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Name:LazyTown 46 Episodes 2 SoundTracks SSRG IPT DJMARKmnh

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  Episode descriptions.txt

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  LazyTown - 1x01 - Welcome to LazyTown.avi

300.86 MB

  LazyTown - 1x02 - Defeeted.avi

164.53 MB

  LazyTown - 1x03 - Sports Day.avi

201.10 MB

  LazyTown - 1x04 - Crystal Caper.avi

189.04 MB

  LazyTown - 1x05 - Sleepless in LazyTown.avi

217.06 MB

  LazyTown - 1x06 - Swiped Sweets.avi

239.93 MB

  LazyTown - 1x07 - Hero For a Day.avi

246.33 MB

  LazyTown - 1x09 - Happy Brush Day.avi

239.85 MB

  LazyTown - 1x10 - Lazy Scouts.avi

177.69 MB

  LazyTown - 1x11 - Dr. Rottenstein.avi

187.09 MB

  LazyTown - 1x12 - Rottenbeard.avi

183.15 MB

  LazyTown - 1x13 - Cry Dinosaur.avi

166.03 MB

  LazyTown - 1x14 - My Treehouse.avi

239.74 MB

  LazyTown - 1x15 - The Laziest Town.avi

162.31 MB

  LazyTown - 1x16 - Dear Diary.avi

239.96 MB

  LazyTown - 1x17 - Zap It!.avi

249.82 MB

  LazyTown - 1x18 - Record's Day.avi

198.38 MB

  LazyTown - 1x19 - Prince Stingy.avi

202.64 MB

  LazyTown - 1x20 - Pixelspix.avi

189.12 MB

  LazyTown - 1x21 - Play Day.avi

249.88 MB

  LazyTown - 1x22 - Remote Control.avi

162.04 MB

  LazyTown - 1x23 - Sportacus Who.avi

250.51 MB

  LazyTown - 1x24 - Soccer Sucker.wmv

134.92 MB

  LazyTown - 1x25 - Miss Roberta.wmv

128.53 MB

  LazyTown - 1x26 - LazyTown's New Superhero (double length episode).avi

349.71 MB

  LazyTown - 1x27 - Secret Agent Zero.avi

189.22 MB

  LazyTown - 1x28 - LazyTown's Greatest Hits.avi

202.28 MB

  LazyTown - 1x29 - Suprise Santa.avi

193.71 MB

  LazyTown - 1x30 - Robbie's Greatest Misses.avi

174.98 MB

  LazyTown - 2x01 - Sports Candy Festival.wmv

116.75 MB

  LazyTown - 2x02 - Dancing Duel.wmv

114.05 MB

  LazyTown - 2x04 - Sportacus On The Move.avi

249.95 MB

  LazyTown - 2x07 - Trash Trouble.avi

250.10 MB

  LazyTown - 2x08 - Double Trouble.avi

250.00 MB

  LazyTown - 2x09 - Haunted Castle.avi

200.39 MB

  LazyTown - 2x10 - The Lazy Town Snow Monster.avi

295.32 MB

  LazyTown - 2x11 - The Lazy Town Circus.avi

250.12 MB

  LazyTown - 2x12 - Friends Forever.avi

250.12 MB

  LazyTown - 2x13 - Pixel TV.avi

250.08 MB

  LazyTown - 2x14 - School Scam.avi

250.12 MB

  LazyTown - 2x15 - Energy Book.avi

258.07 MB

  LazyTown - 2x16 - Birthday Surprise.avi

258.28 MB

  LazyTown - 2x18 - The Lazy Genie.avi

205.51 MB

  LazyTown - 2x19 - Once Upon a Time.avi

203.55 MB

  LazyTown - 2x21 - Dancing Dreams.avi

201.81 MB


561.62 KB

 Robbie Rotten.jpg

267.96 KB


  01 - Welcome To Lazy Town.mp3

1.17 MB

  02 - Bing Bang.mp3

2.64 MB

  03 - There's Always A Way.mp3

3.33 MB

  04 - Cooking By The Book.mp3

2.26 MB

  05 - Dancing.mp3

2.23 MB

  06 - Energy.mp3

1.82 MB

  07 - Get It Together.mp3

2.46 MB

  08 - Have You Never.mp3

2.14 MB

  09 - Playtime.mp3

2.93 MB

  10 - Twenty Times Time.mp3

2.87 MB

  11 - Go For It.mp3

2.56 MB

  12 - Wake Up.mp3

2.28 MB

  13 - The Mine Song.mp3

1.42 MB

  14 - Step By Step.mp3

2.32 MB

  15 - Good Stuff.mp3

2.15 MB

  16 - Teamwork.mp3

2.97 MB

  17 - Anything Can.mp3

1.82 MB

  18 - Lazy Scouts.mp3

1.53 MB

  19 - You're A Pirate.mp3

2.59 MB

  20 - Spooky Song.mp3

