

  Lightbulb Break 03.wav

98.18 KB

  Lightbulb Break 04.wav

57.18 KB

  Metal Crash 01.wav

144.19 KB

  Metal Crash 02.wav

167.54 KB

  Metal Strike 01.wav

103.51 KB

  Metal Strike 02.wav

111.41 KB

  Metal Strike 03.wav

76.64 KB

  Metal Strike 04.wav

78.18 KB

  Metal Strike 05.wav

84.96 KB

  Metal Strike 06.wav

71.09 KB

  Plastic Roll 01.wav

68.08 KB

  Plastic Roll 02.wav

75.08 KB

  Soda Can Crinkle 01.wav

25.34 KB

  Soda Can Crinkle 02.wav

93.74 KB

  Soda Can Crinkle 03.wav

79.05 KB

  Soda Can Fall 01.wav

115.36 KB

  Soda Can Fall 02.wav

101.37 KB

  Soda Can Fall 03.wav

104.23 KB

  Soda Can Fall 04.wav

77.51 KB

  Soda Can Kick.wav

112.51 KB

  Soda Can Roll.wav

123.94 KB

  Window Break 01.wav

100.97 KB

  Window Break 02.wav

155.06 KB

  Wine Glass Break.wav

114.45 KB

  Wood Crack 01.wav

34.17 KB

  Wood Crack 02.wav

41.38 KB

  Wood Crack 03.wav

71.82 KB

 Doors & Drawers

  Cabinet Door Close 01.wav

58.36 KB

  Cabinet Door Close 02.wav

66.21 KB

  Desk Drawer Close 01.wav

68.30 KB

  Desk Drawer Close 02.wav

115.25 KB

  Desk Drawer Open 01.wav

66.96 KB

  Desk Drawer Open 02.wav

73.94 KB

  Door Close 01.wav

72.84 KB

  Door Close 02.wav

75.27 KB

  Door Knock 3x.wav

76.09 KB

  Door Knock 4x.wav

95.86 KB

  Door Knock 5x.wav

122.28 KB

  Door Knock Muffled.wav

74.25 KB

  Door Knock with Open Hand.wav

70.35 KB

  Dresser Drawer Close 01.wav

85.00 KB

  Dresser Drawer Close 02.wav

104.73 KB

  Dresser Drawer Close 03.wav

103.27 KB

  Dresser Drawer Close 04.wav

89.10 KB

  Dresser Drawer Handle 01.wav

35.22 KB

  Dresser Drawer Handle 02.wav

27.04 KB

  Dresser Drawer Open 01.wav

164.68 KB

  Dresser Drawer Open 02.wav

107.14 KB

  Dresser Drawer Open 03.wav

95.22 KB

  Dresser Drawer Open 04.wav

76.77 KB

  Medicine Cabinet Door Close.wav

43.73 KB

  Medicine Cabinet Door Open.wav

56.59 KB


  Explosion 01.wav

560.28 KB

  Explosion 02.wav

550.15 KB

  Explosion 03.wav

553.60 KB

  Explosion 04.wav

678.99 KB

  Explosion with Metal Debris.wav

270.84 KB

 Horror Effects

  Breath 01.wav

244.11 KB

  Breath 02.wav

428.12 KB

  Creature Breath 01.wav

669.09 KB

  Creature Breath 02.wav

334.85 KB

  Creature Breath 03.wav

485.50 KB

  Creature Breath 04.wav

492.16 KB

  Creature Footstep 01.wav

148.61 KB

  Creature Footstep 02.wav

140.30 KB

  Creature Footstep 03.wav

78.86 KB

  Creature Footstep 04.wav

74.47 KB

  Creature Growl 01.wav

231.53 KB

  Creature Growl 02.wav

82.83 KB

  Creature Growl 03.wav

204.73 KB

  Creature Growl 04.wav

924.45 KB

  Creature Growl 05.wav

127.93 KB

  Creature Growl 06.wav

123.79 KB

  Creature Growl 07.wav

202.71 KB

  Creature Snarl 01.wav

368.67 KB

  Creature Snarl 02.wav

254.36 KB