2.64 MB

  21 - Galaxy.mp3

2.44 MB

  22 - Man on a Mission.mp3

2.52 MB

  23 - I Love Christmas.mp3

1.20 MB

  24 - Woof, Woof, Woof.mp3

2.20 MB

  25 - Gizmo Guy.mp3

1.94 MB

  26 - Good to Be Bad.mp3

1.78 MB

  27 - I Can Move.mp3

1.97 MB

  28 - I'm a Prince.mp3

2.20 MB

  29 - Master of Disguise.mp3

2.70 MB


221.42 KB


  01 - No One Is Lazy In LazyTown (2007 Version).mp3

2.44 MB

  02 - Bing Bang Rock.mp3

791.63 KB

  03 - When We Play In A Band.mp3

1.87 MB

  04 - We Will Be Friends.mp3

2.18 MB

  05 - We Got Energy.mp3

1.51 MB

  06 - Time To Start The Show.mp3

1.82 MB

  07 - Time To Play.mp3

1.71 MB

  08 - The Greatest Genie.mp3

1.49 MB

  09 - Techno Generation.mp3

1.32 MB

  10 - Story Time.mp3

1.44 MB

  11 - Snow, Give Me Snow.mp3

1.71 MB

  12 - Playing On The Playground.mp3

1.93 MB

  13 - New Games Everyday.mp3

1.46 MB

  14 - Let's Go.mp3

2.16 MB

  15 - Lazy Rockets.mp3

1.44 MB

  16 - I Wanna Dance.mp3

1.21 MB

  17 - I Like Learning.mp3

1.47 MB

  18 - Fun To Be The Mayor.mp3

1.31 MB

  19 - Colours.mp3

1.73 MB

  20 - Clean Up.mp3

1.64 MB

  21 - No One Is Lazy In LazyTown (karaoke).mp3

2.45 MB

  22 - Bing Bang Rock (karaoke).mp3

776.13 KB

  23 - When We Play In A Band (karaoke).mp3

1.86 MB

  24 - We Will Be Friends (karaoke).mp3

2.17 MB

  25 - We Got Energy (karaoke).mp3

1.50 MB

  26 - Time To Start The Show (karaoke).mp3

1.83 MB

  27 - Time To Play (karaoke).mp3

1.71 MB

  28 - The Greatest Genie (karaoke).mp3

1.49 MB

  29 - Techno Generation (karaoke).mp3

1.32 MB

  30 - Story Time (karaoke).mp3

1.44 MB

  31 - Snow, Give Me Snow (karaoke).mp3

1.71 MB

  32 - Playing On The Playground (karaoke).mp3

1.94 MB

  33 - New Games Everyday (karaoke).mp3

1.46 MB

  34 - Let's Go (karaoke).mp3

2.16 MB

  35 - Lazy Rockets (karaoke).mp3

1.45 MB

  36 - I Wanna Dance (karaoke).mp3

1.21 MB

  37 - I Like Learning (karaoke).mp3

1.47 MB

  38 - Fun To Be The Mayor (karaoke).mp3

1.31 MB

  39 - Colours (karaoke).mp3

1.73 MB

  40 - Clean Up (karaoke).mp3

1.64 MB

  41 - Bing Bang (Time to Dance Single Mix).mp3

2.98 MB

  42 - Welcome To LazyTown (Christmas Version).mp3

776.13 KB

  43 - Anything Can Happen.mp3

1.23 MB

  44 - Good To Be Bad.mp3

1.88 MB

  45 - Bing Bang (Circus Version).mp3

696.13 KB


965.68 KB


218.12 KB


290.20 KB


249.09 KB


229.20 KB

 There's Always A Way.jpg

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27.04 KB


201.33 KB

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Torrent description

LazyTown leaves kids with the power to play, move, dance, sing and feel really good about it. In this series, Stephanie, an optimistic 8 year old with bright pink hair, comes to live in LazyTown and meets a Zany mix of townspeople including the world's laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten. Fortunately for Stephanie, LazyTown is under the watchful eye of Sportacus, an athletic superhero who helps the inhabitants of LazyTown battle Robbie's latest lazy schemes.

The other kids of LazyTown are curious, playful and like Stephanie, just trying to figure out their own worlds. Each has strengths and weaknesses that all kids can identify with.

LazyTown may have the laziest name but it's jam-packed with action, energy and a powerful message that tells kids that they can ''do it''.