  Creature Snarl 03.wav

734.06 KB

  Creature Snarl 04.wav

241.46 KB


495.70 KB

  Ghostly Chirp Floating.wav

323.62 KB

  Screams Male 01.wav

185.12 KB

  Screams Male 02.wav

315.62 KB

  Screams Male 03.H0

3.30 KB

  Screams Male 03.HDP

2.33 KB

  Screams Male 03.wav

423.87 KB

  Screams Male 04.wav

180.62 KB

  Screams Male 05.wav

369.62 KB

  Sinister Laughs Male 01.wav

806.12 KB

  Sinister Laughs Male 02.wav

306.62 KB

  Wind Howl 01.wav

209.82 KB

  Wind Howl 02.wav

196.37 KB

  Wind Howl 03.wav

333.59 KB

  Wind Howl 04.wav

315.03 KB

  Witch Cackle 01.wav

725.12 KB

  Witch Cackle 02.wav

450.62 KB

  Witch Cackle 03.wav

527.12 KB

  Witch Cackle 04.wav

475.78 KB


  Bowl Remove from Cupboard.wav

55.38 KB

  Candy Dish Lid.wav

72.21 KB

  Glass Put Down and Slide.wav

113.62 KB

  Glass Remove from Cupboard.wav

121.50 KB

  Glass with Ice.wav

1.64 MB

  Glasses Put Away in Cupboard.wav

168.76 KB

  Glasses Stacked.wav

45.97 KB

  Latch Release.wav

25.63 KB

  Object Spins and Falls off Counter.wav

282.82 KB

  Plastic Bowl 01.wav

32.42 KB

  Plastic Bowl 02.wav

49.81 KB

  Plastic Lid.wav

32.25 KB

  Plastic Plate 01.wav

43.13 KB

  Plastic Plate 02.wav

30.29 KB

  Plastic Plate 03.wav

42.93 KB

  Plastic Plate 04.wav

49.48 KB

  Plastic Wrap 01.wav

129.94 KB

  Plastic Wrap 02.wav

138.65 KB

  Plastic Wrap 03.wav

136.83 KB

  Plates Put Away 01.wav

145.75 KB

  Plates Put Away 02.wav

47.34 KB

  Plates Removing 01.wav

68.71 KB

  Plates Removing 02.wav

52.22 KB

  Plates Stacking 01.wav

68.25 KB

  Plates Stacking 02.wav

85.10 KB

  Pot Lid 01.wav

100.26 KB

  Pot Lid 02.wav

105.79 KB

  Pot Lid 03.wav

60.48 KB

  Pot Lid 04.wav

77.85 KB

  Pots Bang 01.wav

106.40 KB

  Pots Pull Out 01.wav

72.57 KB

  Pots Pull Out 02.wav

105.63 KB

  Pots Pull Out 03.wav

119.66 KB

  Pots Put Away 01.wav

218.42 KB

  Pots Put Away 02.wav

89.16 KB

  Pots Put Away 03.wav

152.39 KB

  Saucers Put Away.wav

76.02 KB

  Saucers Sliding.wav

45.06 KB

  Saucers Stacking 01.wav

41.47 KB

  Saucers Stacking 02.wav

62.05 KB

  Silverware Drawer Remove Item.wav

693.86 KB

  Silverware Drawer Sort Through.wav

738.62 KB

  Silverware in Hand.wav

51.95 KB

  Silverware Movement 01.wav

101.63 KB

  Silverware Movement 02.wav

75.43 KB

  Silverware Movement 03.wav

75.21 KB

  Silverware Movement 04.wav

73.61 KB

  Silverware Placed on Table 01.wav

85.76 KB

  Silverware Pulled from Drawer 01.wav

78.36 KB

  Silverware Pulled from Drawer 02.wav

80.29 KB

  Silverware Pulled from Drawer 03.wav

75.52 KB

  Silverware Removed from Dishwasher.wav

234.14 KB

  Silverware Removed from Table.wav

144.53 KB

  Toaster Pop Up.wav

90.62 KB

  Wrapper Open 01.wav

129.99 KB

  Wrapper Open 02.wav

100.27 KB

  Wrapper Open 03.wav

138.12 KB



293.12 KB

  Liquid Pour into Cup 01.wav

243.17 KB

  Liquid Pour into Cup 02.wav

256.06 KB

  Liquid Pour into Cup 03.wav

439.24 KB

  Pour Coffee 01.wav

145.31 KB

  Pour Coffee 02.wav

226.06 KB

  Sink Drain Gurgle.wav

103.78 KB

  Sink Fill 01.wav

893.98 KB

  Sink Fill 02.wav

827.36 KB

  Sink Fill 03.wav

581.99 KB

  Sink Fill 04.wav

299.96 KB

  Sink Fill 05.wav

162.29 KB

  Sink Fill 06.wav

1.47 MB

  Sink Fill 07.wav

762.44 KB

  Sink Fill 08.wav

308.21 KB

  Soda Can Open.wav

51.48 KB

  Water Drip 01.wav

26.01 KB

  Water Drip 02.wav

29.57 KB

 Low End Sweeteners

  Low End Rumble Loop 01.wav

108.02 KB

  Low End Rumble Loop 02.wav

360.89 KB

  Low End Rumble Loop 03.wav

1.27 MB


  Bell 01.wav

147.62 KB

  Bell 02.wav

110.74 KB

  Bell 03.wav

148.10 KB

  Bell 04.wav

79.58 KB

  Bell 05.wav

139.33 KB

  Metal Clang 01.wav

91.94 KB

  Metal Clang 02.wav

38.75 KB

  Metal Clang 03.wav

74.86 KB

  Metal Clang 04.wav

50.35 KB

  Metal Clang 05.wav

36.74 KB

  Metal Clang 06.wav

28.81 KB

  Metal Gong.wav

233.23 KB

  Metal Hit 01.wav

129.05 KB

  Metal Hit 02.wav

19.41 KB

  Metal Hit 03.wav

122.75 KB

  Metal Hit 04.wav

142.36 KB

  Metal Lid 01.wav

46.97 KB

  Metal Lid 02.wav

62.99 KB

  Metal Lid 03.wav

32.74 KB

  Metal Lid 04.wav

104.02 KB

  Metal Lid 05.wav

61.10 KB

  Metal Lid 06.wav

50.71 KB

  Metal Slide 01.wav

96.61 KB

  Metal Slide 02.wav

80.81 KB

  Metal Slide 03.wav

59.33 KB

  Metal Slide 04.wav

83.26 KB

  Metal Slide 05.wav

88.88 KB

  Metal Slide 06.wav

35.05 KB

  Metal Ting 01.wav

42.40 KB

  Metal Ting 02.wav

65.39 KB

  Metal Ting 03.wav

176.43 KB

  Metal Ting 04.wav

195.81 KB

  Metal Ting 05.wav

146.53 KB


  Coin Falling on Floor.wav

50.59 KB

  Coins Falling on Floor.wav

54.58 KB

  Coins in Hand 01.wav

50.04 KB

  Coins in Hand 02.wav

77.50 KB

  Coins in Hand 03.wav

54.61 KB

  Coins Poured Out 01.wav

91.80 KB

  Coins Poured Out 02.wav

77.78 KB

  Coins Poured Out 03.wav

107.75 KB

  Coins Poured Out 04.wav

50.92 KB

  Coins Poured Out 05.wav

45.99 KB

  Coins Poured Out 06.wav

66.78 KB

  Coins Shake in Hand 01.wav

42.88 KB

  Coins Shake in Hand 02.wav

42.14 KB

  Coins Sorted.wav

98.57 KB

  Coins Thrown 01.wav

102.03 KB

  Coins Thrown 02.wav

77.81 KB

  Coins Thrown 03.wav

221.75 KB

  Duct Tape Tear 01.wav

95.13 KB

  Duct Tape Tear 02.wav

37.82 KB

  Duct Tape Tear 03.wav

37.60 KB

  Duct Tape Tear 04.wav

33.56 KB

  Duct Tape Tear 05.wav

81.03 KB

  Duct Tape Tear 06.wav

146.55 KB

  Engine Loop.wav

1.72 MB

  Film Slate 01.wav

18.17 KB

  Film Slate 02.wav

10.94 KB

  Film Slate 03.wav

16.89 KB

  Handle Microphone 01.wav

145.88 KB

  Handle Microphone 02.wav