== Episode details ==

Episode: 1x01 Welcome to LazyTown
When Stephanie arrives in LazyTown, to spend the summer with her Uncle Milford, she finds that she has trouble making friends because all the local kids spend all their time indoors playing video games. So, her uncle enlists the help of Sportacus, an athletic hero who encourages the kids to have fun by remaining active. Unfortunately, this doesn't sit well with Robbie Rotten, a lazy cheat, who takes pride in having LazyTown be the laziest town around so he plots to get rid of Sportacus.
Song: Have You Never

Episode: 1x02 Defeeted
It seems that nobody is playing outside in LazyTown. Stephanie wanted to play soccer, but Pixel just wants to play a new soccer game on his computer and Ziggy wants to take a nice after-breakfast nap so he'll be ready for lunch. Mayor Meanswell sends a message to Sportacus and sets up this year's Sportacular Spectacle Day. Sportacus decides to perform a great soccer trick, but Robbie plans to ruin it all. He dresses up as a traveling salesman, messes up Sportacus's shoes and then tricks him into wearing radio-controlled boots.
Song: There is Always a Way
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Rob U. Blind, The Traveling Salesman & Lazycus

Episode: 1x03 Sports Day
The kids must face Robbie Rotten in a sports competition without the help of Sportacus after the villain causes the athletic hero to suffer a Sugar Meltdown brought on by a candy apple.
Song: Energy

Episode: 1x04 Crystal Caper
Sportacus loses his Crystal and offers a reward of one free wish to whoever finds it and returns it. Robbie sees this as the opportunity to get the free wish and use it to wish Sportacus out of LazyTown.
Song: Anything Can

Episode: 1x05 Sleepless in LazyTown
Robbie hatches a plan to deprive Sportacus of sleep by creating a "noisy ball" that keeps him awake all night so he will lose energy. Will Sportacus beat Robbie in an all-or-nothing baseball game?
Song: Wake Up

Episode: 1x06 Swiped Sweets
Bessie's birthday cake turns up missing and Robbie tricks everyone into believing that Sportacus stole it. The accusations land Sportacus in jail so the kids get together to prove that he's innocent.
Song: Cooking By The Book
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Sherlock Foams, Private Eye

Episode: 1x07 Hero For a Day
Ziggy wants to be a hero just like Sportacus. Will he be able to save the day when Robbie devises a plan to smash the clubhouse that Ziggy is building with his friends?
Song: Step By Step

Episode: 1x09 Happy Brush Day
Ziggy tosses out a toothbrush, a birthday gift from Sportacus, in favor of a taffy machine from Robbie Rotten. Soon, Ziggy is unable to stop the gadget when it begins to get out of control and covers LazyTown in taffy.
Song: Twenty Times Time
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Birthday Fairy

Episode: 1x10 Lazy Scouts
The kids join the Lazy Scouts lead by Scoutmaster Robbie, who promises to teach them the easy and lazy way to go camping. This doesn't sit well with Stephanie especially when she discovers that the kids are ill-prepared for an oncoming storm.
Song: Get Lazy
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Scottie The Scoutmaster