63.49 KB

  Handle Microphone Stand.wav

116.09 KB

  Ping Pong Ball on Table 01.wav

12.23 KB

  Ping Pong Ball on Table 02.wav

12.99 KB

  Ping Pong Ball on Table 03.wav

12.58 KB

  Ping Pong Ball on Table 04.wav

8.25 KB

  Ping Pong Ball.wav

141.15 KB

  Ping Pong Paddle 01.wav

11.39 KB

  Ping Pong Paddle 02.wav

11.61 KB

  Ping Pong Paddle 03.wav

11.41 KB

  Ping Pong Paddle 04.wav

13.81 KB

  Ping Pong Paddle Placed on Table.wav

47.78 KB

  Static Loop 01.wav

112.26 KB

  Static Loop 02.wav

113.65 KB

  Train Loop.wav

335.26 KB

  Umbrella Open 01.wav

37.03 KB

  Umbrella Open 02.wav

80.41 KB

  Umbrella Open 03.wav

44.79 KB

 Motors & Switches

  Gadget 01.wav

40.38 KB

  Gadget 02.wav

8.99 KB

  Gadget 03.wav

31.65 KB

  Gadget 04.wav

48.87 KB

  Gadget 05.wav

44.05 KB

  Gadget 06.wav

710.62 KB

  Gadget 07.wav

185.12 KB

  Gadget 08.wav

141.12 KB

  Gadget 09.wav

72.77 KB

  Gas Leak 01.wav

263.92 KB

  Gas Leak 02.wav

148.39 KB

  Hydraulics 01.wav

65.02 KB

  Hydraulics 02.wav

37.05 KB

  Hydraulics 03.wav

37.39 KB

  Hydraulics 04.wav

50.24 KB

  Hydraulics 05.wav

40.32 KB

  Hydraulics 06.wav

33.71 KB

  Hydraulics 07.wav

54.30 KB

  Hydraulics 08.wav

64.66 KB

  Hydraulics 09.wav

55.42 KB

  Switch 01.wav

52.34 KB

  Switch 02.wav

16.17 KB

  Switch 03.wav

20.12 KB

  Switch 04.wav

7.08 KB

  Switch 05.wav

15.51 KB

  Switch 06.wav

32.51 KB

  Switch 07.wav

26.82 KB

  Switch 08.wav

44.44 KB

  Switch 09.wav

14.26 KB

 Nature Elements

  Blizzard 01.wav

2.77 MB

  Blizzard 02.wav

3.05 MB

  Cave With Water Drip.wav

3.74 MB


3.46 MB

  Lake and Water.wav

1.68 MB


2.92 MB

  Underwater 01.wav

2.92 MB

  Underwater 02.wav

1.66 MB

 Sci Fi

  Alien Locusts Loop 01.wav

268.64 KB

  Alien Locusts Loop 02.wav

258.50 KB

  Alien Wierdness Descending 01.wav

313.41 KB

  Alien Wierdness Descending 02.wav

791.89 KB

  Alien Wierdness Descending 03.wav

683.24 KB

  Alien Wierdness.wav

262.30 KB

  Alien Woosh 01.wav

806.12 KB

  Alien Woosh 02.wav

716.12 KB

  Alien Woosh 03.wav

716.12 KB

  Escaping the Atmosphere.wav

1.48 MB

  Force Field Pulsating.wav

584.70 KB

  Hand Scanner.wav

131.15 KB

  Large Industrial Fan Loop.wav

276.42 KB

  Large Power Source Loop.wav

357.25 KB

  Laser Gun.wav

50.12 KB

  Little Droid 01.wav

142.59 KB

  Little Droid 02.wav

103.01 KB

  Little Droid 03.wav

97.25 KB

  Little Droid 04.wav

219.56 KB

  Low Descend 01.wav

134.06 KB

  Low Descend 02.wav

181.91 KB

  Low Sci Fi Rumble Loop.wav

89.02 KB

  Martian Atmosphere.wav

422.70 KB

  Nuclear Scanner Loop.wav

118.45 KB

  Nuclear Scanner.wav

92.59 KB

  Pnuematic Flange.wav

32.39 KB

  Quick Bleep.wav

23.98 KB

  Rocket Launcher Sci Fi 01.wav

114.05 KB

  Rocket Launcher Sci Fi 02.wav

159.41 KB

  Rocket Launcher Sci Fi 03.wav

149.09 KB

  Satellite Burst Loop 01.wav

79.62 KB

  Satellite Burst Loop 02.wav

97.62 KB


550.63 KB

  Sci Fi Alarm Loop 01.wav

340.63 KB

  Sci Fi Alarm Loop 02.wav

117.39 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 01.wav

30.08 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 02.wav

26.91 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 03.wav

17.16 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 04.wav

53.12 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 05.wav

53.12 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 06.wav

53.12 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 07.wav

15.93 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 08.wav

27.59 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 09.wav

17.30 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 10.wav

45.17 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 11.wav

31.21 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 12.wav

13.91 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 13.wav

15.20 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 14.wav

32.73 KB

  Sci Fi Beep 15.wav

11.54 KB

  Sci Fi Drone Loop.wav

257.19 KB

  Shuttle Fly By 01.wav

408.38 KB

  Shuttle Fly By 02.wav

588.42 KB

  Shuttle Fly By 03.wav

698.68 KB

  Shuttle Fly By 04.wav

243.46 KB

  Shuttle Fly By 05.wav

395.66 KB

  Shuttle Fly By 06.wav

523.06 KB

  Space Age Grappling Hook.wav

386.91 KB

  Space Age Motor Cycle 01.wav

563.66 KB

  Space Age Motor Cycle 02.wav

442.88 KB

  Space Age Motor Cycle 03.wav

584.03 KB

  Space Gun 01.wav

63.49 KB

  Space Gun 02.wav

49.13 KB

  Space Gun 03.wav

40.57 KB

  Space Gun 04.wav

18.81 KB

  Space Gun 05.wav

30.11 KB

  Space Gun 06.wav

34.31 KB

  Space Gun 07.wav

34.64 KB

  Space Gun 08.wav

25.50 KB

  Space Gun 09.wav

14.17 KB

  Space Gun 10.wav

35.89 KB

  Space Gun 11.wav

34.62 KB

  Space Gun 12.wav

42.10 KB

  Space Gun 13.wav

24.29 KB

  Space Gun 14.wav

35.10 KB

  Space Gun 15.wav

27.56 KB

  Space Gun 16.wav

26.91 KB

  Space Ship Bridge Loop.wav

496.86 KB

  Space Ship Fly By 01.wav

454.97 KB

  Space Ship Fly By 02.wav

489.62 KB

  Space Ship Fly By 03.wav

531.62 KB

  Space Ship Fly By 04.wav

389.55 KB

  Space Ship Fly By 05.wav

767.25 KB

  Space Ship Fly By 06.wav

448.07 KB

  Space Ship Fly By 07.wav

303.99 KB

  Strong Magnetic Field Loop.wav

101.38 KB

  Telemetry Loop.wav

334.02 KB

  The Main Reactor Loop 01.wav

103.01 KB

  The Main Reactor Loop 02.wav

79.73 KB

  Warning Beep.wav

187.73 KB

 Test Tones

  1 kHz Tone at -6db.wav

86.83 KB

  100 Hz Tone at -6db.wav

86.11 KB

  EBS Test Loop.wav

261.66 KB