Episode: 1x11 Dr. Rottenstein
Robbie causes panic in LazyTown when he disguises himself as Dr. Rottenstein and makes everyone believe that vegetables are at the root of a new disease.
Song: Good Stuff
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Dr. Rottenstein

Episode: 1x12 Rottenbeard
Robbie tricks the kids into going on a treasure hunt for the missing piece of the Lazytown Stone with the "secret to living". When he tries to steal it from them, Sportacus arrives to stop Robbie much like a mysterious hero (perhaps Sportacus 9) once stopped the famed Rottenbeard.
Song: You Are a Pirate
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Rottenbeard

Episode: 1x13 Cry Dinosaur
Stephanie, Stingy and Ziggy are having their first campout, but Ziggy is a little scared. When Robbie Rotten shows up in a dinosaur disguise, Ziggy must overcome his fear.
Song: Spooky Song
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Purple Dinosaur

Episode: 1x14 My Treehouse
The kids enter a treehouse building contest but find it difficult working with Stingy because he doesn't know how to work as a team.
Song: Teamwork
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Mailbox

Episode: 1x15 The Laziest Town
The kids attempt to raise the Energy Meter in order to avoid being named the Laziest Town.
Song: Go For It

Episode: 1x16 Dear Diary (flashback episode)
A missing page from Stephanie's diary causes trouble amongst the kids. Robbie discovers that the page has gone missing and hatches a plan to stir up trouble. He tries to break up Stephanie and Trixies' friendship --- forever!!!
Songs: Energy, The Mine Song, Step By Step, There is Always a Way

Episode: 1x17 Zap It!
Pixel invents a machine that makes things vanish and Robbie tries to get his hands on it so that he can get rid of Sportacus. Unfortunately, the Zapper didn't make items vanish, it just made them invisible.
Song: Gizmo Guy
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Little boy

Episode: 1x18 Record's Day
Everyone in town is busy trying to set new world's records, with Robbie trying to set the record for being the "Laziest Person". But the kids attempts at world records keeps on interrupting his, so he sabotages them.
Song: Energy

Episode: 1x19 Prince Stingy
Robbie fools Stingy into thinking that he's the Prince of LazyTown which soon gets him into trouble. He convinces Stingy that he's of royal pedigree and convinces him to dress as a prince and wear a crown. Stingy, however, soon finds himself trapped alone with his fancy clothes and crown.
Song: I'm a Prince
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Royal Messenger

Episode: 1x20 Pixelspix.com
Pixel creates a website known as pixelspix.com featuring profiles of the citizens of LazyTown. Robbie Rotten, however, is not included in the site. Fed up with being left out, Robbie hatches a plan to get inside the site itself and mess it up. Spotacus is forced to go online to set things right.
Song: Have You Never, The Mine Song

Episode: 1x21 Play Day
The kids celebrate a day devoted to playing games.
Song: Playtime, Master of Disguise
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Rotten Kid (A Cowboy) & A Gorilla

Episode: 1x22 Remote Control
Pixel creates a remote that controls everything. Pixel, however, soon finds that his remote causes more trouble than it solves. He finds himself freezing everyone in the town with the remote.
Song: Gizmo Guy

Episode: 1x23 Sportacus Who?
In his continued quest to try to get the kids of LazyTown to stop being active, Robbie Rotten decides to make Sportacus forget his mission. He figures that Sportacus won't be able to do anything if he erases his memory. He does just that and then starts trying to fill Sportacus's head with lies and unhealthy ideas.
Song: Have You Never

Episode: 1x24 Soccer Sucker
Robbie uses a soccer-playing robot to play against Sportacus in a game.
Song: Playtime
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Soccer-Bot 6000

Episode: 1x25 Miss Roberta
Robbie thinks he finally has the perfect idea to get the kids to be lazy and slovenly. He'll be Miss Manners --- Miss Roberta to be precise. In this cross-dressing disguise, Robbie tries to teach the kids of LazyTown all the wrong manners.
Song: Cooking By the Book
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Miss Roberta, Manners Expert