  Cable Tie 01.wav

32.58 KB

  Cable Tie 02.wav

59.69 KB

  Cable Tie 03.wav

32.47 KB

  Cable Tie 04.wav

31.86 KB

  Cable Tie 05.wav

25.08 KB

  Cable Tie 06.wav

83.93 KB

  Circular Saw 01.wav

934.60 KB

  Circular Saw 02.wav

427.78 KB

  Circular Saw 03.wav

470.56 KB

  Circular Saw 04.wav

504.07 KB

  Circular Saw 05.wav

225.08 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill 01.wav

260.46 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill 02.wav

152.14 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill 03.wav

94.82 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 01.wav

44.42 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 02.wav

68.53 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 03.wav

73.22 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 04.wav

133.29 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 05.wav

131.31 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 06.wav

125.10 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 07.wav

118.81 KB

  Cordless Electric Drill Tighten 08.wav

88.75 KB

  Electric Drill 01.wav

131.30 KB

  Electric Drill 02.wav

177.40 KB

  Electric Drill 03.wav

172.25 KB

  Electric Drill 04.wav

174.22 KB

  Electric Drill Tighten 01.wav

253.58 KB

  Electric Drill Tighten 02.wav

178.85 KB

  Flashlight Off.wav

18.08 KB

  Flashlight On Off.wav

130.69 KB

  Flashlight On.wav

24.91 KB

  Jig Saw 01.wav

172.87 KB

  Jig Saw 02.wav

133.93 KB

  Jig Saw 03.wav

186.34 KB

  Jig Saw 04.wav

307.98 KB

  Jig Saw 05.wav

434.29 KB

  Jig Saw 06.wav

612.72 KB

  Jig Saw 07.wav

284.35 KB

  Jig Saw 08.wav

501.47 KB

  Lighter 01.wav

14.53 KB

  Lighter 02.wav

21.49 KB

  Lighter 03.wav

18.06 KB

  Lighter 04.wav

15.32 KB

  Lighter 05.wav

16.32 KB

  Nail Falls on Ground.wav

37.65 KB

  Nail Hammer into Wood 01.wav

60.31 KB

  Nail Hammer into Wood 02.wav

115.89 KB

  Nail Hammer into Wood 03.wav

154.61 KB

  Nail Hammer into Wood 04.wav

193.22 KB

  Nail Hammer into Wood 05.wav

138.43 KB

  Nail Hammer into Wood 06.wav

71.29 KB

  Nails Box Empty 01.wav

42.59 KB

  Nails Box Empty 02.wav

136.58 KB

  Nails Falls on Ground 01.wav

75.95 KB

  Nails Falls on Ground 02.wav

121.40 KB

  Rachet 01.wav

24.20 KB

  Rachet 02.wav

76.76 KB

  Rachet 03.wav

43.93 KB

  Rachet 04.wav

47.37 KB

  Rachet 05.wav

33.72 KB

  Rachet 06.wav

57.37 KB

  Rachet 07.wav

121.66 KB

  Rachet 08.wav

66.01 KB

  Rachet 09.wav

103.97 KB

  Rachet 10.wav

83.69 KB

  Rachet 11.wav

61.43 KB

  Rachet 12.wav

33.76 KB

  Rachet 13.wav

83.28 KB

  Roto Saw 01.wav

1.46 MB

  Roto Saw 02.wav

583.69 KB

  Roto Saw 03.wav

456.59 KB

  Roto Saw 04.wav

345.32 KB

  Saw Wood 01.wav

164.62 KB

  Saw Wood 02.wav

124.88 KB

  Saw Wood 03.wav

178.32 KB

  Saw Wood 04.wav

171.85 KB

  Saw Wood 05.wav

251.51 KB

  Shop Vac Loop.wav

96.20 KB

  Shop Vac On Off.wav

369.72 KB

  Staple Gun 01.wav

20.59 KB

  Staple Gun 02.wav

19.33 KB

  Staple Gun 03.wav

17.66 KB

  Staple Gun 3x 01.wav

81.44 KB

  Staple Gun 3x 02.wav

75.73 KB

  Staple Gun 5x 01.wav

97.80 KB

  Staple Gun 5x 02.wav

96.65 KB

  Staple Gun 5x 03.wav

91.04 KB

  Staple Gun into Wood 01.wav

36.59 KB

  Staple Gun into Wood 02.wav

37.54 KB

  Staple Gun into Wood 03.wav

44.71 KB

  Staple Gun into Wood 04.wav

38.75 KB

  Tape Measure 01.wav

84.73 KB

  Tape Measure 02.wav

61.24 KB

  Tape Measure Close 01.wav

52.87 KB

  Tape Measure Close 02.wav

60.25 KB

  Tape Measure Close 03.wav

56.43 KB

  Tape Measure Close 04.wav

42.46 KB

  Tape Measure Open 01.wav

46.44 KB

  Tape Measure Open 02.wav

95.71 KB

  Wood 2x4 01.wav

27.28 KB

  Wood 2x4 02.wav

20.44 KB

  Wood 2x4 03.wav

42.82 KB

  Wood 2x4 04.wav

49.61 KB

  Wood 2x4 05.wav

47.38 KB

  Wood 2x4 06.wav

53.34 KB

  Wood 2x4 07.wav

59.81 KB

  Wood 2x4 08.wav

59.83 KB

  Wood 2x4 09.wav

63.08 KB

  Wood 2x4 10.wav

62.24 KB

 Transitional Elements

  Film Leader Blip.wav

19.00 KB

  Radio Hit 01.wav

56.96 KB

  Radio Hit 02.wav

56.96 KB

  Radio Hit Descent 01.wav

52.29 KB

  Radio Hit Descent 02.wav

38.81 KB

  Radio Hit Descent 03.wav

128.60 KB

  Radio Hit Descent 04.wav

128.60 KB

  Radio Hit Descent 05.wav

140.44 KB

  Radio Hit Digital Bull Horn 01.wav

229.73 KB

  Radio Hit Digital Bull Horn 02.wav

230.32 KB

  Radio Hit Digital Bull Horn 03.wav

227.10 KB

  Radio Hit Digital Chopper.wav

203.96 KB

  Radio Hit Digital Disturbance.wav

94.94 KB

  UFO Sweep 01.wav

144.62 KB

  UFO Sweep 02.H0

2.00 KB

  UFO Sweep 02.HDP

2.33 KB

  UFO Sweep 02.wav

257.46 KB

  UFO Sweep 03.wav

463.78 KB

  UFO Sweep 04.wav

103.73 KB

  Whip 01.wav

30.74 KB

  Whip 02.wav

30.80 KB

  Whip 03.wav

53.13 KB

  Whip 04.wav

55.74 KB

  Whip 05.wav

46.12 KB

  Whip 06.wav

41.12 KB

 Video Game Sounds

  Arcade Action 01.wav

29.43 KB

  Arcade Action 02.wav

21.90 KB

  Arcade Action 03.wav

16.34 KB

  Arcade Action 04.wav

24.62 KB

  Arcade Action 05.wav

13.90 KB

  Arcade Action 06.wav

8.77 KB

  Arcade Alarm 01.wav

71.25 KB

  Arcade Alarm 02.wav

121.88 KB

  Arcade Alarm 03.wav

51.14 KB

  Arcade Alarm 04.wav

28.21 KB

  Arcade Beep 01.wav

12.22 KB

  Arcade Beep 02.wav

6.09 KB

  Arcade Beep 03.wav

4.65 KB

  Arcade Beep 04.wav

10.42 KB

  Arcade Beep 05.wav

10.42 KB

  Arcade Chirp 01.wav

51.43 KB

  Arcade Chirp 02.wav

35.83 KB

  Arcade Chirp 03.wav

35.83 KB

  Arcade Chirp 04.wav

57.79 KB

  Arcade Chirp 05.wav

32.28 KB

  Arcade Chirp 06.wav

61.33 KB

  Arcade Chirp 07.wav