Episode: 1x26 LazyTown's New Superhero [Double-Length Episode]
LazyTown has a new superhero and her name is SportaStephanie! In this special one-hour episode, Sportacus takes a vacation and leaves LazyTown in the hands of his good friend Stephanie. As SportaStephanie, she faces her first big challenge when Robbie unleashes a hero-hating machine called Robo-Dog.
Song: Woof, Woof, Woof

Episode: 1x27 Secret Agent Zero
Sportacus and the kids help Mayor Meanswell become a secret agent so that he can find out how Robbie Rotten won a race to become mayor of LazyTown.
Song: Man on a Mission
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Mayor Fordmil Meansbad

Episode: 1x28 LazyTown's Greatest Hits
This special musical episode features some of the most popular tunes from previous episodes. Stephanie goes around LazyTown asking everyone what there favorite LazyTown song is. The music video of that song is then played.
Song: Team Work, Cooking By The Book, The Spooky Song, Get it Together, Twenty Times Time, Secret Agent Zero, The Mine Song, You're a Pirate, Bing Bang

Episode: 1x29 Surprise Santa
It's the Christmas season in LazyTown and everyone's getting ready for a holiday party. Robbie Rotten soon spots this, but declares that he wouldn't go even if he was invited. He hatches a plan to dress up as Santa Claus and spoil everyone's holiday fun. Meanwhile, Stingy is having trouble understanding the spirit of Christmas. He just loves the gift-getting, but can't quite seem to get into the gift-giving.
Song: Good to Be Bad, I Love Christmas
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Santa Claus

Episode: 1x30 Robbie's Greatest Misses
Mayor Meanswell is once again getting ready to present the Person of the Year trophy to Sportacus, but can't seem to keep it a secret that Sportacus is the winner. When he hears that Sportacus is winning again, Robbie decides to put a stop to it. Considering the past failures of his evil plans, he decides to hit Sportacus with several of his past failures, hoping that they'll combine into a success. There is a sub-plot of a variation of the "boy who cried wolf", when Ziggy's fibs backfire on him.
Song: Master of Disguise
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Purple Cow

Episode: 2x01 Sports Candy Festival
Robbie attempts to scare the children of LazyTown into only eating candy by disguising himself as giant fruits and vegetables.
Song: Good Stuff
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Giant Carrot, Apple, and Banana

Episode: 2x02 Dancing Duel
Stephanie decides to enter a dance contest. Meanwhile, Robbie finds a way to supersize a dancing figurine to win the contest.
Song: I Can Move, Dancing

Episode: 2x03 Ziggy's Alien
A lonely Ziggy makes friends with an alien named Zobbie, who's really Robbie Rotten creating chaos and mischief for the folks in LazyTown.
Song: Galaxy
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Zobbie, the Space Alien

Episode: 2x04 Sportacus On The Move
A typical day in the life of Sportacus is experienced as he performs amazing physical feats while helping the residents of LazyTown steer clear of catastrophes.
Song: Twenty Times Time, Get It Together, Energy

Episode: 2x07 Trash Trouble
Stingy is tired of the mess in LazyTown. He tries to get them to clean up all of the garbage. But the kids aren't interested, and their mess continues to grow. Robbie Rotten overhears this and realizes that if he makes a huge mess in LazyTown, the kids won't be able to play any more. He then creates a trash shooter that loads up the town with garbage. But Robbie's plan ends up backfiring when his trash shooter gets stuck and buries LazyTown.
Song: Clean Up
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Garbage Man

Episode: 2x08 Double Trouble
Stingy is tired of the mess in LazyTown. He tries to get them to clean up all of the garbage. But the kids aren't interested, and their mess continues to grow. Robbie Rotten overhears this and realizes that if he makes a huge mess in LazyTown, the kids won't be able to play any more. He then creates a trash shooter that loads up the town with garbage. But Robbie's plan ends up backfiring when his trash shooter gets stuck and buries LazyTown.
Song: Fun to Be the Mayor
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Mayor