83.17 KB

  Arcade Chirp 08.wav

26.47 KB

  Arcade Chirp Descend 01.wav

151.65 KB

  Arcade Chirp Descend 02.wav

105.70 KB

  Arcade Movement 01.wav

93.47 KB

  Arcade Movement 02.wav

70.18 KB

  Arcade Movement 03.wav

157.49 KB

  Arcade Movement 04.wav

86.34 KB

  Arcade Movement 05.wav

86.80 KB

  Arcade Movement 06.wav

122.08 KB

  Arcade Movement 07.wav

99.14 KB

  Arcade Movement 08.wav

116.32 KB

  Arcade Movement 09.wav

113.12 KB

  Arcade Movement 10.wav

104.67 KB

  Arcade Movement 11.wav

57.50 KB

  Arcade Movement 12.wav

85.10 KB

  Arcade Movement 13.wav

122.44 KB

  Arcade Power Up 01.wav

77.55 KB

  Arcade Power Up 02.wav

77.55 KB

  Arcade Power Up 03.wav

26.48 KB

  Game Over 01.wav

116.58 KB

  Game Over 02.wav

17.75 KB

 Vocals & Wallas

  Crowd Laughing 01.wav

424.66 KB

  Crowd Laughing 02.wav

253.93 KB

  Crowd Laughing 03.wav

194.02 KB

  Crowd Laughing 04.wav

239.42 KB

  Crowd Laughing 05.wav

152.76 KB

  Crowd Laughing 06.wav

224.03 KB

  Crowd Laughing 07.wav

211.24 KB

  Crowd Laughing 08.wav

202.79 KB

  Crowd Laughing 09.wav

188.41 KB

  Doooh Reaction Male.wav

266.12 KB

  Film Take Scene 1A Take 1.wav

220.75 KB

  Film Take Scene 1A Take 2.wav

207.60 KB

  Grunts Male.wav

77.12 KB

  Laugh Male.wav

617.12 KB

  Muffled Talking Male.wav

558.62 KB

  Ooooh Reaction Male 01.wav

198.62 KB

  Ooooh Reaction Male 02.wav

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  Panting Male.wav

756.80 KB

  Sarcastic Laugh Male.wav

374.12 KB

  Sigh Male 01.wav

270.62 KB

  Sigh Male 02.wav

297.62 KB

  Sneeze Male.wav

140.12 KB

  Wild Laughs Male 01.wav

491.12 KB

  Wild Laughs Male 02.wav

144.62 KB


  Missile 01.wav

415.71 KB

  Missile 02.wav

365.46 KB

  Missile 03.wav

337.54 KB

  Missile 04.wav

401.03 KB

  Missile 05.wav

240.69 KB

  Missile 06.wav

335.12 KB

  Missile 07.wav

230.46 KB

  Missile 08.wav

309.42 KB

  Missile 09.wav

374.91 KB

  Missile 10.wav

273.89 KB

  Missile Fly By 01.H0

2.63 KB

  Missile Fly By 01.HDP

2.33 KB

  Missile Fly By 01.wav

336.88 KB

  Missile Fly By 02.wav

404.62 KB

  Missile Fly By 03.wav

369.63 KB

  Missile Fly By 04.wav

343.21 KB

  Missile Fly By 05.wav

394.04 KB

  Missile Fly By 06.wav

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  Missile Fly By 07.wav

482.12 KB

  Missile Fly By 08.wav

349.67 KB

  Sword Hit 01.wav

82.70 KB

  Sword Hit 02.wav

23.70 KB

  Sword Hit 03.wav

26.52 KB

  Sword Hit 04.wav

26.52 KB

  Sword Hit 05.wav

48.04 KB

  Sword Swipe 01.wav

53.42 KB

  Sword Swipe 02.wav

50.10 KB

  Sword Whip 01.wav

38.99 KB

  Sword Whip 02.wav

29.37 KB

  Sword Whip 03.wav

22.15 KB

  Sword Whip 04.wav

42.87 KB

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