Episode: 2x09 Haunted Castle
The Mayor warns the kids to stay away from an old, unsafe castle but Trixie ignores the warning and convinces the kids to join her inside. Meanwhile, Robbie poses as a ghost to scare the kids into not playing any more. The kids get trapped in the falling castle and Sportacus arrives to save the day. Trixie admits what she did and the kids learn a valuable lesson in following the rules.
Song: Playing on the Playground
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Ghost

Episode: 2x10 The Lazy Town Snow Monster
The Mayor has informed the kids that they can play outside, but they must read and pay attention to the signs - such as the one telling them to be cautious on the frozen lake. Robbie disguises himself as a snow monster in order to frighten the kids and stop them from playing outside in the snow. The kids, however, have some tricks up their sleeves, and in the end Robbie has to flee. In his rush, he ignores the signs near the frozen lake and falls into the icy water. It then becomes up to Sportacus to rescue Robbie from the lake.
Song: Snow, Give Me Snow
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: A Snow Monster

Episode: 2x11 The Lazy Town Circus
The kids decide to create a circus in LazyTown. Robbie Rotten quickly formulates a scheme to blast Sportacus out of a cannon, and out of LazyTown.
Song: Time to Start the Show
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Roberto the Ringmaster

Episode: 2x12 Friends Forever
A competition is created in LazyTown where whoever wins gets a ticket to Sportacus' airship, but Robbie steals the ticket and attempts to let the air out of the ship.
Song: New Games Everyday
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Shaking Cup Man

Episode: 2x13 Pixel TV
Pixel creates LazyTown TV, a channel devoted to the goings on of LazyTown. Robbie Rotten decides he doesn't like this idea, and as such, attempts to stop it by using various disguises.
Song: Colors
Robbie Rotten's Disguises:
1 Rob R. Robley, Newsman
2 The Purple Legend
3 Chef Robert
4 A Gorilla

Episode: 2x14 School Scam
It's time for school. As Stephanie and the others go to class, Robbie Rotten comes up with a plan to prevent the kids from learning: Disguising himself as a teacher, and not teaching them lessons. During science class he makes a major mistake, and almost blows up the school. Sportacus arrives to save the day.
Song: I Like Learning
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: Professor H.R. Rottenein

Episode: 2x15 Energy Book
Sportacus gives each of the children an energy book and some stickers to help them keep track of their daily habits, including exercising, brushing their teeth, and so on while Robbie attempts to distract them from using the stickers by appealing to each of their own character traits.
Song: We Got Energy
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Stamp Guy

Episode: 2x16 Birthday Surprise
The town's residents have a disagreement on where Sportacus's birthday celebration should be held while Robbie Rotten uses this to his advantage and builds a giant wall separating the town.
Song: We Will Be Friends
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Giant Wall Builder

Episode: 2x18 The Lazy Genie
Robbie Rotten is visited by a magical genie who grants him three wishes, but his wishes go wrong.
Song: The Greatest Genie

Episode 2x19 Once Upon A Time
Bessie Busybody reads the story of the Three Little Pigs to the children. When Sportacus arrives, he declares that in all good stories, the villain always loses. Hearing this, Robbie disguises himself as the Big Bad Wolf to interrupt their play of the Three Little Pigs -- which turns interesting when Pixel scans Stephanie, Stingy, and Ziggy into the book! Robbie follows with a plan to change the story and get the kids stuck inside the book forever!
Song: Story Time
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Big Bad Wolf

Episode: 2x21 Dancing Dreams
Stephanie and Ziggy decide to open a dance school in LazyTown. When Robbie learns of this he disguises himself as the head of a famous dance school and invites Stephanie to join him far, far, away. Stephanie leaves in a plane piloted by the Mayor. Back in LazyTown, Robbie traps Sportacus in a trunk tied to helium balloons and sends it floating away. Robbie however gets stuck on the trunk too. It’s up to Stephanie and her uncle to save Sportacus and Robbie in a daring aerial rescue.
Song: I Wanna Dance
Robbie Rotten's Disguises: The Dance Instructor
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